TakyojiI'm not sure of there really being a "fate" either00:00
TakyojiI noticed that Web of Trust is apparently advocating the "Save MySQL" petition00:01
Obsidian1723hmmmmm ok00:01
Obsidian1723Kinda scary.. Oracle owns MySQL, Siebel, Java, OpenOffice.org and quite a few other things as well. They are the "Microsoft" of the database world right now.00:01
TakyojiThe only remaining competitor is PostgreSQL supposedly00:02
Obsidian1723yeah...unless someone comes up with something new.00:05
Obsidian1723My main concern right now is OpenOffice, as I use that more often.00:05
TakyojiI also use OpenOffice00:06
Takyojijust would be interesting to see more active of development (in terms of an end user)00:06
TakyojiIt feels like one of the big project that doesn't get much love00:07
TakyojiIt'll be interesting what will come of the GUI recreations for Blender and OpenOffice00:07
Obsidian1723nopers... maybe that will change, but Oracle now has StarOffice, and they may push that more... just like they may push tr MySQL.heir Oracle datab ase and their own version of Linux ove00:07
Obsidian1723nopers... maybe that will change, but Oracle now has StarOffice, and they may push that more... just like they may push trheir Oracle database and their own version of Linux over MySQL00:08
Obsidian1723fixed typos00:08
_diablois there any way to grep for a file without a certain extension? e.g. looking for all media files not type .ogg00:44
Takyojils | grep "search query"00:44
Takyojiotherwise that would be just of one folder00:45
_diablomore like ls|cat > foo.txt .... then grep -n foo.txt ogg00:46
_diablobut the opposite00:46
TakyojiOh, anything that's NOT ogg.00:47
_diabloyeah, exactly00:48
TakyojiI know the regular expressions for a not is something like [^not-this]+00:48
TakyojiErm; that's not exactly it..00:48
tonyyarussoHowdy folks!01:00
tonyyarussoShall we meeting it up a bit?01:00
_diablotonyyarusso, indeed01:00
tonyyarussoAgenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/MeetingAgenda , as always - feel free to add to it if you have something in mind.01:00
tonyyarussoCosmicPizza_, exigraff, h00k, jenkinbr, kermit, mr_steve, ripps, sparklehistory, Takyoji, zomGreg: meeting ping01:01
h00kslash meetingpong01:01
tonyyarussoI thought we should start with Ubuntu Hour discussion, since that seems to have the most traction.01:02
h00kpong, ACK, whichever we prefer.01:02
tonyyarussoIs there anyone who wasn't present for our previous discussions of it or still has questions about the concept?01:02
tonyyarussoSeeing none, we'll move on.01:03
h00kI have some tri-fold brochures that I made up for the Karmic Release Party that might be easily tweakable for handing out, if this helps.01:03
h00ktonyyarusso: you may remember these01:03
tonyyarussoSo we've discussed a bit over the last few months, but nothing has actually been put down on paper yet.  I'd like to change that this week.01:03
tonyyarussoh00k: yeah, those are nifty.01:03
tonyyarussoh00k: Note that if handing out flyers you may need to check with the venue mgmt, depending on the place.01:04
h00ktonyyarusso: correct.01:04
_diabloTakyoji, locate /home/foo/|grep "\.ogg$" | sed s/ogg$//g01:04
tonyyarussoI'll start by saying that personally my days are rather open at the moment, although my schedule may get a bit more defined starting March 1st.  In the meantime, I'm thinking Thursday afternoons at either the Caribou Coffee at Snelling and B in Roseville or the Barnes & Noble across the street in Har Mar will be my weekly hangout.01:05
_diablotonyyarusso, I think mr_steve and I are going to do an ubuntu hour downtown mpls on friday01:05
tonyyarussoanyone else in that vicinity?01:05
tonyyarusso_diablo: sweet - any locations in mind?01:05
_diablotonyyarusso, mr_steve is looking into that. we're thinking a small coffee shop by mctc by the 16 line01:06
tonyyarussoah, cool01:06
tonyyarusso_diablo: btw, the place I'd be headed after mine on Thursday is MCTC, so if you ever want to do a Thursday over there that could work for me as well.01:07
tonyyarussosparklehistory: either of those plausible for you to join in on?01:07
tonyyarussoany outstate ones in the works from h00k or Takyoji ?01:07
