Hardikczajkowski, Ping11:25
czajkowskiHardik: aloha11:26
Hardikczajkowski, I think the person "ffcwi@yahoo.com.hk" is Spammer.11:27
Hardikczajkowski, We should not accept his / her proposal for Membership.11:27
Hardikczajkowski, Ohh!!!, Ok.11:27
czajkowskiI'm not 100% sure11:28
czajkowskibut to be safe11:28
czajkowskias I am tired of all the spam to that address11:28
Hardikczajkowski, From his LP Footprint, i am sure about that. Yeah!11:29
czajkowskitis fixed anyhow11:29
Hardikczajkowski, :)11:29
czajkowskithanks for the heads up11:29

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