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* persia peers about13:01
* persia reads https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mobile/2010-February/002655.html and goes to fiddle with REVU instead13:07
* xnox is testing connection13:10
ian_brasilah ..no meeting today13:13
* MenZa hands coffee all around to substitute the meeting.13:15
* ian_brasil should actually *read* mails to the mobile list13:16
* persia too, and in a timely manner :)13:19
vishpersia: hi.. when is the next asia regional board meeting?13:28
BlackZvish, read here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania13:28
* persia thanks BlackZ 13:29
BlackZpersia, :D13:29
vishBlackZ: i already saw that , but the date is an old one ;)13:29
vish"The next meeting is scheduled for 26-Jan-2010, 10:00 UTC  "13:30
persiaRight.  I'll sort that.13:31
* vish thanks persia :)13:31
BlackZyes, it was a mistake ;)13:31
persiaOK.  Fixed.13:34
BlackZvish, good luck13:35
vishthanks :)13:35
* persia peers about14:57
* coolbhavi lifts his both hands and says present sir14:58
* geser waves14:58
* mok0 is here14:58
* ScottK consults the coffee pot for motivation.14:59
* MenZa slides ScottK some fresh coffee, noting the coffee pot has been sitting for a few hours.14:59
* stgraber waves15:01
cjwatsonright!  who's chairing this one?15:01
* persia can15:01
cjwatsonI vaguely recall that each of us from the previous board volunteered assuming that we got in, and I seem to be the only one ;-)15:01
cjwatsonbut I don't mind15:01
pitticjwatson: o/15:02
persiaOK :)15:02
cjwatsonpitti: sorry, meant the only one still on the board :)15:02
MootBotMeeting started at 09:02. The chair is cjwatson.15:02
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]15:02
cjwatson[TOPIC] Action review15:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Action review15:03
cjwatsonwell, first off, welcome to the new board :-)15:03
cjwatsonwe have a couple of carried-over actions15:03
cjwatsonthe election is obviously done ...15:03
cjwatson* persia to ask CC to make DMB an admin of ~universe-contributors, as part of the DMB/MC merge15:03
persiaCC still hasn't completed this.  I'll prod them again.15:03
cjwatsonnixternal: are you here, BTW?15:04
dholbachpersia: I'll have a look at it later on15:04
persiadholbach: Great.15:04
cjwatsonno cody-somerville either15:04
ScottKA related issue, but maybe OT for this meeting is currently the motu-release team does not have any administrators15:04
xnoxhhello sorry I'm late15:04
dholbachpersia: maybe just remind me quick - I'm not awake yet ;)15:04
cjwatsonScottK: eek.  though wasn't it due to be merged into ubuntu-release at some point?15:04
ScottKcjwatson: It is.15:05
persiaNote that while we can hear xnox's application, as a result, we can't act on it today.15:05
ScottKIn the meantime it ought to have some admin.15:05
persiadholbach: DMB to be admin of ~universe-contributors.  Approved by vote in a CC meeting, pending election completion.15:05
dholbachWill the release team merge be discussed in the release team meeting on Friday?15:05
cjwatsonScottK: I've made ubuntu-release an admin.15:05
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks15:05
ScottKdholbach: No meeting this Friday15:05
cjwatsonpersia: how come?  we have 5/715:05
dholbachScottK: ah ok15:06
ScottKIt's not controversial though, just a matter of agreeing and doing it.15:06
persiacjwatson: We just don't currently have authority to do anything (although as above, dholbach may be able to sort that shortly)15:06
cjwatsonpersia: oh.  I can act on it.15:06
cjwatsonI think.15:06
persiaNeeds CC, I thought.15:06
* cjwatson looks15:06
dholbachpersia: let me do it now15:07
persiaBut if it's TB, that would be nice.15:07
persiadholbach: Thanks.15:07
cjwatsonpersia: universe-contributors is administered by motu-council which is administered by techboard15:08
geserwasn't u-u-c delegated to the MC by the CC?15:08
persiacjwatson: Odd, but OK.  It seems like it ought be a CC thing, since it's about membership.15:08
persiageser: It was, which is why I don't understand the current model.15:08
cjwatson[TOPIC] MOTU direction (ScottK, cjwatson)15:09
MootBotNew Topic:  MOTU direction (ScottK, cjwatson)15:09
dholbachpersia: as member of CC I can't change owner.15:09
cjwatsonwe did some drafting work on this yesterday, and had some discussion15:09
ScottKThanks to persia for doing most of the drafting work (almost all).15:09
cjwatsonthere's a bit of discussion yet to be had on the role of motu-council, which I believe is going to be brought up on relevant mailing lists - but I'd like not to block on it15:10
ScottKI think as a starting place for that discussion what's in the spec makes sense.15:10
cjwatsonI'd like it if DMB members could look this over and confirm whether or not they're happy15:11
persiaI'd like to suggest that discussion on MOTU Council be separated from discussion on MOTU.  It only makes sense to discuss MC if there is MOTU, and if so, MOTU, as then defined, is likely to have opinions beyond ours.15:11
cjwatsonI realise that this was slightly short notice so if people aren't prepared then we can do it by mail15:11
persiaI'm happy with it, aside from current (separate) confusions regarding the nature of delegation to delegated teams.15:12
persiaBut I don't think that the future of MOTU needs to block on that discussion, and would expect all docs to come in line by separate means.15:13
cjwatsonsoren,geser,stgraber,nixternal: do you guys want to discuss this in-band now, or out-of-band by mail?15:13
sorenI was really hoping to get this done today, so I'm reading through it now.15:13
ScottKYes.  Please.15:13
geserIf I have time to read it now, then we can do it today15:14
cjwatsonas long as we leave enough time for the applications :-)15:14
* cjwatson gets coffee ..15:14
stgraberI'm reading through it now15:14
sorenpersia: While I agree that the discussion about MOTU council should be separate, I don't see how that will really make sense when the proposal specifically talks about how the MC will fit into this new world order.15:15
cjwatsonwe could mark the parts about the MC as pending somehow15:16
persiaMarking them as pending makes sense to me.  I just think that future-of-MOTU and future-of-MC are separable discussions in some ways, and would rather focus on a good defintion for MOTU, if we are to keep it.15:16
cjwatsonScottK brought up yesterday that the MC is elected by MOTU and thus MOTU as a whole really ought to have a say in that (and what persia said above concurs, if I'm understanding correctly)15:16
sorenI agree.15:16
persiacjwatson: You are understanding correctly15:17
ScottKPersonally, I don't see the sense in saying we want to have a group with no governance, but OK.15:17
sorenScottK: I don't think anyone is saying that.15:18
sorenThe point is that the decision about the future of the MC is a separate discussion, and one that should be taken by MOTU.15:19
ScottKFair enough.15:19
ScottKIf the decision is that the stuff in the spec is draft and it's delegated to MOTU as a whole to decide it, I'm good with that.15:19
cjwatson(I'll call time on this at :30 if we aren't done before then, to allow sufficient time for the three applications)15:20
* xnox is back15:20
persiaScottK: draft for just the (pending) MC bits?15:20
ScottKpersia: Yes.15:20
ScottKstuff in the spec .... about mc ....15:20
persiaheh.  Yes.15:22
geserdo I read the current spec/draft correctly that the DMB will handle MOTU (and UUC) applications or is that to be discussed first?15:22
ScottKThat's what's in the current spec.15:22
cjwatsonso I had thought this was obvious based on the way we just did the DMB election, but I've had the impression not everyone shares this15:23
pittias a small nit, "multiverse" should also be allowed in the Upload Permissions paragraph15:23
ScottKI think that it would be part of the future discussion about if there is an MC, what powers the DMB might choose to delegate to it.15:23
cjwatsonpitti: agreed, I'll edit15:23
persiapitti: Yes.15:23
cjwatsonI think this is the TB's power to delegate (but apparently this too is unclear ...)15:24
cjwatson(and if we get everyone to agree on the relevant delegation it may end up not mattering)15:24
persiageser: Based on the contents of the 22 Dec DMB meeting, the DMB would certainly be hearing applications for Contributing Developers, regardless of any MC role.15:24
ScottKWe have 5 minutes left.15:24
ScottKCan we get some agreement on if MOTU continues to exist?15:25
persiacjwatson: Yes.  That's the delegation confusions I mentioned earlier, but that's surely completely separable, and we can clean that up when entirely resolved.15:25
cjwatsonpersia: yes15:25
* cjwatson at least has no appetite for deleting MOTU15:26
cjwatsonand I don't see how that would be a useful thing to do15:26
mok0In the section Identity Communication, there is a discussion about developer teams. Is it correct to assume that every developer MUST be a member of at least ONE team=15:27
pittithat's true already on a very basic technical level15:28
ScottKI think that's what defines the term.15:28
persiaI'd be happy to continue MOTU, so long as it is redefined based on some set of goals, rather than just "deal with universe/multiverse".15:28
pittisince LP works in terms of teams15:28
ScottKpersia: Does the current spec satisfy that requirement in your opinion?15:28
persiaScottK: Yes.15:28
stgraberThat spec makes a lot of sense for me and I'm fine with it, with the exception of the MC bit as discussed above which should be a separate discussion15:28
* ScottK notes we are down to one minute and would really like this voted and done.15:29
persiamok0: There exist some people who are bare members of ~ubuntu-dev for various reasons, but teams are generally preferred.15:29
