KaiForceJayCool:  much obliged00:00
JayCoolKaiForce,  NP I hope thats the right thing you needed00:00
mazda01_when i issue lshw, it says my eth1 is disabled. anyone tell me why00:00
rainbowinfinitycan anyone help me instal my printer???00:01
airtonix!repeat > rainbowinfinity00:01
ubotturainbowinfinity, please see my private message00:01
hiexpohow do i change the color of my text shown is always gray hard to see / using xchat00:01
airtonixhiexpo, , xchat window : settings > advanced > text events >>> scroll to > "Your Message"00:01
tannerwhat is the application name for the 'Disk Utility' in 9.10?00:02
JayCooltanner,  what do you need to do with your disk ?00:02
airtonixtanner, you can find out for yourself by editing the menu00:02
tanneri want to launch the application00:02
tannerairtonix: that seems a bit excessive just to get the name of the application00:03
mazda01_tanner, palimpsest00:03
M1DLGpcI am having trouble understanding how to get grub fixed, after reinstalling XP in first partition, i've tried the wiki howto, but i just dont understand00:03
tannerthank you mazda01_00:03
airtonixtanner, regardless its something you can do for yourself00:03
arandM1DLGpc: So have you mounted the ubuntu drive?00:03
tannerairtonix: that's a shitty solution to provide in a channel dedicated to a distro that is meant to be user friendly00:03
mazda01_tanner, as long as you understand you can find out the command for any application by editng the main menu00:03
mazda01_when i issue lshw, it says my eth1 is disabled. anyone tell me why00:03
airtonixtanner, and i disagree that it is excessive... terraforming a planet is exessive... editing a menu is trivial00:04
JayCoolhey guys be nice00:04
M1DLGpcarand, i have no idia whats mounted and whats not00:04
tannerairtonix: yeah, that attitude will really take Ubuntu far.00:04
airtonixtanner, your point is ?00:04
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M1DLGpcsounds like theres either trolling or baiting here00:05
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JayCoolnah they are both good people , they just disagree00:05
arandM1DLGpc: First, start a terminal..00:06
airtonixhiexpo, more info here : http://t0x.in/xchattextevents.html00:07
M1DLGpcarand, started00:07
arandM1DLGpc: you are on a liveCD now right?00:07
M1DLGpcon that machine00:07
M1DLGpcI'll have to copy everything over00:07
arandM1DLGpc: Ok, now run "sudo fdisk -l" which will list all the partitions on there, one of them should be "ext" filesystem which would be the ubuntu partition.00:08
arandM1DLGpc: Note which one that is, name is normally sda# (# being a number)00:09
M1DLGpci think sda500:09
_TristanI have this problem: http://i45.tinypic.com/2hqar2r.png (my controls are broken) tell me how to fix it and I'll give you $3000:10
arandM1DLGpc: ok, then you create a directory "sudo mkdir /media/tmpdir"...00:11
hiexpoairtonix, - ok i went there and there was a code there but what do i do to change the color?00:11
tahow can I move the menu bars from one monitor to the other in extended desktop? I have the menu bar on the right monitor, but I want to move it to the monitor on left00:11
M1DLGpcarand, I have 2 i think it might be sda2 and sda5 sda2 is w95 ext'd (LBA) and the other just is linux00:11
JayCoolclick on it00:11
JayCoolM1DLGpc,  you can fire up gprated to see this in a gui00:12
arandM1DLGpc: And then mount this partition to that directory "sudo mount /dev/sda# /media/tmpdir" (# again being the number of the ubu partition)00:13
ZykoticK9mupen64plus (cli version from google repository, gui in Ubuntu repo currently broken), A & B buttons backwards on my N64 controller -- a week-or-so ago asked in the channel if anyone knew how to swap them and was directed to ~/.config/mupen64plus where i eventually found mupen64plus.cfg (different config file from GUI version), and was able to simply change Button A to 5 and Button B to 4 (or vice-versa) and my problem was fixed!  Reinstalled MythBuntu a00:14
ZykoticK9nd now the cfg doesn't have anything to change under input (it's blank for all 4 controllers) - i tried installing the GUI version to see if that made any difference (it of course does not) --- SO my question is: does anyone have a mupen64plus.cfg file configured for an N64 controller what would be willing to share there SDL input section with me?00:14
M1DLGpcgparted errors with cant have overlaping partitons00:14
arandM1DLGpc: hmm, that might be a sign of some other problem...00:15
_Tristanhttp://i45.tinypic.com/2hqar2r.png fix this problem and I'll give you $30.00:15
