CrashOverride!hi > haven48900:00
ubottuhaven489, please see my private message00:00
IzinucsWhat cli command will give me my ip address and DNS servers that I'm using?00:00
Justin_`Would there be a reason why 'madwifi' wont start up when Ubuntu loads? I have to type 'sudo modprobe ndiswrapper' every time my computer boots up to connect to wifi. Is there a fix?00:00
bazhangCrashOverride, please keep the offtopic commentary to #ubuntu-offtopic00:00
CarciJinxware: Thanks!00:00
* erUSUL changes its name to ZeroCool00:00
airtonixevon, you could try devilspie although i doubt you'll get what you desire00:00
JinxwareCarci, no problem ;)00:00
bikererUSUL: it mounted it with the 2nd command!00:00
CrashOverridebazhang I am00:00
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erUSULIzinucs: ifconfig -a00:00
pfifoIzinucs, 'ifconfig' 'ip addr' 'cat /etc/resolv.conf'00:00
bazhangCrashOverride, that includes all the emoticons etc.00:01
CrashOverrideI been here for awhile I am starting to understand how this channel works00:01
erUSUL!yay | biker00:01
ubottubiker: Glad you made it! :-)00:01
CrashOverrideI can do that if I want00:01
evonairtonix: lol. never heard of it but i will look it p00:01
IzinucserUSUL: pfifo  thanks00:01
CrashOverrideI can make smiley faces if I please00:01
hackNslashwhy my ubuntu install cant find drive parts?00:01
airtonixevon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie00:01
bazhangCrashOverride, not here please00:01
bikererUSUL: ubottu thanks a lot ! =D I was scare that I could not use my new HDD :P00:01
MyrttiCrashOverride: please... concentrate to the support issues00:01
bikerthank you :)00:01
CrashOverridestfu if your not a op00:01
erUSULbiker: ubottu is a bot00:01
* airtonix smirks00:01
erUSULbiker: XD00:02
bikererUSUL: anyway :p00:02
herberoI lost grub to error 17, but with a live disk shell, I got this: cat /proc/mdsztat says my md1 is inactive sda2[0] and sdc2[2]00:02
bikerdouh xD00:02
CrashOverrideI been helping all day and you kick me00:02
herberoI think I lost a disk in my RAID00:02
hackNslashwhy my ubuntu install cant find drive parts?00:02
bazhangCrashOverride, please watch the language and stay on topic00:02
herberohow can I be sure, before I try to sync a new one, and make sure which disk it is00:02
CrashOverridebazhang: YOUR NOT OP so stop acting like one00:02
IzinucsWhen setting a static IP address, if DNS is listed in /etc/resolv.conf do I need to enter them in the config screen?00:03
* airtonix lols00:03
FarnabyAnybody have any ideas why a previously plug and play webcam would no longer work, literally overnight, in 8.04?00:03
pfifoIzinucs, no00:03
nibblebotin 9.10 where is the session manager?00:03
ProdegoCrashOverride: oops00:03
* pfifo hugs bazhang 00:03
Izinucspfifo: thanks again :)00:03
JohnnyHow do I enable USB on wine?00:04
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erUSULGuest46632: what are you trying to do ?00:04
Guest46632I'm trying to get iTunes running inside of wine to recognize my ipod touch00:05
hackNslashwhy my ubuntu install cant find drive parts?00:05
Guest46632erUSUL: I'm trying to get iTunes running inside of wine to recognize my ipod touch00:05
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pfifoGuest46632, wine cannot make your hardware work.00:05
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:05
arandhackNslash: This on the liveCD?00:05
bazhangGuest46632, what about installing iFuse00:05
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hackNslasharand, yes00:06
turtle^s0updoes anyone know why my DNS /etc/resolv.conf automatically changes to my ISP DNS after editing it?00:07
turtle^s0upi have a static IP, use wicd, and it's on a wired connection00:07
mdisienovlc continually crashes at first launch with me, and when i try and launch it again via open with on a video, it doesnt show any video, instead where the video would be is transparent.  i get audio though.00:07
jolarenhow do i check what users are online on my ubuntu server?00:07
jolarenecho hello00:07
nibblebotwhat happened to system -> preferences -> sessions in 9.10?00:07
IzinucsWhen switching from "Auto eth0 w/ DHCP" to my static IP... the computer report that it's connected and shows the DNS servers in resolv.conf but I can't ping my gateway.. and there's no internet connection.. How do I resolve this?  (I've been using network manager on kubuntu if that makes any difference)00:08
arandhackNslash: if you run "sudo fdisk -l" does it show any partitions on the drives or not?00:08
pfifoturtle^s0up, are you using DHCP?00:08
hackNslasharand, ubuntu install cant find any parts00:08
turtle^s0uppfifo: i don't think so00:08
macminiproblemhi, I booted the live CD on a mac mini and now the mini refuses to boot without the Live CD, any help? (no boot divice to boot from or something)00:09
pfifoturtle^s0up, The only way i know of that resolv gets over written is with DHCP and I have yet to figure out a way to stop it00:09
daftykinsmacminiproblem: you need to hold down the keyboard keypress to reset the PRAM, one sec00:09
pfifoIzinucs, are you sure that you filled in the proper ip address, subnet mask and default gateway?00:10
daftykinsmacminiproblem: turn it on and hold down command, option, P and R00:10
daftykinsmacminiproblem: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT137900:10
hackNslashwhy my ubuntu install cant find drive parts?00:11
Fawnjolaren: who or w00:11
pfifoturtle^s0up, i put a shell script in /usr/bin that fixes my resolv whenever my router breaks it00:11
Izinucspfifo: yep.. the router is set to do DHCP from ... I'm trying to set my ip at outside the DHCP range.. gateway is standard at (pretty typical)00:12
Jinxwarepfifo, dhcpcd has a parameter to not update resolv.conf automatically, but dhclient seems to lack this option00:12
azul(\ /)00:12
pfifoIzinucs, is your router also doing NAT? It might ignore anyone outside that range00:13
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pfifoIzinucs, try setting a static ip inside that range and see if it works, also is your router blocking ping?00:14
FawnYou could use static IP on ubuntu. The dhclient/network manager stuff seems too complex00:14
Izinucspfifo: it is doing NAT.. doesn't block ping from inside the LAN.. but I'll try your suggestion..00:14
ninjaslimany photographers here, what software do you guys use for photo editing00:15
AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, gimp + DualMonitors00:15
Izinucspfifo: even inside that range it's not allowing connection.. should I try the gateway address of the cable  modem?00:16
AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, with only one monitor its kinda wierd00:16
pfifocan you ping you own IP address?00:16
sebsebsebninjaslim: for basic photo editing their's f-spot which you probably already have, plus their are some other photo editing programs00:16
ninjaslimAndreMorro[BR] is GIMP capable enough to handle everything like HDR as well00:16
AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, hm.. since I'm not from US, can you explain what HDR meanså00:17
ninjaslimAndreMorro[BR] high dynamic range photography00:17
AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, I'm afraind I can't answer that...00:18
ninjaslimAndreMorro[BR] how about RAW image manipulation00:18
AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, Yeah, RAW works well (After installing the RAW-plugin)00:18
AndreMorro[BR]no problems so far00:18
renegaidubuntu installation not listing my hard drives but I can see them in gparted00:18
evonairtonix: there's no option in devilspie to control where icons appear00:18
hackNslashwhy my ubuntu install cant find drive parts?00:19
Izinucspfifo: I can ping my own address only when connected with dhcp using the default "Auto eth0" connection.. on static.. no00:19
airtonixevon, i suspected as much00:19
pfifoninjaslim, gimp has many p-lugins and a python based scripting system, chances are that someone has made a plug in for anything you need todo.00:19
ninjaslimpfifo: i see, i'm using Lightroom + Photoshop currently on my Mac00:19
akgranermaco ping00:19
pfifoIzinucs, goto a command prompt and type 'ip addr' and pastebin the results00:19
hackNslashim trying install ubuntu put cant find drive |WHY?00:20
pfifohackNslash, what language is your native language?00:20
erUSULhackNslash: check bios settings for your sata controller. lnux works best when it is set to ahci mode00:20
Izinucspfifo: http://pastebin.com/f7cafaba200:21
axos88Hi! Can I make apt list all the packages that were installed manually? with apt-get install, and not because of dependencies00:21
renegaidyou need ahci mode for linux?00:21
hackNslasherUSUL, ahci mode on?00:21
hackNslashpfifo, finnish why?00:21
hackNslasherUSUL, okay i try that00:21
erUSULrenegaid: you do not need it but is best00:22
renegaidthat really suck00:22
etrcapwill somebody tell me what is the last ip on the list on http://www.etrcap.hostoi.com/testFile.php plzz.. Im in a hotel and I cant access http; i need my computers ip00:22
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binMonkeyAndreMorro[BR]: i got it working.  thanks.00:22
pfifoIzinucs, you cannot ping yourself?00:22
renegaidI have two sata drives installed. during installation none of them are listed00:22
AndreMorro[BR]binMonkey, yw00:22
GreenDanceubuntu 9.10 seems to be buggy with virtualbox00:22
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, working fine here00:22
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, VirtualBox-OSE or VirtualBOX from sun?00:23
pfifoIzinucs, can you ping
GreenDanceAndreMorro[BR], from the ubuntu repos00:24
ninjaslimhow many bits per channel does gimp support00:24
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, whats happening?00:24
axos88Hi! Can I make apt list all the packages that were installed manually? with apt-get install, and not because of dependencies00:24
Izinucspfifo: I'll try again with the static address... pinging the localhost address ( works on dhcp00:24
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AndreMorro[BR]ninjaslim, you will find more help at www.gimp.org00:24
GreenDanceAndreMorro[BR], I setup a Minimal Ubuntu in VirtualBox, setup complete, upon restart it says, smbus base address uninitialized00:25
Izinucspfifo: pinging on static works..00:25
mooglenorphHi, I'm sorry, I don't understand the ubuntu relese-cycle enough to figure this out: can I expect a change to the 2.6.32 kernel as an upgrade in 9.10?00:25
GreenDanceAndreMorro[BR], and it hangs on that00:25
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, wich version for minimal?00:26
Izinucspfifo: but that's a loop back address and should ping anyway.. right?00:26
erUSULmooglenorph: no 9.10 has .31 32 is in 10.0400:26
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, Hm... make sure you have the ACPI and IO APIC on in the VM properties00:26
GreenDanceAndreMorro[BR], ok, ill check00:26
pfifoIzinucs, but if you use DHCP you can ping both and 192.168.0.X wher X is your own machine00:27
Izinucspfifo: correct00:27
renegaidinstallation still not listing hard drives with ahci turned on00:27
pfifograb DHCP and then pastebin the update ip addr00:27
drekiwhen i installed ubuntu i checked the box that says encrypt my home directory, but thats all the options it gave me on the matter, is there a way i can change the encryption type, or atleast find out what kind its useing?00:28
GreenDanceAndreMorro[BR], thanks, that fixed it00:28
AndreMorro[BR]GreenDance, awsome00:28
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mooglenorpherUSUL: Ah. That's unfortunate. I guess I'll wait till april then. Thanks.00:29
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Izinucspfifo: that's what I pasted before.. the address with the DHCP address.. I'll do the reverse if you want with the static00:30
pfifoIzinucs, yeah00:30
Izinucspfifo: k.. brb.. might get disconnected.. depends on time factor00:30
erUSUL!ppa | mooglenorph there are some ppa with 32 kernel for karmic00:30
ubottumooglenorph there are some ppa with 32 kernel for karmic: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.00:30
jdm64pdns-recursor package is broken and preventing me from installing anything else!!!00:30
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:31
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Izinucspfifo: http://pastebin.ca/177258700:32
root51what anti virus good for karmic00:32
happyfaceroot51: why would you use antivirus?00:32
blendmaster1024anyone here bought an ipad?00:32
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GreenDancenite all00:32
archboxmanOk been playing around with run levels using sysv-rc-conf and is there a good article that can tell me what not to play with???00:33
root51i scan my windows00:33
pfifoIzinucs, :) you static ip address is set to, you typoed its supposed to be
drekiwhen i installed ubuntu i checked the box that says encrypt my home directory, but thats all the options it gave me on the matter, is there a way i can change the encryption type, or atleast find out what kind its useing?00:33
yaboohello, got a stupid question trying to convert my debian box to ubuntu, in the sources.list do I use karmic or hardy for 9.1000:33
=== Jeniczek|afk is now known as Jeniczek
Xanovakarmic for 9.10 i think00:34
yabooany hints of converting debian to ubuntu00:35
abxjust a question for the interested: I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite A series laptop running on WinXP. I want to install Ubuntu 9.10. Are there any known issues? If not yet, how could I help in testing?00:35
excess^Ive been trying to get ubuntu and Win 7 to play nice from two different HDDs, but I can't seem to load Win 7 from grub.00:35
Izinucspfifo: that's weird.. in looking at it just now.. I had left it at an address inside the dhcp range.. it was actually set at I wonder where the file is that is generated when setting profiles in network manager.00:35
excess^Any guides out there someone can point me to00:35
macoyaboo: pretty much exactly the same, but you use sudo instead of su'ing to root00:35
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:35
azraelruHi people. I'm going to live here in this channel. Is here any initiation procedure for newcomers? :) I want to introduce myself so as to not just sitting quiet here.00:35
carbm2abx: why not just try the Live CD?00:35
macoyaboo: its the red hat users that get confused when they discover we do things the Debian Way00:35
Gananghi i am trying to install a network printer with the official drivers. This is a Dell 1710n , however they only have the driver to Red HAT in rpm packages. I installed alien to convert to debian, but the system prints that one file wasnt possible to convert00:35
archboxmanhardy =8.0400:35
abxwell, i could try the live cd00:35
erUSUL!hi | azraelru00:35
ubottuazraelru: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:35
XanovaI'm trying it rightnow00:35
abxbut it works slow i've heard00:35
yaboomaco: thanks00:35
Gananganyone have another suggestion?00:36
XanovaCD live is definitly a good way to test Ubuntu00:36
carbm2abx:  It will work slower than if it was locally installed however, it should tell you if your hardware works.00:36
OpenJoke7558Qualcuno che parla italiano???00:36
rwwubottu: it | OpenJoke755800:36
ubottuOpenJoke7558: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:36
OpenJoke7558Grazie... scusate...00:36
XanovaNo sorry, English, Spanish, French and Russian only00:36
abxcarbm2: good point, i guess i'll give it a try00:36
yabooI gather I must install sudo00:36
archboxmanXanova: or virtualbox00:37
john5Hey guys. I forgot my admin user password in ubuntu but I was able to create a new user by booting up in recovery mode and using the root terminal. However the new user I created doesnt have admin privileges. Is there a way i can give the new user i create with useradd admini priviliges? thanks00:37
abx@carbm2: if i found out any known issues, where shall I report them?00:37
Xanovause sudo ?00:37
Blue1where is the gnome control center in ubuntu?00:37
erUSULjohn5: boot into recovery mode and change the  original user password00:37
azraelruerUSUL: tnx00:37
pfifoIzinucs, I dont know where network manager keeps its files, but if you set it to 192 and it still dosent work do an ip addr and paste bin again00:37
john5erUSUL, sounds good, but how00:37
arandazraelru: note that this is a support, rather than social channel, #ubuntu-offtopic is for general chatting.00:37
archboxmanadd user to root group using sudo00:38
root51i can't change my login screen in karmic00:38
erUSULjohn5: passwd [username]00:38
carbm2One main issue with Laptops is sometimes the wireless doesn't work with the live CD. If your wireless uses a Broadcom chipset you have to manually install that after its installed.00:38
john5archboxman, whats the root group? is it just called "root"?00:38
carbm2Blue1, are you talking about "gconf-editor"?00:38
john5erUSUL, thanks00:38
azraelruarand: great, social/offtopic is more suitable for me00:38
Blue1carbm2: yes00:38
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Xanova(Too much people are talking at the same time...)00:39
Izinucspfifo: changing it again to and will look at the results of ip addr00:39
carbm2Blue1, Hit ALT+F2 and type "gconf-editor"00:39
archboxmanjohn5: yes root group00:39
carbm2Blue1, or type it at the terminal00:39
john5thanks archboxman00:39
munkanyone know why my sound fades in? it happens for EVERYTHING including the ubuntu startup sound. Its more like it sits at half volume for a second before cutting to full volume00:39
Blue1carbm2: what I want to do, is to make gnome open windows that are centred and not upper left/lower right00:39
archboxmansplash screen go to www.gnome-look.org00:40
root51any messenger suitable to used webcam00:40
root51what can of messenger good for karmic00:40
root51in able to view webcam00:41
carbm2Blue1, I haven't ever heard of that request so I have no suggestions... I don't know if gconf-editor or something like compiz would provide a solution for you.00:41
pfiforoot51, Ive used skype and my webcam together successfully00:41
erUSULroot51: amsn00:41
Izinucspfifo: even with it set at .. ip addr and network manager shows 195.xxx.xxx.xxx  .. that's just bizarre00:41
Blue1carbm2: there has to be a way to do that - cause it's really annoying...00:41
root51compatible to chat  or view cam in yahoo messenger00:41
pfifoIzinucs, yes it is, lets try setting you ip address at the command line, bear with me Its been a while since ive done this00:42
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cloudwatcherso... who wants to help me set up a broadcom wireless card?00:42
blakkheim!broadcom > cloudwatcher00:43
ubottucloudwatcher, please see my private message00:43
carbm2Blue1, A quick google search: looks like its easily possible for KDE to do this... but don't know about Gnome.00:43
Izinucspfifo: k00:43
Blue1carbm2 I don't use kde --00:43
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archboxmancarbm2: here is the link terminal is easiest http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/00:43
Blue1#gnome is no use either....00:44
pubis there program in linux that is similar to the device manager in windows? im trying to find out if all of my drivers are working for ubuntu00:44
archboxmanBlue1: use the terminal it will change the ip address00:44
pfifoIzinucs, type 'sudo ip addr change dev eth0' then ip addr to make sure it listed it00:44
azraelrupub: try lshw00:45
Blue1archboxman: why would I want to change my ip address to centre a gnome window?00:45
=== quietone is now known as tui
bart_Hi can someone tell me how I can make firefox 3.5 named firefox and not Shiretoko? Installing the firefox-3.5-branding package doesn't do anything00:45
archboxmanBlue1: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-desktop-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/'00:45
soreaupub: lsmod will show you which modules are loaded and lspci/lsusb will show you device information00:45
Izinucspfifo: you might need this piece of info.. when in static mode I've tried doing .. sudo ifdown eth0 and then sudo ifup eth0 .. cli returns eth0 doesn't exist00:46
archboxmanBlue1: gave with the link00:46
Blue1archboxman: okay but I'm not sure how changing from dhcp to static will solve my problem with gnome windows - can you explain?00:46
pfifoIzinucs, ifup and ifdown are part of the ifconfig package, i myself use the ip program.00:47
archboxmanwhat is your problem with gnome windows???00:47
Izinucspfifo: k.. I'll give it a shot..00:47
cloudwatcherokay i installed fwcutter and still nothing00:47
Blue1archboxman: i want gnome to center the windows instead of putting them in the upper left/lower right00:47
archboxmanBlue1: use fluxbox, lxde or xfce if you don't like gnome00:47
archboxmanBlue1: thats easy00:48
Blue1archboxman: well I can't find it anywhere on the net.00:48
archboxmanBlue1: need to gconf-editor00:48
personIf something says 'for the gnome desktop environment', is it likely to actually be specifically for gnome, or will it usually be good with Xfce and LXDE?00:48
topprecioshello who use Loquendo in Ubuntu?00:48
Izinucspfifo: still there.. want to see if I'm connected00:48
IdleOnewhen running /etc/init.d/privoxy start should there be an output00:49
cloudwatcheranyone with some wireless help? can't get my broadcom card working even after getting fwcutter00:49
archboxmanBlue1: give me a minute been a while since I played with editor00:49
Blue1archboxman: okay it's up....sure00:49
personI've been getting into software without loads of dependencies upon GNOME and KDE libraries lately.00:49
archboxmanBlue1: you use Compiz???00:49
Blue1archboxman: no00:49
archboxmanBlue1: hold on00:49
pubok thanks for that info.00:50
pfifoIzinucs, maybe try setting the ip address in network manager and then do a reboot, see if its still setting it incorrectly, maybe even put 2 or 3 address on that interface and see if it screws them all up00:50
pubim having a hell of a time with backtrack resolution. cant seem to change it from 800x600. everything looks too big .00:50
bart_Hi can someone tell me how I can make firefox 3.5 named firefox and not Shiretoko? Installing the firefox-3.5-branding package doesn't do anything00:50
Izinucspfifo: Here's a new pastebin.. you'll now see 2 addresses.. http://pastebin.ca/177260000:50
XanovaHey guys, got a question : Is it me or I can't install Adobe flash player under Ubuntu's CD Live ?00:51
Blue1bart_: install a later version of ff -00:51
carbm2bart_, http://tinyurl.com/y86g43b00:51
pfifoIz ahh yes now you have an ip address that you entered manually, try to ping your gateway00:51
tuiwhere can i read and learn about  managing groups and what privilege are associated with each one00:51
bart_Blue1, carbm2, so the version in the reps is broken?00:52
Izinucspfifo: but I wasn't connected so I switched back to dhcp.. that's what I'm on now..00:52
Xanovapfifo : http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Managing_Ubuntu_Linux_Users_and_Groups00:52
Blue1bart_: I am running ff 3.5.700:52
Izinucspfifo: but here goes.. switching to static .. and I"ll try the ping00:52
narretgrezcan some of the server wizards here relate where to add commands that you want to start up when the server is rebooted?00:52
narretgrezlike /etc/init.d/nginx start00:53
narretgrezis there a file somewhere?00:53
lovrehi all. Why cant i install skype, i get: no install candidate???00:53
bart_Blue1, and it's called firefox?00:53
archboxmanblue got it00:53
archboxmanBlue1: got it00:53
erUSULnarretgrez: nginx should start with the system00:53
Izinucspfifo: nope.. won't ping00:53
Blue1archboxman: easy fix or not?00:53
archboxmanBlue1:  easy00:53
Antarktishow can i set a new panel?00:53
narretgrezerUSUL: i set it up with passenger, so it doesn't autostart00:53
archboxmanBlue1: can you watch youtube video???00:54
narretgrezthere must be a startup file somewhere?00:54
Blue1archboxman: i think so00:54
narretgrezwhere i can just insert one line or other lines?00:54
Justin_`My wireless card isn't working at all.  The network card it a netgear - WG311v3. I have installed the Windows 2000 drivers (as the site told me), I have followed all the instructions and when I type 'iwconfig' it only shows - 'lo    no wireless extensions'. Any fixes?00:54
XanovaIs it possible to install Adobe Flash Player from a CD Live to my HDD (still under Windows... for now) ? Cause I only had a CD-R to create my CD Live of Ubuntu...00:54
erUSULnarretgrez: but you have a init.d file for it? just do « sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults »00:54
The-CompilerHey, I got a netbook, and since yesterday it suddenly turns off (like if you press the power buttons for several secs, or like if you'd take out the battery) and I hear the HDD spinning down (or so)... Any idea of a log I could search in?00:54
archboxmanBlue1: give you the link http://www.youtube.com/user/gotbletu#p/search/1/2xrF000XvFs00:54
Blue1archboxman: on my way bbiab00:54
narretgrezerUSUL yes i do00:55
narretgrezahh ok00:55
archboxmanBlue1: watch the video?? hes good00:55
Justin_`My wireless card isn't working at all.  The network card it a netgear - WG311v3. I have installed the Windows 2000 drivers (as the site told me), I have followed all the instructions and when I type 'iwconfig' it only shows - 'lo    no wireless extensions'. Any fixes?00:55
narretgrezerUSUL: ohh ok that worked, thanks00:55
CkhiKuzado.o why did xchat blink even though i set it to only blink when i get a highlighted message00:55
narretgrezerUSUL: how about non init.d stuff?00:55
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narretgrezlike a "php-fpm start" command00:55
pfifoIzinucs, set your static ip in network manager and then reboot00:56
Justin_`My wireless card isn't working at all.  The network card it a netgear - WG311v3. I have installed the Windows 2000 drivers (as the site told me), I have followed all the instructions and when I type 'iwconfig' it only shows - 'lo    no wireless extensions'. Any fixes?00:56
erUSULnarretgrez: call it from /etc/rc.local ? make an init script? it depends on what type of stuff00:56
bart_Blue1, this is my firefox 3.5: http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/8625/screenshottqj.png00:56
Izinucspfifo: ok.. back in a minute..00:56
neil_dwith gnome you can associate use a picture file for the icon of a file.. can you make it 'global' so every user sees the same icon?00:56
narretgrezerUSUL: is rc.local just a list of commands that will be called upon startup?00:56
archboxmanThe-Compiler: tire and download pmagic or use fsck00:56
archboxmanThe-Compiler: checks the hard drive status...00:57
erUSULnarretgrez: yes is a bash script so it can be more complex than just a list of commands00:57
archboxmanThe-Compiler: need a live cd for fsck00:57
lovresorry i quit, did any1 answer?00:57
erUSULnarretgrez: but it can be just that of course00:57
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narretgrezerUSUL: ok thank you!00:57
=== Equinox is now known as iWolf
lovrei cant install skype: no install candidate?00:57
erUSUL!medibuntu | lovre00:57
ubottulovre: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:57
archboxmanBlue1: video work ;)00:57
lovreerUSUL: i have those enabled :(00:58
Blue1archboxman: still watching00:58
archboxmanBlue1: lol00:58
fromWinToLinI made sym-links to the libavcodec files inside the /usr/lib/chromium/ directory, but I still get the error message on YouTube's HTML5 BETA when trying to view videos, saying my browser does not support it. It works fine if I use Chrome, instead of Chromium. Is there any way to have Chromium use the h.264 codec without having to forfeit and switch to Chrome?00:58
fromWinToLinEven making this work with Firefox would rock.00:58
neil_derUSUL: just thinking.. as it is a script... you might even be able to use a python or perl script as well..00:58
Blue1archboxman: okay gonna logout/in and see what happens00:58
archboxmanBlue1: NO NO00:59
Blue1archboxman: why not?00:59
archboxmanwhy are you logging out00:59
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archboxmanBlue1: video said to open the window twice to get the effect to work00:59
Blue1archboxman: well it didn't work anyway...00:59
Izinucspfifo: I set the static mode.. and lost connection.. then reboot.. even though the static route is set to "auto connect" network manager seems to default to "Auto eth0" :-(01:00
jellowI set up a encrypted partition /home but it mount everytime i login with out askign for pass phrase , I Don't want this01:00
BluesKajfromWinToLin, that's very reason i switched to chrome , chromium seems to have gone into heavy experimental defvelopment01:00
archboxmanBlue1: dont make me do this to prove it works01:01
neil_dwith gnome you can associate use a picture file for the icon of a file.. can you make it 'global' so every user sees the same icon?01:01
Blue1archboxman: doesnt work...01:01
fromWinToLinBluesKaj, it has nothing to do with heavy developement. It's everything to do with legal mumbo jumbo patent nonesense.01:01
archboxmanoh boy01:01
Blue1archboxman: ah well01:01
archboxmanBlue1: did use gconf-editor01:02
fromWinToLinBluesKaj, it's the same reason Firefox does not support h.264. Mozilla doesn't want to get sued. So I was wondering if there was a trick we could do to have Firefox or Chromium support h.264 with the codecs installed on the computer?01:02
Justin_`My wireless card isn't working at all.  The network card it a netgear - WG311v3. I have installed the Windows 2000 drivers (as the site told me), I have followed all the instructions and when I type 'iwconfig' it only shows - 'lo    no wireless extensions'. Any fixes?01:02
Blue1arch yes01:02
archboxmanhold on01:02
BluesKajfromWinToLin, well, that's amatter for discussion somewhere else , google-chrome works well on my amd64 setup, you shoulf try it..thelook and feel is the same to me.01:02
rahdukehow do i chmod a folder and all files inside said folder?01:02
jellowrahduke: -r ?01:03
salvachnrhduke: chmod -R <octal> folder-name01:03
erUSULrahduke: which folder ?01:03
rahdukeits a folder called GBA with tons of roms in it01:03
rahdukewhats ,octal.?01:03
salvachn-R is for recursive01:03
rahduke-R workd01:04
salvachnrahduke: the permission-mode .01:04
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:04
Izinucspfifo: when I switch to static now, it *does* show the correct IP address but no name servers :( .. looks like I'll have to manually enter those, save, and restart again.. if that works at least I'll be able to switch to static on the fly instead of at boot.01:04
DIL!permission | rahduke01:05
ubotturahduke: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:05
Blue1archboxman: same old behaviour opens in upper/left lower right - it was already set to smart anyway01:05
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archboxmanBlue1: got it01:05
pfifoIzinucs, im reading some bug reports about this issue, what version of ubuntu are you using and can you update the network manager?01:05
archboxmanBlue1: gconf-editor01:05
Blue1okay let me get there01:06
Izinucspfifo: I"m using Kubuntu 9.1001:06
Blue1archboxman: okay there01:06
archboxmanBlue1: apps > metacity > general01:06
Blue1archboxman: yup there01:07
archboxmanBlue1: scroll down to visual_bell_type reads full screen change to center01:07
Izinucspfifo: testing kubuntu to see if I want to switch off gnome.. I've got another install of Ubuntu 8.10 that's nearly EOL.. that I've been using for a while..01:07
ardchoilleIzinucs: Then you need to be in #kubuntu01:08
jellowwhat the point of an encrypted swap , As its deltede when you reboot and to use it you would need to mount all the time ?01:08
pfifoIzinucs, try this guide and see if it helps, http://linhost.info/2008/11/how-to-set-a-static-ip-on-ubuntu-810/01:08
archboxmanBlue1: right click edit key01:08
Izinucsardchoille: not for these type of networking issues.. please.. I've been in this channel for 5 years.. I know the protocol01:08
archboxmanBlue1: took about two times before I seen effect01:08
Blue1arch I've changed that01:08
erUSULjellow: it is not deleted. and sensitive areas of memory can end up written there. that's the point01:08
archboxmanBlue1: open window two time will take effect01:09
Blue1archboxman: same thing --01:09
Blue1opened grsync 3 times -- would screen shot help?01:09
archboxmanBlue1: what application are u trying to open this way???01:09
Blue1archboxman: any01:10
Izinucspfifo: that will probably be right for 8.10 but on 9.10 has there been much backend change to the networking side?.. init.d doesn't always work in 9.1001:10
Blue1archboxman: gedit01:10
archboxmanBlue1: ???01:10
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  upstart is replaceing most of the init.d stuff..  I imagine in the next release all of init.d will be gone..01:10
Blue1archboxman: yeah it all goes to upper left...01:10
IzinucsDr_Willis: that's kinda what I figured.. thanks01:11
faileasDr_Willis: that'll be a pain for me, i abuse init.d in all sorts of ways ;p01:11
archboxmanBlue1: you did a alt+f2 and typed gconf-editor01:11
Blue1archboxman: yes01:11
* faileas uses it for starting up his ipv6 tunnel, and starting up networking on his minimal box01:12
pfifoIzinucs, the part about /etc/network/interfaces seems like it will still apply01:12
archboxmanBlue1: it is set for smart under apps > metacity > general???01:12
Blue1archboxman: apps/metacity/general/visual_bell_type=center01:12
erUSULfaileas: why not use /etc/network/if-up.d/ :) with interfaces file?01:13
faileaserUSUL: for some reason it didn't work at the time ;p01:13
Blue1archboxman: focus_new_window set to smart yes01:13
archboxmanblue hold on need to make sure focus_new_window reads smart01:13
Izinucspfifo: most likely.. Hey.. thanks for sticking with me.. I never knew the "ip addr" command.. of course there's multiple ways of doing thing.  It's just learning them that's the challenge.. :)01:13
faileaserUSUL: didn't i say i abused it? ;p01:13
Dr_Willisfaileas:  as it works now.. thers 1 upstartscript that handles the init.d stuff.01:13
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ThisNickIsFreeThere we go.  Heh.01:14
faileasDr_Willis: eh, i'll need to learn it eventually i suppose ;p01:14
pfifoIzinucs,  np01:14
archboxmanBlue1: you got some other program held to window justification hold on01:14
Dr_Willisfaileas:  yea. from a 'beginner user' point of view. thers not a lot of docs on it yet. (not looked recently)01:14
mobius2man if you have not played the open source game "astromenace" you have GOT to try it!01:14
Blue1archboxman: i don't know it's why I wanted go do a gdm restart - I;'l brb01:14
faileasDr_Willis: its rather hard to learn anything without documentation ;p01:14
Dr_Willisfaileas:  its got docs.. for devs :) and people wanting to use it int heir own disrto.01:15
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/01:15
rolf_hi, I'm missing tun and tap on karmic. Any hints?01:16
faileasDr_Willis: Well, one of the things i need to do eventually is monitor if my ipv6 tunnel is down and restart it, this would be easier ;p01:16
mobius2pfifo you are still goin at it...01:17
Blue1archboxman: no dice - but thanks01:17
mobius2youre a machine01:17
iWolfWill Ubuntu 9.10 Standard Recognize all EeePC 900 driver auto01:17
iWolfBecause UNR does not01:17
iWolfEeebuntu is slow and makes it almost un-usable01:17
archboxmanBlue1:  I'm going to look around for a minute01:17
erUSULrolf_: it is there /lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/drivers/net/tun.ko01:18
Dr_WillisiWolf:  thers some UNR/EEE specific forum threads On those devices. UNR works great on my AAO - but its an older AAO so all the tweaks have been worked out01:18
rolf_erUSUL, yes01:18
rolf_erUSUL, but that's not containing tap01:18
faileasiWolf: you might want to give eeebuntu or whatever they call it now a shot as a start i think01:18
rolf_actually I did not try tun I have to admit01:18
rolf_but no tap here01:19
yabootrying to install my first ubuntu package on my debian system as a change pover, but during installation it bitches that it cannot install, reason why01:19
rolf_just wanting to get this ShrewSoft VPN Client up01:19
archboxmanBlue1: this way work I found where its set: System Settings > Window Behavior > Advanced > Placement: Centered01:19
Dr_Willisyaboo:  You are installimng Ubuntu pacakges on a debian system? thats not a good idea01:20
yabooDr_Willis: I am changing over from debian to ubuntu01:20
Dr_Willisyaboo:  so that justifies installing ubuntu packages on a debian system? Mixing ubuntu/debian packages is not a good idea01:20
Cloudwatchercan i get some help? i can't connect to a wireless network despite having the correct password01:21
yabooDr_Willis: I understand its not a good idea, but I I don't haver the space to changeover from one system to another01:21
archboxmanBlue1: did that help ;)01:22
ardchoilleyaboo: mixing distros is bad news.. you may end up having to fresh install anyway01:22
Dr_Willisyaboo:  its likely things will break in such a way you will have to do a clean install01:22
yabooDr_Willis: I hope I don't have to do a reinstall01:23
Blue1archboxman: on phone with sister medical emergency let me deal with that then I'll be back01:23
