geserDrakeson: firefox --safe-mode, disable all extensions and enable them one by one (or in groups) till you find the one00:00
arandgeser: Third time mentioned ;)00:00
Drakesongeser: I know the ones. what to do after that?00:01
geserkeep them disabled till they are fixed and file bugs where necessary00:02
ZykoticK9i've seen a couple of people mention issues with slow networking in relation to karmic in #ubuntu, but in my lucid install eth0 (marvell gigabit onboard, lscpi http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m9e7661b ) seems to be maxing out around 150k.  any thoughts?00:43
pasjrdose anyone know anything about ralink 2870 usb n adapters and 10.0401:31
pasjrdose anyone know anything about ralink 2870 usb n adapters and 10.0401:40
charlie-tcapasjr: does not appear to be anyone that does at this time. Perhaps wait a bit and see if someone who is busy right now can help later01:43
pasjrThanks, this is beyond agravating01:43
macosxtigerhello my friends will someone please help me with something i am looking for advice on a peice of software that will work well on a beta of lucid02:41
macosxtigeri am looking for a screen recording software02:41
macosxtigertoo show other people what i am going on my screen02:42
Mage__i will look that up, i can't remember off the top of my head02:42
macosxtigerthese suboxen are making me sick, sorry a little off topic02:43
Mage__i see one in the repository called RecordMyDesktop02:44
macosxtigergtk or the none gtk one02:45
Mage__you will need that one and gtk-recordmydesktop02:45
Mage__hope that helps02:46
macosxtigerwow ok that seems to be exactly what i was looking for thanks02:48
arandrecordmydesktop can also be run from the terminal02:48
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ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.02:56
razertekwhat is the name of the netowrk hardware driver in lucid?03:05
razertek!network hardware driver03:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:06
un214Is there a post-hibernate hook somewhere?03:12
un214I've got this weird problem where my network state won't come back after hibernate03:13
razertekwhat is the network hardware kenel module for modprobe in lucid?03:14
danbhfiverazertek: Im not that knowledgeable, but your questions seems ambiguous.03:15
razertekyea i guess what i am reading is refering to the module of the eth0 hardware itself...iam trying to load my eth0 becuase i get ignoring unknown interface when  i do a network restart or ifup eth003:17
razertekyea i guess what i am reading is refering to the module of the eth0 hardware itself...iam trying to load my eth0 becuase i get ignoring unknown interface when  i do a network restart or ifup eth003:17
danbhfiverazertek: Im pretty sure that everyone ethernet card use a specific module for its driver, and the name won't change between releases, just the version03:19
macosxtigercan anyone make a suggestion on an ftp server with a GUI front end with many fetures?03:21
FiremanEdmacosxtiger: Are you using Lucid Alpha 2?03:32
macosxtigerhow do i find out witch version i am using03:32
FiremanEdvia the gui: Administration>System Monitor>system tab03:33
ZykoticK9vita the cli: "lsb_release -a" :)03:34
FiremanEdthat too ;)03:34
macosxtigerenglish version please03:35
macosxtigerNo LSB modules are available.03:36
macosxtigerDistributor ID:Ubuntu03:36
macosxtigerDescription:Ubuntu lucid (development branch)03:36
macosxtigerdoes that help?03:41
macosxtigerfiremaned i do apreciate your help so far but i do not understand how there can be what seems like 100 people in this channel and only you and i are talking on the main chat03:42
BluesKajmacosxtiger, sometimes too many cooks can confuse the solution03:49
RAOFMost people probably don't know of any GUI ftp servers (what does that even mean?)03:49
macosxtigeri am sorry i am looking to run a ftp server and would like a GUI front end for configuration03:50
macosxtigerany suggegstions03:50
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd03:50
macosxtigerill try another channel03:51
BluesKajftpclients include a gui and server ....no patience03:54
