geniithink43: If you want to have a custom set of icons you can put them in ~/.icons/    as well00:00
terran4000think43: did you try docky yet?00:00
sithlord48genii, no luck ... still got one finger ..00:01
robin0800sithlord48: its kcm-touchpad00:04
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sithlord48robin0800, i don't have that...00:05
sithlord48robin0800, kde 4.3.500:05
robin0800sithlord48: no you have to install it00:06
think43terran4000: No, let me see, i think I did a search in the package management and it was there00:06
terran4000think43: to get docky you'll have to add a new repo :-P00:06
sithlord48robin0800, do you know the package cause i am not finding kcm-trackpad00:06
terran4000I found docky to be the best dock all around00:06
think43terran4000: oh, where is the howto onthat?00:06
terran4000think43: one sec, I'll get it to you00:07
think43terran4000: thanks00:07
robin0800sithlord48: its touchpad00:07
terran4000think43: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ppa/ubuntu karmic main00:07
terran4000add that00:07
terran4000at least I think that's the correct repo o.o00:07
terran4000if it is, let me know so I can comment my own source list :-P00:08
think43terran4000: I never did that before, just add to /etc/apt/souces.list, and apt-get update, and then go back to kpackagemanager00:08
terran4000yeah, just add it to sources.list00:08
terran4000then apt-get update00:08
terran4000and then apt-get install docky00:08
terran4000of course sudo first :)00:08
sithlord48robin0800,i found the repo00:09
robin0800sithlord48: sudo aptitude install kcm-touchpad is easier IMHO00:13
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think43How do I edit sources.list, it is write protected?00:13
sithlord48robin0800, for some reason i can't find the package after adding th repo...00:13
crimsunthink43: you generally need elevated privileges, e.g., using sudo/kdesudo00:13
Stoney /quit00:14
think43crimsun: I tried sudo emacs /etc/apt/sources, but it didn't work00:14
crimsunthink43: /etc/apt/sources isn't valid (by default)00:14
crimsunthink43: i.e., it doesn't exist in a default install00:14
terran4000think43: easiest way for your to add a repo00:14
robin0800sithlord48: see comment above00:14
terran4000is to do it through the add and remove software thingy00:15
sithlord48robin0800, there is no package for karmic...00:15
think43crimsun: not sure what you mean00:15
think43crimsun: how do I add repo, cause I wanna install docky00:15
crimsunthink43: generally, use add-apt-repository00:16
think43crimsun: thanks00:16
think43crimsun: but generaly, for future reference, how do I edit system files?00:16
robin0800sithlord48: https://launchpad.net/~mishaaq/+archive/ppa/00:17
crimsunthink43: see above: use sudo/kdesudo (depending whether it's a cli or gui app)00:18
think43crimsun: ok thanks00:19
sithlord48robin0800, the jaunty version seams to work for karmic as well just had to dl and install w/ dpkg thanks00:20
think43say you wanna edit /etc/apt/sources.list, on debian, I used to do su, and then emacs /etc/apt/source.list, how do I do that on kubuntu00:29
_nik_kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list00:33
_nik_or just sudo nano /etc/...00:33
think43_nik_: ok, it doesn't work with emacs eh?00:34
_nik_depands on which editor you prefer00:34
_nik_have you emacs installed?00:34
think43_nik_: yeah00:35
_nik_try it with emacs00:35
_nik_it's the same syntax00:35
_nik_kdesudo for gui-programms00:35
think43_nik_: there we go, its working now, I could swear I did the same thing before, let me scroll back and see00:35
think43oh, I only did su, not sudo00:36
think43Anyone find an Ubuntu package for lqde docker?00:59
werberI've downloaded a .ko file that enables my wireless; but I have to "insmod" it after every reboot. I am new to linux, but understand basics. Can anyone guide me through loading this module at boot?01:01
werberI've tried to add an entry in /lib/modules/version/modules.order pointing to the file, but that didn't seem to work.01:02
werberWould anyone mind helping me out? I'm a Linux newb and trying to get a downloaded driver to load at startup; I could write a shell script that would do it easily enough, but I want to do things "correctly".01:07
jameseyhey people01:13
jameseydo you know good place to ask simple mysql query ?01:13
claydohwerber: what type of wireless card? maybe someone here with similar hardware can suggest the best way to get you up and running01:16
werberIt's a Broadcom 4322; I actually downloaded a driver from Broadcom which works; it's just that I have to manually load the driver after every reboot, by typing "insmod wl.ko" (wl.ko is the name of the driver); I'd like to avoid that if possible.01:17
werberI mean, it's easy enough to type one line at the Konsole; but I'm a tech guy that's new to Linux...and I'd really like to learn the details, if possible.01:18
werberJamesey: I'm not a SQL pro or anything, but maybe I can help. What's the query you have in mind?01:18
werberKind of a dead chatroom, huh?01:22
jameseyI have pretty simple query01:29
jameseythat for some reason dont want to show correct ouput01:29
jameseyI have 2 tables01:29
jameseyfirst has field1 with timestamp in varchar(10) type field01:30
jameseysecond is field2 tinyint(3)type wiwth number of days01:30
jameseyquery is like:01:30
jameseySELECT t1.field1, t2.field2, field1+field2*24*3600 as OUTPUT01:31
jameseyI need go get field1 + number of days from field201:31
jameseyand that doesn't work...01:32
teageIs create link to applincation in kubuntu 9.10 the same as creat new launcher in ubuntu 9.10?01:44
macoteage: create link makes a symlink to the one in /usr/share/applications. so you cant edit it without sudo01:45
macothere's also "copy" i think. that's like "create new launcher" in ubuntu01:45
macoteage: get that part too?01:45
teageyes i did01:46
teageHow does this chat work? I mean, what is Operator? and are you all just ordinary users with some know how to share? or are you Official kubuntu/Ubuntu reps?01:53
Daughainteage: Yes.01:53
teageDaughain: Yes to what? which part of my question ?01:54
kaddi_teage we're users with some know how to shares. I believe that a couple of the operators are employed by ubuntu, but i'm not sure01:54
kaddi_or in my case useres with many questions to ask :p01:55
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teageok, one question that bugs me is, why is it that i have to specify the ./ in some programs. I mean take for instance, gooscan, Im in the directory and the program is called "gooscan" not ./gooscan02:00
kaddi_. is the folder you are currently in. so basically if you do ./gooscan it reads as gooscan in currentfolder. I would expect them to be identical honestly02:02
teageYes, I would too02:03
teageBut sure enough.02:03
teagethey are not02:03
teageeven the examples show "gooscan" and then the argument02:04
teagebut if you simply type just gooscan i will get an error02:04
teageI have to specify ./02:05
teagethen it works02:05
kaddi_teage:  easiest reason I can think of is, that if you use a command in konsole, then konsole will look in the folders specified in path for that command. if it does not find it in those folders, it will throw an error02:07
kaddi_when you use ./ then you give a complete path of the file and konsole needs not look at the path variable02:07
lucituteage: because your current directory is not in your path02:10
lucituif it is like /usr/bin, then you don't need ./02:11
teageIts not a big deal or anything, Just that it threw me for a loop till i figured out i had to add the ./02:12
kaddi_does anyone else gut flash freezing in konqueror after pausing a video?02:13
teageI only have problems when desktop effects are enabled.02:16
kaddi_teage: ah I might check that out. could be related. i have desktop effects enabled02:17
lucituteage: ./ is a shortcut for current directory02:18
teagekaddi: For me, desktop effects run smooth under gnome, but with kde i have problems. I wish i could have wobbly windows.02:19
teagekde makes up for it though, at least for me it does02:19
kaddi_teage: i have no problems with desktop effects currently *knock on wood* I have all kind of other problems though :p02:20
kaddi_but kde rocks, i wouldn't give it up :)02:20
kaddi_i lived through intel support in jaunty, I'll survive that as well :p02:20
teagegnome gives me little freeze glitches and kde runs smooth.02:20
lucitukaddi: no prob here with youtube02:20
DaughainI love kde, but dolphin doesnt like any of my systems.02:21
kaddi_lucitu: i watch a lot on wisevid.com and i get frequently greyed out window, after I pause the video for loading02:22
lucitukaddi: let me try that02:22
teagekaddi: are you using konquerer02:22
kaddi_teage yes02:22
teagei use firefox for most of my stuff, its faster. donwquer has nice tools so i keep them both close02:23
kaddi_lucitu: actually it could also be the flash ads and not the video that cause the problem..02:23
lucitukaddi: just tried it and no problem02:23
lucituit's on pause right now02:24
lucitubtw i'm on lucid02:24
kaddi_ah, I'm still on karmic and 32bit02:24
kaddi_lol, probably not the best basis to look for someone to reproduce it :p02:25
teagelucitu: can you still use all the same apps with 64?02:25
lucitukaddi: absolutely02:25
teagelucitu: whats the main difference? graphics?02:26
Logan_LockwoodHow could I make in Dolphin folders NOT show their content?02:26
kaddi_anyhow killing nspluginviewer off and reload the page usually fixes the problem. I even think the video continues to load after the flash-window is greyed out02:26
lucitukaddi: a lot snappier..never looked back since 4yrs02:26
kaddi_lucitu: teage is asking about 64bit :p02:26
lucitukaddi: ooo sorry02:27
kaddi_no problem ;)02:27
kaddi_just thought I'd mention it ;)02:27
lucituteage: yes 64-bit is a lot snappier02:27
lucituteage: never looked back since I used it 4 yrs back02:28
kaddi_flash's been getting a lot of negative publicity on 64bit the last years, no? Is it working now?02:29
lucitukaddi: why are u using nspluginwrapper if you are using 32-bit?02:29
kaddi_lucitu: good question, I've never really used konqueror much.. just used it over the week-end (and today) cause I wanted to save my Firefox session unchanged :p02:30
lucitukaddi: flash has been 64-bit native for quite sometime02:31
lucituand it's very good02:32
kaddi_he, nice :)02:32
teagehas anyone tried lxyde? thats like a mini kde right?02:32
kaddi_i'll probably do a reformat for lucid, wanna give grub2 and ext4 a try and i'll probably do an upgrade to 64bit as well02:32
teageI am gonna try running it on my old x-box02:33
lucitulisten to your box..if it's 64-bit cpu then go 64-bit02:33
lucitutaege: did u mean lxde?02:34
kaddi_lucitu: it is. and it even has 4Gb of RAM in it now.. I've just been waiting for the right occasion ;)02:34
teagelucitu: how do you listen to yer box02:34
lucituteage: i mean don't listen to fud about 64-bit02:35
teageHow do you check if you have 64bit capibility?02:36
lucitukaddi: my lap is an old compaq..2G ram ati xpress200m and composting is funtastic with plain vanilla radeon driver02:36
lucituteage: uname -a02:37
kaddi_lucitu: yeah, very very sadly I have intel chips on my laptop and that has not been to well supported the last couple of month02:37
kaddi_it was fine back in intrepid02:37
iconmefistoteage: are you asking how to check if you have 64bit installed? or how to check if you have a 64bit processor?02:38
teagedose not say anything about 32 bit or 64 bit02:38
lucituteage: you shud see something like x86_6402:38
teagehere is the outcome-   teage@teage:~$ uname -a02:39
teageLinux teage 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 16:20:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux02:39
lucituu have a 32-bit02:39
iconmefistoteage: lshw -C cpu   will give you info about your processor. more than likely it is 64bit, unless it's really old02:40
lucituteage: lshw will show your hardware02:40
teagethere is a part that says width: 64 bits02:41
teageis what i am looking for right?02:41
lucituteage: that's it.. you have 64-bit cpu02:41
kaddi_i has a 32bit cpu on my old laptop :p I found out when i tried to installed a 64bit OS the other day :p02:41
teagei will try the 6402:42
teageis there a way of upgrading to 64 without loosing my current install?02:42
lucituteage: no02:42
lucituteage: how big is your HD?02:43
lucituyou can create a separate partition02:43
teage164 gig02:43
kaddi_lucitu: what would be the minimum size suggested for a 64bit install?02:43
lucituthat's more than enough02:43
lucitu10 gig is more than enough02:44
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kaddi_k, i should be able to find that space somewhere :p I suppose that means I should store /home on a different partition, though?02:45
NikofTimehey guys! and gals i guess02:45
