klucasHi All,00:33
klucasAnyone got a pcHDTV HD-5500 capture card?  What do you think?  I'm thinking of getting one and like that it doesn't honour the broadcast flag.00:33
rhpot1991tgm4883: don't you ^00:40
rhpot1991klucas: http://www.mythbuntu.org/developer-hardware00:41
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Developer Hardware | Mythbuntu00:41
rhpot1991a work in progress currently00:41
rhpot1991but you can get an idea of what works well based upon what we are all using00:41
rhpot1991if you stick around I'm sure tgm4883 will chime in00:41
klucasCool, will do  Thanks.00:42
jcpunkI just re-installed my mythbuntu box and it doesn't seem to be reading my samba shares?01:06
jcpunkhow can I make sure myth is looking in the right place?01:06
Jester05is there a way to access the mythbuntu control center via terminal(ssh)01:08
jcpunkI have mounted a samba share containing a few .avi files in /var/lib/mythtv/videos and made sure the umask is good01:08
Jester05jcpunk, I had alot of difficulty w/ my samba shares too :-\01:08
jcpunkJester05, if you have Xforwarding enabled you can ssh in as a user with sudo rights and run mythbuntu-control-centre01:09
Jester05what are you doing for your fstab?01:09
Jester05well i was hoping to do that w/o having to allow xforwarding01:09
Jester05however, if X is the quick fix, I can01:09
jcpunk192.168.100.100/Videos /var/lib/mythtv/videos cifs guest,ro,uid=103,gid=105,nobrl,rsize=130048,nocase,defaults 0 001:10
jcpunkX forwarding is the best solution for that IMHO, it is low risk and low resource usage until you need it01:10
Jester05jcpunk, according to sshd_config .. xforwarding is enabled.. does it need to be enabled by both ssh i'm logged into and ssh i'm logging in from?01:12
jcpunkif it is enabled server side, your client may not be doing the setup (it should be by default) try ssh -X01:13
jcpunkrather than just ssh01:13
Jester05i'll give it a go01:13
Jester05thanks man :)01:14
jcpunkno worries01:14
Jester05would you like to see the fstab of a machine setup I have had previously working great?01:15
Jester05may help with your samba mounting issue01:15
Jester05thats a //01:15
Jester05there we go01:16
jcpunkthanks, I suspect my problem is more myth related than samba related01:16
Jester05well what are you trying to do?01:16
jcpunkI had this wokring this morning and decided to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.1001:16
Jester05make sure your user is the owner of the share01:17
jcpunkI have a bunch of random video files I am trying to load into mythvideo01:17
jcpunkthe weird thing is, when i try and simplify and unmount the share and just copy a movie into the directory it still doesn't display01:18
jcpunkI can set the permissions to 777 on everything and nothing changes01:19
jcpunkat this point I am not convinced that myth is looking in that directory01:19
Jester05do you mean that video manager isn't picking them up?01:21
Jester05HAHAHAHA man..01:22
Jester05I had the exact same problem01:22
Jester05you're going to feel kinda dumb when i tell you how to fix it01:22
Jester05i did the exact same thing for hours b4 someone told me the correction lol01:22
Jester05open video manager and press m for menu01:22
Jester05then click on scan for changes lol01:22
Jester05SAME exact thing i did .. spent hours trying to figure out access issues01:23
jcpunkOMG! I have been fighting this for more hours than I want to admit01:23
jcpunkI'd say we just had a fair exchange of knowledge01:23
jcpunk(didn't video manager do this by default in the last version?_01:24
Jester05yeah i know lol01:24
Jester05I spent HOURS trying to figure that out lol01:24
jcpunkI may have logged about 6 fighting this.... sigh01:25
Jester05in video manager "e" edits the info, "m" is menu, and "i" allows you to access information on that specific video.. reset meta data (which is at the bottom of the list of meta data stuff and requires you to scroll down to see it)01:25
jcpunkthanks for the help!01:25
Jester05no prob man01:26
jcpunkyou can forward the control center now right?01:26
Jester05its allowing me to access the control center but I cannot make changes it seems01:26
rhpot1991ssh -X <backend>01:26
Jester05i wonder if its b/c I manually installed some of the codecs and things b401:26
rhpot1991then sudo mythbuntu-control-centre01:26
rhpot1991and you should be able to run it and make change01:26
jcpunkI thought it wrapped around gtksu?01:27
Jester05sorry, i'm an idiot lol01:27
Jester05I thought i was already sudo su'd in lol01:27