h00ktonyyarusso: I'm drawing up plans for one in Superior at a local coffee shop called Red Mug01:08
* Takyoji tries to pulls his attention away from World of Goo gameplay01:08
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: I could possibly do the one out by you depending on what time you were thinking01:08
h00kperhaps an hour on a weekend (saturday/sunday) where I can get some homework done, also.01:08
tonyyarussosparklehistory: I have a lull between classes, so about 3:30 to 5:30, possibly with half an hour lopped off either end for food.01:09
TakyojiPrompting if I've attempted to start an Ubuntu Hour in my area?01:10
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: I get done with class at 3 so 3:30 would work for me.01:10
tonyyarussosparklehistory: okay.  Do you have any preference between B&N (cheap, all ports open on the wifi) and CC (purchase required, non-web ports blocked)?01:11
tonyyarussoTakyoji: yeah01:11
TakyojiIf I had someone else in the area to assist I most likely would01:12
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: uh, not really?  Perhaps B&N would be better from that description but it doesn't make a difference to me.01:13
tonyyarussoYou don't need assistance - you just need to sit there! :P01:13
tonyyarussosparklehistory: 'k01:13
_diablosorry, i was disconnected01:14
jenkinbrmeeting :)01:14
jenkinbrsorry i walked in late01:14
jenkinbrwasn't connected yet01:14
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Plan to start just by sitting around with a stock theme so people notice.  If you want to upgrade to handing out material and talking to people you can do that when ready.01:15
tonyyarussoalthough at least having a couple of live CDs for people who ask would be A Good Idea01:15
jenkinbrtonyyarusso, +101:15
h00kI concur.01:15
jenkinbralways have the liveCD's handy01:15
h00kI'll probably have documentation on the MN LoCo and WI LoCo since I'm on the border between WI and MN, basically01:16
jenkinbrprobably a few of each flavor, if you can muster it01:16
_diablotonyyarusso, will you be talking to people unprompted?01:16
_diabloand will you be using your computer?01:16
tonyyarusso_diablo: not to start at least.  I'll be chillin' with my netbook.01:16
TakyojiI always have a LiveCD on hand; pretty much anywhere I go. xP01:17
_diablotonyyarusso, so you'll be using your computer, or just have it facing out towards people01:17
tonyyarusso_diablo: using01:17
tonyyarussoEnable a few desktop effects, do some nifty multi-tasking, make the people behind you double-take :)01:17
h00kdesktop cube works nicely01:18
_diablookay, fair enough, I'm just worried that people won't ask. I use my computer all the time and no one does that :-/01:18
_diablocube and wobbly windows01:18
tonyyarusso_diablo: you may be right.  We can adjust as people are comfortable.01:19
tonyyarussoI have a lot of people ask at school, but not in general public.01:19
tonyyarussoDo what you're willing to try, see what happens, adjust as appropriate - there aren't strict rules other than "don't piss off the venue".01:19
tonyyarussoOkay, so it sounds like we have a St. Paul, a Mpls, a Duluth, and maybe something south at least.  That's a decent start.01:20
tonyyarussoSo what I'd like to see with each of those is:01:20
tonyyarusso1)  Finalize your plan.01:20
tonyyarusso2)  Announce it on the mailing list01:20
tonyyarusso3)  Uh, do it.01:20
tonyyarusso4)  Report how it went01:21
tonyyarusso5)  Repeat!01:21
tonyyarussoSound good?01:21
TakyojiSo when approximately would the meeting start? I have some ideas to throw on the agenda01:21
tonyyarussoTakyoji: hrm?  We're meetinging right now - go ahead and add them to the bottom.01:21
h00ktonyyarusso: although mine might be technically in WI, depending on where I go01:22
tonyyarussoLastly on that topic, I've started poking around with some ideas of web site publicity for this, namely adding them to our calendar and hopefully adding them to a map as well, so people can find one near them.01:22
tonyyarussoh00k: right01:22
tonyyarussoCalendar is easy, but I could use a volunteer to do a little more research into the Geo Drupal modules - I've installed a few, but need you to poke around with them a bit and see what's the best fit for what we need.01:23
