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ubottubeaves: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:20
beavesi have a problem with xfce4-power-manager. every time when i close the notebook, xfce4-power-manager terminated with an error. this is the error: http://pastebin.org/8441300:22
Amako1i just finished installing xubuntu on my apple ibook and the only problem i'm having is the program windows so i don't have the minimize icons or anything00:58
jimisrvroxanybody good with wireless? I am trying to get my rt2500 to work in 9.10 should work out of the box but its not...would appreciate some help01:28
rr72any tips on changing the size of the places menu? it cuts off half the ending 's'02:18
samuraicrowI was wondering if there is a way to turn on the backingstore function in Xorg since there seems to be no more xorg.conf in Xubuntu 9.10.03:25
rr72isn't it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:26
samuraicrowNot any more.  They did away with it in version 8.03:26
rr72oh sorry, idk then03:27
samuraicrowOk.  I'll keep looking.03:27
samuraicrowI found it.  There is a bug in the program that's supposed to replace the xorg.config in 9.10 so I'm up a creek.  :(03:32
rr72ah ok03:38
rr72well sorry samuraicrow03:38
samuraicrowMaybe not.  I've found a way to activate it from the startx command.  Is there a way to get a text-based login?03:38
mhall119samuraicrow, you can still use xorg.conf03:42
mhall119it's just not required03:42
samuraicrowOk.  I just need to add one line to the video configuration to activate the backingstore option in X11.03:43
mhall119is xubuntu going to use plymouth in 10.04?03:50
mhall119anyone know?03:50
rr72whats plymouth? lol03:51
mhall119new boot splash to replace USplash03:51
rr72usplash is screwed up03:51
rr72on bootup it says something about mounting plymouth iirc, so maybe? but don't take my word03:52
rr72ask in #xubuntu-devel ;)03:52
mhall119okay, thanks03:52
mhall119I know it's supposed to be in Ubuntu03:52
samuraicrowOk, I've gotta run.  It's been real!03:57
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Balsaqgood morning xubuntu developers, administrators, coders and observers.05:35
Balsaqgood morning _Techie_ welcome to xubuntu.05:37
petsoundsbonjour :)05:37
_Techie_thanks, bal nice to see you too05:39
rr72whaddup all?05:40
_Techie_salu petsounds05:40
rr72Balsaq~ morning for you? night for me :-P night folks05:40
Balsaqslepp well rr7205:40
rr72i hope :( I wake up in the middle of the night constantly05:41
_Techie_6:40 PM here05:41
petsounds@now jakarta05:41
ubottuCurrent time in Asia/Jakarta: January 31 2010, 12:41:1305:41
Balsaq1241 am here05:41
_Techie_@now nz05:41
ubottuCurrent time in NZ: January 31 2010, 18:41:4205:41
Balsaq_Techie_ i just scored a half gig or rdram 800-40 on ebay for $10.50!!!05:45
Balsaqis it true that a computer that requires non eec rdram can in fact use eec, but it will default to non eec?06:15
Cody1Does xubuntu use the same repositories as Ubuntu?06:50
Cody1I tried Ubuntu before, 8.04 I believe, and I remember finding a site that was something to the effect of 'getting the most out of your ubuntu' where they listed extra repositories..06:51
Cody1and just things to do in general to get java / flash etc running.. plus various audio and video codecs.06:52
Cody1If I was to find one of those for Ubuntu 9.10 would it work for Xubuntu 9.10 as well? The desktop environment shouldn't matter when it comes to codecs correct?06:52
_Techie_cody1 yes xubuntu is capable of using the ubuntu repo's06:55
Cody1Thanks _Techie_, I was pretty sure that was the case, but I wasn't really sure.07:00
Cody1I've been testing Xubuntu out on my USB drive the past few nights, and I like the fact it runs quicker off the USB than XP does off the HD..07:00
Cody1It does get hung up at times, though, when getting things fom the Synaptic Packet Manager.07:01
_Techie_depending on your configuration i warn you that there is the possibility of killing your USB07:08
Cody1That's good to know since the main use of the USB stick is keeping all of my school work in one place.07:09
_Techie_may i ask whether your just using it as a live USB or persistant?07:10
_Techie_make sure that it makes use of a RAM drive07:10
_Techie_as excesive read/writes to the USB device can kill it very fast07:11
_Techie_im down an 8gig USB for said reason07:11
Cody1good to know.. how do I get it to make use of RAM/ how do I know if it is?07:11
_Techie_im not entirely sure, as i havent had a USB to experiment with for about half a year07:12
_Techie_i do remember there being something on one of the ubuntu pages07:13
Cody1I'd rather just dual boot Xubuntu anyways, just don't have the time to back up everything onto cd-r's. I wish this old thing had a DVD burner.07:13
Cody1I'll look aound for that the maybe.07:14
Cody1I had Fedora 12 on the USB originally, and I liked the fact that I could access the computer's HD, and access the USB  in a normal way.07:15
_Techie_make sure there are no swap partitions on the USB07:16
axlei installed xubuntu 9.10, then the nvidia graphics driver 185, then i performed apt-get dist-upgrade. after a restart all works fine, but when i log in in th gdm-login thing, it just jumps back to login... after killing gdm and xorg once in a text-shell, it automatically loads gdm, i log in and it works... now why? how can i fix it?08:52
