tritiumMore problems with ubuntu one today, I see.01:01
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chewit360do you know that Ubuntu One is completely broken???10:11
chewit360in karmic, are we likley to get Ubuntu One 1.0.3 any time soon10:11
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Ajaxanso my impression is the client and the keyring mgr do not always play well together.  after removing some config files for the client and then the default keys in the keyring i was able to get it to connect and start syncing again14:47
Ajaxanbtw is there a channel for client devs?  i just signed on to start helping with the project14:48
beunoAjaxan, this is the right channel14:50
beunonot too many people around on the weekends though14:51
Ajaxanyeah expected as much...  i had some free time to play... thanks for the info14:51
chewit360can someone please shed some light with the problems with Ubuntu One, cause its not working at all, at the moment17:05
chewit3603rd time in 15mins it has asked me to authorise my computer. is this normal???17:12
chewit3604 times17:13
rtgzsomething really weird is happening - the connection with the server gets lost on a pretty stable link19:25
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