NikofTimeall the gals in the room HOLLA!!!02:45
kaddi_hi NikofTime .902:45
xivenI was wondering if there are any KDE Linux projects that need a hand in development, or have been discontinued with an interest in revival?02:46
lucitukaddi: if you want yes02:46
NikofTimeyo kaddi_ !02:46
NikofTimehey guys02:46
iconmefistoxiven: you mean you want to volunteer?02:46
NikofTimeso i have been "obtaining" some discographies on torrent02:46
NikofTimeand some of the filenames contain characters like that ae together and some other symbols that make the files imposible to move/rename/delete02:47
teagethanx for all the help ppl. goin to bed. see ya.02:50
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tbone00hello world03:28
DaughainNeed to set up an XP VM, any suggestions where to start?03:48
think43If you run kubuntu, you cannot install gnome?03:48
Daughainthink43: You can run both, yes.03:48
Daughainthink43: If oyu are in kubuntu, its apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, as I recall.03:49
think43Daughain: hmm, I get an error when I try: gnome-desktop-environment: Depends: fast-user-switch-applet (>= 2.22.0) but it is not installable03:49
think43Daughain: oh, I see03:49
Daughainthink43: Ya, you need to install the environ before you can run it. =z)03:49
think43Daughain: You know, I had debian on here, and then when I installed Kubuntu, it kept some of my previous kde 4 settings, but I was expecting it to be formatted03:50
Daughainthink43: Couldnt tell ya. Though, I;ve seen some equaly strange things happen. =)03:51
Daughainthink43: I beleive te install looks to see what is already on the system, and leaves that alone, least thats how my experience makes it look.03:52
think43Daughain: yeah, it checked and copied settings, and then formatted and installed over after that03:54
think43Daughain: I was surprised03:54
* Daughain nods.03:54
DaughainSO was I. =) I was expecting to have to rebuild everything.03:54
think43it was just some settings03:58
Daughainthink43: For me it was a lot more than that, but, I was also doing a reinstall.03:59
think43Daughain: it is quite awesome, but what if you re-installing cause you screwed up all the setting, and you want to go back to defaults. :(04:00
Daughainthink43: No, I managed to delete something I shouldnt have. =)04:01
DaughainMy settings were fine.04:01
DaughainOne of the problems you can encouter in removing stuff via synaptics, if ya arent careful04:01
think43Daughain: really, in Linux systems, you should never re-install, it is supposed to outlive its hardware04:01
Daughainthink43: I;ve been using linux for 2 months. :P04:02
DaughainWhen I delete something and all I can access is cli, I need to reinstall.04:02
think43Daughain: Things can get messy though, so I prefer re-installing04:02
* Daughain nods.04:03
think43I was on debian, and then I moved to backports, then I put testing kde 4, then I said, might as well dist upgrade, but it wouldn't work.  I bet a pro could get it upgraded a lot easier than re-installing, but for me, to make pro move take 100 mistake, and two days before it works, and a re-install  is just 35mins04:04
DaughainLooking into VM right now.04:04
Daughainthink43: Ya, I dont ecen have enough background right now to even try making it work, so, I have no other option, no worries though. =)04:05
think43Now I am on Kubuntu, cause I wanted kde 4 which is awesome, but I want avant-window-navigator even more, and I think it works better on gnome, so I am downloading ubuntu04:05
DaughainActually, its just the interface that changes.......I ALWAYS install ubuntu then add kde, so, not exactly sure how to install gnome from kde. =O04:06
think43Daughain: you know one thing you will realize which wasn't so obvious to me in the beginning.  The bulk of setting up Linux, is installing.  And in Ubuntu, thats sudo apt-get install what-ever04:06
think43Daughain: I should just apt-get install gnome, but I wanna do it from a basic install for some reason04:07
Daughainthink43: Ya, that much I;ve already figiured out.=) I;ve even managed to figure ut how to reove thinga too. =)04:07
think43Daughain: ya, apt-get remove, also, apt-get remove --purge, if you wanna apt-get install again for default settings04:08
* Daughain nods.04:08
DaughainRight now I'd like to know why dolphin doesnt seem to like my systems.04:09
Daughainit locks up the desktop so bad I had to switch back to nautilus.04:10
think43Daughain: as soon as you open it?04:12
DaughainNo, but if I try and do anything in it like moving or copying files.04:12
Daughainit crashes a decent amount on this system too, but not as badly.04:12
think43Daughain: why don't you do what I mentioned about, apt-get remove --purge, and reinstall with apt-get install04:13
think43Daughain: I think that happened to me too04:13
DaughainThe desktop is a fresh install, only edits were to fstab to mount a secondary hd and a LAN share.04:13
think43Daughain: and where are the copies to?  Can you do the exact same copies on the command line fine?04:14
DaughainSorry for the caps.04:14
think43Daughain: it is easy, you just do $cp source-file destination.  So say I have a file in /home/think43/some-file.txt, and I wanna move to another drive like /old-home/tp43/Desktop/backups, Then I would do $cp /home/think43/some-file.txt /old-home/tp43/Desktop/backups04:16
DaughainEasy for you to say. :P I still am not sure where all the files are, and, in some cases they are on the lan.04:17
think43if you are in /home/think43 already, then you can just do $cp some-file.txt /old-home/tp43/Desktop/backups04:17
think43Daughain: oh04:17
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torasuku_I'm getting 0 of 0 connected peers on my torrents that have ~100 seeders, any help?05:14
ilumitorasuku_: firewall?, what torrent client?05:58
mistryniteshhello all06:31
mistryniteshwhich is the best way to get myself addressed without spamming the channel?06:32
iconmefistomistrynitesh: what do you mean by "get myself addressed"?06:44
hardik_can any one tell me that how to sync. blackbarry 9530 strom in ubuntu07:15
mistryniteshiconmefisto: i wanted someone to call out my name just as you did, but I did not want to spam the channel07:44
titan_arkhas the bug in the powermanagement daemon been rwctified as yet?07:51
titan_arkeverytime my notebook wakes up after going into sleep i am told there is no battery plugged in07:52
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GabrielSOEcan I install ubuntu 9.10 on usb drive to boot with ?08:06
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:07
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:07
iconmefistoGabrielSOE: use USB startup startup disk creator08:07
GabrielSOEiconmefisto: please elaborate i'm still a newbe08:09
iconmefistoGabrielSOE: it's a program, should already be installed. look in system submenu, or just alt-F2 and start typing "usb startup"08:09
GabrielSOEiconmefisto: not installed, I'll get it08:10
iconmefisto!info usb-creator-kde08:11
ubottuusb-creator-kde (source: usb-creator): Ubuntu USB desktop image creator for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.12 (karmic), package size 17 kB, installed size 172 kB08:11
iconmefistoGabrielSOE: install that package. usb-creator-kde08:11
GabrielSOEiconmefisto: doing so now, thanks m808:12
GabrielSOEiconmefisto: done got it (usb)08:17
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rethusi search a good unpacker for kubuntu.. normaly i use ark... and on suse, ark unpack nearly all files ...like .gz, .rar and so on... now he has problems with .gz and rar..09:08
rethuswhat have i to install to support nealry all package-formats?09:08
nicocothing and now it won't launch09:11
nicocois there a way to start with a new clean postgresql install ? the upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4 messed up every09:12
Koliayou swaped your lines :)09:17
turtle^s0uphi all09:23
turtle^s0upi just wanted to say09:23
turtle^s0updamn my kubuntu karmic desktop looks and feels sexy09:24
kinja-sheepHi folks -- What is the package/process for KDE panel?09:24
turtle^s0upkinja-sheep: i think it's part of plasma-desktop process09:27
kinja-sheepturtle^s0up: Do you know which package is that? (Ie, running KDE plasma-desktop in openbox and such).09:28
turtle^s0upkinja-sheep: just to install the kde panel, i would think it would depend on plasma-desktop, not sure09:31
manolisGood morning all!09:32
papulhi. how do i use kde panel with openbox?09:32
manolis:-) sry .. don't know!09:32
turtle^s0upkinja-sheep: why not use other panels09:33
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kinja-sheepturtle^s0up: I'm assisting somebody in #ubuntu -- I think that was kdebase-workspace-bin09:34
papulkinja-sheep, i am here too :)09:34
kinja-sheeppapul: You sly fox.09:35
Zoot365Good morning09:35
turtle^s0uppapul: i think panels like lxpanel, tint, and other lightweights would fit in better than kde's panel09:36
papulturtle^s0up, some other options09:38
jastorim making my usbstick into a livedvd with usb-creator-kde .. i checked the persistent option. just wondering: is it just the /home and /root directories thats persistent? or any extra program you install too?09:39
papulturtle^s0up, some other options please09:42
papulfor panels09:42
turtle^s0uppapul: tint2, fbpanel, pypanel, bmpanel09:44
turtle^s0uppapul: tint2 looks the best09:44
Zoot365is this the place to be if I'm a new user kubuntu user looking for a clue?09:45
jastorZoot365: probably :)09:46
Zoot365I've done some simple game mod scripting, but t now I'm being asked to compile gimp-gap.  I'm over my head.09:49
jastorZoot365: you specifically mean compile? or just install?09:50
iconmefistoZoot365: there's a pre-compiled gimp-gap package you can install. do you need to compile it with special options or something?09:51
jastorZoot365: sudo apt-get install gimp-gap    for the precompiled one09:51
Zoot365I couldn't find it in kpackagekit so I assune I have to compile it.09:52
iconmefisto!info gimp-gap09:52
ubottugimp-gap (source: gimp-gap): The GIMP Animation Package. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.0-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2526 kB, installed size 7896 kB09:52
jastorZoot365: open a terminal and type that sudo apt-get ....  i wrote09:53
jastorZoot365: if it doesnt know the package .. sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the # before the deb http://.....  and deb-src http://...09:54
jastorZoot365: and sudo apt-get update09:54
teageI started getting a message at log on, kde thinks it can remove nvidia. why would it say that.09:56
Zoot365it suggests that I have the latest version but I know its  Version 2.4.0-2ubuntu1 and that dosn't work.09:56
iconmefistoZoot365: that is the version in ubuntu repos. which version do you need?09:57
jastorZoot365: download ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/plug-ins/v2.6/gap .. extract somewhere .. and as root run ./configure09:58
Zoot365I have the gz for that here I'm just not sure what to do with it.09:59
Zoot365looking at it is no help.09:59
Zoot365I tried yelling too...09:59
iconmefistoZoot365: have you unpacked it yet?09:59
jastorZoot365: tar xvf gimp-gap-2.6.0.tar.bz210:00
Zoot365Yep.  looked, yelled, nothing.10:00
teageZoot365: or just right click , extract here. If you are lazy. :)10:01
manolisI hane a question ......10:02
iconmefisto!ask | manolis10:02
ubottumanolis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:02
manolisI have an old laptop and I cannot use other kubuntu than 7.1010:02
Zoot365You say lazy like its a bad thing.10:02
manolishow to I change my repos so I can get some updates on this version!?10:03
Zoot365and heere is the folder. now what?10:03
jastorZoot365: open a terminal .. go to the diectory (gimp-gap-2.6.0/) and: sudo ./configure10:03
teageZoot365: If you are really lazy, you could , open terminal, right click the file, extract here , type cd in terminal , click on yer file and drag it to terminal then press enter10:03
jastornot sure if sudo is required for ./configure ;)10:03
teageZoot365: nope its not a bad thing. How you think i know this. lol10:04
jastorhavent compiled any programs in ages :)10:04
iconmefistoZoot365: maybe you should uninstall the 2.4 version first. not sure10:04
jastoriconmefisto: doesnt it just overwrite when make install ?10:05
iconmefistojastor: not quite sure, but it won't hurt to remove the older one first10:05
teageZoot365: if you do that what i said you will be in that dirrectory, then all you gotta do is type in terminal the word make. then type the two words SUDO MAKE INSTALL, thats three words hehe10:05
jastoriconmefisto: :)10:05
jastorteage: ./configure first!10:05
jastorteage: i looked it up ;)10:06
teagejastor: oh yeah10:06
teage./configure, then make, then sudo make install10:06
