micahgdo PPA bugs get files under soyuz?00:11
elmomicahg: yes00:12
micahgthanks elm00:13
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micahgelmo: this is about PPA UI, still soyuz?00:15
mwhudsonmicahg: yes00:16
micahgmwhudson: k, thanks00:16
micahgbug 515789 if anyone's wondering what the fuss is about00:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515789 in soyuz "AJAX PPA title edit doesn't update breadcrumb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51578900:16
cyberixHow do I list bugs that have not been assigned to any release?00:38
cyberixMy main job in the project is assigning floating bugs to milestones00:38
cyberixyet I haven't been able to figure out how I can see the floating bugs00:38
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mrooneyanyone around that is familiar with automated launchpad translation exports?05:56
mrooneyI am trying to figure out if it is hardcoded to export to a folder that is the same name as your project05:57
mrooneyas my branch that I want to merge the translations into has a conflicting folder and I'm not sure how to handle it05:59
spmmrooney: most of the translations folk start in about an hour or 2. so possibly best to try again then? or send it in as a question via the answers whatsit.06:02
mrooneyspm: a question on launchpad.net/rosetta?06:07
spmmrooney: yup, against straight LP will work too; but rosetta will be faster06:08
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ChatMangerChienHey all08:21
ChatMangerChienDoes anyone know how to build packages in PPA with sun-java6 in dependencies ? I am facing a licence issue: the licence has to be accepted but can not.08:22
wgrantChatMangerChien: Can you not use OpenJDK?08:23
ChatMangerChiennop, I need sun-java6-jre08:23
wgrantAre you really sure?08:23
ChatMangerChienyep :)08:23
wgrantThere has historically been a hack in the chroots to allow installation of sun-java6. I'm not sure if that's still in place.08:24
wgrantWhy can you not build with non-Sun Java?08:24
ChatMangerChienbecause java was needed, but I'll try again08:25
wgrantOpenJDK is very compatible these days.08:26
wgrantIt makes everything much easier to manage.08:26
ChatMangerChienwgrant: Ok thank you, with OpenJDK, the building was OK09:12
wgrantChatMangerChien: Excellent.09:12
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feulorenhi, i get "Rejected:11:35
feulorenThe source babl - 0.1.2-1 is already accepted in ubuntu/lucid and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution" when I upload my babl packages to my ppa; while there's no packages for babl-0.1 in lucid, is it normal ?11:35
maxbLaunchpad ensures you do not confuse yourself or the world by reusing the same version number within an archive11:38
noodles775feuloren: I don't think so... the current version in lucid seems to be 0.0.22-1.11:39
maxbI would strongly recommend that for PPA uploads you use a version which does not look like a Debian version11:39
feulorenmaxb: ok, i changed the version and re-upload the package, waiting for launchpad to send me a mail11:46
feulorenmaxb: accepted, thanks !11:46
maxbYou seem to have uploaded it as a "native" version this time (no dash)11:46
maxbI'm not sure you really wanted to do that11:46
maxbGenerally a good versioning scheme for ppa packages of upstream versions ahead of Debian and Ubuntu is upstreamversion-0ppa1, -0ppa2 etc.11:48
feulorenmaxb: ok, i'll change that11:51
maxbGenerally the idea is that either you take an existing Ubuntu or Debian version as a base, and append ppa1, 2, 3 etc. *or* if you're taking a new upstream version, you append -0 to the upstream version and then append the ppa1, 2, 3 etc.11:53
asabilhi all12:36
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bachi asabil12:51
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spweltonhi, I'm trying to set up a project to put on REVU and have made a project page on launchpad (see below). I bzr pushed my directory to the branch I'm using, but I don't see where to get the link for my debian/watch file.. Can anyone help me?16:11
persiaspwelton: You need to define a milestore, and set that milestone as a release, and upload tarballs to the release (and no I don't know precisely how to do that)16:14