TrizicusMy graphics performance compared to windows is very bad in Linux. For example java performance is halfed in comparison to Windows. I have latest nVidia drivers installed as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?01:23
yabooI have 1.2tb of data on a software raid 501:23
Dr_Willisyaboo:  i would basically suggest to PLAN on doing a reinstall.01:23
archboxmanBlue1: ok01:23
Dr_Willisyaboo:  ive never heard of anyone 'converting a debian system  to ubuntu'01:23
* Dr_Willis has about 1.2tb in theme files and wallpapers. :)01:24
ardchoilleyaboo: Listen to Dr_Willis He's been here a while and knows what he's talking about01:24
Cloudwatcheranyone know why my wireless refuses to connect to a network if its password protected?01:24
yabooDr_Willis: there a web pages on it being done, but it seems I the ubuntu package won't overwrite over the debian package01:24
archboxmanTrizicus: since we can't get hold off properitory drivers from Nvidia your video preformance may sufure a bit01:24
Dr_Willis'redundant array of external usb hard drives'01:24
Dr_Willisyaboo:  there may be some apt options to force it.. or you may need to remove the other package first then install the ubuntu one01:25
Trizicusarchboxman: Ok I just wanted to be sure i have the 'best' perf allowed to me by closed source devs...01:25
mobius2Has anyone ever ran a program called Tactile 3d in Crossover or Wine?01:25
* erUSUL yeah so they call it wallpapers nowadays... it uswed to be jusr pr0n01:25
mobius2I was a beta tester on the project years ago but I  do not currently have a graphics card strong enough to puch it01:25
yabooDr_Willis: can I force a install of the ubuntu package01:25
totemGood morning BillGates01:25
archboxmanTrizicus: usually my nvidia card runs hot have two fans in case for just this???01:25
Dr_Willisyaboo:  there may be some apt options to force it. I have never used them01:26
yabooDr_Willis: will do a man page01:26
Dr_Willis!apt | yaboo01:26
ubottuyaboo: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)01:26
jimisrvroxanybody good with wireless? I am trying to get my rt2500 to work in 9.10 should work out of the box but its not...would appreciate some help01:26
Dr_WillisIts amazing the features that apt has.. that ive never used. :)01:26
Blue1archboxman: I do NOT have a system settings01:26
archboxmanBlue1: that was for KDE nether do I still looking can't you install compiz??01:27
Blue1arch I can install compiz01:27
Blue1archboxman: compiz will not let me drag to another workspace01:28
Dr_WillisBlue1:  drag what to another work space?01:28
archboxmanlol Blue1 yes it will... ;)01:28
DaZ!find jhead01:28
ubottuFound: jhead01:28
Blue1archboxman: this way work I found where its set: System Settings > Window Behavior > Advanced > Placement: Centered01:28
Blue1archboxman: see I have no system settings anywhere01:29
* Dr_Willis points out that the 'work space switcher' works differently (slightly) in metacity then in compiz.01:29
archboxmanBlue1: I said that was for KDE... not gnome01:29
Blue1archboxman: ahh not running kde - that's why I didn't understand01:29
airtonixBlue1, you installed compizconfig-settings-manager i assume ?01:29
Blue1airtonix: installed01:29
Blue1let me activate it01:30
archboxmanBlue1: you need to play with compiz it can do a lot more then metacity trust me... lol01:30
airtonixBlue1, activating it just opens the program... it is merely a front end to the gconf settings compiz uses01:30
Blue1archboxman: compiz activated01:30
* myse|f on Limp Bizkit - My Generation (Greatest Hitz - 2005) [1:58/3:41] Alternative01:30
airtonixBlue1, have you tried simply holding alt and right click dragging the program to the other workspace ?01:31
Dr_Willisthe workplace switcher in metacity lets you drag/drop windows from one desktop to another.. the one in compiz does not.. (i think i got that right)01:31
Blue1archboxman: i did system/preferences/appearance/visual effects/and normal01:31
Picimyse|f: Please disable that cript in this channel.01:31
archboxmanBlue1: Don't have compiz installed follow Dr_Willis advice01:31
Blue1airtonix: no I am trying to use the task switch I could try that --01:31
airtonixDr_Willis, this is correct.01:31
Blue1okay how do I fix compiz to do this?01:31
airtonixBlue1, you can't you just drag the window to the edge of the screen and keep dragging01:32
Dr_WillisI am refering to the 'workspace switcher' applet. I can set up compuiz where i click, drag a window to the left.. and it switches to the nexct desktop...01:32
Blue1airtonix: no I am trying to do that in the task space....but okay let's fix the centering first01:32
airtonixDr_Willis, yes i understand... i think metacity also allows this yes ?01:32
Dr_Willisairtonix:  i thought it did.. ive not used metacuity much lately01:32
airtonixBlue1, not possible with the panel widge while compiz is running01:33
Blue1airtonix I can disable compiz01:33
airtonixBlue1, the compiz way alternaitive to the widget is to enable the expo plugin01:33
Blue1airtonix: okay compiz turned off01:33
DGPROi just installed ubuntu 9.10 and my internet connection is not working thru ubuntu. It does thru windows but not ubuntu01:34
airtonixBlue1, why ? don;t you need compiz for something ?01:34
Blue1airtonix: you told me to disable it01:34
airtonixBlue1, no i didn't01:34
DGPROcould some one please help me01:34
gooraang_hi , i am having broadcom wifi in my dell inspiron 152501:34
gooraang_is there any way i can use wifi01:35
airtonixBlue1, regardless is there a reason why you are using compiz in the first place ?01:35
gooraang_i searched the web , i got ndiswapper01:35
DaZairtonix: aren't wobbly windows good enough? >:01:35
DGPROhi. my internet connection with ubuntu is not working on my compaq persario 500 5wv28001:35
gooraang_help !01:35
airtonixDaZ, hardly01:35
archboxmanairtonix: Blue1 wanted to center window when opening??01:35
Tlacoyohey ladies01:35
DGPROhi. my internet connection with ubuntu is not working on my compaq persario 500 5wv28001:36
airtonixarchboxman, Blue1 you want window centering when  a particular app opens without configuring text files, is this right ?01:36
DGPROhi. my internet connection with ubuntu is not working on my compaq persario 500 5wv28001:36
bazhangDGPRO, please dont repeat01:36
DGPROsorry but no one responds to me01:36
Dr_Willisairtonix:  i dont even see that feature in metacity any more.. or where to set it.01:36
TrekDGPRO, did you check to see if your wifi card is on the "compatible" list?01:36
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DGPROi do not use wifi01:37
DGPROi use wired01:37
DGPROand it does not work01:37
Trekah, wired01:37
FloodBot3DGPRO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
archboxmanairtonix: tired gconf-editor with apps > metecity > general change fullscreen to center didn't work01:37
Trekdefine "does not work"01:37
Trekdefine "does not work", DGPRO *01:37
DGPROum.. well i cant connect to the internet.01:37
bazhangDGPRO, is this a regular install (dual boot) or a wubi install01:37
Dr_Williscan you ping your router? other machines? what does ifconfig say about your ip#....01:38
airtonixarchboxman, Blue1, I admit that using the windows plugins in compiz makes this easier, but you'd have to be willing to use other ways to manage your workspaces01:38
DGPROi have two harddrives and it is a dualboot with out wubi01:38
bazhangDGPRO, if you will, please sudo dhclient eth0 after checking that eth0 is the ethernet in ifconfig01:38
bazhangDGPRO, pastebin the output (ie dont paste here)01:38
Blue1okay the compiz thing works01:39
archboxmanairtonix: are you ok compiz has loads of choices when it comes to managing windows drag object around cube to window01:39
Blue1archboxman: not happy with adding something I don't really like but it's more important to centre and I'll adjust01:39
airtonixarchboxman, cube is pointless in my opinion... there are stronger elements to compiz than the cube01:39
archboxmanairtonix: like grouping that is cool01:40
airtonixBlue1, simply turn elements of compiz off you dont like using compizconfig-settings-manager01:40
Blue1airtonix: it's something new - but I'll live with it.01:40
Blue1airtonix: thanks01:41
airtonixBlue1, fusion-icon also helps with managing compiz01:41
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz01:41
tato_i' ve been trying different desktops and uninstalling them should i run fsck01:41
Blue1heh I thought that said compost_manager01:41
gooraang_sorry but no one replied to my question either01:41
pvl1airtonix, cube is useful if u have a lot of windows open01:41
airtonixpvl1, no01:42
archboxman!compiz settings01:42
pvl1airtonix y not01:42
airtonixpvl1, scale plugin does a better job than that01:42
DaZy, cube is useful.01:42
lovrewhy cant i listen to audio from two application? when i listen to music with amarok, no other app can produce sound?01:42
airtonixDaZ, pvl1 cube is just pornography01:42
archboxmanDaZ: lots is useful just upto each individuals needs01:43
pvl1airtonix, i dont like scale bc i like to minimize windows per output, otherwise u are correct01:43
DaZarchboxman: even snow plugin? <:01:43
pvl1lovre, check ur sounds settings, the mananger might be muting other apps01:43
airtonixpvl1, or you have the expo plugin. main focus of the cube plugin is a visual effect for workspace changing01:44
lovrepvl1: lol, it was muted... thanx :)01:44
airtonixBlue1, have a look at the "window rules" plugin and check out the "fixed window placement" tab01:44
archboxmanDaZ: snow lol funny I don't use Ubuntu ... I'm using archlinux and Linux Mint01:45
pvl1airtonix, i have the mous spinny one01:45
DaZarchboxman: so?01:45
Blue1airtonix: in compiz? the ccsm?01:45
=== OpenSourcery is now known as InsanePenguin
airtonixBlue1, correct01:45
Blue1airtonix: oka01:45
archboxmanBlue1: alt=F2 ccsm01:45
airtonixBlue1, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/40421/screenshot_002_E7pf50.png01:45
lovrewhat you guys say about playonlinux? is it the best way to install games?01:46
airtonixlovre, it has the potential to be that01:46
archboxmanDaZ: took down my Linux Mint box playing with sysv-rc-conf for bootchart... ;(01:46
Blue1airtonix: wow lots of things -01:47
airtonixBlue1, my other suggestion (if you dont want to use compiz) is that you should check out devilspie01:47
Blue1airtonix: what's that?01:47
airtonixBlue1, http://live.gnome.org/DevilsPie01:47
Blue1airtonix: on my way01:48
Justin_`Is their a package that I can install that is like a 'DDoS protection'?01:48
airtonixBlue1, essentially a window placement rules program that doesn't require compiz01:48
parmita hi guys! i need some help with serial programming on ubuntu...for programming a ftdi board..has anyone doen this before?01:48
Blue1airtonix: I'll install now and give it a shot brb01:49
NotTooSmartJustin_`: ubuntu has firewall built in01:49
airtonixBlue1, you'll need to turn compiz off to use it01:49
Justin_`NotTooSmart, Dose that block floods?01:49
Blue1airtonix: okay...01:49
NotTooSmartJustin_`: It blocks all unsolicited IP traffic.01:49
Justin_`Do I have to enable it or anything?01:49
Blue1airtonix: nwayno@Homer:~$ devilspie01:50
Blue1No s-expressions loaded, quiting01:50
NotTooSmartJustin_`: no. its built in to the kernel, its called ip tables01:50
Justin_`Ah ok.01:50
airtonixBlue1, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie01:50
parmitaserial programming help? anyone?01:50
NotTooSmartJustin_`: its a whitelist, meaning it blocks things automatically until you specifically tell it not to block something.01:50
airtonix!find gdevilspie01:51
ubottuPackage/file gdevilspie does not exist in karmic01:51
golddragon24parmita:  I've done some atmel programming, but not much more than that.01:51
airtonix!find devilspie01:51
ubottuFound: devilspie01:51
gerrintrying to burn a video dvd, anybody with pointers on how to do on ubuntu01:51
ardchoillegerrin: brasero has always worked for me01:52
airtonixBlue1, http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php?soft_id=228501:52
airtonixBlue1, http://burtonini.com/blog/computers/devilspie01:53
onetinsoldierNotTooSmart Justin_`: you do have to set up a firewall. iptables is in the kernel, but iptables are not used until it's given some rules/policy and then activated. or did i miss something? have you turned on a firewall Justin_`?01:53
airtonixBlue1, http://code.google.com/p/gdevilspie/01:53
JoesephI'm trying to get a bootable copy of 'lighthouse puppy linux' to a bootable USB drive.  When I select the iso image in the usb startup creator, it does not appear in the "Cd-Drive/Image" menu thing.  Any ideas?01:53
NotTooSmartonetinsoldier: lol.01:53
redduck676how can i tell apt please leave this package alone even if you think it is broken? i have used --force-depends-version to install the package http://dpaste.com/152776/01:54
Blue1airtonix downloaded now reading the readme to see how to run it01:54
Random832after resuming from hibernate i have problems connecting to wireless networks01:54
NotTooSmartonetinsoldier: i hope you know all those firewall programs only manage iptables via a gui01:54
airtonixBlue1, i recommend that gdevilspie too01:54
Random832only non-secured ones01:54
onetinsoldierNotTooSmart: yes. i know that. however, ubuntu does not have a firewall turned on by default. i got the idea that you were telling Justin_` that he has a firewall running by default01:55
Blue1airtonix: looks interesting have to play with it..01:55
airtonixBlue1, looks pretty much like the window placement section in ccsm01:55
airtonixJustin_`, http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2009-02-27-006-35-SC-NT01:56
Blue1airtonix: looke complicated...01:57
redduck676how can i tell apt please leave this package alone even if you think it is broken? i have used --force-depends-version to install the package http://dpaste.com/152776/01:57
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Blue1need a break - thanks all01:58
Craig_DemWhy is every advert on that page about Windows?01:58
airtonixCraig_Dem, because you've been visiting or searching google for lots of windows related terms01:59
lakotajameswill someone help me setup a belkin n150 wireless usb network adapter?01:59
onetinsoldierredduck676: what you have done is not a good idea. you need to find and install --> libnss3-1d-3.12.302:00
Dr_Willisoops :)02:01
onetinsoldierredduck676: what version of ubuntu are you running? 9.10?02:01
redduck676onetinsoldier: 9.0402:01
onetinsoldierredduck676: roger. you can try and download th Karmic version of libnss3-1d.. it's at version 3.12.3. however, i don't know if it will install into Jaunty ok or not02:02
onetinsoldierredduck676: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libnss3-1d&searchon=names&suite=karmic&section=all02:03
albertose marcha la peña02:03
albertoa petar el irc02:03
Myke516I have a question, how do you remove a program that was installed. I Installed google earth, and now i cant seem to uninstall it02:03
Dr_WillisMyke516:  depends on how you installed it02:04
airtonixMyke516, how did you install it02:04
faileasMyke516: how did you install it? using a deb, a repo, or a script?02:04
onetinsoldierredduck676: that page for that link, on that page, click on the word 'Karmic' for your arch.... i386 or x86_6402:04
Myke516hmmm. googleearthlinux.bin02:04
faileasif its the first two, you can use apt or aptitude. if its the latter, there should be an uninstall script somewhere02:04
Myke516that file, i think i did "Sudo sh googleearthlinux.bin02:04
Dr_WillisMyke516:  if you ran the installer as a user. I Think it installed to the 'googleearth' directory - If you did sudo.. no idea where it went02:05
Dr_WillisMyke516:  it might have an uninstall option. I use the repos that have googleearth02:05
Myke516i see it ended up in the opt directory02:05
ardchoilleWhere would I find a list of ubuntu loco teams? I want to see if there's one in Seattle02:06
Justin_`!chmod | Justin_`02:06
ubottuJustin_`, please see my private message02:06
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams02:06
Myke516how would i remove it from there02:06
Myke516there doesnt seem to be an uninstaller like in windows02:07
archboxman!remove bot02:07
razz1hi all02:07
onetinsoldierhi razz102:07
Justin_`Ahh shit, I just chmodded my whole hard drive to 600, Is there a way to restore it?02:07
Dr_WillisMyke516:  delete the diretory it made.. or rereun the installer and see if it has uninstall options02:07
Myke516so i guess my question would be, how can i uninstall google earth from there02:08
Myke516ok then02:08
jellow_I want my encrypted /home/ folder to not automaticly mounted but for it to ask for a passphrase when i login with ssh , Any tips ideas please ?02:08
coldpizza72iim new to c++ and just installed a lib .deb..........should i now have files at /usr/include and /usr/lib02:08
razz1I am trying to find some help on MS excel, what channel should I look for02:08
jellow_razz1: #windows02:08
razz1Jellow: thankyou02:08
Myke516it says permission denied, wount let me delete it.02:09
Myke516let me try going into the terminal and re-runing it02:09
tarskiJustin_`: what did you do?02:09
InsanePigeonis insanepenguin banned from here?02:09
Justin_`I just chmodded my whole hard drive to 600, Is there a way to restore it? My computer wont turn on now -.-02:09
cjcopicoldpizza72i:  you need to also install the -dev package for the library to get the header files and libraries to link against02:09
seanbrystonelol Justin_` ouch02:09
tarskiJustin_`: what exactly did you do, were you root when you did this?02:10
seanbrystoneive done that to /~.seanbrystone or whatever it is02:10
Justin_`yeah, i forgot i typeed sudo -i -.-02:10
Justin_`I mangaged to get into the nongui login... chmod a+x * gave me: chmod: root : read-only file system02:10
jellow_I want my encrypted /home/ folder to not automaticly mounted but for it to ask for a passphrase when i login with ssh , Any tips ideas please ?02:10
coldpizza72icjcopi how do i do that02:11
seanbrystonewhat? bad california! darn right wing farmers screwing up the whole state02:11
coldpizza72ii have a lib folder at iusr/include already just not usr/lib02:11
cjcopicoldpizza72i:  presumably the same way you installed the library package02:11
Random832jellow; have your encrypted stuff in a separate dir under your home directory02:11
tarskiJustin_`: what directory were you in when you used chmod02:11
jimisrvroxhey guys Im having probs getting an access point with my rt2500 on 9.10 iwconfig shows that its up but when i do iwlist scan I get no scan results02:11
Justin_`with like02:12
jimisrvroxand yes I did it with sudo02:12
Justin_`etc, user, bin ect ect ect02:12
Myke516ok, its not good. is there a terminal command to uninstall things?02:12
Random832Myke516; apt-get remove02:12
seanbrystoneoops sorry that went to the wrong channel lol02:12
Dr_WillisMyke516:  the google earth.bin is an installer.. it MIGHT have a --uninstall option02:12
zebastianhow can i get åøæ ? i don'thave a keyboard with them02:12
zebastianand i don't want to have to be pasting all the tiem02:13
Random832zebastian; set the keyboard layout to us international02:13
Random832then you can do altgr and - i think wpz02:13
Myke516it doesnt DrWillis02:13
tarskiJustin_`: dude you fked up your whole file system02:13
jellow_Myke516: sudo apt-get remove "PROGRAMNAME" --purge02:13
drew3Hi Folks,  My WIndow edges are quite difficult to grab,  Changing or adjusting window size with the mouse/pointer is difficult, where do I look to adjust for w wider grab of the pointer along window edges?02:13
zebastianRandom832: how do i do that?02:13
Dr_WillisMyke516:  delete the diretory it installed to then.. and use the repos in the future. i guess02:14
Random832go to your keyboard layout settings02:14
Dr_WillisMyke516:  or chedk the google earth page for how to remove it02:14
Justin_`tarski, lol ok, second time installing Ubuntu -.-02:14
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coldpizza72icjcopi there is still nothing new in /usr/lib02:14
tarskiJustin_`: dont ever do chmod glob, ever02:14
Justin_`But i kinda need to :S02:14
Justin_`For the setup I want..02:14
tarskiJustin_`: you can use chmod -R for recursive02:15
cjcopicoldpizza72i:  what library package did you install?02:15
Myke516ok i guess ill have to try that. Apparently google earth isnt in the ubuntu repositories02:15
Justin_`tarski, Am I able to PM you?02:15
tarskiJustin_`: ya but im playign WoW02:15
coldpizza72icjcopi: cimg02:16
jellow_Myke516: there is a .deb or add a new PPA , Google for it02:16
Dr_WillisMyke516:  its not in the official ones.. its at meduibuntu i recall02:16
Dr_Willisor at the google repos02:16
Dr_Willisif you are just going to uninstall it.. then install it.. why bother. ;)02:17
cjcopicoldpizza72i:  i see, so cimg-dev? it looks like it installs the headers in /usr/include/CImg/plugins/02:17
jellow_I want my encrypted /home/ folder to not automaticly mounted but for it to ask for a passphrase when i login with ssh , Any tips ideas please ?02:17
onetinsoldierhello lwizardl02:17
coldpizza72icjcopi: yea but what about the lib02:17
Myke516apparently there doesnt seem to be way to uninstall it02:18
Myke516i cant even delete the directory02:18
Myke516i dont have permission it says02:18
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jellow_Myke516: use sudo02:18
Myke516in the filemanager?02:18
jellow_Myke516: gksu nautilus02:19
Dr_Willis sudo sh /opt/google-earth/uninstall02:19
cjcopicoldpizza72i:  ah, ok, it doesn't install any libraries itself, the header files are templates so contain all the code you need, it relies on libmagick++ for the image processing, so you will see libMagick++.so in /usr/lib02:19
Dr_Willisis what one thread says Myke51602:19
cjcopihave you tried compiling a simple program?02:19
Dr_WillisMyke516:  you instlled it as sudo. sio its a system directory.. thus you have to do sudo rights to remove it02:19
Myke516let me try that Dr02:19
Dr_WillisMyke516:  http://groups.google.com/group/earth-linux/browse_thread/thread/ad247e4963372efd?pli=102:20
coldpizza72icjcopi: nothing that uses this lib...thanks02:20
cjcopiok, see /usr/share/doc/cimg-dev for more info and some example programs02:20
lwizardlIs there a way to create a fully custom login GUI for ubuntu ?02:20
sunrunner20how do you get an in OS listing of available packages?02:20
Myke516nope. How can i get sudo to work in Nautilius?02:20
Dr_Willislwizardl:  thers alternatives to GDM if thats what you want. GDM in 9.10 is not very themeable02:21
ddmalguien con ubuntu?02:21
AbAdDoN_hello to everybody!02:21
jellow_sunrunner20: apt-cache search "Prog* name"?02:21
Dr_WillisMyke516:  itsbest to learn to do root things from the terminal. Running nautilus as root is asking for trouble02:21
sunrunner20jellow: no searching02:21
sunrunner20just a catagorical list02:21
sunrunner20AbAdDoN_: /02:21
Myke516so i guess sudo delete /opt?02:21
Myke516would that work?02:21
Dr_WillisMyke516:  and there was no need to use 'sudo' to install google earth it can install to the users home.02:22
lwizardlDr_Willis, yeah I know about GTK, KDE, and FCE but I was but I was wanting to change to login style to more like something you would expect from a tv show or movie look02:22
ddmse habla castellano aquí?02:22
jellow_sunrunner20: there is aptitude02:22
Dr_Willislwizardl:  theres a few gdm themes out for 9.10 but not a lot02:22
sunrunner20ddm: ingles por vavor02:22
ddmlo siento02:22
* sunrunner20 probally spelled it wrong02:22
Myke516hmmm, delete isnt a command in Terminal02:22
onetinsoldierMyke516: go into /opt ....then --> rm -Rf * (if you are wanting to remove everything in /opt)02:22
nisstyre65Myke516; use rm02:22
lwizardlDr_Willis, yeah for example have you ever seen the movie hackers ?02:23
Dr_WillisMyke516:  i just installed google earth here.. thers an uninstall script in the googleearth directory02:23
Dr_WillisMyke516:  worked fine here.02:23
Dr_Willis cd /opt/whatever/google-earth02:23
Dr_Willissudo ./uninstall02:23
nisstyre65!rm -rf02:23
nisstyre65ubottu knows nothing about rm -rf ?02:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:24
Myke516ah ok i see it Dr02:24
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:24
darrendmy hardware devices list is empty (in sound prefs dialog).  Only way I seem to get it back is a reboot or logout/login if lucky.  Anything else I can try to restore this?02:24
Myke516so im in /opt/google-earth and see uninstall02:24
nisstyre65you can rm -rf on ubuntu02:24
Dr_WillisMyke516:  yes.. the docs/url i posted said to run it from the terminal....02:24
onetinsoldierMyke516: so run it....  sudo ./uninstall02:25
jellow_I want my encrypted /home/ folder to not automaticly mounted but for it to ask for a passphrase when i login with ssh , Any tips ideas please ?02:25
Dr_WillisLogical and convient. :_)02:25
Myke516this is what i get: "Could not find a usable uninstall program. Aborting."02:25
sunrunner20ddm: yo tengo peqanuo vocabulario, sabe varios espanol perro no mucho, neccicito google translate :)02:25
Myke516lol but its right there infront of me02:26
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DemoOnHow to fix this on boot-up? Unable to find a suitable fs in /proc/mounts, is it mounted? Use  --subdomainfs to overide.02:28
Myke516hmmm, i dont know why it says it cant find a usable program to uninstall02:28
clamiamanyone know if the desktop kernel for 10.04 still runs at like 100 hz?02:30
Myke516tried sudo ./uninstall... no luck02:31
jimisrvroxhey guys Im having probs getting an access point with my rt2500 on 9.10 iwconfig shows that its up but when i do iwlist scan I get no scan results02:31
nisstyre65Myke516; update me on exactly what you're trying to do02:31
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[NaL]Hey guys, I got an LG Versa (9600) Thursday and I haven't been able to get Ubuntu to recognize the phone, I've tried installing BitPim through the terminal, but that only gives me 1.0.6. When I try installing 1.0.7 with GDebi, I get an "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libdb4.4"02:35
onetinsoldierclamiam: yes, the default frequency timer setting in 10.04's kernel is 100 Hz02:35
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onetinsoldierclamiam: i recompiled mine and set it to 300 Hz02:36
eitanhi is there anybody here how could help me plz?02:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:37
dibusing 9.10, is there no gnome panel applet for volume anymore?02:37
onetinsoldierdib: there should be a speaker icon02:38
eitani have a very slow transfer rate between widows 7 computer and a computer with ubuntu 9.1002:38
dibonetinsoldier: there was, but when i removed the notification panel the spearker and net manager went with it02:38
DemoOncan someone could paste its /proc/mounts ?02:38
eitani had 8.10 and it worked perfectly02:38
dibi didnt want net manager02:38
onetinsoldierdib: roger. i guess the notification panel has to be left there then for those two applets. but, i'm not sure02:39
hyperstreamwhen i connect to a wifi network with my dlink usb adapter, on my main desktop, when it connects, the screen turns black then come back, but everything i then try and run has no premissions(it seems to change to root/another user) what causes this ?02:39
DemoOnplease someone!02:40
wiretappeddib: you can remove network-manager without removing the notification area...02:40
dibwiretapped: how, i dont see remove in the right click dialog02:40
wiretappedapt-get install wicd02:41
* wiretapped uses network-manager tho02:41
dibthis is for my home computer with one network interface02:41
dibethernet card02:41
dibso i dont think ill use it02:41
amason6 Does using EVMS remove the limitation of being able to create 15 partitions on a single harddrive?02:41
wiretappedyou can apt-get remove network-manager i think02:41
eitani had ubuntu 8.10 on one computer and a windows 7 on the other, and a wireless network share, it work perfectly and fast when i transferd files between the 2 computers, now i have ubuntu 9.10 and its very very slow (file transfer)02:42
disappearedngAny tools to see if is still downloading from my webserver?02:42
wiretappedconfigure your interface the old way, with /etc/network/interfaces02:42
lwizardlDr_Willis, you still here ?02:42
disappearedngapache in particular, and if so how fast02:42
hiexpowhen you install wicd it will automatically removenetwork manager02:42
onetinsoldierdisappearedng: check out 'iptraf'02:43
dibwiretapped: thanks02:43
onetinsoldiereitan: perhaps you should check 'iptraf' as well. install it on the 9.10 system and see if it gives you any hints as to what's happening02:44
ericwhere is the linux crounchbang kernal available for download02:44
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Guest65260where is the linux crounchbang kernal available for download02:44
eitancan anybody plz help me?02:44
happyfaceis there a channel for wine-related problems?02:44
DemoOnSOMeone please paste what he has in /proc/mounts02:45
Guest65260where is the linux crounchbang kernal available for download02:45
microlithGuest12394: #crunchbang?02:45
FiremanEdhappyface: #winehq02:45
happyfacethanks FiremanEd02:45
eitani had ubuntu 8.10 on one computer and a windows 7 on the other, and a wireless network share, it work perfectly and fast when i transferd files between the 2 computers, now i have ubuntu 9.10 and its very very slow (file transfer)02:45
DemoOnis so hard?02:46
microlithDemoOn did you do something to your mounts?02:46
Guest65260where is the kernal (#!) for download at02:46
microlithGuest12394: why are you asking in #ubuntu?02:47
proteus_algun español02:47
proteus_que me pueda ayudar02:47
ardchoille!es | proteus02:47
ubottuproteus: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:47
onetinsoldier!es | proteus02:47
Guest65260because crunchbangs based off ubuntu02:47
microlithright, doesn't mean ubuntu has anything to do with it02:47
proteus_ok thanks02:47
ardchoilleGuest65260:  we don't support crunchbang here, you ned tobe in their channel02:47
microlithtry #crunchbang02:47
DemoOnmicrolith: Unable to find a suitable fs in /proc/mounts, is it mounted? Use  --subdomainfs to overide.02:47
wiretappedGuest65260: packages.ubuntu.com/linux-image02:48
microlithDemoOn: ok, what mount command are you issuing?02:48
Guest65260thankyou WIRETAPPED thats all i needed02:48
DemoOnmicrolith: im trying to boot in ubuntu02:48
eitani had ubuntu 8.10 on one computer and a windows 7 on the other, and a wireless network share, it work perfectly and fast when i transferd files between the 2 computers, now i have ubuntu 9.10 and its very very slow (file transfer)02:48
DemoOnmicrolith: and get that err02:48
jolarenHow do I remove gdm from automaticly starting on my server?02:48
SumitI am ubuntu 9.10. just installed kubuntu-desktop but still cant see kubuntu like desktop. what should i do to change the style???02:49
microlithDemoOn: what'd you do before you rebooted?02:49
ardchoilleSumit: You need to ask in #kubuntu02:49
DemoOnmicrolith: deleted git libdrm and installed ubuntu02:50
IdleOneSumit: log out and at the login screen click on session and select KDE02:50
lwizardlI want to know if this is possible to be done with Ubuntu watch this video from times 6:22 - 6:35ish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyjqMg06Xhk&feature=PlayList&p=4B8421869C074D92&index=802:50
Guest65260is there a install wizard for linux02:50
DemoOnmicrolith: and something witk noveau-kernel source too, i uninstalled that02:50
onetinsoldierjolaren: i used to know how to do it. not sure if it's still done with the same method, but, it was by using the 'update-rc.d' command. look at the man page for that command02:50
jolarenonetinsoldier; thanks for the pointers02:51
Guest65260is there a install wizard for linux02:51
onetinsoldierjolaren: you're welcome02:51
wiretappedGuest65260: lol yeah get an ubuntu desktop cd02:51
wiretappedit is magical, like a wizzard02:51
kurtosisI keep trying to run an application, but Ubuntu tells me it can't find the library libg2c.so.0. I've searched the Internet but I can't figure out where I'm supposed to get this from. Any help?02:52
Guest65260im useing cruchbang (cant find crunchbang server)02:52
DemoOnmicrolith: so?/02:52
drew3Guest65260: Almost every CD and DVD has an install wizzard.02:52
Guest65260no im talking about for general programs not OS's02:52
onetinsoldierjolaren: try --> update-rc.d gdm remove02:52
microlithDemoOn: is there any context as to what it's trying to access on boot up (does it boot at all, for that matter?)02:53
jolarenonetinsoldier; I don't want to remove it just remove it from autoboot02:53
wiretappedGuest65260: lookup APT in wikipedia02:53
DemoOnmicrolith: i get that ubuntu logo, then when there is needed to be splash screen it gives me that error02:53
onetinsoldierjolaren: roger.02:54
lwizardlI want to know if this is possible to be done with any version of linux distro. I'm wanting to make a custom animated login window sorta like these watch this video from times 6:22 - 6:35ish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyjqMg06Xhk&feature=PlayList&p=4B8421869C074D92&index=802:54
microlithDemoOn: what are the contents of /etc/fstab?02:54
plustaxIs there anyway to send a message through terminal to another computer on my network?02:54
Guest65260WIRETAPPED it gave ne these options (whih one):     * APT (programming language), Automatic Programed Tool - a high-level computer programming language02:55
Guest65260    * Advanced Packaging Tool, Debian's high-level package management system, also used by other Linux distributions02:55
Guest65260    * Almost Plain Text, or Doxia, a wiki-like syntax used mainly by Apache Maven02:55
Guest65260    * annotation processing tool, a utility for executing annotation processors in the Java programming language02:55
FloodBot3Guest65260: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:55
DemoOnmicrolith: i dont know, im not in ubuntu now02:55
plustaxIs there anyway to send a message through terminal to another computer on my network?02:55
jeeezplustax: wall, mesg and talk should help?02:55
Pici!software | Guest65260 these links will be more helpful02:55
ubottuGuest65260 these links will be more helpful: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents02:55
jellow_Ubuntu is insercure as the Private file is autmaticly mounted , and the password is in the /home/.ecryptfs , Have i misunderstood?02:55
microlithDemoOn: it sounds like it's looking for something on a partition that isn't getting mounted02:55
microlithcan't tell you much more02:55
plustaxjeeez what do you mean?02:55
onetinsoldierrunlevel 3 is x-windows isn't it? if i type 'runlevel', it says N 202:56
DemoOnmicrolith: ok, ill check, ill be back after while02:56
Pici!runlevels | onetinsoldier02:56
ubottuonetinsoldier: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.02:56
onetinsoldierPici: roger. thanks. i think things have change in that regard since the last i knew02:56
Myke516does anyone know how I can change all of the file permissions of a file in a folder?02:57
mcgronkI'm having trouble getting my printer (HP LaserJet 1320) to print over ethernet in 9.04... anyone have luck doing this?02:58
onetinsoldierMyke516: do you mean "the permissions of all the files contained in a folder"?02:58
jeeezguys, is there any way i can have amarok import my rhythmbox library?02:58
Myke516Yes onetin02:58
trismMyke516: find folder_name -type f -exec chmod permissions {} + (assuming you mean recursively)02:58
B3rz3rk3rSomeone have a link that explains how home folder encryption works when installing Ubuntu (9.10)?02:59
trismMyke516: replacing folder_name with the path to the folder and permissions with the permissions you want to apply02:59
renegaidwhy encrypt?02:59
Dr_Willissctually dosent chmod have a -r option?02:59
onetinsoldierDr_Willis: yes. it does02:59
trismDr_Willis: yes but it will change directories too, and if you -x you can't traverse them03:00
B3rz3rk3rrenegaid, data security is normally the main reason03:00
Dr_Willis# Script to fix permissions on all files below current dir   ---> find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 66403:00
renegaidI see.03:00
Myke516apparently i cant seem to delete something, i just want to delete a folder i cant seem to do it since im not root, but i cant be root in anything but the terminal03:00
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu123
Myke516i really dont know how to explain it03:00
Dr_Willistrism:  yea i got a fixdirs.sh also :)    find -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 75503:01
Dr_WillisMyke516:  install mc and use it as your root file manager.. is one way.   sudo apt-get install mc, then sudo mc03:01
Dr_WillisMyke516:  or learn more shell basics. (always a good idea)03:01
ubuntu123ubuntu's installer just stops after choosing the keyboard layout, it seems to still be running fine but the next step doesnt appear.03:02
jellow_B3rz3rk3r: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedPrivateDirectory , A warning its very limited and auto mount when you login and logout03:02
=== Vbitz is now known as vbits
=== vbits is now known as Vbitz
B3rz3rk3rcheers for that jellow_03:03
MrZhihey, if I chown '.' inside a directory, will that allow the user to write inside the directory while maintaining root.root over that directory?03:04
