jcastrompt_: great!00:10
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jonoNafai, hey01:03
jonohows things going?01:03
Nafaijono: not too bad, just a little slow with the first C stuff, but I should be fine.  Having a conference call with jcastro and kenvandine tomorrow so that should help01:32
jonoNafai, cool01:37
jonowhat kind of progress did you make today?01:37
jcastrokenvandine: do you think you'll have time to upstream the rb a-i patch this week?01:40
kenvandinejcastro, is that waiting on me?01:43
kenvandinei thought bratsche was doing that?01:43
kenvandineif needed, i can try... but my marching orders this week are pretty focused :)01:44
Nafaijono: Figuring out what portions of gnome-control-center need to be replaced (luckily isolated mostly to one file, with another small area affected), and started tearing apart the gtk code to see how it fits and will translate to the a-i API01:47
Nafainot much coding, unfortunately, but it should be easy to dive in tomorrow01:48
jonoNafai, cool01:48
NafaiI guess general question that is appropriate here01:48
NafaiThe spec says that the icons shouldn't be flashing, etc01:48
Nafaig-c-c portion that would use this is the typing monitor01:48
Nafaiwhich flashes when it's about time to lock01:49
Nafaiwhat would be appropriate here?01:49
jcastrokenvandine: I think it's stuck between you and bratsche someplace. Perhaps this is something we can ask smithj to do?01:49
* smithj perks up01:49
jcastrompt: can you answer Nafai's question about the typing monitor?01:50
mptHi Nafai, I just coincidentally e-mailed you01:51
Nafaioh sweet01:51
* Nafai checks mail01:51
mptNafai, can you give me directions to find this part of gnome-control-center?01:52
NafaiIf you have the source typing-break/drwright.c01:52
mptI do not have the source, but I think I have found it in the GUI01:52
jcastrodavidbarth: would it be possible for you and rick to figure out who is responsible for sending the rb patch upstream?01:53
mptI've set the interval to 1 minute to see :-)01:53
jcastrodavidbarth: I don't care which one of them does it. :)01:53
smithjhmmm, jono on lwn today01:53
jonosmithj, cool :-)01:54
jcastrojono: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomStatusMenuDesignGuidelines01:54
jonompt, could you rename https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomStatusMenuDesignGuidelines -- we agreed that they are called Application Indicators, not Custom Indicators01:57
Nafaimpt: Here's the appropriate code: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/tree/typing-break/drwright.c?id=GNOME_CONTROL_CENTER_2_29_6#n21501:58
mptNafai, I think that typing break is a reasonable use of an animated icon, because it does represent changing status01:58
NafaiSo this should be a pretty straightforward translation02:00
mptIt would be nicer if it throbbed more gently, but I guess that would be trickier to implement02:00
Nafaiwe'll see how hard it is to tweak02:01
jonoNafai, not sure if the framework supports this, tedg ^^^ ?02:04
NafaiI'm leaving the computer for the night, but I'll check the backlog in the morning02:08
NafaiGood morning13:54
NafaiWhen anyone is around that might have some insight, I'd like to talk about the gnome-control-center porting again.  More of strategy, since the way it uses the GtkStatusIcon is a bit different than the design guidelines for the app indicators15:06
jonoNafai, what do you need to know?15:50
Nafaiwell, the current behavior of the typing monitor is to have a little bar in the notification area.  As your time typing goes on, this bar gets darker and darker green, until it gets read to warn that  a screen lock is about to happen15:51
NafaiAnd then shortly before then, it flashes15:51
NafaiIt seems that the design just wants static icons15:51
Nafaione for the normal state, and one for the notification state15:52
NafaiJust curious how to do this to fit design guidelines and still be true to the original15:54
Nafaiso not really a coding issue :)15:54
jonothis is an mpt question15:59
jonolets get this finalized when he gets online15:59
jonoI have to run, back soon15:59
jonothanks Nafai!15:59
NafaiHi everyone18:01
jcastromorning Nafai 18:02
NafaiGood morning jcastro18:02
jcastroNafai: smithj: kenvandine and I were thinking 1 hour for a call?18:02
Nafaiworks for me18:03
kenvandinejcastro, wfm18:05
smithjjcastro: wfm (just in time, too)19:01
kenvandinesmithj, Nafai: give us a few19:01
kenvandinewe are trying to find a room19:01
smithjkenvandine: you got an estimate for how long it'll be?19:01
smithjhow long the call will be, that is19:02
kenvandinelet me ask jcastro19:02
smithjmkay. i'm at my day job atm, so hopefully it isn't toooo long19:02
kenvandinesmithj, jcastro said 20m or so19:04