tonyyarussoCan I get someone willing to do that?01:23
tonyyarussodon't all jump up at once now :P01:25
jenkinbrI'm not entirely sure what we want to do with them, but I can poke around when I have a few spare minutes if someone is willing to fill me in.01:26
h00ktonyyarusso: can I ask who actually purchased the domain name?01:26
tonyyarussojenkinbr: all right, I can try to explain what I'm thinking later.01:26
tonyyarussoh00k: Me.01:26
h00ktonyyarusso: that's what I thought, okay.01:26
tonyyarussoJust renewed it too.01:26
tonyyarussoall right, next up01:26
tonyyarussoThis next one was actually Takyoji's idea.01:27
tonyyarussoSomething about if people would like to put down on paper that they're willing to do such and such amount of work each week, from what I gather.01:27
tonyyarussoTo me it sounded a bit like the 5-a-day effort, which has been rather successful in the bug world.01:27
tonyyarussoCare to explain more Takyoji ?01:27
TakyojiHold on, I'll just copy/paste what I was writing on the page01:28
Takyoji"Set a general goal of what each participating user should accomplish. Mostly in regards of how much time taken. For example, at least 5 hours of volunteer work before the next monthly meeting. Anything from packaging, bug reporting/fixing, marketing materials, documentation, writing content (for the website, for Spread Ubuntu, etc)."01:28
Takyojiand when I say a goal, I mean overall perhaps.01:28
TakyojiThis would be to have people potentially more active with contributing, people could be asking on the channel for help or ideas of what to do, which would help increase discussion on this channel a little bit more01:29
_diabloyeah, that would be good01:30
tonyyarussoSo would this be basically a bragging rights thing, like Launchpad karma?01:30
Takyojiunless if we can think of more incentive for it somehow01:30
h00kLoCo Karma of sorts?01:30
h00kgold stars from tonyyarusso!01:30
Takyojiit would also be nice to have a "bookkeeper"/"secretary"01:30
TakyojiWhereas that person would be who everyone would report to01:30
_diabloTakyoji, I will be willing to do that01:31
TakyojiAnd if they don't hear from someone, they can be the one to remind them01:31
_diabloI'm an econ major, so I like spreadsheets01:31
tonyyarussoYou know, I actually came across a few drupal modules for timekeeping and "upvoting" users - they could be useful for this.  ie, "oh hei, I did 6 hours of work this month, including A, B, and C!", "tonyyarusso likes this"01:31
tonyyarussoThat would allow people to be their own secretary - just submitting directly to the database.01:32
Takyojithus having someone reminding people would be a nice thing to keep people on task, and put people in more of a mindset of contributing, rather than just doing it once and forgetting about it01:32
tonyyarusso_diablo: spreadsheets boo, RDMS yay!01:32
TakyojiA few other interesting ideas would be to consider if we should find other collaborative tools, like Google Wave, for contributing content for the website or something01:33
* mr_steve reads the scrollback...01:33
tonyyarusso_diablo: so I can talk to you about figuring out that kind of infrastructure and the reminding bit?  Could you also do a writeup of the concept and post to the mailing list?  (probably want to note that we're not requiring time - just letting people gloat about it)01:33
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Wave is silly until it's non-private.01:34
_diablotonyyarusso, I can make it effectively non-private01:34
_diabloI have something like 40 invites I can hand out01:34
tonyyarussoWell, I still think it's silly in general, but at least non-useful until then :P01:34
Takyojithere's also Etherpad, but then that might be too simple01:34
Takyojiand yay, I actually had a reasonable idea for once!01:35
tonyyarussoEven if we have invites _diablo, I don't think most people want to sign up for yet another service.  This is why I'm working on making our web site use Launchpad OpenID as the primary authentication.01:35
TakyojiMy life is now complete.01:35
_diablotonyyarusso, okay, fair enough. although I do think that everyone that uses linux probably has a google account01:35