B3rz3rk3rseems like it would be a better idea to just use something like TrueCrypt from what they say there jellow_?03:05
jellow_B3rz3rk3r: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemHowto3 the other one was out of date03:05
rahdukeis there a program that works as a front end for multiple emulators, like zsnes,fceu, and maybe mame as well?03:06
clamiamrahduke, there are some programs like that but i'm not sure they're available for linux03:06
jellow_B3rz3rk3r: I would use true Crypt , up to you though03:06
rahdukei found this http://www.camya.com/eccblog but its only for windows03:07
clamiamrahduke, http://www.zophar.net/frontends/universal.html03:07
B3rz3rk3rjellow_ i think il go with TrueCrypt as well, im assuming the operation is much the same as the windows version?03:08
clamiamrahduke, also try searching google for 'emulator frontends'03:08
rahdukeclamiam: thanks03:08
Berzerkeris this also support for ubuntu moblin remix?03:09
kholbyIs anyone else experiencing an issue with Internet connectivity on 9.10?03:09
jellow_B3rz3rk3r: yes , Pretty much identical03:09
B3rz3rk3rawesome, thanks jellow_03:09
tuiapologies for this - can someone tell me how to talk to an operator. I am having issues with registering and my nickname and am still learning IRC03:10
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode03:11
Dr_Willistui:   /join #freenode03:11
tuiDr_Willis: i know but it is NOT working. I can longer talk and #freenode. it just stopped working suddenly.03:11
Dr_Willistui:  the services/servers have been up/downb a lot the last day or so03:11
mcgronkI'm trying to set up a my HP LaserJet 1320 to print over ethernet. Is there some trick do doing this because the documentation on ubuntu.org seems quite simple but it doesn't work for me03:11
mcgronkkholby: internet access is pretty straightforward. what's the problem?03:12
tuiwhere can I read about /etc/group and what it means to be a member of any particular group03:13
nrI'm having trouble with the Ubuntu 9.10 installer.  If anybody can help I'll describe problem in detail.03:14
Snowy09how do i instll windows games on linix03:14
darkthingI need help to connect 2 network card with firestarter03:14
nisstyre65Snowy09; you don't03:14
nisstyre65you can't really03:15
nrSnowy09, you can run some older or simpler games on WINE03:15
onetinsoldierSnowy09: use wine or virtual-box03:15
trortrochetap:anthony.freenode.net 353 trortrochetap = #ubuntu :trortrochetap TanukiNoKintama charngxel_ loli__ DemoOn Lunis_ nilo_ Snowy09 nr Chris2718 demonspork Berzerker kholby tui darkthing jeiworth PreZ rahduke sekrit Surion Lenin_Cat bullgard TMK yaboo castle` abms1116 hiexpo ubuntu123 villain FiremanEd choonming cghouly lithuanian_chick mcgronk paissad__ jeeez plustax pizzledizzle sely LizardK|ng Leemp tkmr segin Cpudan80 lengend CadeSkywalker pickett 03:15
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FloodBot3trortrochetap: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:15
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kholbymcgronk, Slow.  I've been doing some reading, and apparently this is a pretty common problem with 9.10.03:15
allhigsoabeimi:anthony.freenode.net 353 allhigsoabeimi = #ubuntu :ubottu chewbranca moziz Smif Fayntic vagvaf_ ryu jmcantrell deegee _polto_ RussellAlan fcuk112 randomer sjefen6 mharris nisstyre65 opie MikeJB paprna ekim janisozaur apelgate Chris___ tabris|away djamel RainbowEyes a2 freeman MikeyG batrick brad[] mikedep333 IVBela klappi nomasteryoda tobago atomiku jezlee toga_ streenz yyz LSD|Ninja eobanb askhl croppa ae86-drifter Funkeh` Sacho kekehuoshan hiffy 03:15
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FloodBot3allhigsoabeimi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:15
nisstyre65is this another XPS bot?03:15
JabberWalkieoooo, somone said my name, i feel special03:15
Snowy09well i got told to download playonlinix and ive done that and installed it  so what do i do now03:15
DemoOnmicrolith: r y still here?03:15
kholbymcgronk, At first, it was working and then would drop to 0kbps after about 30 seconds or so, due to DNS timeouts I think.  I disabled ipv6, and now it doesn't drop, but it's still slow.03:16
cappicard_wtf was that?03:16
Flannelcappicard_: spammer, just ignore it.03:16
nrSnowy09, playonlinux is a front end for wine03:16
MichaelWestenthats hella annoying :P03:16
* Afrix wakez up03:16
=== zen is now known as Guest98690
nrI'm not familiar with playonlinux, I run WINE directly03:16
Snowy09so wat does that mean as i am new to linix03:17
Lunis_wowzors, GNAA is at it again today in full force i see03:17
ice__mansomeone know who to play in QUAKE 4 under Ubuntu03:17
sebsebsebJabberWalkie: it said my  IRC nick as well03:17
Guest98690sangiacomo supergraphics03:17
nrIf you have a .exe installer you could try, e.g.,   'wine sinstall.exe'03:17
BerzerkerSnowy09, it's linux, with a u03:17
nrAnybody maybe able to help with an installer problem---the 9.04 installer does not see my hard drive03:17
Snowy09i'm wanting to play games on here03:17
JabberWalkiesebsebseb: i need this dammit!...hehe03:18
nrSnowy09, we got that03:18
nrName a game03:18
[BT]BrendanI'm wanting to buy an external hard drive but all the ones I look at on the website of our local computer store say they require Windows or Mac. These can all be easily formatted to work with Linux, yeah?03:18
DemoOnmicrolith: can u help me?03:18
Snowy09sim city societies03:18
onetinsoldier[BT]Brendan: yes03:18
DDwi[BT]Brendan, yes with a bit of googling03:18
kholby[BT]Brendan, Yes03:18
MichaelWesten[BT]Brendan: yes03:18
nrBT: yes, but any backup software that ships on the drive is likely useless03:18
ice__mannr,how ?03:18
Snowy09or the sims 203:18
[BT]BrendanThanks, thanks, thanks and thanks.03:19
sebsebsebJabberWalkie: meaning?03:19
nrBT: I tend to buy a bare drive + enclosure from newegg.com --- more GB per $$$$03:19
bikerSnowy09:  check this:  http://www.playdeb.net/welcome/03:19
DDwinr, you able to get to a terminal on your live cd?03:19
JabberWalkiesebsebseb: nm, just drop it :S03:19
nrDDwi: yes, I get to a terminal, and I can see the disk with cfdisk and I can mess with its partition table03:19
Lunis_[BT]Brendan, most likely you don't even need to format them :)03:19
DemoOnsomeone please paste touy /etc/fstab03:19
nrDDwi: but the 'partitioning' step in the installer doesn't see any disks03:19
DDwinr, do a paste of fisk -l ?03:20
DDwiin pastebin03:20
happyfaceAnyone have experience with thinkfinger?03:20
[BT]BrendanWhat filesystem do you recommend? One that will work immediately on linux, mac and windows?03:20
nrDDwi: OK, this will take a few minutes as I shut the machine down.03:20
DDwinr, just higlight me03:20
DemoOnWho can help me?03:20
nrDDwi: you meant 'fdisk -l' right?03:20
nowirelessNanyone know why Network Manager won't see my 5ghz network, I know it is working as other devices are connected to it? (2.4ghz works fine) This is using "Intel Corporation WiFi Link 100 Series"03:21
DDwinr, aye03:21
nowirelessNaccording to lspci03:21
BerzerkernowirelessN, does the chip support 5GHz N?03:21
DDwiDemoOn, why do you need /etc/fstab?03:21
ubuntu123[BT]Brendan, ntfs03:21
Berzerker[BT]Brendan, if you need one that works the best, I'd say buy MacDrive on Windows and use HFS+03:21
nowirelessNBerzerker, yes it does.03:21
DemoOnDDwi: ive error>>Unable to find a suitable fs in /proc/mounts, is it mounted? Use  --subdomainfs to overide.03:21
Berzerker[BT]Brendan, NTFS support on OS X is lacking03:21
DDwiDemoOn, hmmm, moment03:22
PrototypeX29Ahi, has anybody an idea how i get my firefox to support french spellchecking?03:22
kholbyIs anyone else in here also experiencing a problem with slow Internet connectivity in 9.10?03:22
BerzerkernowirelessN, well if it can connect to 2.4GHz and not 5GHz...then that would be the only explanation03:22
DDwiDemoOn, when did that error start happening?03:22
nowirelessNBerzerker, well its a brand new laptop and I am looking at the sticker on it that says 802.11 b/g/n03:23
BerzerkernowirelessN, yes but some N chips might not support 5GHz, only 2.4GHz N.03:23
[BT]BrendanHmm ntfs... So Microsoft don't support anything other than their own file systems?03:23
DemoOnDDwi: after removing noveaul(or smtinhg like that)-kernel-source, git libdrm/mesa,and installing ubuntu libdrm/mesa03:23
nowirelessNBerzerker: hmm ok03:23
=== tui is now known as quietone
DDwiDemoOn, you might be best off posting on the forums, but make a point to detail exactly what you removed and did03:24
DemoOnDDwi: i dont remember03:24
DDwiDemoOn, thats gonna make it mighty hard to help you03:25
DemoOnDDwi: can u paste at least /etc/fstab ?03:25
nowirelessNBerzerker.. is there a good way to find out.. or just google?03:25
PrototypeX29Akholby: with ath09 wifi drivers, there are a lot of people experiencing problems03:25
BerzerkernowirelessN, what's the chip model number?03:26
PrototypeX29Akholby: ath9k03:26
kholbyPrototypeX29A, I'm using the Broadcom STA driver, actually.03:26
DDwiDemoOn, sure but don't think its gonna fix you -> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5e33dfb103:26
nowirelessNBerzerker: Network controller: Intel Corporation WiFi Link 100 Series03:26
PrototypeX29Akholby: then it maybe unrelated03:26
nowirelessNSubsystem: Intel Corporation Device 130503:26
Snowy09how do i format my whole drive into a fat 3203:27
kholbyPrototypeX29A, Perhaps.  Did you have this problem?03:27
anthonywhere can i get a newer web browser for ubuntu 5.10 ppc03:27
DemoOnDDwi: yeah, seems ok03:27
anthonyhello anyone03:27
DDwiDemoOn, same error after reboot?03:28
PrototypeX29Akholby: yes03:28
Berzerkerso I'm trying to search for my hardware drivers (I know I have Broadcom proprietary ones on this netbook) and it doesn't find anything, any ideas?03:28
anthonywhere can i get a newer web browser for ubuntu 5.10 ppc?03:28
DemoOnDDwi: no, just that file seems ok03:28
PrototypeX29Akholby: well, i have had a problem with disconnecting wlan but there where other bugreports with bad throughput on the same architecture03:28
PrototypeX29Akholby: i solved it by installing a later kernel03:28
anthonycome on why is everyone ignoreing me03:28
stevenfgsdfgHow do I view all the dependencies for a package from the CLI?03:29
PrototypeX29Akholby: this really *intercoursed* up system, but at least the wifi is working03:29
Berzerkeranthony, google.com03:29
vocxSnowy09, why do you want to format the whole drive to fat32?03:29
anthonytryed it03:29
Berzerkertry harder.03:29
anthonyi tryed so hard03:29
Berzerkeryou're also spelling tried wrong03:29
kholbyPrototypeX29A, One would expect download and upload rates to be effected, but my upload speed is normal and quite a bit faster than download.03:29
anthonysorry my bad03:30
PrototypeX29Akholby: i have no idea, sorry03:30
Snowy09cause i can't load my vista03:30
vocxanthony, 5.10 is no longer supported, you should be using a newer version.03:30
anthonybut my imac is so slow on 9.1003:30
Snowy09windows won't let me install anything but ubuntu03:30
onetinsoldierstevenfgsdfg: apt-cache show <package>03:30
DemoOnhow can i install ubuntu from iso file?03:30
vocxSnowy09, are you using Ubuntu right now? What were you trying to do?03:30
=== Guest65919 is now known as VanDyke
DDwianthony, check http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and see if you can find another version which supports ppc, I don't remember off hand when ppc support was dropped03:31
Snowy09i was trying to install vvista on my system03:31
Dr_WillisDemoOn:  you can set up a usb flash drive with grub2 to boot an iso file. Thats doable..03:31
DemoOnthe only way is to burn it?03:31
Dr_Willis!install | DemoOn03:31
ubottuDemoOn: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:31
anthonyvocx, but my imac is so slow on 9.1003:31
onetinsoldierDemoOn: how old is your computer system?03:31
Dr_WillisDemoOn:  or use some other tools to make a bootable flash drive03:31
vocxDemoOn, burn the ISO to a CD; boot the computer with the CD in, it should boot and offer you ways to install.03:32
Snowy09but it kept coming up with fatal error03:32
Snowy091 year old03:32
DemoOnvocx: dont have cd03:32
Berzerkerso I'm trying to search for my hardware drivers (I know I have Broadcom proprietary ones on this netbook) and it doesn't find anything, any ideas?03:32
DemoOnok ill try to find that tool for creating bootable flash03:32
onetinsoldierDemoOn: i was going to say what Dr_Willis just said. but, your systems need to support booting from a usb stick. and, you may need to go into the bios to enable it as well03:32
onetinsoldierDemoOn: try --> unetbootin03:32
_ATMAhey, i have no idea what the hell i did, but my sound totally stopped working. ive mulled over tuns of documents and solutions none of them work, yes my vol is unmuted, plugged in,  soundcard detected, etc03:32
onetinsoldier!info unetbootin03:32
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 356-1 (karmic), package size 213 kB, installed size 636 kB03:32
Dr_Willisi saw some alernative to uinetbootin. but not tried it yet03:33
kholbyBerzerker, seems like I fixed the problem by installing fwcutter, maybe.03:33
infidhow can i disable the 'take a break' thing once it goes off?03:33
DemoOnonetinsoldier: i think i have that option, one time i was trying to boot but i couldnt get complitely into it03:33
Snowy09so is there a wat 32 i can reformat into a fa203:33
Snowy09i am sick to death of sending the comp back to hp03:33
onetinsoldierDemoOn: roger :-)03:33
DemoOnonetinsoldier: ?03:34
Berzerkerkholby, what's the package name03:34
onetinsoldierDemoOn: roger just means, i hear you, 10-4, copy, ect...03:34
kholbyBerzerker, b43-fwcutter03:34
nrctcp DDwi userinfo03:35
DemoOnwhat is called that live usb creator if im searching for it on my package meneger?03:35
Berzerkerkholby, hmm...can't find that package wtf03:35
Dr_WillisDemoOn:  check out -> http://www.linuxliveusb.com/03:35
onetinsoldierDemoOn: unetbootin03:35
vocxSnowy09, but do you run Ubuntu currently? Do you just want to erase all data? You can do that easily with the Vista installation DVD I suppose, and even with the Ubuntu Live CD.03:36
DemoOnonetinsoldier: unetbootin is only for installation?03:36
Dr_WillisThat luinuxliveusb has some features that unetbootin dosent03:36
Dr_WillisDemoOn:  it generates a bootable 'live' flash drive03:36
kholbyBerzerker:   You have an active connection on the machine with the problem?  I'm assuming that's the one you're using.03:36
Dr_WillisDemoOn:  you can use to install from03:36
DemoOnonetinsoldier: i wanted that when i will change something on that liveusb, i want to stay after reboot03:36
Berzerkerkholby, yeah it's connected over ethernet atm03:36
n00pguys I have a laptop and something is terribly wrong.. just now the mouse started moving to the lower right hand corner, I can't get it away from there it just moves back to the lower right hand corner. I'm not even touching my mousepad.03:36
nowirelessNBerzerker: even though lspci says its a '100' its actually a '1000' and intel has this to say about it "The Intel® WiFi Link 1000 is an IEEE802.11b/g/Draft-N1 wireless network adapterthat operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum"03:36
n00phow do I stop this?03:36
DemoOnoh well, i will try unetbootin first03:37
nrDDwi, live disk has finally booted, I have to figure out how to paste output into irc window...03:37
kholbyBerzerker:   Have you updated the package list?03:37
nowirelessNBerzerker: so thanks for pointing me in the right direction03:37
DDwipaste into pastebin03:37
DDwiand just highlight and right click03:37
greezmunkeyn00p, what model laptop?03:37
BerzerkernowirelessN, np03:37
n00pdell inspiron 152503:37
onetinsoldierDemoOn: hmmm, i'm not sure. i mean, i use it to boot Ubuntu from a usb stick, which i guess i could just run it from there. but, i when i boot from usb stick i do it to install03:37
greezmunkeynoop, known issue...I have one to!03:37
greezmunkeyn00p, are you using a mouse, or the touchpad?03:38
nrDDwi, just pasted under my full name: Norman Ramsey03:38
n00phow do I fix this?03:39
DemoOnill try to install 9.04 over 9.10 and check viddeo drivers03:39
onetinsoldierDemoOn: anyway, go with that usb live that Dr_Willis told you about. it looks like that's what you want :-)03:39
greezmunkeyn00p, do you have a P1 Phillips screwdriver?03:39
DDwiit should give you a  link nr03:39
n00pgreezmunkey why would I need that?03:39
[BT]BrendanOk Berzerker I still seem a little lost about which file system to go with. Mac compatibility isnt the most important for my needs... yet. mainly linux and windows, but with the ability to install sometihng on a mac to make it work.03:39
nrDDwi, sorry never used pastbin before:03:39
Berzerker[BT]Brendan, if you only need read support while on OS X, then NTFS is probably your best bet.03:40
=== stevenfgsdfg is now known as Steven
DDwinr, hmm and you have stuff installed for that atm?03:40
SantisnightCan anyone here help with a Virtual box issue? (everyone at #vbox seems to be asleep)03:40
[BT]BrendanWell I need it for recording my music. and Mac are big in the music recording industry so writing would be important03:40
nrI'm able to mess around with cfdisk.  I built a swap partition, ext3 for /boot, and XFS for /,  but the installer sees none of it03:40
Dr_WillisSantisnight:  state the issue and see.. - Virtualbox does have some very good docs/manuals on their hiomepage03:40
greezmunkeyn00p, The inspirons sometimes have an issue with the touchpads where the case will press one side of the touchpad too hard. You can correct the issue by making sure that all the screws on the botom are torqued the same amount. Sounds crazy, I know!03:41
nrWhat you see now is the result of my deleting all the partitions03:41
[BT]BrendanAlso used as a back up drive, so im looking at the dual drives with raid so it dupes everything03:41
StevenWhen do I apt-cache show <package> does it have to be installed or just listed in the relevant repository?03:41
chad_hey i am new to ubuntu and wondering if there is a way to install on an original xbox without mods03:41
Dr_Willischad_:  not without some mods03:41
[BT]Brendan*thats what I'm looking at buying*03:41
SantisnightDr_Willis,  someone reacted finally thanks though;03:41
Berzerker[BT]Brendan, if you buy MacDrive on Windows, the read/write support for HFS+ on it is excellent, linux native read/write support for HFS+ is also great, so it would be best all around03:41
nrDDwi, if ATM == 'at the moment', I can make a filesystem on it.03:41
nrI can try mounting and r/w files; haven't done that...03:42
Berzerker[BT]Brendan, if you don't want to spend money on it, then your next best selection would be NTFS03:42
chad_i read someting about using an original version of mechassult are there any other ways to soft mod so it will run03:42
DDwinr,  I mean, do you have anything installed on that hdd? and is that the only hdd installed?03:42
=== ChorizoGrueso is now known as orgullocachanill
[BT]BrendanYeah But I awnt to be able to plug it in to other peoples computers on the go as I'll be away from home for the large part of the next 2 years03:42
Dr_Willischad_:  no idea. those sort of 'bug'  explots depend on versions of the xbox and the game, and soo many other things.03:43
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FloodBot3orgullocachanill: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:43
Dr_Willischad_:  im not even sure how well an xbox would run a mondern linux03:43
n00pthat didn't seem to do anything03:43
yabootrying to install packages and getting ldconfig not found03:43
orgullocachanillIt is time to put those Haitian jigaboos in their place!  No matter how many times the civilized world donates money, opens schools, rebuilds their nation, and holds their little monkey paws, the damn niggers can never get it right.  They never will!  The same goes for New Orleans!  Cancun in Mexico suffered few fatalities after their major hurricane, and the rebuilding is already completed.  What have the niggers in New Orleans done? If you a03:43
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FloodBot3orgullocachanill: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:44
[BT]BrendanYeah But I awnt to be able to plug it in to other peoples computers on the go as I'll be away from home for the large part of the next 2 years03:44
n00pI'm just gonna reboot03:44
chad_Dr_willis: that sucks why does microsoft do stuff like that and some of the blogs and forums i have seen say it runs ok but i don't know how old they are03:44
psycho_oreos!ops orgullocachanill spamming crap03:44
greezmunkeyn00p, When youre PC os off, check the torque on the screws03:44
Dr_Willischad_:  because its MS. they lose $ on consoles.. make $ on games.03:45
[BT]Brendanand the idea of using things made by microsoft... *shivers*03:45
nrDDwi, no nothing was installed on the HDD, and it's the only HDD in the system03:45
nrI just put three partitions on it and put an ext3 filesys on one partition and I can read and write files03:45
DDwinr, your on 9.10 ?03:45
nrBut the fdisk -l you saw was with all partitions deleted03:45
nrYes, I just downloaded 9.10 yesterday.03:45
chad_it is my stepsons xbox i wanted to make it perform better i personally won't buy anything from them anymore03:45
onetinsoldieryaboo: what output do you get from the following command? --> dpkg -l libc-bin03:46
nrDDwi, I also tried 'sudo partman' but it doesn't see the disk either03:46
Dr_Willischad_:  better off buying a low end pc to run linux on if you want a computer.03:46
jacob__hi. How do I use Samba?03:46
Dr_Willis!samba | jacob__03:46
ubottujacob__: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:46
yabooonetinsoldier: libc-bin version none03:46
DDwinr, hmm thats odd, what about gparted in your system -> administration -> menue03:47
Dr_Willisjacob__:  its also documuneted in the 'samba-doc' package. (3 books in there) :)03:47
nrDDwi, I'll check it out; let you know in a mo03:47
onetinsoldieryaboo: are you able to install that package by chance? i don't know that you will be able to, but try --> sudo apt-get install libc-bin03:47
chad_dr_willis that makes sense and i have a computer with linux but with three children fighting over the internet i wanted to put a third machine with online capabillities in the house for very little money ie free03:47
Dr_Willischad_:  you still need xbox -> usb adaptors. to use normal keyboard/mice I belive.03:48
nrDDwi, gparted comes up and sees all three partitions with a nice graphical display03:48
yabooonetinsoldier: getting unmet dependencies03:48
onetinsoldieryaboo: ok, sounds good03:48
Dr_Willischad_:  there might be some xbox soft mods out. but i dont pay attention to xbox mod info any more03:48
DDwinr, but sudo fdisk -l doesn't display the partitions?03:49
nrDDwi, revised output from fdisk -l at http://pastebin.com/d82f427c03:49
nrYou'll see the partitions03:49
crombHello, I have an issue with SSH users connecting to my server without requesting a shell/executing a command.  I have tried using the ForceCommand option in sshd_config but this still doesn't appear to force these users to load their shell.03:49
DDwinr,  ah that looks better, you can boot into that or that is just what you've done manually?03:49
crombeep hit enter a bit early, would anyone have any suggestions on another way to force ssh clients to load a shell =|03:49
nrDDwi, that's just what I've done manually03:50
chad_dr_willis: i don't know if it works both ways but i bought a cheep usb cord and cut it in half and cut the plug off the xbox remote and soldered color to color and it works for games on the computer i think the reverse would have the same effect03:50
nrI can't get the installer to acknowledge that the disk or the partitions exist03:50
nrDDwi, I haven't tried any kind of manual install; I was hoping to run the installer.03:50
DDwinr, is this a SATA hdd?03:50
nrDDwi, yes it is.03:51
PrototypeX29Ais firefox's spell checling related to it's preferred languages in any way?03:51
nrDDwi, the box has an IDE optical drive and the one SATA HDD03:51
jacob__Can someone explain to me how I use Wine?03:51
jacob__I just installed it.03:51
chad_dr_willis: ms doesn't even support the original anymore they should make a cheep bios reformat disk03:51
nrjacob__, if you get an exe file, like an installer, you can run 'wine install.exe'03:52
onetinsoldierjacob__: i think one of the first things you do is set it up with the command 'winecfg'03:52
DDwinr, what does df -h show?03:52
nrjacob__, yes 'winecfg' is good too03:52
Dr_Willischad_:  yea.. right... and they should open source Dos While you are waiting for that to happen...03:52
jacob__so basically03:52
jacob__1. Download installer .exe to desktop03:52
jacob__2. Open terminal + wine install-program-here.exe03:53
chad_dr_willis: ms is so money hungry i'm supprised they haven't done that03:53
Snowy09how do i compleatly erase the hard drive03:53
Berzerkeris anyone using Chromium on linux?03:54
Dr_WillisBerzerker:  The google chome browser works very well here.03:54
Berzerkerunder wine?03:55
iWolfIm using VirtualBox, And I have my window maximized (not-fullscreen) and it is still kind of small03:55
Dr_WillisSnowy09:  use gparted delete the partitions.. or use 'dd'03:55
iWolfAnyway to make it bigger03:55
Dr_WillisBerzerker:  why use it in wine?03:55
Berzerkeroh well how else can you run Google Chrome?03:55
Dr_WillisBerzerker:  err.. google has a linux native port.03:55
Berzerkerthey do?03:55
nrDDwi, see http://pastebin.com/d6f18cd78 for df -h (I have not mounted anything from /dev/sda)03:55
Dr_Willisfor several months now i think03:55
Dr_WillisBerzerker: for several months now i think03:55
pilif12pcan i do something like "locate" but just for dirs?03:56
Berzerkeroh wow they do03:56
BerzerkerI'm sold :D03:56
greezmunkeyChromium they call it I think03:56
Dr_WillisBerzerker:  the deb from google installs/setsup a repo for them03:56
Berzerkergreezmunkey, chromium is the OS project that Google Chrome is based off of03:56
nrBerzerker: google chrome native linux works pretty well except for PDFs03:56
vocxiWolf, perhaps you need to install something called "Guest additions"; it's a virtual CD that is inside the virtual machine, which installs better support for the mouse and screen. Then you may be able to maximize it fully. I can confirm this because I don't have virtualbox currently installed, but I've done it in the past.03:57
Berzerkernr, thanks03:57
iWolfI've got the "disk"03:57
iWolfWhat now?03:57
greezmunkey Berzerker, cool w/me I don't use it anyway!03:57
crombdoes anyone know how to force ssh clients to run their shell03:57
Berzerkergreezmunkey, lol03:57
DDwinr, next step is to re-run the installer and keep an eye on /var/log/messages on the command line something like tail -30 /var/log/messages should do it03:57
vocxiWolf, you should be able to mount it and run it inside the virtual machine.03:58
nrOK, will run and check the logs with tail -f03:58
onetinsoldierpilif12p: you might want to use the 'find' command. you might also check this out --> http://www.kbrandt.com/2008/06/pygnomefind-gui-frontend-to-gnu-find.html03:58
kindofabuzzwoohoo ssl freenode :)03:58
kindofabuzzhmm i see no one typing. pm me if you see me04:00
onetinsoldierkindofabuzz: i see you04:00
iWolfvocx: Alright, I double click the VBoxAddtionsLinux-x86.run file, and how do I run it through administrator privliges04:00
Dr_Williskindofabuzz:  i  dont see you04:00
gooraang_i see you04:00
kindofabuzzthere is goes. ok, carry on04:00
seanbrystoneWhats the difference of Ubuntu Software Center and Synaptic package manager?04:00
onetinsoldierlol Dr_Willis :-)04:00
kindofabuzzseanbrystone, the GUI04:01
iWolfseanbrystone: Ubuntu Software Center Is Guided Towards Noobs :P, Synpatic is for linux junkies04:01
vocxkindofabuzz, dude you just arrived, what were you expecting? A ton of hellos? What's with SSL anyway, who cares?04:01
seanbrystonehehe ok ty guys04:01
vocxiWolf, eeeh, junkies use the command line?04:01
kindofabuzzvocx, dude, no, SSL ftw04:01
iWolfWell, yea, semi-junkie then :L04:02
kindofabuzzsudo aptitude for the junkies04:02
iWolfapt-get/synpatic for semi04:02
vocxiWolf, the file that you mentioned, is it outside the virtual machine (host) or inside (guest)?04:02
iWolfThere is a disk on my desktop04:02
PrototypeX29Ai tried to ask a question in #firefox, but it says i can't write there, though the channel is not set to be moderated. Why is that?04:02
FloodBot3iWolf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
Dr_Willis!register | PrototypeX29A04:03
ubottuPrototypeX29A: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode04:03
nrDDwi, messages at http://pastebin.com/d2d118872  and /var/log/partman at http://pastebin.com/d2c85e70d04:03
kindofabuzzPrototypeX29A, you probably have to registered with NickServ04:03
Dr_WillisPrototypeX29A:  or they got it mod'd right now due to attacks/spambots.04:03
PrototypeX29ADr_Willis: that may help, thanks04:03
PrototypeX29Ait does04:03
DDwinr, are you using raid?04:03
nrDDwi, I suppose I could try rebooting the live CD with the 'nodmraid' option, although this sounds dubious...04:04
iWolfNo, nickserv is still here04:04
vocxiWolf, so, you are running a virtual Ubuntu inside, right?04:04
nrDDwi, if I'm using RAID it's not on purpose --- the motherboard is brand new and has unfamiliar BIOS04:04
iWolfYes @ vocx04:04
nrDDwi, let me look at the kernel boot messages and see if there's anything about mdadm04:05
=== sivel is now known as levis
DDwinr, think you've figured out whats going on now, next step would be to hit the bios ect..ect..04:05
vocxiWolf, well, so make it executable "chmod u+x file.bin", and then run it "./file.bin"   I assume you know your root password inside, in case you need root privileges with "sudo".04:06
=== Matir_ is now known as Matir`
rwtCan anyone here help me with my " no sound problems "04:07
rwt am running kerenl
rwtI have been trying to fix it for about a week...04:08
gartral|phey all, whats the command to force a disk check on next reboot?04:08
PrototypeX29Ahas ubuntu some spell checking installed with firefox, which is not standard?04:08
=== Matir_ is now known as Matir`
ranjanhello every body can any body can help me with fstab editing with fmask and dmask values04:09
vocxrwt, asking vague questions won't help you. You need to ask your question once and then repeat it in intervals.04:09
nrDDwi, there's a 'dmraid(8)' command with a zillion options04:09
nr'm hitting the man page to look for info on turning it off04:09
nrIt definitely detects /dev/sda as a RAID device.04:09
nrThousand thanks for your help!!!!04:10
DDwinr,  i'd do what the error message suggested, when you boot the live cd, type in the option noraid04:10
vocxrwt, also, you are using a development version. This channel is for stable releases only. You should go to #ubuntu+104:10
DDwinr, yea :) have fun04:10
ranjanhello every body can any body can help me with fstab editing with fmask and dmask values as i am not able to figer it out what values should i go for an ntfs part which i am using for samba share ... with the network04:10
Dr_Willisranjan:  i did it once ages ago for shareing a ntfs over samba.. but  I dont recall what i had to do.04:11
ranjanDr_Willis : i tried to asign the values  by folowing an guide in the community centre i mean to say by referring documentation but i am not able to figer out the exact values ... as after reborting i found my d drive that i want to share on network was not showing up in my linux box so  i am looking out for that particular values ... so that i can assign it ...04:15
Dr_Willis'not showing up' is proberly a different issue then  the dmask/umask values bein wrong04:15
Dr_Willisive had samba shares on wiondows machines not 'show' up - untill i used the ip# of the server not its name. (not sure why)04:16
Dr_Willisenabling the wins server feature on the linux box seemed to helped that issue04:16
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, It would...04:17
Dr_WillisI still have some windows machines that i can 'see' some times but not others..  could be they are on the wireless lan.04:17
ranjanDr_Willis : ya i agree with you .. so i am looking for some more elobrate explationation on this issue on internet so that i can get an clear idea .. on this topic .. so that i can use it in much better way .. ;)04:18
Dr_Willisfor me samba seems tobe more flakey now a days then it was 2 years ago. :)04:18
Dr_Willisbut windows is also doing more weird stuff as well04:18
Dr_Willisand toss in wireless and various firewall 'features' it gets even worse04:18
greezmunkeyranjan: Check this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/create-a-samba-user-on-ubuntu/04:19
Dr_Willisranjan:  yea i always add a samba password for each of my linux users. :)04:19
Dr_Willismy username on linux and windows are the same. :) so i dont need the last part of that guide04:20
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, :)04:21
ranjangreezmunkey: thanks for that information .. but i have chaked that page earlier but it is not explaining any thing regarding those values ... on which i am looking for .. any way thanks04:21
Blue1Dr_Willis: so you use b1ll/gat3s then?04:21
Snowy09how on earth do i play games on here windows games04:22
Blue1Snowy09: wine....04:22
Dr_Willis!wine | Snowy0904:22
ubottuSnowy09: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:22
Dr_Willis!appdb | Snowy0904:22
ubottuSnowy09: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:22
greezmunkeyranjan: ok then... Check this: http://oreilly.com/catalog/samba/chapter/book/index.html04:23
ekimWill Final Fantasy online game play on linux?  Is there a linux version of the game?04:23
Snowy09i have wine04:23
vocxekim, I doubt it very much04:24
ekimjust wondered...04:24
vocxSnowy09, ekim playing windows games is not trivial. There a different success stories. But never go into linux thinking you can play games.04:24
lithper2_i'm running a service on port 5000 as a non-root user. netstat tells me that the port is in LISTEN mode. however, when i run nmap to check if the port is opened,  it says the port is closed. from what i researched, ubuntu doesn't block any ports. any ideas?04:24
Snowy09its frustrating04:25
Jimmy7830do u have the port right?04:25
Snowy09i need help04:25
Dr_WillisSnowy09:  wine game.exe   wiorks for me :) depends on the game04:25
Dr_Willisekim:  i belive FF online is mentioned in the wine app database.04:26
ekimyeah, didnt have much luck with Wine and FF in the past.04:27
Dr_WillisFinalFantasyOnline - what a game. :)  i bet the fishing bots are still in the same spots...04:29
Qweyzarhello world04:29
Vovka_leninïåðâûé ðàç â irc, çäåñü ïðîñòî êàê â ÷àòå îáùàòüñÿ? è îáÿçàòåëüíî íà èíãëèøå?04:29
=== levis is now known as sivel
airtonixSnowy09, helps if you mention the game, also #winehq is more appropriate for wine questions04:31
zakwilsonI'd like to temporarily stop pulseaudio. When I run 'pulseaudio -k' or 'killall pulseaudio', something respawns it after a few seconds. How can I prevent that?04:31
Jimmy7830move it so it cant find it then move it back later.04:32
JabberWalkiemake a small script that repeats the command every half second :)04:32
od3nanyone know why I cant seem to get linux to see my wireless adapter on my netbook04:32
greezmunkeyzakwilson, possibly edit your rc files, there's a cool util for that but can't remember it now...04:33
zakwilsonAside from the heavy-handed approaches - both of which I'd already thought of. I want to know what, on a stock Ubuntu install respawns it.04:33
Snowy09i don't like ubuntu04:33
airtonixzakwilson, just a thought (killa pulseaudio actually kills it on my setup) but ... gnome-session-manager04:34
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=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
airtonixSnowy09, you remind me of the conversations the supermutants in fallout 3 would have with each other04:34
codebxhey zakwilson, is there any other process name with pulse in it?  i see pulse-session, gconf-editor running in the pulse directory, and pulseaudio04:34
greezmunkeyzakwilson, check here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117487504:35
=== Tyler is now known as |TheOV|
=== adf is now known as kbuel
Jimmy7830just delet ubuntu and install DSL04:35
codebxhey zakwilson , i did a "man pulseaudio" and it has a pulseaudio --kill option04:35
codebxso, i tried it, and pulseaudio did not restart04:36
=== iWolf is now known as Xoni[TV]
zakwilsoncodebx: when I do that, it restarts.04:38
codebxhmm, that's weird.  when i do ps axf | grep pulse, it doesnt have the /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start come up after I do the pulseaudio --kill04:39
codebxbut there is still a pulse-session launched with gnome-session04:39
codebxoh you're right.  dang04:40
codebxi'll see if i can find something :)04:40
Snowy09wat is play on linix04:41
resurgamim having trouble connecting to my computer through ssh remotely, the port is open in the router and forwarded correctly and i can ssh locally so i know the server is start..04:41
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
resurgamall i get is connection refused04:41
Blue1resurgam: you're using port 22, right?04:42
Blue1resurgam: and you can ping the other computer?04:42
Blue1resurgam: and you installed openssh-server on the machine?04:43
