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thebwtara: the email on testing nvidia cards says "geforce series 2", I assume you meant to add "or higher" to the end of that as well.01:20
arathebwt, indeed01:20
thebwtara: kk01:20
arathebwt, thanks for spotting that01:21
thebwtara: np ;) sending you an email now.01:21
arathebwt, nice :)01:21
charlie-tcaI sent my email, already01:27
arathanks both! I will be gathering people and I will send instructions later this week01:28
thebwtdone :D01:29
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davmor2Morning all08:45
kermiacmorning davmor2 :)08:55
davmor2kermiac, how's aus today?08:56
kermiacnice... not too hot, not too cold. One of those really nice kind of days :)08:56
kermiachow are things in your part of the world?08:56
kermiacoh BTW - I saw your announcement on your blog - congrats mate!08:57
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fader_davmor2: Hey dude!  Congrats!17:39
issyl0I'm about to upgrade to Lucid, wish my luck! :)21:43
issyl0For testing, and it's meant to be better ::P21:43
issyl0If anything goes wrong I can always install karmic again :)21:49
moustafaGood luck!21:54

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