_diablotonyyarusso, and I can maintain things and be the annoying person checking up on others, but as far as setting up a web infrastructure, I will be less than useless01:36
tonyyarussoOkay, so between Takyoji and _diablo we'll hope to see an Action Item on that completed before next month and we can get a report then on what comes next.01:36
tonyyarusso_diablo: ah, noted.01:36
tonyyarusso_diablo: I can do the actual installing and stuff - you'd be more telling people how to use it and checking the results.01:36
_diablotonyyarusso, I'm cool with that01:37
tonyyarussoOkay, next up is the t-shirt thing.01:37
tonyyarussoThe update on that is that there's some interest, but not a ton (the survey so far has 10 shirts, I think 7 or 8 people, as interest expressed).01:38
tonyyarussoI think it would be wise to try to talk about it a bit more before doing anything, and what we really need is someone to just mention it a few times on the mailing list, solicit ideas, and try to get people excited about the concept.01:39
tonyyarussoBasically we got responses from the people who have come on IRC, but nobody else.  I think that's because we basically just thrust a survey e-mail on the list with no background at all, so people we're a bit surprised by it.01:39
tonyyarussoWould someone like to step up to look after the follow-up on that, getting people excited about having branded shirts to wear around and have for group events and such?01:40
tonyyarussoThis one's just writing a few e-mails - no real work required at this point, so it's low-hanging fruit for someone who hasn't volunteered for anything yet.01:40
mr_steveWhat're we talking about here, just sort of a "Hey, we're thinking about ordering t-shirts, what does everyone think?" or what?01:42
tonyyarussomr_steve: kind of like that, but less open-ended.  Don't just ask totally to the blue - be a salesman.01:42
mr_steveheh, that's never been my strong suit, just ask RadioShack :)01:43
tonyyarussoIt's a bandwagon mentality thing.  If people think it's exciting and popular, it will be.  If they think it's just one guy posting a totally open question, it will be.01:43
tonyyarussoYou can always write up your message in Gobby and have people here comment on it before sending if you'd like.01:44
TakyojiHow about: a couple of us interested in the idea get together (just IRC though) and just discuss it further into details01:44
mr_steveHere's where I'm at with this: If no one else steps up, I'll take a crack at it, and I'll definitely write something up and discuss it here first for some improvements01:45
tonyyarussoThat would work as well, as long as there are actually two or more people on paper as interested in following up.01:45
tonyyarussoSo if Takyoji and mr_steve would like to coordinate with follow-up, we're good to go.01:45
mr_steveWorks for me, Takyoji?01:45
TakyojiWorks for me as well01:46
tonyyarussoThe last thing I see on here is starting to talk about Lucid release events.01:46
tonyyarussoI basically just wanted to get this on everyone's radar, and open if for any ideas people may already have, and get you thinking about it if you don't.01:46
h00kI'm going to talk with the Wi LoCo about getting perhaps a few around the state happening.01:46
h00kand maybe I'll make a trip over the bridge to MN for one01:47
tonyyarussoRelease is scheduled for Thursday, 29 April, which means events could be that evening, the evening of Friday 30 April, all day Saturday 1 May, and/or afternoon/evening Sunday 2 May.01:47
mr_steveAll I've got on the subject is that if something is set up, with a large enough venue, I'm willing & able to put up flyers at my school01:47
_diablotonyyarusso, I'll attend an event. I will also post flyers at my school01:47
tonyyarussoFor the Twin Cities I strongly suspect we'll have access to TIES again, which gives us room for quite a few people.01:48
tonyyarussoAs for flyers, the important thing is to start early.  We need to finalize dates/times/locations in time to send that info to System76, who will in turn print and mail us nice half-sheet flyers for FREE, which we can then put up at schools, coffee shops, etc.01:48
