mdzpersia, I read the transcript of your Open Week talk on stack traces; interesting topic00:02
mdzpersia, I find it more convenient to browse the source from within gdb rather than opening up a separate editor, when walking through the stack frames00:03
mdzcjwatson, I enjoyed your merging session as well00:03
mdzdholbach, developer week seems to have gone very well, nicely done00:03
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dholbachthanks mdz00:07
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seb128directhex, they are published now btw00:14
directhexoh, neato00:14
directhexi'll look tomorrow after it hits my mirror00:15
cjwatsonmdz: oh good00:20
persiamdz: When one runs gdb directly, I'd agree it's more convenient.  That said, I often find that using the apport stacktraces with the source is good enough, without needing to fully replicate.00:30
persiaIs there a good way to use the info the retracer leaves in a bug (after the coredump is stripped) to initialise gdb?00:31
persiaIn many cases, I find the crashes are data- or environment-dependent, and replication can be tricky.00:32
cjwatsonpersia: as it turned out it wasn't directly germane to your talk since one can't use it with apport stacktraces, but do you know about gdb 7's record-and-replay support?00:38
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persiacjwatson: I don't.00:39
cjwatsonpersia: it rocks.00:41
* persia reads http://sourceware.org/gdb/current/onlinedocs/gdb/Process-Record-and-Replay.html#Process-Record-and-Replay00:42
* cjwatson does an entire test install to test installing GRUB's boot sector + core image to an LVM, only to realise that this makes no sense00:43
cjwatsonpersia: reverse execution is the sexy bit, of course00:44
persiaIndeed.  I didn't get any farther than that on the page before redirecting to chapter 6 :)00:45
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ograKeybuk, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/osiris-lucid-20100202-2.png :)01:02
ogra(with FRAMEBUFFER=y btw01:02
* StevenK through and NBSes 3 kernels with happy abandon01:02
Keybukwhat did you change?01:03
StevenKSigh. Missing word fail01:03
Keybukogra: I want to see that without ubuntuone-syncd ;)01:03
ograKeybuk, nothing ... i switched FARMEBUFFER to n and then back to y, regenerated the initrd both times01:03
ograi guess if you move on like that we need some new solution for bootchart to keep the charts readable :)01:04
Keybukmove on?01:05
ograwell, to 2sec boots or so :)01:05
ograok, ubuntuone removed ...01:05
Keybukwe'd have to use perf or something01:05
* ogra reboots 01:06
ograKeybuk, hmm, so the modprobe of death comes back randomly it seems01:12
ograKeybuk, but if its not there i get something like http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/osiris-lucid-20100202-6.png :D01:12
ograi guess thats something to show off with :)01:13
pitti8s? sweeeet01:24
ograpitti, without ubuntuone and without plymouth though01:29
LaserJockdoes anybody know if there's a good overview of what's happening for UNR/UNE for Lucid?01:30
persiaLaserJock: bzr log of the seeds probably says the most up to now.  Can't give you a pointer for the future.01:32
LaserJockis it continuing to be actively developed or is it sort of in maintanence mode?01:35
LaserJockmy only machine is now a netbook and so I've noticed a few things that could maybe be improved01:36
LaserJockbut it didn't seem like much was going on with core code (netbook-launcher, etc.)01:36
persiaHave you checked upstream activity?  I haven't followed in a bit, but I remember hearing a bit of talk at UDS.01:37
LaserJockwell, that's sort of what I'm trying to find01:38
LaserJockI don't know where upstream is01:38
StevenKIn Launchpad01:38
LaserJockthe last commit to netbook-launcher was 14 weeks ago01:39
LaserJockI'm wondering what that means, "we think we're at a stable point" or "we're not really interested and are moving on"01:40
persiaIs there nifty bits that are not yet released upstream that we'd want?01:40
LaserJockhonestly I don't know what's upstream and what's not01:41
persiaWell, it's like anything else :)  But if you're looking at the specific packages, that's probably an upstream thing.  If it's not, then it's probably seeds or other random bits :)01:42