FiremanEdyeah, I thought so03:54
RAOFI don't know of any ftp servers which have GUI configuration clients, but then I haven't really looked for one, either.03:56
ZykoticK9I can't believe it!  Quake4 audio isn't messed up on Lucid :)  Haven't been able to play since 9.04!03:56
BluesKajdid you have pulseaudo installed on 9.04, ZykoticK9?03:58
ZykoticK9BluesKaj, i think so - pulse was default on 9.04 wasn't it?  i think so.03:59
BluesKajdo you still have it?03:59
ZykoticK9pulse in lucid?  yup.  -- removing pulse from karmic caused more problems then it solved (although quake4 was almost playable without pulse on karmic)04:00
BluesKaji'm trying find out what pulseaudio apps work on...depends on your audio card in most cases ...pulseaudio seems to benefit those with fancy surround and multiple didgital IOs etc04:02
ZykoticK9my audio in onboard, certainly not fancy04:02
RAOFOr those with a server box on the home network plugged into a stereo, or who plug in USB speakers, or have a USB headset, or have a bluetooth headset, or...04:03
BluesKajZykoticK9, I have a plain jane soundcard with a surround option ...but very limited and pulseaudio doesn't sound good with it.04:04
BluesKajit's an extra layer of unessary processing in my case04:05
RAOFUnnecessary until you want to plug in a usb headset :)04:06
BluesKajRAOF, pulseaudio isn't required for streaming audio tho04:06
RAOFTrue.  It just makes it much better.04:07
BluesKaji use a std headset, works fine04:07
BluesKajRAOF, better, how?04:07
RAOFBetter latency reporting (ie: lip sync), easier to dynamically route audio (ie: my laptop suspends and wakes up outside my home network, and all my audio streams now play though the internal card)04:08
BluesKajyou need pulseaudio for better latency ...wow04:10
RAOFIt's been designed for (a) minimum latency and (b) accurate latency reporting, yes.04:10
BluesKajI just stream to the tiVo over the network, no pulseaudio required there.04:11
BluesKajplease expain accurate latency reporting to me04:12
BluesKajer explain04:12
RAOFKnowing how long it takes from the client submitting a buffer full of audio until it actually gets played through the speakers.04:14
RAOFThis is obviously useful when you're trying to synchronise audio & video.04:14
BluesKajhmm well if PA needs latency control then perhaps the sync for audio and video would do better with running it thru ffmpeg04:16
RAOFffmpeg isn't what you think it is.04:16
RAOFFFmpeg is just a client - its job ends at “submit a buffer full of audio”.  It doesn't actually push that audio through to the hardware, through any hardware buffer(s), and out through the speakers.04:17
BluesKajand pulseaudio isn't a sound server that's just another layer of processing which in most cases isn't required ?04:20
RAOFI'd dispute the “most cases”.04:21
RAOFIn most cases your soundcard can't do hardware mixing, so you need a sound server.04:21
BluesKaji'd love to stay up and debate this but it's bedtime here.. i do hope pulseaudio can be of some benefit to some, but so far it's not needed on my setup04:22
RAOFThat may be true; it's possible that you've got extremely simple audio needs.04:23
BluesKajI have simple audio needs on my pc,,my media room is adifferent...that's where most of our music and video action is04:24
BluesKajso i'll bid you good night RAOF..been an interesting discussion :)04:25
macosxtigeranyone else having problems with wine, by it self it isnt working atall for me when i use crossover they is no sound and when i use playonlinux everything works fine but sometimes i need to use JUST wine and not mess with playonlynex06:34
xxploitmacosxtiger, im using wine 1.37 from the ppa(karmic since lucid isnt there yet) without problems06:44
macosxtigerplayonlinux uses wine and everything is fine, and line and shine and dine but when i rigt click and try to do an open with wine windows program loaded absolutly nothing happens06:50
macosxtigerits no biggie i am sure they will ficks it06:51
bilkulbekarwhois arvind_khadri10:00
arvind_khadribilkulbekar, you missed the / :P10:00
JoshuaLdo the proprietary ati drivers work with 10.04?10:47
