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persiarbelem: Which changes?18:01
mezquitaleanyone knows how to login to an ssh server using a private key?19:25
persiamezquitale: I just use `ssh ${SERVER}` from a user with a private key in .ssh19:26
persiaErr, .ssh/19:26
mezquitalepersia, i mean what client will allow me to log in to the ssh server using a mobile phone?19:28
persiaI use open-ssh.19:30
persiaErr, openssh.19:30
persiaTechnically, openssh-client19:30
persiaBut it really depends on what you call a "phone" :)19:30
mezquitalepersia, i have a phone with windows mobile 6.1, i have an open ssh server19:31
persiaCan't tell you anything about windows mobile.  Maybe someone else?19:32
mezquitalepersia, thanks either way, is there another channel for mobile devices?19:33
persiaI don't know of one.  This channel is about running ubuntu on mobile devices.  Maybe the folk in #ubuntu can suggest where you might get information on using non-Ubuntu mobile devices to access Ubuntu.19:35
mezquitalewhat a jad file?19:36
mezquitalewhat's a jad file i mean19:36
persiaA jad file?20:10
ian_brasilmezquitale, it is a java application deployment file20:11
mezquitaleian_brasil, you think that file will install an app in my windows mobile or should I use a jar file?20:12

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