mok0OK yes15:29
cjwatson[VOTE] approve community-lucid-motu other than pending motu-council sections15:29
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve community-lucid-motu other than pending motu-council sections.15:29
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot15:29
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting15:29
geserdoes the MC discussion also include "developer approvals" (from the Preserved Functions)?15:29
persiageser: Yes, combined with some TB/DMB role defintion stuff.15:29
MootBot+1 received from persia. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 115:29
geserwho is responsible till the future of MC is clear?15:30
cjwatsondoes anyone in practice object to the DMB doing this?15:30
ScottKFor developer approvals is DMB15:30
mok0Discussion about MC should start right after this decision is made15:30
persiaI'd say it reverts to the appropriate groups delegating to the MC (CC, TB, DMB), depending on the nature of the item the MC would have done.15:30
persiamok0: Yes.15:31
MootBot+1 received from geser. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 215:31
MootBot+1 received from soren. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 315:31
MootBot+1 received from stgraber. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 415:32
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 515:32
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 515:32
mok0I'd vote plus one if I could :)15:32
persiaWho wants the action to trigger the MC discussion?15:32
cjwatsonOK, excellent.  We'll bring this up at the TB meeting next week as well just to make sure all the is are dotted and such15:32
ScottKI'll take it.15:32
persiaScottK: Thanks.15:32
persia(pending TB confirmation)15:32
mok0May I suggest that the acronym MOTU be said to mean "Masters of the Unknown" until further notice?15:32
ScottKcjwatson: Would you please make an action for me.15:33
mok0It sounds cool and I'd like to be one :)15:33
cjwatson[ACTION] ScottK to trigger MC discussion15:33
MootBotACTION received:  ScottK to trigger MC discussion15:33
cjwatson[TOPIC] Per-package uploader: Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode15:33
MootBotNew Topic:  Per-package uploader: Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode15:33
persiaUm, not yet.15:34
cjwatsonwhat did I miss?15:34
persiaApplication Process.15:34
persia(without which we can't possibly approve anyting :) )15:34
cjwatson[TOPIC] Approval of the application process for new applications15:34
MootBotNew Topic:  Approval of the application process for new applications15:34
cjwatson[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess15:34
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess15:34
cjwatsoncan we move straight to a vote on this?  it seems quite simple15:35
persiaThat page was basically cribbed from the MC process and language changed.15:35
cjwatson[VOTE] ratify https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess15:35
MootBotPlease vote on:  ratify https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess.15:35
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot15:35
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting15:35
MootBot+1 received from persia. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 115:35
MootBot+1 received from geser. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 215:35
MootBot+1 received from soren. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 315:35
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 415:35
MootBot+1 received from stgraber. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 515:35
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 515:36
cjwatsonright, duly constituted and able to conduct business? :-)15:36
cjwatson[TOPIC] Per-package uploader: Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode15:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Per-package uploader: Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode15:36
persiaExcellent.  Might I propose that we waive any minor variations from this procedure for today's applicants?15:36
cjwatsonMartin-Eric isn't here, but this application has been on the table for a very long time15:37
pittithere also was a beginning email vote from the old board, but it timed out15:38
pittihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MartinEricRacine FTR15:38
geserthis is only about PPU for xserver-xorg-video-geode, right? as the applications also mentions cups-pdf15:38
pittihe applied for both15:39
cjwatsongeser: Martin-Eric is already able to upload cups-pdf by virtue of motu membership15:39
cjwatsonwell, except in hardy, but that would go through SRU anyway15:39
persiaThat's probably my mistake, as I added the item to the agenda based on a mail I received, rather than by following any particular process.15:42
cjwatsonI have no issues with this application; looking at the changelog, he seems to be the package's only maintainer in practice anyway, and there's an endorsement here from one of our X team15:42
pittiI have sponsored his packages to D/U for many years, no issue with them15:42
pittihe has the hardware to test, and is eager to keep it working with all U releases15:42
cjwatsonBryce's comment has a bit of a hint about SRU handling in it, but that's the SRU team's problem :-)15:42
persiaShall we move to vote, in the interest of hearing other applicants?15:43
stgraberI'm also very familiar with his work on Geode GX2 for LTSP, I've been one of his beta-tester for a while as we are quite few with the hardware ;)15:43
sorenI'm happy to vote now.15:43
cjwatson[VOTE] approve Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode upload15:43
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve Martin-Eric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode upload.15:43
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot15:43
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting15:43
MootBot+1 received from soren. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 115:43
MootBot+1 received from stgraber. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 215:43
MootBot+1 received from geser. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 315:43
MootBot+1 received from persia. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 415:43
cjwatson(apologies for persistently mangling his name, BTW, this connection is slow enough without having to try to enter UTF-8 as well)15:43
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 515:43
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 515:43
cjwatsonI'll implement that as soon as the meeting is done, then15:44
cjwatson[TOPIC] DmitrijsLedkovs for Ubuntu Contributing Developer15:44
MootBotNew Topic:  DmitrijsLedkovs for Ubuntu Contributing Developer15:44
* xnox 0/15:44
cjwatsonxnox: thanks for attending15:44
* xnox has a lecture right now, but it's ok =)15:45
cjwatsonanyone have any questions for xnox?15:46
* cjwatson guesses everyone is quickly reading the wiki :-)15:46
persiaxnox: A number of your endorsers mention that you need a bit more experience.  Are there specific actions you've planned to gain that?15:47
persiaheh :)15:47
xnoxpersia: lately I've done more syncs / merges. And I'm planning to get involved with debian qa as well.15:47
xnoxI'm maintaining packaging in ~pkgcrosswire for debian and ubuntu and it does take quite a bit of time.15:48
persiaxnox: What differences are there in the packages that require continued maintenance in a PPA?  Alternately, what issues have you had getting these changes applied to the commonly distributed applications?15:50
xnoxdh 7 missing as well as package names changes - eg xulrunner-dev has a few names in hardy -> sid15:51
xnoxhence you have to rely on less automated packaging15:51
xnoxthese issues were mostly sorted for ~pkgcrosswire by using cdbs & backporting debhelper. Not ideal imho.15:51
persiaAh, so ~pkgcrosswire is mostly a backports repo?15:52
xnoxyes. sword & apps were out of date. The upstream approached mailing lists and asked to update them in debian & ubuntu15:53
xnoxwe started with packaging and decided to offer ppa for everyone cause apps in the archive where 3 years old15:53
persiaAre they now up to date in lucid?15:53
xnoxThey are up-to date in karmic and lucid15:54
xnoxand testing/squeeze15:54
xnoxwe are in sync =)15:54
cjwatsonwe're running low on time; any further questions before we move to a vote?15:54
* persia is done with questions, and ready to vote15:55
cjwatson[VOTE] approve DmitrijsLedkovs for Ubuntu Contributing Developer15:55
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve DmitrijsLedkovs for Ubuntu Contributing Developer.15:55
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot15:55
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting15:55
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 115:55
MootBot+1 received from persia. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 215:55
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MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 515:55
cjwatsonxnox: thanks!15:56
persiaxnox: Welcome to the team.15:56
* xnox Ura =)))!!!15:56
xnoxthank you everyone15:56
cjwatson[TOPIC] ElliotMurphy for MOTU and ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang, couchdb, desktopcouch, evolution-couchdb, couchdb-glib, libubuntuone (not yet in the archive), python-configglue, rabbitmq-server15:56
MootBotNew Topic:  ElliotMurphy for MOTU and ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang, couchdb, desktopcouch, evolution-couchdb, couchdb-glib, libubuntuone (not yet in the archive), python-configglue, rabbitmq-server15:56
cjwatsonanyone mind if we overrun by a few minutes?15:57
geserhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ElliotMurphy/DeveloperApplication for the application page15:57
cjwatson[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ElliotMurphy/DeveloperApplication15:57
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ElliotMurphy/DeveloperApplication15:57
statikthere is a thread between persia and I, it looks like my mail to the devel-permissions list didn't make it through moderation: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/motu-council/2010-January/002370.html15:57
* ScottK has seen statik participating in #debian-python and getting stuff into Debian. +1 for that.15:57
persiaI'd like to break this application up into chunks, if we could, as I'm certain I can't give +1 or -1 on the entirely.15:58
statikthats fine with me15:58
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statikpersia: i assume it's about evolution-couchdb/couchdb-glib upload rights, since I haven't uploaded those before. i'm preparing the next uploads for those packages in lucid right now (and converting to format 3.0 (quilt) at the same time)15:59
statikso i totally understand separating those out to a later time15:59
persiastatik: That's part of it.  For those, I'd much rather see a PPU application from the person actually maintaining them :)15:59
cjwatsonpersia: any particular chunks you'd prefer?16:02
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cjwatsonI'm having a little bit of trouble looking through all statik's material in time, which is normally a good sign :-)16:02
persiacjwatson: MOTU, PPU for evolution-couchdb/couchdb-glib, PPU for ubuntu-one-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang.  I don't know where to put couchdb and desktopcouch, but either of the PPU categories would be fine.  I'd like to ignore libubuntuone for now.16:03
cjwatsoncouchdb and desktopcouch seem to be fairly established things strongly linked to u116:04
statikyes. i'm also co-maintaining couchdb in debian-erlang, and working to get the changes we made in ubuntu back up to debian16:05
cjwatsonand Elliot's been involved in their maintenance, though also CHad16:05
persiaI'm good with couchdb and desktopcouch falling into the ubuntuone-client/erlang category.16:05
cjwatsonis there any appetite for an ubuntu-erlang team at the moment?16:05
statikit's something that I haven't thought too much about - the debian one is almost dead and only has one uploader16:06
statiki certainly care a lot about erlang in ubuntu16:06
statikbut haven't figured out what it would take to start a team16:06
cjwatsonenthusiasm and organisation, mostly :-)16:07
statikI had one other person join me with working on making the erlang history available in bzr, but thats fizzled now that the ericsson erlang team has started publishing from clearcase into github16:07
statikthis is a win for erlang, and i think there's some things i can do with the git importers to make it also useful on launchpad16:08
cjwatsonmm, I guess so16:08
statikyeah, daily snapshots are so much nicer than only getting tarballs flung over the fence16:08
statikwe've seen bugs being caught and fixed in the daily snapshots already16:08
cjwatsonany further questions before we move on with a vote on ... let's say MOTU first?16:10
cjwatson[VOTE] approve ElliotMurphy for MOTU16:11
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve ElliotMurphy for MOTU.16:11
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:11
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:11
persia+0 : I like to see a broader sweep for MOTU, but all the code changes I reviewed looked excellent.16:12
MootBotAbstention received from persia. 0 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 016:12
iaculalladHad the meeting for Ubuntu membership (EMEA) started already?16:12
persiaiaculallad: No.16:12
iaculalladwhat time would it start?16:12
iaculallad@ persia: What time would it start?16:12
persiaiaculallad: I don't know, but we're in the middle of another meeting just now.16:13
soren+1 (I actually thought statik was MOTU already)16:13
MootBot+1 received from soren. 1 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 116:13
stgraberiaculallad: in 4 hours16:13
geser+0: I'd like to see some more sponsored uploads to be able to better judge the packaging skills16:13
cjwatson+1 : broader sweep granted, but I like Elliot's style so far and I don't anticipate problems16:14
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 2 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 216:14
MootBotAbstention received from stgraber. 2 for, 0 against. 2 have abstained. Count is now 216:14
iaculalladstgraber: That's for the EMEA region right?16:14
stgraberI'd also like seeing more sponsored uploads16:14
cjwatsongeser: I think you need an extra space there for MootBot to take it16:14
MootBotAbstention received from geser. 2 for, 0 against. 3 have abstained. Count is now 216:14
MootBotFinal result is 2 for, 0 against. 3 abstained. Total: 216:15
cjwatsonuh, is that a pass or not?  vote lawyers? :-)16:15
mok0That would be a pass16:16
persiaThere weren't any objections, but the voting parties weren't quorate.  Maybe send an email asking for our missing members to chime in, and if none object, let the motion pass?16:16
cjwatson[ACTION] cjwatson to ask nixternal and cody-somerville for votes on statik/MOTU by mail16:16
MootBotACTION received:  cjwatson to ask nixternal and cody-somerville for votes on statik/MOTU by mail16:16
cjwatson[VOTE] approve ElliotMurphy for ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang, couchdb, desktopcouch, python-configglue, rabbitmq-server upload16:18
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve ElliotMurphy for ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang, couchdb, desktopcouch, python-configglue, rabbitmq-server upload.16:18
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:18
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:18
* statik holds his breath16:18
cjwatsonI bundled python-configglue and rabbitmq-server there, didn't see a reason not to16:18
persia+1 : statik has a good history of work on these packages, and sufficient time to spend to make sure they are in great shape.16:19
MootBot+1 received from persia. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 116:19
cjwatson+1 on this with more confidence, if Elliot shouldn't upload these I'm not sure who should. :-)16:19
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 216:19
MootBot+1 received from stgraber. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 316:19
persiaThe bundling makes sense.  They have the same sort of history.16:19
MootBot+1 received from soren. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 416:20
MootBot+1 received from geser. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 516:20
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 516:20
cjwatsonshall we postpone evolution-couchdb/couchdb-glib for the moment, as discussed earlier?16:21
persiaPostpone?  I'm happy to vote on them, I just wanted them separate.16:21
cjwatsonoh, I misunderstood16:21
* soren is also happy to vote now16:21
cjwatson[VOTE] approve ElliotMurphy for evolution-couchdb, couchdb-glib upload16:22
MootBotPlease vote on:  approve ElliotMurphy for evolution-couchdb, couchdb-glib upload.16:22
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:22
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:22
persia-1 : Don't apply for PPU to sponsor someone else's work, get Rodrigo to apply.16:22
MootBot-1 received from persia. 0 for, 1 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now -116:22
cjwatson+0 - would prefer an upload first16:22
MootBotAbstention received from cjwatson. 0 for, 1 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now -116:22
cjwatson(although I don't actually expect a *problem*)16:22
soren+0 (same reasoning as cjwatson)16:23
MootBotAbstention received from soren. 0 for, 1 against. 2 have abstained. Count is now -116:23
MootBotAbstention received from geser. 0 for, 1 against. 3 have abstained. Count is now -116:23
MootBotAbstention received from stgraber. 0 for, 1 against. 4 have abstained. Count is now -116:23
MootBotFinal result is 0 for, 1 against. 4 abstained. Total: -116:23
persiaOK.  That can't pass, even with the other votes.16:23
cjwatsonstatik: OK - sorry this was a bit complicated, but at least there is no doubt on seven packages16:23
cjwatsonI will implement that after the meeting16:24
statiki'm happy to reapply for this later, i think it makes sense. persia, just to be clear i'm not applying to sponsor the packaging work that rodrigo does, i'm doing packaging work myself because rodrigo is busy doing the main dev work on those libraries (which i am code reviewing). i will definitely ask rodrigo to apply for PPU as well though16:24
statikcjwatson, no problem. thanks everyone!16:24
persiastatik: OK.  That is different than I understood from https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/motu-council/2010-January/002371.html16:24
persiastatik: If you proceed with that, and are involved in the packaging for the next few, I'll change my mind quickly.16:25
cjwatsonstatik: I think it will help if you prepare some uploads of these yourself16:25
statikyeah, when you said that just know i realized the way i used 'sponsor' was ambiguous16:25
statikabsolutely, i'm working on those packages on my laptop today16:25
statikwhats the time frame to find out the results from the MOTU email vote?16:26
persiastatik: We'll tie them down at the next meeting if we haven't heard, but we can probably get answers this week.16:26
statikexcellent. thanks very much for staying late to consider my application16:27
cjwatson[TOPIC] AOB16:27