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balsaqon an intel atom with 1gig ram is there a noticeable speed difference between gnome and xfce?10:45
TheSheepdepends what you do10:47
TheSheepfirefox will run the same on both, for example10:47
TheSheepstartup will be faster with xfce10:48
TheSheepand file manager10:48
balsaqi'm thinkin about tryin crunchbang10:49
TheSheeptry as much as you can10:51
TheSheepthe more you try, the better chances you find what you are comfortable with10:51
TheSheeprelying on external opinions is not going to get you far10:52
balsaqis it pretty much the same but just right clicking around?10:52
axlei installed xubuntu 9.10, then the nvidia graphics driver 185, then i performed apt-get dist-upgrade. after a restart all works fine, but when i log in in th gdm-login thing, it just jumps back to login... after killing gdm and xorg once in a text-shell, it automatically loads gdm, i log in and it works... now why? how can i fix it?11:15
TheSheepaxle: you have anything in .xsessionerros or /var/log/xorg.0.log ?11:18
TheSheepaxle: anything related, I mean11:19
axlelet me see11:19
axlemhmm i'll paste my xsessions-errors, ok?11:21
TheSheepuse a pastebin11:21
axleof course :D11:22
TheSheephmm... I can't say if anything there is more wrong than usual :/11:23
axleyeah me too... and xorg.0.log seems ok too... no errors or somehing11:24
N-SGood morning.11:25
N-SRebooted my xubuntu system for the first time in a long time. Had replaced internal 100Mbit nic with an "external" Dlink DGE528T Gbit nic.11:26
N-SNow my xfce session seem corrupted.11:26
N-SOn the login I have 3 session options: xfcee, xfcee and xterm11:27
N-SThe only one that works is xterm.11:27
N-SThe other 2 just seem to crash X and go back to the login screen11:27
N-SI get the xubuntu "cloud" moving, but it never loads the desktop11:28
N-SServices seem to work, so I can connect via ssh from this system and network is up and running.11:29
N-SIt really isn't a enormous problem, since I do most my work via ssh. It's just that I would like my system to work as it should, since it did work fine just before replacing the hardware.11:36
N-SCan I set the xfcee session to some low-res setting which might work better?11:36
N-SNot sure what I did to break it. I altered a bunch of settings in bios, but nothing I'd relate to VGA.11:37
mr_pouitN-S: did you change the screen resolution in xfce?11:38
N-SI think I've done it once, a long time ago.11:38
N-SIt's hooked up to an lcd-tv.11:38
N-SIt's using a quite high res, IIRC.11:39
mr_pouitmmh, maybe you can try to disable temporarily xsplash: sudo mv /usr/bin/xsplash /usr/bin/xsplash.disabled11:39
mr_pouitand see if you're able to log in11:39
N-SI'll go test11:40
N-Smr_pouit Thank you. That did the trick.11:54
AraneidaeAnybody else have problems with flash+firefox?  Perhaps 2 times in 3 clicks on the flash player do nothing!12:55
psycho_oreoswhich distro and version?12:57
Araneidae9.10, fully up to date12:58
Araneidae... but a funny desktop, and slightly messed with installation12:58
psycho_oreosand is this a dist-upgrade?12:58
AraneidaeI've had this problem forever12:58
psycho_oreosdid you upgrade from previous version?12:59
AraneidaeThink the original install was a couple of years or so ago12:59
psycho_oreosthat could be a potential source of problem12:59
Araneidaeum.  It was suggested to me that there's a known flash+compiz problem, but I've removed compiz13:00
psycho_oreosand so it was working before you installed compiz, but now it doesn't work?>13:01
AraneidaeNo, no: compiz was removed *years* ago!13:01
AraneidaeThink flash stopped working some time in the last six months...13:01
AraneidaeI wonder if flash doesn't like my window manager.  Seems improbably, though: none of its business!13:02
psycho_oreosand there's another potential problem, you have been doing dist upgrades.. i.e. from 8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 -> 9.1013:02
AraneidaeYeah.  Time to13:03
psycho_oreostime to probably do a clean install13:03
AraneidaeThink my next "upgrade" might be to Lenny13:04
psycho_oreosthat isn't considered as upgrade, that's literally a different distro13:04
axle:D i just read through all the text :)13:05
Araneidaepsycho_oreos, you don't say ;)13:05
psycho_oreosAraneidae, I wouldn't be foolish to nod and say that is upgrade, Lenny is debian13:05
AraneidaeJust getting a bit annoyed with Ubuntu's endless gigantic updates and upgrades13:06
psycho_oreosbut I never had a clean upgrade from one distro version to the next13:06
AraneidaeNo, I wouldn't anticipate that.  Would require a disk reformat13:06
psycho_oreosif you find that annoying, you haven't tried gentoo/archlinux13:06
AraneidaeThat's true, I haven't: tell me more13:07
AraneidaeI do like Debian's boring stability (currently running a headless etch box)13:07
psycho_oreosthose generally keep on top of the games, but nobody is forcing you to do update/upgrade even on ubuntu, you could still keep a single ubuntu install and not go through any update/upgrade until you are ready. Just be prepared to be attacked if you are found to be an easy target with outdated stuff13:08
AraneidaeWell, that's the problem: on Ubuntu there's a continuous stream of both security updates and miscellaneous experimental upgrades.  It's not possible to just separate out the important updates (at least, not that I can tell)13:12
Sysi"experimental upgrades" ?13:13
Sysii think there is only bug fixes and security updates13:13