resurgamyes and yes04:43
* Blue1 thinks...04:43
resurgamssh localhost connects just fine04:44
Blue1resurgam: have you tried connecting to the remote machine using the ip address?04:44
Blue1marisa: you are correct we'll take offline thanks04:45
gunvaldhi all, what's the casual ubuntu-chat? I have fortotten the name.04:45
Blue1resurgam: let's pm the rest...04:45
jolarenHow do I make gdm to stop autorun on my server? I needed it for the isntallation of mythtv backend but not anymore04:45
vocxgunvald, #ubuntu-offtopic04:46
gunvaldvocx: thanks!04:46
|ntegra|can you please help me with my syntax? I'd like to dd if=01.mp3 02..03..04..etc of=/dev/sdb/Music/04:47
vocx|ntegra|, do you want to copy *.mp3 files to a different directory?04:48
|ntegra|yes, but dd will write to a unmounted disk, and at bs=4096 goes faster04:49
Snowy09can anyone tell me wat playonlix is04:49
Snowy09can anyone tell me wat playonlinx is04:50
niallm90do you mean playonlinux?04:50
ekimnite all04:50
niallm90PlayOnLinux (POL) is a tool to help Linux users run games and programs for Windows on Linux, via the use of (as a front-end for) Wine.04:51
niallm90google next time =P04:51
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* [J]ustin - [ is away ] [ Reason: Activate IdleAway: 60 min ]04:51
philHow to play the sound in chrome'  flash?04:52
Dr_Willis|ntegra|:  i think you Are totally missusing dd with that last command..  and cp should be as fast as fancy dd stuff04:52
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
vocx!away > [J]ustin04:53
ubottu[J]ustin, please see my private message04:53
=== vbits is now known as Vbitz
saganbyteCan I use a .xpm icon in the Applications menu dropdown instead of .svg?04:54
philI don't know how to set04:55
macman_question .. i have 5 vob files and i want to make them into 1 movie04:55
macman_do i just cat them all to 1 file ?04:55
airtonix!info devede | macman_04:55
ubottumacman_: devede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.14.0-0ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 1518 kB, installed size 3560 kB04:56
macman_airtonix: i dont like devedee04:56
airtonixmacman_, best option unfortunatly.04:56
=== plustax2 is now known as Colossus
macman_airtonix: so i can't can't vob files to 1 vob ?04:56
Blue1macman_: I use windows dvd shrink running under wine - because it's simple...but don't tell anyone.04:56
airtonixmacman_, you want to collate ?04:56
macman_airtonix: yes04:56
macman_right now i just did a comamnd i think it will work04:57
|ntegra|bummer, because i've got a horrible mp3player with crappy disk formatting that I don't know how to fix04:57
macman_i use wine also Blue104:57
LizardK|ngxchat was blue, who said my name?04:57
macman_i use wine also Blue104:57
Blue1macman_: I have found dvdshrink (windows version) to be much simpler then the linux version, or k9copy which has no documentation04:57
macman_Blue1: but it won't join vobs04:58
macman_thats all i want to do04:58
airtonixmacman_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68286904:58
Berzerkeranyone here use chrome?04:58
Blue1macman_: what do you mean by join vobs?  you mean concatenate into one file?04:58
airtonixmacman_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4238499&postcount=604:58
BerzerkerI can't get bookmarks sync to work04:58
Blue1alrighty then04:58
electragicianBerzerker the Dev channel has working bookmark sync, but otherwise the Dev Channel version is highly unstable on my machine05:00
Berzerkerelectragician, according to google, 4.0.249+ should work, but it doesn't05:00
electragicianAh, I'll take your word on it... but I'm running Beta Channel and do not have sync05:02
electragicianBut I did have it in the badly broken dev channel version I tried this morning :D05:02
jolarenHow do I edit startup services in my ubuntu server? I really want to remove GDM from autostarting05:02
Snowy09do i need a cd rom to play games for playonlinix05:03
blakkheimjolaren: aptitude install sysv-rc-conf05:03
xanguajoralen: uninstall gdm¿¿05:03
jolarenxangua; I need x for ssh -X forwarding05:04
xanguaBerzerker: i barely use chromium but xmarks is an addon what sync bookmarks in firefox, chromium/chrome, safari and explores :S05:04
electragicianXmarks is horked in Chrome right now05:05
electragicianI get constant "Undefined" in all the settings05:05
Berzerkerxangua, xmarks has bugs05:05
Dr_Willisjolaren:  in 9.10 its started from upstart via the /etc/init/gdm.conf file I belive05:05
Dr_Willisjolaren:  rename gdm.conf to be gdm.DONTRUN_conf  or similer05:05
electragicianI read that the dev channel + xmarks = worked fine05:05
xanguajoralen then activate automatic enter05:06
Dr_WillisSnowy09:  it depends on the game05:06
electragicianAnd it may, but it kept crashing too much to be usable :D05:06
=== oleg_ is now known as usser
jolarenDr_Willis; I see, how would that work with ssh -X forwarding?05:06
bullgardWhat is the function of the Firefox plugin "NoScript"?05:06
* Dr_Willis restates that in 9.10 GDM is not ran by the sysv init scripts.. but by the upstart /etc/init/gdm.conf script (normally)05:07
Dr_Willisjolaren:  You dont need gdm to do x forwarding.05:07
ninjaslimare there any multimedia-related compatibility issues with ubuntu 64-bit05:07
Dr_Willisto enable XDMCP perhaps.. but not X forwarding05:07
kthomas_vh_bullgard, it prevents .js from randomly being used on any site05:07
kthomas_vh_thus securing your site05:07
Dr_Willisninjaslim:  none that ive ever noticed05:07
kthomas_vh_I have root via ssh on a new server05:08
bullgardkthomas_vh_: Thank you for commenting.05:08
kthomas_vh_how to enable VNC or other remote console?05:08
kthomas_vh_^ link fine :)05:08
candycan i instal ubuntu through i386??05:08
ninjaslimDr_Willis: what about flash and adobe acrobat reader05:08
Dr_Willisninjaslim:  i have no issues05:08
pmcnabbkthomas_vh_: NX is pretty nice05:09
ninjaslimDr_Willis: there are 64-bit versions of each or do you need to use nspluginwrapper05:09
* Dr_Willis wonders when acrobat reader became 'multimedia-related' :)05:09
* airtonix wonders too and rages05:09
Dr_Willisninjaslim:  i just use whats in the repos - no fancy tricks05:09
candyDr_Willis, can u plz tell me if i can install ubuntu 9.10 with i386?05:09
ninjaslimDr_willis: ahh i see05:09
jolarenDr_Willis; I need it for mythtv05:09
Dr_Williscandy:  a 386 would require the 32bit ubuntu. so it should work05:10
=== Xoni[TV] is now known as Xonique
Dr_Willisor are you stateing the cpu is some OLD x386 cpu?05:10
candyi have that in flash drive.. i dont know how to install it through flash drive05:10
Dr_Williscandy:  i use unetbootin or other ways tomake bootable instll media from flash drives05:11
KiRiLoSI am using Firefox 3.6.The thing is that it takes like 20 seconds to launch.I had the same issue since the initial OS install with firefox 3.5.Any ideas?05:11
candyDr_Willis, i didnt get u05:11
blakkheimKiRiLoS: firefox is bloated. ubuntu's binary of firefox is bloated. you're probably not using an ssd. all these factor in to slow startup05:12
narretgrezHi, i'm back with another question05:12
jolarenDr_Willis; What was it that I should rename?05:12
narretgrezIs it possible to chmod a folder so that it is permanently 777 and all objects created within it is 77705:12
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, try it in safe mode05:12
Dr_Williscandy:  you make a bootable flash drive with unetbootuin and boot from it05:12
narretgrezi'm having this inexplicable problem where some generated avatars are not of the right permission setting05:13
KiRiLoSblakkheim i have to wait like 15 secs,that cant be right.I am launching Chrome 15 times faster :P05:13
blakkheimKiRiLoS: i just explained it05:13
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz Any instructions?05:13
=== mattg_ is now known as Biohazard
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS,  firefox -safe-mode05:13
candyDr_Willis, what is unetbootuin?? command or application?05:13
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:13
DaZKiRiLoS: prelink, preload05:13
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz ok thanx05:13
ussernarretgrez, technically its possible, but not for a single folder05:13
bullgardkthomas_vh_: Where to fetch the plug-in "NoSript" from?05:13
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, http://forums.mozillazine.org for all your Mozilla problems05:13
narretgrezusser: what is possible?05:14
kthomas_vh_bullgard, google it?05:14
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, if all good in safe mode then your problem is some addon or theme. usually05:14
ussernarretgrez, change the permissions that way, but it will affect all the newly created files not just files in that folder05:14
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz nope,it's still slow,as a matter of fact it is not open yet...05:15
DaZKiRiLoS: any output?05:15
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz its a default install,no way its a theme or addon.Since day 1 was like this,i didnt have time to fix it,so i used chrome right away05:15
IdleOnebullgard: click on Tools>Addons and search for noscript05:15
KiRiLoSDaZ no05:15
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, do this, firefox -P, make a new profile, call it test or something05:15
KiRiLoSonly think i get is this05:16
KiRiLoSreturned PAC proxy string: direct05:16
KiRiLoSbut i guess its just loosy proxy settings05:16
KiRiLoSi'll check em out05:16
bullgardIdleOne: Thank you very much for your help.05:17
narretgrezusser: that's what i'm looking for actually05:17
user123how can I know which audio card I have on my desktop?05:17
narretgrezusser: liek a permanent stamp on a foler05:17
narretgrezusser: to make all tihngs a certain permission and ownership05:17
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz new profile didnt help05:17
albechuser123, lspci05:17
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, do this, firefox -P, make a new profile, call it test or something, yeah go to forums.mozillazine.org, plenty off FF help there05:17
NotTooSmartuser123: lspci | grep audio ?05:17
kindofabuzzKiRiLoS, didn't mean to send all that again05:18
ruienis there a way to reconfigure the options set when I first ran  "aptitude install linux-image-generic"? I am specifically trying to modify the kernel command line (using GRUB. /boot/grub/grub.conf does not exist)05:18
KiRiLoSkindofabuzz thing is i hate forums.I'll just keep stalking for an answer @ #firefox05:18
IdleOnebullgard: you're welcome05:18
ussernarretgrez, for group ownership you can use a group sticky bit, ie chown -R user:commonGroup /dir &&  chmod g+s -R /dir05:18
ussernarretgrez, but for 777 perm to stick im not sure how to do that05:19
narretgrezusser thank you, i just needed to know that it was possible05:19
narretgreztime to go googling =)05:19
jimisrvroxhey folks I am trying to get my rt2500 to work but when I pull up dmesg I get: [   47.113489] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan2: link is not ready05:19
Myke516I have a question about Dual booting windows XP and Ubuntu... when Ubuntu 10.04LTS (Lynx) comes out in April, I plan on upgrading (waiting about a month for any possible bug fixes), but will i still be able to boot into windows after the upgrade (using the UPGRADE option in the package manager)05:19
Dr_WillisMyke516:  err.. of course.05:20
Dr_Williswhy would a upgrade make it  not able to dual boot?05:20
ruienMyke516: yes; you can configure your GRUB bootloader to give you the option of which operating system to boot05:20
Myke516not sure... I just get nervous about it, it took me a really long time to set up the dual boot i got going on now05:21
Myke516i just dont want to mess it up05:21
t_dsunnhelp! has anyone had this problem? I'm on karmic and can't access my router config page via
Dr_WillisHmm.. seting up dual boot is rather trivial most of the time05:21
NotTooSmartubuntu wont break booting to a windows install, but windows will break booting ubuntu .........05:21
IdleOneMyke516: there should not be any problems with the upgrade. To be sure backup your important files just in case.05:21
melow01hey folks, I'm trying to unzip a tarball and I'm getting the error "gzip: stdin: not in gzip format". Any advice?05:22
ruient_dsunn: does "route -n" show as your gateway?05:22
user123where can I download the windows driver for ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)? I am running virtualbox to run windows but I cannot have audio in there05:22
Myke516yeah, i did the windows install first then ubuntu and got it on the second try (first time i hit the option "use largest free space" and its failed05:22
onetinsoldiermelow01: what are you using to try and unpack the tarball?05:22
codebxuser123, did you install the virtualbox guest additions?05:22
NotTooSmartMyke516: installing windows first is always best05:23
Dr_WillisMyke516:  partition the hd's to leave part unallocated -  that saves time.05:23
Myke516but i got it going on now, although on the boot screen it gives me the option to load into older kernels of Linux05:23
Dr_WillisMyke516:  or use 2 seperate hard driges05:23
melow01onetinsoldier, sudo tar xfvz Vuze_Installer.tar.bz205:23
ultraparadigmIs there an autio mixer that will allow me to add reverb effects to my microphone inputs?05:23
NotTooSmartMyke516: that is normal incase a new kernel does not work for you....05:23
user123codebx, I have no idea :(05:24
user123codebx, probably I didnt05:24
onetinsoldiermelow01: try --> sudo tar -jxvf Vuze_Installer.tar.bz05:24
melow01ultraparadigm, Audadcity is a very popular audio editor/mixer but I don't know which plugins come with it05:24
codebxuser123, boot windows under virtualbox and click devices -> install guest additions05:24
melow01onetinsoldier, cool, I'll try it05:24
codebxand it'll install the drivers for your mouse, audio, network, etc05:24
onetinsoldiermelow01: you need the 'j' option instead of the 'z' option because it's a bzip2 tarball, not a gzip tarball05:24
ultraparadigmThanks melow0105:25
onetinsoldiermelow01: roger. good luck. cheers05:25
melow01onetinsoldier, ahhhh, that helps!05:25
t_dsunn@ruien http://pastebin.com/m2df45f4d that's the output of route -n, as you can see is my gateway but the destination is
melow01onetinsoldier, i'm trying to learn terminal05:25
onetinsoldiermelow01: roger :-)05:25
user123codebx, is it in control panel?05:26
NotTooSmartMyke516: make a copy of grub by using sudo cp /etc/grub /wherever/you/want05:27
ruient_dsunn: that looks good.. although you don't have a localhost entry, which is strange. Anyway, can you ping
Dr_Willis!info unp05:27
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (karmic), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB05:27
codebxuser123, in the virtual box application itself, there is a menu bar at the top that says "Machine", "Devices", "help" once you have your guest operating system booted.  You just click "Devices -> Install Guest Additions"05:27
Myke516ok sounds good Nottoo05:27
Myke516thank you all, Thanks again Dr. Willis05:28
spweltongot a (hopefully) simple question on python, anyone here speak python?05:28
NotTooSmartMyke516: err, /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:28
t_dsunnruien: yea ping is responding fine, i just can't get into my config page :-/ i'm assuming thus far that this is porbably a hardware specific issue because my internet connection/sharing over my local network works fine05:28
melow01ultraparadigm, sure thing.  Ubuntu Studio has a bunch of audio apps too05:28
Prodegospwelton: #python05:28
user123codebx, I installed it, but It didnt do anything, I think I need to get the audio driver because the card is not detected05:32
spweltonProdego:  thanks05:32
ruient_dsunn: hmm, what about "telnet 80"  .. in otherwords, can you at least connect to its http server?05:32
sudiptahow i enable visual effect in ubuntu 8.0405:33
codebxuser123, virtualbox has an emulated set of hardware (audio, network, etc) so you don't have to get specific drivers for your actual hardware; you just use the guest additions05:33
codebxuser123, you should reboot after you install the guest additions, and see if your audio works then05:33
user123codebx, I already did it, but it doesnt work :(05:33
codebxuser123, i failed you... oh noes D:05:34
user123codebx, well, thank you, I appreciate your help05:34
codebxuser123, does it say there's no playback audio device when you try and play sounds or what happens?05:34
user123codebx, exactly05:34
TLUL0.0 there are a lot of people in here </offtopic>05:34
codebxuser123, just to clarify, your normal operating system (host) is ubuntu, and you're running windows via virtualbox, right? i can help you research for a few minutes05:35
TLULIs this channel being affected by the spambots?05:35
t_dsunnruien: telnet is connecting no problem...05:35
user123codebx, that is correct05:35
=== don is now known as Guest56076
codebxuser123, which version of windows do you have installed? 64bit/32? xp/7/vista/etc05:36
ruient_dsunn: that's strange then.. i don't know what to tell you. You can telnet to port 80 but firefox can't connect to the router config page... ?05:36
sudiptahey,is there nobody??05:36
jolarenI burned a usb stick along time ago, I want to know if its x64 or 32bits on it, can i check that somehow?05:36
IdleOne!compiz | sudipta05:37
ubottusudipta: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz05:37
user12332, 7 on x64 architecture05:37
=== Guest56076 is now known as Don_C
user123codebx, 32, 7 on x64 architecture05:37
onetinsoldierjolaren: you mean how can you tell if you boot into the linux that's on the usb stick?05:37
jolarenonetinsoldier; yer05:38
codebxhey user123, im going to private message you05:38
t_dsunnruien: yea i was googling around earlier and found a couple threads with the same problem and no resolution from various releases, none that were 9.1 specific though so i figured i'd try on here. thanks for your help anyways05:38
user123codebx, allright :)05:38
sudiptaubottu:i have tried that even used restricted drivers.but could not help it05:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:38
jolarenonetinsoldier; Whatever, I'm just installing now05:38
oraqolubottu: i love u05:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:38
FoolishOwlI'm having trouble with networking. I can't browse web pages via a wired connection to a router. I can ping remote servers, though. Wireless works fine. And wired works fine in Windows 7.05:38
onetinsoldierjolaren: roger. this command will show it --> uname -m05:38
greezmunkeyloFoolishOwl, if ping google.com fails, check your DNS settings05:39
Dr_WillisFoolishOwl:  try browsing based on teh sites ip address not name. if ip# works - then it points to a DNS issue05:39
Dr_WillisSomeone needs to make a 'network trouble shooting flow chart' :)05:39
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, there is one, the OSI05:40
popCis anyone else having display problems in google earth?05:40
Dr_Willisif ping google.com fails  ..... :)05:40
thinkertinkerpopC yes05:40
Dr_WillispopC:  ive never noticed any issues withit.05:41
FoolishOwlDr_Willis, I think I've tried that, but I should double check. I've been trying a lot of things with changing DNS servers, and that's not helped.05:41
thinkertinkerthe map part in google earth kind of flickers for me..popC05:41
caedhey i have a problem here05:41
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, OK I jumped to the application layer with that one, sorry :)05:41
popCive tried eveything the only thing not displaying is the globe05:41
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  :P05:41
popCsame here05:41
popCthats my problem05:41
popCthe globe flickers05:41
caedi had desktop effects enable with compiz on Gnome but i changed to xfce and now it doesn't work05:42
popCbut not a little it flickers like a broken strobe light05:42
Dr_Willisno fliuckering globe here.. compiz is enabled.. nvidia 8800gtsxxx video caard05:42
thinkertinkerpopC did you notice it happen with other apps too..05:42
popCno this is the first one05:42
FoolishOwlBe right back.05:42
caedcan you help me?05:42
popCmy vlc is fine gimp torrent guis05:43
=== t_dsunn is now known as dawsunn
jolarenDr_Willis; renaming the file did not stop GDM from starting05:43
popCim running 64 bit if that helps05:43
Dr_Willisjolaren:  check that theres no gdm* in /etc/init.d/rc2 also i guess  - thers been some people say that some how gdm got moved from upstart to sysv scripts05:43
sudiptaubottu:my video card is nvidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS05:44
dublued2i'm having trouble installing ndiswrapper on karmic.  when i run this command "sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf" it returns with "ndiswrapper:  command not found"05:44
Dr_Willisjolaren:  check that theres no gdm* in /etc/rc2.d i mean05:44
thinkertinkerpopC your hardware info may help others find the trouble...i am help less i havent solved this problem here yet05:44
ruienis there a way to reconfigure the options set when I first ran  "aptitude install linux-image-generic"? I am specifically trying to modify the kernel command line (I am using GRUB. /boot/grub/grub.conf does not exist)05:44
popClet me get my video card info05:44
FoolishOwlOkay, I couldn't connect to Web pages via IP address, so I suppose it isn't a DNS issue.05:45
popCati radeion05:46
thinkertinkersame here popC05:46
FoolishOwlFor instance, I tried and it said at the bottom, "waiting for slashdot.org," or something like that. But the page never loads.05:46
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, have you tried traceroute yet?05:47
popCmost of the post on the google forms are about nvidias05:47
popCactually all of them05:47
sudiptawhat is dropbox05:47
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, yes. I get pretty much the same results, regardless of how I connect. It's just that the Web page won't display.05:47
FoolishOwlI've tried Firefox and Epiphany, both.05:48
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, so traceroute works?05:48
FoolishOwlI read a lot of references to issues with IPv6, but I don't think that's the issue, as I've tried all the suggested fixes.05:48
jolarenDr_Willis; /etc/init.d/rc2 is blank05:48
dublued2i'm having trouble installing ndiswrapper on karmic.  when i run this command "sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf" it returns with "ndiswrapper:  command not found"05:48
futurama140can someone help me get WoW working? i just finally got a gcard that supports 3d in ubuntu, and now the game wants to lock up every time i try to start it.05:49
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, yes, traceroute works.05:49
sargentoI just install Eclipse but I cannot create a "New Java Project"05:49
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, how is your Inet connection set up?05:49
Phoxisin ubuntu 9.10 the desktop effects are not working, compiz fusion is installed05:49
blakkheimsargento: use vi instead05:49
Dr_Willisjolaren:  check that theres no gdm* in /etc/rc2.d i mean <-------------- I did a typo05:49
Phoxiswhat can be the problem05:49
tarskifuturama140: did you look at winehp05:50
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  check the wine app database and the 100000+ tips it has for that game.. GOOD luck05:50
futurama140tarski: no05:50
jolarenDr_Willis; both are blank05:50
sudiptaphoxis :i have the same problem with ubuntu 8.0405:50
futurama140tarski: i have no idea how wine works05:50
FoolishOwlI've tried watching the packets with wineshark, not that I'm particularly good with it, but I can't see anything going wrong.05:50
Dr_Willisjolaren:  the directory  /etc/rc2.d    is not empty - there should be a dozen or so files in there05:51
futurama140Dr_Willis: ill try and figure out how to do that. thanks05:51
sargentoPhoxis, try the command glxgears, you must see a gears moving, to see if you have correct your graphic configuration05:51
tarskifuturama140: http://appdb.winehq.org/05:51
Phoxisi think i should check if direct rendering is present05:51
tarskifuturama140: im playing WoW right now05:51
Phoxisthe graphics chip is onboard intel05:51
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, try this: ping -s 1000 google.com - and see what happens.05:51
dawsunndublued2: i believe you are missing the apt-get command in between sudo and ndiswrapper05:52
dublued2dawsunn:  thanks.  i have installed ndiswrapper using "sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common"05:52
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey: I've tried that before. Pinging the servers works.05:53
dublued2dawsunn:  it says command not found no matter how i run the ndiswrapper command05:53
sargentoblkkheim, I just installed Eclipse and I want to try it, any suggestion?05:53
xanguadublued2: try to install the gui: ndis-gtk ; and select the .inf manualy05:53
sargentoblakkheim, I just installed Eclipse and I want to try it, any suggestion?05:53
FlootenkerpHi, I'm dualbooting vista and ubuntu 9.04 right now. I installed ubuntu 9.04 with wubi, is there any way I can access its files through windows?05:53
ozzloywhen i leave my computer idle, the screen dims to black, but then resets to full brightness05:53
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, please run ping -s 1000 google.com to see05:53
ozzloyhow do i fix that?05:53
happyfaceis flash beta better than stable in ubuntu?05:53
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, I can do that, but I'll have to log out to do it. Can you tell me what I'm looking for?05:54
dublued2xangua:  i have tried that as well.  since the problem is with the ndiswrapper command... the gui does not work either05:55
jolarenAfter installing Ubuntu from live-cd I get "GRUB LOADING. error: unknown filesystem grub recue >05:55
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, You could be running into a window problem. try with 1000, then 1200, then 1400 to see what you get, then let us all know!05:55
melow01onetinsoldier, I extracted my tarball to the local directory where it downloaded from the website, but I don't think I should always run it from that location05:55
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, And I don't mean Windows!05:55
FoolishOwlOkay. Be right back.05:55
melow01onetinsoldier, where do most of the programs usually live in Ubuntu?05:55
Dr_Willismelow01:  for things installed for a single user in their home. it proberly dosent matter.05:56
Dr_Willismelow01:  unofficial/local stuff can often go in /opt/ if you want05:56
xanguamelow01: install from the repositories05:56
sudiptadoes virtualbox run mac os05:56
sargentodublue2, have you tried just typing the command without parameters to see if it is installed or not?05:56
melow01Dr_Willis, ok.  For exanple, where does Firefox live typically?05:56
melow01xangua, I'm trying to learn how to compile from source05:56
DaZajipubuntu: you can't! hahaha.05:57
dublued2sargento:  it says command not found and recommends for me to install ndiswrapper-common.  but it shows that it's installed in synaptic05:57
Dr_Willis!puregnome | ajipubuntu05:57
ubottuajipubuntu: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal05:57
dawsunnwhich is the appropriate channel to visit for questions concerning WINE?05:57
FlootenkerpHi, I'm dualbooting vista and ubuntu 9.04 right now. I installed ubuntu 9.04 with wubi, is there any way I can access its files through windows?05:58
Dr_Willismelow01:  whever it needs to.. this is not windows, :) theres no program files dir where everything gets tossed05:58
Dr_Willisdawsunn:  #windhq also is good.05:58
thinkertinkermelow01: you can get where a programs executable is by typing:which programname  eg: which firefox05:58
Dr_Willisdawsunn:  depends on the question05:58
Dr_Willisdawsunn:  #winehq also is good.05:58
Dr_Willis:) i typoed05:58
hiexpoDr_Willis, ? is there a program to make thumnails for ubuntu 9.1005:59
sudiptadoes virtualbox run mac os?05:59
Dr_Willishiexpo:  ive seen apps to make thumbnails befor.. depends on what you really want  i guess.05:59
sargentodublued2, it is happenning with other commands as well, for example, firefox?05:59
Dr_Willissudipta:  ive heard that virtualbox can run hacked/illeagle copies of os-x05:59
melow01Dr_Willis, ya, someone told me that programs in linux can run anywhere - which is cool.  I'd just like to know where things typically go in the linux os05:59
dawsunndr_willis: thanks, i'll ask over there. i tried to join channel wine and got kicked, jsut assumed that wasn't the righ tplace to be. apparently i needed an invite :-p05:59
hiexpoi just want to make thumbnails out of photos05:59
melow01thinkertinker, sweet06:00
Dr_Willis!register | dawsunn06:00
ubottudawsunn: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode06:00
dublued2sargento:  no, other commands work fine06:00
Dr_Willishiexpo:  check the repos to see what tools are there. I recall a kde app ages ago that did that  and made html index pages.. but thats been a LONG time ago06:00
Dr_Willishiexpo:  theres image command line tools also that can do batch operations on lots of images.  imagemagick  i think is one package06:01
jolarenWhat do I do if I misspelled my password twice during the installation of Ubuntu? Is tehre anyway to gain root access? I have automated login06:01
tiger_yes, misspell the password again ;)06:01
hiexpook kool06:01
Dr_Willisjolaren:  so you can login.. but not change your password.. :)06:02
FoolishOwlHello. So I had some odd results with pings.06:02
ajipubuntuThank you Dr_Willis!!06:02
=== ezfox1 is now known as ezfox
|_ockeanyone have any idea how i can get this generic gamepad to work? it's plugged into a game port on my sb live, and in, ,lspci i see 02:04.1 Input device controller: Creative Labs SB Live! Game Port (rev 07)06:02
jolarenDr_Willis; I choosed auto-login.. fucking a06:02
|_ockebut i can't find a device name for it06:02
FoolishOwlping -s 1500 google.com would seem to stop pinging from working for a while.06:02
azraelruDoes SVN able to go through SOCKS?06:02
futurama140i really have no idea where to begin troubleshooting the fatal error wow has when i try to start it. can someone help me?06:02
sargentodublued2, which distro are you using?06:02
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  using the old fashioned gamepad port? not usb?06:02
|_ockestraight up gameport06:02
tiger_depends on how you confugred svn client06:02
jolarenIs there no way to change my password now?06:03
dublued2sargento:  karmic 9.10... i think i figured it out... i may not have build-essential installed... checking that now06:03
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  You may need to manually load the proper module for the gamepad/port06:03
|_ockei have the emu10k1_gp module loaded06:03
Dr_Willisjolaren:  this is linux.. or COURSE thres a way.. proberly 10 ways06:03
azraelrutiger_: in means it can?06:03
FlootenkerpI'm dualbooting vista and ubuntu 9.04 right now. I installed ubuntu 9.04 with wubi, is there any way I can access its files through windows?06:03
sargentodublued2, Ok, please let us know about it06:03
|_ockeand the joydev module06:03
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  the gamepad module may also need to get loaded. those things dident always plug and play right06:03
dublued2sargento:  it was isntalled, so i guess that wasn't it06:03
Jokerhello guyz06:03
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  thers specifc modules for different gamepads06:03
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, so does that sound like a window size problem?06:04
jolarenThis is how to change your password if you ever forget http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html06:04
Jokeris backtrack supported here ??06:04
jolarenFor anyone who cares06:04
silv3r_m00non ubuntu 9.10 kde , my microphone doesnt work06:04
|_ockeDr_Willis, it's a generic gamepad, probably gravis compatible06:04
dublued2sargento:  i have the same error as the person in the first post here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-156333.html06:04
|_ockethe brand name is "GAMEPAD!"06:04
silv3r_m00nits a dg35ec motherboard with hda-intel sound card(onboard) , what cud be the issue06:04
hiexpoJoker, - backtrack-linux06:04
=== matthew is now known as Guest54633
sargentodublued2, Have you tried Ubuntu Software Center?06:05
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  look in  /lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/drivers/input/joystick06:05
Jokerhiexpo, i have a Q 4 my backtrack final06:05
Guest54633I'm having trouble getting Exaile to play. I get "ImportError: No module named gst06:05
=== Guest54633 is now known as Matthew12
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  try loading ones that look  right.. :) or load them all I guess06:05
sargentondiswrapper, it appears available to install from Ubuntu Software Center06:05
dublued2sargento:  it shows it as installed06:05
Matthew12sorry, name change--- I'm having trouble getting Exaile to play. I get "ImportError: No module named gst06:06
hiexpoJoker, - yes that is the support channel for it backtrack-linux06:06
sargentodublued2, why don't you uninstall and install again?06:06
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, sorry I missed your post..Please redo (thanks)06:06
Jokerok Ty bro... i just want 2 ask y my backtrack is not updating ???06:06
|_ockewhat's /dev/sr0?06:06
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  that would be the cdrom drive06:06
dublued2sargento:  i have tried that, but will do it again.  let's see what happens06:07
Jokerwenever i do update & upgrade it doesnt show any updates06:07
Dr_Willisajipubuntu:  and replace it with what exactly?06:07
|_ockei get some io errors in dmesg for sr006:07
Dr_Willisajipubuntu:  fire up package manager.. search for xfce.. remiove the parts... is one way06:07
sargentodublued2, Ok, I wait here, thanks06:07
xangua!caps | ajipubuntu06:07
ubottuajipubuntu: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:07
hiexpothey will help you there i know them all06:07
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, I found that 1000 to 1400 were fine, but 1500, ping seemed to lock up. In fact, interrupting and trying again wouldn't work for a while.06:07
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  its reading the cdrom/drive if the disk is not formated or stuff it will say that06:08
thinkertinkerAny one has been to able to connect to internet using bluetooth via networkmanager?06:08
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, no you're ok then. Packets usually (should) fail at 1500. Ping of death protection don't ya know!06:08
dublued2sargento:  shold i restart after installing before i reinstall?06:09
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, okay. Any idea what the problem could be?06:09
sargentodublued2, I'm not quite sure but in Linux you don't supposed to, is not Win-does06:09
dublued2sargento:  reinstalling it worked06:09
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, so Internet IP works, DNS resolves, and only your Browsers fail? Is that about it?06:10
sargentodublued2, excellent, congratulations!06:10
|_ockei wouldnt have to restart or something for the js0 device to show up would i?06:10
dublued2sargento:  thanks for the help.  unfortunately that doesn't fix my problem of trying to install a mini pci dell 1390 wireless card06:10
thinkertinkerFoolishOwl browser configured for proxies?06:10
Jokeri always get tis error --> Errors were encountered while processing:06:10
Joker /var/cache/apt/archives/kismet_2008-05-R1-4_i386.deb06:10
JokerE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:10
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, that seems to be the case. I can't say I've tried every networking app.06:10
Jokerany solution guyz ??06:10
futurama140is there an IRC chat where i can get help for wine? i have no god damn clue how any of this works and reading technical manuals on websites all over the place isnt giving me any help at all06:10
greezmunkeythinkertinker, ooh, good question!06:11
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  wine basics..   'wine /path/to/gameinstaller.exe' and hope it works06:11
sargentodublued2, Did you look for it on the compatible list?06:11
greezmunkeythinkertinker, FoolishOwl did mention that he tried a couple of browsers though...06:11
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, Firefox is set to "use system proxy settings"06:11
futurama140Dr_Willis: it doesnt work. the game tries to start then the wow crash reporter says it has a fatal error.06:12
mynThere like a windows 7 theme for ubuntu?06:12
mynsomething that is more usable than the stock Human theme shit?06:12
Matthew12if anyone can get exaile working for me I will paypal you ten dollars.06:12
obiwan_hey guys :). i'm looking for a way to disable the keyboard for a time interval or until a keystroke combination, do you know any package to do this? it's for cleaning keyboard, kids 'playing' with my laptop safely...06:12
thinkertinkergreezmunkey sorry i dint see him mentioning..though06:12
dublued2sargento:  yes i will look into that, thank you.  i will reboot now.06:12