jastorkubuntu has babl-0.0.0 ... ive added all the sites in sources.list and updated .. yet i dont see babl-0.1.0 :P10:07
Zoot365I'm still trying to get to the dir10:07
teageDoes anyone know why kde wants to remove my nvidia? it asks me on every boot up for some reason.10:07
jastorZoot365: youre using firefox?10:08
Zoot365Yes but not to do this.10:08
jastorZoot365: if you havent specified where to download to .. its in /home/<yourusername>/Downloads/10:08
jastorZoot365: or should be atleast10:08
jastorZoot365: no i mean ;) you probably used firefox to download the .tar.bz2 file :)10:09
jastorfinally :P the livedvd is finished10:09
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Zoot365Yeah, found it.10:11
teageZoot365: when you type the ./configure, be sure to add the little dot before the slash. some programs are fine without it but to be on the safe side you should just do it anyway.10:12
Zoot365going to go uninstall 2.410:14
iconmefistoteage: without the dot, it will look in root dir for a file called configure, which probably won't do anything since that file won't normally exist in that directory10:15
teageiconmefisto: some do work without it though.10:15
iconmefistoteage: without the dot but with just /configure ?? that can't work, unless there is a file in / named configure10:16
teageiconmefisto: I often wondered what the little dot ment, you say its to specify root? I thought that is what the slash is for.10:17
iconmefistoteage: no, the / specifies root. the dot specifies current directory10:17
jastor. <-- current directory10:18
jastor.. <-- parent directory10:18
teageidk, I just know that i have had some programs work without the dot. I dont know why, Just did in some cases.10:18
teageiconmefisto: for example, when i run gooscan, I have to specify the dot ,/gooscan. If i run say fasttrack, i all i need to specify is /fasttrack.py with no dot.10:20
jastoris it possible to have "two" of the same directory? ie: /usr/bin   ... if the file exists in the virtual /usr/bin load that one .. if it doesnt, look for it in the real /usr/bin .. if it exists in both .. prioritize the virtual one10:21
jastor... hmm .. could do a bunch of ln :P .. but that feels .. awkward ;)10:22
jastornow im just being stupid :P10:23
jastorjust add /virtualdir/usr/bin  to the executable path before the real /usr/bin .. just dont remember what command it was ;)10:24
iconmefistojastor: I have no idea what you're saying. :) are you asking a question? or answering one?10:25
Zoot365I tried to unzip it but it gave me No such file or directory.10:25
jastorbut its not just executables .. lib/ etc/ etc10:25
jastoriconmefisto: i asked a question .. but figured out how to solve it :) but then i came up with another problem :)10:25
teageZoot365: just right click the file. then choose extract here.10:27
jastoriconmefisto: i can "set up" virtual /usr/bin by adding them to PATH (/virtualdir/usr/bin;/usr/local/bin/;/usr/sbin etc.) .. but how would i do the same for lib/, etc/ and similiar directories?10:27
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jastoriconmefisto: in thoose cases i would probably have to do ln right?10:27
teageZoot365: it will create a new file called what ever the program is called10:27
jastorteage: what step are we on?10:28
iconmefistojastor: yeah, wouldn't creating symlinks be more straightforward than adding locations to PATH? maybe I don't follow what you're doing10:29
teagejastor: he was trying to extract it10:29
jastorteage: ok10:29
teagejastor: i think he got it10:29
Zoot365I'v extracted it, now what?10:30
teagetype cd then hit the SPACEBAR. then drag the extracted file into terminal and hit enter10:30
teagethats the easy lazy way which i am guilty10:31
jastoriconmefisto: i got a usbstick with programs, settings etc. i mount it to /virtualdir/ if you run a program i want it to see if it exists in /virtualdir/usr/bin first .. and if it does .. run that one .. instead of the standard program in /usr/bin .. PATH seems to me be the only way to tell it in which order to look in directories for the executable10:31
teageZoot365: did you do it10:32
jastoriconmefisto: for using ln to map the programs in virtualdir/usr/bin can generate errors since the program probably alread exists in /usr/bin10:33
iconmefistojastor: ok, I see. yeah, adding /virtualdir/usr/bin to PATH makes sense10:33
Zoot365Wow that was nuts.  its done.10:33
jastorZoot365: ./configure && make && sudo make install10:34
jastoriconmefisto: and for /virtualdir/lib/ and /virtualdir/etc/ i do a ln for thoose specific files instead (by writing a small script)10:34
iconmefistojastor: why not add those locations to path as well?10:37
jastoriconmefisto: i thought PATH only was executables? :)10:37
jastoriconmefisto: but if thats possible that would be great10:37
jastorwas for*10:37
Zoot365cd: /home/michael/Downloads/gimp-gap_2.6.0+dfsg.orig.tar.gz: Not a directory10:39
jastorthe reason for all this .. is to be able to install and update programs on a system which you cant really modify .. by installing them to a usbstick instead10:39
jastorZoot365: didnt you unpack first?10:39
Zoot365oops wrong file...10:40
jastorZoot365: ;)10:40
Zoot365yeah, its configureing.10:41
Zoot365now make?10:41
jastorZoot365: yes10:41
jastorZoot365: and when make is done (as long as there arent any errors) do: sudo make install10:42
Zoot365make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.10:43
teageZoot365: the reason for make is you have to make the installer.10:43
teageis it a python program? what are you installing?10:43
Zoot365This had been great. I now that there are a couple of things Ihave to do...10:45
teageopen up the file that you extracted and look to see if you see a file called make or anything with a .py at the end10:45
teagei dont think gimp is python is it?10:45
Zoot365unfortunately, thats a good question.10:46
teageif it is a python program , which it sounds like it is . then the install commands would be different10:46
jastorah ok10:48
jastorZoot365: ./autogen.sh10:48
teageZoot365: if you open the extracted file and see anything with a .py at the end then it is indeed a python program.10:48
iconmefistoZoot365: sounds like you are not in the directory that you just expanded from the .gz file10:48
jastoryou use ./autogen.sh   for gimp-gap .. which in itself runs ./configure10:48
teagegotta go to work. hope everything works out Zoot36510:49
Zoot365Me too thanks10:49
jastorZoot365: any luck with autogen?10:50
Zoot365michael@Bob:~/Downloads/gimp-gap-2.6.0+dfsg.orig$ ./autogen.sh10:52
Zoot365bash: ./autogen.sh: No such file or directory10:52
Zoot365looks loke ./configure is working.10:53
Zoot365there don't seem to be any python files in the gimp-gap file.11:04
Zoot365ummm... folder11:05
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vltHello. I get a broken package when runnning `aptitude update` on several LTS machines: "language-pack-kde-de depends on language-pack-kde-de-base (>= 1:8.04+20100117) [UNAVAILABLE]"11:11
iconmefistoZoot365: you could install the lucid gimp-gap 2.6.0 version in .deb form http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gimp-gap11:11
iconmefistoZoot365: that might be easier to install11:12
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iconmefistoZoot365: but you'll probably need to install this one too: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/libatk1.0-011:13
Zoot365whats the difference between the lucid and the one I have?11:18
iconmefistoZoot365: those links point to files that are .deb which are already packaged and ready to install11:19
iconmefistoZoot365: lucid is the next ubuntu version (after karmic) and the gimp-gap version for it is the one you are trying to install11:22
Zoot365do I want tar or 1build1?11:23
iconmefistoZoot365: links are at the bottom of the page. choose either amd64 or i38611:25
iconmefistoZoot365: do you know if you have 64bit or 32bit kubuntu installed11:27
timohello can evrybody help my11:27
timohelp me my sound dont work i dont know why when i start my pc he plays a start melodie but when i play a song in youtube he dont play a song11:28
timoevrybody knows this problem ????11:29
iconmefistoZoot365: then you need http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/gimp-gap/download and http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/libatk1.0-0/download11:29
Zoot365ooo self installers11:30
timosome one here to help me please???11:30
Zoot365do I install atk firat?11:30
iconmefistoZoot365: I just installed those, but I had to install libatk1.0-0 first11:30
_nik_timo: have you pushed up the pcm in kmix?11:31
timopcm i dont know i look11:32
timopcm or pcm211:32
timo_nik_: no i do this11:33
timoand then i pushed ok ?11:33
timobevor pcm was line11:34
timowhat means line ??11:34
timois line a mic?11:34
iconmefistotimo: line is a line input, mic is a microphone input (more sensitive input than line)11:35
timo_nik_:  pcm is on but i dont have sound11:35
timoiconmefisto: ok11:36
_nik_on 100%?11:36
timo_nik_: yes hundret prozent11:36
timo_nik_:  but the sound dont work11:37
timo_nik_: this make me crazi11:37
_nik_just with flash?11:37
timowith all11:37
timo_nik_:  wiht all11:38
_nik_you dont have to configur pcm as standad11:38
timoi dont know i klicked on pcm an then i kliked ok11:39
Zoot365Yeahay.  that worked!!11:39
_nik_you changed the main audio channel11:39
timoyes the audio chanel thats right11:40
iconmefistoZoot365: good news :)11:40
_nik_cancel that11:40
_nik_timo: you have to rightclick on kmix, than show volumecontrol11:42
_nik_and there put the pcm control up to 100%11:42
timothere are all 100%11:42
dimaHi, everyone. My browsers have started ignoring /etc/hosts file. It has worked before. What should I look at to make it work?11:43
Zoot365Ok, once i get my little animation of the bouncing ball, I'll post it :)11:43
Zoot365Tahnks loads.11:44
timo_nik_:there are all off 100%11:44
_nik_pcm too?11:44
timothere is not the name pcm11:44
timo_nik_:  ok pcm 100% to11:44
_nik_then you have to add it11:44
_nik_do you have sound again?11:45
timo_nik_:  no sound11:45
timo_nik_: ;(11:45
_nik_just flash or no sound in e.g. amarok, too?11:46
iconmefisto_nik_: not all soundcards will have a channel called pcm11:46
_nik_iconmefisto: your right, but the most people who had problems with flashsound had pcm muted11:47
_nik_most people i kno11:47
timono sound flash or elsewhere11:47
timomy pcm is not mute11:48
timowhat can i make knoe11:48
iconmefistotimo: in konsole, type: speaker-test11:48
iconmefistotimo: see if you get any sound at all11:49
timosudo speakertest11:49
iconmefistotimo: speaker-test11:49
timospeaker-test 1.0.2011:49
timoDas Wiedergabegerät ist default11:49
timoStream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels11:49
timoUsing 16 octaves of pink noise11:49
FloodBotK2timo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:49
timoSamplingrate auf 48000Hz gesetzt (gefordert waren 48000Hz)11:49
iconmefistotimo: did it make any sound?11:50
_nik_timo: hast du denn die einstellung von vorhin wieder rückgängig gemacht?11:51
timoyes when i start11:51
_nik_also das ändern des hauptkanals?11:51
timo_nik_:  welche einstelung denn11:51
iconmefistotimo: did you hear any sound with the speaker-test command?11:51
_nik_timo: du hast doch vorhin den hauptkanal geändert, richtig?11:51
timonein das ist auf pcm jetzt vorher war es auf line11:51
timoja das ist richtig11:52
_nik_dann stell es mal auf line zurück11:52
timoyes the speaker test play d melodie11:52
timo_nik_: ok11:52
iconmefistoguys, supposed to be english in here. maybe you could continue in the german channel?11:52
timonik _nik_habe ich getan11:52
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:53
timo_nik_: nik  bist du auch in den deutschsprachigen kanal zu finden11:53
timo_nik_: whe i typ in konaole speaker-test  mein wieder gabe gerät ist fehlerhaft11:55
timoiconmefisto: what can i make know11:56
timomaster \ master mono\ pcm \pcm2\line \cd\mic\aux\mono\mono211:59
timo_nik_: hattest das prb auch mal mit dem souNd??? das kann ein echt ferig machen!!! gestern 3 stunden versucht und nichts ging12:02
timowhen i would like to instal a paket then komes this12:03
timoDie Paketliste muss neu aufgebaut werden.12:03
timoDies sollte normalerweise automatisch durch das Hintergrundprogramm erfolgen.12:03
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jussi01!de | timo12:05
ubottutimo: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:05
timojussi01:  yes  i know sry12:09
timono matter12:10
jussi01timo: yeah, was just a "for next time" :)12:11
GabrielSOEHow can I change My login screen theme?12:22
jussi01GabrielSOE: system settings -> advanced -> login manager12:24
jussi01GabrielSOE: and note that its different between kdm and gdm, so make sure you are looking at instructions for the correct one12:25
