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flexiblehey, i just installed ubuntustudio, and audio software does not appear to be working... i suspect it cant seem to connect to a jack server, even the jack client cant connect to a server13:07
ScottLflexible: in a terminal can you type "jackd" (without the quotes, of course) and tell us what it says14:54
flexibleprints the instructions on using jackd16:33
flexible@ ScottL16:33
fismoll8is there anyone here who is using ubuntu studio or music software on ubuntu. If so, how are ardour and rosegarden, compared with logic studio and other similar audio apps17:23
LaserpithiumHello, I try to make work one M-Studio Fast Track Ultra 8R, without any success19:59
LaserpithiumI ma using Ubuntu studio 9.1019:59
LaserpithiumI did a lot of search on the internet today, and I recompiled the kernel after pathing it, no success20:00
Laserpithiumsomebody has an idea ?20:00
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