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  check teh wine app database to see what version of wine they suggest and what tweaks then.   thats the hard part of wine. You may need to install the latest wine.  or do some other wine config tweaks06:12
greezmunkeythinkertinker, no that's good, you guys take it from here, I'll sit back.06:12
sargentomyn, try Compiz Fusion06:12
xanguafuturama140: #winehq¿¿06:13
sargentodublued2, no problem, hope it works for you.06:13
futurama140Dr_Willis: i have no idea how to do any of that06:13
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  learn or stick to wow in windows i guess.06:13
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JokerHelp Me some1 :(06:13
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:13
FoolishOwlThe system setting for proxies is "direct internet connection"06:13
mynsargento: thanks06:13
Jokerhow 2 update system ???06:14
Jokerits not showing any updates06:14
mynwill Compiz Fusion work in a vm?06:14
sargentomyn, no problem, I'm sure you'll love it, its a lot better than Win-does06:14
candypen drive is not being detected in my ubuntu 9.10.... what to do??06:14
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  WoW is mentoned as the first game on teh wine app database. Its proberly the most tweaked/updated thing wine supports06:14
thinkertinkergreezmunkey ..the gnome-terminal uses gnome proxy settings right?then my solution is pointless..you go ahead06:14
sebsebsebcandy: I saw some of your stuff before, why can't you install from CD?06:14
Dr_Willis!info wine06:15
ubottuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu8 (karmic), package size 7359 kB, installed size 54436 kB06:15
FoolishOwlOh, you were going to suggest using a proxy setting?06:15
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, OK then... What browser are you wanting to use?06:15
sargentocandy, first make sure if Ubuntu detect it, run lsusb and see it.06:15
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, mostly Firefox.06:15
Dr_Willisfuturama140:  it says they use wine 1.1.37    to run it -  The version in ubuntu is older. Install the newer wine from the winehq repos06:15
candyubuntu 9.10 is already installed in my laptop and working properly but its not detecting pen drive. it was doin a moment before06:16
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, Beyond that, can you open Package Manager, and have it download something. You can check to download only (not install). Test that please06:16
candysargento, sebsebseb, it was ok before but now its not being detected...06:16
FoolishOwlOkay. I'll have to disconnect, though.06:16
Matthew12Can some one help me resolve ImportError: No module named gst? I will honestly paypal you 10 dollars if you pm me.06:16
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, see you...06:17
sebsebsebcandy: ok I don't know, and good luck06:17
Jokerdo i need 2 change my resporities 2 a newly installed OS ??06:17
FoolishOwlOkay. BRB.06:17
sargentocandy, You can manually mount it, check sudo fdisk -l to find out which dev path is in and then mount it06:18
vishalparkarpl help on how to compile and execute c++ programs in Ubuntu06:18
candysargento, ok just a moment06:18
sargentocandy, Ok, please let me know06:18
vishalparkarpl help on how to compile and execute c++ programs in Ubuntu:)06:18
PrototypeX29Avishalparkar: try gcc06:19
psycho_oreosg++ actually06:19
vishalparkargcc not working for c++06:19
Prajwalwine: home/tiger/.wine not owned by you > erro06:19
xanguafrom what to what version do you want to update¿¿06:19
PrototypeX29Ai should, shouldn't it?06:19
Prajwalerror *06:19
candysargento, i m gettin '>' sign after the fdisk command06:19
Prajwalwhat do i do with it?06:19
xanguaJoker:  from what to what version do you want to update¿¿06:19
Dr_Willisvishalparkar:  g++ hello.C -o hello06:19
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:19
Jokeri installed backtrack, now my pc never shows any updates06:19
Dr_Willisvishalparkar:  http://www.intap.net/~drw/cpp/index.htm06:19
sargentocandy, type it yourself, SUDO FDISK -L for you not get confused06:20
|_ockeok so i found that i have /dev/input/js006:20
sargentocandy, but in lowercase06:20
Prajwalsargento any help in this regard!06:20
|_ockebut jstest sees it as 'mega world usb 2 axis 8 button gamepad) and none of the buttons seem to work in there06:20
candysargento, ok06:20
faileassargento: i was about to point that out06:20
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  do a cat /dev/input/js0 and wiggle the stick. :) if ya get output.. it works.. ctrl-c to stop it..06:20
MyrttiJoker: /join #remote-exploit - we don't support backtrack here06:21
|_ockenope i get nothing06:21
xanguaJoker: backtrack linux¿¿ this is ubuntu linux06:21
Dr_Willis|_ocke:  could need a different module then. rmmod the ones  you trued and try a different one.06:21
Jokerok Ty06:21
sargentofaileas, thanks any way.06:21
xkunalx_hi all06:21
candythen what to do?? i know tha path now06:21
|_ockek i'll mess with em06:21
candysargento, then what to do? whats the command if i know the path?06:22
xkunalx_anyone see my messages? just curious because folks int he other channel dont06:22
=== golddragon24 is now known as golddrogon24
thinkertinkerxkunalx_ yes we do..06:22
xkunalx_ok thanks06:22
vishalparkar1pl help06:22
=== golddrogon24 is now known as golddragon24
psycho_oreosvishalparkar, g++ ... mentioned twice already06:23
sargentocandy, now you know which /dev is your pendrive, you need to create a path to mount it, which distro are you using?06:23
thinkertinker vishalparkar1:http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/06:23
Prajwalpsycho_oreos can you help me06:23
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey: I could download a changelog, but not a package, via Synaptic. I could also connect to an ftp server, or an ssh server. I'm thinking it's just http.06:23
sargentoPrajwal, please retype your issue.06:23
candysargento, ubuntu 9.1006:23
psycho_oreosPrajwal, you probably need to change ownership06:23
Prajwalwine: home/tiger/.wine not owned by you > error06:23
ninjaslimis Ubuntu capable of reading hfs+ partitions06:23
PrajwalExec=xterm -e "cd /pentest/sniffers/smbrelay3/ && gksudo ./wine smbrelay3.exe;bash;sudo -s;"06:24
candysargento, i did the fdisk command and it asked to write then i entered 'w' then it said partition table has been altered06:24
sargentoso, sudo mkdir /media/pendrive, for example.06:24
Prajwali added that to my .desktop06:24
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, good testing :) Let me check a few things here...06:25
sargentoPrajwal, I don't know what is your issue, can you explain it again?06:25
Prajwalsargentp | Exec=xterm -e "cd /pentest/sniffers/smbrelay3/ && gksudo ./wine smbrelay3.exe;bash;sudo -s;" added it to my .desktop06:26
Prajwalwine: home/tiger/.wine not owned by you > error06:26
thinkertinker Prajwal tell when did you get this error message and what were you trying to do06:27
ruienI have just gotten a new ubuntu server OS installed onto a network server which i do not have KVM access too (only bootstrap through SSH). Can anyone recommend a good image-based backup method or tool to save the partition in its current form? Should I consider dd if i first zeroed-out the drive?06:27
Prajwali was making a desktop entry06:27
Prajwaland even it doesnt run from my termina06:27
FoolishOwlninjaslim, look in the repository at the packages hfsplus and hfsutils.06:27
sargentoPrajwal, what are you planning to do that for06:28
Prajwali have added a new tool and wanted a desktop entry for it06:28
Prajwalits a exe file06:28
Dr_WillisPrajwal:  im not sure that  gksudo ./wine  is a proper thing to do.06:29
sargentocandy, what is your pendrive dev path?06:29
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, check your .bashrc file in your home folder for anything resembling "export http_proxy="06:29
Dr_WillisPrajwal:  make a script that does the proper commands perhaps then make a launcher to run the script06:29
candysargento, /dev/sdd1   *           1        1023      983072    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)06:29
PrajwalDr_Willis like ?06:29
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, nope.06:30
Dr_WillisPrajwal:  make a script that does those commands to cd, and run the app.. then try running the whole script as root/gksudo    - it will be easiuer to trouble shoot06:30
sargentoYou can try this. env WINEPREFIX="Ubuntu Path here" wine "C:\Windows Path here"06:30
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, ok check in /etc/bash.bashrc for the same...06:31
PrajwalDr_Willis i did the same06:31
sargentocandy, Did you create the folder in /media ?06:31
Dr_WillisPrajwal:  start breakingit down then to each aprt and see where its failing i guess.06:31
candysargento, no..06:31
Prajwalphew worked it out06:31
sargentocandy, please do.06:31
GabrielSOEhey all06:32
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, nope.06:32
sargentoPrajwal, You can try this. env WINEPREFIX="Ubuntu Path here" wine "C:\Windows Path here"06:32
candysargento, how? i dont know06:32
sargentocandy, sudo mkdir /media/pendrive, for example06:33
candysargento,  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System06:33
candy/dev/sda1   *           1        7639    61359243+   7  HPFS/NTFS06:33
candy/dev/sda2            7965       21223   106494976    7  HPFS/NTFS06:33
candy/dev/sda3           21224       30401    73722285   83  Linux06:33
candy/dev/sda4            7640        7964     2610562+   5  Extended06:33
FloodBot3candy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:33
candy/dev/sda5            7640        7964     2610531   82  Linux swap / Solaris06:33
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, hmm open FF and look for any proxy settings there, also there is a method to disable ipv6, but ipv6 support shouldn't be causing this issue.06:33
candysargento,  two are of pendrives06:33
|_ockewhy is it that no matter what jstest sees "Mega World USB 2-axis 8-button Gamepad"06:34
candyFloodBot3,ok sorry06:34
sargentocandy, do you speak spanish?06:34
candysargento, no06:34
|_ockeeven when i modprobe different joystick drivers and rmmod the ones that were there before06:34
Prajwalthanks guys06:34
sargentoPrajwal, it worked?06:34
candysargento, i m from nepal..06:35
Prajwalsargento just needed some changes to exec command06:35
sargentocandy, do you know which /dev is your pendrive?. By the way, greetings from Mexico.06:35
GabrielSOEhey all can anyone please tell me which IRC client is the best for Linux that supports file transfer?06:35
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, I know ipv6 is disabled in Firefox. I could try setting it to "no proxy" instead of "use system settings" I suppose.06:36
sargentoPrajwal, Ok, congratulations.06:36
candysargento, thnks and greetings to u too. sda1 and 2 are the pendriive /dev06:36
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, that couldn't hurt, try it.06:36
FoolishOwlOkay. BRB.06:36
om26er!best | GabrielSOE06:36
ubottuGabrielSOE: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:36
candysargento, dev/sda1 and dev/sda2 the one above i pasted06:36
bubuleinhi ladies and gentlemen06:36
|ntegra|...man I hate shiretoko, it broke my youtube-firefox-caching bad06:36
om26er!hi | bubulein06:37
ubottububulein: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:37
sargentoNop, you can figure it which /dev path is knowing the size of your pendrive06:37
sargentocandy, v06:37
sargentocandy, Nop, you can figure it which /dev path is knowing the size of your pendrive06:37
GabrielSOEubottu: not really looking for polls just want a suggestion.06:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:37
candysargento, sorry i didnt get u06:38
ShazbotMcMurderGabrielSOE, xchat06:38
xanguaGabrielSOE: i use pidgin because it integrates all my accounts06:38
bubuleini need your help. i have a disk with sda1 to sda5 ( according to fdisk -l) and i can only see /dev/sda2 .. how can i reread the partitions?06:38
ruienGabrielSOW: i use Pidgin. Xchat is also good.06:38
sargentoCandy, Ok, Don't worry, do you know the size of your pendrive?06:38
Tesssaor konversation06:38
candysargento, ya one is 1 gb and another 2 gb06:38
GabrielSOEShazbotMcMurder: thanks m8 xangua: thanks m806:39
sudiptahow to enable visual effects in ubuntu 8.0406:39
candysargento, i know the path. one is dev/sda1 and another is dev/sda2..06:39
sargentocandy, Are you sure?06:39
ShazbotMcMurdersudipta, system>preferences>appearance>visual effects tab06:39
candysargento, ya sure..06:39
ShazbotMcMurdersudipta, I think....I've never used 9.0406:40
sargentocandy, Ok, did you create the dirs to mount the pendrives?06:40
candysargento, please dont mind but can u tell me once again how to make dir?06:40
Prajwalxfce doesnt have  a menu editor and this is a tiresome job here to work with it06:40
xanguasudipta: compiz --replace   ¿¿¿06:41
sargentocandy, No problem, use the command mkdir, but you need to use sudo, so is "sudo mkdir /media/pendrive1" for example.06:41
sudiptashazbotmcmurder:i have tried that but a message "destop effect could not be enabled"message popped06:42
MauritianGuyhello there06:43
MauritianGuyi need some help06:43
MauritianGuywith partioning and dual booting06:43
candysargento, cannot create directory `/media/dev/sda1': No such file or director06:43
ShazbotMcMurder!ask | MauritianGuy06:43
ubottuMauritianGuy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:43
sebsebseb!details | MauritianGuy06:43
ubottuMauritianGuy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:43
MauritianGuywell i want to add an extra Os to my boot loader06:43
candysargento, i got that message06:43
MauritianGuythanks ShazbotMcMurder06:43
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: what are you trying to dual boot?06:44
MauritianGuyi successfully dual boot XP pro and Ubuntu06:44
MauritianGuyi ventured into adding fedora 10 to the list which is getting tricky for me06:44
disappearedngwhy did my firefox 3.6 roll back to 3.5.7? that is so annoying06:44
MauritianGuynow i used the live cd i burnt for fedora06:45
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: apparantly with Karmic/9.10's  Grub 2, because of the way it's been done, can't dual/multi boot  with other distros06:45
MauritianGuyi c06:45
sargentocandy, don't use the name you got from dev. You can create, options, pendrive1, usbflash, myusbdevice, etc, in order, it shoud be "/media/pendrive1","/media/usbflash" or "/media/myusbdevice" for example06:45
thinkertinkerdisappearedng did you run the correct firefox executable?the 3.6 one you downloaded?06:46
sudiptashazbotmcmurder:i have tried that but a message "destop effect could not be enabled"message popped06:46
MauritianGuywhat if i modify the boot.ini file in wx pro would that make any changes06:46
sargentoMauritianGuy, you need to configure GRUB06:46
sudiptashazbotmcmurder:hello r u there?06:46
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: anyway dual booting or triple or whatever booting OS's isn't that great really,  you could pick a distro and virtual machine others, with enough RAM and such06:46
candysargento, ok i did then?06:46
disappearedngno I did an "upgrade" within firefox06:46
disappearedngand now that option is gone06:47
MauritianGuycoz i am sure i did install fedora on a specific partition but i did not install the boot loader as it was threatning to erease the previous bootloader which was the ubuntu one06:47
sargentocandy, what's the name of your dir you just create?06:47
candysargento, usbflash06:47
ShazbotMcMurdersudipta, yes.06:47
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: there's the old Grub in the repo as an option,  Fedora's Grub could boot up Ubuntu as well.  The Windows boot loader can be edited some how to boot up Linux distros.06:47
ShazbotMcMurderI don't know why - do you have the video card drivers installed06:47
sargentocandy, Please retype the /dev dir is your pendrive06:48
sudiptahow to upgrade from ubuntu 8.04 to 9.10 without installing 9.10??06:48
xangua@ubuntuzilla | disappearedng06:48
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, changing the proxy settings didn't seem to help.06:48
Hex00010hi guys06:48
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, yikes!06:48
FoolishOwlAlso, I noticed that gopher, through Firefox, works fine.06:48
MauritianGuylooks like i am going to learn a bit more bout the old brub06:49
Hex00010im trying to play a movie06:49
Hex00010but i keep on getting this error06:49
Hex00010Could not open location; you might not have permission to open the file.06:49
Myrttisudipta: youu don't.06:49
FoolishOwlAnd gmail, through https. But other https sites didn't work, so I'm not sure what that's about.06:49
sebsebsebsudipta: you would have to go through 8.10 and 9.04 first,  also 9.04 to 9.10 upgrade might go wrong.  Might as well stay on 8.04 and wait untill 10.04 released at the end of April, which is the next Long Term Support release, which you will then be able to upgrade directly to.  No Ext4 or Grub 2 as far as I know on upgrade, but don't need those anyway.06:49
candysargento, then?06:49
superlinuxHEX ... can you check if you have perms on the file06:49
faileasFoolishOwl: could it be a dns issue?06:49
greezmunkeyFoolishOwl, you may have to post this in the forums, I am out of options :(06:49
thinkertinkergreezmunkey tried wget ing an http page?06:49
sargentoMauritianGuy, you can modify it when you install any other OS06:49
FoolishOwlgreezmunkey, thanks for trying.06:49
MauritianGuyis it possible to add fedora to the ubunto boot loader ?06:50
sargentocandy, now use the mount command06:50
greezmunkeythinkertinker, address that to FoolishOwl :)06:50
sudiptahow can i get a free copy of ubuntu10.04?06:50
FoolishOwlfaileas, I'm pretty sure it's not a dns issue.06:50
faileasMauritianGuy: short answer - it should add itself on install.06:50
Dr_Willissudipta:  at this time.. you dont06:50
Dr_Willissudipta:  when its released you can06:50
Tesssai upgraded from 9.4 to 9.10 and it works perfectly for me06:50
faileassudipta: wait for it to come out, and make a shipit request.06:50
superlinuxsudipta did you check ubuntu site .l. they ship to your addrss06:50
ShapeShifter499I'm serious about learning programing, anyone know where to go for help?06:50
thinkertinkerfoolishowl tried wget ing an http page?06:50
Dr_Willissudipta:  unless you just want to download it.06:51
zirodayShapeShifter499: ##programming :)06:51
* faileas wonders if they tightened the rules for shipit yet06:51
Hex00010i think so06:51
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, just did for a couple of pages. It seemed to work.06:51
sebsebsebTesssa: well for quite a lot of people no problem, but also quite a lot of people got issues06:51
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  pick a language.. google for tutorials. Start with python is a good idea06:51
sargentocandy, you type. sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/usbflash06:51
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, your local college06:51
MauritianGuyfaileas,  so when i get to the part where its telling me to choose bood loader do i choose the ubuntu bootloader or i choose the fedora one06:51
sudiptawhat r ubuntu long term projects?06:51
ShapeShifter499ziroday: ah ha I knew there was a irc channel, I didn't put that second # sign06:51
sebsebseb!lts |  sudipta06:52
ubottusudipta: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)06:52
thinkertinkerFoolishOwl i think browsers are supposed to work when wget works06:52
faileaser,, MauritianGuy you can pick either06:52
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:52
MauritianGuyso the fedora boot loader will give me the option to boot between each of the other OS06:52
yaboohow can I force ubuntu to install packages06:52
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: I think I'm a little young to get help or got to a class at my local collage06:52
candysargento, i got this can't find /dev/sda1/media/usbflash/ in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:52
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: Fedora uses Grub and so yeah06:52
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: *go to a class06:52
FoolishOwlD'oh! I didn't check when I'm on the wired connection. Sorry. BRB.06:53
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: Fedora's boot loader can boot up Ubuntu and Windows06:53
dov23Hi, I am running karmic on my thinkpad t400 and I am having funny issues with the single-quote and double-quote characters06:53
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, how old are you? I'm pretty sure you can take a college class at about any age.06:53
MauritianGuykool sebsebseb  and faileas  i will try that again06:53
ShazbotMcMurderIf you can pay the fees, you can take the class...06:53
sargentocandy, is not /dev/sda1/media/usbflash/, only /dev/sda1/06:53
dov23Is this a known issue?06:53
c_nickhaving troubles with the make file http://pastebin.ca/177283206:53
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: I'm 1506:53
xanguayaboo: sudo apt-get install ¿¿06:53
MauritianGuyso sebsebseb  is does not matter that i choose the ubunto bootloaser or the fedora one as it will detect the other os and give me the option on startup06:53
sudiptai have installed vbox,but cpu ovehead increases?normal upon unistalling vbox.pls hlp.....06:53
Prajwali dont think there are many people who use linux distros as thier Primary OS06:54
MauritianGuyam right sebsebseb  and faileas06:54
candysargento, same thing i got again... can't find /dev/sda1/ in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:54
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: should do yes, if not you can set it up to06:54
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, You're plenty old to take a college course.06:54
=== Hex00010 is now known as Hex0001
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: also if you end up using Fedora's Grub,  you should be asking  #fedora or  #grub for help really06:54
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: really?06:54
sargentocandy, plase make sure you are using the correct type form fdisk -l06:54
Hex0001Does anyone else ever have any issues06:54
Hex0001with there DVD not working?06:54
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: if it needs setting up06:54
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, YES06:55
MauritianGuysebsebseb,  well i did partion properly and it did the instann when i came to choosing bootloader i did not choose anything i thaught it was possible to manually add an os from ubuntu boot loder06:55
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: do u know what steps I can take to get into a computer programing class06:55
Prajwallast night i did experience it Hex000106:55
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: ?06:55
Prajwalbut got it worked after a restart06:55
Hex0001im getting it now pra :(06:55
MauritianGuyi guess i will do that installation again as i haven't done any update on fedora06:55
Hex0001i restareted it 5 times06:55
sudiptahwete to get docky from?does it need compiz to work?06:55
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: I thought Ubuntu's Grub 2 could be used to boot up other distros, but apparantly not06:55
sudiptawhere to get docky from?does it need compiz to work?06:55
sebsebseb!grub2 |  MauritianGuy06:55
ubottuMauritianGuy: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub206:55
Hex0001did u get the error06:56
Hex0001Can not read file or permission thing?06:56
Dr_Willissudipta:  therws docky 'ppa' repos.. and it works best with compiz or a compositing window manager.06:56
xanguasudipta: you need composite06:56
MauritianGuythanks u guys are realy a great help here i realy appreciate that06:56
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, wget didn't work. It stopped at "HTTP request sent, awaiting response..."06:56
Prajwalno i was copying some files from dvd and dvd drive stopped working06:56
MauritianGuythanks sebsebseb  i'll do that06:56
Prajwalthe flashing of dvd too stopped06:56
Hex0001well i have a  dvd on it National Treasure  movie i put in06:56
candysargento, ok06:56
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, go to local college > get class list > choose class > go back to college > pay for class > start class > buy book > take class06:56
MauritianGuycheerz people06:56
airtonixsudipta, pretty sure I already gave you links to the site (which contain instructions how to get it)06:56
Hex0001and it then give that error06:56
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: personally I woudn't bother having more than one distro psyicall installed.  any other distro I would want, I would just virtual machine06:56
sudiptawhat r composite managers othe than compiz?06:56
thinkertinkerFoolishOwl how are you connected to internet?are you behind proxy or something?06:57
sargentocandy, the structure is "mount /DEVPATH /media/DIRYOUCREATED" and that's all.06:57
Prajwaldid you try to run it Hex0001 ?06:57
Dr_Willissudipta:  metacity has the feature you can enable.. as can a few others06:57
airtonixsudipta, apt-cache search composite06:57
MauritianGuyi like that idea sebsebseb  as well but i am just experimenting i will format and do it again as soon as i have done it06:57
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: I don't know if its THAT easy but I'll look into it06:57
Hex0001well i put the movie in usually a  thing pops up asking if u want to play it in windows media player i click ok06:57
candysargento, i got it06:57
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: thanks for the info06:57
Hex0001and then file permissions error thing pops up06:57
MauritianGuyi already run vmware on Win Xp06:57
sargentocandy, Ok, please let me know if it worked.06:57
sebsebsebMauritianGuy: which one?  Virtualbos is rather nice06:58
Hex0001and now the movie player freezes06:58
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: thanks for the info06:58
sudiptais there anything like aurora compiz06:58
c_nickok anyone.. makefile problems06:58
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, I've got a cable modem, and a wireless router connected to it. I've got an ethernet cable connecting the computer to the router. At the moment, I'm connected to it wirelessly. There's no trouble with the wireless connection. Both types of connection work in Windows.06:58
Prajwalerror with the dvd06:58
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: I'm going to go to ##programming06:58
Dr_Willissudipta:  no idea what you mean..06:58
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, it usually is that easy06:58
Hex0001ive tried  8 movies06:59
Hex0001so far06:59
candysargento, its not working may b i m making some stupid mistake:-(06:59
Hex0001each movie works on Windows06:59
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, are you in highschool?06:59
Hex0001my windows is messed up atm06:59
Hex0001so im on ubuntuy06:59
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: yes06:59
thinkertinkerFoolishOwl so http is working in windows but not ubuntu?06:59
Hex0001it worked great06:59
Hex0001until last night06:59
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: 10th grade06:59
FloodBot3Hex0001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:59
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, right.06:59
Dr_WillisHex0001:  try some other players like vlc or mplayer perhaps.06:59
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: sophmore06:59
sargentocandy, I don't think that your mistakes are stupid, just mistakes. What's the result from doing what I told you?06:59
GabrielSOE1:) hey all06:59
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, talk to you 'counselor' first, then maybe your homeroom teacher, and if they think you are capable of taking a class they'd most likely love that you take a college class07:00
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, also, I'd had the computer directly connected to the cable modem, and that worked too.07:00
candysargento, the same as before coldnot find..07:00
GabrielSOE1\nick GabrielSOE07:00
thinkertinkerin ubuntu Foolishowl?07:00
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: oh geez, they may not let me07:00
candysargento, wait i ll insert another pendrive07:00
Hex0001ok downloading VLC07:00
=== GabrielSOE1 is now known as GabrielSOE
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, yes, in both OSes.07:00
sargentocandy, Please paste here the command you are typing.07:01
ascheelCan someone tell me an easy way to compare 2 full directories to see if files copied correctly?07:01
yabooseems I cannot install some packages, seems to complain07:01
ShapeShifter499ShazbotMcMurder: I messup hella bad last year (not cuz I couldn't do the homework, because I didn't due to issues and stuff)07:01
FoolishOwlSo, it's Ubuntu, a wired connection to the router, and http.07:01
ShazbotMcMurderShapeShifter499, well talk to you counselor.07:02
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  find some books/tutorial sites.. teach yoruself. is always an option07:02
sudiptahow can use compiz?07:02
candysargento, i inserted new pendrive and gave fdisk command... and my pendrive now is in sda4 (extended)07:02
sebsebseb!compiz | sudipta07:02
ubottusudipta: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz07:02
candysargento, now tell me what to do07:02
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: I learn better if I have someone showing me first hand07:03
sargentocandy, sudo mount /dev/sda4 /media/usbflash07:03
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: or if I have someone I can ask for help07:03
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  then i would say get a job other then programming then,07:04
=== switch-testing is now known as switchgirl
Hex0001VLC SAYS07:04
Hex0001Playback failure:07:04
Hex0001DVDRead could not open the disk "/dev/sr0".07:04
Hex0001Your input can't be opened:07:04
Hex0001VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.07:04
FloodBot3Hex0001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  if you cant learn from books/docs.. well....07:04
sudiptawhere to get snowy leopard theme package 4 ubuntu8.04?07:04
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: no its not that, might take me longer07:04
candysargento, here what i enterd and what i gotsudo mount /dev/sda4/media/usbflash07:04
candymount: can't find /dev/sda4/media/usbflash in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:04
ascheelcandy: put a space between sda4 and /media07:05
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  you dont really learn programing by 'watching' people progarm. You learn it by doing it. :)  then theres the deeper aspects of it..  but the basics/beginner stuff  should be learnable from a few good books07:05
venportAnyone willing to give me a hand getting my new HD to auto mount on boot?07:05
venportI've been editing my fstab but it's not mounting07:05
sargentocandy, please make sure to copy exactly what I just type it for you. is not /dev/sda4/media/usbflash, I think is what ascheel just said.07:05
ascheelvenport, give us the fstab listing07:05
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: I mean I learn better if someone shows "how" and talks about a bit, then lets me do it or copy what he/she did07:06
Hex0001ok well i think i got it to work somewhat07:06
Hex0001BUT now07:06
Hex0001the  video07:06
Hex0001shows the screen then it disappears07:06
FoolishOwlthinkertinker, any ideas?07:06
sargentovenport, copy here your /etc/mtab file07:06
venportvenport@cbud1:~$ cat /etc/fstab07:06
venport# /etc/fstab: static file system information.07:06
venport# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier07:06
venport# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name07:06
FloodBot3venport: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:06
venport# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).07:06
Hex0001like it  flashes the screen and then leaves07:06
ascheelvenport, dude...  the one fstab line is all I asked for.07:06
ascheelnot the entire file07:06
sargentoascheel, I think venport doesn't know whata are we talking about. And I think his drive is not in it, because it doesn't load and booting.07:08
ascheelwhat drive is it, venport?07:08
ascheelsargento: gotcha.07:08
sargentovenport, do the same with /etc/mtab, please.07:08
venporterr no07:09
venportthe last two lines07:09
Hex0001any help?07:09
ascheelit looks like you're trying to mount it twice.  /media/MediaV1 and /mnt/MediaV1  You need to figure out what drive it is07:09
asdffI am having memory leak problems on Karmic with XORG07:09
asdffI have to manually kill XORG then log back in which remedies the problem (most of the time)07:10
Liquid-Silencehowdy all07:10
Liquid-Silenceanyone here ever tried vpn + remote desktop to a windows machine?07:10
powertool08Is it possible to scroll up in a framebuffer shell? Pg up gives me a ~07:10
venportascheel oh crap i sure am thanks07:10
Hex0001ok lol fuck this ill just watch the movie online07:11
ascheel!language | Hex000107:11
ubottuHex0001: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:11
Dr_Willispowertool08:  i dont think so. You could use screen07:11
Hex0001OOOOO now you talk to me07:11
Dr_WillisI always just rip DVD to hard drive.. and put the disk up in a safe place.07:11
Hex0001lol ok i gotcha07:11
asdffWould anyone know how to fix a memory leak with XORG on Karmic?07:11
powertool08Dr_Willis: Ok, thanks07:11
Dr_Willisasdff:  file a bug report/check for bug reports. see what they suggest.. perhaps upgrade to a newer xorg release07:12
sargentovenport, type fdisk -l and see if it is being recognize07:12
asdffDr_Willis: hm kk.07:12
Liquid-Silenceok my freaken vpn is not working 100%07:13
venport@sargento yes  it is being recognized07:13
FoolishOwlCould it be I've got some firewall blocking http under certain sorts of connections?07:13
venportI'm going to try and fix the fstab file.07:13
powertool08Dr_Willis: FYI, shift + pg up works. Thanks for the input though :)07:13
ascheelvenport, have you fixed fstab?  If so, try this and see if it works:  sudo mount -a07:13
Hex0001man Chinease websites really trip me out so much07:14
Hex0001there websites are always like a colorful Cartoon type site07:14
venportmount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is mounted on /07:14
venportLast time that happend after a restart it would not auto mount07:14
ascheelvenport, df -h07:15
ascheelvenport: what does it say for / ?07:15
RalphSpencerknow some software for ubuntu that can create iso files from disk? its ok even if its distributed in default ubuntu07:15
venportvenport@cbud1:~$ df -h07:15
venportFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on07:15
venport/dev/sdb1              88G  2.4G   82G   3% /07:15
venportudev                  975M  276K  975M   1% /dev07:15
venportnone                  975M  376K  975M   1% /dev/shm07:15
FloodBot3venport: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:15
ascheelvenport, pastebin!07:15
ascheeloh boy.07:15
ascheelok, so /dev/sdb1 is *NOT* the new drive you just put in07:16
venportsorry again...07:16
ascheelit's your primary drive.07:16
Dr_WillisRalphSpencer:  iso files from what disk?07:16
RalphSpencercd disks .. ones like ubuntu ?07:17
Dr_WillisRalphSpencer:  Huh?  you want to make an image of a cd/dvd optical disk? theres several ways to do that07:17
venportok so who to i find where that drive is?07:17
ascheelvenport: fdisk -l07:17
Dr_WillisRalphSpencer:  dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.iso  bs=204807:18
RalphSpencerthen please tell the least a painful way, doctor07:18
RalphSpencerwowoo that easy?07:18
Dr_WillisRalphSpencer:  thats the normal way. I may have bs at the wrong spot07:18
Dr_WillisRalphSpencer:  this is linux.. of COURSE its taht easy07:18
Dr_Willisif you dont use bs=  the copy will be slow07:18
ascheelIt's only difficult when it's Micro$oft07:18
RalphSpencerand bs ?07:18
ascheelRalphSpencer: bs = block size07:19
Dr_Willisbs = block size07:19
RalphSpencerjust let it to 2048?07:19
Dr_Willisdont go silly and use bs=1000000000000000000 or somthing07:19
RalphSpencerlol larger than the size of the disk07:19
Dr_Willisanything over  a specifc size is pointless.07:19
straycati'm absolutely fed up with the constant windows updates07:19
gheddy_zarchi Im trying to unzip a .gz file called Ubuntu.tgz.gz, I get an error saying; gzip: stdin: not in gzip format ,, any ideas07:20
ascheelvenport: so you have 2 drives.  sda and sdb.  sda is your 1 TB drive.07:20
Liquid-SilenceI am fed up with this vpn connection07:20
straycatwho votes i just put ubuntu as my only os07:20
Dr_Willisgheddy_zarc: using what command exactly?07:20
Dr_Willis!info unp | gheddy_zarc07:20
ubottugheddy_zarc: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (karmic), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB07:20
roccity_straycat: have you tried gunzip07:20
gheddy_zarcdouble clicking on it from nautilus Dr_Willis07:20
brandonban6I swapped out my mobo, but did not re-install Linux; Is there a repair scan or something I should do to tell linux about the hardware changes?07:20