tonyyarussoBut, printing and mailing takes time (a week or two iirc), and putting up takes a couple of weeks, and then they should be up in time to give people a few weeks notice as well.01:49
TakyojiAs a sidenote; how about the nice little Ubuntu stickers? :P01:49
Takyoji"Powered by Ubuntu"01:49
mr_steveDefinitely have to start as early as possible with fliers, since I have no idea what the posting approval process at MCTC is like01:49
tonyyarussoYeah, we can get those too.  I have probably 75 still even now.01:49
TakyojiCould get some of those as well; and bring them to the installfest infact, if anyone wants any01:50
h00kTakyoji: those are also provided by System76 if you're interested in being a "System76'er" they will send a bunch01:50
h00kI have approx 75 or so left, also01:50
h00kAlso superkeys (generally the windows logo key)01:50
tonyyarussoMost schools you just have to find someone in the Student Life office (or similar) and get them to stamp it.  It's pretty quick, but needs doing.  Driving around to schools, coffee shops, community centers, libraries, and actually walking around posting them takes time though.01:50
_diablomr_steve, at least at UMN, you can just post stuff. ppl tear it down eventually, but there's not really a policy01:51
tonyyarussoI really really really want to see *5* release events for Lucid.  Northeast, Northwest, West Metro, East Metro, and South should *all* have at least one.01:51
mr_steveYeah, MCTC requires a stamp from Student Life, which presumably is just a drop-in affair, but they could be busy and have a backlog, I dunno01:52
_diablotonyyarusso, do we have a large enough populace for that? and location01:52
tonyyarussoh00k, ripps: This would be a good time to give that school from last time a ring btw.01:52
_diabloI assume we want at least 10 ppl at each event01:52
h00ktonyyarusso: good call, in Duluth, yeah.01:52
tonyyarusso_diablo: Even 4 people is a party.01:52
tonyyarusso_diablo: but properly advertised I think we do.  We've been terrible at getting the word out before because we've always started too late.  Talking about it now, we can make it happen if people put in the effort.01:53
h00kand encourage people of all ages, sexes, experiences01:53
tonyyarussoRemember that they don't all have to be highly organized things like the one at TIES.  h00k's dinner / drinks thing was great, and totally low-key to organize.01:54
h00kAlso, optional alcoholic drinks, make sure it's not limited to some place that might be restrictive of drinks01:54
tonyyarussoWe'll get into location details more in the future, but start thinking about it.01:55
tonyyarussoAny other things people want to mention in our last 5 minutes here?01:55
h00kMy name is Anthony, and I love Ubuntu.01:56
_diabloMy name is Marcos, and I don't mind Ubuntu.01:57
_diabloeh, it's sadly true.01:57
_diablobut I do love GNU/Linux01:57
TakyojiAnyone in the general south-ish/central area, I'd be willing to attend01:57
mr_steveMy name is steve, and I haven't run a non-free O/S (on bare hardware) in 180 consecutive days :)01:57
jenkinbrMy name is Brian and I cuddle up every night with an Ubuntu Bear!!!!01:58
_diablomr_steve, yay!01:58
jenkinbrOK, maybe not THAT extream...01:58
jenkinbrbut I still love Ubuntu01:58
TakyojiOoo, Ubuntu bear01:58
_diabloI actually do have a plush Tux >.<01:58
jenkinbrwait, shouldn't it be a tux?01:58
mr_steveSeriously though, I missed the Ubuntu Hour part of the meeting, so _diablo, if you've got a few minutes after we wrap up, we can hammer out some details01:59
_diabloI'll take him to Ubuntu Hour mr_steve01:59
TakyojiMan; we should be merchandising all types of stuff at these LoCos. :P01:59
_diabloyeah, sounds good man01:59
TakyojiShirts, stickers, stuffed Tux, etc. :P01:59
tonyyarussoTakyoji: That would be fun :)01:59
jenkinbrwell, I'm out01:59
jenkinbrgotta make a phone call01:59
tonyyarussoThanks for coming everybody!  That went well.01:59
tonyyarussoFeel free to keep chatting as usual of course.01:59
TakyojiIf I make up some money, I may actually be willing to follow-through with such an idea. :P01:59
mr_steveIt's always a blast, hopefully I can start attending the entire meeting, eventually. got a 1yr old boy here, makes scheduling difficult02:00
_diablomr_steve, yeah, I understand that.02:01