JayCoolM1DLGpc,  you didn't change anything right? it just said that on start up?00:15
M1DLGpcno changes00:16
M1DLGpcI can use gparted, grub however (at least the following of the wiki) has me confused00:16
mrpinkyi created an "install" target in the makefile for my library, which just cp's the library to /usr/lib and chmod 755, and cp's the header to /usr/include and chmod 755. is there a "proper" way to create an "install" target in the makefile for my library?00:16
M1DLGpcarand, I have that ok00:16
Stormx2_Tristan: sudo rm /root/.themes && sudo ln -s /home/yourusername/.themes /root/.themes00:16
Stormx2_Tristan, sudo rm -rf /root/.themes && sudo ln -s /home/yourusername/.themes /root/.themes <-- sorry, try this00:17
arandM1DLGpc: It may be that the partition table is incorrect, in which case just reinstalling grub might not solve everything, we could try though..00:17
Jinxwaredoes anyone have an elantech touchpad that is incorrectly detected as a usb mouse?00:17
_TristanStormx2: did not do it00:18
Stormx2_Tristan: Try logging out and in.00:18
_TristanStormx2: tried that too00:18
Stormx2Just now?00:18
M1DLGpci'll run spinrite when I reboot after the fix assuming we get the fix00:18
_TristanI tried those two things in order many times before00:18
JayCool_Tristan,  this is an issue with the theme engine i don't think that will work , it's broken and cant find the engine :(00:19
arandM1DLGpc: ok, after mounting it, run the command "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/tmpdir /dev/sda#" (# again...) which will reinstall grub.00:19
M1DLGpcarand, instaling xp has a nasty effect on any hdd.....00:19
_TristanJayCool: I have a live CD and everything works fine on that... can't I just copy over the right files?00:20
arandM1DLGpc: hm, in theory, it shouldn't...00:20
hiexpook figured it out thanks00:20
M1DLGpc--root is unreconised00:21
SaEeDhi everyone, my Display in ubuntu is corrupted and everything is now over sized, and when i try to resize the display resolution it doesnt event detect my default one which is "1280x1024"00:21
SaEeDhow do u think i can fix it ? :(00:21
hiexpomuch better00:21
TrekSaEeD: sounds like an issue with your system, you tried running off a LiveCD to see if it works?00:21
SaEeDi tried the " dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" but no luck00:21
JayCool_Tristan, you can try copying the /usr/share/themes/ Murina Over to your HD from the CD00:21
SaEeDwell, windows works fine without anyproblem00:22
pwnedulongtimehow do I install ubuntu on my iPad?00:22
SaEeDi even reinstalled the xserver-xorg but still it didnt fix the problem00:22
chat70052to saeed: try to reinstall vga drivers00:22
JayCooldude you dont have a ipad and if you did that was a stupid purchase00:22
looterhow do i open my website files in /var/www through GUI without having to use sudo through command line?00:22
lacitaI am setting up a 5TB+ partititon with a gpt partition table. The drive is comprised of 4x2TB in RAID5. To boot from this drive, I must have 2 boot partitionsa: a Dell Utility Partition (94.1Mb), and a FAT32 partition (2.01Gb) at the beginning of the drive. The placement of the Dell Utility partition is from sector 63 to 192779, The placement of the FAT32 partition should be from sector 192780 to 4401809. This is easy to set up using fdisk, however, there00:22
lacitais no gpt support in fdisk. I am trying to use parted, but cannot figure out how to define a partition by sector. Any ideas?00:22
timothy_u can try to purge the package00:23
arandM1DLGpc: If the error message is "Unrecognized option `--root'" then make sure it has no spaces after root.00:23
pwnedulongtimeJayCool, you're a smart boy00:23
lacitaYou tell'em Jaycool00:23
SaEeDi did , i use nvidia "Gforce 7300 LE" i installed the module but still doesnt work00:23
SaEeDeven i removed the module from the kernel and reinstalled it , but still didnt work :(00:23
_Tristanlooter: either chmod the folder or make a launcher with the command "gksudo nautilus /var/www"00:23
SaEeDthat is why i came here , i cannot think of anything else :(00:23
chat70052or drivers for monitor00:23
pwnedulongtimeif I had an ipad I'd probably use it to hit iphone users over the head with00:24
IdleOne!ot | pwnedulongtime00:24
ubottupwnedulongtime: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:24
SaEeDdriver for monitor?00:24
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meganerdlooter: add your use to the www-data group and make sure that the www-data group has write permissions00:24
JayCoolYour no fun you IR Cop!00:24
