thorwilvish: how do you feel about humphreybc's request for a alpha release title page?10:08
* vish checks mail10:10
vishthorwil: hmm? so the name needs to be changed? in the existing title page?10:13
thorwilvish: that would be the quick solution. plus dropping the to right corner, as the version number is in the title now10:14
vishthorwil: we could just leave it as "Getting started with Ubuntu" ;)  if we drop the top corner , then the right side would be empty :(10:15
thorwilvish: aside of things already mentioned, another argument against the lynx is that we don't know what will come next. we can't rely on reasonable animals to create a series of covers instead of one-shots10:16
vishthorwil: IMO , the page would need to be redesigned to the new title , which we can take up for later.. for now we just shorten the name10:17
thorwilthe jackalope would have been unacceptable given our desired tone and message10:17
vishthorwil: yes , i agree with you about the animal.. i have been saying this from day one , but _they_ insist on using the lynx , this time we have a good lynx , next time another animal are we sure we would be around for that? , then the whole page needs to be redone...  workaround can be using the COC if animal isnt ready ;p10:18
thorwilvish: having the lynx for the alpha version might make it harder to argue against keeping it later on10:19
vishi didnt understand ^ ?10:20
vishthorwil: you recommend , we dont use the lynx? , but we cant get away with that ;p10:20
thorwilvish: i'm not sure we can't. proposing something for alpha release without might help with getting people used to the idea10:21
vishthorwil: one thing we can say is we already used the lynx for alpha , we can use a better design for the final release ;)10:22
thorwilvish: ok then, so will you prepare a quick edit of your design with the new title? i will not care about any specifics there, unless you ask me10:24
godbykDo you want to replace the existing svg or create a new one?10:25
godbykIf it's under a different file name, we can update the Makefile to generate the new cover page in the PDF.10:25
vishhmm , sure10:25
vishgodbyk: I'd just , add a new file10:25
godbyk(otherwise, replacing the existing filename will cause the cover page to be automatically regenerated)10:25
vishgodbyk: or , how do you prefer it?10:25
godbykMakes no difference to me.10:25
godbykIt's an easy one-line fix in the Makefile if you want me to point at a new cover page file.10:26
vishgodbyk: ok.. I'll rename the current one as -Old and update the new one10:26
vishthorwil: so the first Line would be "Getting Started" and second line "With Ubuntu" ? and there is no need for subtitle , right?10:28
godbykvish: That sounds right, yeah.10:28
godbykI think the version number follows "Ubuntu", though.10:28
vishgodbyk: if we do the version number there  , then the top corner is a problem... so for the alpha we leave the version number at the top , and for the final release we do it right10:29
thorwillater, for the real design, we should try to get it on one line10:29
godbykfair enough.10:30
thorwilvish: i really don't think your design needs the corner for balance, but it's your call10:30
godbykif the corner stays in the final design, we may have to add some more padding around the words to make sure it stays within whatever the standard printer margins are.10:30
vishgodbyk: corner will not stay for final :)10:30
godbykat some point we'll have to figure out how to best handle translations for the cover page, too.10:33
vishthorwil: i'm more inclined to leave it there , since it pisses you off so much :p10:33
godbykI s'pose that since we've select a title, the text on the cover will be pretty static, and we can manually adjust/create each language's cover page.10:33
thorwilvish: this can't touch me. it's a wart on your design, not mine ;)10:35
vishhehe ;10:35
thorwilgodbyk: we will have to10:36
thorwilgodbyk: but not for alpha, i hope10:36
godbykthorwil: I wouldn't worry about it for alpha.10:37
godbykI've still got some work to do with the translations.10:37
godbykI'm trying to find good typefaces to cover all the scripts that all these languages use.10:37
godbyk(I'll be honest: I hadn't even heard of some of these languages before I started looking into this translation stuff!)10:38

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