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turtle^s0updoes anyone have a good color scheme for kate?12:44
lalahi, does flash work on kubuntu?12:48
lalaor are there alternatives to recommend?12:49
TheAncientGoatlala: Flash does work12:50
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash12:50
lalaand are there any better players?12:51
lalacuz flash on mac is a fail12:51
lalaand on windows too i bet12:51
TheAncientGoatWell, html5 is "better" but most websites use flash12:51
lalago on12:52
TheAncientGoatgnash is a open source implementation of flash, but it can't handle all types of flash sites...12:52
TheAncientGoatBut other than that, what do you mean by a "player"?12:52
lalawell, flash on mac sucks, on windows too i bet, and i heard that flash doesnt work properly on linux12:54
lalabut talk about html512:54
TheAncientGoatflash works perfectly on linux12:54
TheAncientGoatI've never had any problems with it, at least..12:54
lalaand it cant suddenly suck up all ur memory?12:54
TheAncientGoatOh, it can12:54
lalasee thats annoying12:55
TheAncientGoatbut its like that on mac win and linux :P12:55
TheAncientGoathtml5 has the ability to play things like video and audio in your browser without any plugins.12:55
lalaso i want something that can also play flashcontent, but cant suck up all ur memory12:55
TheAncientGoatlala: Well, then you can either use flash or gnash12:56
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/12:56
lalaawesome, and does flash get used besides on the internet?12:56
TheAncientGoatBut gnash cant play all forms of flash content12:56
TheAncientGoatlala: Not really, thank goodness12:56
TheAncientGoatSome games use it, but thats all that I can think of12:56
lalaok, so ill use html5 then in my browser :)12:57
lalayeah, but those games are mostly on the internet right? :p12:57
TheAncientGoathtml5 cant play flash content12:57
lalaaw man12:57
lalaill use gnash then12:57
TheAncientGoatBut soon sites will use html 5 instead of flash..12:58
TheAncientGoatWell, soon as in a year or so :P12:58
TheAncientGoatYoutube has a html5 mode12:58
lalaLOL? so every flashcontent will get replaced by html5? :D12:58
TheAncientGoatMost probably not, because people are stuck in their ways12:58
lalago on12:58
TheAncientGoatBut hopefully most video sites will12:58
TheAncientGoatDailymotion has had html5 support for a while12:59
TheAncientGoatBut games and flash websites will most probably stay flash mainly12:59
TheAncientGoat Just because they already know flash and dont want to learn anything new13:00
lalahtml5 has different coding compared to flash?13:00
TheAncientGoatOf course. Html 5 is, well HTML, the stuff you use to make webpages13:01
TheAncientGoatFlash uses its own scripting language called ActionScript, which isn't like html at all13:01
lalaso there is no 100% alternative for flash13:01
TheAncientGoatGnash attempts to be. In a while it might catch up13:02
TheAncientGoatBut the thing is13:02
TheAncientGoatpeople should forget flash, because it's horrible by definition13:02
lalai hate it cuz of the memorysuck problem13:03
TheAncientGoatHtml5 + javascript is the way to go13:03
lalaill keep using flash then on linux, until i get the news that gnash or any other alternative is 100%13:04
TheAncientGoatlala: Hate it because its an ugly proprietary format instead :P13:04
lalameh, u cant predict the future lol13:04
lalayeah, that too, its not GPL13:04
TheAncientGoatIt being gpl or not doesn't matter13:04
lalabut hey, skype aint GPL either, and there are a lot of linux users who use skype13:04
lalaoh? :s13:05
TheAncientGoatthere are lots of other licences that are as good or arguably better.. But it being an open standard is more important, and its not13:05
lalaexplain plz?13:05
lalawhats an open std?13:06
TheAncientGoatskype is also a hog, in a similar sense to flash. But loads of linux users use both, because of their popularity13:06
TheAncientGoatlala: Well, the web has interoperability standards13:06
lalawell, if u set the correct options for skype it wont be a supernode or whatever13:06
lalago on13:06
TheAncientGoatStandards are definitions of a technology made sothat multiple groups can make software that use that technology, and that those pieces of software interoperate well13:11
TheAncientGoatLike, take html for example13:11
TheAncientGoatthere's a standard definition for a link13:11
TheAncientGoatNow, if there wasnt a standard, one browser might say that <a> closes the browser while a different one might say that <a> makes something bold13:12
lalai understand13:12
lalaso thats the reason why flash crashes and sucks memory and such? cuz the browsers cant handle it 100% (which isnt their fault, but the fault of adobe)?13:13
TheAncientGoatFlash crashes and sucks because adobe are lazy devs :P13:13
TheAncientGoatIf flash was a standard13:14
TheAncientGoatmany other people would have made their own flash plugins13:14
TheAncientGoatheck, browsers could build in flash support instead of having a plugin13:14
TheAncientGoatAnd the competition would have ensured that adobe stayed on their toes with features and the like13:15
lalaadobe has monopoly on the web with flashcontent like microsoft has with os's13:15
TheAncientGoatYup. And thats why html5 is trying to break that, by making a new standard that anyone can implement13:16
lalaok, so html5 will replace flash on popular sites like youtube, but sites which are from 1 person will still have flash cuz hes used to it13:17
lalaso if u surf a lot, its best to have flash, for cases where gnash fails13:19
TheAncientGoatlala: Yes, pretty much13:21
lalathen some other questions about kubuntu and linux13:21
lalaim gonna install kubuntu as my only OS on my pc, what do i have to do with grub and mbr and such?13:22
TheAncientGoatlala: A clean install? Because that should sort itself out automatically13:23
lalaim gonna put kubuntu on my HDD13:23
lalaso nothing else13:23
lalamy HDD is 120GB, so ill have 1 partition of 120GB where ill install kubuntu on13:24
turtle^s0uplala: make a separate partition for /home, make that the largest13:24
lalawhy? :S13:25
turtle^s0uplala: that way when you have to do upgrade, reinstalls you still have your user configurations13:25
lalaand what is /home btw? :s13:25
daskreechlala: leave Grub and MBR They work :)13:25
turtle^s0uplala: it's where you store you person files, settings, etc13:25
daskreechlala: you can make any file system map to any directory in UNIX13:25
daskreechSo /home is the directory where all the User data lies. you are just separating it from the OS13:26
lalaturtle^s0up, wtf? so ppl who have 1 partition and upgrade their kubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 get the default settings of 9.10?13:26
daskreechIf you want to blow away the OS or change it your data is preserved13:26
lalathen how can my os access it?13:26
daskreechlala: It will :)13:26
daskreechit's like having a C: Drive and D: drive13:26
daskreechtwo different partitions but you can get to both13:27
lalai understand13:27
daskreechYou won't even notice they are different13:27
daskreechit  just looks like a directory to you13:27
lalabut its not user friendly from canonical that they give u the default settings of their newest version when u upgrade13:27
turtle^s0uplala: no, if the upgrades go well it's OK13:27
lalabbs, ok?13:27
daskreechlala: It's just how they work13:27
lalaeverybody stay here :p13:28
daskreechQuick everyone hide!13:28
turtle^s0uplala: just go with one partition i guess, you'll understand after you've become more familiar13:28
Tm_TTheAncientGoat: lala feel free to join #kubuntu-offtopic too (:13:28
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turtle^s0upis there a way to port an emacs color scheme to kate?13:33
turtle^s0upor is my best bet to go manually ?13:33
BluesKajhey folks13:46
daskreechHi BluesKaj13:47
BluesKajhi daskreech13:47
lalaim back13:49
lalahow do i have to split my hard drive then? will the installer ask me for the /home thing?13:49
daskreechWhen you get to the partitioning section just ask for help13:49
lala... if i get to the partitioning section i cant get on the internet cuz im installing my OS...13:52
TheAncientGoatlala: Install it using the live installer13:52
TheAncientGoatyou install while the os is running13:52
lalacan i do that? :o13:52
TheAncientGoatYes, the wonders of linux :P13:53
daskreechThe install is an install of the OS to a CD13:53
TheAncientGoatJust go "try out kubuntu without any change to my hardrive"13:53
daskreechso when you start it up you are already running the OS13:53
daskreechYou can come here go on the net check your mail play games etc13:53
TheAncientGoatyup. and install the os13:53
daskreechSo if you need help you can just open Quassel and come here and ask for help while installing13:53
lalai use xchat13:54
daskreechYou can install xchat and use that13:55
daskreechbefore you install the OS13:55
TheAncientGoatlala: Makes you wonder why people still use windows, ey ;)13:56
daskreechI know why the do I just don't understand why so many do13:56
lalayeah TheAncientGoat13:56
daskreechBut time will play all things out13:56
lalaim sure not all linux users have 2 partitions, just 1 for everything. So they lose all their configuration settings when they upgrade? :O13:57
lalau must be joking13:57
daskreechThere are at least 2 partitions13:58
daskreechone for / and one for swap13:58
daskreechYou can make as many as you want13:58
daskreech I have 4 on mine13:58
BluesKajlala, only if they do a clean install13:58
daskreechlala: your personal configurations are kept in /home so you don't lose anything13:58
daskreechYour configurations are for the most part kept through all upgrades13:59
daskreechFor most changes it will ask you if you want the new configs when there is an upgrade or if you would like to keep the ones you have13:59
lalaaah, so the advice to make a second partition for /home is for when u install another os on the other partition, sorry for misunderstanding guys14:00
timoterran4000:  hy  i think i know why  my i have a sound problem14:01
terran4000timo: Hey timo my man!14:01
terran4000You have a sound problem? ek! What's wrong?14:01
timo terran4000 hi14:01
lalaso lets say i make /home a seperate partition, and i install windows on the other partition, then when i boot in windows, i can access my files? ^^14:01
timothe puls audi dont run14:02
lalaor will it only work if the other OS is also Linux?14:02
terran4000lala: you will be access your linux files from windows only if you install the EXT3 file driver thingy ... ext3fs? or something like that ... also, it doesn't work from Windows 714:03
timo when i go to amerok  amerok dont play my musik because the audio puls dont run14:03
terran4000timo: Pulse Audio isn't working for you?14:03
timothats right14:03
timo but i dont knpw why14:03
lalaok, thank you14:04
terran4000timo: Hm, have you tried unmuting the audio in Kmix?14:04
timo there is all ok14:04
tendaysHello everyone, quick question: There's a serious mistake in the French translation of konversation, where should I report it?14:04
terran4000lala: there are a few solutions ... I also think even in Vista it 'might' not work. You'll have to search for one that works for you14:05
terran4000timo: hmm, lets see14:05
lalaalright terran400014:05
tendaysthe "translate this application" menu item sends me to launchpad, and following the links I find a document telling me not to change in launchpad because it will get overidden/ignored14:05
terran4000timo: did you install pavucontrol?14:05
lalaanother question before i start, what if i have installed kubuntu, and it cant find my internet? :/14:07
tendays(I guess I'll just file a bug in bugs.kde.org...)14:07
chuckflala: do you have a wire to plug into for your internet?14:08
terran4000lala: best bet, plug in your computer via a cable (if you use wifi right now)14:08
lalachuckf, terran4000, i can access my modem with a cable yes14:09
lalaand also without14:09
lalago on please :p14:09
terran4000lala: I'm pretty sure wifi won't work out of the box, so make sure you got a cable handy14:09
chuckflala: unless there is something real special about your nic you'll be able to get to the internet via that and then update drivers for the wireless14:09
terran4000timo: did you install "pavucontrol"? It will allow you to control Pulse Audio14:09
timoterran4000:  no14:10
terran4000k, lets try something first14:10
timowhere instal this14:10
timoterran4000:  where instal this14:10
terran4000timo: if you open System Settings then click on Multimedia14:10
terran4000what is the first device listed on the right side?14:11
terran4000timo: you can install 'pavucontrol' from the command line or from kpackageit14:11
timois the first one14:11
terran4000timo: so that means that you are not using Pulse Audio14:12