looterTristan: I would rather not change permissions....could you please expand on making a launcher....i would prefer edit all my files with scite. Thank you00:24
pwnedulongtime /join #ubuntu-ipad00:25
M1DLGpcarrand i various warnings followed by a error cannot read /grub/core.img correctly00:25
pwnedulongtimedamn it00:25
SaEeDwell it detects my monitor as "unknown" do you think it is causing this issue ?00:25
lootermeganerd: thank you.  that sounds like a viable option.00:26
JayCoolSaEeD,  My works Fine as unknown what video card are you useing?00:26
SaEeDNvidia Gforce 7300 LE00:26
meganerdlooter: also, you could create a shortcut to launch scite with sudo privs, the command would be "gksudo scite"00:27
SaEeDeverything was working fine till yesterday , and i didnt do anything00:27
meganerdlooter: then you should be able to open files from within scite00:27
JayCoolSaEeD,  Do you Have the Closed Source drivers installed?00:27
SaEeDi just tried to reboot to ubuntu and i faced to this problem00:27
SaEeDeven the module is loaded00:27
arandM1DLGpc: hmm, if you do "ls -l /media/tmpdir/boot/grub/core.img" does it show up?00:27
JayCoolSaEeD,  can you get to a GUI ?00:27
SaEeDi can see it with modprobe command00:27
amitesAnyone know how to roll back a set of updates? I marked "mark all upgrades" through synaptic package manager and ran it - can no longer load nvidia drivers / php00:28
SaEeDyes, but everything is over sized00:28
AlexJTanneri kind of need help00:28
Trek!ask | AlexJTanner00:28
ubottuAlexJTanner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:28
AlexJTannermy computer rebooted and all of a sudden it's down to 800x60000:28
AlexJTanneri am running ubuntu 9.1000:28
SaEeDAlexJTanner: i have same problem here now00:29
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AlexJTanneris it some sort of update00:29
AlexJTannerhow do we fix it00:29
Craig_DemCheck graphics card drivers00:29
ticocome body cal help me out with this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/51578600:29
SaEeDi dont know , the last thing i did wsa trying to compile QT framework for C++ programming00:29
AlexJTannerI don't have any properitary graphic cards00:29
paissadmates, i need an advice, a big one, .. actually i mistaken during a files copying to a dir ... but fortunately,  i have a backup of that directories (4 dirs) .... how must i use rsync to delete the directory & replace it by the backup .. a sort of downgrade00:29
AlexJTannerit's an onboard video card00:30
JayCoolSaEeD,  Press alt+f2 type "Terminal"  then run sudo nvidia-settings00:30
M1DLGpcarand, yes00:30
paissadi could use rm -rf dir1 dir2 dir3 and so on, .... but i expect rsync to just replace contents of that dirs00:30
paissadis it possible ?00:30
graniteliek hai00:30
JayCoolSaEeD,  you should see a nvida window you can now pick and apply and resolution00:30
SaEeDJayCool: yeah , the application setting is there , but it doesnt recognize my monitor00:31
ZykoticK9JayCool, SaEeD you should always use "gksu GUI_program" and not just sudo - it is important00:31
SaEeDJayCool: i tired that , but didnt work00:31
ardchoillepaissad: look into the --delete option to rsync00:31
xim_is the swap mount supposed to be shown when i type df -h? because i have a large swap partition that may not be getting used. I dont see it here00:31
_TristanJayCool: found an error message in ~/.xsession-errors:  Unable to locate theme engine in module_path00:31
arandM1DLGpc: Hmm, don't know what's wrong then, sure you havent misstyped the grub-install command, test adding a / at the end of tmpdir...00:31
paissadardchoille, that option deletes from the source or the destination ?00:31
meganerdxim_: swapon -s00:32
ardchoillepaissad: deletes from the destination, but read the man page anyway, several good options there00:32
M1DLGpcI fail.00:32
meganerdxim_: swap will not show in df00:32
xim_cool i see this now00:32
M1DLGpcthanks arand, i'll give it a miss for now, I'll try again tomorrow but earlier in the evening00:33
ardchoillepaissad: And make sure your rsync command is correct00:33
M1DLGpcthanks for the time arand00:33
meganerdxim_: htop is pretty good at showing mem usage (and swap), as is the GUI you get when you dbl-click the CPU graph applet00:33
paissadardchoille, i saw that option --delete, but i just wondered if i would delete knowing that the files in the destination dir are more recent00:33
JayCool_Tristan,  This is what i was afraid of , maybe re install GTK libs so it relinks to the engine?00:33
xim_meganerd, ah ya, i love htop, didnt think to use it00:33
arandM1DLGpc: No problem, sorry it wasn't fixed, I'm kind of scratching my head as to why...00:33