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB16:27
persia(based on the common latencies of the individuals involved)16:27
cjwatsonover time, I hope nobody has anything :-)16:27
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:28.16:28
pittithanks everyone16:28
coolbhavicjwatson, when ll cyphermox_ and my application be reviewed16:28
xnox``thank you all =)16:28
cjwatsonoh, I forgot to set the next chair, let's do that by mail16:28
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: err, it was not on the agenda16:28
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: could you send a reminder mail to developer-membership-board@lists.ubuntu.com, and we'll ensure that it's on the agenda for next time?16:28
persiacjwatson: Thanks for chairing today.16:29
cyphermox_coolbhavi, I'm waiting until there is a final decision for an MC or not or if the DMB will receive these applications, and apply then :)16:29
cjwatsoncyphermox_: if you have a pending application, please mail the DMB about it16:29
cyphermox_cjwatson, yes16:29
coolbhavicjwatson, nixternal said and I sent it already16:29
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: OK, I apologise that it fell through the cracks; we'll make sure that doesn't happen again16:30
coolbhavicjwatson, I sent it on Jan 28th 2nd time out of luck ll come back next week...16:31
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: apologies again16:31
coolbhavicjwatson, no mention16:31
cjwatsonI suspect I have some list admin to do16:32
coolbhavicjwatson, when should I be back?16:33
cyphermox_coolbhavi, the next DMB meeting is in two weeks16:33
coolbhavicyphermox_, isnt the MC meeting next week?16:34
cyphermox_coolbhavi, there is no MC meeting scheduled atm.16:35
coolbhavicyphermox_, so two weeks down i ll be back16:36
coolbhavihope 3rd time lucky :)16:36
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: I don't see any mail from you to the DMB16:36
cjwatsoncoolbhavi: did you sent it to motu-council?16:36
cyphermox_cjwatson, it was sent to devel-permissions I believe16:36
cjwatsonah yes16:37
coolbhavicjwatson, I sent it on jan 28th to devel-permissions as nixternal guided16:37
cjwatsonI will make sure it is on our agenda for Feb 1616:38
* cjwatson had better run and get ready for actual-work ...16:38
coolbhavicjwatson, okay thanks16:38
=== fader|away is now known as fader_
qensewell hello19:13
czajkowskino loco team meeting??19:24
qenseczajkowski: Shouldn't it have been an hour and 24 minutes ago?19:24
qensethat's what my Ubuntu Fridge calendar says.19:25
czajkowskiwas tryong to work the calender mout19:25
qensemaybe you've got a wrong locale setting in your browser?19:26
Seveas`Long live neighbours with unsecured wifi \o/19:45
invernizziwe all praise 3Com and Dlink!19:46
qenseWEP is also doable if there is nothing unsecure near.19:49
Seveas`I prefer to stay legal19:50
Seveas`(yes, using neighbours insecure wifi is legal here)19:50
qenseHasn't that law passed yet, or has it stranded in parliament?19:50
Seveas`last I heard is that it's legal19:51
qenseThose owners deserve their internet to be stolen. ;)19:51
popeyit's illegal here in the uk too19:52
Seveas` neh they don't, they're nice people :)19:52
popeyhi btw :)19:52
Seveas`they don't even mind19:52
Viper1432I'd prefer to think of it as "donated"...after all if they don't lock it down, aren't they inviting others to share?  :-D19:52
qenseJust as those military officials sharing sensitive data with some P2P-like (Warez?) application...19:54
Viper1432further proof of the maxim: ignorance is bliss.  ;)19:54
qenseNot when those people are responsible for the safety of a country.19:55
Viper1432should have prefaced my comment with <sarcasm>.  lol19:55
Seveas`forumsmatthew popey stgraber, time to get started20:00
forumsmatthewI'm here20:00
* stgraber waves20:01
popeybefore we start20:01
popeycc is currently voting on new member for emea rmb20:01
popeywill poke the cc and we should know shortly20:01
popeythats all20:01
Seveas`jaap__: you're up first20:01
Seveas`please introduce yourself20:01
Seveas`ok, no jaap__20:03
Seveas`angelabad: you're up then :)20:03
angelabadSeveas, hi!20:03
angelabadops, sorry!20:03
Seveas`ah, jaap__ is there after all20:04
Seveas`jaap__: please go ahead and introduce yourself to us20:04
jaap__Yeah, I was just interrupted by a call20:04
jaap__I'm jaap haitsma and live in the netherlands20:04
jaap__I put on the wiki page my contribution to opensource and ubuntu20:05
jaap__Can you tell me what you like to know more?20:05
Seveas`jaap__: did you contribute to ubuntu directly?20:05
forumsmatthewI'm confused. Your wiki page seems to show you have been a member since 2005-06-02. This is your page, right? https://launchpad.net/~jaap20:06
Seveas`All your wikipage shows are contributions to gnome and a few smaller upstreams20:06
forumsmatthewedit: launchpad page20:06
jaap__Yes that's my page20:06
Seveas`forumsmatthew: that doesn't show a membership of ubuntumembers20:07
forumsmatthewaccording to that, you have been a member a month longer than me20:07
forumsmatthewdoh! need coffee20:07
Philip5"member since" on LP is just when you registered20:07
jaap__I guess because I at least don't know that I'm an official ubuntu member20:08
Seveas`jaap__: you're not :)20:08
Seveas`jaap__: could you answer my question please?20:08
jaap__So at least I'm in the right meeting :-)20:08
popey20:05:48 < Seveas`> jaap__: did you contribute to ubuntu directly?20:09
jaap__Sorry missed that one. To ubuntu directly I contributed mostly with bug reports, testing, some translations to Frisian and on the forums20:09
jaap__asking questions and answering some20:10
Seveas`jaap__: then please list those contributions on your wikipage, including some testimonials20:10
Seveas`As it stands, I'm -1. While I value your contributions to gnome and other upstreams greatly, Ubuntu membership is meant to be a recognition of contributions to Ubuntu itself, not its upstreams. Your wikipage shows no direct contributions, so I do not feel comfortable to give a +1.20:11
forumsmatthewagreed -1 for now. That could change with better documentation of work specific to Ubuntu and good testimonials20:11
popeyI agree. I'm seeing a lack of sustained contribution in launchpad, and a lack of documentation on the wiki. -1 for now20:11
stgraber-1 from me too, waiting to have an improved wiki page showing more contributions to Ubuntu directly and testimonials20:12
Seveas`ok, that's -4. jaap__, please continue to contribute and try to improve your wikipage, hope to see you again soon :)20:13
Seveas`angelabad: you're up20:13
jaap__OK. If those are the rules. I thought that by contributing a lot indirectly and some directly I could qualify for membership20:13
angelabadHi, Im Angel Abad from Basque Country (spain)20:13
popeyjaap__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership details at the top out expectations20:13
angelabadIm a Debian maintainer and Debian Perl tema member20:14
angelabadi contribute to ubuntu with my debian packages, and20:14
angelabadi make spanish translation, answers and triaging some bugs20:14
angelabadin my wiki page are links with information about my packages20:15
Seveas`angelabad, how many uploads did you do direct to Ubuntu?20:17
popeyI'm seeing a few questions on launchpad, a few from july '09 and a few last month.. and only a small amount of bug work so far..20:17
angelabadSeeker`, directly i have no uploads20:18
angelabadpopey, there are no much questions in spanish20:18
Seveas`Do we count debian uploads as contributions to Ubuntu? I'd say yes, if the uploader also supports them actively in Ubuntu by responding to bugreports etc.20:19
popeyagreed, would that not make them more motu material?20:19
Seveas`popey: do you think the bug activity is enough to consider it 'active maintenance'?20:20
popey4 bugs20:20
Seveas`then no20:20
popeyI'd certainly like to see a more sustained contribution.. unless I'm missing some detail?20:20
stgraberAre you involved with any team ? I see you are part of the bugsquad and ubuntu-es but am a bit surprised that you don't have any testimonial on your wiki page.20:20
Seveas`angelabad: unless you get some testimonials from people commenting on your contributions to Ubuntu, I don't think I can give a +120:21
Seveas`like with jaap__, contributions to upstream are greatly appreciated, but direct contributions are what makes people ubuntu members20:21
angelabadstgraber, im member of this teams recently20:21
Seveas`(for the record: -0)20:22
Seveas`matthew pushed a wrong button?20:22
Seveas`heya :)20:22
forumsmatthewmy wireless connection crashed20:22
forumsmatthewI have no idea why20:22
forumsmatthewbut it's back now20:22
popeyI'm going to go -0 too I'm afraid. It's hard to see the contribution on the wiki.. and I don't see a sustained contribution in launchpad..20:22
Seveas`forumsmatthew, stgraber?20:23
stgraber-0 as well. I'd have liked a few testimonials and a bit more contributions on LP.20:23
forumsmatthewI am going to -020:23
Seveas`ok, that's a -0 combined.20:23
Seveas`Sorry angelabad, please don't let this discourage you!20:23
Seveas`toabctl: you're up next20:23
toabctli'm tom from berlin/germany, use debian since Potato and ubuntu since warty. i contribute to ubuntu with bug reports and  improvements for the loco directory (loco.ubuntu.com). I linked contributions on my wiki page.20:24
angelabadok, thanks for your care20:24
toabctl^^ just copied to make it quick :)20:24
Seveas`toabctl: when did you start actively contributing to Ubuntu?20:24
toabctlSeveas, some bug report over the years, but most work i have done in the last months with loco-directory.20:25
czajkowskiyou're doing a great job on the loco directory toabctl20:25
toabctlczajkowski, thanks!20:25