timohe means the wiedergabegerät dont work14:12
timoi dont know wiedergabegerät in englisch14:12
lalachuckf, my modem is secured, will that make it harder?14:13
terran4000I don't know what "wiedergabegerät" is either, sorry.14:13
timoterran4000:  when i go to kpackageit14:14
timocommes this14:14
timoterran4000: A package dependency could not be found.14:14
timoMore information is available in the detailed report.14:14
terran4000timo: ek! that's not good. Hmmm14:14
terran4000ok, lets avoid that for now :-P14:14
terran4000timo: in System Setting -> Multimedia ... what other devices are listed on the right side?14:15
timoaudio games komunikation14:17
terran4000timo: that's on the left, how about on the right side?14:17
chuckflala what do you mean secured? with wpa/wep? if so it shouldn't be harder14:18
lalaits the highest security available14:18
lalaWPA 2PSK or something like that14:18
timoensoniq audio pci14:19
timoand audio pulse driver14:19
lalaand the modem has a firewall installed too14:19
chuckfI've yet to find a wireless network I can't log on to14:19
lalau can get on any network? :o14:19
terran4000timo: ooo, cool. I have an idea14:19
chuckfI can get on any network I get the keys for:)14:19
VisheshHi. I was trying to get my Laserjet 1000 printer to work. And I can't seem to find any /dev/usb directory. Has that been removed or what?14:19
terran4000timo: for fun, try clicking once on "pulse" and then click test on the bottom of the window14:20
lalaah like that chuckf, i thought u could crack em all :D14:20
chuckfjust some.....14:20
* chuckf works in IT security so it is part of the job14:21
timohe say i dont run he to avoid to ensoniq audio pci14:22
lalanice chuckf, and how do u crack them? with backtrack?14:22
BluesKajVishesh, what brand is that ?14:23
terran4000timo: hmm, that is troublesome ...14:23
timoterran4000:  yes i think so to14:23
VisheshBluesKaj: HP. It's really old (7 years + atleast)14:23
chuckfmost of the tools are in there, yets14:23
BluesKajVishesh, try the hpilp package14:24
timowhat can we do14:24
BluesKajVishesh, you're lucky to have a printer last that long :)14:24
terran4000timo: I'm sorry, I don't know what else we can do. Without seeing your computer I can't help you much more than this.14:24
timoter terran4000thanks14:25
lalaso chuckf, lets say ive installed kubuntu, and it cant find my internet, what then? i plug in the cable in my laptop and the modem, what then?14:25
BluesKajtimo , pulseaudio is not a driver , it's a sound server14:25
VisheshBluesKaj: Tried it. No luck. I was trying to follow some instructions given on varios guides, but there just isn't any /dev/usb/lp0. Yea, this printer rocks! :-D14:25
BluesKajtimo , alsa-base and alsa-utils are the kernel source drivers you need14:27
chuckfwhen you plub in wired you'll run a package update to get the latest packages. You'll probably pull down a new kernel and have ot reboot afterwards. Then run the restricted hardware wizard (forget the name at the moment) and then you're wireless card should be detected with the new driver. Search for your wireless and you should connect with your keys14:28
terran4000or was it 'kjocky'14:30
BluesKajVishesh, did you actually try the HPILP package or just some HP tutorial ?14:30
terran4000hm, something like that14:30
iconmefistojockey-kde ??14:30
lalaok chuckf ... sounds like a lot of work14:30
VisheshBluesKaj: I tried the HPLIP. It didn't really work - The printer just doesn't print. Then I tried to go through random tutorials .. haven't really done anything though.14:34
BluesKajVishesh, maybe a legacy HP-Linux driver will work ..dunno what else to do :P14:37
VisheshBluesKaj: Yeah. I'm trying to compile it directly from the source. Lets see. Thanks for trying though.14:39
BluesKajVishesh, goodluck , let us know if you succeed , it would be a good to put that in my help database:)14:40
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VisheshBluesKaj: Compiling from the source didn't really help. I removed it and re-installed the hplib toolkit. Cleared up from cups.conf file, and went through the hp-setup again. This time it worked :-)14:45
VisheshSo, you were kinda right. I wonder why it didn't work the first time. Oh well, it's working now!14:46
BluesKajVishesh, cool ! :)14:48
BluesKajVishesh, yeah , those darn conf files are handy but sometimes they interfere14:49
VisheshOn digging in. I've realized the foomatic/foo2zjs (What a name!) driver, which is the recommended one, doesn't really work, but the hpijs does.14:54
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BluesKajVishesh, yes the hpijs is the std driver for a lot of HP printers15:00
trasherall all15:01
trasherbeer grizzley15:05
chisel_i've lost audio in firefox under kubuntu....what gives?15:05
trasherchisel_ hello15:05
chisel_hi trasher15:06
trasherwhere are you from?15:06
trasherwhat is oregon15:06
chisel_oregon is a state in usa, yes15:06
trasheryes   I found it on map15:07
chisel_didn't they teach you about US states in skool?15:07
trasherchisel_  support bill gayts  and use wind15:07
chisel_fuck windows15:07
trasherchisel_  ok ))15:08
Picichisel_: Please mind your language here and stay on topic.15:08
PiciThis is the Kubuntu support channel.15:08
trasherchisel_  didn't they teach you about US states in skool?     no15:08
chisel_besides, bill gates doesn't work there anymore15:08
trasherchisel_ i know15:08
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:08
chisel_yes pici, i'm aware of the topic. just making conversation until i get an intelligible response.15:09
PolyCis there is good and intuitive solution for backupping you home under linux15:09
PolyCsomething any similar to apple's time machine?15:10
trasherchisel_   put your quastion one more15:10
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning15:10
chisel_how do i get sound back for online videos in firefox under kubuntu?15:11
PolyCanything that's cleary "better" than others15:11
chisel_i lost sound over night15:11
trasherchisel_  get sound back?    It is misterious!     sound back )))   You are crazy!15:12
trasherchisel_  sorry   but I think that it is bad idea15:13
chisel_my google searches have come up empty15:13
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chisel_!nick chisel15:14
trasherchisel_ man I have to go to supermarket     I want to eat15:15
trasherchisel_  ok?15:15
trasherchisel_  have you some questions more?15:15
Rav3nSw0rdfor some reason my xorg.conf is incorrect... can someone help check it please? http://paste.linuxassist.net/21514615:16
chisel_how do i get sound for video playback for online videos? (such as youtube)15:16
Rav3nSw0rdI can't find what's wrong with my xorg.conf settings15:16
chisel_i have all the restricted extras etc15:16
trasherchisel_ install sound apparatuer15:16
trasherchisel_   have you music columns ?15:17
trasherchisel_  girl   how are you old?15:18
kaddi__hi, for some reasons konqueror is using nspluginviewer for flash which is frequently crashing on me. How can I get konqueror to use the normal flashplugin that is also used in FF for example?15:23
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iconmefistokaddi__: konqueror does use the same flash plugin as firefox. in konqeror settings, plugins, I have /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/flashplugin-alternative.so15:33
kaddi__iconmefisto: yes, I found the path, but why does it use nspluginviewer then? Shouldn't it just use the flash plugin?15:34
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iconmefistoI think that's just a wrapper, so konq can use any netscape plugin15:35
kaddi__i use ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so15:35
iconmefistokaddi__: did you install flashplayer manually?15:37
kaddi__iconmefisto: not itentionally, I thought I was using the version from apt-get15:38
iconmefistokaddi__: I don't even have a ~/.mozilla/plugins/ folder, that's why I ask15:39
kaddi__i'm moving the /usr/lib folders above the /.mozilla/plugin folder for now, gonna check if that improves anything15:39
kaddi__iconmefisto: there's only libflashplayer.so in the .mozilla/plugin folder, so it may well be a leftover15:40
iconmefistokaddi__: that plugin listed in my konq settings is a symlink that eventually points to /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so  so that's the actual plugin that firefox and konqueror are using on my install15:41
daskreechDoes anyone know a server that's live on the net that drops ICMP requests?15:41
MarcoPauhello, just upgraded to firefox 3.6.0 with ubuntuzilla but youtube is mute... any hint?15:44
kaddi__iconmefisto: it's now loading the flashplugin from /usr/lib/firefox and that one is working much better already. :) It's pointing to /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so for me too15:45
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tony32i was booted off x somehow, anyone know how to get back in? i did "startx -- :1" to get in this x session16:02
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ubuntu_madmy system volume is very low even with volume at full?16:15
Koliaubuntu_mad: you turned every volume at full?16:15
Koliaubuntu_mad: in the mixer table?16:15
ubuntu_madKolia: was just trying to find it16:15
Koliaubuntu_mad: right click on the systray icon ?16:16
ubuntu_madKolia: master is up full16:16
greyhator terminal > # alsamixer16:16
greyhatIs it just your sound at youtube ?16:17
ubuntu_madKolia: PCM at zero16:17
Koliaubuntu_mad: that must be it16:17
ubuntu_mad>:o sorted lol16:17
ubuntu_madsorry..noob alert16:17
Koliai hate this mixer16:17
Koliaubuntu_mad: don't be sorry , this is a usual trap16:17
ubuntu_madwhen i put it up full i could here a buzz from the speakers lol16:18
ubuntu_madany good places to see bout customizing my KDE?16:19
ubuntu_madanother thing,I keep getting a message on log in 'can not run screenlets or something16:20
ubuntu_madi did have screen lets installed but its removed now16:20
courtneyI'm trying to run Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, but when I try connecting to a VPN server it just says the host is unreachable. Any suggestions?16:22
Koliaubuntu_mad: looks like there is still an autostart entry for it16:23
ubuntu_madKolia: i remember setting it up but dont remember how lol16:29
Koliaubuntu_mad: check system settings > advanced tab > automatic start (translating from french)16:30
jtholmesanyone had good experience with the linksys WPC54G wireless pcmcia card on 9.1016:36
rampage_hey guys does anybody knows how to activate desktop sphere and desktop cylinder?16:40
rampage_desktop cube works just fine16:40
lnx4verrampage_ its in the cube settings16:42
rampage_yeah i put a key combination and it is  not working16:45
geniiUsually ctrl-F11 for cube, ctrl-F12 for sphere16:55
torasuku_Any torrents I am downloading aren't actually starting, any help?16:59
ToxinPoweany ppa for RC3 on Karmic?17:12
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tew88Was wondering if anyone could point me to the setting (if it exists) to make taskbars independent of one another in the case of multiple, virtual desktops17:28
guilhermeblancoHi guys... I'm on a mac trying to burn DVD of kubuntu image (sorry, I don't have CDs avail here). Whatever I do, checksum is ok, but after I write it to disk and check CD, it always give me 2 files are broken. Any ideas? Is there a network install option?17:36
Zorba_Do you know what files are broken?17:37
guilhermeblancoZorba_: no... the Verify CD only gives me "Check finished: errors found in 2 files!"17:38
Zorba_Some months ago I had the same problem, and I solved it burning another disc... maybe the DVD disc is damaged.17:40
guilhermeblancoZorba_: already lost 4 DVDs17:40
guilhermeblancoall of them same issue17:40
guilhermeblancofirst was without checksum, second after checksum, third in slow speed, fourth with data integrity check17:41
guilhermeblancoall the same issue17:41
kubiantew88: i guess in 4.4 there is a desktop different activities?17:42
Zorba_really strange... maybe it is a problem of the image...17:42
kubianguilher* try that link17:44
guilhermeblancokubian: ok... thanks!17:45
guilhermeblancojust reading some Facebook announcement regarding php17:45
guilhermeblancothen I'll be back to attempt install it17:46
daskreechtew88: Independent taskbars?17:48
jtholmesanyone had good experience with the linksys WPC54G wireless pcmcia card on 9.1017:56
BluesKaj!info linksys18:01
ubottuPackage linksys does not exist in karmic18:01
dsfdsfeeFuck u motherfuckers18:04
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco18:04
jtholmesboy he needed to go what an attitude18:05
macofunny they called the ops on themself18:05
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genii!it | Linux18:10
ubottuLinux: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:10