kenvandinenot long19:04
kenvandinewe just need a place to sit here with a phone :)19:04
kenvandineconf rooms are "first come, first serve"19:04
kenvandineNafai, smithj: can you guys do it in a few hours?19:16
Nafaisure, no problem19:16
Nafaijust ping me here19:17
kenvandinesmithj, ?19:17
kenvandineyou guys aren't blocked right now19:17
Nafainot completely, I have some questions that will help finish up stuff, but I can make progress19:17
kenvandineNafai, about the animated icon in typing break19:17
kenvandineit can be done19:17
kenvandineyou just need the callback to call to change the icon19:17
NafaiI just sent an email to mpt to verify the behavior makes sense from a app indicator design perspective19:18
kenvandinenot sure we love "animation" there :)19:18
kenvandineyou should be able to find the callback that is updating the icon in the statusicon19:19
kenvandineto make it change the icon in the indicator19:19
smithjkenvandine: sure19:19
Nafaiyeah, I see that code19:19
kenvandineNafai, is it just change the icon?19:19
kenvandineor is it doing real animation stuff?19:19
Nafailet me double check19:19
Nafailooks like it is changing the icon using a timeout callback19:20
kenvandineok, should be simple then19:21
NafaiI'll keep going then19:22
kenvandineapp_indicator_set_icon (indicator->priv->indicator, icon_name);19:22
kenvandinesomething like that19:22
Nafaithe only issue is that it is setting the icon from a pixbuf19:22
kenvandinei think it takes a pixbuf19:22
kenvandineit uses the icon naming spec19:23
kenvandinei think19:23
Nafaiyeah, that's what I've read19:23
kenvandineso just find the icon image to make the pixbuf19:23
kenvandinemight not be hard19:23
kenvandinei hope :)19:23
NafaiIt shouldn't be, I actually found similar code in rhythmbox where it made an icon out of a pixbuf and gave it a name19:24
NafaiI'll just have to follow that convention19:24
jcastroNafai: smithj: I'm going to start a wiki page to keep track of our workflow here before we start forgetting things19:30
NafaiThanks, that will be helpful19:31
NafaiI'm stepping away for a few moments for a break19:32
jcastroNafai: smithj: what do you guys think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators/ContractorWorkflow20:16
smithjjcastro: looks fine20:20
smithjhmmm, question. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/+bug/497858 i can't find a link to the upstream bug20:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 497858 in gnome-disk-utility "Support application indicators" [Undecided,In progress]20:22
* Nafai reads20:23
jcastrosmithj: yikes, I must have missed that one, on it.20:24
smithjjcastro: np. that explains why i was having trouble finding it :)20:25
Nafaisounds good jcastro20:25
jcastrokenvandine: gnome-disk-utility is now devicetkit-disks right?20:25
jcastrokenvandine: or palimpset or something20:26
smithjhmmm, the git tree i cloned from upstream was called 'gnome-disk-utility'20:27
smithjwas that wrong?20:27
kenvandinei think the executable is palimpset20:27
* kenvandine checks20:27
kenvandinedpkg -S /usr/bin/palimpsest 20:28
kenvandinegnome-disk-utility: /usr/bin/palimpsest20:28
NafaiJust double checking, there isn't a launchpad mirror of the gnome-control-panel source like there is for some of the other packages, is there?20:28
Nafain/m, found it20:29
jcastrooh also, the design team needs a list of all the icons for each you guys touch, I've updated the contractor page (you might want to subscribe to it)20:30
Nafaiwhat about icons that are described in code?20:31
jcastroNafai: pointing it out will be our job, the design team will have to figure out how to do that, we're just pointing out where icons that use the panel are20:35
jcastroso it might be "look in blah.c for it" 20:35
jcastrokenvandine: they snagged jono for a manager's meeting, but at this rate we'll never have a call, wanna just JFDI it now?22:12
kenvandinejcastro, yeah22:15
* kenvandine goes to look at the room22:15
NafaiI'm available :)22:15
kenvandinejcastro, the room looks empty, but doors are locked22:16
smithji could do it nowish22:18
kenvandinesmithj, are you available?22:18
kenvandinewe are trying to get a key22:18
kenvandinemaybe just a couple minutes :)22:18
smithji'll have to be afk, but i can take notes on paper (weird, huh?)22:19
smithjgoing afk now. give me a call whenever22:20
smithji PM'd ken my #22:20
jcastrosmithj: can you pm me your email address pls?23:22
NafaiToo bad Chromium can't integrate with Ubuntu/Gnome notifications better: http://dev.chromium.org/developers/linux-technical-faq (see the second question under "System Integration")23:23
jcastroNafai: I know I was bummed out about that23:24
smithjjcastro: done23:24

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