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BalleClorinAnybody have a clue why update-manager -d does not show available upgrade to lucid? should I file a bug?10:10
kermiacBalleClorin: no idea - it is showing upgrade to lucid here. Sorry I can't help :(10:12
BalleClorinIt was the norwegian translation I was using. changed back to english and upgrading works. Is this intended behavior for alphas or should I file a bug?10:22
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BalleClorin_Nick BalleClorin15:55
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Mage__Hello everyone21:27
Mage__Hmm it's fairly quiet here21:29
charlie-tcaIt is normally quiet here21:30
Mage__Well that's not good.  No one get's help if no one is talking:P21:31
charlie-tcaWell, this is the testing channel, what kind of help do you need?21:32
Mage__I was going to ask about a problem I've had since Jaunty maybe Hardy.  I can't seem to get full 5. in Ubuntu for some reason, including Lucid alpha 2.  My motherboard is an asus m2v with the dual jacks21:33
Mage__By dual I mean the mic jack doubles for output and so does the other port but I'm not sure what it's other use is lol21:34
charlie-tcaSounds like an issue for #ubuntu or #ubuntu-audio-help21:34
Mage__Oh, I thought since I was using the Lucid alpha I had to come here, I'll check the audio one thank you:)21:35
charlie-tcafor lucid, you can try in #ubuntu+121:35
charlie-tcaless traffic than #ubuntu21:36
Mage__Alrighty, thank you for directing me to the right place.21:36
charlie-tcayou are welcome21:36
charlie-tcagood luck21:36

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