straycatno clue i'm really familiar with 9.10 tho07:20
Dr_Willisgheddy_zarc:  tgz.gz is redundant.   try the command line unp command.. and perhaps rename it to just .tgz07:20
ascheelvenport: add a new line to your fstab:  /dev/sda1   /media/MediaV1 ext3 default 0 007:20
mneptokgheddy_zarc: what is the source of this file? what do you believe is in it?07:20
venportah that's the drive i need to add.07:20
gheddy_zarcok ta Dr_Willis07:21
roccity_straycat: try gunsip Ubuntu.tgz.gz07:21
gheddy_zarcmneptok its part of a suite to get a usb stick modem going07:21
venportthanks ascheel, i'll give that a try. (and sorry about the copy\paste issues)07:21
roccity_straycat: sorry gunzip07:21
straycatok i will give it a look07:21
straycatwill i be able to run just that or do i have to partition?07:22
ascheelif you want to unpack a .tgz file:  tar xvzf filename.tgz07:22
ascheelstraycat: are you trying to install 9.10?07:22
roccity_straycat: depends what your untarring it to?07:22
roccity_straycat: are you using windows07:23
straycatyea i'm trying to run just 9.10 and i have xp right now07:23
gheddy_zarcthat worked Dr_Willis I can open the archive now thanks07:23
ascheelstraycat: download the .iso file, burn it to CD, then boot to it07:23
roccity_straycat: if you are then the best thing is to use ubi if you want to keep windows07:23
ascheelstraycat: let's start from the top.  You're in Windows, you want Linux.  Do you want to keep Windows?07:23
jmp_hi to everybody07:24
straycati was just wanting to know if i'll be happy with just unbuntu07:24
straycati don't need windows for anything. i just don't know if people have had success just running 9.1007:24
jolarenstraycat; that's like asking the guy who makes your pizza what pizza is the best ;P07:24
ascheelstraycat: then do this for a test.  Download the .iso, burn the image to CD (deepburner from deepburner.com will do it, it's free) and you can load Ubuntu without affecting your current Windows installation, you can try it out before doing an install07:24
=== cheeky is now known as ^cheeky
ascheelstraycat: the install is done using the exact same CD07:24
roccity_straycat: if you want to do documents browsing and not pay atech to look at your computer everytime it gets some malware then yes07:24
venportascheel may i ask why /media and not /mnt? I know ubuntu addes all usb drives and cd\dvd to media, is that the reason?07:25
roccity_if you want games it's best to dual boot07:25
ascheelvenport: because it's a force of habit.  Mount it wherever you want.07:25
RalphSpencerDr_Willis, never thought its all that easy in linux .. in windows you sit with google looking for what you want in linux you just do it :)07:25
SupertankerHi; I just uploaded Ubuntu 9.10 to my computer after running Debian for a few years. Everything works perfect--kudos to all the volunteers!--except for sound. My Audgidy 2 refueses to make more than a few crackles and buzzes. Any ideas?07:25
ascheel!audigy | Supertanker07:25
straycatok one more question. if i have a 2gb laptop can i dual boot?07:25
venportascheel: oh ok. i was just trying to understand.07:25
jmp_do anybody know a channel for C++programming07:26
Supertankerascheel, was that supposed to get the bot to tell me something?07:27
ascheelSupertanker: it was supposed to haha.  Instead ubottu told me it didn't know anything about it07:27
straycati had one question if you could answer07:27
ascheelstraycat: 2gb drive or 2gb of RAM?07:27
venportit gave me an error when i did the mount -a... i've added my fstab just in case that is helpful...07:27
^cheekyhi, has anyone installed xbmc, with the aeon skin, ifso , did you guis, use the git-core close methoed or just unzip the aeon conytent to the xbmc-skins dir? sorry kinda confused,  ?07:28
Supertankerascheel, I think I found a post about it07:28
SupertankerThanks for your help though :)07:28
ascheelvenport: what did you format the drive with?07:28
ascheelvenport: what filesystem?07:28
ascheel^cheeky: please ask that question in #xbmc07:28
GabrielSOE_hey all, is it possible to update gnome environment without reinstalling ubuntu?07:28
ascheelGabrielSOE_: do you want to go from Kubuntu to Ubuntu or what?07:29
ascheelvenport: I gave you bad advice.  Change 'default' to 'defaults' in /etc/fstab07:30
GabrielSOE_ascheel: I don't understand, I mean when I have an earlier version of gnome can i update it without reinstalling the system?07:30
gheddy_zarcwhats t mean when Im in terminal do an "ls" in a folder and some items(.deb packages) come up in red ?07:30
ascheelGabrielSOE_: what version of Ubuntu are you on?07:31
SupertankerThere we go, fixed it ascheel. I used this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-no-sound-sound-blaster-audigy-after-upgrading-from-ubuntu-9-04-to-9-10.html07:31
SupertankerThanks much again :)07:31
ascheelhehe, I didn't do anything, but you're welcome.07:32
venportascheel, that seemed to work not to reboot and see if it holds. Thanks again.07:32
ascheelif you used mount -a, then you're good to go07:32
ascheelmount -a does the same thing as rebooting as far as mounted drives go07:32
venporti did. and it's hwoing up on a df that should be good enough? if so cool07:32
benjgvpsDoes anyone here use hotmail in Evolution? I've set it up according to the numorous guides out there, though it just gives me the error: Error while fetching mail07:32
ascheelyep, you got it venport.  :)  Congrats on your extra TB of storage.07:33
venportAnd leaving windows.07:34
ascheelnice.  :)  I recently dropped Windows from all 4 of my PCs as well.07:34
mybluevangheddy_zarc: apparently red - archive (or broken symbolic link)07:35
benjgvpsI am forced away from Windows on my netbook, having to use Ubuntu isn't my first choice, though I need this laptop working :)07:35
benjgvpsNow if only I could get my darned mail working07:35
venportI have one windows box left, and that's for my iTunes and audible accounts. but i plan to remote PC into them when needed. (that way i don;t have to reboot into a different OS)07:35
Dr_WillisGabrielSOE_:  Hmm.. You can update/upgrade using teh package manager.. so not sure what you mean07:35
ascheelvenport: screw iTunes.  mp3 all the way.07:35
ascheelvenport, another solution is to use VirtualBox and run windows in that!07:36
Dr_Willisbenjgvps:  i wouldent put it past hotmail to purposly break things so it cant work.07:36
venportYeah, but i have an iphone and more than a year left on the contract. I don't buy from their but need it for iphone updates07:36
ascheelvenport: touche.  I still recommend VirtualBox07:36
venportI'll take a look at it.07:37
venportI wish wine could run iTunes... but that will never happen07:37
eagles0513875hey guys im just wondering is dapper edgy and feisty still supported?07:37
ascheelHardy Heron is the Long Term Release version, eagles051387507:38
eagles0513875damn it07:38
ascheelwhy?  What's the problem?07:38
eagles0513875xen-tools is using outdated versions of ubuntu07:38
ascheelah, gotcha07:38
GabrielSOE_ascheel: ubuntu 9.1007:39
ascheelGabrielSOE_: what was that a response to?07:39
ascheelOh, gotcha.  I asked that awhile ago.07:40
GabrielSOE_ascheel: the version I'm running07:40
ascheelOk, so which version of Gnome are you on right now?07:40
GabrielSOE_ascheel: the version I'm running 9.1007:40
ascheelWhich version of gnome, not which version of Ubuntu07:40
jmp_do anybody know a channel for C++ programming07:41
sudiptacan i enable 3d desktop without compiz or beryl?07:41
GabrielSOE_ascheel: the version I'm running 2.28.107:41
ascheelGabrielSOE_: so you need to upgrade gnome?  To which version?  Or do you just need to reinstall?  What problem are you having?07:41
GabrielSOE_ascheel: Idon't really have a problem, I just want to know how do I install or reinstall Gnome or upgrade a version without reinstalling the system07:42
eagles0513875jmp_: there is a c++ channel here on freenode07:42
jmp_eagles0513875, which one07:43
jolarenhow do I ensure that nvpau is working correctly?07:43
eagles0513875jmp_: type /join c++07:44
eagles0513875unless your question is related to the language on ubuntu07:44
jmp_eagles0513875, ok07:44
ascheelGabrielSOE_: if you want to reinstall gnome, sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome   But why do you need to reinstall it?  You got settings problems?07:44
SupertankerI totally forgot; how can I specify more than two virtual desktups with Ubuntu?07:44
ascheelSupertanker: right-click the icon in the lower right corner and add more collumns or rows07:45
AchabI need help on apt-get crashed07:45
GabrielSOE_ascheel: not really just wanted to know how it's done. just incase07:45
Supertankerascheel, ah, thank you07:45
SupertankerSorry, I'm totally used to my old setup07:45
ascheelGabrielSOE_: reinstallations are rarely needed.  If you needed to reset the settings in your login, just delete the .gconf directory in your home directory.  Boom, factory setup.07:45
SupertankerI was using XFCE and could just mousewheel-scroll over the desktop to have it change between workspaces07:45
Dr_WillisSupertanker:  yea - i think that feature got removed from gnome some how07:46
greezmunkeyUbuntu is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!07:46
ascheelSupertanker, I use Ctrl-Alt-MouseDrag or I think there are other hotkeys, but I don't remember what07:46
jmp_eagles0513875, I don't know how tell07:46
SupertankerDr_Willis, drat :/07:46
SupertankerWell, is there a keyboard shortcut?07:46
SupertankerOh, wait, here's the keyboard utility07:46
eagles0513875jmp_: ?07:46
jmp_eagles0513875, tell me where shall I enter join C++07:47
ascheeljmp_: /list07:47
eagles0513875jmp_: where u type to talk to me07:47
GabrielSOE_ascheel: Thanks m807:47
ShapeShifter499going to goi07:47
ascheelGabrielSOE_: you got it07:47
Dr_WillisSupertanker:  compiz has a feature where you just mouse over and it changes.. (a little too senesitive)07:47
GabrielSOE_ascheel: (:07:48
ruienIs a big tarball of all the files on a system partition a 'safe' way to make a backup of a drive? (The drive is mounted in readonly mode. I don't need the MBR). Theoretically could I later dump this into a raw partition, configure the bootloader, and everything would work OK?07:48
ascheelruien: a tarball is a really ghetto backup.  I recommend rsync07:48
Supertankerruien, I did that once. It worked. That's all I can really say.07:49
ruienascheel: i have used rsync.. but in this case how is it any different?07:49
SupertankerI <3 Rsync07:49
ascheelrsync ensures file integrity.  tarball does not07:49
ascheelIf you don't mind if a file goes corrupt, tarball away07:49
GabrielSOE_ascheel: great help. may ask another question?07:49
jmp_eagles0513875,  C++ no such channel07:50
ascheelchances of corruption?  low.  Chances of corruption with rsync?  nonexistent unless by an external source07:50
ascheelGabrielSOE_: ask away07:50
eagles0513875jmad980: yes there is07:50
ruienoh right good point. But the theory is OK -- copy all of the files on a RO partition and that should be good enough. I don't NEED an "image-based backup". Right?07:50
eagles0513875whoops wrong person07:50
eagles0513875i mean jmp_ there is07:50
eagles0513875i was just in there07:50
ascheelcorrupt, ruien.  YMMV07:50
eagles0513875jmp_: is your nick registered07:50
ascheeloops, I meant correct.  not corrupt.07:50
jmp_eagles0513875, yes07:51
ruienright, ok. Thanks guys07:51
eagles0513875jmp_: are you identified07:51
GabrielSOE_what is the equivalent of "Active Directory" in Linux?  and is there any?07:51
jmp_jmp_ /join C++07:51
ascheelGabrielSOE_: ldap07:51
jmp_eagles0513875, no07:51
ascheel!ldap | GabrielSOE_07:51
ubottuGabrielSOE_: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer07:51
eagles0513875jmp_: identify yourself then try join again07:51
om26er!hi | strayhyena07:53
ubottustrayhyena: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:53
jmp_eagles0513875, I got it thanks07:53
eagles0513875no problem jmp_07:53
ruienascheel: wait... so how do I make a tarball with rsync? ultimately i do want a single compressed file, utilizing rsync's data verification along the way?07:54
GabrielSOE_ascheel: great thanks, I'm off reading (:07:54
strayhyenaIs it possible to do a batch unrar with the command line? i'm wanting to have all files in the subdirectories of the current directory to be unrared07:54
ascheelruien: rsync doesn't make a tarball.  It copies the files individually, every single block being compared against checksums ensuring integrity07:54
ascheelstrayhyena: find . -iname "*.rar" -exec unrar x {} \;07:55
ascheelgood luck, GabrielSOE_07:55
ruienascheel: right, so i move all the files over to another directory, but i can't verify that the directory tars up without any error.. so doesn't that defeat the purpose?07:55
ascheelruien: rsync doesn't tar07:55
Dr_Willisthers also that 'fsarchiver' tool that can copy/backup/verify, but its not in the repos (yet) thers a a PPA for it07:56
ascheelruien: it copies.  It makes exact copies of one directory to a location of your choice.  the beauty of it is you can rsync over a network, even over an ssh connection maintaining security during the transfer07:56
strayhyenaascheel: wow, thank you very much!07:56
ascheelstrayhyena: you're welcome, good sir.  I recommend reading up on the find command07:56
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, PPA ??07:56
Quan-Timegreezmunkey: PPA is just a "repository link" of sorts07:57
eagles0513875has anyone gotten ubuntu working with xen07:57
ruienascheel: i know. rsync copies the files to another hard drive. but in the process of making that ultimate tarball out of the verified files, i still run the same risk of file corruption.. right?07:57
eagles0513875as a xen guest07:57
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, Got it, are you following the rsync thread here?07:57
ascheelruien: that's why you don't tarball them.07:57
ascheelruien: is there a need to tarball them?07:57
tucemiuxanyone knows of an app that will convert mov to wmv?07:58
ascheeltarballs aren't backups.  They're used for file dissemination07:58
ruienascheel: well, yes.. i want it compressed. that's the point.07:58
ascheelk, then use a tarball.  *shrug*07:58
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  barely :) i just copy to usb hd.. i rarely do image/system type backups.restores i just do reinstalls and move configs back07:58
greezmunkeyRE: rsync, Is it possible to store Windows files onto a Ubuntu server via rsync?07:58
strayhyenaascheel: i've tried using find often but the amount of options is a little overwhelming, i should start sending the help output to a file and read it with gedit07:58
ascheelgreezmunkey: yes there are windows executables07:58
ruienascheel: thanks for the info though; appreciated.07:59
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ascheelstrayhyena: if you have questions with find or other shell commands, the folks in #bash are awful helpful07:59
greezmunkeyascheel, I'll check into it, thanks :)07:59
ascheelruien: My advice is if you want a reliable backup, don't use tarballs if you're talking about gigs and gigs of data.07:59
jolarenWhenever trying to install i.e mplayer in ubuntu it removed myth-frontend etc.. how do resolve this? The screen is all green without vdpau07:59
ubuntuHello all08:01
ubuntusome one please help me08:01
ascheel!ask | ubuntu08:01
ubottuubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:01
parsaakbariHow can i give myself permission to edit all files on the system?08:01
ascheel!sudo | parsaakbari08:01
ubottuparsaakbari: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)08:01
ubuntui am unable to install ubuntu 9.1008:02
ubuntui am getting the following error...08:02
Dr_Willisparsaakbari:  learn to use sudo properly08:03
ubuntu ubuntu ubiquity[8067]: dbfilter_handle_status: ('ubiquity.components.partman', 10)08:03
ascheelDr_Willis: could teach him about recursive chmod.  ;)08:03
ascheelubiquity?  That's a firefox addon ain't it?08:04
ascheelubuntu: how far into the installation did you get?  What kind of PC?08:04
zirodayascheel: it is also the name of ubuntu graphical installer.08:04
ascheelOh, touche good siur08:04
ubuntuascheel, second step...08:04
zirodayubuntu: run a cd check, also check the md5sum of the burned image08:04
ascheelziroday: you're a scholar and a gentleman08:05
tomatoes7is 9.04 more stable than 9.10?08:05
Dr_Willistomatoes7:  depends.08:05
error404notfoundi see a lot of dos-IP-ADD-RESS-HERE files in /tmp, does that mean that i am getting DOS attacks from those IPs?08:05
ascheeltomatoes7: both are stable.  Both have minor issues.  My advice is to go 9.1008:05
Dr_Willisi dont have any stablity issues in 9.1008:05
ubuntuactually i have already installed 9.10 on my pc08:05
ubuntufirst time there's no problem08:05
ascheelerror404notfound: no.  the tmp directory is a place where programs just store temporary files.08:06
ubuntubut now only i am getting this error08:06
greezmunkeyRE: rsync, Pretty cool, it was already installed, and it works!08:06
ascheelgreezmunkey: it's an incredible program.  :)08:06
greezmunkeyascheel, I'm diggin it.08:06
ascheelgreezmunkey: and there are some VERY knowledgable people in #rsync if you have specific questions about it08:07
greezmunkeyascheel, My win2K box is transferring files now! So far so good.08:07
ascheelYour Win2K already had rsync installed?  Holy crap!  That's awesome08:07
ascheelKinda funny.  :)  They couldn't make their own so they had to use some *nix apps ported over.08:08
greezmunkeyascheel, No I had to do that, but it was already on this Ubuntu box.08:08
error404notfoundascheel, yes but dos-random-global-ips -here , thats makes it suspected08:08
ascheelOh, ok.08:08
greezmunkeyascheel, just testing now, I'll figure it out later :)08:08
ascheelerror404notfound: you need to find out what program is writing them out.  use the 'file' and 'cat' commands on those files to see what's in them perhaps?  Do a google search on some of the file names.08:08
ubuntuwhat is ubuntu-ubiquity08:09
ascheelgreezmunkey: make sure you test the transfers with an md5sum just to double check, but I think you'll be good to go08:09
ascheelpeace out all.  Sleepy time for me08:09
greezmunkeyascheel, later, thatnks!08:09
mneptokgreezmunkey: i have very strong rsync-fu. /msg if you need help.08:10
ubuntuubiquity[2704]: dbfilter_handle_status: ('ubi-timezone', 2)08:10
ubuntuwhat is tat08:10
ubuntuubottu, ubiquity08:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:13
gheddy_zarcis there an intention to fix the mobile broadband issues with 9.10 in 10.04 or 10.10 ?08:15
parsaakbariWhat is the equivalent of task manager in ubuntu?08:15
ubuntusome one plz analyze my syslog.. and help me in fixing the issue08:15
EagleWatchparsaakbari, system monitor08:15
mneptokgheddy_zarc: what "mobile broadband issues?"08:16
gheddy_zarcI cant connect with my usb mobile modem eh mneptok im using xp to get in here08:16
mneptokgheddy_zarc: so, your modem does not have a driver in the stock Linux kernel?08:17
mneptokgheddy_zarc: that's not a Linux issue. it's a hardware vendor issue.08:17
gheddy_zarcusimng either 9.10 or 9.04 mneptok, no the carrier has written some specific apps for ubuntu available etc etc, Im having issues installing them, without synaptic its not so easy08:18
infiddoes ubuntu run well on a dell zino HD mini desktop?08:18
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
mneptokgheddy_zarc: where are these instructions?08:18
gheddy_zarcmn I have some broken dependencies etc,, thinking of kluging the whole system and starting again08:19
gheddy_zarcmm all the stuff is oin the x box which has no connection to this xp box mneptok08:19
TopGearcan somebody help me08:19
TopGeari've messed up my grub08:20
mneptok!grub > TopGear08:20
ubottuTopGear, please see my private message08:20
gheddy_zarcbetavine forums mneptok http://www.betavine.net/bvportal/resources/datacards/os/ubuntu08:20
TopGearwell, can I ask it here?08:20
TopGearit's grub 208:21
tucemiuxTopGear, go ahead and ask, all in one line08:21
tucemiux*one line*08:21
EagleWatchTopGear, did you try a revocery ?08:22
EagleWatchrecovery ,, sory08:22
TopGearI wanted to install XP, becouse vista sucs and I need windows for school. Well I did that but my grub went verry slow. I used "sudo reconfigure grub-pc" and installed it on /dev/hda/. Now when I want to boot, I need the xp cd in the cd player to boot. Otherwise I get an error. Something as "arch failure impedense" or something like that.08:23
gheddy_zarcIm tempted to try the software out on the 9.10 box,, but I dont wanna stuff it up eh mneptok becuase it runs so nicely and I use it for other stuff any how not net related08:23
mneptokgheddy_zarc: the fact they misspell "dependencies" does not give me a great amount of faith08:23
mneptokgheddy_zarc: they also make no mention fo the exact card models/makes this is supposed to support08:24
ApokalepsisHi all08:24
gheddy_zarcmm yeah its 3rd party software eh,, the isnstructions are sparse if not incomplete as Im encountering all sorts of erros eh mneptok08:24
TopGearSo, does anybody know?08:24
TopGearAnd on /dev/sdd it gives te same error08:24
gheddy_zarcmaybey a new install of jaunty will fix it, ,, its supposed to work easily on 9.0408:25
barwonkg0352Hi Can anyone help me trouble shoot a printer (lexmark)08:25
mneptokgheddy_zarc: if you're choosing an older release, i'd go with 8.0408:25
mneptokbarwonkg0352: http://openprinting.org08:26
tucemiuxTopGear, do you have ubuntu installed on your machine?08:26
mneptokbarwonkg0352: does your printer even have Linux support?08:26
ragsagariam unable to connect to internet using rp-pppoe. It was working till day before yesterday,but its not working now.08:26
TopGeardoes anybody know how to repair my grub?08:26
EagleWatchTopGear, are you reading our questions?08:27
tucemiuxEagleWatch, just ignore TopGear and he'll go away on his own08:27
TopGearSorry, I think I don't see them becouse of the in and out logging08:27
TopGearI am so sorry08:27
TopGearCan you please repeat them?08:27
Dr_WillisTopGear:  why did you run 'sudo reconfigure grub-pc' instead of just 'sudo update-grub' ?08:28
Dr_WillisTopGear:  grub was working but 'slow' ? how was it slow?08:28
=== atomiku is now known as atomiku|sleep
TopGearBecouse I put some other hard disk drives in it, and sda became another hdd08:28
TopGearIt took 30sec to boot08:29
grokenhow can i see a list of what ip addresses are receiving syn cookies?08:29
TopGearAnd 30 seconds is verry long, even for the grub08:29
TopGearDr_Willis: Were that the answers you needed?08:31
tucemiuxTopGear, you mean you boot up your machine and it takes 30 seconds for you to see the grub menu where you can choose what OS to boot up into?08:31
TopGearI see "Grub loading" and that takes 30 seconds08:31
ApokalepsisWho from America?08:31
Dr_WillisI got an odd box thats slow to get to the grub menu.. but i never worried about it. :) it does have 6 hard drives in it08:32
TopGearWell, I thought that I would make it faster to put it on the new hda08:32
EagleWatchDr_Willis, 6 HDDs :o08:32
TopGearBut I was wrong, and messed up my grub08:33
infidanyone here install ubuntu 9.10 successfully on a dell zino HD mini desktop?08:33
tucemiuxTopGear, so you added another hard drive and now grub is slow?08:33
TopGearwell, I added 2 hard drive's08:33
tucemiuxTopGear, as Dr_Willis mentions, that can make grub slow08:34
EagleWatchTopGear, did you change master to slave or something like that08:34
TopGearnow I know that08:34
tucemiuxTopGear, can you boot up to all of your OS's fine?08:34
ApokalepsisPeople help, I liked the goods on Amazon, but they do not deliver it to Russia.08:34
ApokalepsisPlease help. The help naturally not free-of-charge. I shall begin to cry well!08:34
TopGearI just putted in 2 new hard drives, and yeas, on my motherbord there came new masters08:35
tucemiuxTopGear, and it also seems to matter how you formatted the hard drive? I"ve never had any problems with ext3/ext408:35
tucemiux!ot| Apokalepsis08:35
ubottuApokalepsis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:35
TopGearNo, I must have a XP cd in my drive, otherwise it won't boot08:35
TopGearwait a minute08:35
SuperDefenderXHey, Everyone.08:36
tucemiux!hello | SuperDefenderX08:36
ubottuSuperDefenderX: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:36
SuperDefenderXIs there a GUI application that shows CPU temp in the repos?08:36
SuperDefenderXOr, maybe something similar to CPUz?08:37
EagleWatchSuperDefenderX, on your panels?08:37
tucemiuxSuperDefenderX, use "add/remove" and search for temperature08:37
TopGearWhen I put the grub on sda or sdd, I get that error08:38
TopGearsomething with arch and failure and impedentiure08:38
multwifidoes ubuntu by default allow connection to two wifi interfaces (one adhoc one infrast)?08:39
tucemiuxTopGear, you have to install grub in sda in the Master Boot Record08:39
SuperDefenderXThe temperature application in the repos doesn't work... :P08:39
TopGear"sudo grub-install /dev/sda --root-directory=/mnt" ?08:40
iflema!sensors | SuperDefenderX08:40
ubottuSuperDefenderX: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.08:40
TopGear"sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt" Well, first this one08:40
SuperDefenderXOh, I was using Xsensors08:40
tucemiuxTopGear, so you have ubuntu installed in sdd?08:40
TopGearThat's right08:41
TopGear1. "sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt"08:41
TopGear2. sudo grub-install /dev/sda --root-directory=/mnt08:41
DrBelkaanybody ever recieved this error while using gcc/g++?08:41
DrBelka/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: No space left on device08:41
DrBelkacollect2: ld returned 1 exit status08:41
tucemiuxTopGear, you have to reinstall grub, I suggest you go to #grub and ask them how to reinstall grub and show them your link to paste bin08:41
TopGearthen ill do that08:42
tucemiuxDrBelka, sounds like you ran out of space08:42
multwifiDrBelka: you ran out of hard drive space08:42
tucemiuxTopGear, if no one is in #grub right now try logging in to this channel at another time, you want to talk to someone who is familiar reinstalling grub08:43
DrBelkamy hard drive has plenty of space....08:43
DrBelkaI dont understand08:43
jibadeehacan anyone here recommend a cheap NAS that works well with ubuntu, was thinking of getting buffalo link station live 1TB ... should work, but i got burnt with a Freecom NAS where it had a bug with the SMB/CIF protocol that didn't work with Linux08:43
multwifidoes ubuntu by default allow connection to two wifi interfaces (one adhoc one infrast)?08:43
DrBelkaFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on08:43
DrBelka/dev/sda7             12152040   3859796   7674948  34% /08:43
DrBelkatmpfs                   222344         0    222344   0% /lib/init/rw08:43
DrBelkavarrun                  222344       324    222020   1% /var/run08:43
DrBelkavarlock                 222344         0    222344   0% /var/lock08:43
DrBelkaudev                    222344       192    222152   1% /dev08:43
FloodBot3DrBelka: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:43
spY|da#ubuntu.de nur auf einladung? was ist denn da kaputt gemacht worden?08:44
tucemiuxTopGear, youre still there?  It doesnt seem difficult to reinstall grub08:44
TopGearI am here08:44
multwifi!ge | spY|da08:44
ubottuspY|da: ქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge08:44
TopGearand in grub08:45
DrBelkaany ideas, tucemiux or multwifi?08:46
tucemiuxTopGear, the trick here is to use the result you get from the find command: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&highlight=reinstall+grub08:46
TopGearthat ain't grub 2 I think08:46
TopGearthat's legacy08:46
multwifiDrBelka: maybe upgrade to gcc/g++ 4.0 (latest version), the drive looped at all?08:47
DrBelkaI do not know what it meant for the drive to be looped08:47
DrBelkaI think I am using gcc 4.3?08:47
multwifiDrBelka: hmm, thats the latest version; maybe try to SSH into a box at your university and compile on those machines?08:48
DrBelkayeah, I guess I could do that.  Still, I wish i knew why it was doing that08:49
DrBelkaits really weird because it does not give me that error again after a restart08:50
xiongI have just bought a Hawking HWUN3 WiFi USB Adapter. I have read the docs for installing the Win driver using ndiswrapper; they seem extremely fearsome, with result uncertain. I'm concerned that somehow I will get it wrong and not be able to get back to the internal wifi. For that matter, since the external adapter is not usually needed, I'd like to be able to switch back and forth -- if not conveniently, then not without recompi08:51
xiongling my kernel. What's up with this?08:51
xiongBTW, I'm open to the suggestion "Take the Hawking back to the store and buy X instead." I don't like that but I'll listen.08:52
tucemiuxDrBelka, from what directory youre running that command?  Try unmounting your store partition08:53
tucemiuxDrBelka, "storage" partition08:53
bashcahi there   please  help08:53
mneptokxiong: i'm a bit confused why you'd need a USB dongle if you have working internal wifi ...08:54
bashcaFailed to fetch http://osmirror.rug.nl/ubuntu/dists/karmic-proposed/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?08:54
xfactHow to change 'login screen' on ubuntu 9.10 Karmic?08:54
DrBelkaI will try running the command in a directory on a different drive, tucemiux08:55
xiongmneptok, Where I prefer to work, weak signal here. At the moment I'm connected but it's unreliable.08:55
tucemiux!help | bashca08:55
ubottubashca: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:55
xfactHow to change 'login screen' on ubuntu 9.10 Karmic?08:55
bashcatucemiux: sorry08:55
mneptokxiong: i'm not sure why you think a USB dongle will improve that08:55
tucemiuxbashca, thats ok, just go ahead and ask, remember to do it all in one line08:55
nimrod10xfact, go to the ubuntu menu -> system -> administration -> login window08:55
mneptoknimrod10: that does not exist in Karmic08:56
xiongmneptok, It's said to have superior pull -- not so much due to the dongle but to its antenna. If need be, I can even discard the supplied antenna and replace it with an even studlier one.08:56
nimrod10mneptok, didn't know that08:56
imcdonaIf you try and create a raid array in "Disk Manager" without first installing "mdadm" it fails. There is no indication that the mdadm package is needed.08:56
bashcatucemiux: i got this error  when  updating my  source.list     , how  can fix   it  ??08:56
imcdonaIS this a bug?08:56
imcdonaor a feature request?08:56
mneptokxiong: is this a laptop?08:57
xpo0fhi people08:57
tucemiuxxiong, if you buy an N wireless device it will help but only if the wifi router youre connecting to is also an N wireless router, I would also check to make sure the wireless card is compatible with ubuntu right out of the box though08:57
tgpraveen12lmcdona: BUG08:57
xiongmneptok, Yes. In theory, I suppose I could crack the case, locate the antenna connection, and futz up an external antenna port. Prefer external dongle.08:57
tucemiuxbashca, can you post the error you are getting all in one line please08:57
xfactnimrod10: sorry, I am using Karmic and there is no such option like 'login window', and the 'login screen' only provides how to login ,and time interval between choosing user... etc.08:58
imcdonaok I will submit a report tgpraveen1208:58
bashca Failed to fetch  osmirror.rug.nl/ubuntu/dists/karmic-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file08:58
mneptokxiong: is the wireless in the laptop an integrated thing, or a PCI-E mini card?08:58
xiongmneptok, The Hawking is rated draft N but degrades to handle G and B as well.08:58
xiongmneptok, The internal wifi is all internal.08:58
sudiptawhat r the features added to 10.0408:58
bashcatucemiux:  Failed to fetch osmirror.rug.nl/ubuntu/dists/karmic-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file08:59
metaleksbashca, I'll pm you08:59
mneptokxiong: does the laptop have a PCI-E mini slot? have you checked it?08:59
xpo0fhi people08:59
tucemiuxbashca, in a terminal do: "sudo apt-get update"08:59
xpo0fit is good to patch linux-next ?08:59
bashcatucemiux: i did  and  i  got this  error08:59
tucemiux!hello| xpo0f08:59
ubottuxpo0f: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:59
metalekscheck your /etc/apt/sources.list08:59
tucemiuxbashca, at the end of the error it should give you directions on what to do next09:00
xiongmneptok, It does; it has two, in fact. I considered a card solution. The issue with that is that the slot is on the right side, conflicting physically with the external trackball. Not a total deal-killer but an annoyance. I have USB ports left, right, and rear.09:00
bashcatucemiux: nothing09:00
xpo0fbashca: better u using software-source and get the nearest mirror09:00
mneptokxiong: my Dell laptop came with a Broadcom half-mini PCI-E card which i immediately pulled and replaced with an Intel. i'm sitting 50 feet and 1 floor away from my AP and have a very, very strong signal.09:01
mneptokxiong: this is not a slot on the side. it's a panel you unscrew on the bottom of the chassis09:01
bashcatucemiux: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m497bc62f09:02
xiongmneptok, I don't doubt that any external solution *may* be superior to my current internal setup. I don't think, on the RF end, I'm going to be unhappy with the Hawking USB. This is a driver issue.09:02
tucemiuxbashca, run in a terminal: "sudo dpkg --configure -a"09:02
mneptokxiong: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-533ANMMWW-Wifi-Link-5300/dp/B001CXT6NQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1264928527&sr=8-5  <--- like so09:02
mneptokxiong: PCI-E mini card. *NOT* an ExpressCard or Cardbus.09:03
bashcatucemiux: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5a13499e09:04
mneptokxiong: the *absolute best* wireless performance you will get under Linux is with Intel chipsets. and they don't make USB dongles.09:04
xiongmneptok, Oh. Okay, well, I don't really know then what I've got. I'm not sure just what the story is with my internal wifi.09:04
resjudicatahow do I get pdf files to open with evince instead of adobe acrobat without removing the later?09:04
mneptokxiong: what is the make/model of the laptop?09:04
xfactAnyone can kindly tell me that how to change login screen on Ubuntu Karmic koala, or there is no such option?09:04
xiongmneptok, Are you suggesting I replace the current internal wifi card, keeping the solution entirely internal, without any big external antenna?09:05
xpo0fmneptok: agree, im using iwl3945 and it's fine09:05
mneptokxiong: precisely09:05
mneptokxiong: if you can. some laptops motherboards have wifi soldered on. they aren't cards.09:05
xiongmneptok, This is an off-brand; MPC TransPort X3100.09:05
xpo0fany idea about linux-next patch ?09:05
DrBelkatucemiux. turned out that I was in the "Storage" partition and i had left a stray script running that made a huge text file and took up all of the space.  I was convinced it was not even remotely full.  Thank you for your help09:06
xiongmneptok, To my knowledge, internal wifi was added. I didn't build out this box.09:06
xpo0f!info lsusb > xiong09:06
xiongmneptok, You've got me curious enough to want to shut down, or at least suspend, and take out a screwdriver and *peek*.09:07
mneptokxiong: do so. i'll go nicotize myself.09:07
xiongxpo0f, I have QueryKiller. I'll have to whitelist the bot. In any case, I've checked out lsusb. Not sure what you want me to see, though.09:08
xiong!info lsusb > xiong09:09
xiongHm. I guess that wasn't the magic word to whitelist.09:09
xiongxpo0f, "Who" speaks when you !info?09:10
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots09:10
Slartxiong: ubottu is the channel bot.. he/she/it answers to !info and other tags09:10
xiongSlart, I'll try whitelisting ubottu.09:10
xiong!info lsusb > xiong09:11
mneptokxiong: just unscrew the back panel(s) and look for a little card that has 2 or 3 wires (the antenna) running to it09:11
xiongHa, ubottu says lsusb doesn't exist in karmic. I've already run it.09:11
xpo0fxiong: search google for debian hardware database, and submit your lsusb output09:11
mneptokxiong: it will look kind of like the card in the Amazon listing i showed you09:11
Slartxiong: the !info factoid searches for a package from the repos...09:11
Slartxiong: lsusb isn't a package.. it probably comes from a package though09:12
Slart!search lsusb09:12
Slart!find lsusb09:12
ubottuFile lsusb found in manpages-tr, usbutils, zsh, zsh-beta09:12
xiongmneptok, xpo0f, Slart, Okay guys; all good info. But I'm gonna suspend now and look inside.09:12
* mneptok tootles off to smoke09:12
xpo0fhey guy, im asking about linux-next patch kernel..09:13
gabriel_how can i make HD H.264 movie mateial play back smoothly on my computer? I have followed a quide to use coreAVC decoder in mplayer, and it plays much better than before, but still not perfect. I think my hardware should definitely be sufficient to play back 1080p movies smoothly....09:13
=== Guest98536 is now known as jussi01
xpo0fgabriel_: try installing codec apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras09:14
xpo0f!info ubuntu-restricted-extras09:14
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 36 (karmic), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB09:14