BUGabundolooking for someone willing to hack pidgin to patch an icon to show up android icon, like gtalk labs robot :D11:18
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BluesKajhey folks13:46
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laumonieri try to launch ubuntu 10.04 on my usb key then i come to the live boot screen and then even if i choose try without installing or  install i have a black screen next someone could help me????14:55
macosxtigeris booting from a usb drive on the top of your boot order on the bios of your pc?14:57
arandlaumonier: edit the bootline and remove the quiet and splash options.14:58
laumonierok il try that14:58
arandlaumonier: that might tell you something more about *where* the preoblem is14:58
arandlaumonier: Also might want to try the acpi=off noapic options..14:58
laumoniercause i install karmic the same way and i have no problem14:59
laumonierif i cant install linx i go back to 8.04 cause karmic suxx15:00
macosxtigerlucid is the best15:00
macosxtigereven the alpha15:00
laumonieryou install it?15:01
macosxtigeri am running it right now15:01
macosxtigerit works perfect15:01
mzzlucid's decent so far.15:01
mzz(although I had a few kms-related issues earlier on a radeon)15:01
laumonierbecause with karmic i have a lot of problem with my ati driver15:01
macosxtigerwhat ati card do you have how old or new is it?15:02
laumonierpretty old15:02
laumonierfglrx dont work with15:02
laumonieropen driver radeon works a little but it still suxx15:03
macosxtigeri hate to say this but for some reson the newer buntu distro are not good at handing ati but an older version could very easily get your ati to work15:03
macosxtigerdo something like old version of buntu and only update the kernel15:03
laumonieri have eard that lucid linx was better with ati card no?15:03
PiciATI drops support for older cards in their newer drivers.15:03
* Blues-Man always pleased to listening Inti Illimani :)15:04
macosxtigeris anyone else hhaving problems with wine in lucid, for some reson wine byitself dosnt work. but when i use playonlinux it works fine15:12
macosxtigerbut i cant allways use playon15:12
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macosxtigersometimes i need the right click wine application loader15:12
laumonieri have just to remove splash and quiet options from my syslinux.cfg file isn't it?15:14
macosxtigeror costom boot option15:14
bensteHi, lucid will have FF 3.6 ?15:16
benste!firefox > benste15:17
ubottubenste, please see my private message15:17
mzz(answer is yes)15:17
mzzthat is: it has it already, and I doubt that'll be rolled back15:17
benstemzz: I#m usre it woun't be but didn't grab the lateset build :-)15:18
benstemzz: buy the way you may arange that the ! firefox includes the 3.6 as version and not a note to 3.5 - possible ?15:19
mzzbenste: packages.ubuntu.com can help you check things like this.15:19
mzzbenste: I have no idea if I can change that. If I can, so can you :)15:19
* mzz is just a regular user.15:19
* benste me too :-)15:19
IdleOne!firefox > IdleOne15:37
ubottuIdleOne, please see my private message15:37
om26erfedora had btrfs support in 12 so will lucid have it?15:38
macosxtigerwhat is btrfs?15:52
yofelmacosxtiger: a filesystem (in development)15:52
yofelmacosxtiger: http://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/15:53
macosxtigerthat seems like something for terabytedrives and server computers15:54
rippsIs gwibber 2.29 from the the daily-ppa gonna get into Lucid main?15:57
macosxtigeri use XFS and i think its awesome i can format a 80gig partition in a few seconds and it seems way faster than ext3 or ext4 but no i cannt grub boot from a XFS partition16:01
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chris|btrfs in lucif would be awesome, but I seriously doubt it. LTS and so on...16:05
yofelwell, it could be an option, but it's way too early as a default16:06
mzzwaaaay too early16:06
Volkodavmacosxtiger:  just create /boot partiton with ext2/3/4 - that's all16:06
chris|it could be, but canonical is pretty conservative when it's coming to Lucid16:06