Seveas`I must confess that I haven't looked at it yet20:25
popeySeveas`: its very nice, better than one big-ass wiki page!20:26
toabctlpopey, right! :-)20:26
Seveas`hmm, ubuntu-nl is up for reapproval this year20:27
Seveas`good to know :)20:27
forumsmatthewI'm impressed. You have some wonderful endorsements and I like what you are doing with the loco directory20:27
dholbachtoabctl is also active in the ubuntu berlin team - hope he can help out with the ubuntu global jam this time again :)20:27
popeyO HAI dholbach20:27
dholbachhey :)20:27
Seveas`dholbach: if you were on the emea board, would you give a +1?20:27
popeydholbach: is that an endorsement?20:27
Seveas`dholbach: also, don't fall in the canals :)20:27
dholbachI thought I added an endorsement to toabctl's wiki page?20:28
popeyoh, you did20:28
forumsmatthewyou did20:28
popeyi have daniel blindness20:28
* forumsmatthew hugs dholbach 20:28
forumsmatthewjust for comfort after popey's blindness toward you20:28
dholbachtoabctl is a great guy, I'm happy he's part of the berlin team, incredibly happy he helped out like that with the loco directory and it's great to have lunch with him every now and then :)20:28
* dholbach hugs forumsmatthew20:28
Seveas`forumsmatthew: don't you mean blindingness?20:29
toabctldholbach, thanks!:)20:29
Seveas`+1 on toabctl20:29
forumsmatthewprobably, it's been one of those days20:29
forumsmatthewI'm a definite +120:29
toabctldholbach, btw. i had indian lunch today:)20:29
popeyok, based on great testimonials,  bug work, and contributing to loco directory which is soooooo needed, +120:29
dholbachtoabctl: completely well-deserved :)20:29
Seveas`+4 it is20:29
popeycongrats toabctl !20:29
Seveas`popey: can you do lp?20:29
toabctlstgraber, i have written you an email because of LXC. you didn't answer ;)20:29
popeykeep doing what you're doing20:30
czajkowskitoabctl: well done!20:30
Seveas`invernizzi: you're up20:30
dholbachtoabctl: I'm totally up for Indian food, when I'm in Berlin again next week :)20:30
invernizziI'm Luca Invernizzi, 25yo italian student.20:30
invernizziI'm one of the "Getting Things GNOME!" developers, I've written several plugins for that software (synchronization with rememberthemilk.com, Evolution, Tomboy support) and I do a lot of bug fixing.20:30
stgrabertoabctl: oh, sorry for that, I'm quite a bit backlogged. I'll have a look.20:30
invernizziI keep the PPA with the latest version of GTG from trunk always updated (https://edge.launchpad.net/~invernizzi/+archive/gtg-daily ), and help the people that come around in our IRC channel with questions.20:30
invernizziIn my university I'm one of the system administrators (power!) and help the students to know about Ubuntu. I'd say I've converted completely something around 20 people, and we keep counting.20:30
toabctlgreat! thanks czajkowski , dholbach , Seveas , popey , stgraber forumsmatthew !20:30
cjohnstoninvernizzi RTM plugin for gtg is great.. and speaking with him yesterday,  his upcoming plans for the plugin show much promise20:32
Seveas`-1. As with the first two candidates, Ubuntu membership is meant to be a recognition of contributions to Ubuntu. Your wikipage lists only a single upstream.20:32
forumsmatthewsame here. I love what you are doing, but it isn't specific to Ubuntu -120:33
popeyI'm afraid I concur, -1 here too20:34
stgraberAlso a -1 from me, I like the work you do on GTG but that's one of the many upstream of Ubuntu and can't be counted as an actual Ubuntu contribution. I'll be glad to see you again when you'll have more contributions and testimonials on that wiki page20:34
popey(although I do think GTG is utterly awesome!)20:34
invernizziok, thank you20:34
Seveas`sorry invernizzi, please don't be discouraged. GTG is awesome :)20:35
Seveas`qense: you're up.20:35
popeyvery easy for me20:35
qenseI shall ...20:35
qenseOK, that starts good20:35
qenseno introduction needed?20:35
forumsmatthewhey, let me read his pages...20:35
Seveas`qense, yes, introduction needed :)20:35
qenseok, here it comes:20:35
Seveas`but I've seen your activitiy for so long that I did not need to think :)20:36
qensethat's flattering20:36
qenseI'm Sense Hofstede, member of Ubuntu Bug Control and Ubuntu user since the last weeks of 2005 and really active in the community since 2007, when I started to do some more serious bug triaging.20:36
Philip5does that mean it's my turn? :)20:36
qenseI've hung around at several places, including Ubuntu NL20:36
forumsmatthewOkay, NOW I'm +120:37
qenseCurrently I'm working on Adopt-a-Package, mostly Nautilus,  other bug traiging and Ubuntu Wanted20:37
qenseI'm going to give a session about Adopt-an-Upstream in the near future, btw. If you're interested, come!20:37
Seveas`Philip5: no, please be patient :)20:37
stgraberthanks for the introduction, testimonials look great and I've seen you around a few times. +120:37
popeywoop woop20:37
Seveas`ok, +4, thanks for all the contributions qense and congratulations!20:37
hggdhand I for one will cheer for qense20:38
qensethank you all!20:38
bcurtiswxMe too for the cheer20:38
micahghggdh: +120:38
hggdhQENSE!! QENSE!!20:38
Seveas`Philip5: *now* it's your turn :)20:38
Philip5hehe, ok20:38
popeylp done20:38
Philip5well as you can see on my wiki i'm a ubuntu user since dapper and have been hosting my own repository since then. i also am very active in the swedish loco20:39
Philip5when it comes to the repository you find it's current state on my launchpad site20:40
Seveas`Philip5: why did you choose using ppa's over uploading to Ubuntu proper?20:40
Seveas`Philip5: (unrelated) can you give a link to your profile on the ubuntu-se forum?20:40
popeyPhilip5: what do people mostly use the -se loco channel for? chat, support, loco 'stuff'?20:41
Philip5i have no good answer to that i'm afraid but i think that i haven't taken the time to go into the process for motu or something like that20:41
Philip5popey: all of that but it's mainly a support channel for ubuntu in swedish20:42
Philip5the same concept as the #ubuntu but in swedish and #ubuntu-se is the official swedish ubuntu channel20:42
Philip5my LP page is missleading in the part when it say it's registered as i have merged 2 accounts20:43
popeyyeah, i see you renamed your ppa20:43
Philip5i figured it was better to use a username that is the same as my nick20:44
popeyheh, i did the same20:44
popeypeople kept adding the wrong guy to their teams / mailing lists :)20:44
Philip5but when it comes to ubuntu contribution20:44
Philip5it looks like i will take over maintainance of the 2d animation program synfig20:44
Philip5both in debian and in the next step ubuntu20:45
Seveas`I'm +1 based on loco work and cheers. PPA is a nice thing too20:45
Philip5i have been asked to do it20:45
popeygolly! look at your ppa20:45
forumsmatthewThe PPA is nice, but I'm going to +1 for the loco/forums work20:46
Philip5yes, many people like my ppa20:46
popeyyou should look at the motu track20:46
popeydholbach here can help you with that..20:46
popeyanyone _that_ keen on packaging should be helping dholbach!20:46
popeyhowever, based on cheers and loco work, +120:47
dholbachhelping the MOTU team! there's always a lot to do in Ubuntu! :)20:47
popey..and there he is20:47
Seveas`popey summoned the dholbach :)20:47
Seveas`That's +4 if my calculator still works20:47
Seveas`welcome abourd Philip5!20:47
Philip5thank you guys20:47
Seveas`(ah, it's the spellchecker that failed, not the calculator...)20:47
Seveas`iaculallad: you're up next (and last)20:48
Philip5one question... do i need to do something to make the membership, mail and cloak part happen?20:48
iaculalladOk. Ian Ace Culallad here, from the Philippines20:48
popeyPhilip5: i have added you to ubuntumembers, drop by #ubuntu-irc for the cloak20:48
popeythe mail should happen 'at some point'20:49
Philip5popey: allready there :)20:49
Philip5popey: ok, thanks20:50
popeyhaha at iaculallad email address20:51
stgraberiaculallad: Did you contribute in any other way than advocating Ubuntu ?20:51
forumsmatthewiaculallad, as I look, you haven't had much activity on the forums for more than 6 months. Even though you had quite a bit before that. Did something happen?20:51
iaculalladyes, through answering queries on launchpad and UF, submitting bug reports.20:52
stgrabercurrently looking at your wiki page and Launchpad, I see you've mostly been showing Ubuntu to friends/colleagues and are using it both at home and work. Other than that I see you answered a few (really not that many) questions on Launchpad.20:52
iaculalladYes, I was quite busy getting back on my feet for my work so I never have the time visiting back my posts.20:53
Seveas`-1. Unless I am missing something, neither wiki nor launchpad provide evidence of a significant, sustained contribution to Ubuntu.20:53
forumsmatthewI'm inclined to agree. -120:53
iaculalladAside from showing, I had been deploying Ubuntu on servers in my line of work20:53
popeyI will also -1, as we're after a sustained and significant contribtion to the project.20:54
iaculalladhelping out on forums too.20:54
forumsmatthewYour last post on the forums was July 18, 200920:55
forumsmatthewyou had one in July, one in June, but haven't been regular since May 200920:55
iaculalladyap, the last time when I was busy getting back on my feet during that time.20:55
forumsmatthewI'm only saying that we can't use forum activity to help us decide. There just hasn't been any recently.20:56
Seveas`stgraber: what's your vote?20:57
stgraberLooking at LP, I see 4 bugs, 9 translations and a bit over 50 answers. That and no other significant contribution that I can find, makes me -1 this one.20:57
Seveas`ok, that's -420:57
Seveas`and end of meeting for us, just within the hour :)20:57
popeygood, cc meeting coming right up!20:57
forumsmatthewthanks everyone! see you around20:58