Sysiif you're not using alpha or beta13:14
AraneidaeSeriously?  How many version of firefox have we gone through recently on Ubuntu?13:14
AraneidaeWhere do those 500MB updates come from if not adding extra crap?13:15
Sysithey replace stuff13:15
Sysiyou see, when it "update" stuff, it removes old out of way13:15
Sysiwhen it "install" it don't remove anything13:16
dvheumenhi! I've got this annoying problem: I'm running XFCE as DM, but I need nautilus for browsing (samba) network shares. Now, nautilus - by default - loads as I log into XFCE. I'd like to either prevent nautilus from automatically loading, or to find another solution to browse network shares. Anyone got a suggestion?14:10
TheSheepdvheumen: gigolo14:37
pogoh, la, wenn man unbuntu ab CD installiert, dann einen System-Update macht, kann es sein, dass Grub2 die Startpartitonen ohne zu prompten veraendert, und von neuem alles Bootbaren Sachen reinhaengt... nicht immer der gewuenschte Effekt. V.a. kann ich die eigentliche Installatin nicht mehr starten.14:40
pogich rede vom Ubuntu 9.1014:41
pogGrundsaetzlich aber nett, dass Grub2 alle bootbaren Partitionen neu generieren kann.14:41
pogaber das sollte nie automatisch geschehen, f*ck14:42
pogund nicht bei einem Systemupdate.14:42
pogschade, vorher lief die Installatin ab meinem USB so schoen...14:43
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:45
pogsorry, I' thaught to bie in ubuntu-de14:45
Sysino, #xubuntu14:46
dvheumenTheSheep, I know that app, but the problem is that once you select the network share, it will use nautilus to actually show the share14:47
mecoShould I ask about issues in this channel when I have installed Xubuntu or can I also ask in the #ubuntu channel?14:48
dvheumenand I don't know another app that I can direct gigolo to to use14:48
pogI have a problem after a system upgrade of xubuntu, grub2 added all partiton without prompting and even if I adjust the disks, I can't boot anymore this installation.14:48
pogit really anoying, when system-upgrade changes automatically grub-Entries.14:49
Sysimeco: it varies about what kind of problem14:50
Sysisome things you can also ask at #ubuntu14:50
mecoSysi: Well, I installed Xubuntu mainly because I'm having performance issues. The PC I'm using only has a 2GHz P4 and 512MB RAM, and now it has started to hang internittently when I'm using the web browser.14:55
poga made an update for tununar 1.1.0, might this give problems to ubuntu 9.10 (because the major problem I seem to have is a kernalpanic, not because oft wrong disks).14:55
pogmeco: do you have swap disk? no swap disk sometimes let your system hang.14:58
mecopog: I don't know. How can I check if I do?14:58
TheSheepmeco: type 'free' in the terminal and see if it lists swap space14:59
pogand you see the swap allocate on the top of the terminal14:59
mecoSwap:       473876      68440     40543614:59
pogeven ubuntu should run nicley un a machine like yours  meco15:00
`mOOse`I'm gonna take the plunge today15:00
pogit runs nicly on mein 5 year old thoshibas.15:01
mecoI've had terrible problems with this machine using Windows XP. Sometimes it would hang for 20-30 minutes.15:01
pogI'm really pleased about xubuntu 9.10 it performs very well on my machines.15:02
TheSheepmeco: I'd check the memory and look into dmesg for any suspicious messages, eg. about disk failing15:02
TheSheepmeco: you can select memtest from the boot menu at the beginning15:02
TheSheepmeco: usually kernel panic is a result of some hardware issue15:03
pogeven my stick-INstallation run very well, even under qemu.15:03
TheSheeppog: it's kinda cruel to tell that to people with problems ;)15:03
mecoWell, dmesg gives me complete information overload. I have no idea how to read that dump.15:04
pogyeap, o.k. after my update to get thunar 1.1.0 running, I can't start my stick anymore... :-(15:04
dvheumenmeco, hangs like that could be caused by a bad harddisk15:04
TheSheepmeco: usually you look at the end for something like 'disk read failure' :)15:04
mecoHow about this: "The chipset may have PM-Timer Bug. Due to workarounds for a bug this clock source is slow. If you are sure your timer does not this bug, please use "acpi_pm_good" to disable the workaround"?15:05
mecoCan I use something similar to chkdsk?15:09
TheSheepmeco: fsck had an option for checking for bad blocks15:10
TheSheepmeco: but scanning is slow15:11
TheSheepfsck -c15:11
mecoTheSheep: would a different utility be quicker?15:11
TheSheepno, but finding the messages in your logs could be quicker, as they already found the bad blocks15:12
dvheumenmeco, You want slow, you want to really burden your harddisk and see if it cracks. Because otherwise it'll crack at the wrong moment15:12
dvheumenand what TheSheep said :P15:12
mecoOK, in DOS and perhaps also Windows bad blocks would be marked so that the file system wouldn't attempt to use them. Does the Linux files system also do that automatically?15:13
dvheumenmeco, at least the ext filesystem has a bad block table, so I'm assuming it does15:15
mecoTheSheep mentioned some logs I could check out. How do I do that?15:16
dvheumenmeco, but hangs aren't the cause of bad blocks, at least not the long-time-hangs that you say you've experienced. That's more of a mechanical problem I guess.15:16
dvheumenmeco, see /var/log15:16
dvheumenyou probably want dmesg, syslog, ...15:17
dvheumenthe best way to find out about your problem is probably to do 'dmesg' when you experience the hang15:17
