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sbalneavPer this morning's discussions, re: hiding things in Nautilus...04:28
sbalneavhide-tool's in my ppa04:28
sbalneavAhmuck: take note.04:28
sbalneavMorning all14:57
highvoltagemorning sbalneav15:13
sbalneavhighvoltage: Just sent an email off regarding hide-tool.15:18
highvoltagesbalneav: cool15:24
sbalneavHopefully someone will find it useful.15:31
sbalneavWe're thinking about moving to Evolution here at Legal Aid as our mail client15:33
sbalneavso I'm trying to learn to use it effectively.15:34
sbalneavNormally, I use mutt, so it's a big change.15:34
mhall119|workI use Evolution primarily, it's good to me15:44
sbalneavI'm trying, but failing, to get evoldap to pre-seed account stuff for anything but mail15:46
sbalneavcalendar and address book preseeds don't seem to work :(15:47
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LnsHey, have any of you seen this? http://www.pencil-animation.org/ -- might be something to look into including in Edubuntu!22:04
sbalneavLns: hey, did you have a quick look at hide-tool? :)22:06
Lnssbalneav: I haven't looked at it yet, no :( i did see your post though =)22:06
Lnsyou got a build for hardy? ;)22:06
Lnsi can check it out right now22:07
Lnsdon't see it in your ppa.. hehe22:08
sbalneavWell, the package is just a shell script and a manual22:08
sbalneavgrab the lucid one and do a dpkg -i22:09
Lnsis this something that might be good to integrate into pessulus?22:11
Lnswow you can do user-based hiding?22:13
Lnsoh nm, you're talking about root dir not user22:13
Lnsyou have a dir for hide-tool/ under /usr/bin..not in my path :/ hehe22:14
Lnsand if != uid=0 it should error instead of lots of "perm denied" messgaes =)22:14
Lns(just taking notes)22:14
Lnssbalneav: is your "loop through the hide dirs" a recursive traversal to create .hidden files in each dir you specify?  i was able to go to /dev and see all the stuff in there after running hide-tool22:17
Lnseven though /dev was hidden22:17
Lnslooks nice!22:18
Ahmucksbalneav: noted.  saw your e-mail22:19
Lnswho was it that said something about keeping track of the .hidden files after applying.. that is probably needed as well22:20
AhmuckLns: plastic animation paper22:26
LnsAhmuck: ?22:26
Ahmuckanother 2d animation tool22:26
Ahmuckthat works well22:26
Lnswow neat :)22:26
Lnshmm, not in the repos (just like pencil) :(22:27
Lnsat least for my old dinosaur22:27
Ahmucki've used PAP and liked it22:28
LnsI guess some things you just *have* to compile =)22:28
Ahmuckwill try pencil22:28
Lnswe should look into that to include in edubuntu22:28
Ahmucki'm not sure PAP is open source22:28
Lnssee, that could be something we really need to get edubuntu going...stuff you can't find in ubuntu22:28
Ahmucki use a mix22:30
Ahmuckdoes this make me an enemy of edubuntu ?22:35
Lnsit shouldn't... education != open source. educators use whatever tool is best for the job22:39
alkisg(or available, or affordable :))22:40
Ahmuckk, no pressure sensitivy on tablet.  simple to use.  not sure if it has a color wheel.22:41
Ahmuckwould work under edubuntu, but not ltsp.  the lag appears to be to great for our systems22:41
Lnsalkisg: true. we need to make the tools available and easy to use =) we already have affordable down...except for the actual work to install/maintain it22:42
highvoltageAhmuck: heh22:42
Ahmuckpaintbrush acts like an airbrush22:47
Ahmuckcolors on pencil don't switch22:49
Ahmuckah! found color wheel22:49
Ahmuckit's a good start though22:51
Ahmuckfor 2d animation22:51

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