LaserJockwell, I'm wondering about code, not seeds01:43
persiaThat's probably upstream then.01:43
LaserJockso upstream I guess, which is sort of the same as downstream, but yeah01:43
persiaHow is it the same?  We're downstream.01:43
LaserJockwell, netbook-launcher is done by UNR and UNR is part of Ubuntu01:45
LaserJockhence, kinda the same01:45
persiaYeah.  The names are annoying.  I was involved in a discussion about nomenclature back in the very beginning of karmic, with the following conclusions:01:46
persia1) There exists some set of code (the core applications) that is a separate project, which is on LP.01:46
persia2) There exists an implementation that has been adopted by Ubuntu, which was UNR, and is now becoming UNE.01:46
persia3) There exist some other implementations further downstream which are UNR.01:47
persiaDunno how much that's still true, but theoretically there's supposed to be distinction.01:47
LaserJockgeeze, that's kinda confusing01:47
LaserJockbut the "separate project" is run by "UNR Developers" which makes it sound not-so-separate01:48
persiaYeah well :)  There was a session on naming at UDS Jaunty, but that was the conclusion :)01:48
persiaI know, but "UNR Developers" != Ubuntu Developers.01:48
LaserJockI'm seeing that01:48
ajmitchso much confusion there01:48
LaserJockit's mostly DX and OEM Solutions01:49
LaserJockso a bit more like CNR01:49
LaserJockin fact every single member of "UNR Developers" is Canonical01:50
LaserJockhmm, weird01:50
persiaWell, still, contacting upstream is the best way to get guidance :)01:52
persiaOtherwise it's just the stuff in the specs.01:52
LaserJockpersia: right, I guess I can file a bug, I just hate doing that if it's likely to come of nothing01:54
persiaLaserJock: I guess.  My point is mostly that I'm not convinced that this channel is the best place to answer that question.  I don't happen to know the best way to contact upstream, but I do expect they're in a better position to answer questions of general direction.01:56
LaserJockpersia: right, I just didn't really know where01:57
LaserJockprobably a bug will get to the right people though if Canonical's still running it01:57
persiaProbably, if it's against the right project :)01:57
fullTummyubuntu is good02:15
fullTummyfor testing formatting02:15
fullTummykapetan sam od careva grada,02:20
fullTummyu njem vladam od trista godinah;02:20
fullTummyđed mi ga je na sablju dobio02:20
fullTummyđe su carstvo sablje dijelile,02:20
fullTummyte mu tragu osta za gospodstvo."02:20
fullTummyRaspali se Mićunović Vuče,02:20
fullTummypa se Hamzi poprimače blizu:02:20
fullTummy"Kakvo Vlaše, krmska poturice!02:20
fullTummyĐe izdajnik bolji od viteza?02:20
fullTummyKakvu sablju kažeš i Kosovo?02:20
fullTummyDa l' na njemu zajedno ne bjesmo,02:20
fullTummypa ja rva i tada i sada?02:20
fullTummyTi izdao prijed i poslijed,02:20
fullTummyobrljao obraz pred svijetom,02:20
fullTummypohulio vjeru prađedovsku,02:20
fullTummyzarobio sebe u tuđina!02:20
fullTummyŠto se hvališ gradom i gospodstvom -02:20
fullTummysvi gradovi što su do nas turski,02:20
fullTummyjesam li ih opsuo mramorjem,02:20
fullTummyte nijesu za ljude gradovi02:20
fullTummyno tavnice za nevoljne sužnje?02:20
fullTummyBič sam božji ja spleten za tebe,02:20
fullTummyda se stavljaš što si uradio!"02:20
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! mneptok, Hobbsee, cjwatson, mdz, lamont, Keybuk, or thom!02:21
David-Tno floodbot here?02:56
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breineraon what channel should I ask about packaging a personal project05:23
ScottKIf you plan to try to get it into Ubuntu, #ubuntu-motu.  If you're going to put it in a PPA, #launchpad.05:30
ccheneyhmm an upload i did today shows binaries still not published05:41
ccheneyis there some kind of block on OOo, or myself? ;-)05:41
ccheneyah nm it apparently is new for some reason05:42
ccheneydidn't mention that until i clicked through to the actual build05:42
DamasceneHello, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 says that UNR is KDE base now. is that right?06:21
RiddellDamascene: no it doesn't06:23