Jester05wow, we're both being smart tonight ;)01:28
jcpunkwouldn't be the first one to do that, nor will you be the last01:28
Jester05lol yeah, having an off night lo01:28
jcpunkif things seem good I will head out01:29
Jester05yeah i seem to be good to go now01:31
Jester05this past weekend I've managed to set up my entire system01:31
Jester05out in the living room I have 2 analog and 1 digital tuner01:32
jcpunkthat must have been a mess01:32
Jester05in the bedroom (secondary backend), I have 1 digital tuner01:32
Jester05oh yeah it was a pain just b/c I had to learn how to use 9.10 lol01:32
Jester05thanks for the help tho man, have a good one01:32
bcgrownmy database seems to have disappeared.  Can anyone help me either repair or restore it from a backup?  the instructions on the mythtv wiki are not working for me.  I'm on mythbuntu 9.1001:33
jcpunktry sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-backend mythtv-backend-master01:34
bcgrownjcpunk: will that repair the db or just wipe it out and redo it from scratch?01:36
jcpunkthat will probably wipe it, but I suspect whatever broke your db is beyond my ability to fix (myth novice here)01:36
jcpunka clean one /should/ be problem free01:36
bcgrownjcpunk: hrm.  i'd rather not lose all my recordings & schedules01:37
bcgrowni have a mythconverg db backup i just dont know how to restore it01:37
jcpunkdo you have the dump file?01:38
jcpunkif so can you run "file <>" where <> is the file name, on it fore me01:38
bcgrownwhat is the dump file?01:38
jcpunkwhatever file mythconverg gave out01:39
rhpot1991bcgrown: first try running this: /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/maintenance/optimize_mythdb.pl01:42
rhpot1991might fix your issues01:42
rhpot1991you can also use phpmyadmin to poke around and see whats going on there, repair tables, etc01:42
bcgrownrhpot1991: that script just tells me "cannot connect to database" :(  and i don't have phpmyadmin installed02:17
bcgrownunless it's there by default02:17
Jester05mythtv is AMAZING lol02:18
Jester05finally have my entire system working perfectly02:18
romanyivAt one time - on an earlier version of Myth - PIP gave me an option to have 2 identical size windows - which worked well on a wide screen HDTV.  But I've not saw that for some time - may have been something the devs experimented with and removed.  Anyone have any knowledge of how to enable that feature?02:39
sark666i'm trying to post something on mythtv-users but getting 'cannot send to channel'  since when is mythtv-users listen by default?03:02
superm1sark666, you need to register with nickserv i believe03:05
superm1sark666, /msg nickserv help03:05
superm1and it will tell you more about how to register and identify03:05
jerkfacehi, i just installed mythbuntu. what is the password for mysql?05:11
rhpot1991jerkface: /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt05:14
arriflexiirc, there is no password for the root user, follow rhpot1991 for the mythtv user's05:18
superm1root mysql user will be set to your user password initially05:35
Lycan^can mythbuntu also run as a live cd?07:33
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hipitihopI know this is somewhat OT but is anyone familiar with the current Karmic bluetooth stack ? some guides suggest use of /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf but this now seems out of date12:38
Davieysuperm1 is more familair with the KDE bluetooth stuff, right superm1 ?12:39
hipitihopDaviey, are you saying that different stacks are being used in Ubuntu ?12:42
Davieyhipitihop: no12:42
RatokHello everyone, I am still stuck with an mythmusic problem, playlist and file listing works fine, but i cannot start music, mythvideo in contrast works out of the box.17:51
rhpot1991Ratok: check your logs?17:52
Ratokwhere can i find them17:53
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.17:53
Ratoki will report soon ;)17:56
Ratokhmm maybe thats the problem, i got a softlink to my data files18:03
Ratok /var/lib/mythtv/music -> /mnt/data/musik18:03
rhpot1991check permissions18:06
ZinnIf you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory18:06
rhpot1991that should apply to music I think18:06
Ratokdone, all fine18:06
Ratokmusic files are read correctly, i can see them in the playlist, but every button for play doesnt work18:07
tgm4883post logs18:07
Ratokjust doesnt start to play, unlike the videos18:07
Ratokon my way ...18:07
