yemanjahello all, i'm a web and ui designer on open-source.13:36
yemanjaI want to help ubuntu project :)13:36
yemanja(and i'm bad in writing english)13:36
Equietyemanja: Hi. Do you have any showcase of your work?13:58
yemanjayes, i have not yet a professionnal webiste but here is my little playground http://lestitescasesdessinesdelili.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kameleoon.com/ a recent work.14:00
EquietAnd, as others would say, look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork for more info. Canonical has its own designer team, we are creating themes and wallpapers.14:00
yemanjaok :) thanks for the link14:01
EquietWell, that's not so bad.14:01
EquietI guess http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_d6ohzpwd2R0/S12G8brRo0I/AAAAAAAAAv4/NSJZtSu1Ehw/s1600-h/dev02.png is a hand painting, right?14:03
EquietI haven't done any yet. :(14:04
EquietWhat's your age if I could ask?14:05
yemanja31 years14:05
EquietIs this your work http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_d6ohzpwd2R0/SqAgGh-PwuI/AAAAAAAAAjI/5Yx0wrlEGqs/S1600-R/menina.png ?14:06
yemanjayes it's me ^^14:06
EquietVery nice.14:07
yemanjaall done with pen and inkscape14:07
yemanjaleggs are too longer :/14:07
EquietWait for thorwil or vish for more info, I'm a newbie here.14:08
yemanjaall artist on ubuntu are good as jimmac ?14:10
EquietCan't say, I have not seen much work.14:11
vishyemanja: hi..14:17
yemanjahi vish14:17
vishyemanja: have you checked the artwork wiki page? usually the Ubuntu artwork is done in-house by Canonical folks14:18
vishyemanja: we can do the community artwork , the wiki lists the on-going projects where you can help out14:19
yemanjayes i have read some pages. Oh all are employed by canonical, none was for the fun ?14:19
vishno.. :) Canonical has a design team14:19
yemanjaah ok14:19
vishyemanja: you can also join the artwork mailing list , people discuss the artwork and sometimes the Canonical design team asks for suggestion via the mailing list14:21
yemanjaok, why not14:22
yemanjai supposed i'm not welcom on your channel work vish ?14:33
vishyemanja: i didnt understand ^  ?14:34
yemanjaall people here are working for canonical ?14:34
yemanjaok :)14:35
vishyemanja: hmm , oddly in this >  menina.png , i think the torso is too long ;)14:40
vishit could be a tad shorter14:40
yemanjaok ^^14:42
vishhehe ..14:44
* vish just noticed Equiet's "And, as others would say, look at"14:44
thorwilyemanja: hi! if you would consider work outside of ubuntu, i know that exaile.org  would like to have new artwork14:47
thorwilyemanja: http://www.photofiltre-lx.org/ are looking for an icon designer14:47
thorwilhttp://clam-project.org/ would like to have a new logo14:49
yemanjaok great link14:50
thorwilyemanja: np. let me know if you do work for any of these projects, please14:52
yemanjaok :)14:52
dashuakwwii, http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Human-Lucid?content=119546 . If you're interested for testing.  Getting some great feedback.16:35
vish hei dashua did you send the merge request for the firefox entry bug?16:58
vishdashua: btw , we have started a ppa for humanity ;) [in case you didnt notice]17:00
kwwiidashua: yeah, saw that (I have it installed) a while ago...I think it would be a great theme for the community-themes package18:35
dashuavish, I thought I did a while back.  I filed that a  while ago.19:20
dashuaI wasn't aware of the PPA for Humanity.  I usually just pull from trunk.19:20
dashuavish, lp:~elementaryart/elementaryicons/humanity-testing-ppa19:25
dashuaThat the right one?19:25
vishdashua: https://launchpad.net/~elementaryart/+archive/ppa19:27
vishkwwii: too^19:27
dashuavish, Cool thx.19:28
vishdashua: damn you , actually i was thinking of copying the metacity idea ;p19:29
dashuaPretty sexxy, eh?19:29
dashuaI am really digging it.19:29
vishyeah , the idea is a neat one19:29
dashuaBlends perfectly with Humanity.19:30
dashuaIf you make those sexxy icons, I can work on another metacity with a bit of top gradient.19:31
dashuaThis one really isn't too bad.19:31
vishdashua: hmm , i didnt understand? dont you already have those icons?19:33
dashuaYeah, but I think they could use some mac_v <319:34
kwwiivish: hey, cool19:37
zacbartonim wondering if anyone know why this happens when making a metacity theme23:06

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