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spweltonok so i made a milestone and uploaded the signed tarball to launchpad, all is well on the page, but uscan complains about: http://launchpad.net/eggtimer/trunk/eggtimer/+download/ failed: 404 Not Found16:31
marsspwelton, I tried the link to http://edge.launchpad.net/eggtimer/trunk/eggtimer/+download/eggtimer_0.4.orig.tar.gz, and it seems to work16:51
marsspwelton, and the link to the full list of all downloadable files at https://edge.launchpad.net/eggtimer/+download appears to be working, too16:51
spweltonok, i didn't have the edge part16:53
marsspwelton, that shouldn't matter - the .edge url part is because I am a beta tester.  It should also work on launchpad.net proper.16:54
spweltonok it looks like i've got that responding, just need to do the regexp for the version number16:57
spweltonam i doing this wrong? I'm using http://launchpad.net/eggtimer/+download/eggtimer_(.+).tar.gz16:58
marsbac or EdwinGrubbs, ^ ?16:58
spweltonerr http://launchpad.net/eggtimer/+download/eggtimer_(.+).orig.tar.gz16:59
spweltonand still not working16:59
EdwinGrubbsmars: what's up?16:59
bachi spwelton and mars16:59
spweltonits saying no matching hrefs for watch line16:59
spweltonI'm such a noob :(16:59
rodrigo_I am getting a 'lost something?' page when setting the commit message for a branch, any idea?17:00
bacrodrigo_: you mean for a merge proposal?  was an OOPS number given?17:01
rodrigo_bac, no17:02
bacspwelton: what exactly are you trying to do?17:02
* rodrigo_ gets a screenshot17:02
spweltonbac, trying to write a proper debian/watch watchline for my project in launchpad17:02
EdwinGrubbsspwelton: I'm guessing that uscan is accessing launchpad via the slave databases, so there is some lag in seeing changes you made in the browser.17:02
spweltonhow much lag? I've been trying for at least a half-hour17:03
EdwinGrubbsspwelton: oh, there definitely shouldn't be that much. Can you point me at uscan? I'm not familiar with it.17:03
rodrigo_bac, http://www.gnome.org/~rodrigo/lost-something-in-lp.png17:04
bacspwelton: the URL for each download file is not what you've put in your REGEX17:04
bacspwelton: http://edge.launchpad.net/eggtimer/trunk/eggtimer/+download/eggtimer_0.4.orig.tar.gz17:05
bacspwelton: that is the URL for your tgz file17:05
bacEdwinGrubbs: please look at that screenshot17:05
spweltonbac, but when i try that URL, it 404's in uscan17:06
bacspwelton: your REGEX is different from the url i posted17:06
bacspwelton: can uscan handle redirects?17:07
spweltonas far as i know it should.. its pretty much a standard for editing watchfiles17:07
spweltonat least as far as i know, which isn't that much :(17:07
bacspwelton: look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/367699/ and you'll see we do a redirect, but the URL i posted is good.17:08
spweltonyeah i can definitely get to the URL in a browser or wget, but for some reason uscan doesn't like it....17:09
spweltonmaybe I'll just skip uscan.. since I'm the only dev on this project currently it shouldn't really matter17:09
spweltonbut you would figure uscan would be able to work with launchpad?17:10
EdwinGrubbsbac, rodrigo: I'm still looking up the oops data. that should reveal the root cause.17:11
EdwinGrubbsrodrigo_: do you get the same error if you try again?17:11
rodrigo_EdwinGrubbs, yes17:11
bacspwelton: i agree you'd expect it would work17:12
rodrigo_well, trying again...17:12
rodrigo_EdwinGrubbs, ah, now it worked, it opened a new page rather than doing it on the one I had loaded17:12
EdwinGrubbsrodrigo_: that might be because you clicked the button before the javascript had a chance to convert it to an ajax call. That allows the page to work as a normal form when javascript is turned off.17:14
rodrigo_ah, ok17:14
ovnicrafthi folks, lp is thinking about create an option to fork in lp a project?17:45
marsovnicraft, forking the code for an existing project in LP is pretty easy.  Just bzr branch the code, then bzr push ~myuser/project/myforkedbranch17:57
marsovnicraft, your branch will show up in the listing on http://code.launchpad.net/theproject17:58
spwelton OK, so i managed to get my package on REVU down to one common lintian error, anyone car to take a look? :D :D http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/eggtimer18:00