Damascenewhy it is on kubuntu page?06:24
Riddellwhy is what?06:24
Damascenehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/lucid/alpha-2/ (Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix)06:24
Damascenethat is what the page says06:25
Riddell"Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix" means Kubuntu Desktop images and Kubuntu Netbook Remix images06:25
RiddellUbuntu Netbook is not the same as Kubuntu Netbook.  UNE is hidden at the bottom of http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/alpha-2/06:25
StevenKAnd UNE is the new name for UNR06:26
DamasceneOk :) , I understand now. the site should be clearer06:28
Damascenethank you06:28
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mdzpersia: ah, of course, you were talking about analyzing stack traces in bugs. it would be way cool if Launchpad would cross-reference to the source package branches so you could just click through to the source10:33
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nigel_nbHobbsee, I now have the source from packages.ubuntu.com and I'm wondering what to do next11:25
nigel_nb(I should do this more often :( )11:26
Hobbseenigel_nb: you're looking for the ubuntu packaging guides and similar, i presume11:30
nigel_nbHobbsee, yep... i have the one from motu... works?11:30
Hobbseenigel_nb: yep.  What you want should be listed in some section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing11:30
nigel_nbHobbsee, reading through :)11:31
nigel_nbHobbsee, what is the patch system in gnome? git?11:38
Hobbseenigel_nb: i don't actually know, tbh.  i'm going to tentatively guess dpatch - is there a 00list in debian/patches?11:39
Hobbseeyou can always try building the package / looking at the build depends to see, though11:39
nigel_nboh yes11:39
nigel_nbso its dpatch11:40
nigel_nbHobbsee, uh, wait.. cdbs is listed as build depends11:43
Hobbseenigel_nb: then that's what it'll be.11:43
nigel_nbHobbsee, ah11:43
Hobbsee00list is used in multiple patch systems, but does help in tracking it down11:44
nigel_nbokay.. so I have to add another number to the 00 list?11:44
Hobbseehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems#CDBS with Simple Patchsys11:45
Hobbseenigel_nb: gives a fairly good overview of how to use it11:45
nigel_nbHobbsee, hehe, I'm already there11:46
Hobbseecdbs-edit-patch will automatically add it for you11:46
geserwhat-patch (from ubuntu-dev-tools) can also give a hint what patch system is used11:48
nigel_nbyep, just installed what-patch now11:48
nigel_nbI'll explain where I'm lost11:48
nigel_nbI have this diff from upstream (the actual patch).  Am I supposed to do a cdbs-edit-patch and run that patch?11:49
nigel_nbor pass that patch in to edbs-edit-patch11:49
geserwhat patch system is exactly used? what does "what-patch" tell?11:53
nigel_nbgeser, cdbs11:55
geserthen create with "cdbs-edit-patch my_new_patch" a new patch and apply the upstream patch inside the working copy, when you are done all your changes are get saved in my_new_patch11:58
gesercheck the new patch name wisely as the patches are applied in lexicographic order11:59
nigel_nbgeser, so I'm supposed to simply create a blank file called my_new_patch?11:59
gesercdbs-edit-patch will do it for you (and my_new_patch is a placeholder for a better name)12:00
gesera good name should describe what the patch solves without needing to look inside12:01
nigel_nbsomething like "cdbs-edit-patch 07_fix_GvcChannelMap_leak" ?12:01
nigel_nbI get an error like "dh_testdir: cannot read debian/control: No such file or directory"12:02
nigel_nbwhat am I missing?12:02
geserare you inside the (unpacked) package directory?12:03
Hobbseeyou need to do it in the source package root12:03
Hobbseeie, the one that has a debian folder12:03
nigel_nbI was inside the patches directory.. ah12:03
nigel_nboh, I have to satisfy all depends when working on a package?12:05
gesernot necessarily, just the ones needed to run the "clean" target12:07
geserin this case probably "cdbs" and some other packages12:07
nigel_nbI'm not running gnome.. which means ......lots of them12:08
nigel_nbnow its a good idea to switch back12:08
nigel_nbokay, now I'm in the subshell of cdbs-edit patch :)12:17