czajkowskinicely done folks20:58
Seveas`popey: will that cc meeting announce who will reinforce the emea board?20:58
popeyno, we're waiting on a vot20:59
popeythanks everyone!21:00
dholbachhey mako21:00
dholbachhey popey21:00
smeag0lgotta go the toilet brb21:00
dholbachTechnoviking: hola21:00
popeywell hullo21:00
dholbachheya pleia221:00
pleia2popey: who didn't vote re: emea?21:00
dholbachmdz: around?21:01
dholbachhiya sabdfl21:01
sabdflhello all21:01
popeyooo hello21:01
dholbachmdz' agenda item is the only one on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda21:02
dholbachbut I'm not sure he's around21:02
makoi'm an hour early, not an hour late, right?21:02
popeyyou're on time!21:02
makooh, great :)21:02
sabdflfancy that. a mako!21:02
sabdflmako: heard about your great LCA talk21:02
popeyalso, mako could you please vote on the emea rmb thread?21:02
dholbachdo we have anything apart from mdz' "Council election process, and standardization thereof"?21:03
makogive me a second to catch up21:03
sabdflmdz's here, I think21:03
=== emma_ is now known as emma
* popey pokes nixternal 21:03
sabdflShould we get started?21:07
dholbachwell... afaict there's only mdz' agenda item and he didn't respond yet :)21:07
dholbachbut I'm all for starting - I'm missing lunch right now ;-)21:08
sabdflI don't have specific's on mdz's agenda item, but I believe it relates to (a) the relationship between the TB and CC21:08
sabdfland (b) the election process for councils, which I would prefer to call a polling process, since in many cases we are essentially testing and verifying the delegation of authority, not really running an open election21:08
sabdflthe TB / CC question came up because of my seat on the TB, which is ex officio21:09
makook, i voted on the EMEA RMB thread21:09
popeythanks mako !21:09
* highvoltage ctcp's dholbach a sandwich21:09
sabdfloriginally, we sketched the TB and CC out without a clear relationship between them, iirc21:09
makosorry about that, i didn't realize i hadn't voted :)21:09
sabdflmako was there, so can remind me :-)21:09
makoso i don't think that's was what mdz' item is about :)21:10
sabdfli was on both of them, but delegated the chair of the TB to mdz21:10
dholbachsabdfl: in what way do you think the CC / TB relationship could be clarified?21:10
makoor mabye it is. i have had completely distinct conversations that could fall under the same heading :)21:11
makowith mdz, recently21:11
sabdfldholbach: well, does the TB report to the CC in the same way that the Irc Council does?21:11
makoin any case, this is a fine conversation21:11
sabdfloriginally, i've played the same role in both cases - nominating candidates which a poll confirmed or potentially vetoed21:11
makosabdfl: so AIUI, in the original plan there were two "supreme" councils, the CC and the TB21:12
dholbachsabdfl: no it doesn't - my perception was that they were separate from each other21:12
makoneither was higher or lower than the other, they just had different and non-overlapping jurisdictions21:12
sabdfland i sit on both. i've had good feedback on that (it helps to keep them aligned) and negative feedback (it's weird to have a person who's so obviously not as directly involved in #ubuntu-devel there)21:12
sabdflmako: yes, that's my recollection too21:12
sabdfland i think we had good reason to do that, and it's worked well too21:13
makoso any team has to answer to both. the TB for technical matters, and the CC for community matters21:13
sabdflbut it's a bit single-point-of-failure'd on me21:13
makoand if a team's work is less technical, the TB is just less involved21:13
sabdflah, i missed that latter point21:13
sabdflabout reporting both ways. surely if they have non-overlapping domains, that's not such a feature?21:14
makoi think in practice, it's clear who the ultimate authority is for the vast majority of questions21:15
makoand sometimes it's both21:15
makosay, delegating membership for technical contributions21:16
makoso the groups have worked together to hammer something that sort of works for everyone21:16
makomaybe that's happened a dozen times?21:16
sabdflright. i feel the CC has plenty to think about in how some of the delegation happens there, for example the DMB / MOTU / TB / ArchiveReorg discussions21:16
sabdflat least, my involvement there has felt like it was with a CC hat21:16
makoso i've never sat on the TB, so i've never felt this conflict particularly accutely :)21:17
dholbachI personally felt that the "ubuntu membership" part of it was CC-related and whatever had to do with upload permissions was a "TB thing"21:17
dholbachsabdfl: what felt like CC material to you?21:17
sabdflif i got hit by a bus, i would rather have mdz nominating folks to the TB (and by proxy, a strong leader individual who was close to both Canonical and community) than the CC21:18
sabdfldholbach: some of the subtleties of community relationship, trust, delegation etc are far, far removed from the technical details of policy, packaging, versions, tools21:18
dholbachthe CC almost wasn't involved in those discussions about delegation, etc. - do you think that should've been different?21:20
sabdflas a straw man, how about mdz and silbs and i work out a disaster recovery plan with some of those ingredients, but preserving essentially the idea that there will be *some person* who plays that role for the TB, and *some person* for the CC, where currently i'm the same person in both cases21:20
sabdfldholbach: that's true, and it was a complex enough discussion that i think it may have been even harder with more people. but on the other hand, i think the CC has quite a lot of experience in delegation, so some patterns are obvious to us that those involved there seemed to miss21:21
dholbachright, I think I can see where you're coming from21:22
makosabdfl, that sounds like a very reasonable thing to do21:22
sabdflseparately, i think we can document the "partially overlapping jurisdictions" dictum that mako reminded us of21:22
sabdflbecause i don't think there *needs* to be a strict hierarchy, just good respect between the groups21:23
sabdflunless folks want to change that21:23
makothe hardcoding of SABDFL into the governance documents, with no fallback or other options, has always seemed suboptimal21:23
makofixing that would be good21:23
sabdfllet's call it The Plan We Won't Ever Need21:23
makosure :)21:23
pleia2sounds good21:24
dholbachok :)21:24
sabdflok. the (b) part above, was that more what you thought mdz had in mind, mako?21:24
makoand it's a good idea to do some higher level documentation about the relationships between the two boards and about governance process in general21:24
makoif such things ever existed it would need to be rewritten anyway21:24
sabdflas it happens, we're refreshing website content right now, so this is timely21:24
makosabdfl, not at all :)21:24
sabdflok, what's your channelling of mdz then :-)21:25
dholbachit might also have been about the women's team leader appointment21:25
dholbachalthough the word "council" wouldn't fit in there21:25
makoi thought it was about hte ubuntu women appointment21:25
sabdflhe did weigh in on that thread, yes21:25
makohe seemed rather confused about the process21:25
pleia2there is confusion within the community about what votes and appointments for each councils and boards exist21:25
pleia2does the cc select forums council, can people vote for irc council, etc21:26
makoso we have a decent policy for delegated boards21:26
pleia2I think if they're not documented, they should be21:26
dholbachI think we discussed this at some point, trying to document the cases where we "by default" don't poll all ubuntu members or  some such21:26
makobut for smaller teams, there's no real stated process for how leadership happens21:26
makopleia2, so i think in the case of the big subprojects (like, big enough to have a council of your own) we're in decent shape21:26
makothe problem is the vast majority of cases which don't fall into that category21:26
dholbachand mark the whole thing as guidelines, so we have the flexibility to make different decisions if it's necessary21:27
makoand, in particular, cases where it's not even clear who the membership of a team might be21:27
pleia2mako: I always get a lot of questions around when loco nominations and such go out about "when/whether voting happens"21:27
dholbachlike the loco council21:27
pleia2same with regional boards and such21:27
makopleia2: that's right21:27
popeyi like that it's more freeform and organic for 'lower' / 'smaller' teams21:28
makoso i tend to think that leadership is best figured out "by the group"21:28
popeyit allows them to evolve their own processes21:28
makoand that you can have a team without a leader, or without a single leader21:28
makoand that we've been burned by premature leadership appointment before21:28
pleia2I do like that we allow flexibility with how teams can govern themselves21:28
sabdflagreed. the CC should certainly reserve the right to recognise a particular leader if that will help to shake out a problem.21:28
makoso i think we should make it very clear that (a) teams are welcome to work out their own leadership arrangements and (b) the cc is happy to help unstick problems that arise or help create process that will fit or work21:29
makoand we can document a range of the clever and effective things that teams have done21:30
sabdflit can often happen that you get a vocal group of troublemakers, who use their loudness to drown out others21:30
sabdflin cases like that, we need to be able to be very firm and say "we recognise that sane person over there as the lead, period"21:30
sabdflwe do it at some risk, because other who aren't aligned with that person may/will leave21:30
