akgranerpleia2, hey I'll be at SCaLE this month, so I was thinking if there is anyone who will be there from the learning team who would be willing to send a couple hours showing the ASCII docs stuff, I'd carve out some time to be a willing student :-)17:23
akgranerspend not send17:23
cjohnstonfly me to cali, and find someone to teach me ascii docs and ill do it :-P17:24
pleia2unfortunately not :\17:24
akgranerno worries17:24
akgranerjust a thought..:-)17:25
pleia2should poke nigel about how he's doing on his course about all this though17:27
cprofittpleia2: are you here?22:02
cprofittThe gentleman in Idaho has contacted me asking what steps22:04
cprofittand I have one question that I had not asked you22:04
cprofittcan he start editing the wiki or does he need to wait?22:05
cprofittI would think he could add state Linux/Ubuntu related events, etc22:05
cprofittbut wanted to make sure that was not seen as 'improper'22:05
pleia2he can edit it22:05
cprofittI will communicate the restof what you told me22:05
cprofittpleia2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ5Tv3ZIK-U22:08
cprofittwhat do you think?22:08
pleia2cool :D22:09
pleia2only $60, not bad22:10

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