nigel_nbgeser, so I just paste the diff inside the subshell?12:19
geseryes, apply it with patch12:20
nigel_nbum, with patch?12:21
geserevery change you do inside this subshell will be put into the patch later12:21
nigel_nbso inside the subshell, I'm supposed to go to the particular file and make the modification?12:22
geseryes, apply the changes you need, e.g. by editing a file with an editor or applying a ready patch12:22
nigel_nbI have this file withe me http://bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=15282412:22
gesersave it somewhere (e.g. /tmp) and then "patch -p2 --dry-run < /tmp/the_saved_patch". if this works without an error, remove the "--dry-run"12:24
geser(alternatively you could also open that file (src/gvc-mixer-stream.c) in an editor and do the changes there, but that's only feasible for small patches)12:26
nigel_nbsince its a very small patch I opened the file and did it :)12:30
nigel_nband the patch command gave me an error and I didn't have enough patching $foo to fix that one12:31
nigel_nbnow the patch is in the folder but its not applied12:32
nigel_nbshouldn't the patch be applied and not just listed there?12:38
geserpatches are applied before building and un-applied during clean12:43
nigel_nbah, so I can just go on to building this now?12:44
geserwhen you build the binary package you can check the build output to see if your patch got applied or not12:44
nigel_nbgeser, the patch needs to be tagged rite?12:56
geserI don't know the current policy but it's a good idea to do it13:05
nigel_nbI've used this http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/13:09
nigel_nbto the extend that I know how its done13:10
juliankShouldn't libslab be included in main and gnome-control-center build-depend on it, like it is done in Debian?14:06
julianklibslab is currently in universe.14:06
ScottKSince most/all of the Canonical developers are at a sprint this week, the odds of an authoritative answer via IRC are particularly low at the moment.14:08
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/391035 => somebody has time to check this patch ? :) didn't make it in Karmic, would be nice to have it into Lucid :)14:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 391035 in aptitude "aptitude stops displaying downloads" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:10
juliankScottK: I will then report a bug against control-center, once triaged =>MIR for libslab => Change gnome-control-center => Fix released. Should be a good way to do this.14:13
ScottKjuliank: I don't have an opinion on the best way to proceed.  I don't even use Gnome.  I was just suggesting IRC isn't it.14:14
dupondjenobody to review my patch :) its in sponsor queue for some time now14:29
NgI guess whoever would process NEW packages this week is in Portland doing far more interesting things :)14:35
dupondjeAlot of packages in the queue it seems :)14:37
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bigoncould someone have a look at my merge request plz https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtinst/+bug/509800 ?14:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 509800 in virtinst "Please merge virtinst (0.500.1-2) from debian main" [Wishlist,New]14:57
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LucidFox"Lucid changes to Firefox default provider"15:09
LucidFoxI saw Lucid and Firefox in one sentence and did a double take.15:10
NgLucidFox: we're sending all search requests to you. I hope you've got plenty of coffee15:10
LucidFoxEr, I don't drink coffee.15:10
ScottKYou will15:12
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LaibschArneGoetje: I have a question if I may.  It seems to me that among scim and now ibus, uim was never seriously considered.  Can you briefly explain the reason?15:38
persiaLaibsch: We used uim back in Breezy, and switched to scim.  I'm not sure switching back was ever considered, but uim was once the preferred choice :)15:42
LaibschI see15:43
LaibschI'm not very familiar with the options, really15:43
LaibschBut I learned today that at least in Japan uim is the default15:44
Laibschand the numbers in popcon support that15:44
Laibschactually, maybe not15:47