makoi think in general, ubuntu teams have done a pretty good job in handling this issue21:30
sabdflbut in those cases, that's often the desired result21:30
makoor rather, these issues21:30
sabdflyes, i agree21:30
makoso i think we have lots of good examples to point to21:30
dholbachmako: part of that sounds to me like "howto drive a team" docs which sould be great, what do you think we should try to unify/clarify/document as the CC itself?21:31
sabdfli think it's useful to encourage teams to use rough-consensus polling21:31
sabdfland only to escalate when there are real divides21:31
sabdfli don't think we want to require a formal leader or specific structure21:31
makothat said, there's a weird situation where it's not even clear who members of a team are21:31
sabdflexcept in the cases where we are delegating responsibility21:31
makowhich sounds like it was part of the issue with ubuntu-women21:31
makoand that's one of the thing uw folks are struggling with now21:32
sabdflthe general pattern of having a leadership team / council / board, and a team of "members" below them (in the case where the CC is satisfied that membership of the team implies substantial and sustained contribution) is a good one21:32
pleia2mako: yeah21:32
sabdflwe can easily bootstrap that, though21:32
sabdflwe appoint a team to lead, with a leader, and they grow a team which is "u-w members"21:32
sabdflin time, the u-w member help select the u-w leadership team, modulo the CC's ability to make nominations in the cases where we think that's needed21:33
makoso in the future (and this is all on reflection) i think i would feel more comfortable determining team membership than appointing leaders21:33
makosabdfl: so that's roughly what we did :)21:33
pleia2yeah, we're working through defining a voting team now21:34
sabdflwell, we said "these folks who've come along look like a good bunch, and we think Amber looks like a good person to help chair it all, and they seem to like her too, so wahey!"21:34
sabdfland that's just fine by me21:34
czajkowskipleia2: yes thankfully, though the issues of what makes the team has been the issue, mailing list or launchpad21:35
macoi think we decided that the lp team was who-can-vote and that we'd just remind the ml people to sign up to the lp team before voting happens21:35
macoat least, that's how our most recent vote happened21:36
pleia2and having a temporary leader to chair all of this has been helpful21:36
czajkowskipleia2: couldnt' be done without, and thanks to the cc for helping21:37
czajkowskiI for one am rather thankful for that.21:37
sabdflso this is a good result, and not a bad precedent21:37
czajkowskino. it may need some tweaking or documented, but I think it worked. also hard to judge the 1st time, it's learning curve21:38
makoin general, i don't have really any trouble with appointing temporary leadership21:38
makoalthough i might play some semantic game and call them stewards21:38
makobut in any case, i'd like to codify the range of what people do21:39
sabdflthat's a good term21:39
sabdflin the early days of a good idea, there usually aren't a lot of jerks hanging around trying to influence things21:39
sabdflbecause it's all work and no glory21:39
sabdfl*maybe* there was a risk of that here because of the gender branding (guys drawn to *-women for all the wrong reasons)21:40
dholbachmako: would that be a clarification of  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Delegation ?21:40
makoso i think documenting a range of examples of how teams handle the getting off the group and leadership issues is a good idea. this is one model we should present. and it will be nice to incorporate the general reflectiosn of uw folks on how well it worked in a few months21:40
sabdflbut in general, when we have an enthusiastic team who like one another and want to get going, it's ok to bless them21:40
makodholbach: could be, could be a separate document21:40
sabdfl+1 to a review with the benefit of hindsight at the next UDS21:40
macoi think should probably not use the word "election" to describe appointment. resulted in too many confused people going "so when do we vote on the leader?" and having to explain that though it says election, its not really21:41
makodholbach: i sort of think a document on "leadership options" would be good. with a delegated council as one of the options21:41
pleia2I like the idea of such a document as well21:41
makodholbach: pair it up with the leadership COC and we have a little stable of leadership policies :)21:41
sabdflpoll is a better term - it's a testing of the waters, a taking of the pulse21:41
dholbachsabdfl: so you think we should work on such a document and review it at next UDS together?21:42
sabdfldholbach: it sounds like a good chapter in Jono's 2nd edition to me ;-)21:42
makosounds great21:42
dholbachhaha, I'll mail him the log of the meeting then :)21:42
sabdfl"bootstrapping new teams and initiatives"21:42
makoso that we've talked about both of the issues that we think that mdz might have been wanting to raise... :)21:43
dholbachwho'd like to work on a draft for such a document now?21:43
makolike, RIGHT now?21:43
makoi really want mdke to weigh in. he's some really good insight on the topic on the CC list21:43
dholbachor in the next few weeks - I was wondering if we'd take some actions from the meeting21:44
makodholbach: i'd like to21:44
sabdflgood point, let's ask mdke to weigh in based on this log21:44
dholbachok, I could mail mdz and mdke the log of this meeting21:44
dholbachalright, I'll do that21:44
sabdflcan we wrap for now, then?21:44
makodholbach: let's schedule a time to do something on gobby21:44
dholbachsabdfl: yep, that'd allow me to see what's left of lunch ;-)21:44
makootherwise, i'll just put it off21:45
sabdflhope it's tasty!21:45
czajkowskietherpad is a lot nicer21:45
makoor etherpad :)21:45
dholbachI'm sure it's going to be good :)21:45
* dholbach is happy here in Portland21:45
sabdfldholbach: hi to the gang21:45
dholbachgood sprint21:45
popey\o/ etherpad21:45
dholbachsabdfl: I'll do that and pass on some hugs :)21:45
sabdflis it free?21:45
Davieyhttp://pad.ubuntu-uk.org \o/21:45
czajkowskisabdfl: yup21:45
sabdflnot the hugs - the pad21:45
popeybeat me to it Daviey21:45
dholbachnone from me21:46
* dholbach will mail mdz and mdke after lunch - see you later!21:46
sabdflrockage all round. night / afternoon / morning / all21:46
dholbachrock on21:46
sabdflmeeting over21:46
sabdflpleia2, czajkowski: so you're off to a good start?21:46
czajkowskisabdfl: I think so..21:46
pleia2sabdfl: I'd say so21:47
pleia2some very productive meetings lately21:47
dindagroup is off to a great, renewed start :)21:47
czajkowskiwe've a good few things lined up between now and the end of the cycle so good progress to be made21:47
sabdflsuper. hi dinda!21:47
czajkowskidinda: aloha :)21:47
* dinda waves to the room21:48
sabdfllooking forward to the release, then UDS21:48
sabdflcheers all21:48
popeymmmm UDS21:48
popeysomeone needs to announce that21:48
popeyso people can book holiday21:48
sabdflsomeone's still picking a venue, methinks :-)21:48
popeynot talking personally there.. oooooh no ;)21:49
Davieypopey: UDS is *hot* a holiday..   Intentionally misunderstanding people since 201021:49
czajkowskiDaviey: hot yes....21:49
sabdflfair point. nudge clan, she's not in charge of it any more but can point you in the right direction. i saw a shortlist recently.21:49
macoDaviey: well, $work probably thinks it is :P21:50
* popey gets his nudgeing keyboard out21:50
czajkowskisabdfl: it's just so folks can book time off work,, or plan for themselves to attend, more notice helps21:50
czajkowskiright time for some blog posts to be done21:50
highvoltageyes even if venue is not confirmed21:50
dindapleia2: did the wiki licensing issue just disappear altogether?21:50
pleia2dinda: good question, I think it was taken to a private discussion?21:51
dindapleia2: ok, thanks, need to do some nudging then21:51
drubinam I late?22:02
lukjad007No one started saying anything until you did drubin22:03
AkosHi everyone22:07
lukjad007Hey akgraner22:07
cjohnstonhey Akos22:07
lukjad007Akos :P22:07
cjohnstontab fail!22:08
cjohnstoni hate that lol22:08
lukjad007bodhi isn't here.22:08
lukjad007Therefore the meeting isn't happening22:08
lukjad007At least not here22:08
drubinI know.22:09
drubinMaybe they are running abit late. I would give them another few mins22:09
lukjad007Let's start the meeting and make a memorandum that everyone else must give us cookies!22:10
drubinWho else is here for the meeting? Sorry just trying to get a head count22:10
MootBotMeeting started at 16:11. The chair is cprofitt.22:11
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]22:11
cprofittwelcome to the Beginners team meeting everyone22:11
cprofittEaswar are you here?22:11
cprofittSeeing as Easwar is not here I will table his topic22:12
cprofitt[topic] Security Focus Group Plans for Next Year22:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Security Focus Group Plans for Next Year22:13
cprofitt[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Security22:13
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Security22:13
cprofittI have recently taken over the FG Team lead for the Security22:13
cprofittI want to focus on doing two things22:13
cprofitt1.  Cleaning up and adding security pages to the wiki22:14
cprofitton the linked page you can see a table towards the bottom22:14
cprofittthis will be run just like the Wiki team runs their summer of documentation22:14
cprofittif you are interested in assisting the process of documenting security on the wiki please add to the table22:15
cprofittagain that is the link to the page22:15
lukjad007cprofitt Okay, that looks good to me.22:15