tucemiuxbasanta_, it seems you have your sources file wrong, comment everything under "#cannonical  commercial repository" and then do an sudo apt-get update09:14
tucemiuxbashca,  it seems you have your sources file wrong, comment everything under "#cannonical  commercial repository" and then do an sudo apt-get update09:15
gabriel_xpo0f: i already have that installed.09:15
bashcatucemiux: thanks09:15
xpo0fgabriel_: ok09:15
Callum_gabriel_: don't forget that HD (especially H.264) video playback is a very intensive procedure, you may need to use hardware acceleration from your graphics card to get acceptable performance09:16
tucemiuxbashca, let me know if that helps, you will have to fix it though so you can use those repos09:16
basanta_tucemiux, how did you know?09:16
basanta_tucemiux, how did you know?:q09:16
gabriel_Callum_: yeah, and my geforce 8800GT is probably not used in ubuntu :(09:16
tucemiuxbasanta_, sorry, that message wasn't for you09:16
Callum_gabriel_: You do have the proprietary drivers installed, right?09:16
xpo0fgabriel_: apt-get install nvidia-common or u need to compile a kernel09:17
gabriel_Callum_: yes. which is why i can run compiz very smoothly. Disabling compiz doesn't make a differance for my playback performance though.09:17
Callum_xpo0f: What are you talking about? You don't need to compile a kernel >_>09:17
client04anjing laknat09:18
bashcatucemiux: can  i edit  my  sourcelist  by  default  1 ???09:18
tobiaszwhy is synaptic not removing dependancies like almost at all09:18
infidmy cpu started going to 100% for no apparent reason and ubuntu crashed by not letting me type or click anything, even tho the cursor still was movable. any idea what caused this? i didnt run anything extra or  unsuaul. just firefox, and a gnome terminal09:18
xpo0fCallum_: only the idea, u can using kernelcheck to compile with nvidia driver09:18
Callum_gabriel_: MPlayer, MythTV and a few other media players support H.264, MPEG2 and other codec hardware acceleration on recent NVIDIA GPUs via libvdpau09:18
gabriel_xpo0f: i have nvidia common installed already it seems.09:18
tucemiuxbashca, at the beginning of the line place an "#"09:18
Callum_HD video playback on my two 8500GT SLI setup works like a dream09:19
faileasinfid: set up openssh-server, and the next time it happens,see if you can ssh in from another system, and check with top or htop, maybe?09:19
gabriel_Callum_: yes, well it said on some page that nvidia cards from 8000 series support vdpau, EXCLUDING for 8800! :(09:19
Callum_gabriel_: That depends on how old your 8800 is09:19
infidfaileas: ok09:20
Dr_WillisHmm. I got an early 8800gtsxxx09:20
gabriel_Callum_: I was going to try that nvpau option... then i read that 8800 doesn't support it...09:20
Callum_gabirel_: AFAIK the 8800GT DOES support VDPAU, not sure though. Let me check09:20
xiongmneptok, I've had my look. I'd say it's almost certainly an internal wifi adapter behind that door. It's a C-Com; I'll run the numbers I got off it.09:20
gabriel_Callum_: as i said i have 8800GT09:20
Callum_gabriel_: Yes, the 8800GT does support VDPAU09:21
Callum_The only other 8800 that supports it is the 8800GS09:21
mneptokxiong: so it's an internal PCI-E mini card, as best as you can tell?09:21
gabriel_oh ok... so i just need to use mplayer with the vdpau flag then? i have nvidia 185 drivers09:21
Callum_Does anyone know if the MPlayer on Ubuntu repos has VDPAU support compiled in?09:22
xiongmneptok, I'm just about certain. Looks right. Has two thin cables going to it; I assume one is power/data and the other coax to the internal antenna. Perhaps there's a third cable out of sight; I didn't remove it.09:23
mneptokxiong: no, those are both antenna. the data and power are handled by the copper leads via the PCI bus09:23
resjudicatahow do I get pdf files to open with evince instead of adobe acrobat without removing the later?09:23
mneptokxiong: last question. is it full-length like the image i showed you, or half-height?09:23
xiongmneptok, Dunno about the bus. It is secured by screws and standoffs; it doesn't seem to slot in to anything.09:24
Callum_gabriel_: yes, try the MPlayer on Ubuntu's repositories first...you will have to install a GUI frontend for MPlayer (like SMPlayer or gnome-mplayer) if you want to use it with a GUI though09:24
mneptokxiong: it's in a slot09:24
mneptokxiong: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-WiFi-Link-5300-Network/dp/B001EHAHTM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1264929858&sr=8-1  <--- that's a half-card09:24
xiongmneptok, About the size: It looked rather small, about an inch each way, although not square.09:25
mneptokxiong: http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Wifi-Link-Mini-Card/dp/B000QAY00K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1264929858&sr=8-2 <--- that's full length09:25
noname_good morning09:25
noname_hello again09:26
xiongmneptok, It looks generally like the pic you linked before. Same one?09:26
mneptokxiong: yup.09:26
mneptokxiong: the 5100s are a bit cheaper, but still work really well09:26
ginbuntuwhat will happen if you do dd if=imagefile of=/dev/sda1    but the size of sda1 is bigger than the image file?09:26
xiongThe slot must be covered by shielding, not immediately visible.09:26
nikihrhow do i remove kubuntu from ubuntu?09:26
mneptokxiong: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-WiFi-Link-5100-Network/dp/B001EH8H9E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1264929934&sr=8-1  <--- order one of those09:26
noname_germany calling09:27
xiongmneptok, I'm not going to save $10 to compromise quality.09:27
mneptokxiong: it's the exact same quality09:28
ruienginbuntu: i am pretty sure dd only writes as long as imagefile and won't touch the rest of the data on /dev/sda1, but i'm not certain.09:28
mneptokxiong: it's still Intel, and instead of having 3 antenna leads that newer laptops use, it's got just the 2 you'll need.09:28
xiongmneptok, Forgive me for arguing from ignorance but I find it hard to believe that chipset is going to make a BIG difference vs changing antenna.09:28
mneptokxiong: the chipset has a driver. Intel provides excellent drivers directly to the Linux kernel. you can have a 40,000 foot tall antenna, and with a lousy driver, get lousy reception.09:29
mneptokxiong: just ensure that Amazon vendor has a good return policy. test it out. it should provide far, far better reception. and if so, you have an internal solution that will work while on the road.09:30
xiongmneptok, You make a potent argument.09:31
mneptokxiong: alternatively, you could get a better +Db antenna for the AP09:31
candyhow to extract uif file?09:31
xiongmneptok, Not too sure how I'd change from an internal antenna with an internal card to an external antenna with the internal card. Messy.09:32
xiongmneptok, I figure the internal antenna is built in, probably into the lid or sth.09:32
tobiaszwhy is synaptic not removing dependancies like almost at all09:33
mneptokxiong: no, an external antenna for your access point09:33
mihahello what package do i need to get fsck.ntfs ?09:33
mihaplease :D09:33
=== Ristus is now known as antti
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:33
xiongmneptok, Ah. I have no control over the AP. It's public wifi.09:33
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot09:34
Dr_Willismiha:  ntfs-utils i think09:34
Dr_Willismiha:  but i would suggest checking ntfs under windows09:35
mneptokxiong: so order the Intel 5100, ensuring you can return it if not satisfied. hopefully, it works. if not, you can move on to finding a USB dongle that might work.09:35
ectospasmwoah, my GNOME panels just disappeared09:36
candyhello there... can anyone help me how to extract uif file????????09:36
chipgerito convert video to .avi i am using winff but its throwing  error"unknown encoder libxvid" how do i fix it?09:36
Dr_Willis!find libxvid09:36
ubottuFound: libxvidcore4, libxvidcore4-dev09:36
Dr_Willischipgeri:  perhaps install the libxvidcore4 package09:37
xiongmneptok, I think you have given me an excellent solution, albeit it's Plan B: Discard Hawking hardware, buy *this* instead. I hope the driver install on it will not be Terrible. The issue may be less of installing the Intel driver and more of getting the C-Com driver out.09:37
henkpoleySay I screw a harddisk with EXT3 in my PC, and have ubuntu on another. What is the GUI way to have that EXT3 disk mounted at boot? (so I don't need to enter a password)09:37
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  put a proper entry in the /etc/fstab and mount it where you want09:37
xionghenkpoley, In general, you aren't going to do that GUI. You're going to edit fstab.09:37
mauriim not able to use firefox in openoffice09:38
henkpoleyDr_Willis: I know (did that), just wanted to know if there's any checkbox without the learning curve09:38
chipgeriDr_Willis: its already installed09:38
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  never noticed..   I can edit teh fstab in the time it took you to ask the question... :)09:38
henkpoleyDr_Willis: the guy who installed it (Mint) didn't really grasp any of what I did09:38
gabriel_Callum_: ok i will try intalling the mplayer from the repo again then (i have compiled my own with coreAVC support)09:38
Dr_Willisi recall some mount/ftab gui;s i also recall them not working very well09:39
henkpoleyDr_Willis: I hadn't done it in 2 years or so, but just want to know there's a newbie version09:39
xiongmneptok, In any case, thank you! I'm going to move on for now. It's cheap enough to try and see before I say, "That can't work." Thanks again.09:39
henkpoleyDr_Willis something with the current automount deamon udev/hal/whatever stuff09:39
Dr_Willisget the drives UUID with the blkid command, copy/paste an existing fstab line09:40
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  those mount it on access.. not at boot up09:40
henkpoleyDr_Willis: just used old still /dev/ name :P09:40
Dr_Willisit 'automounts it as needed'09:40
henkpoleyStill not easy :P09:40
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* eaglewatch is away: Gone away for now09:40
Dr_Willisits rather trivial....09:40
henkpoleyAh, well that should teach him to reinstall my music PC09:40
mneptokxiong: still there?09:40
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount09:41
henkpoleyDr_Willis: doesn't matter if it is trivial to people who don't know mount, partitions, etc.09:41
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment09:41
henkpoleyDr_Willis: yeah.. RTFM.. great09:41
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  use the auto mount feature then.. but that proberly will have messed up permissions/ownership also09:41
Dr_Willissince its ext2/3/4 you will need to set proper ownership or permissions of the files09:42
henkpoleyhow to "use the auto mount feature"09:42
Dr_Willisbut you dident ask about that.09:42
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  plug it in.. double click.. it should mount it.09:42
resjudicatahow do I get pdf files to open with evince instead of adobe acrobat without removing the later?09:42
* mneptok prods xiong 09:42
t3hp00kyAnyone noticed friggs sending a ping as soon as you join freenode?09:42
xiongmneptok, ?09:42
henkpoleyDr_Willis: you have hotplug ATA ?09:42
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  now accessing all of it - how you want.09:42
airtonixhenkpoley, double click on the drive icon in nautilus -> computer://09:42
=== NetEcho is now known as Ox4e65744563686f
Tm_Tt3hp00ky: yes, it's freenode service and totally normal09:43
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  hotplug sata does exist.09:43
mneptokxiong: can you allow me to send you /msg's please?09:43
t3hp00kyTm_T: Oh ok thanks09:43
t3hp00kyI was wondering :p09:43
mneptokxiong: there's some information i want to share, and don't want to bother the channel with it09:43
xiongmneptok, Will whitelist you. Hang on; this is a new feature for me.09:43
mneptokxiong: standing by09:43
henkpoleyDr_Willis: I'm not hotplugging the music partition every time after boot just before the music player starts and misses its music ;)09:43
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  the hard drives i dont have listed in fstab show up in the computer://whatever listing and i just click on them and they mount. Im not sure what you are trying to do09:45
henkpoleyBut I should probably conclude that "linux sucks" ;-) and it can't be done easily, like saying "remember this" on the password prompt09:45
AnAntHello, how do I list available locales ? and how do I remove a locale ?09:45
paritoany1 currently using openvpn with Karmic ubuntu ?09:45
Dr_Willisif you want them to mount without the clicking.. then add a fstab entry09:45
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  i will rember that linux sucks as i watch this 2TB hd defrag for the next week on this windows box i am setting up...09:46
tony32i've been using beta repos. is it ok not to anymore or would it create conflicts or have to uninstall to go back to stable repo's?09:46
henkpoleyDr_Willis: get a mac ;-)09:46
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  i got a mac.. it makes a good doorstop.09:46
henkpoleyReminds me, on the mac mounts are remembered over reboot09:47
tony32i mean, if some of my packages are beta and i uncheck the beta repo's, would it uninstall them?09:47
Dr_Willishenkpoley:  never noticed or cared really.09:47
SirRedToothIs there anyway to access my old c: drive with windows vista on it from ubuntu09:47
henkpoleyDr_Willis: well, so linux sucks ;-)09:48
tony32SirRedTooth: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g ntfs-config09:48
tony32you may not even need ntfs-config but i think ubuntu should access your c: drive by default09:49
Dr_Willisntfs-3g should be installed by default.09:49
SirRedToothWell i havnt installed ubuntu as a partition09:49
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  you did a Wubi install?09:49
SirRedToothI used wubi09:49
Dr_WillisIck. that can make it harder.09:49
om26erSirisian|Work, /host09:49
Dr_WillisI dont use wubi at all. so not sure if you even can mount the ntfs drigve its running from09:50
Callum_Dr_Willis: You sure? It should be the same in a Wubi install...09:50
om26erSirRedTooth, open nautilus and click on filesystem and open host dir09:50
Callum_Because Ubuntu NEEDS NTFS support to find the Wubi image on the Windows drive09:50
Dr_WillisCallum_: i was tghinking it had some special thing to keep stuff safer.09:50
jamilahi all09:50
Dr_Willisyou dont want to trash your installed system while running it. :)09:50
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  try installing/running the ntfs-config tool and see09:51
jamilahow can i retrieve back the network manager icon to my panel?09:51
Callum_Hmm, I wish I could help more, I don't have any experience with Wubi installs =P09:51
SirRedToothI just did09:51
ndr01danyone help with gnucash?09:51
SirRedToothdont see anything in computer:///09:51
SirRedToothapart from the usual09:51
abowhat is the recommended music player with an interface similar to winamp? I used xmms before, but now it says it's obsolete09:51
BinaryManjamila: hi09:51
ravensysrescd - how to mount a truecrypt/encrypted volume?09:52
Callum_SirRedTooth: If the drive is already configured to be automounted in /etc/fstab, it won't appear in computer:///09:52
Dr_Willisabo:  auacious09:52
jamilaBinaryMan, how can i retrieve back my network manager icon?09:52
Callum_SirRedTooth: can you pastebin the output of 'mount'?09:52
AnAntndr01d: what about gnucash ?09:52
aboDr_Willis E: Couldn't find package auacious09:52
ndr01dcan it import csv? The QIF file from my bank is no good09:53
Neremorwhy isn't "eclipse-cdt" in the repos anymore?09:53
om26erthe drive on which he installed ubuntu using wubi is mounted in 'host' directory09:53
GabrielSOE_how do I restart computer using command line?09:53
FlannelGabrielSOE_: sudo shutdown -r now09:53
SirRedToothwould it be easier to run the thing that puts ubuntu on its own partition.09:53
GabrielSOE_Flannel: Thanks m809:53
BinaryManjamila: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Missing%20panel%20applet09:54
BinaryManGabrielSOE_: reboot works too09:54
Dr_Willisabo:  use the search feature of the package manager09:54
BinaryManless characters to type in09:54
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.09:54
Callum_SirRedTooth: Check the /host folder09:54
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs09:54
aboDr_willis, was it audacious?09:54
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  a normal install is proberly a good idea.09:54
ravensysrescd - how to mount a truecrypt/encrypted volume?09:55
Dr_Willisabo:  thats what the bot just said09:55
SirRedToothOh thanks.09:55
Callum_SirRedTooth: Is /host your C: drive?09:55
quietonendr01d: there is a gnucash channel on gimpnet09:55
BinaryManso yeah09:55
Callum_SirRedTooth: =) Good09:55
ndr01dyeah, i went there, no ones at home...09:55
Dr_WillisCallum_:  so its allready mounted. :)09:55
sobersabrehi. I have a network of 2 computers (a,b). All the internet traffic comes via third computer (c), and I want to be able to count how much uploaded/downloaded each computer (a & b)09:55
BinaryMani realized that i've been getting my video driver updates from the upstream git09:55
BinaryManfor like the last two months09:55
sobersabrefrom the internet.09:55
SirRedToothSorry if I am a newbie this is my first day using something other than windows09:55
BinaryMangotta love the xorg-edgers ppa09:55
BinaryManamazing nothing broke09:56
Callum_Dr_Willis: Yes, it has to mount the NTFS partition somewhere to loop mount Ubuntu's filesystem image09:56
Callum_SirRedTooth: It's fine, this is what this channel is for =)09:56
* Dr_Willis votes to remove wubi from the next release.09:56
Callum_Dr_Willis: It's a good idea for people who can not partition09:56
* rww votes to remove Dr_Willis from the next release.09:56
Dr_WillisId rather seem them use virtualbox09:56
BinaryManI've been more of a VMware guy09:57
Dr_Willisive been playing with 'andlinux'  on my window machines.. its sort of a neat merger of virtual/guest/linux on windows. :)09:57
BinaryManDr_Willis: how does it differ from cygwin?09:57
BinaryManmore virtualization, less api emulation?09:58
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  its actually running a mini linux via qemu (i think) and displays to the Windows desktop via Xming09:58
AnAntndr01d: dunno about that , sorry09:58
Callum_BinaryMan: It's actually Linux, Cygwin is a POSIX API implementation for Windows09:58
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.09:58
ndr01dthanks mate anyway09:58
Callum_BinaryMan: Much like how Wine is a Win32 API implementation for Unix-like operating systems09:59
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  yea - one of the more original setups ive seen in some time.09:59
BinaryManif i ever get the urge to dual boot, i'll think about it.09:59
Dr_WillisI can run X apps as if they were windows apps basically.  with just a few quirks09:59
BinaryMani have no interest in shrinking this partition, then the lvm.10:00
raingrovewhy would you wanna run linux in windows10:00
pdp1111so i got a prob10:01
BinaryManraingrove: for the several dozen things you can't do in windows but can in linux?10:01
sayyedharoonhello ..can anyone help me with ubuntu 9.10 installatio which by mistake i have made 2 of them in the same computer along with also my xp installation10:01
Dr_WillisI justg have to wonder about windows at times.. this 2tb hd is 10% full and its 10% is scattered all over the hd... how can it be that bad.. :)10:01
BinaryManunfortunately, there are several things a virtual machine cannot do.10:01
Dr_Willisraingrove:  so i can access my linxu apps within windows10:01
BinaryManand you need windows as the host OS.10:01
raingrovethat's sad10:01
pdp1111i installed ubuntu and it made it through the install but went to reboot and it didnt10:01
Dr_WillisI can run xterm, gnome-terminal  or whatever now instead of putty10:01
raingroveone of the reasons you use linux is because windows is an unstable piece of junk10:02
pdp1111so i had to run the live cd10:02
pdp1111any help?10:02
sayyedharooncan i have answer on this10:02
BinaryManDr_Willis: i flinched at that. if only windows had ext3/410:02
Callum_pdp1111: Is the Ubuntu drive the first hard drive the BIOS is going to try to boot off of ?10:02
pdp1111cd, then hdd10:02
Dr_WillisBinaryMan: I still liked many of the features the BeOS filesystem had.10:02
Callum_pdp1111: Yes, but in the hard drive boot order, is the drive containing Ubuntu the first HARD DRIVE the BIOS will try to boot?10:03
pdp1111but there was no cd in10:03
BinaryManDr_Willis: better than ntfs10:03
Callum_pdp1111: then maybe it would be best to try and reinstall it on the same drive, and see how it goes10:03
sobersabreif somebody answered me, I had some net problem...10:03
sayyedharooncan anyone help me with some assistance on the unintsalling of ubuntu10:03
BinaryMananyone know the highlights in the samba update?10:04
Callum_pdp1111: make sure the boot loader is installed on the same drive Ubuntu is being installed to10:04
sobersabreI wanted to know if there is a toold to collect traffic usage data by IP10:04
pdp1111how do i do that10:04
quietonendr01d: try wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ10:04
Dr_Willissobersabre:  ntop perhaps10:04
Callum_pdp1111: If you are not sure how to do it, you don't need to worry about that then10:04
SirRedToothDoes anybody know a good alternative to autohotkey for ubuntu?10:05
pdp1111ok ill try it10:05
pdp1111so u say just reinstall10:05
Callum_pdp1111: Give it a try =P10:05
candy_can anybody help me how to extract uif file??10:05
error404notfoundmy resolv.conf is always set to nameserver, even though i am pushing a DNS from my oepnvpn server, why?10:05
BinaryManout of curiosity, just how exactly does luks work with an lvm?10:06
BinaryMani get the jist of it, but i'm not that familiar with it.10:07
BinaryManwhoa caps10:07
sayyedharoonis there anyone who could help me wth uninstallation of ubuntu on my system which has also windows cp in it10:07
Tm_T!patience | candy_10:07
ubottucandy_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:07
Dr_Williscandy_:  if they did.. they proberly got you on ignore now.10:07
Dr_Willisive never even heard of a UIF file10:07
xpo0f!hello | xpo0f10:08
ubottuxpo0f, please see my private message10:08
candy_Dr_Willis, and u plz help me10:08
Dr_Williscandy_: ive never heard of uif befor.. so all ican suggest is you google for 'uif linux extract'10:09
candy_Dr_Willis, ok10:09
Dr_Willissomthing ya could of done befor asking in here. :)10:09
BinaryMancandy_: you don't need to do that.10:09
BinaryManthere's a package to extract uif images already on the ubuntu repo.10:09
candy_BinaryMan, but how to open it?10:10
Dr_Willispackage manager searching is good also.. but ive never heard of uif still :)10:10
BinaryManubottu must be broken.10:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:10
BinaryManthat will convert the uif image to iso10:10
BinaryManthen you can just mount it.10:10
BinaryManmkdir /mnt/isomount10:10
xpo0f!info | xpo0f10:10
ubottu(In the future, please use a private message to investigate) Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>10:10
BinaryMansudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt/isomount10:10
ubottu'xpo0f' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner10:10
SirRedToothDoes anybody know a alternative to autohotkey for ubuntu?10:11
BinaryManSirRedTooth: for global hotkeys?10:11
BinaryManSirRedTooth: or just remapping keys?10:11
SirRedToothremapping keys.10:11
sudiptacan linux have viruses10:11
BinaryManyup, it can10:12
Dr_Willissudipta:  possible - but ive never seen one in the wild.10:12
SirRedToothSo if i type "hi" it replaces with "hello"10:12
candy_BinaryMan, the link ll do for me i think. thanks10:12
Dr_Willissudipta:  and ones ive seen in the past/history are so specific for various kernel/services.. that  they dont live long10:12
BinaryManSirRedTooth: that's something beyond i was thinking10:12
xpo0f!info keyboard10:12
ubottuPackage keyboard does not exist in karmic10:12
BinaryMan!info gremlins10:12
ubottuPackage gremlins does not exist in karmic10:12
BinaryManlies, they do exist!10:13
xpo0f!hi | BinaryMan10:13
ubottuBinaryMan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:13
obiwan_guys , could nybody xplain  the -0- part in wget -q http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/sun_vbox.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add - ??10:13
quietonesayyedharoon: did you say you have two copies of the same version of ubuntu on your machine plus windows?10:13
SirRedToothI will do a few more google searches..10:13
xpo0fobiwan_: maybe manual will help | man apt-key10:13
BinaryManxpo0f: i've been sitting in here for about a month or two now, thanks.10:13
obiwan_xpo0f: but that's before apt-key10:14
MF_DebianSirRedTooth, autokey10:14
xpo0fBinaryMan: just to say hi10:14
obiwan_xpo0f: i searched the man wget but i don't find it10:14
MF_DebianSirRedTooth, there is a ppa for it, I havent used it though10:14
xpo0fobiwan_: i also dont know.. that part of gpg i guess10:14
ddmalguien interesado en ubuntu que hable español?10:14
SirRedToothOkay :) ill see if I can manage to use it.10:14
xpo0f!language | ddm10:14
ubottuddm: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:14
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=== pricey\ is now known as pricey|
sudiptathen why windows have deadly viruses?10:15
=== pricey| is now known as Pricey
xpo0fany idea what is linux-next patch ??10:15
SirRedToothBecause most people use windows, so people write viruses for windows.10:16
SirRedToothAnd most people using linux are familiar with a computer which makes it hard for them to get infected.10:16
xpo0fSirRedTooth: maybe lack of security, more user friendly10:16
xpo0fi love ubuntu so much .. although karmic really pain10:17
Dr_WillisThe russian mafia pays people to write virusew for windows, :)10:17
SirRedToothI suppose. It might take a while to get used to it though.10:17
royrussell2 sets down one game down in the 3rd10:17
BinaryManddm: no hable espanol, hable ingles10:17
Dr_WillisYou learn about computers by using Linux.. with windows.. you learn about scanning for viruses and defragging all day long10:17
BinaryManit's not even that.10:18
BinaryManwith linux, you have far more control over your system.10:18
xpo0flinux and ubuntu is about community10:18
BinaryManfor example10:18
BinaryManyou plug in an mp3 player10:18
BinaryManhit dmesg10:18
BinaryManand you've got all sorts of useful information.10:18
BinaryManyou plug in an mp3 player while running windows, and plug and play goes off.10:18
xpo0fBinaryMan: thats the thing that kernel detect actually10:19
BinaryManand screams at you if it doesn't work.10:19
Dr_WillisI got a mixxed network of windows and linxu machines.. with samba shares on all of them. I cant 'see' the shares/mechines for some machines with nautilus, or windows. unless i enter the ip# of the server in question. then it works..  Whats causing this. oddity.10:19
SirRedToothIm guessing in around 4 months time I will be able to run ubuntu as easily as I used to run liux10:19
BinaryManDr_Willis: make sure the dns names are being resolved.10:19
royrussellDr_Willis wins server10:19
BinaryMancheck the hosts file?10:19
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  they should be using the wins. not dns. :) and i do have entries in teh hosts file on the linux box's alsop10:20
ddmno sé inglés10:20
Dr_Willisim having the issue btween 2 windows machines also.10:20
Dr_Willisnot just linux to win or win to lin.10:20
SirRedToothThe last step of installing autokey is sudo dpkg -i <buildpackagename>, what does it mean by buildpackage name?10:20
BinaryManddm: por favor hable ingles10:20
ddmagradeceria que alguien me orientara de algún chat en castellano que traten sobre ubuntu10:21
Dr_WillisShould i set up one linux box to be a wins server and the others to be a wins client? or is the wins client setting even needed?10:21
BinaryManddm: ellos no hable espanol10:21
Dr_Willisreading the samba config file right now.. checking the comments10:21
ddmlo siento, chao10:21
xpo0fDr_Willis: u can use it like samba pdc10:21
BinaryManddm: chao10:21
SirRedToothThe last step of installing autokey is sudo dpkg -i <buildpackagename>, what does it mean by buildpackagename?10:22
BinaryManSirRedTooth: the name of the package10:22
xpo0fSirRedTooth: and checkinstall will create .deb file10:22
BinaryMansorry about that. guy didn't know english10:22
BinaryMankept telling him none of us know spanish and he had to speak english10:23
Callum_BinaryMan: you can redirect him to a Spanish #ubuntu channel10:23
gabriel_Callum_: i installed mplayer again using the ubuntu software center.. however, it doesn't seems to have overwritten my compiled version of mplayer? I thought it would do it?10:23
SirRedToothWhere do I find the name of the package? Something gives me a feeling this is a stupid question...10:24
BinaryManDr_Willis: i have three machines on my network, two are running linux and one is running windows. haven't had any problems with samba.10:24
Callum_gabriel_: you can install MPlayer to different places =) which is probably what has happened here10:24
BinaryManhad to play with it a little bit to get it working, but now it works fine.10:24
BinaryManCallum_: didn't know there was one. what's the channel?10:24
Callum_gabriel_: you can uninstall the compiled MPlayer by going to the source code folder where it was compiled and typing 'sudo make uninstall'10:25
Callum_isn't it something like #ubuntu-es or something?10:25
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  yea i even have oddities with just the 2 windows box's here.  Im wondering if my router is doing some security stuff. but i cant find any. and that dont explain why the ip's work. but not the names10:25
SirRedToothI just downloaded a application, how to i find <buildpackagename> so I can run the install?10:25
gabriel_so are BOTH versions on my path now? And it just executes the first entry on the path?10:25
BinaryManup, that's it.10:26
xpo0fSirRedTooth: apt-cache search <package>10:26
BinaryMan /shrug10:26
BinaryManhe left freenode.10:26
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  rereading chapter 7 of 'using samba -> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch07.html10:26
Callum_gabriel_: Yes, you will want to remove the compiled one by going to the source code folder where it was compiled and typing 'sudo make uninstall'10:26
gabriel_where is the latest installed one, if i want to try it first before uninstalling my own?10:26
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  :) i really do RTFM10:26
BinaryManDr_Willis: I would check the hosts files first.10:26
SirRedToothIs there a tutorial for all this10:26
gabriel_Callum_: before that i would like to see if the repo version works better...10:27
BinaryManthat was my problem with name resolving.10:27
BinaryMani don't have a WINS server set up.10:27
Callum_gabriel_: You will probably need to make uninstall the compiled one to do that10:27
xpo0f!info pdnsd10:27
ubottupdnsd (source: pdnsd): Proxy DNS Server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.7-par-1 (karmic), package size 285 kB, installed size 712 kB10:27
xpo0fim using pdnsd .. no more WINS server10:28
gabriel_Callum_: well, ok :/10:28
SirRedToothI will read the documentation10:28
Callum_gabriel_: Just installed MPlayer from the repo and using SMPlayer to play it, and VDPAU seems to be working for me =)10:28
xpo0fgabriel_: vlc also ok to010:28
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  hosts file on a linxu box wouldent be affecting the 2 windows machines would it?  i was just wondering what if the wins server has a messed up hosts file10:29
xpo0fDr_Willis: you can also put in your /etc/hosts file10:29
gabriel_Callum_: aha, i have smplayer installed. i can try it i guess.. but how can i see if it's actually using vdpau? should i start smplayer from commandline?10:29
Dr_Willisxpo0f:  thats what i am checking right now.10:29
BinaryManDr_Willis: check the hosts file on the windows boxes?10:30
gabriel_but i have to give the command to use vdpay right?10:30
Ganangdid anyone try running photoshop with wine? did it run well?10:30
SirRedToothAnybody know a tutorial that explains how to install applications? By that I mean the concept of packages.10:30
xpo0fGanang: u can use playonlinux10:30
richlynjust got the burg installed on my karmic10:30
Dr_WillisBinaryMan:  yea. last i looked there - those were untouched by me.. let me double check10:30
xpo0f!info playonlinux | Ganang10:30
ubottuGanang: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.6-1 (karmic), package size 759 kB, installed size 2040 kB10:30
Callum_gabriel_: no, it can be configured using a GUI, such as SMPlayer10:31
Ganangxpo0f: is playonlinux also an " emulator"?10:31
gabriel_Callum_: oh, so you configured it to use vdpau in the smplayer gui?10:31
SirRedTooth Anybody know a tutorial that explains how to install applications? By that I mean the concept of packages.10:31
xpo0fGanang: wine also ok.. download .pol file to run it10:31
xpo0fbut it guess gimp is better10:31
xpo0fSirRedTooth: meaning ?10:31
ruienSirRedTooth: do you mean installing automatically via apt-get, installing .deb packages directly, or installing from source manually?10:32
Ganangxpo0f: could be better, but i am used to photoshop, and i need to hand some stuff for tomorrow so with photoshop i can do it really fast10:32
richlynyou can download pakages manually in differrent OS and install later10:32
xpo0fGanang: ok.. gudluck10:32
=== sdx23 is now known as Guest56196
SirRedToothSomething that can help me understand what a .deb package is.10:33
SirRedToothFor example: sudo dpkg -i <buildpackagename>10:33
sarthorHi, my pppoe server is according this tutorial, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 , how to add my clients username and passwords to the /etc/ppp/pap-secrtes by bash command.10:33
balsaqwith an intel atom and 1 gig ram is there really a big speed difference between xfce and gnome? do gnome apps run faster in gnome than in xfce, like firefox for example?10:33
xpo0fSirRedTooth: u neet to read ape-cache instead10:33
faileasSirRedTooth: its just a compressed bunch of files, with a file telling your system how to remove, and install then10:34
Callum_gabriel_: Just tried it, yeah10:34
xpo0fbalsaq: lxde as alternatives, lightwight10:34
SirRedToothSo how do i run the install?10:34
bioswordsgiorno a tutti10:34
xpo0fapt-get install <packages>10:34
xpo0f!info apt-get | SirRedTooth10:35
ubottuSirRedTooth: Package apt-get does not exist in karmic10:35
SirRedToothHow do I know what to replace <package> with?10:35
gawkI installed Ubuntu to a RAID 5 array, and it installed fine, but when I booted I got a Grub 15 error. This is my first RAID, does anyone know if I am missing something?10:35
bioswordsqualkuno saprebe indicarmi la via per risolvere il problema del gioco super mario bros per wii10:35
xpo0fapt-get will install dependency to010:35
faileasSirRedTooth: google, or apt-cache search (some keyword)10:36
gabriel_Callum_: could you tell me what settings you use to get good playback? For instance, I saw there is a option "use coreAVC if no other codec specified"... i think that's weird, since normally you don't have coreAVC installed!10:36
xpo0fSirRedTooth: you may search package using apt-cache search <package>10:36
gawkWhen I tried mounting it from a live CD, it told me it couldn't mount it10:36
BinaryManthere is the GUI interface10:36
Callum_gabriel_: you do have the repo MPlayer and SMPlayer installed and the compiled one UNINSTALLED, right? =)10:36
SirRedToothI will understand apt-cache first.10:36
BinaryManit's something like system -> administration -> software packages10:36
SirRedToothI feel utterly stupid right now10:36
ruienSirRedTooth: you can search packages in aptitude as well. That is what I like to use.10:36
xpo0fSirRedTooth: using synaptic-package-manager10:36
BinaryManSirRedTooth: you're learning something new. you can't expect to know this right off the bat.10:37
SirRedToothI suppose10:37
gabriel_Callum_: well i haven't managed to uninstalled the compiled one yet :D10:37
BinaryManSirRedTooth: a lot of us started using linux years ago. back before it was this user-friendly.10:37
Callum_gabriel_: Just go to the source code folder where you compiled MPlayer and type 'sudo make uninstall'10:38
BinaryManin some cases, before a gui installer existd.10:38
gabriel_Callum_: ok now i did it, it should have worked now10:38
BinaryManso keep in mind you have a bit of an advantage.10:38
Callum_gabriel_: Launch SMPlayer.... Options -> Preferences -> Video tab -> Output driver: vdpau10:38
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natrixnatrix89Hi. How can I find out the address of my serial port. It has to be something like /dev/ttyS.. but which one?10:38
trollboygood question10:39
=== root is now known as Guest79931
balsaqis evolution integration canonical's idea or is it because of the Gnome DE?10:39
kinkelsonhello all..10:39
Guest79931hi kink10:40