mzz" is under heavy development, and is not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review" says the btrfs homepage. In bold, in a very visible red box.16:07
chris|btrfs is awesome on partitions where stability is not that big a deal, like /16:07
mzz"The Btrfs disk format is not yet finalized", too16:07
mzz(although it's unlikely it'll actually change, iirc)16:07
mzzI'd be bothered if btrfs was more than an option *with* a noisy warning at install time16:08
chris|doesn't really matter if you don't build vanilla kernels on a weekly basis16:08
chris|I'd really like to give btrfs some serious trys, but I'm affraid I've to ditch Ubuntu to do that16:12
chris|ext4 is getting slower by the minute16:13
VolkodavI have the sound volume applet gone in gnome ? Anybody else with this issue ?16:21
mzznope, but my lucid install is several hours ancient.16:21
* mzz updates and upgrades16:22
mzzah, lots of sound stuff in this one16:23
VolkodavAnybody configured dual heads in xfce with intel video driver ?16:28
dupondjePANG !16:41
dupondjeahaha :D you die :)16:41
macosxtigeriv noticed flash HD porn videos are running SOO smoothly in lucid, props canoical16:52
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alex_mayorgaanyone with both bluetooth mouse and headphones?17:22
ZykoticK9Commercial games I have running under 64bit Lucid: Quake 3 (points release), Quake 4, Prey (demo), ET:Quake Wars (demo), Serious Sam: the First Encounter, UT2004 (32bit version), UT (1999).  FAILS: UT2004 (64bit), Medal of Honor, Loki Demos17:26
ZykoticK9Volkodav, re-volume applet, did you try removing Pulseaudio from your system?17:30
alex_mayorgadunno if it's the bluetooth chip on any of my devices, but if I move the mouse, the audio would start crackling and eventually be shut off entirely17:35
VolkodavZykoticK9: what do you mean remove pulseaudio and just leave alsa or re-volume ?17:39
ZykoticK9Volkodav, "if" you remove Pulse the first sign is the missing volume control - that's why I asked.17:41
Volkodavwell - I just checked - it is installed but the applet is missing17:42
mzzZykoticK9: I'm seeing some recent changes to pulseaudio in updates having to do with the volume control applet17:42
mzzerr, that may have been the wrong nick17:42
mzzVolkodav: ^^^17:42
Volkodavwell I figured maybe somebody else has the same issue17:43
Volkodavand I have it on 2 machines17:43
Volkodav32 and 64 bit17:43
VolkodavI'll give it some for now17:43
Volkodavinstalled gnome-alsa mixer - that takes care of it17:44
Volkodavfor now17:45
mzzI'd just give it some time, but I'm lazy like that.17:45
VolkodavSo am I17:46
alex_mayorgais there a channel for Bluetooth stuff?17:49
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!18:04
* lupine_85 spots a bunch of packages going past with versions like 4.5.3really-4.5.218:23
tsimpsonpeople don't like to use epochs18:26
yofelwasn't that the last-minute downgrade of qt for karmic?18:26
macosxtigerdont worry18:44
Ian_Cornebe happy?18:45
rtgzHere I go again - is there any rationale behind icon removal by default in Lucid Lynx and the absence of UI to revert this change?19:01
rtgzHi :)19:01
ZykoticK9interesting, game audio is Doom 3 is crappy in Lucid, but Quake 4's is not.  This is the first game under Lucid that has had audio issues, almost everything in Karmic did!  So it's a HUGE improvement.19:05
mzzI thought there was ui somewhere. Lemme try to find it again19:17
mzzhuh, must be confused.19:18
rtgzmzz, there was UI for that and now it is missing. All we have now is a gconf entry ;)19:19
mzzI thought there was a prefwindow that let you configure things like whether alt needs to be pressed before keyboard shortcuts are displayed, and that it included a checkbox for those icons19:19
mzzI can't find that entire prefpanel right now19:19
rtgzmzz, yes, it is no longer in the Appearance dialog19:20
mzzah, yes, interface tab in appearance dialog, still there in karmic.19:20
mzzand it does have a "Show icons in menus" checkbox.19:20
* mzz checks changelog19:20
mzzgnome bug 59275619:21
ubottuGnome bug 592756 in Appearance "remove interface tab" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59275619:21