geniiClaviceps: No advertising here18:10
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »18:14
tsimpsonLinux: /join #ubuntu-it18:14
alexbobpGood news, I finally fixed my knetworkmanager and konsole issues18:14
alexbobpknetworkmanager wasn't connecting to secure wifi and konsole wasn't recognizing page up and page down keys18:15
alexbobpI also fixed the issue where the pager would only let me have two rows18:16
alexbobpall in one software configuration change18:16
alexbobpoh, and also the system is much more responsive now.  Doesn't randomly hang.18:17
alexbobpYep, I found the ultimate bug fix for KDE, and it's at http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/18:19
ClavicepsMr Hudson ft Kanye West - Supernova lyrics18:24
Clavicepswww.norml.org -- "this is normal... this is normal..." SCHOOL - EDUCATION18:25
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MarcoPauhello, just upgraded to firefox 3.6.0 with ubuntuzilla but youtube is mute... any hint?19:21
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asranielhi there, i just installed kubuntu 9.10 on the laptop of my dad and plasma displays mostly garbage. anybody has a idea? how can i change graphic driver to vesa (i can't find the xorg config file)19:27
iconmefistoasraniel: X doesn't use xorg.conf anymore unless you create one19:31
asranieliconmefisto: ok.. but looks like i have bigger problems anyway. didn't expect so many problems with a laptop of that age19:37
iconmefistoasraniel: what video card? ati? nvidia?19:39
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org19:40
geniiThe LaptopTestingTeam has good resources for workarounds for some common models, etc19:40
asranieliconmefisto: intel 845M19:42
asranieliconmefisto: first time i run into such problems, basicaly the panel and all popups are garbage19:42
asranieliconmefisto: i can run blindly krunner and launch konsole to get some stuff done19:43
asranielgenii: ah thx, going to check that out19:43
asranieliconmefisto: never mind, hehe, that is the chipset, it is actually a old ati card19:45
geniiThe 845 chipset always had some weird problems under linux19:46
asranieliconmefisto: either a Radeon 7500C or a Radeon M6P (not sure yet, no clue how to find out)19:46
Benkinoobyhi, i try to make embedded divx videos with firefox working. i followed the 2nd ( use extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/446 ) and 3rd advice from this website (use mozilla-mplayer ) , without luck http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49159219:46
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:46
iconmefistoasraniel: lshw -c display19:47
iconmefistoasraniel: jockey-text -C   will tell you if there is a proprietary driver that may give you better results19:49
asranieliconmefisto: thx, now i know the card and that there is no proprietary driver19:50
asranieliconmefisto: pretty bad, because the open source does not seem to work19:50
asraniellets see if i get a workaround somewhere (there is none in the wiki), or last solution, vesa..19:50
asranieliconmefisto: ok, it's a known problem it seems with that card19:55
iconmefistoasraniel: do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe  with vesa driver? if so, you could copy that to xorg.conf to use vesa20:00
Benkinoobyi checked serveral websites with howtos and instructions for making divx in firefox working, but i didn't manage. can some1 help me? to see waht i did, check my post at 20:46:0720:00
iconmefistoBenkinooby: we're all in different timezones, so 20:46:07 doesn't help much20:01
geniiBenkinooby: timestamp doesn't help much for us to find it, since we could all be in different zones and the IRC client puts local time usually, etc20:02
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: sorry... thought, this would be same time for us all... but to fix the problem : about 16 minutes ago :)20:02
Benkinoobyhi, i try to make embedded divx videos with firefox working. i followed the 2nd ( use extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/446 ) and 3rd advice from this website (use mozilla-mplayer ) , without luck http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49159220:03
asranieliconmefisto: i found out that i have to set RenderAccel "off" to make it work, testing now. the other solution would be to use exa20:03
asranieliconmefisto: the first one seems to work20:03
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: i was afraid i get kicked, when i repeat my posts20:03
Tm_TBenkinooby: naah, you can repeat when asked or when it's otherwise reasonable20:05
BenkinoobyTm_T: ah ok... i was expecting that there is a bot or something, that checks if i repeat within a certain time :P20:06
Tm_TBenkinooby: well, if you flood your repeat... (:20:07
iconmefistoBenkinooby: so you manually downloaded and installed mozilla-mplayer ??20:09
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: aptitude20:10
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: the point is, i'am running out of ideas. all the websites i havn't tried now are coming up with the same advices (mediaplayerconnectivity plugin, installing mozilla-mplayer, installing all kinds of codecs) seems that i miss something :(20:12
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iconmefistoBenkinooby: do you have a link to a page with divx content. I have mozilla-player plugin and want to test it20:14
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: http://speedload.to/FILE4B66908379D5120:16
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: http://theawaremind.com/videos/VincentDivX.htm this one is working :/20:19
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: is it working for you?20:22
iconmefistoBenkinooby: the first one works for me too, if I ignore that warning message and just click the play button it loads the video in the mplayer plugin20:22
iconmefistoBenkinooby: yes, both work20:22
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: the first one is black for me :(20:23
iconmefistoBenkinooby: it's black after you click the play button?20:25
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: y, i upload a screenshot20:26
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: 1 sec20:26
genii!es | isai20:28
ubottuisai: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:28
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: http://tinypic.com/r/18f90p/620:28
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: http://tinypic.com/r/29f9umc/620:29
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: on the second picture, i get the impressione, that the mplayer is there, but it stays black, no matter ifi click play or soemthing20:30
iconmefistoBenkinooby: lots of buffering here before the first one begins to play, and it starts from a black screen, then more buffering. sometimes it stops and I have to start it again with the plugin's play button. so maybe you're seeing the first few frames of video but it's having trouble downloading the stream20:40
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: ok, i'll be patient and give u feedback20:41
torasukuCan anyone help me with torrents? I'm downloading torrents using KTorrent in Kubuntu, I've also tried Transmission. The torrent has ~400 seeders, but I'm still "Stalled", and it never starts.20:42
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: i just understood the (big) difference between divx and xvid. until now i was thinking on is the player and one the codec -.-20:42
nascentmind hi. In kde konsole the fonts look horrible when it is colored. how can i fix this?20:43
nascentmindwhen i do a ls -l the directories when colored blue look different than the non colored fonts.20:43
iconmefistoBenkinooby: if you right-click on the player do you get a menu with play, pause, etc? there is also configure in that menu20:43
kyubutsuchanged my kdm theme. problem: old theme login screen still flashes before displaying new theme.  need a hint as to where that image might be stored at.  (i removed all other themes so the default location isnt it)20:45
Benkinoobyhmmm.. nope... when i rightclick and the choose "about" i get "totem browser plugin 2.28.2" maybe i have to remove that20:45
nascentmindany chance of some help?20:46
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: do you have totem on your system?20:46
iconmefistoBenkinooby: no20:48
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: let me reomve totem.. maybe it "blocks" mplayer20:48
iconmefistoBenkinooby: yeah I think having 2 plugins would be a problem20:48
kyubutsunascentmind: the default font color i got here is all white;  you can look into Settings>edit current profile  and choose/change the options in there to your liking20:49
nascentmindkyubutsu, that is fine the only problem is when the color changes say for eg syntax highlighting in vim etc. the fonts don't look right20:50
nascentmindonly if i zoom the konsole to a very big size will the fonts show all nice.20:51
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: better i restart firefox20:51
kyubutsunascentmind: check your antialiasing option in system settings20:51
iconmefistoBenkinooby: yes restart firefox after removing totem-mozilla20:51
nascentmindkyubutsu, in system settings -> appearance -> fonts right?20:52
kyubutsuthat should apply antialiasing to fonts globally20:53
nascentmindkyubutsu, tried that. not much difference. should i restart X?20:53
kyubutsuanyhow, i dont use vim.. i thought your issue was with konsole20:54
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: now i am closer http://tinypic.com/r/9vleog/620:54
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: whoop whoop, it works :)20:54
nascentmindkyubutsu, anything on the konsole which has colored fonts .. like directory blue color in ls -l etc.20:54
kyubutsunascentmind: wouldnt hurt to restart20:54
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: sometimes, less is more :D20:54
nascentmindkyubutsu, ok will do20:54
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: thx for support20:55
iconmefistoBenkinooby: the mplayer plugin is quite capable. sometimes it doesn't work without playing around with its settings. sometimes it doesn't work at all on some pages20:56
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: i just found out, that there is a package called mozilla-plugin-vlc. i will replace the mplayer plugin with it... maybe performance is better. from my expereince vlc is the best player and when it comes to streaming vlc gets even better :D20:57
nascentmindkyubutsu, rebooted. still looks weird20:57
kyubutsunascentmind: unfortunately, i dont know anything about vim so i cant provide any more help about that20:58
nascentmindkyubutsu, no its not vim. its everything. even if i do a ls -l list directories the color highlighting looks different20:59
kyubutsuperhaps someone else might know .. but you'll have to wait around20:59
iconmefistoBenkinooby: ok, let me know how it works. last time I tried it (over a year ago) it wasn't too good21:00
nascentmindi had checked out in gnome and used konsole there. the font looks so nice there.21:00
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: fail... stick with mplayer... with vlc there is just written "waiting for video"21:01
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: i will wait a lil' bit21:01
nascentmind WaltzingAlong , i am not talking about syntax highlighting. i just gave an eg. even if i do a simple directory listing the font looks bad.21:01
WaltzingAlongyeah what looks bad about it? wrong size? color? parts of it appear missing? any difference with changing the font size in konsole? changing the konsole colors?21:02
Benkinoobynascentmind: maybe you upload a screenshot to tyniurl21:03
=== emma_ is now known as emma
Benkinoobynascentmind: sorry, tinypic21:03
nascentmindok. will do21:03
Benkinoobyiconmefisto: so, fazit: mplayer is the one and only truth for divx in firefox. :) thx for help again21:04
nascentmindis there a ubuntu pastie for pics?21:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:08
geniieg second link in the above21:08
Benkinoobynascentmind: i am using kubuntu. when u use the kubuntu screenshot tool, it offers you to host it on ZimageZ. all the other websites like imagebin, tinypic and co are independent form the OS21:09
iconmefistonascentmind: there's a handy little drag and drop pastebin widget for kde21:09
nascentmindi am using ksnapshot21:10
Benkinoobyomg, i lllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee *buntu soooooooooo much for all these small nice things (and problems ;) )21:10
Benkinoobynascentmind: press Alt+F2 and then type screenshot21:11
nascentmindi get none21:11
Benkinoobynascentmind: this is the one with the zimagez. if you don't have, don't mind and use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin :)21:12
