rippsHey, I enabled agpmode 8 in my xorg.conf, and my r300 ati isn't crashing instantly. I guess that's thanks to KMS.04:47
rippsOf course, I've probably jinxed it now.04:48
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jcristauripps|sleep: with kms, agpmode in xorg.conf is unused12:20
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Duke`Sarvatt, so I bisected mesa a bit in order to find the glxgears fps regression and it seems to be http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=c7fc9bfb2207638a479ddaff3ad108ffd9cd294a17:00
Duke`Sarvatt, btw, have you applied some special patchs/reverts to edgers package to fix the execbuf problem? I haven't seen it for some days... (but eh)17:03

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