LaibschI was looking at the wrong package15:47
Laibschscim-anthy and uim-anthy seem to be equal at around 1.500 installations15:47
Laibschibus-anthy is still way behind at only ~30 (one of which is mine ;-))15:48
persiaanthy is preferred.  How we get to anthy is less important :)15:51
tkamppeterpitti, hi15:51
pittitkamppeter: hello15:51
persiaThe old docs all referenced uim, but scim has started to work well enough that it's the default in the Japanese Remixes.15:52
tkamppeterI have prepared an SRU for foomatic-filters, bug 46305915:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 463059 in foomatic-filters "Process 'gs' begins taking 100% CPU and loading up vast amounts of RAM" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46305915:52
sebnerpitti: ~o~, everything fine in Portland? :)15:52
pittisebner: yes, it is; had Karaoke last night :)15:52
pittitkamppeter: I saw your mail, will followup later on15:53
tkamppeterpitti, can you accept the foomatioc-filter to get into -proposed, so that the reporter can start testing and does not need to wait for the Sprint to finish?15:53
tkamppeterSprint is in Portland?15:53
sebnerpitti: hahaha! I hope you won! you have to defend the german honor :P15:53
pittisebner: it wasn't actually a competition :)15:54
pittitkamppeter: I'll do it later today, don't worry :)15:54
tkamppeterOK, it is early in the morning for you, I was used to Sprints being in Europe.15:54
sebnerpitti: then your are doing something wrong, Who is the most funniest, the most drunk, the most embaressing one ... all essential questions :P15:54
pittisebner: slangasek wanted to hear 99 Luftballons, but they only had the English version :/15:55
pitti(which I refused to sing..)15:55
pittitkamppeter: right, I just got up early for the DMB meeting15:55
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lamontasac: mono given back16:07
tkamppeterpitti, thanks for passing through the SRU, it perhaps fixes also bug 513690 and bug 422949.16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513690 in foomatic-filters "Xerox WorkCentre 7245 (7228) prints only first page" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51369016:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 422949 in cups "Document Viewer 2.26.1 not printing" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42294916:21
sbalneavI'm having trouble trying to get something working for evolution for teachers as part of #edubuntu.  I'm trying to get the evoldap backend working for gconf, and it works for setting mail accounts, but I can't seem to set addressbook and calendar defaults.  Anyone know off the top of their head where evolution picks up it's defaults for addressbook and cal?  It sure seems to find the ubuntuOne stuff.16:31
ArneGoetjeLaibsch: ever tried to install and configure uim? Ever compared the user interface between uim and scim/ibus? IMHO scim/ibus are more advanced and user friendly than uim.16:53
LaibschJust curious16:54
asaclamont: rock16:54
slangasekion: fyi, I've uploaded the plymouth upstart job changes now following discussion with Keybuk; he helped identify one reason that would account for the splash screen starting so late, but we haven't pinned your race condition yet - the upstart jobs themselves seem to be exactly what he was expecting, and we probably have to debug the race condition as a plymouth bug17:05
ionslangasek: Alright17:05
slangasekion: you were running on intel, right? you mentioned kms17:07
ionslangasek: Radeon17:19
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slangasekion: ok; will try to sniff out some radeon hardware here at the company sprint to reproduce the problem :)17:25
JumanjiWhat is the cause of this ? -> WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported!  This is an application bug!17:35
JumanjiThats compiz17:36
JumanjiX.Org X Server (1.7.5 RC 1)17:42
JumanjiRelease Date: 2010-01-2317:42
JumanjiX Protocol Version 11, Revision 017:42
JumanjiBuild Operating System: Linux i68617:42
Jumanji(nice driver btw)17:43
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sheldonhi, i'm trying to upload a source package on my ppa but i recevie this error pkg-kde-tools_0.6.0~ppa1.dsc: format '3.0 (native)' is not permitted in karmic. How can i solve?17:49