dvheumenmaybe keep a terminal screen open, so you can issue the command when it occurs15:17
mecoDo I use 'cat more /var/log | bad block' or something?15:18
dvheumenjust open the log and read it15:18
dvheumenless /var/log/<logfilename>15:18
dvheumenor some graphical editor15:18
mecoI got an error when I tried running 'fsck -c': fsck.ext3: Unable to resolve 'UUID=9342e5ab-ace0-4069-8abb-6386aa21090b'15:32
vinnlHi, does anybody have any idea what the problem is when a lot of my clicks are registered as double-clicks, for both my left and middle mouse button?15:33
`mOOse`alternative install or regular desktop? 4 gig USB Flashdrive install, want LVM, minimal craptastic worthless widgets15:34
dvheumenmeco, try indicating the actual partition instead letting fsck scan everything15:34
dvheumenlike 'fsck -c /dev/sda1' or whatever is suitable in your case15:34
vinnl`mOOse`, in the end both alternate and desktop CD will result in the same desktop15:35
dvheumen`mOOse`, alternative i guess, gives you more control on what you do and don't want. You'd have to choose expert mode though15:35
dvheumenor do a minimal install and install the desktop environment manually15:35
vinnlAh OK, I stand corrected :P15:35
dvheumenvinnl, the tricky thing is forgetting to choose expert mode :P Done that once, and when it finished I got too much :D15:36
`mOOse`vinnl....I should research the diffs a little closer then15:36
mecoHow do I prefix that command to make me superuser?15:37
dvheumenmeco, you mean 'sudo fsck -c /dev/sda1' or do you mean something else?15:37
mecoNo, that's what I meant15:38
mecoI got: fsck.vfat: invalid option -- c15:38
mecoPerhaps this? -a       automatically repair the file system15:40
mecoor -t       test for bad clusters15:40
dvheumentry -a and -t both (at the same time)15:40
mecodvheumen: It finished immediately with only one line of output (fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008))15:41
mecoHow do I check if /dev/sda1 is the name of the partition?15:43
dvheumenwell, you can find out what partitions are mounted automatically on start, by looking in /etc/fstab (one of the "columns" in the table is the partition. You might find things like "/dev/sda1" or "UUID=..." or "/dev/mapper/<something>"15:44
dvheumenah, it's the first columns, so the start of a line (that does *not* start with #)15:44
mecoI only have sda5 and sda6. Is that normal?15:45
retouronly you know how many partitions you have set up during install15:46
retourusually also Swap15:47
mecoOnly one15:47
mecoIt appears that sda6 is swap. I find the output a little difficult to interpret15:47
`mOOse`has anyone used the atlernative install cd in here? I have 2-3 questions for you ;-)15:48
`mOOse`(ok, 4-5)15:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:48
`mOOse`can I suppress making the swap in it?15:49
retourhmm dont remember what is installed by default but in my systems I have / partition for system + Swap + /home so all data is in home untouched even if I have to reinstall system or make full upgrade15:49
TheSheep`mOOse`: sure, just make partitions manually and don't make swap15:49
retouryes you may skip Swap if you have at least 1 GB memory15:49
`mOOse`ok this can happen during the install? It's going on a flashdrive15:50
retourBUT I never worked long enough on such a system to be sure for it in your particular application. If you use graphic/ multimedia apps I would keep it15:50
`mOOse`yea, my experience with swaps on this type of install is that it's a waste of space and actually slows things down considerably15:50
TheSheep`mOOse`: it will ask you if you are sure you want to continue without swap, but you can proceed15:51
`mOOse`have you used the alternative cd TheSheep?15:51
`mOOse`I'm not getting a specific idea what the diff is between the two install cd's15:51
retourI have 1GB RAM + 1.5GB SWAP that I never seen it in use even after opening 20 decent size photos in GIMP15:52
`mOOse`no list or anything I can find online which tells me what is what15:52
TheSheep`mOOse`: it's just a text-mode installer15:52
TheSheep`mOOse`: like the debian one15:52
retourI always use alternate install CD to skip all the graphical nonsense - except that gives same distro after install15:52
TheSheepretour: leave a firefox with java plugin open overnight ;)15:53
TheSheepretour: I once used up 4GB of swap that way15:53
retourTheSheep: Hmm never tried that, I use Opera and usually have plugins and Javas disabled for speed15:53
retourInteresting observation - is it normal?15:54
`mOOse`another question - if I want to install a pgm like Kvirc or another kde-based pgm, will I need a ton of libraries also?16:06
`mOOse`seems self evident, but16:06
`mOOse`I feared that ;-)16:07
dvheumenalthough, depends on the level of dependency of the app16:08
`mOOse`yea, that would make sense...I'll soon know how much space this install will leave me. That's the impediment for me. 4 gig ain't much space16:09
dvheumenthen you should probably avoid kde/qt apps16:09
retourstay away frm kde if you value your resources16:10
`mOOse`yea...that's the thing about jumping distros though....you get to liking a few pgms and whammo16:10
`mOOse`I've been using suse kde16:10
`mOOse`coming from ubuntu16:11
dvheumenI've been using kde for a long time, but it's been annoying me lately16:11
retourInstall Ubuntu and if Gnome is still to heavy install XFCE BUT not xubuntu package it's buggy. And Use Pidgin16:11