xpo0fi cant remove evolution and its depends on gnome-panel ..10:40
gabriel_Callum_: i have uninstalled. However, I can STILL run the same video as before with coreAVC codec! How is that possible?? ALso, i don't see vdpau driver in smplayer :( Only other drivers...10:40
Tm_Tbalsaq: I'm sure it's gnome thing10:40
kinkelsonhi Guest7993110:40
Myrttibalsaq: evolution is an official part of  gnome...10:40
Callum_balsaq: yeah, Evolution is part of the GNOME project10:40
Guest79931i want make upgrade to Pidgin but it didn't work10:40
Guest79931any one for help10:40
gabriel_Callum_: i think that if it REALLY uninstalled, how can it still use the coreavc codec?10:41
balsaqin that case i really think xfce should be default lol integration is more windowsish10:41
Callum_gabriel_: that is odd...10:41
kinkelsonhow did u do it? throught the CLI or GUI?10:41
gabriel_Callum_: yeah it's odd. i just wanted to confirm the uninstall10:41
Callum_gabriel_: What was the output of 'sudo make uninstall'?10:41
gabriel_Callum_: stuff like: rm -f /usr/local/bin/mplayer /usr/local/bin/gmplayer10:41
xpo0fGuest79931: u need to add launchpad pidgin developers10:42
Guest79931i made apt-get upgrade Pidgin10:42
Callum_gabriel_: You weren't running any instances of MPlayer while you were uninstalling it, right?10:42
Ganangxpo0f: After installing playonlinux, how can i install the software, with wine or playonlinux directly?10:42
Guest79931but that give me time is out10:42
kinkelsonGuest79931 u need to uninstall the current version and install the version u want10:43
kinkelsonthats safer and cleaner10:43
gabriel_Callum_: i was running smplayer, if that matters?10:43
=== antti is now known as antrissa
xpo0fGanang: playonlinux directly, u can find it in games menu10:43
Guest79931i made that too10:43
Callum_gabriel_: That might make a difference, try running it while SMPlayer isn't running10:43
kinkelsonon the other hand the upgrade could have failed because you have the newest verion10:43
kinkelsondid u check the version numbers?10:43
gabriel_Callum_: omg i was just logged out for no reason :/10:44
Callum_gabriel_: X server probably crashed, that happens10:45
Guest79931now i made "sudo apt-get remove pidgin"10:45
Guest79931and it remove10:45
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superbeeWoot woot10:46
sim642When I boot ubuntu 9.10 live cd on an old PC, and select try ubuntu with no changes to pc, ubuntu freezes and cd is ejected. The pc actually doesnt meet the requirements, but is that because of it?10:47
gabriel_Callum_: just run uninstall again. can still use coreavc codec... ???10:47
gawkI installed Ubuntu to a RAID 5 array, and it installed fine, but when I booted I got a Grub 15 error. This is my first RAID...so I know it is probably something silly and stupid. When I try to mount it from a live CD it refusing to mount, saying "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"10:47
gabriel_Callum_: MPlayer SVN-r29643-Ubuntu-RVM (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team10:47
Guest79931i want make ubuntu as server Active directory and DC10:48
natrixnatrix89Hi. How can I find out the address of my serial port. It has to be something like /dev/ttyS.. but which one?10:48
gabriel_Callum_: however, now i can see vdpau driver in smplayer!10:48
Callum_gabriel_: That's probably because its using Ubuntu mplayer now10:49
gabriel_Callum_: i have many more drivers to choose from now in fact.10:49
gabriel_Callum_: yeah it seems so.10:49
Guest79931i'm looking for Domain Controller with Linux10:49
quietonei'v been talking to sayyedharoon about their problems. Can someone help with dual boot, disk partitioning and editing grub?10:50
gabriel_Callum_: i still have the "use coreavc if no other codec spcified" option under the performance tab10:50
kinkelsonit seems you need to install OpenLDAP to act a a directory server10:50
kinkelsonits syntax is slightly complex u'll need to read more on it10:51
Guest79931and i want make windows XP joint with linux domain10:51
gabriel_Callum_: i'm guessing it's good to use 2 threads at least for decoding? so that both my cpus can be used?10:51
transonicwhat can i say.....10:51
kinkelsonyes openldap can do that10:51
XeroXerDoes anyone know if anything can be done about the gvfs timeout problem that appeared in 9.10?10:51
SirRedToothHow to i set ubuntu to show file extensions?10:52
Callum_gabriel_: Just use default settings with VDPAU decoder, see what happens =)10:52
omegonHi all, i'm using right now Ubuntu 9.10 loaded from CD (live version). How do I get permission of removing/copying files? it keeps on saying "Permission denied". Thank you for helping me.10:52
kinkelsonto install :the package name is openlap-server10:52
Guest79931Thank you KINK10:52
Callum_SirRedTooth: Most files in Linux don't have extensions10:52
kinkelsonit's on most repos10:52
SirRedToothSo its not possible10:52
kinkelsonno problem .. all the best10:52
quietoneubuntu has been installed twice and one of the questions is how to return one of those partitions to XP. How does one reformat it for ntfs and then will XP just find it?10:52
Callum_SirRedTooth: No, any file that doesn't have an extention REALLY doesn't have one in its filename10:52
Guest79931sorry KINK how i can install it "Openldap"10:53
Callum_gabriel_: if VDPAU output doesn't work, make sure that package "nvidia-185-libvdpau" is installed10:53
Liquid-Silencequick question10:53
SirRedToothSo if i have a pdf file called ubuntu I cant make it show as ubuntu.pdf10:53
kinkelsonuse sudo apt-get install openldap10:53
kinkelsonbut it has other dependencies10:53
icerootkinkelson: sudo apt-get install slapd10:53
Callum_SirRedTooth: Yes, you can, just rename it to be so10:53
kinkelsonlike nss10:53
faileasSirRedTooth: sudo cp ubuntu ubuntu.pdf will make a copy10:53
Guest79931E: Couldn't find package openldap10:54
kinkelsonsorry, iceroot is right10:54
kinkelsonits sudo apt-get install slapd10:54
icerootGuest79931: sudo apt-get install slapd10:54
Dragon_LegionI got a question on the usb-creator10:54
SirRedToothBut I have a file called ubuntu.pdf. But it hides the .pdf part.10:54
iceroot!ask | Dragon_Legion10:54
ubottuDragon_Legion: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:54
Guest79931and witch linux system10:54
icerootGuest79931: ?10:55
Guest79931for any linux system it can work10:55
SirRedToothI have a column called "type" I dont want the extension to be in type I want it to show with the file name10:55
Dragon_Legionis it possible to change the USB to be NOT read only (using an old distro of Linux Mint atm) so I can rewrite it?10:55
kinkelsonwhich distro are u using?10:55
Liquid-Silenceanyone have a ubuntu desktop that "wows"?10:55
Guest79931fedora or ubuntu etc...10:55
pratik_dondais there any tool for "collaborative editing for linux & windows"?10:55
kinkelsonwith fedora its yum10:55
icerootGuest79931: what is your question excactly?10:56
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pbinkSo i tried to slap 9.1 onto this old P4T533 Asus mb based system.  I have the single IDE HD plugged into the primary master slot, and jumpered to CS.  Install from CD image seems to go perfectly, but fails "cannot boot from disk, press any key to try again"  after post.10:56
pbinkany ideas?10:56
Guest79931<kinkelson> so it's make linux as windows server 200310:56
SirRedToothI will do a few more google searches. But I am sure it must be possible.10:56
kinkelsoniceroot: have personally ever deployed LDAP?10:56
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sarthorHi, my pppoe server is according this tutorial, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 , how to add my clients username and passwords to the /etc/ppp/pap-secrtes by bash command.10:57
icerootkinkelson: of course10:57
kinkelsonwell in a way, if you are referring to authentication10:57
pratik_dondais there any tool for "collaborative editing for ubuntu & windows"?10:58
icerootpratik_donda: google wave10:58
kinkelsoniceroot: which distro did you try it on?10:58
icerootkinkelson: debian, univention coorperate server, ubuntu10:58
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Phantom_HooverDoes anyone know how the joystick bindings in linux/input.h work?10:58
Guest79931debian is okay10:58
kinkelsoniceroot: oh ok, what about fedora or RHEL?10:58
iceroot!ot kinkelson10:59
iceroot!ot | kinkelson10:59
ubottukinkelson: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:59
pratik_dondaiceroot:there's no such option for uploading a file and editing in it10:59
icerootpratik_donda: alfresco10:59
kinkelsoniceroot:no I'm just askin10:59
icerootkinkelson: and i answered that this is ubuntu support :) not RHEL support11:00
Guest79931thank you every one i will be back11:00
SirRedToothFound a automatic installer for autokey11:00
kinkelsoniceroot: copy that11:00
SnoopenI have trouble with my soundcard and the DebuggingSoundProblems page has not been any help :(11:01
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gabriel_Callum_: wooooooooooooooow :D11:02
pratik_dondaiceroot:its too big to download.any other options?11:02
gabriel_Callum_: my cpus are BARELY used now, and playback is perfect! :D11:03
kinkelsoniceroot: does mint count?11:03
Callum_gabriel_: Success I take =)11:03
Dragon_LegionIll brb...gonna use a different client11:03
gabriel_Callum_: and it works in compiz as well! so cool! :)11:03
icerootkinkelson: no, just ubuntu11:03
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icerootpratik_donda: hm, dont know any others11:03
Callum_gabriel_: Good for you =)11:03
pratik_dondaiceroot: ok thanks11:03
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ruienI have a headless server. I have installed ubuntu server remotely via SSH. I then installed the big 'xubuntu-desktop' package and 'vnc4server'. I would like to start an x-window session to vnc into. Can anyone give me any tips? StartX can't find a terminal, and I am new to x-windows environments.11:03
Callum_Now I need to lie down, my stomach has started playing up, got HUGE pains over here...11:04
gabriel_Callum_: no kidding, this is better than i could ever have hoped for! My cpus is at like 4% usage when playing terminator salvation 1080... it's NOOO problem now, haha.. don't know why i struggled with coreAVC, haha!11:04
sarthorHi, my pppoe server is according this tutorial, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 , how to add my clients username and passwords to the /etc/ppp/pap-secrtes by bash command.11:04
Callum_gabriel_: Good =)11:04
Liquid-Silencedoes anyone have decent themes for gnome, the installed ones are crappy11:05
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kinkelsoniceroot:ok, there seems to be a prob with mplayer embedding in firefox11:05
iceroot!theme | Liquid-Silence11:05
ubottuLiquid-Silence: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:05
kinkelsonon some distros it comes full screen11:05
kinkelsonwith others its partial11:05
iceroot!details | kinkelson11:05
ubottukinkelson: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:05
pratik_dondahow to install tar.gz file?11:05
gabriel_Callum_: however, theres still striping going on (not sure if that's the correct term)11:06
iceroot!tar | pratik_donda11:06
ubottupratik_donda: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression11:06
Myrtti pratik_donda what are you installing?11:06
gabriel_Callum_: any idea of a setting that fixes that? Lines showing up in the middle of the screen sometimes?11:06
icerootpratik_donda: but have a look at the repos first if the program is already build11:07
mohaveLiquid silence: search for bisigi project too. Awesomw themes there11:07
xianwenHi! Can someone please email me these two files:11:07
Callum_gabriel_: Vsync will help with that11:07
pratik_donda Myrtti: ace-m4.tar.gz11:07
gabriel_Callum_: ok, can you be a bit more specific? :)11:07
ndr01dWhy is there no easy way to convert csv to qif?11:08
icerootndr01d: what is qif?11:08
candyi wanna install lamp11:08
icerootcandy: sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server phpmyadmin11:09
xianwenhi iceroot11:09
Flannel!lamp | candy11:09
ubottucandy: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:09
icerootxianwen: hi11:09
ndr01dqif is a Quicken Import Format file (correct me if I;m wrong anyone...)11:09
nikihrHow to remove kubuntu from ubuntu?11:09
xianwencan you do me a favor?11:09
* travmon is away: I'm busy11:09
iceroot!puregnome | ndr01d11:09
ubottundr01d: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal11:09
gabriel_Callum_: is it a setting in smplayer?11:09
xianweniceroot, can you do me a favor?11:10
iceroot!ask | xianwen11:10
ubottuxianwen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:10
xianweniceroot, could you email me /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us-intl.iso01.kmap.gz and /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us-intl.iso15.kmap.gz?11:10
icerootndr01d: sorry wrong nick11:10
iceroot!puregnome | nikihr11:10
ubottunikihr: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal11:10
icerootxianwen: i am a qwertz user11:11
nikihrthanks mate11:11
SnoopenI recently upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 then to 9.10 and now my soundcard doesnt work with anything. ALSA mixer is all maxed, the card has no issues I can see in dmsg and pulseaudio seems to be running fine11:11
candyiceroot, thanks11:11
xianweni'm superised, iceroot. but are you sure you don't have these two files on your machine?11:11
candyFlannel, thanks11:11
pratik_donda Myrtti: can i install that file from terminal ?11:11
icerootxianwen: yes, they are not on my debian lenny11:12
ndr01dAndy Murray - WTF? (off topic post)11:12
Myrttipratik_donda: what is it? where did you get them?11:12
xianweni see. thanks anyway iceroot. btw, why do you use qwertz keymap layout?11:13
icerootxianwen: because i am german and in germany we use qwertz11:13
xianweni see. thanks iceroot.11:14
xianwencan someone please email me /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us-intl.iso01.kmap.gz and /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us-intl.iso15.kmap.gz?11:15
pratik_dondaMyrtti:its a collaborative text editor . i got it frm here http://sourceforge.net/projects/ace/files/11:15
iceroot!find us-intl.iso1.kmap.gz11:15
ubottuPackage/file us-intl.iso1.kmap.gz does not exist in karmic11:15
mohaveDid someone had the blurry/antialiasing fonts in firefox 3.6?11:15
icerootMyrtti: is !find = apt-file search?11:15
xianweni see ubottu. can you please email me /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us-intl.iso15.kmap.gz?11:15
Myrttiiceroot: looks like  it11:16
Myrttier aactually no11:16
Myrttiiceroot: no its not11:16
Dr_Willishmm. got one machine now thats not shiowing up in the workgroup.  other 3 do show up.. but if i enter its name  '\\cow' i can access the shares.. Silly Cow machine...11:17
Guest94903iirc !search does that :f11:17
Dr_Williscow is not even showing its own shares/name in the network neighborhood.. :()11:17
iceroot!search us-intl.iso01.kmap.gz11:17
icerootxianwen: on jaunty i found that file on the package console-data11:18
icerootxianwen: sudo apt-get install coonsole-data11:18
Dr_Willisaha - now i see cow.. Is like the machines  listed under wht workgroups often.. err.. slow to respond?11:18
pratik_donda Myrtti:?11:18
xianwenthanks iceroot.11:18
icerootxianwen: sudo apt-get install console-data11:18
mohave!search firefox11:18
ubottuFound: ftp, ff3*, firefox, kde firefox, firefox-3.5, multisearch, fffc, thunderbird, firefox1.5, flash64bit11:18
gabriel_What setting do i need to avoid tearing in video playback? I have a geforce 8800GT card, and in nvidia x server settings i can check "sync to VBlank", but when i playback high res video i still get tearing sometimes. What do i need to do?11:19
icerootxianwen: you can use apt-file search filename  to see what package contains that file. install it with  sudo apt-get install apt-file  and then run sudo apt-file update11:19
Myrttipratik_donda: have you looked for the application in the package management?11:19
sayyedharooncan anyone help me out with my problem bcz i have 2 installations of ubuntu, and also also one xp installation...and i want to delete one ubuntu and regain the space to my C drive of xp11:19
gabriel_I'm using smplayer with vdpau driver btw.11:19
xianwenhi iceroot, i'm actually not using debian nor debian variates... but since ubuntu has the largest user community, i came here for help... i'm using a small distro called tiny core...11:20
pratik_dondaMyrtti:yup . but didnt get any for both windows and linux11:20
sarthorHi, my pppoe server is according this tutorial, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 , how to add my clients username and passwords to the /etc/ppp/pap-secrtes by bash command.11:20
mauriha qualche idea qualcuno11:21
maurii link dei fogli openoffice vengono aperti da konqueror invece di firefox11:21
Dragon_Legionhow do I remount a vfat so it is read/write11:21
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:21
icerootxianwen: download the package and extract it to get the files11:21
Callum_gabirel_: I know, disable Composite extension in X server...unfortunately with this you won't be able to use COmpiz11:21
SirRedToothWhere do files do when you have installed them?11:21
Callum_gabriel_: I know, disable Composite extension in X server...unfortunately with this you won't be able to use COmpiz11:21
icerootxianwen: maybe packages.ubuntu.com11:21
LucKaaaaaahi, how secure is encryption using gpg?11:21
xianwenyeah. i've downloaded the one from debian mirror.11:21
xianweni'll let you know how it works.11:22
maffelinuxIf I modify my .bashrc file, do I have to restart my terminal in order to get effects, or can I just run it like 'sh .bashrc' and the changes will come into effect?11:22
gabriel_Callum_: what manu is that in?11:22
Callum_gabriel_: You will have to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and then log out and log back in11:23
Dr_Willismaffelinux:  use 'source .bashrc' or '. .bashrc'11:23
Dr_Willismaffelinux:  note the space?11:23
gabriel_Callum_: so then i can never use compiz? I must manually change the file back if i want compiz back?? :(11:23
maffelinuxah, yes11:23
Dr_Willis . = source command.11:23
Callum_gabriel_: Yes11:23
Dr_Willismaffelinux:  and think about why 'sh .bashrc' wont do anything. :) bash homework11:24
gabriel_Callum_: isn't there a way to still have compiz active? :(11:24
gabriel_Callum_: please? ;)11:24
Callum_gabriel_: It's the easiest way to get rid of the tearing11:24
Dr_Willismaffelinux:  sh reads/runs the script then exits.. all changes/settings then are discarded back when it goes to the parent shell11:24
SirRedToothWhere do files do when you have installed them?11:24
Dr_Willismaffelinux:  plus sh is not the same as 'bash'  in many cases11:24
gabriel_Callum_: well i can't live without compiz... is there a way to keep compiz but still get rid of tearing?11:25
Callum_gabriel_: Not that I know of11:25
SirRedToothLike what is the equivalent of programme files in ubuntu11:25
icerootSirRedTooth: in different directorys, depending on the program11:25
icerootSirRedTooth: there is no single directory as in windows11:25
Guest94903gabriel_: on simillar hardware i didn't notice any tearing <:11:25
Dr_Willisiceroot:  theres really not a 'single directroy' in windows either11:25
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icerootDr_Willis: but you know what i mean11:26
SirRedToothOkay because i just installed something and it has no shortcuts11:26
SirRedToothAnd i dont know how to run it11:26
icerootSirRedTooth: what program?11:26
Dr_Willisiceroot:  dont even get me started on the weirdness OS-X does :)11:26
RichiHis there any cli download manager with a queue, start/stop/resume, parallel downloads and maybe even downloading files in parallel chunks?11:26
icerootDr_Willis: if i am correct mac osx is hiding /etc and so on11:26
SirRedToothautokey, managed to find it in the software center because i couldnt install it manually11:26
kickbWhen you login through the console or ssh you get some information from the package system; how many packages than can be updated. Which tool collects this information and where is it stored?11:26
Dr_Willisiceroot:  it gets much weirder then that..11:26
icerootDr_Willis: only to directorys? /foo and /home or something like that?11:27
SirRedToothI could run autohotkey using wine.11:27
Callum_kickb: That tool would be apt-get and its stored as metadata in the APT cache...11:27
SirRedToothAutohotkey takes like 2 seconds to set up11:27
Dr_Willisiceroot:  os-x can shomehow make the filenames case inseneitive for the gui but the underlaying OS is still case senesitive. :) thats a neat trick. and  somehow it can make directories of files appear as a single file/executable.11:28
icerootSirRedTooth: what if you type autokey in the terminal?11:28
SirRedToothOh it worked :)11:28
icerootDr_Willis: .... that sounds very very buggy with the case sensetive11:28
mohaveSirRedTooth: and autohotkey works in the ubuntu interface properly?11:28
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Dr_Willisiceroot:  i dont know how they manage it.11:29
SirRedToothI dont think it does, well I havnt tried it.11:29
SirRedToothHow do i make a shortcut for a terminal command?11:29
icerootDr_Willis: and i dont want to know it or even use it11:29
iceroot!alias | SirRedTooth11:29
icerootSirRedTooth: man alias11:29
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  depends on what you mwean by shortcut11:29
SirRedToothSo instead of openeing the terminal and typing autokey11:30
Callum_Alright, I can't take this stomach pain any more, I need some sleep...11:30
SirRedToothi just click on a shortcut11:30
gabriel_Guest94903 well are you using compiz at the same time?11:30
icerootSirRedTooth: ah ok, create a launcher in the gnome-panel and type in the command11:30
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  you mean make a 'launcher' :) windows uses shortcuts11:30
=== Dragon_Legion[ps is now known as Dragon_Legion
kickbCallum_: But I can't find the any arguments that just gives me the information on how many packages can be upgraded11:30
Dr_WillisSirRedTooth:  or click/drag/hold down alt, drop on desktop selet make link..  may work11:30
Dragon_Legionanyone know how to remount a read-only vfat USB and make it writeable again?11:31
Dr_Willisor add it to your autostart stuff :)11:31
gabriel_Callum_: if i disable compiz there is no tearing whatsoever. And i can use compiz fusion icon to switch between metacity and compiz, so it's not THAT bad... when i want to watch an hd movie i have to switch to avoid tearing, but at least it's just two clicks of the mouse...11:32
SirRedToothDone :) thanks11:32
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  some media players may have some video settings to reduce the issue.11:32
gabriel_Dr_Willis: really? you mean while still using compiz? Well i'm using smplayer, which is new to me, so i don't know... looked around a bit but didn't find anything11:33
dhasthaneed help? stdin:error0    while installing ubuntu 9.1011:34
gabriel_Dr_Willis: and using vdpau as video driver11:34
MF_DebianDragon_Legion, mount -o remount,rw /dev/whatever11:34
Ganangxpo0f: How can i install applications with playonlinux from iso files?11:35
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  ivbe not tried vdpau so no idea on that. but on my one laptop i twiddled with the various options in vlc and mplayer and reduced a lot of the tearing11:35
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  i dont do a lot of HD video however,11:35
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  i tend to use vlc11:35
gabriel_Dr_Willis: well if i disable comiz i have NO tearing at all.11:35
gabriel_Dr_Willis: can vlc use vdpau as well?11:36
czarekpisze ktoś po Polsku?11:36
Fallendreamhey - im considering upgrading from windows XP to either ubuntu or ubuntu pro - which would be able to cope with my programs (adobe, firefox, messenger etc - just simple programs) via wine?11:36
duffydackHow can I use rsync to backup my home folder directly to tar.gz..  I just need it to update new/changed files so thats why rsync11:36
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  no idea on vdpau. thers also xbmc and enna you may want to try11:36
Flannel!pl | czarek11:36
ubottuczarek: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:36
candyi installed lamp from command- sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server phpmyadmin, but i dont know where it got installed11:36
mcqueenhi, i installed ktorrent... it s getting an error when i add a new torrent file... : Illegal token: 6011:36
mcqueenThe torrent is probably corrupt or is not a valid torrent file.   how can i fix it?11:36
MF_Debianwhats ubuntu pro?11:37
Guest32921can anyone help me with sound issues im having?11:37
Dr_Willisenna mediacenter - from the geexbox guys -> http://enna.geexbox.org/11:37
Ganang How can i install applications with playonlinux from iso files?11:37
gabriel_Dr_Willis: ah ok. well i'm positive i need vdpau so that my geforce 8800GT can take care of video decoding for me11:37
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  hmm. never used it - got an 8800gtsxxx here11:38
mcqueenThe torrent is probably corrupt or is not a valid torrent file.   how can i fix it?11:38
Guest32921ive got a acer revo 3600 running ubuntu but cant get the sound to work does anyone have any ideas why?11:38
mi6hez guzs i need help please. how i can switch to the crunchbang chAT_ /join #crunchbang_ or how11:38
gabriel_Dr_Willis: perhaps your cards doesn't support dvpau? before i tried using coreAVC, and i got like 90% cpu usage. now i'm down to like 4 % :)11:39
mcqueenhi, i installed ktorrent... it s getting an error when i add a new torrent file... : Illegal token: 6011:39
mcqueenThe torrent is probably corrupt or is not a valid torrent file.   how can i fix it?11:39
jakubohi there11:39
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  i do seem to recall  xbmc might support it11:39
Zenyattayo jakubo11:39
Dr_Willisgabriel_:  just reading on it at --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDPAU11:40
gabriel_Dr_Willis: it would be cool if i could still run compiz and NOT get any tearing :)11:40
jakuboi'm having problems with network on ubuntu 10.04 a211:40
yaboocan someone answer a few questions about firewall on ubuntu11:41
xianwenhi iceroot, it doesn't work. the kmap used in tiny core is binary kmap.11:41
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)11:41
erUSULmi6: /j #crunchbang11:42
gabriel_Dr_Willis: cool11:42
erUSUL!ask | yaboo11:42
ubottuyaboo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:42
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:42
Fallendreamwhich version of ubuntu is best to run with 1gb RAM. must be able to run alot of windows progs via wine.11:42
ZenyattaFallendream: Im running 4GB of ram and 64bit on Ubuntu 9.10 (the latest) runs VERY well11:44
Flanneljakubo: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, thanks11:44
Fallendreamzenyatta - is there a 32 bit equivalent?11:44
kissihello all11:45
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:45
Dr_WillisZenyatta:  get more ram  you will find it works better.11:45
Dr_Willisoops that was for Fallendream  :)11:45
ZenyattaFallendream: yes, it'll be on the download page11:45
jakubothx flannel, was just about to write a longer text in here11:45
Fallendreamill go see. thanks alot!11:45
Fallendreamdo i need to burn any additional software like web browsers before installing ubuntu?11:46
Dr_WillisFallendream:  burn?11:46
arandFallendream: FF is included in the standard install.11:47
rumpsywhat is the command to load a module?11:47
rumpsyif then,how can i successfully load it on every boot?11:48
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ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist11:49
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  theres a file somewhere... i forget where11:49
Fallendreamprobably last question - by installing ubuntu whilst xp is already on it will i then be able to transfer xp files to ubuntu (like my documents) and if not will it completely wipe xp?11:49
rumpsyi know, that we have to make a entry at /etc/modules11:49
Dr_WillisFallendream:  depdns on what you tell the installer to do.11:50
rumpsybut what is the format? i donno that11:50
Dr_WillisFallendream:  yu can resize and install linux on its own parittion and access your windows drive still11:50
Ox0000What's the difference between apt and aptitude?11:50
rumpsyDr_Willis: do you know the format?11:50
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  no idea. check the file/comments for examples?11:50
Fallendreamthanks willis.11:51
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  looks like one module per line here11:51
MF_Debianrumpsy, update-rc.d11:52
rumpsyDr_Willis: i know that, there something like alais**** and bla bla,  what is that format?11:52
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  i got no alias lines in mine. Just 2 lines11:52
rumpsyAnd my module is nvidia_agp11:53
transonici need help...finished install of ubuntu 9.10 on virtualbox inside windowsxp11:53
rumpsyDr_Willis: you have to check under /etc/modprobe.d11:53
transonicnow i get screen resolution of just 800*60011:53
swordzHi. Wierd problem. Installed Ubunutu yesterday to dual boot on my windows machine. Works well, just need to spend time discovering equivalents to what I use on windows but so far very good. Well done!11:53
MF_Debianrumpsy, sorry forget update-rc.d, i misread what you wanted to do11:53
rumpsyMF_Debian: ok, i can update that, but what is the exact line, and my module is nvidia_agp11:54
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  i got an alsa-base.conf and a lot of blacklist stuff - nothing about nvidia- i got nvidia on thise 2  machines11:54
transonichow to change it to 1024*728 screen resol11:54
swordzI have 2 screens, and compared to my windows installation 1 of them is shifted 8 pixels left/right to the ubuntu installation11:54
swordzThere's no way windows will cope with this. How can I make ubuntu adjust for it?11:54
Dr_Willisswordz:  lcd or crt? or what?11:55
rumpsyDr_Willis: do , lsmod, and check, you might have nvidia module loaded11:55
swordzI'll get the model no for you, 1 sec11:55
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  dont see it here.. but this is a nvidia 5500 card.11:55
hnsrhi there, i wanted to clean up my GRUB boot menu, so I uninstalled all but the most recent version of linux-image, but now it seems my /boot/grub/menu.lst is gone11:55
Dr_Willisswordz:  dvi conector or vga? if you can use DVI then use dvi11:55
swordzDELL E173FP11:56
hnsrdid I do something wrong?11:56
erUSULhnsr: karmic does not use menu.lst it uses grub211:56
Dr_Willishnsr:  remove the old kernels rerun update-grub11:56
swordzIt's my minor screen, so it's on VGA11:56
hnsrok thanks11:56
rumpsyDr_Willis: so, what did you see, what module did you loaded for nvidia?11:56
transonichelp me plz..how to increase screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024*728 on virtualbox inside xp11:56
Fallendreamonce ive installed ubuntu how would i go about uninstalling and removing windows xp? a link to a webpage would be good :)11:56
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  i see none for that machine11:56
rumpsyit has to be loaded o_O11:57
hnsrok it seems it still found some even older versions of linux-images, how can i get rid of these? they dont show up in synaptic package manager11:57
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  this box is a nvidia agp card I belive...11:57
Dr_Willisits my old box.11:58
ZenyattaFallendream: gparted is the ubuntu partition tool which will resize and delete them11:58
erUSULrumpsy: Dr_Willis maybe you are using nv driver11:58
transoniccan anyone see even my messages11:58
Dr_WilliserUSUL:  xorg.conf says nvidia11:58
erUSULtransonic: no11:58
transonicohh thank god11:58
rumpsyDr_Willis: in my part, i have onboard intel graphics, and PCI nvidia, i seen that intel_agp module loaded, i added that in backlist, now i want to load nvidia_agp11:58
transonichelp me plz..how to increase screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024*728 on virtualbox inside xp11:59
Dr_Willisnvidia settings says - version 173.14.2011:59
erUSULrumpsy: if the nvidia is PCI-E why you need nvidia-agp ?11:59
Fallendreamthanks zenyatta11:59
ZenyattaFallendream: so you could delete the XP partition and then get ubuntu to use all the disk space11:59
hnsror let me ask a different question, how can I influence the boot menu options that update-grub detects? for example it also detects my laptop's recovery partition as a windows installation and adds an entry for it, which i dont want11:59
rumpsyerUSUL: this not PCI-e, this is jut a PCI11:59
fieldseALL: Recommendations for best linux-related channels?12:00
fieldseALL: IRC, that is12:00
Fallendreamthanks alot zenyatta - its appreciated.12:00
Dr_Willis!grub2 | hnsr12:00
ubottuhnsr: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:00
SirRedToothI might go back to windows for a while...12:00
SirRedToothBut then it will feel like i did all this for nothing12:00
hnsrthanks Dr_Willis12:00
ZenyattaFallendream: pleased to help12:00
Dr_Willishnsr:  alter the /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/* files as needed.. BACK UP the orignals12:00
rumpsy so , what module do it need? for nvidia pci12:00
rumpsyconfusing o_O12:01
erUSULrumpsy: if it is pci it is just to old to be supported by the nvidia driver i guess12:01
=== ae86-drifter1 is now known as ae86-drifter
erUSULrumpsy: su you will have to use the nv driver12:01
duffydackHow can I use rsync to backup my home folder directly to tar.gz..  I just need it to update new/changed files so thats why rsync12:01
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  try modprobe 'nvidia' ?12:01
ae86-drifteri had to edit my fstab to access my fat32 partition works fine but i need to be root to access the ntfs partition, could someone please help?12:01
Dr_Willisbut X loads that module here for me it seems12:02
rumpsyDr_Willis: it says, no module found !12:02
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  because its a X driver module I guess12:02
erUSULduffydack: rsync can not sync a tar file againts a dir12:02
rumpsyDr_Willis: so , what can i do?12:02
ae86-drifterhere is my fstab file if someone could please try to help me http://pastebin.com/m38b9667c12:03
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  no idea what your original problem is actually.....12:03
renatohi, friends12:03
transonicthis really sucks..no is there to help me damn12:03
rumpsyDr_Willis: my problem is, when i drag or move window on my desktop cpu usage peaks to 93%12:03
renatosomeone has IBM Lotus Notes12:03
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erUSULtransonic: i do not run ubuntu in vbox... maybe you find more help in #vbox ?12:04
transonicohh thanks12:04
quietonehnsr: can you be specific about which file are the old kernels?12:04
Dr_WillisHmm. vbox runs uubntu fine here. :)12:04
hnsrquietone, update-grub says: Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-11-generic12:04
erUSULDr_Willis: transonic has problems with screen resolution inside vbox12:04
hnsrand some other related files it seems12:04
hnsrvmlinuz instead of initrd12:05
Dr_Willistransonic:  install the os.. then install teh vbox guest addations.12:05
rumpsyDr_Willis: do you get my problem now?12:05
ae86-drifterhow would i give standard users access to my ntfs partition in fstab please without sudo or root etc12:05
Dr_Willisrumpsy:  sounds more like a driver issue not a modukle not being loaded issue12:05
erUSULrumpsy: what nvidia card is this ? « lspci | grep -i vga »12:05
ae86-drifteri tried chown the /media/sdb1 but it works then after a rebott it doesnt12:05
erUSUL!ntfs | ae86-drifter12:05
ubottuae86-drifter: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE12:05
h0f1ulHow I can hack an Ip Address?12:06
rumpsyerUSUL: 03:01.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)12:06
Dr_Willisae86-drifter:  you dont just chown/chmod ntfs filesystem12:06
sarthorhow to add userid and passwords for Clients for pppoe server? "adduser username" or some other way???12:06
pbinkwhat's the command to install a deb file that i have on the local disk?12:06
Dr_Willish0f1ul:  get an axe find the address.. hit it...12:06
erUSULh0f1ul: define hack12:06
quietonehnsr: oops, poor question. I want to understand which files Dr Willis suggested you delete.12:06
erUSULrumpsy: you installed the drivers? System>Admin...>Hardware Drivers12:06
ae86-drifterDr_Willis, i understand that, i just need to know how to properly do it, i added it to fstab but only root can access it12:06
h0f1ulbreak in his system12:06
LjLh0f1ul: this is not the right channel to ask that. try ##security maybe.12:07
codebxh0f1ul, your best bet is to reinstall AOL and use the network tools to hack into the system12:07
rumpsyBut that considered as non-free drivers right?12:07
Dr_Willisae86-drifter:  use teh uid/gid/user/options for the fstab entry. the ntfs-3g homepage has docs ane example entries for it.12:07
Dr_Willisyea.. AOl will do you good h0f1ul12:07