cprofitt2. develop courses that will contribute to the UCLP on security related topics22:15
cprofittthese could be how to chroot jail an SSH server or how to use SSH to secure transmissions between two networks22:16
cprofittIf you would like to work on courses for the UCLP please contact me via email or in the Beginners Team channel #ubuntu-beginners-team22:17
cprofitt[topic] All matters that are going to be discussed at the meeting that are of significance be sent to the mailing list at least one week prior to the meeting22:17
MootBotNew Topic:  All matters that are going to be discussed at the meeting that are of significance be sent to the mailing list at least one week prior to the meeting22:17
cprofittyou are up lukjad00722:17
lukjad007Thank you22:17
pedro3005has the meeting started?22:17
cprofittyes, it has pedro300522:18
pedro3005ah. sorry then22:18
cprofittno problem22:18
pedro3005so... what are you discussing?22:18
lukjad007There has been a bit of an uproar over some recent changes. I think a lot of it was because people didn't feel they had enough time to vent. And suddenly the mailing list was active. Well, I suggest that we have the discussion before the meeting, rather than during and after.22:19
pleia2I agree, I think that was what was always intended but never really happened in practice22:19
pleia2so it would be good to encourage that more strongy :)22:20
cprofittlukjad007: that has been something we have encouraged in the past22:20
lukjad007To that end we just make it mandatory that all "big" topics that are going to be discussed at the meeting need to have *at least* one week's time on the mailing list22:20
lukjad007Anything else just gets put onto the next meeting22:20
pleia2that sounds reasonable22:21
cjohnstonI'm fine with that22:21
cprofittare we prepared to move to the next topic?22:21
lukjad007I would like to say that there seems to be very few people here today... does anyone think we should postpone anything?22:21
cprofittI think we can go over what was discussed via the mailing list22:22
cprofitt[topic] Moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes22:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes22:22
cprofittyou again lukjad00722:22
lukjad007This is another subject that is there to allow more people to have a say in the meetings. It seems that sometimes things happen and the meeting is just at the wrong time.22:23
cprofittlike today as an example22:24
* pleia2 nods22:24
lukjad007If we move to launchpad and let the voting go for a little while (a matter of days, not weeks) we could let more people have more say22:24
cprofittI would agree.22:24
lukjad007I think that 3 days for voting would be fair, though that's negotiable22:24
cprofittI think to really move this forward we have to actually propose the change22:24
cprofittvia the mailing list22:25
pleia2me too, and I think it would encourage active use of the mailing list during the voting period and before22:25
cjohnstonI think that if we are going to do that, then get rid of the meetings.. Everything else can be done on ML22:25
lukjad007cprofitt I did...22:25
cprofittcomplete with an example of how voting would be conducted22:25
cprofittlet people see how it works22:25
lukjad007cjohnston I think the meetings are useful for personal realtime interaction and for voting on new members22:25
cprofittthen we can discuss it in a meeting... and perhaps move to a meeting22:25
pleia2lukjad007: I agree22:26
cjohnstondiscussions are supposed to happen in the channel and on the ML22:26
pleia2I like that membership approval still happens on irc :)22:26
pleia2and it's nice to get together in real time22:26
cprofittwell... most discussions are supposted to happen on the ML, but there is still space to allow some discussion in here22:26
cprofittlike we are doing now22:26
lukjad007pleia2 I think that membership *must* stay on IRC.22:26
cjohnstonWhy not vote for new members on LP too then? It's only fair that if certain votes are going to be available to everyone (via lp) not just those at the meetings that we give membership votes to everyone via lp22:26
cprofittwe just can not have deep long term discussions in the meeting22:26
cprofittcjohnston: that is a good point and one we can adress on the ML22:27
lukjad007cprofitt May I give you my proxy for the rest of the meeting, something just came up, I'll try and get back asap22:27
pedro3005adding new members isn't a deep long term thing.22:27
cprofittany more to add to this lukjad007 ?22:27
cprofitt+1 pedro300522:27
lukjad007cprofitt Nope, I'm done22:27
cprofittsilver is not here22:27
lukjad007cprofitt You have my proxy, okay?22:27
cprofittso I think we can table the other two items that are his22:27
cjohnstonpedro3005: but why not give all BT members a chance to vote on the new members22:27
cprofittis akos here22:28
AkosI am22:28
cprofittlukjad007: would you like to tell us about akos?22:28
pedro3005cjohnston, they do. just attend the meeting. if they don't, no big deal.22:28
lukjad007cprofitt He's a very competent and well mannered padawan, I think he's ready :)22:28
* Akos smiles22:29
cprofittAkos: what is the answer?22:29
cjohnstonpedro3005: then all votes in meetings.. and "they do, if they dont no big deal"22:29
cjohnstonit goes both ways22:29
lukjad007I have had no issues and I think he will be a great asset to the team22:29
Akoscprofitt: Yes, I am ready (:22:29
cjohnstonit goes both ways22:29
pleia2cjohnston: we can pick this discussion up on list :)22:29
cprofittNo.... the answer Akos ?22:29
cprofittthe answer to the ultimate question Akos22:29
pedro3005cjohnston, Big decisions should be on the LP or whatever. But as adding new members isn't much of a big decision, not everybody needs to be heard. just who attended the meeting.22:29
cprofittpedro3005: lets table this22:30
cprofittit is Akos time in the spotlight22:30
Akoscprofitt: I do trust myself, a Yes is closer to me than a maybe22:30
* cprofitt laughs22:30
lukjad007cprofitt Just FYI, tabling something in US and tabling something in Britain mean the opposite.22:30
cprofittAkos: I was making a geek reference no worries22:30
cprofittdoes anyone else have any questions for Akos ?22:30
Akoscprofitt:i got no such training from lukjad007 :P22:30
pedro3005lukjad007, how could you? :P22:31
cprofittor does anyone move for a vote?22:31
lukjad007Akos I thought you knew!22:31
lukjad007cprofitt Table22:31
cprofittlukjad007: ?22:31
Akoslukjad007: I thought you can see what I knew *smirks*22:31
cprofittmove for a vote?22:31
cjohnstonvote for what?22:31
lukjad007Vote for what?22:31
cprofittAkos for member22:31
pedro3005Akos' membership22:31
cprofittit is on our agenda22:32
cprofitthence why he was being asked questions22:32
* cjohnston makes a motion to table the membership votes due to the lack of people present to make votes.. motion to move membership votes to LP22:32
cprofittdenies cjohnston's motion22:32
pedro3005I disagree22:32
cprofittthe decision to have votes on the LP has not been adopted22:33
pleia2I don't think it's fair to change the process out from someone who is already on the agenda22:33
cprofitthence we can not do that yet22:33
cprofittand +1 pleia222:33
lukjad007+1 for Akos22:33
cprofittI will move to vote then22:33
cjohnstonim making a point22:33
cprofitt[VOTE] Akost for membership22:33
MootBotPlease vote on:  Akost for membership.22:33
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot22:33
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting22:33
MootBot+1 received from cjohnston. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 122:33
cprofittsorry about the typo22:33
MootBot+1 received from cprofitt. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 222:33
MootBot+1 received from pleia2. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 322:33
cprofittare there any more votes?22:34
MootBot+1 received from pedro3005. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 422:34
* Akos bakes the cookies22:34
cprofittlukjad007: do you have a vote?22:34
cjohnstonhe passed already... if thats the only vote left22:34
MootBotFinal result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 422:34
pleia2welcome, Akos :)22:34
cprofitt[ACTION] AKOS is a member22:34
MootBotACTION received:  AKOS is a member22:34
pedro3005Welcome to zombocom22:35
* Akos smiles wide22:35
Akosthank you guys :D22:35
cprofitt[AGREED] to welcome Akos as a member22:35
MootBotAGREED received:  to welcome Akos as a member22:35
highvoltagecongrats Akos22:35
Akosthy (:22:35
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:35.22:35
cprofittthat is the end of our meeting.22:36
cprofittthanks for coming everyone22:36
Akosthat was fast22:36
highvoltagewhich meeting was this, btw? I didn't see it in the calender22:36
cjohnstonhighvoltage: beginners team22:36
cjohnstonits on fridge22:36
pedro3005highvoltage, the people's front of judea meeting22:36
highvoltagecjohnston: ah right, beginners team can vote in new members?22:37
highvoltagecjohnston: or was that a vote to include him on the team?22:37
pleia2not ubuntu members, beginners team members22:37
highvoltageright, got it22:38
drubinhighvoltage: lolz22:38
stlsaintahhh i missed it :(22:38
pedro3005stlsaint, Silver_Fox_ , yes, you guys missed it22:39
stlsaintpedro3005: :P22:40
pedro3005stlsaint, you quit my channel! :(22:40
Silver_Fox_Missed what?22:40
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, the meeting22:41
Silver_Fox_Which meeting pedro3005 ...22:41
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, the beginners team meeting?22:42
Silver_Fox_Oh yes so I did22:42
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, yep...22:43
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=== TeLe is now known as skydrome

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