mzzmmm, usual thing where I completely agree with removing preferences except where there's one where I disagree with the default :)19:22
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rtgzso far the best 'tweak app' is "gconftool -s /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons -t bool true"19:36
rtgzbut this will create a lot of bug reports from people who reinstall ubuntu from scratch.. i.e. "Where are all my icons?" Even the System/Preferences/Administration menu looks scary with icons disabled19:41
mzzrtgz: I think there's actually a gtweakui, but I haven't used it recently19:57
mzzI'd expect it to cover this, assuming it still exists19:57
rtgzmzz, apps look really scary w/o icons in the menus. I am ok with no icons on buttons, but menu item selection suddenly start to require twice as much time to be located :(20:00
mzzI just like the pretty pictures.20:01
mzzbut I can find my way around in gconf if I have to, so this isn't the kind of thing I normally complain about.20:01
rtgzmzz, I am afraid that people who expect X icon near "close" menu entry will complain...20:02
rtgzlet's remove minimize, maximize and close icons from metacity replacing them with the text only.20:03
Ian_Cornewhat's the idea behind removing the icons?20:44
arandIan_Corne: supposed to look cleaner...20:46
switchgirlhi anyone got a list of additional repo's to add to the sources?21:02
ChogyDanfor what?21:02
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duffydackrsync -av --delete . /media/usbdrive/home/duffydack is the command I always issue, but I have just deleted a folder from the source and its not deleting it from the backup folder? how come?21:06
ChogyDanswitchgirl:  I usually just install repos that give me what I want, like chromium21:07
charlie-tcamedibuntu for audio/video21:08
Raydiationwhen will be the official feature freeze21:12
yofel!schedule | Raydiation21:12
ubottuRaydiation: A schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule21:12
Raydiationhm the new django 1.2 comes out at 9th of march :/21:13
BUGabundoahhhh the lovely smell of trolling in the devel-discuss ML :p21:18
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: you have been missed there21:24
BUGabundoit will be only this week21:24
BUGabundoso putting some order in emails21:24
kklimondaRaydiation: does it?21:24
BUGabundo2.5K in devel/devel-discuss :(21:24
kklimondaRaydiation: aren't they already behind the schedule?21:24
* BUGabundo must learn speed reading, and not half reading21:25
BUGabundocharlie-tca: you know whats funny?21:26
BUGabundopicking up the ML after over one year away21:26
charlie-tcaMost of what is in discussion there?21:26
BUGabundoand its just the same stuff going on21:26
BUGabundodarn cycles21:26
BUGabundonew ppl21:26
BUGabundomore trolss21:26
BUGabundoand same things21:26
charlie-tcaOh, yeah, that too. I noticed that when I missed about 6 months21:26
BUGabundoguess ill just delete a bunch of threads21:26
BUGabundothey come new, fresh, full of idealism21:27
BUGabundofight everyone21:27
BUGabundoget turned down by the establishment21:27
BUGabundoand either go quiet or away21:27
BUGabundodarn top posting :((((21:27
charlie-tcaThat gets worse every month21:28
* BUGabundo wishes for a mailman plugin to reorder gmail emails21:28
* BUGabundo snaps an user : "Please avoid Top-Posting, and use and abuse of Snipping. Thanks in advance. Reply below:"21:34
BUGabundoI wonder if that will teach a single user how to use MLs21:34
BUGabundoman, don't this ppl start in ubuntu-users ML?21:34
BUGabundothat's a great place to be sanded and formated.... and learn, learn a LOT21:34
lupine_86heee, dumped to terminal on reboot. that's what I like21:36
lupine_86on the bright side, it's a 1920x1080 terminal21:36
charlie-tcaNot all of them, no. There are some now that don't seem to know there is a users mailing list21:36
BUGabundono wonder devs leave that list :(21:37
alex_mayorgafeed reader suggestions anyone?21:40
alex_mayorgais there one shipped with Lucid?21:40
VolkodavI use TB21:41
BUGabundochromium and greader ?21:41
BUGabundoadd better greader plugin to either chromium or Firefox21:41