dvheumenI know what you mean :P16:11
`mOOse`retour - I'm listening16:12
`mOOse`before I go to the trouble of installing this I'm very interested in opinions on xubuntu16:12
retourdo you have CRT monitor?16:13
`mOOse`I was shooting for space overhead....that's why I'm looking at this16:13
`mOOse`no, laptop16:13
`mOOse`5 yr old dell 600m16:13
retourthan you MAY be fine. Anyway there is a bug in Xubuntu install CD or xubuntu-desktop package related to GDM16:14
`mOOse`in the case that I run into this bug....is there a workaround?16:15
knomeretour, actually, installing the xfce package only brings more problems/bugs than installing the xubuntu-desktop package.16:16
retourI.e. in my case with CRT monitor on Dell machine system was fixed on 1280 resolution and any try to change that resulted in system dropping out of auto login back to login screen. When I installed ubuntu everything was perfect, added XFCE perfect, added xubuntu-desktop package and same crash/loop problem again16:16
retourUnfortunately NOT16:16
knomeretour, have you reported a bug on that? it only happens on minority of our users, so please don't generalise.16:17
vinnlHasn't happened to me, sounds very much like that would only occur on your specific hardware16:18
retourSo I uninstalled xubuntu-desktop and everything perfect again. The only problem is a white mouse that is a default logo showing during startup and shutdown leftover after xubuntu-desktop so I fel like I belong to a linux club of anonymous alcoholics16:18
knomehey vincent :)16:18
`mOOse`well I'm all for a beer :-)16:18
vinnlHi Pasi :)16:18
knomeretour, again, have you reported a bug on that?16:18
knome`mOOse`, have fun.16:19
`mOOse`thanks knome :-)16:19
`mOOse`this is always an adventure hehe16:20
`mOOse`I enjoy it16:20
knomea beer? ;]16:20
retourtried to report it but process of loging into bug report system and everything else related is too much time for me - and since I've found a solution to it - NP for me anymore. But other are encouraged to do it if want to16:20
`mOOse`no no....playing with distros16:20
`mOOse`it's 11 am here..I'll wait till at least noon (LOL) (not)16:20
vinnlBtw, is anybody in now that happens to know what's wrong when most of my clicks get registered twice (i.e. doubleclicks)?16:20
knomeretour, then i take you have no right to whine about it :P16:20
vinnlretour, it would be appreciated by the developers *hint hint* ;-)16:21
knomevinnl, isn't it the purpose of doubleclick that the click gets registered twice? ;>16:21
retourThats not all. Typical issue with xubuntu/xfce is also ALSA mixer problem not keeping custom settings. Every time you reboot everything will be reset to mute 0 0 0 etc (ICH6 chipset here) and this bug is known for 3 years already and nobody cares16:21
vinnlvinnl, yeah but it's just a single click16:21
knomeretour, exactly. if you report it, we might be able to fix it.16:21
knomeretour, you're free to fix it yourself, if it's that easy16:22
retourso I'm a bit sour regarding reporting bugs but at least sharing my info here from time to time16:22
knomeretour, you should rather report the bug once than popping out the problems here from time to time, so we can actually get our hands on it...16:22
vinnlIt also depends on who is responsible for a particular component, but in general, it's more helpful to other users to report bugs to the developers who might be able to solve them, than it is to tell other users that they might run into that particular bug16:22
retourYeah I know startup script if remember well. But it's strange nobody fixed the distro itself before releasing another one with same problem16:23
knomeretour, maybe we missed it because nobody filed a bug report ;]16:23
knomeretour, (or a patch/workaround to bug report)16:23
vinnlIt might be that that particular problem was particularly hard to solve, especially when there are also a lot of other bugs that might affect more users or are easier to solve16:24
retourhahah no right to wine about it - some people are realy special16:24
retourI'm not wining - just saving somebody's time who actually asked for it16:25
knomeretour, to be really creative, file the bug so we can fix it, and nobody has to save anybody's time as it's fixed ;)16:26
retourI would gladly report a bug if the process would be more user friendly16:26
knomeretour, we can't affect that, sorry16:26
retourso lets assume distro is perfect and pop a beer16:27
Sysido i remember right that it has been repotted as a bug?16:27
`mOOse`ok, I think I'm gonna go throw this together - thanks for taking the time guys...I'm sure I'll be back LOL16:32
p0aHello I've installed xubuntu 9.10 when I boot to xubuntu the display in my monitor is wrong (there's two black bars in two sides, and in the other two the equivalent space in black bars is hidden)17:07
p0aI know I can fix this from my my monitor settings but then when I boot to my other grub option my other installation has the same problem17:08
p0aI was wondering if there's a 'local' fix, ie from ubuntu17:08
pogafter installing https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ppa the system doesn't work anymore. Startup the same root=/dev/sdb from another installation still works, so it seem's there is a kernel inconsistency now17:10
retouruninstall xubuntu-package and than manually install xfce only!17:11
