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cjohnstonnewz2000: ping me when you come around please15:01
newz2000hey, I'm here15:01
cjohnstonbug 51580815:02
newz2000what's happening?15:02
cjohnstonthe hashes15:02
newz2000oh, ok15:02
cjohnstonif that page exists, i agree that it needs to be kept up to date15:02
cjohnstoni know you had mentioned something about you didnt think it should be maintained by the webmasters or something15:03
cjohnstoni dont completely remember what15:03
newz2000I'll have to refresh my memory15:03
* cjohnston hopes synergy gets fixed when he reboots15:04
cjohnstonim tired of this bug15:04
cjohnstonno synergy  :-(15:05
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