alex_mayorgaVolkodav, TB?21:41
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo, kind of looking for an offline kind of thing21:42
BUGabundothen you are using the wrong tool21:42
BUGabundoRSS is for news21:42
BUGabundofor real time21:42
BUGabundonot archive21:43
alex_mayorgaI might, you're right21:43
BUGabundoand those are not my words21:43
BUGabundobut from the creator of RSS21:44
alex_mayorgaI guess the whole "synching and going offline" paradigm is now death21:44
BUGabundogoogle gears allows you that21:44
alex_mayorgawhat does one uses for that then?21:44
BUGabundothere are many apps to pull RSS21:44
BUGabundoor sync with online feed readers21:45
Volkodavtoo many21:45
BUGabundobut that's the wrong way of doing it21:45
charlie-tcaalex_mayorga: I like liferea for feeds21:45
BUGabundoits subverting the tool21:45
BUGabundoto something it was not designed to21:45
lupine_86happens all the time21:45
lupine_86like this "linux" thing21:45
lupine_86can you believe I got it working on amd64?21:45
lupine_86crazy stuff ;)21:45
BUGabundoplus, and this is my POV, the world of information is not meant to be dealt offline21:45
charlie-tcalupine_86: been running on amd64 for over a year now21:46
BUGabundoI'm not saying you can't. just that you shouldn't, and better look at it from outside of the box21:46
lupine_86erm, yes, me too. it was a witty quip21:47
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo, out of curiosity, what would you say is the right tool for download and read latter21:47
BUGabundoI don't do it21:47
alex_mayorgakind of like miro for text?21:47
BUGabundoother then on my android21:47
kklimondagoogle reader with google gears extension :)21:47
BUGabundoand that's just because 3G is expensive21:47
kklimondathat's how I've done it before I got my android21:47
alex_mayorgaforgot that part there, no google if possible :)21:49
VolkodavTB has offlime mode too21:49
Volkodavoff ine*21:50
alex_mayorgaRSSOwl looks interesting21:50
alex_mayorgathanks for chipping in21:50
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa21:52
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo, how much is expensive for 3G?21:53
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: not that chromium *is* all about google, but it does suffer much influence :D21:53
BUGabundobut also does from Apple :D21:53
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: something along 1€ /day, 7.5€ / month for 250MBs, 15€ for 500MBs21:54
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo, ouch that's expensive21:55
alex_mayorgaI got 3GB a month for ~MXN$23021:55
BUGabundohence me caching it as possible when over wifi21:55
BUGabundofor 3G ? mobile and voice?21:55
alex_mayorgajust data21:55
BUGabundonot those usb dongle modem, local plans21:55
BUGabundothose are diff21:55
BUGabundobut still expensive21:56
alex_mayorgabut I can get voice with prepaid cards21:56
BUGabundook minute... seems my mouse died21:56
BUGabundohere for data21:57
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo. http://www.movistar.com.mx/servicios/internet.html click "Planes" I hate my carrier for Flash abuse21:59
UbuntuUserwill thunderbird3 be included in lucid?22:10
kklimondaUbuntuUser: bug 31466822:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314668 in baltix "[needs-packaging] Thunderbird 3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31466822:11
UbuntuUserty for answering my question :)22:13
BUGabundoI miss those times where I would be faster then the bot it self :(((22:14
dupondje-E: Couldn't configure pre-depend openoffice.org-core for openoffice.org-filter-binfilter, probably a dependency cycle.22:32
dupondje-mm :P22:32
BUGabundoanother one?22:32
arandAre →LTS upgrades only possible from LTS?23:34
mzzarand: iirc: you can upgrade to an LTS release from the previous LTS or regular release.23:35
mzzbut I might be wrong.23:35
RAOFThat's right.23:35
mzz(so for lucid that'll be karmic and hardy)23:35
arandOk, the upgrade wiki is horribly out-of-date...23:35
arandI thought that was the case, but unsure.23:36
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