pogisnt it sufficant to deinstall thunar (1.1.0) and then remove the ppp apt-sources?17:16
mr_pouitanyway, a thunar update shouldn't cause any kernel related issue17:27
pogstrange... I got a very strange error in starup, rather early, have to note the exact error.17:32
JulieJulieSo I installed xubuntu because I felt that Ubuntu was a bit heavy for this computer, I did a clean install but whne I just installed it over ubuntu it seemed more efficient?17:42
JulieJulieis there something I can do or look into to make xubuntu run more smoothly17:42
pogI'm wondring what computer specification you have JulieJulie17:44
JulieJulieits an hp sff amd 3200x64, with 512mb and a 40gb17:45
retouryes you can disable or uninstall all the features you do not use + compiz and other fountains17:45
retoursmall form factor - be sure of good cooling17:46
JulieJulieactually it is always running cool lol17:47
retourif you got it second hand be sure it's clean with no dust bunnies inside, especially in CPU heatsink17:47
JulieJuliethe vents are by my feet and i am always cold now lol17:47
pogI run xubuntu under qemu with 256MB and it runs rather good, in comparison to ubuntu17:47
vinnlXubuntu doesn't use Compiz by default17:48
retouryes xubuntu is very efficient17:48
vinnlYou can try turning of e.g. Bluetooth services if your computer does not have Bluetooth17:48
vinnlSame goes for printer17:48
pogthat explains the big difference17:48
JulieJuliehmm really.17:48
JulieJuliecould you tell me how to do that?17:48
JulieJulieI really dont want to install xp again17:49
vinnlEhm, yeah, but I have to do it by heart so you may need to browse around a little bit ;-)17:49
JulieJulielol okay17:49
vinnlI think you should go into Applications->Settings->(Xfce 4) Settings Manager, and then click Sessions and Startup17:49
vinnlJulieJulie, that is, assuming you're running Xubuntu 9.1017:50
retourI can tell you what I dumped from my system if you want17:50
vinnlThen, in there you go to the Application Autostart tab17:51
vinnlIf you're on a desktop machine, you can disable Xfce Power Manager, I think (not sure so I'd wait for confirmation from somebody else)17:52
pogNow I seem to have a apt inconsistency after uninstalling thunar (1.1.0) und removing the new sources. How can I fix that.17:52
vinnlWithout Bluetooth you can disable Bluetooth Manager17:52
JulieJulieretour,  yeah thanks! that would be great17:52
JulieJulievinnl,  yes I am heh17:52
pogI tried apt-get clean17:53
vinnlAnd if you're not going to insert new hardware you can also disable Check for new hardware drivers17:53
vinnlYou can also disable Update Notifier if you're prepared to regularly check for updates manually17:53
TheSheepif you don't print, you can remove cups17:53
JulieJulievinnl,  I cant find whre you are saying the Application Autostart tab is?17:54
vinnlJulieJulie, have you opened the settings manager?17:54
TheSheepsettings->session and startup17:54
JulieJulievinnl,  I just opened the setting manager17:54
vinnlpog, in Applications->System->Synaptic Package Manager, click Custom Filters in the bottom left-hand corner, then "Broken" in the pane on the left-hand side. You then see the packages responsible for the problems17:55
vinnlJulieJulie, then click Session and Startup17:55
JulieJulievinnl,  okay in17:55
retourJulieJulie: OK but please remember it is for my ascetic config, may not be good for you. CUPS, Gigolo, SCIM, AVAHI, Compiz, Bluetooth, IBUS, Assistive Tech, Language Support, Mozilla Thunderbird, PalmOs, Power Management, Update Manager, USB-Startup, Vinagre, Pcmcia utils, all fonts except few basic ones for EN lang17:55
vinnlJulieJulie, OK, then you can click the Application Autostart tab on top17:56
retourJulieJulie: BUT be careful, when selecting what you remove after you click it will list all related components that will be removed too! So dont delete anything linked to the system like ubuntu/xubuntu desktop etc. In this case unmark the component you tried to remove17:57
charlie-tcaIf you disable power-manager, you will get errors on startup17:57
retourcharlie-tca: really? hmm never happened, seen it but thanks for warning will check my logs17:58
vinnlAh, OK, don't do it then :)17:58
charlie-tcaSome machines will also give problems shutting down with power-manager turned off, but not all of them.17:59
JulieJulieIn Advance - it says Compatibility Launch GNOME services on startup18:00
JulieJulieor Launch KDE service on start up?18:00
JulieJulieno dont touch?18:01
vinnlDon't touch - GNOME should be enabled, KDE disabled18:02
JulieJulieokay hehe18:02
JulieJulieso im going to restart now heh18:02
JulieJulieill be back18:02
=== julie-home is now known as JulieJulie
JulieJulieSo I just restarted and I noticed sometihng18:08
JulieJuliewhen you start up it askes for your login and what not.18:08
retourset autologin18:08
JulieJulieat the bottom will say key board language US and then session - i have two xfce sessions18:08
JulieJulielike it displays twice.18:09
vinnlHmm yeah, now that you mention it18:09
JulieJulieis that supposed to be like that? lol.18:10
vinnlNot sure, never really bothered me that much :P18:10
retourJulieJulie: it's a typical login screen whats strange about it?18:11
JulieJulieThat like - it will say lets say Gnome, something else, then two xfce sessions18:12
retouryou simply select the user that will be using puter - at the bottom if you prefer to log in into Gnome or Xfce type in password, press enter and tada18:13
