mr_steveheh I just accidently fork-bombed my own computer. Maybe I should *learn* bash scripting before I try to *use* bash scripting01:26
kermitno, thats the way to learn.  you'll remember better.01:30
mr_stevetrue enough. heh, that was the first time my netbook has ever touched it's swap partition. Used 1.3GB of RAM with 5 lines of shell script.01:35
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TakyojiAnyone know of a reasonable Wordpress theme framework or a basic theme to work from?04:05
h00kTakyoji: there are a ton of them04:30
TakyojiI mean; anything in specific though?04:32
h00kNot really, you could go off the basic theme and expand/change from there04:34
h00kI'm unnecessarily using SSL/SASL04:35
TakyojiSo apparently Freenode doesn't have SSL support, or is it just at a different port?04:36
mr_steveTakyoji: SSL got broken04:36
h00kSure it does!04:36
Takyojior TLS, to be more accurate04:36
mr_steveThey're trying to fix it yet, something got screwed when they migrated to their new IRCd04:36
mr_steveactually I might be lying, I was in hurry when I read the gnotices about it. The final word is here: http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml04:40
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sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Are we having a LoCo meeting on Monday?06:12
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