Benkinoobynascentmind: if you like you can go for it in the softwaremanager, or check out the widget (this is what i am doing right now ;) )21:12
Benkinoobynascentmind: but upload the pic anyhow, to get back to you original prob21:13
nascentmindcan you notice the difference?21:19
WaltzingAlongnascentmind: looks fine here.21:20
Benkinoobynascentmind: looks also fine to me21:21
Benkinoobynascentmind: maybe related to your monitor?21:21
nascentmindjust compare the green font and the white font with similar names.21:21
nascentmindfor eg friendclass and friendclass.cc21:22
WaltzingAlongyeah the green appears bold, so a bit fatter21:22
nascentmindyes and its smaller.21:22
Benkinoobynascentmind: let me upload apic from me to compare21:22
nascentmindit becomes worse when i look at it on vim etc.21:22
WaltzingAlongnascentmind: increase the font size? change the font konsole uses?21:22
WaltzingAlongnascentmind: i have mine currently set to use "Green on Black", Monospace, size 9 and yes to smooth fonts21:23
nascentmindwhy do i need to increase the font size? i need it at this font size itself. its a saner one.21:23
nascentmindmine too is on monospace 9 and smooth fonts21:24
Benkinoobynascentmind: http://imagebin.ca/view/qL3zm9.html21:24
nascentmindbut on linux colors.21:24
Benkinoobynascentmind: i tought you were complaining about quality...21:25
nascentmindok that too is not good.21:25
nascentmindfor some reason the bold ones literally mess up21:25
nascentmindsame problem21:25
iconmefistoI've got DejaVu Sans Mono, size 8 for my font21:25
geniiI find mono spaced ones are generally easier on the eyes, no matter their colour21:26
Benkinoobynascentmind: i have the same like icon... with green on black21:26
WaltzingAlongnascentmind: you do not need to increase the font size. it was just a suggestion, something to try out to see if it made a difference. maybe it would look bad bigger as well.21:28
nascentmindWaltzingAlong, it looks proper when i increase it to insane size.21:28
nascentmindif i go to 8 it looks fine but becomes too small.21:28
Benkinoobynascentmind: what happens, if you use the same fomt settings in a non-konsole window, like kate, openoffice or so?21:28
nascentmind10 becomes too big21:28
iconmefistoactually, I think I prefer Andale Mono21:29
brandon_Is it okay to download kubuntu and burn it to a disk for use on my personal computer?21:29
WaltzingAlongbrandon_: please do :)21:30
Benkinoobybrandon_: yes21:30
Benkinoobybrandon_: also burn one for a friend :)21:30
WaltzingAlongbrandon_: not only OK but encouraged!21:30
kyubutsu!free | brandon_21:30
ubottubrandon_: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing21:30
brandon_WaltzingAlong: was just wondering y they have different versions such as shipit and and some you pay for?21:30
Benkinoobybrandon_: usually u pay for support, but never for linux itself21:31
nascentmindits the same problem. if it is bold it becomes smaller.21:32
brandon_Benkinooby: on kubuntu.org it has some that you buy what is the difference?21:32
nascentmindi checked in kate.21:32
Benkinoobybrandon_: give me one sec to check it21:32
geniibrandon_: Canonical generally makes some money off supporting the server version, also with some other services like Soyuz on LaunchPad, etc21:32
kyubutsuthat has nothing to do with downloading and/or burning a copy of any ubuntu flavor .. enough said21:33
brandon_Benkinooby: so its safe to download fromm canonical and just burn to disk?21:33
WaltzingAlongBenkinooby: brandon_ http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/purchase                         packs of 20, 100, or 200 discs21:34
Benkinoobybrandon_: yes, totally21:34
brandon_Benkinooby: cool21:34
phoenixzCan anybody please please help me with this.. Using KDE, I did an apt-get upgrade like 1 hour ago, and ever since my xorg is not working anymore.. first, what happened in the crappiest release ever, 9.10 that was already plagued with problems?? how come that an upgrade within the same release causes my keyboard and mouse not to work anymore? Anyway, I literraly tried everything, Install the 2.4 intel driver (since the 9.10 default intel driver is crap21:35
phoenixzanyway). doesnt even start anymore (did work last week). tried the latest intel driver, same thing, X doesnt start.. now Im trying to burn a lucid ISO, to see if 10.04 may relieve some páin but guess what? On 3 different computers I can not burn a friggin CD ISO!! All somehow don't recognize the empty CD in the drive.. so what can I do now??21:35
Benkinoobybrandon_: if you look at the prices you will notice that this are more or less the costs for the CDs21:35
brandon_Benkinooby: one more question it has a popup saying that there r proprietary drivers available like for graphics card is ok to use those?21:35
Benkinoobybrandon_: there are 3 options, downlaod & burn yourself, buy and request a free cd21:35
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: kde does not provide apt-get21:35
kyubutsuWaltzingAlong: wrong21:36
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: Using Kubuntu, duh...21:36
nascentmindiconmefisto, andale mono looks all faded and washed out around the curves.21:37
Benkinoobybrandon_: depends. if you want 100% opensource system then avoid them, but this includes that you will also have probs with some audio codecs. if you want a system that works, and you don't have too much idea about the whole linux-thnig use them21:37
nascentmindotherwise it looks fine actually.21:37
kyubutsuphoenixz: just reinstall 9.10 .. upgrading generally causes troubles21:37
Benkinoobybrandon_: it is possible to change back and forth as you like any time you like21:37
phoenixzWaltzingAlong:  and last time I checked, Kubuntu does.. if you can help, please do, because I just ran out of the last minute of patience for linux.. its just CRAP that I can not even burn a CD, that Im already for a year stuck with crappy intel drivers that make me wait 5 seconds for every 10 characters that I type..21:37
phoenixzkyubutsu: Hell will freeze over before I reinstall the crappiest every release of kubuntu.. 9.10 is the worst of all, really21:38
brandon_Benkinooby: but it is ok to use the nvidia drivers21:38
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: yeah this time kubuntu. last time it was kde. no worries. any help i would provide would go to those who ask in ways i would wish to reinforce21:38
phoenixz8.10 never had problems, it was fast and cool... I have no idea why I ever thought I wanted to go to the 9.Xx versions..21:38
Benkinoobybrandon_: yes, i use them too21:38
kyubutsufresh install and upgrading are not the same thing, phoenixz21:38
brandon_Benkinooby: awsome thx for your help21:38
phoenixzkyubutsu: Im talking about a fresh install.. I have no idea how else to get my computer to work again..21:39
brandon_Benkinooby: Linux rules!21:39
kyubutsuyou said you upgraded21:39
WaltzingAlongalso typed kde when he meant kubuntu, apparently21:39
Benkinoobybrandon_: the point with proprietary drivers is, that they were made by the manufacturer (nvidia). so they don't tell you how the dirvers work, which makes it difficult to support21:39
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phoenixzWaltzingAlong: well excuse my not-so-much-in-for-jokes mood.. Ive been stuck for over a year with a bad ubuntu installation thanks to intel drivers, and now since the last upgrade, X wont even start anymore.. Now, sorry for mislabeling Kubuntu with KDE, my bad.. Do you have some sort of solution here?21:40
titan_arkanyone successfully fixed the power management bug?21:40
brandon_Benkinooby: Oh ok but nvidia better than ati on linux ?21:40
nascentmindphoenixz, use gnome?21:40
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: read the x log for errors relating to x       less /var/log/Xorg.0.log                   grep -i "(EE)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log                     reconfigure it, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh21:41
chuchinWHER'RE YOU FROM?21:41
phoenixzkyubutsu: I changed the intel driver to 2.4 (some used-to-be solution about the current crap intel driver), no effect.. also "upgraded" to some ppa intel 2.10 driver, didnt work either21:41
Benkinoobybrandon_: there are 10000 websites discussing this topic. afaik nvidia is the better one21:41
phoenixznascentmind: how is gnome going to work if X doesnt?21:41
kyubutsuphoenixz: you answered your own question when you said you never had a problem when using 8.10 ..21:41
brandon_Benkinooby: lol21:41
brandon_Benkinooby: thx ill do some googleing21:42
WaltzingAlongkyubutsu: some people seek out problems21:42
WaltzingAlongkyubutsu: looking for ways to make things more difficult21:42
Benkinoobybrandon_: good idea...  are u new to linux or *buntu?21:42
nascentmindphoenixz, in one of the machines my kde screwed up when i upgraded from hardy to karmic. gets to the splash screen crashes and lands back to kdm. either its bugs in X or kde not sure but gnome works fine.21:42
phoenixzkyubutsu: that I have no idea why I every upgraded yeah, I know.. if I'd have an 8.10 disc around, trust me, Id be back there happily working.. I just don't understand how a new version can crap up basic things so badly..21:42
WaltzingAlongchuchin: on here? neither or both21:42
brandon_Benkinooby: NOT NEW TO LINUX JUST KUBUNTU21:43
macocriminey yelling!21:43
brandon_Benkinooby: sry caps21:43
macocalm down folks, have a cup o' tea21:43
brandon_sounds good maybe the green kind21:43
nascentmindphoenixz, 9.10 kde release is the trashiest ever as you said. sadly i really liked kde.21:44
brandon_Anyways kudos to all on this channel and thx for the help!21:44
maconascentmind: worse than 8.04?21:44
phoenixzAnyway, anybody who may have an idea why I cant burn a CD in 3 different kubuntu computers? I insert the CD, new device notifier nicely says "new empty CD" but then k3b says there is no empty medium.. The burn command has the same problem21:44
macoi like 9.10. i shoudve started running 10.04 unstable months ago, but 9.10 is so good...21:45
nascentmindhardy had 3.5 i think. atleast it did not have this many problems21:45
WaltzingAlong8.04 was probably what is was for the switch from kde3 to kde4, no?21:45
Benkinoobyphoenixz: something like this happened to me to... when you have kde and an other DE like gnome or xfce, the loginmanager for gnome kills the one for kde21:45
phoenixznascentmind: I love KDE, and will stick with it.. the problems in the 9.10 release are, from what Ive seen, mostly not KDE, but other systems21:45
titan_arkanyone been able to fix the bug in power management?21:45
Benkinoobyphoenixz: i blocked the gnomeloginloader, reinstalled the kde one and finish :)21:45
phoenixzBenkinooby: I have only KDE.. I avoid gnome stuff whenever possible.. not that I hate it,. I just like everything to be kde21:46
phoenixzBenkinooby: anyway, the problem is that the login screen simply is not responding to mouse or keyboard21:46
phoenixzBenkinooby: cant even CTRL ALT F121:46
Benkinoobytitan_ark: what bug?21:47
nascentmindphoenixz, login screen is kdm or gdm?21:47
phoenixznascentmind: kubuntu, so kdm21:47
titan_arkBenkinooby: everytime notebook goes to sleep and then recovers it says no battery plugged in21:48
Benkinoobyphoenixz: same symptoms for me... kann you tell me what loginmanager you are using?21:48
nascentmindphoenixz, you can check by installing gdm.21:48
Benkinoobyphoenixz: maybe you give gdm a try...21:48
phoenixzOkay, this drives me crazy, is this a K3B problem?? I insert empty CD, K3B says Emtpy CD.-R medium, so I select BURN ISO, and then it gives me "Please insert an empty medium"... What is this about?21:48
Benkinoobynascentmind: sees you are always a sec faster than me ;)21:48
phoenixzCan't get X to work, can't burn disk.. checkmate!21:49
nascentmindso any chance with kde guys improving the font.21:49
Zoot365Hi out there.  I'm using kubuntu 9 10 and I don't have a usb/imput folder.  I want to install the settings thingy for wacom but I have nowhere to put the bug fix.21:49
kyubutsutitan_ark: couple of suggestions; check launchpad for similar issues; ask in #kubuntu-bugs21:49
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:49
nascentmindphoenixz, also try to regenerate the xorg.conf file21:49
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: could learn a few keyboard tricks to try using the tools k3b uses21:49
phoenixznascentmind: AFAIK, this version of X works without xorg.conf file..21:50
nascentmindphoenixz, hmm.21:50
Benkinoobytitan_ark: are u using 9.10?21:50
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: I tried the "burn" program which gives me the same thing.. cdr gives me the same too.. on 2 different machines..21:50