JulieJulielol noo I know that part18:15
JulieJulieIm just wondering if you guyswhen you restart and look to see your sessions do you have two xfce/18:15
JulieJulieim wondering that because I wnted to know if perhaps I installed something wrong.18:15
mr_pouitin ubuntu 9.10?18:16
mr_pouitthat's "on purpose"18:16
vinnlmr_pouit, why is it? I noticed it too but supposed it was a little mistake18:16
retourXfce and Xfce-failsafe probably18:16
mr_pouitthat's because gdm selects a file called "default.desktop" as a default session18:17
JulieJulielol there is another one that is call fail safe too lol18:17
mr_pouitand default.desktop is a link to xfce.desktop18:17
mr_pouitso gdm shows default and xfce, so xfce twice18:17
vinnlmr_pouit, ah, so if you're on Ubuntu you also see two GNOME sessions?18:17
mr_pouitI'm not sure, I don't have gnome installed :p18:18
vinnlHaha OK :P18:19
vinnlOh wait, I can check myself ;)18:19
mr_pouitkarmic was the first ubuntu release to include the new gdm (the one rewritten with no features :p), so it's full of hacks and workarounds like that18:20
mr_pouitit's a bit cleaner in lucid18:20
pogthere is a still a lib-problem (probably not kernel)  /lib/tls/i886/cmov/libc.so.6 inalid ELF-Header...18:21
vinnlHmm OK that was annoying, my screen went black after returning from "switch user"18:22
pogwhen running /scripts/init-botton18:22
vinnlAnyway, I installed Ubuntu after Xubuntu and I have two Xfce sessions, one GNOME18:22
JulieJulielol no clue what anyone is talking about18:23
poganybody know AppArmor profiles?18:25
pogprobably it's the fastest to reinstall xubuntu 9.10, but anyway would be interesing to know how to repare the system...18:26
mr_pouitvinnl: yes, because only one can be the default18:30
mr_pouitlook in /usr/share/xsessions to see the symlink18:31
JulieJulieHow do I make Transmission download more than one torrent at time18:31
TheSheepJulieJulie: it does that automatically18:41
Cretinhi, ive been using ubuntu server until recently, so bare with me. if i launch an app like gparted from the gui, i dont have admin permissions to make changes. same thing with opening a text editor and overwriting a config file. if i launch gparted with "sudo gparted" from terminal, i have sufficient permissions. help?18:52
TheSheepCretin: that's normal18:56
Cretinso how can i make changes with apps i launch with the mouse?18:57
Cretinand i got vnc working btw18:57
TheSheepCretin: for navigating files as root, you might want to start 'gksu thunar'18:57
TheSheepCretin: what was wrong?18:57
TheSheepCretin: you can make menu entries for starting those apps as root18:58
Cretini forget exactly what, which is sad, but the eurika moment happen when reading the startxfce4 and xinit man pages18:59
Cretini need a dual pane file manager, i found a good one but i forgot...19:00
TheSheepCretin: midnight commander?19:01
TheSheepCretin: gnome commander?19:01
TheSheepCretin: tux commander?19:01
Cretinill find it soon enough19:01
Cretinmc is painful to use19:02
knomeTheSheep, NCommander?19:02
TheSheepCretin: there is a list at http://www.gnomefiles.org/subcategory.php?sub_cat_id=8419:02
CretinTheSheep: it was tux commander. had to have dual pane AND tabbed browsing19:24
Cretinoh no! when i run "sudo tuxcmd" i get a GTK warning cannot open display19:27
pogstill strange, after my kundar 1.1.0 Experiance. When I start for another #ubuntu 9.10 Kernel I can start the installation. otherwise I cant's start the installation anymore.19:27
_Techie_Cretin, --display :0 ?19:27
pogkonqueror had the possiblity to split an have multiple windows, I'm not certain, whether the filemanager of kde still ist konqueror or the name has changed.19:29
TheSheepCretin: use gksu instead of sudo for gui apps19:31
TheSheeppog: dolphin19:31
TheSheeppog: and it's a beast19:31
pogdo you think, when the kernelpart doesn't work in the installation, that a reinsallatin of the kernal might help? (unsually I don't like to reinstall the whole system, when system doesn't start up anynmore, and the system is functional, when I start with kernel of another installation.19:34
pogAh, I could try to copy the / from the other installation and the kernel things.19:35
pogTheSheep: ist good, Dolphin?19:36
vinnlTheSheep, I thought that when Cretin starts Gparted from the menu, it would normally ask him for his password to run as root?19:37
pogI was looking for a filemanger, where I can make sshfs;// (that's the reason, why I have destroyed my beautiful Installation, with tunar 1,1,19:37
Cretinvinnl: me too19:37
TheSheeppog: never used it, but I don't like the tradition of kde apps of having evertyhing in them, kitchen sink included19:37
pogok :-)19:37
vinnlCretin, yep, I just tried it and it asks for my password19:38
Cretinthats the "gksu tuxcmd --display :1" error19:38
TheSheepCretin: looks like it's not written to run as root19:39
TheSheepuh, I hate that dropshadow effect on ubuntu pastebin, it makes things unreadable19:40
vinnlCretin, could you paste /usr/share/applications/gparted.desktop ?19:40
pogthanks for help and hints, bye19:47
Cretin[Desktop Entry]19:47
CretinGenericName=Partition Editor19:47
CretinComment=Create, reorganize, and delete partitions19:47
CretinExec=gksu /usr/sbin/gparted19:47
vinnlHaha xD19:48
vinnlHmm, that does look OK19:48
Cretinits not limited to gparted. if i wanted to launch anything needing admin rights theres no prompt19:49