_diablomr_steve, Friday at what time? also, have you looked into coffee places around mctc?02:01
mr_steve_diablo: I'm out of class at 11:40, so anytime after that is cool. I'm looking for places near the 16 route now, probably in the vincinity of the hennipen light rail station?02:02
_diablomr_steve, sounds good.02:02
mr_steveIt's actually on my way home, so it works well for me to meet you somewhere in that area02:03
_diablomr_steve, I'm available from 12:15 to 4:4002:03
_diablocan be over there by 12:30 at the latest02:03
_diablomr_steve, do you text? it might be good to be able to coordinate that way02:06
_diabloas we get closer to friday02:06
mr_steveI do text. I don't have a phone though, just google voice, so I can't always reply right away02:08
_diabloah, fair. <3 gVoice. I'm using that one too02:09
mr_steveSo I'm kind of at a toss-up between a Dunn Bros or this Ambrosia Coffee place, 430 1st Ave N #10102:09
_diabloI lean towards ambrosia, but we can figure out if it sucks when we get there02:10
mr_steveYeah I try to stay away from the chains, myself. Let's tentatively plan for Ambrosia, and maybe I'll bring the map of alternates along02:11
mr_steveAnd I'll have a phone in a couple weeks once I get my loan money, that'll make planning things a bit easier I imagine02:12
mr_steve_diablo: I almost forgot, but I also wanted to go over the format a little bit here. I'm thinking this first one at least will be very informal, we won't talk to the management, keep it low key, get a feel for what we're doing02:19
mr_steveYanno, just sit and talk Ubuntu and see if anyone nearby gets curious02:19
mr_stevesound good to you?02:20
_diablosounds great02:20
rippsdang, I missed the meeting, didn't I?02:21
_diabloI'll partition my hard drive and set up an ubuntu boot02:21
_diabloripps, yeah02:21
rippsWhy did the meeting have to be during House?02:21
mr_steveI'll just have my netbook most likely, so I won't be able to show off the eye candy. Maybe I'll drag the laptop along too, we'll see. 12:30, 13:00, something like that?02:21
_diabloyeah. I'll be there right around 12002:24
mr_steveAlrighty then, I'm gonna wander off and do some more homewerk, keep in touch02:25
mr_stevebtw, is anyone runnin lucid yet? I'm considering updating at least one of my machines to check it out.03:15
_diablomr_steve, I have a virtualbox that's going fine03:18
TakyojiI feel like the insane maniac to dual-boot it on my 9.10 desktop03:19
Takyojialthough if I were to use it primarily; then there wouldn't be as much of an isolation factor than when using it in Virtualbox (in terms of reproducability and other factors perhaps)03:21
TakyojiI guess I probably should though03:23
mr_steveI might give it a shot on my netbook to see if it fixes the crash I get with my wireless drivers. Tho it'll probably just make it worse...03:45
_diablomr_steve, probably, but won't hurt (more than 6 hours) to try03:46
TakyojiAnyone know how to checkout code from a code branch on Launchpad?04:09
TakyojiI'm compelled to poke at the loco-directory projects perhaps04:09
mr_steveTakyoji: bzr clone <branch-url>04:16
mr_steveI think, it's been a while04:17
mr_steveahha, actually bzr branch lp:loco-directory04:18
mr_stevethat should create your own local branch, which you can then edit, commit, etc, and eventually send a merge-request if you have changes you want to contribute04:20
TakyojiSomething that would be useful to be done in regards of the Spread Ubuntu project or something would be to have various statistics (facts though, not necessarily percentages that deal with users or probability) that could be used in marketing materials04:44
TakyojiLike a record of contributors, code, all the projects it comprises of, etc04:44
TakyojiLeaving for the night04:45
TakyojiI suppose I have a reasonable suggestion: We should also keep record of meeting minutes as well23:39
mr_steveTakyoji, that'd probably be nice. We have the logs, but concise minutes would definitely be more useful23:39
TakyojiIt would pretty much almost just be "answering" the agenda23:45
mr_steveYeah, basically.23:46
mr_steveSomeone could probably just do it after the fact, from the logs23:46

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