nascentmindphoenixz, btw what does the error log say?21:50
phoenixznascentmind: I could try deleting any existing xorg.conf file, now that I thinkg about t..21:51
nascentmindphoenixz, you can always boot up in single user mode and check the logs.21:51
tweakedehI'm some what new to this but Installed a older Kubuntu and I could add a widget that allowed me to share files in /home/user/public to anyone, now I'm on 9.10 and I cant find this any more, Any ideas?21:51
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: read the x log for errors relating to x       less /var/log/Xorg.0.log                   grep -i "(EE)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log                     reconfigure it, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh21:51
phoenixznascentmind: there is no xorg.conf file to start with.. let me check xorg.0.lgo21:51
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: first gotta dump the experimental xorg 2.10 intel driver21:53
Benkinoobytitan_ark: are there any websites about this bug?21:53
WaltzingAlongunfortunate that you know enough to break it but not enough to fix it ;)21:53
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: like I said, I ran out of humor about 2 hours ago..21:54
mudassarHello linux genius people, can some body solve my issue while compile a opencv file for video manipulation, I get the following errors21:54
mudassar/usr/local/lib/libcxcore.so: undefined reference to `gzopen'21:54
mudassarthere are many others too like this21:54
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: And anyway, Im not doing anything "weird" here, just what the ubuntu wiki has documented as "the solution" to the crappy intel driver problem of 9.1021:55
mudassarI guess it is looking for some so file for lsb in kubuntu21:56
WaltzingAlongphoenixz: tis ok. i understand you just need to type here a bit, release a bit of frustration...enough to let yourself calm back down, then you can approach the problem anew and get it figured out21:56
mudassarcan somebody tell me how to configure that ?21:56
Benkinoobyok guys, thanks to all who helped me and good luck to all who are searching for help.21:59
phoenixzThis is the output of my Xorg log file http://pastebin.com/f4e55ac6521:59
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titan_arkdamn, got busy22:06
titan_arkno one using kubuntu on a notebook facing trouble with power management?22:06
mudassarhello how to get rid of the error /usr/local/lib/libcxcore.so: undefined reference to `gzeof' while compiling opencv file ?22:06
mcollinhi i use kubuntu 8.04, i try to use sun java jdk instead of openjdk22:09
mcollini done: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk22:09
phoenixzmcollin: and whats the problem?22:09
mudassar/usr/local/lib/libcxcore.so: undefined reference to `gzeof'22:10
mcollinwhen i start eclipse, the runtime jre continue to be openjdrk22:10
mcollini started adept, removed openjdk... seem still there22:11
teagemudassar: do you have all dependents installed22:11
mudassari guess all of them are installed22:11
mudassari just installed lsb as well22:11
teagemudassar: look at this websit: http://n2.nabble.com/Compiling-error-with-OpenCV-2-0-0-td3968857.html22:11
Zoot365Hi out there.  I'm using kubuntu 9 10 and I don't have a usb/imput folder.  I want to install the settings thingy for wacom but I have nowhere to put the bug fix.22:11
teagemudassar: I think its right up yer alley.22:12
mudassarI have aleady visited this post .. but no positive result22:14
mudassarand followed the post22:15
teagewhats the program OpenCV right?22:15
mudassarstill getting the same error :(22:16
mudassarplease help22:16
mudassartrying to build some opencv file22:16
teagei will try installing this22:17
teagehang on22:17
mudassarI have used the following command to build22:17
mudassarg++ -ggdb  -I/usr/local/include/opencv   -lhighgui -lcxcore -lcv -L/usr/local/lib mat.c -o outfile22:17
teagemudassar: what version are you trying to install?22:17
mudassarit is already installed ... but trying to build mat.c file22:18
mudassaropencv was installed22:18
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teageThen whats the problem? Is it not running er something?22:19
MarcoPauhello, just upgraded to firefox 3.6.0 with ubuntuzilla but youtube is mute... any hint?22:19
kaddi_MarcoPau: maybe try to install the flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound package, in case it isn't installed22:20
mudassarI guess lsb is not linked correctly, how to do that ?22:21
MarcoPaukaddi_: tried, without any result22:23
mudassarany solution for opencv lsb problem ?22:25
kaddi_MarcoPau: how do you start FF 3.6? I just installed it, but firefox is still opening FF 3.5.7 and the command firefox-3.6 doesn't exist22:25
MarcoPaukaddi_: you have to run /usr/bin/firefox22:26
kaddi_MarcoPau: /usr/bin/firefox is pointing to firefox-3.5 for me22:27
MarcoPaufor me not, it's a binary itself22:27
MarcoPausorry kaddi_: /opt/firefox/firefox22:27
MarcoPauthat's where ubuntuzilla put it22:28
kaddi_MarcoPau: hmm i guess something went wrong for me then, i don't have a firefox folder in /opt/22:28
MarcoPaukaddi_: did you install it with ubuntuzilla? I had to exit firefox 3.5.7 for a successful installation22:30
kaddi_MarcoPau: no, i installed from the mozilla ppa with  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable and update and install firefox-3.6 afterwards22:31
aleksandarhi all22:38
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:40
righteoushi, is the only difference between ubuntu and kubuntu the kdelibs package and gnomelibs stuff?22:51
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righteousthe rest of the packages are the same?22:51
kaddirighteous: yes, the difference is only in the displaymanager used. But that also means different applications. eg Kubuntu uses dolphin as filebrowser, gnome uses nautilus22:52
righteousanyone gotten a radeon hd 5770 using fglrx successfully in 9.10?22:53
MarcoPaukaddi: tried 3.6.0?22:57
kaddiMarcoPau: yes, turns out i needed to do a dist-upgrade for it to work22:58
MarcoPaukaddi: so are flash videos mute there also?22:58
kaddichecking right now, one sec22:58
kaddii have sound marco22:59
lavincan any1 help me install hydra it says libssh2 wrong pointer i got libssh v0.11 file but theres no info on installing it23:03
Zoot365problem solved. this scripting stuff is fun.23:04
GinoMananyone know how to make it so that my computer screen doesn't dim every two seconds despite fooling with the power management settings23:08
righteousikonia: howdy ;)23:09
ikoniayes ?23:10
righteousstill trying to troubleshoot that hd5770 on any linux distro.23:10
ikoniarighteous: this channel is for kubuntu discussion only, keep on that topic and there is no problem23:11
righteousi read quite a bit saying that the 10.1 catalyst was working on 9.10, but the automatic download tool that came with gnome reproduced the error.23:11
righteouserm error/hardlock23:11
righteousikonia: i never deviated from the topic, he was an abrasive op :P  but yeah, same issue-- hardlock before a sync can happen so nothing is being written to Xorg.0.log23:12
ikoniarighteous: I'm sure someone will chose to help you23:12
righteousif i type in all caps will that help? ;)23:12
righteousoh, by the way, I'm 22, blonde, about 4'11" and am a dallas cheerleader.  does that help?23:13
ikoniarighteous: please keep to the topic23:14
righteousikonia: yes my topic is getting the hd5770 to work on 9.1023:14
righteouswith the fglrx driver.23:14
ikoniarighteous: right - don't need the other comments then23:14
righteousikonia: but its true!23:15
righteousanyway, got any ideas?23:15
ikoniarighteous: I won't ask again - don't need the other conversation, please stick to the support topic23:16
DraggorWhere is the equivalent of qtparted in kubuntu 9.10?23:16
ikoniaDraggor: can you not install qtparted23:16
righteousikonia: ok then can you help, or are you not concerned about the topic?23:16
ikoniarighteous: I don't wish to help at this time23:16
Draggorqtparted is not in the repo23:16
ikoniareally ? when did that get removed23:16
righteousbecause the topic isn't policy enforcement (which isnt the issue) it's #kubuntu only, so you stating that you dont wish to help is offtopic; please stay on topic.23:16
DraggorI'm actually on the live cd right now, I know a gui partitioner is there23:16
Draggorbut I don't know how to access it outside of the installer23:17
ikoniarighteous: stop now - this will be your only warning23:17
ikonia!info qtparted23:17
ubottuPackage qtparted does not exist in karmic23:17
ikoniaDraggor: I'm shocked by that, hang on23:17
righteousyour warning is offtopic, this is a kubuntu-only channel.  so can you help?23:17
Draggorqtparted has not been in 9.04 either I believe23:18
ikonia!info kparted23:18
ubottuPackage kparted does not exist in karmic23:18
ikoniawow, kparteds not ther etoo23:18
kaddiikonia: Draggor isn't it know callled partition-manager?23:18
ubottuPartitionManager is a !KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !KPackageKit, !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install partitionmanager » in a !terminal23:19
ikoniakaddi: I'm hoping you can tell me23:19
DraggorNot in my livecd repo23:19
Draggorand that program is not available to me to run via terminal23:19
kaddii think there was a name switch for 9.04. partitionmanager is the equivalent of gparted23:19
Draggornor in th ekmenu anywhere23:19
kaddii believe23:19
ikoniakaddi: well spotted, thank you23:20
ikoniaDraggor: you can install on the livecd23:20
ubuntuI have a major issue.  I burnt an Ubuntu CD, and then proceeded to install it.  But unfortunately, the cd had a spec on it, and was defective, so the install failed near the end.  But Ubuntu didn't quit, and booted into Live CD mode.  Now, I have the cd in the rom, and another blank cd, so I would like to burn it, but I can't eject the current cd.  I can mount the iso on hard drive no problem, but I can't burn it, cause the live cd23:20
ubuntu is using the cdrom. So, what I am wondering, is there a way to autoplay the iso on my hdd.  Cause when I mount it, I see the content, but the installer doesn't begin23:20
DraggorAs I just said, partitionmanager is not in my repo23:20
Draggoris it in universe or multiverse?23:21
kaddiDraggor: universe23:21
DraggorMy confusion still remains:  The installer clearly has a partition manager in it, yet I cannot access it?23:21
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Draggoraaaaaaaaand getting update errors?  Joy23:22
DraggorError occurred during signature verification23:22
think43How do you autoplay a mounted ubuntoCD1.iso CD23:22
ikoniaDraggor: I've not looked what partition tools the #kubuntu current installed uses, what livecd are you using23:23
Draggorkubuntu 9.10 x6423:23
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DraggorIt seems like it has its own gui in python/qt for the partitioner (it being ubiquity)23:29
kaddi!hi | enrique23:29
ubottuenrique: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!23:29
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DraggorI suppose I'll try a restart and grab gparted23:31
ikoniaDraggor: that's frustrating.......23:32
Draggorikonia: Tell me about it23:32
DraggorIf I could make a suggestion, it owuld to be to include a standalone partitioner on the livecd23:33
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Draggorbe it gparted, partionmanager, or somehow expose ubiquity's partitioner (though that one isn't anywhere near as powerful as the others)23:33
ikoniaDraggor: I'm surprised there is not23:33
DraggorI know it used to be that way23:34
phoenixzAnd wohoo!!! Lucid alpha 2 seems to have fixed like 99% of my problems!!23:37
phoenixzIf it keeps up like this, I can finally forget the nightmare the 9.xx line was23:38
Draggorugh, and now I get a size mismatch on trying to install gparted23:38
DraggorHate to say it, going to have to go with another livecd here23:38
kaddihehe, nice to hear phoenixz :O)23:40
Draggorunless someone knows how to work parted at the command line to resize23:40
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: lucid ROCKS!23:40
phoenixzWaltzingAlong: fixed all graph problems.. my lap is now FAAAAAAAAAAAST! :)23:40
Mamarokphoenixz: please do not shout23:40
Draggorwhat is lucid?23:41
kaddithe next release of ubuntu23:42
phoenixzMamarok: oh come on! Let me have my 2 seconds of fun! :)23:42
DraggorOh, nm, <---dumb23:42
phoenixzDraggor: 10.04....23:42
DraggorIt's been a long work day23:42
nico__does anyone know how to get games like conquer 2.0 to run in  play on linux?23:50
mudassarHello, please some opencv expert, help me with this error buffer underflow i=023:55
mudassaranyone ?23:59

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