Riddellsheldon: convert it to format 1.0 by removing debian/source/ directory17:57
sheldonthanks Riddell17:57
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ccheneyslangasek: ping19:21
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sbalneavseb128: Got a half a sec?19:24
seb128sbalneav, yes19:26
sbalneavAs part of Edubuntu, I'm trying to get the gconf backend evoldap going.  Evolution picks up the account settingdgs from ldap, but seems to be ignoring the addressbook and calendar settings...19:27
sbalneavdo you know off the top of your head where evolution's grabbing the default gconf keys for /apps/evolution/calendar/sources and .../addrssbook/sources?19:28
sbalneavit seems to be ignoring the ones evoldap gives it.19:28
seb128no I don't19:28
sbalneavok, fair enough.  I'll keep digging.19:29
pittiKeybuk, sabdfl: FYI: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/bootcharts/daniel-lucid-20100202-1-nobg.png  and http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/bootcharts/daniel-lucid-20100202-1-tiledbg.png19:29
pittiKeybuk, sabdfl: in short, tiled bg is cheap19:29
Keybukoh, cool19:30
* Keybuk was wrong19:30
micahganyone know the debian policy for reopening won't fix bugs if time passes and there's new info?19:32
highvoltagethe universe has a strange sense of humour. just a few weeks ago I laughed at a Windows 7 bug that caused login to take 30s longer if you don't have a wallpaper and just a plain background19:32
seb128micahg, don't?19:32
highvoltageand now this :)19:32
micahgseb128: does that mean file a new bug?19:32
pittiKeybuk: it does use some CPU, but much less apparently than all the huge .jpg decoding and scaling19:32
seb128micahg, no that mean if the maintainer says the change will not be made it will probably not19:32
pittiKeybuk: (it's jpg these days, it just pretends to be a .png for backwards compat issues)19:33
pittiKeybuk: doing a chart now with new plymouth19:33
micahgseb128: k, thanks19:33
seb128micahg, you can argue on the bug but don't play close, reopen game, it will just annoy the maintainer and not lead anywhere usually19:33
micahgseb128: ok, so it's ok to comment on a won't fix then if there's new information??19:34
seb128but those bugs usually don't wait on new comments19:34
micahgseb128: thanks19:34
seb128bugs which lack informations are incomplete19:34
seb128or invalid19:34
* micahg has to actually see if there's an update on the issue19:34
micahgbut wanted to know general policy19:35
ccheneydoko: OOo failed on arm due to what appears to be broken krb519:36
pittiright, that caused FTBFSes all over the place (not just on arm)19:36
StevenKpitti: Which are now fixed?19:36
pittiI dunno19:37
dokoccheney, pitti: fixed and requeued19:37
pittisweet, thanks19:37
ccheneydoko: thanks19:38
pittislangasek, Keybuk: did old vs. new plymouth, nice job!19:43
pitti(it works around the usb_id bug again by parallelization, and is also quite fast)19:44
Keybuklooking in good shape there19:46
KeybukI suspect the usb_id thing is actually holding stuff up still19:46
ionkeybuk: The ureadahead-with-HDD → udev → framebuffer → plymouth sequence causes quite a long period of confusing-black-screen-for-user here. I wonder if there’s a compromise that can be done so that plymouth doesn’t need to wait for the entire readahead thing?19:48
Keybukion: possibly19:49
ograpitti, woah, slooow boot there19:49
pittiogra: sheeeesh19:49
pittiogra: well, it's an Abacus^WAtom19:49
Keybukion: got any ideas?19:52
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ionkeybuk: Perhaps using similar IO priority queueing as mountall’s doing with fscks and launching ureadahead and udev in parallel with ureadahead having the priority. Then making ureadahead read the files needed for framebuffer first and the rest later. But then, udev probably blocks on IO unrelated to framebuffer, which causes this entire hack to fail.19:56
Keybukion: exactly19:57
Keybukand if you do multiple readahead passes, you fail19:57
Keybuk(on HDD more than SSD)19:57
sabdflpitti: that latter one is very nicely compacted19:57
pittisabdfl: indeed; it'll look even better with the kernel bug fixed19:58