TheSheepPolicyKit missing, maybe?19:49
vinnlOK and gksu gparted worked?19:49
TheSheepCretin: wait, this is xfce started in vnc, without gdm19:50
Cretinif you say so19:50
TheSheepCretin: there is some magic that gdm does to setup so auth things19:50
Cretinso i install gnome, then use xfce?19:51
Cretinoh no. this is confusing. 1. "sudo tuxcmd" run from screen in terminal cannot open display. 2. "sudo tuxcmd" in terminal opens fine19:53
TheSheepof course19:55
TheSheepscreen doesn't understand X19:55
Cretinok. i can live with that. but what about this gdm business19:57
TheSheepinstalling gnome won't help19:57
TheSheepthat's for sure, gdm is 'gnome' only from its name19:57
Cretinthen what can i do?19:59
TheSheepI really don't know, I wouldn't refer to it as "magic" if I knew what it actually does20:01
TheSheepmaybe someone else will know20:01
squirrelpimpis there an application for xubuntu / xfce, that allows me, to pin notes to the title bars of windows?20:32
squirrelpimpif i have multiple terminal emulator windows open, i'd like to attach some notes to their titles (or even tabs in other editors) with a descriptive word/tag inside20:33
vinnlHmm, nothing that I know of that does specifically that, but there is the notes panel plugin that allows you to write general notes20:34
vinnlHave you used an application that does what you want in the past? If so, what was it called?20:34
squirrelpimpno, i've never used that before, but right now i figured, that it would speed up work with terminal windows a lot, if i could somehow "mark" them20:36
squirrelpimpalso i work with a project, that has lots of folders with README files in each of them20:36
squirrelpimpif i open more than one in gedit, i can't tell by the tabs name, which file is which20:36
squirrelpimptherefor attaching notes to gtk tabs would be cool to20:36
`mOOse`yay - I made it!21:23
`mOOse`ok, now that I´ve got xubuntu installed, one thing I notice right away is that my right ALT key is used to rotate focus instead of the traditional way that its supposed to work - any idea on how to get it back?21:24
`mOOse`(I think I need to change my kb layout too)21:25
TheSheeprotate focus?21:25
charlie-tcaSounds like it might be the 'compose' key?21:26
`mOOse`yea, in other words, when I press the alt key and another key I expect one thing, like ALT-TAB should give me the traditional menu of pgms, but with my right ALT key, it would rotate through menu items - I haven´t played with it too much yet, so21:27
`mOOse`it doesn´t behave like the left ALT21:27
`mOOse`I´m trying a couple of em21:29
`mOOse`I made the mistake of choosing my kb type right at the beginning of the install instead of just accepting the defaults21:30
pennycan some one help me21:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:30
pennyi have no sound on xubuntu21:30
`mOOse`anyways, other than that :-21:30
pennydoes anyone know how to fix the sound on xubuntu21:31
`mOOse`like, right now if I hold the alt key down and do the tab, it makes the focus of this window change from the user list to the status window to the channel window, etc21:31
Sysipenny: what hardware do you have?21:31
pennynot sure21:32
pennynew to xubuntu21:32
Sysiopen terminal and type: lspci21:32
pennyok a list of things came up21:33
Sysifin line with "sound"21:34
pennymultimedia audio controller21:34
Sysipaste that line21:35
Sysior whole thing to pastebin21:35
pennynVidia corporation mcp51 ac97 audio control21:35
penny00:10.2 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation MCP51 AC97 Audio Controller (rev a2)21:36
pennydo you know what i should do to fix the sound problem21:36
`mOOse`penny - what problem are you having, exactly?21:37
`mOOse`can't play mp3's?21:37
pennyno sound21:37
`mOOse`or general no sound21:37
pennyno sound21:37
pennytried to turn it up21:38
TheSheepbut what did you try to play?21:38
pennyyou tube21:38
TheSheepit may be something with flash21:38
pennyi will try a music cd an see if i have sound21:39
TheSheepdoes xubuntu still come with the example files?21:39
TheSheeplike that interview21:39
pennyi dont know sheep21:39
charlie-tcayou have to install them21:40
charlie-tcasudo apt-get install example-content21:41
pennyno sound at all not even on cd21:41
pennycould drivers be missing21:42
charlie-tcaDouble click the speaker in the panel and turn on the volume controls, including cd21:42
pennyevery thing is turned on an up21:43
pennythe speaker is grey with blue lines21:43
pennystill no sound21:45
`mOOse`did you configure your Volume Control?21:46
`mOOse`click on the speaker and follow the directions?21:46
`mOOse`does xbuntu have grub installed?21:54
`mOOse`I need to mod my fstab21:54
charlie-tcaIf you did not tell it to not install grub, it is installed21:55
`mOOse`is there a gui front end for it?21:55
`mOOse`any way other than cli to mod fstab? add hd's etc?21:55
charlie-tcafstab is not grub21:56
`mOOse`what am I thinking then...gparted?21:56
`mOOse`g something ;-)21:56
charlie-tcayou could use Alt+F2, gksu thunar to bring up thunar as root and use it to navigate to fstab in /etc/fstab21:56
mhall119I have XDG_CONFIG_HOME pointing to /home/qimo/.qimo_config, but xfsettingsd is still using /home/.config/xfce4/xfconf23:19
mhall119xsettingsd is being launched by xfce4-session as near as I can tell, and the environment when that gets lost has XDG_CONFIG_HOME as /home/qimo/.qimo_config23:19

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