Tm_Thi all15:33
MTecknologyMenZa: perhaps ops should be required to idle here as well?15:33
MenZaMTecknology: Absolutely. :)15:33
MTecknologyit would take away the purpose of idling in -ops15:33
MenZaMTecknology: As I just said in -ops, I have far too many channels on autojoin, so it leaves a few out :(15:33
MTecknologyany irc related discussion could probably take place here instead; leave -ops strictly for issues in core channels15:34
MTecknologyTm_T: hi15:34
PiciPeople come here to ask questions, like asking for Ubuntu cloaks.15:34
Tm_TMTecknology: well, -ops can be used between ops, but all important information should be told here too15:35
MenZaMTecknology: Or, create a lounge similar to what Pricey suggested on the ML; leave this for international and team coordination, and let ops be dispute resolution.15:35
PiciTheres no reason why a non IRCC person can't triage those questions.15:35
MTecknologyMenZa: the lounge idea sounds a lot like -offtopic which is an ugly channel15:36
MenZaMTecknology: See the ML.15:36
MenZa(I also disagree on -ot, but that's because it's my primary hangout :))15:36
Tm_TMenZa: for me it's the ugliest channel I'm in (:)15:37
Tm_Tnot saying it's unbearable, just pure nonsense to me for most of the time15:37
MTecknologyI can't join it longer than a few minutes at a shot15:38
bazhangshould be shut imo15:39
MTecknologybut random chit chat among ops may as well exist in -offtopic; and that would perhaps entice 'a certain some' ops to clean it up a little15:39
PiciOps have lives and jobs and can't be watching all channels all the time.  If theres something that needs our attention then call ! ops or message one of us who isn't /away or join -ops and tell us.15:40
MTecknologyI never said they need to watch all channels15:42
PiciMTecknology: I'm replying to your claim that -offtopic needs to be cleaned up.15:43
MTecknologywell - my point was that if ops use that as the 'lounge' then if they can handle the way the channel is going then it just stays as is; if they don't see it as a fit place to chit chat then perhaps it should be cleaned up until it is suitible for that15:44
MTecknologyafter all - that's what the point of -offtopic is; it's for random chit chat in the spirit of ubuntu15:45
PiciI don't think that it would be a fun place to be if we were constantly discussing operator stuff.15:45
MTecknologyyou didn't say op related15:46
MTecknologyyou said along the lines of asking about the weather, how the day is going, etc15:47
MTecknologyapparently irssi sucks to deal with so I don't have that log to reference...15:48
MTecknologyI'm sure I know where my thoughts wind up, especially with certain ops; so I'll take off and go take my shower now..15:49
MTecknologyis it ok if I idle in -ops to watch the discussion?16:15
MTecknologyMenZa: ?16:20
PiciThere is no discussion going on there currently.16:24
bazhangdont jinx it :)16:25
m4vstudy! i'm off18:36
topyliMTecknology, the discussion takes place (officially) on the mailing list instead of the channel because mailing list archives are better than irc logs18:49
topylialso, everyone doesn't have to wake up, stop working, put their babies in front of the TV etc. at the same time in order to take part in email discussion18:50
PiciI don't have any babies, should I find one and put it front of a tv?18:51
topyliPici, you don't, because we're using email! :)18:52
PiciOh, okay.18:52
topyliyou can wake up and stop working if you like though18:52
PriceyMTecknology: the idea of having some "ops related, relaxed, all welcome if you smile" channel would only work if the management took an active role in shaping it and encouraging good discussions.19:42
Priceynotice "encouraging", not "enforcing rules"19:43
PriceySorry Pici, in  a 'playful' mood.19:49
Myrttiheads up, there's some mirc kiddies joining #ubuntu, they might get ideas19:55
Tm_TPricey: reason why this channel doesn't work for it?20:01
Philip5hi guys! i just got ubuntu membership and am wondering who could help me change my cloak?20:50
PiciPhilip5: Whats your launchpad id?20:53
* Pici requests launchpad ids from people who were just approved as members and want cloaks20:54
qensePici: I'm one of them: qense20:54
Philip5qense: so it's you and me then ;)20:55
qensejust the two of us?20:55
Philip5qense: congrats for passing the test ;)20:55
qenseWhat about toabclt20:55
Philip5i think so or maybe one more20:55
qensePhilip5: congrats to you to20:55
Piciniko: Around?20:56
PiciOr Pricey?20:56
Piciqense, Philip5: Just looking for a freenode staffer to apply the cloak at this point.20:57
Philip5Pici: nice20:57
qensePici:ok, thanks20:57
Philip5qense: looks like it's only the 3 of us this time then... of 10 applicants20:58
qenseI'm not sure if that's normal, but it seems a bit disappointing to me.20:59
PiciWhich board?21:00
qenseregular membership21:00
qenseam being cloaked right now21:02
PiciGreat, congrats :)21:02
PiciRemember to identify to freenode or else the cloak will not be applied.21:03
=== emma_ is now known as emma
Piciqense: identify, not register.21:04
PiciLike you probably already do every time you connect.21:04
qenseyes, I already do21:04
PiciKB1JWQ should be cloaking you two, I need to run, so please ping me if it doesn't get done.21:08
nikoPhilip5: congrats21:10
Philip5niko: thanks :)21:11
toabctlJust join #ubuntu-irc and ask, giving a link to your Launchpad profile and make sure you have set up your account as per these steps.21:15
toabctl^^ here's my lp-id: https://launchpad.net/~thomasbechtold     can somebody help?:-)21:16
MenZatoabctl: hang in there, someone should help you shortly. :)21:24
ubot4In #ubuntu-si, miha said: !troll is <alias> offtopic21:33

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