ionkeybuk: Would building the framebuffer stuff into the kernel work? Perhaps make plymouth not wait for a udev event if it can just show the splash?19:59
Keybukion: can't do that20:00
Keybukwould mean we couldn't update graphics drivers through backports20:00
slangasekccheney: pong20:06
ccheneyslangasek: nm i found out it was riddell's day to process new :)20:09
slangasekccheney: ah :)  sorry for not getting to it right away, the server team AET MAI BRAIN20:09
ionkeybuk: When udev finds a framebuffer, log the corresponding kernel module and on the next startup try modprobing that stuff and starting plymouth in parallel with ureadahead? If the hardware has changed and the modprobe fails, udev will bring up the correct framebuffer later in the startup and log the new framebuffer module for the next boots. One would need to measure whether those things happening in parallel with ureadahead have too great an impact on HDDs.20:10
ccheneyslangasek: heh ok :)20:10
ionkeybuk: Perhaps do the modprobe attempt just before ureadahead if the framebuffer module has been logged previously.20:10
Keybukion: no.20:10
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ionkeybuk: Hack udev to queue all non-whitelisted kernel events for later and only act on framebuffer-related events? Process the entire queue and continue as normal as soon as a signal is received. Start udev early along with ureadahead and signal udev when ureadahead is ready.20:20
Keybukion: again, brittle20:21
Keybukudev can't start before mountall20:21
Keybukbecause udev needs /proc, /sys, etc.20:21
Keybukbut ureadahead has to start before mountall20:21
Keybukthis is pretty much the fundamental issue20:21
mpttremolux, I've added some specifics of how software items without a source should be presented. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=diff&rev2=316&rev1=31420:54
tremoluxmpt: ah great, thanks!20:56
mpttremolux, actually, I made a confusing mistake there. Fixed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=diff&rev2=317&rev1=31420:58
tremoluxmpt: ok, thx20:59
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directhexseb128, can you sync gtk-sharp2 from sid? 2.12.9-4 is needed to fix the tasque compile error21:15
seb128directhex, ok21:15
pittiseb128, slangasek, Riddell, james_w, jdstrand: oops, I wanted to sync a package, which started to sync the entire load of packages currently being in syncs/; I ^Ced it21:26
kklimondaare we going to upload django 1.2 to lucid? it's supposed to be released at 9th march21:27
sebnerpitti: why don't let it run through? =)21:35
Riddellpitti: hmm, those syncs aren't from me21:54
Riddellsomeone is doing my archive day for me!21:54
slangaseksebner: the sync will run with the wrong options in that case21:58
sebnerslangasek: ah, I wasn't aware of that21:59
slangaseksebner: we pass a flag when doing mass syncs to tell it not to spam $dist-changes21:59
sebnerslangasek: and I suppose he forgot this special flag?22:00
slangasekI would expect so :)22:00
ccheneyhow often does the conference mirror get the new crack?22:01
pittiyes, this caused -changes spam, sorry22:03
TheMusoccheney: Once a day afaik.22:03
slangasekccheney: quadridiurnally22:05
slangasekoops, no, my bad22:10
slangasekccheney: octodiurnally22:10
ccheneyslangasek: 8 times a day or is that every 8 hours?22:15
sebnerpitti: I think you have to pay a round of beer at the next karaoke party :P22:15
slangasekccheney: 8 times a day22:15
ccheneyslangasek: ok22:15
pittislangasek: ok, we identified why the full OO.o gets pulled in; the oo.o-hyphenation-en-us package gets built by the hyphen source now (instead of oo.o-dictionaries), and thus is missing the | l-support-en dep22:23
pittislangasek: ccheney is on it22:23
bdrung_james_w: look at bug #51449122:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514491 in liblo "Sync liblo 0.26~repack-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51449122:41
james_wI'll do it in a moment22:42
bdrung_something weird is going on. audacity 1.3.11-1 was now synced three times (first time it works; the last two time failed, because the version is already in the archive)22:48
james_wyep, we had a bit of a collision, as long as it was accepted once we're ok now22:49