Zinn[mythbuntu.pastebin.com] mythbuntu private pastebin - collaborative debugging tool18:14
tgm4883TagLib: MPEG::Header::parse() -- Invalid sample rate.18:16
tgm4883Maybe that?18:16
Ratokare there some restrictions for mp3 files?18:19
tgm4883punching that into google, it doesn't look like a mythtv specific error18:22
tgm4883can you play the files outside of mythtv?18:22
Ratokno problems18:23
Ratokim trying with your permissions again18:25
Ratokmaybe there is something wrong with it18:26
tgm4883run mythfrontend from the command line18:26
tgm4883then you can at least see the errors while the problem is occuring18:26
mrandRatok: did it used to work (on 0.21 Myth, for example)?18:27
Ratoksry first time using it18:30
Ratokeverything great uptil now18:30
Ratokfunny thing if i play and stop it tells me the remaining time18:32
Ratok2010-02-02 19:32:05.756 Error opening audio device (Standard)18:33
Ratokeno: No such file or directory (2)18:33
mrandTagLib doesn't appear to be mythrelated... Are you using KDE?18:33
Ratokconsole messages18:34
Ratokat least one every second18:34
mrandOk, taglib is something that myth plugs in while building, but it isn't source code controlled by the myth group.  I wonder if we're using a recent version of taglib.18:43
mrandRatok: the TagLib messages are caused by ID3 metadata that it doesn't recognize.  You might see if you can make a backup of one .mp3 and then play with the tags somehow (I haven't done it in so long, I don't know what to suggest to use for that).18:43
Ratok2010-02-02 19:42:05.634 AudioOutput Error: Error opening audio device (Standard), the error was: No such file or directory18:43
Ratok2010-02-02 19:42:07.714 XMLParse: LoadTheme using '/usr/share/mythtv/themes/Mythbuntu/music-ui.xml'18:43
Ratoklast error i got by trying to play a file18:44
mrandLooks like Ubuntu repo has taglib 1.6, which is about the newest there is.18:44
Ratoki do not understand the connection of No Such File Or Directory with Taglib ?18:44
mrandThey are probably unrelated.  that error is that it can't open your "sound device" to output anything to your speakers.  Possibly a config issue on your system... maybe poke around in the MythMusic configuration?18:46
Ratokah its working if i change the output18:52
Ratokyou were right18:52
Ratokbut mythvideo works fine18:52
Ratokcan i copy the configs somehow18:52
Ratokbecause im using spdif output and now it doesnt play on it anymore18:52
Ratokit said it uses standard of mythtv18:59
Ratokthis doesnt seem to work18:59
Ratokwhere can i find the config files?19:01
Ratokgot it19:47
Ratokyeah: MythMusic should add the ALSA entries to the GUI config menu19:47
Ratokdoing manual ALSA:spdif did it :-)19:48
Ratok... happy listening to music19:48
mrandRatok: good to know.  Are you saying there are multiple entries to choose from in the MythMusic output device config, but ALSA isn't one of them?19:48
Ratoki got Standard, /dev/dsp, and /dev/adsp19:49
Ratokbut unlike MythVideo i do not have the entries ALSA:*19:49
Ratokbut MythBuntu rocks ^^19:50
Ratoknow for me too19:50
mrandRatok: thanks for reporting back.  I'll see what I can do about documenting that, and maybe seeing what we can do to fix it.19:52
Ratokyou are welcome, thanks for the help again19:53
mrandGlad you got it running.  We often don't know the direct answer, but sometimes the things we do know can eventually lead to the answer for users willing to keep pushing, as you did.  Works out well most of the time :-)19:54
Ratoknow im just waiting for my smart card to use dvb-c ;)19:54
Ratokthen im totally happy19:54
mrandI don't know anything about that...  other than some people have a challenge scanning channels.  So my pre-advice is be patient and maybe read some of the upstream mythtv documentation on channel scanning (whatever there is).19:56
Ratokhehe scanning works fine ^^19:56
Ratokbut the decryption is not online19:57
mrandoh, awesome.19:57
mrandthen you should be set!19:57
Ratokhope so19:57
Ratokjust get that card in and go19:57
jayman8547mythbackend.log is filled with "MainServer::ANN Monitor" and "adding: tzcheck as a client (events: 0)".  I think it has to do with slave backends.  Running 9.10 Mythbuntu 2.6.31-14 kernel.  mythfrontend logs were not being created on any of my 3 FE and I foudnd a solution by enabling slave backends then disabling them, which is what I did.  Any other questions on config I will be glad to answer.20:34
jayman8547sorry keep getting bounced.  Back for the night21:12

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