nicoInattenduHi I have a question on launcpad Translations. I Have a software in version 0.7 with Italian language traduction. I switched to version 0.8 , but the italian template disappeared.19:20
nicoInattenduhThe 0.8 traduction page is here : https://translations.launchpad.net/luciole/0.8/+translations . The 0.7 here : https://translations.launchpad.net/luciole/0.7/+translations19:20
nicoInattenduWhat i not understand is the followinf inmport queue page : https://translations.launchpad.net/luciole/0.8/+imports . How to set a 'import taeget' . Is thi dependent of the pot file ?19:22
maxbIs there a convenient way to make launchpadlib log the http requests it is making for debugging purposes?19:29
kklimondaany LP admin could take a look at https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/99290 ?19:34
tsimpsonmaxb: I think doing "import httplib2; httplib2.debuglevel = 1" should give you debugging output19:37
maxbaha, thanks19:37
adiroibanhi. How can I create a project group ?19:40
micahgallenap: or gmb, I'm here if you need any more info for the bugwatch bug19:43
maxbadiroiban: I believe you have to ask an admin to do it for you19:51
adiroibanmaxb: ok. thanks!19:51
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adeuringkfogel: r=me20:26
kfogeladeuring: thx  (mischan?)20:26
adeuringkfogel: argh... yes ;)20:27
backklimonda: looking21:11
EdwinGrubbsrodrigo_: ping22:28
rodrigo_EdwinGrubbs, pong22:28
EdwinGrubbsrodrigo_: it turns out that the problem only occurs when you are viewing the merge proposal on "launchpad.net" instead of "code.launchpad.net", which explains why we hadn't seen it before.22:30
rodrigo_good to know for next time :-)22:30
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feulorenhi, I uploaded a package to my ppa and the build failed because it miss a package that is not in lucid but that is yet built in my ppa, how can I tell launchpad to use packages from my ppa ?22:40
geserit will use it automatically (if it's available)22:53
geserwhen the package is available now in your PPA you can request a new attempt to build the first package (you should have a button for this on the failed build page)22:53
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james_wedge seems to be quite flaky today23:08
mwhudsonjames_w: it seems really slow to me23:11
mwhudsonbut it seems like it's slow to get to an appserver, the requests are served reasonably quickly once the connection is really going23:12
james_wand appservers seem to be refusing connections at times as well23:12
bachi _charly_23:12
_charly_hi bac :)23:12
bac_charly_: do you actually need anything from those other accounts?  would you be ok if i just deleted them?23:12
mwhudsonspm: as above, edge seems to be creaking a bit today23:12
mwhudsonspm: anything obviously wrong from your POV?23:12
bacmwhudson: creaking is generous23:12
spmmwhudson: not 12 minutes after SoD, no. :-)23:13
mwhudsonspm: plenty of time for nagios to have sent you one billion texts, i'd have thought?23:14
* spm thinks rude thoughts about mwh and precisely where he can shove those billion texts23:14
_charly_bac: those accounts should only have karma and bug reports associated with them. i thought this will be merged into my account, but it is not that important as long as the bug reports will remain, if it is too much work to merge the accounts manually23:16
bac_charly_: ok, i'll see if i can get an admin to help23:17
bac_charly_: i cannot do it myself23:17
_charly_bac: if it is possible you can restore the original email address, then i could try the merge again, if i have understood it correctly that karma and associated bugs are merged, too23:18
bac_charly_: that should be the case.  but i cannot do that myself either.23:19
_charly_ah, ok23:20
_charly_maybe the problem really was that i did two merges at once23:20
bac_charly_: i've reassigned the question to our sysadmins.  they should be able to sort it out.23:24
_charly_ok, thanks :)23:25
james_wso my workaround for the task_age bug has stopped working as it's apparently not possible to make two connections to LP in less than a second today23:53

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