james_wsorry about the noise22:49
bdrung_james_w: no problem. i just wanted to make sure, that you are aware of it and that a script do not run amok.22:51
ccheneypitti, slangasek: fixed22:53
pitticcheney: sweet, thanks22:54
Lex79james_w: about kernel-package sync, the sources.changes is rejected23:00
Lex79Rejected:None: unable to parse .changes file: ",23:00
james_wLex79: paste the mail in the bug please23:02
Lex79james_w: bug 51200023:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512000 in kernel-package "Please sync kernel-package 12.032 with Debian Testing" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51200023:05
directhexfta, is there no xulrunner 1.9.2 package?23:06
ftadidrocks, yes there is one. just not in the archive yet23:06
james_wLex79: please file a bug on soyuz23:06
ftaoops, directhex ^^23:06
directhexfta, will it be parallel-installable with 1.9.1?23:07
ftadirecthex, if it stays like it is today, yes23:07
ftadirecthex, but you should ask asac. even if i packaged it and maintained it myself, i kind of dropped the ball23:08
geserjames_w, Lex79: interesting bug, it breaks because of an embedded ^M in the changelog23:10
james_wit breaks because it's munging the encoding as far as I can see23:11
micahgdirecthex: I hope to finish the package tonight23:12
geserI've opened the .orig.tar.gz and look inside the changelog: „Bug fix: "make-kpkg should use update-initramfs when23:12
geser", thanks to“23:12
micahgdirecthex: we'll be porting everything to 1.9,223:12
geserargh, there is a ^M before the closing "23:12
directhexmicahg, 1.9.1 will be removed from the archive?23:13
micahgdirecthex: yes, (hopefully)23:13
directhexi see23:13
micahgdirecthex: and xulrunner is dropping to universe23:14
directhexmicahg, what should i build-depend on for a plugin?23:14
micahgdirecthex: xulrunner-dev should be fine23:15
micahgI"ll be adding that to xulrunner-1.9.223:16
iongeser: English text using German quotation marks to quote English text that uses ASCII quotation marks is a pretty sight. :-D23:18
james_wgeser: it's not the ^M in the changelog from what I see23:30
james_wgeser: oh, it is, sorry23:32
wgrantjames_w, geser: Is this really a bug, then?23:36
james_w^M isn't a newline in a .changes file, soyuz shouldn't open it in a way that causes it to be interpreted as such23:37
geserthe ^M (carriage return) should be in the changelog in the first place23:38
wgrantThe policy manual doesn't seem to actually state what a newline is.23:38
cjwatsonPolicy doesn't specify, although I do tend to agree with James23:38
geserisn't the bug in the part that generates the .changes file for the sync?23:40
Keybukpitti: bIlujDI' yIchegh()Qo'; yIHegh()!23:41
james_wyes, it could strip, but we could always do both23:41
pittiKeybuk: sorry, my Klingon is not that good, I'm afraid23:41
BlackZhi geser ;)23:41
geserdoes python differentiate between "\n" and "\r" for newlines?23:42
ograpitti, it is better to die() than to return() in failure23:42
pittithe Perl mantra?23:43
Lex79james_w: reject again23:43
Keybukidly thinking we should resurrect the idea of a Klingon translation again23:44
james_wgeser: yes, but you can decide whether it does or not on Windows23:44
Keybukbecause translating Ubuntu into a language that *cannot* express the meaning of the word Ubuntu appeals to me23:44
Lex79james_w: ah no, sorry :)23:44
ionkeybuk: Hah23:44
StevenKKeybuk: \o/23:44
james_wLex79: I haven't flushed yet :-)23:44
Lex79ok :)23:44
Keybuknjpatel_: are we there yet?23:52
ograhrm, who broke indicator-session ? i cant lock my screen anymore with it23:53
sebnermighty Keybuk, what do you think about http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/418/ubuntulucid201002021.png ?23:56
KeybukI think it's a fantastic example of early-cubist work23:57
Keybukwith a distinctly impressionist approach to colours23:57
Keybukthe linearity has some reflection in the work of modernist painters23:58
Keybukbut without the bold use of colour23:58
directhexmicahg, is /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons no longer searched by firefox in lucid?23:59
micahgdirecthex: is this for a firefox-addon?23:59

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