mkanyicyxim_, use 'free -m' to see the memory usage ans swap usage00:33
_TristanJayCool: what packages specifically? (I've reinstalled half the OS it seems)00:33
paissadardchoille, rsycn -av --delete source_dir dest_dir00:33
ardchoillepaissad: I use that option all the time, it works fine but make sure your rsync command is correct00:33
TimReichhartcould anybody tell me how I can create a symlink or cp from /usr/share/freeside/www  to var/www00:33
mkanyicyhow can we help you ubuntutwo ?00:33
paissadardchoille, ok00:34
mkanyicy!hi | ausberto00:34
ubottuausberto: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:34
ardchoillepaissad: That's the same command I use00:34
ubuntutwohay alguien que able español????00:34
arand!es | ubuntutwo00:34
ubottuubuntutwo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:34
ardchoille!es | ubuntutwo00:34
SaEeD_Tristan: do you have same problem with Xorg?00:34
_TristanSaEeD: I don't know00:34
JayCool_Tristan, Search for GTK and reinstall it and related items00:34
unloflhey there00:34
mkanyicyTimReichhart, 'sudo ln -s -d /usr/share/freeside/www /var/www'00:34
SaEeD_Tristan: the screen resolution changed to 800x800 ?00:35
TimReichhartmkanyicy: thanks00:35
graniteso i herd u liek mudkipz?00:35
_TristanSaEeD: nope00:35
unloflI'm trying to get ssl certs for several servers, whats the term for using chained certificates with a root authority? ie verisign signs my cert, which I use to sign certs for each of my servers00:35
mkanyicyTimReichhart, /var/www should not exist as a directory00:35
unloflI can't seem to google the correct term, "chained" seems to get me lots of self-signed ssl info00:35
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:35
ryanpriorHey there. I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I actually log in, each and every character of text is displayed as a box. What can I do to fix that? I already tried re-installing; just got done, same thing happens.00:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:35
TimReichhartmkanyicy: this is on ubunut-server00:35
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:36
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IdleOne!botabuse | granite00:36
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ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:36
ryanprior!botabuse | granite00:36
AlexJTannerI believe this issue is with my xorg.conf file00:36
mkanyicyIt does not matter TimReichhart00:36
granite!u mean00:36
mkanyicyhow can we help you ekim ?00:36
AlexJTannerso I am actually going to boot up my live cd that I installed it with that worked and copy the xorg.conf file00:36
SaEeDis there anywhere that i can see the logs of Xorg ?00:36
mkanyicy!hi rainbowinfinity00:36
mkanyicy!hi | rainbowinfinity00:36
ubotturainbowinfinity: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:36
graniteOkay, my real purpose here is to figure out how to install KDE on my ubuntu box (it runs gnome right now)00:37
ubuntutwohello. im from chile00:37
IdleOnegranite: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:37
ryanpriorgranite: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:37
granite!retard ubuntutwo00:37
JayCoolSaEeD,  /Var/ X or Xorg log it think  or in your home00:37
ekimmkanyicy:  not sure...just hanging out observing and reading...trying to learn.00:37
IdleOnegranite: please be civil00:37
mkanyicyekim, you welcome00:37
granite!botabuse granite00:37
mkanyicy!hi | MFen00:38
ubottuMFen: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:38
paissadis there no option for simulating operations of rsync command just as "aptitude -s update" for examle ! ...00:38
unloflI used to mess with xorg all the time, then I threw away my ati card :)00:38
* granite strokes beard00:38
MFenkarmic - compiz - all of a sudden my desktop started running in plain old gnome (metacity?) mode00:38
AlexJTannerI am actually going to use an ubuntu 9.04 live cd00:38
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I actually log in, each and every character of text is displayed as a box. What can I do to fix that? I already tried re-installing; just got done, same thing happens.00:38
unloflmfen - there is automatic failover.00:38
AlexJTannerbecause apparently ubuntu 9.10 does not create one00:38
unloflso if compiz crashes, all your apps continue running in "non-shiny" mode00:38
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JayCoolMFen,  you can re enable it in appearance Effects i think00:38
MFenunlofl: forever? this has persisted through several reboots. if i run compiz explicitly i get it00:38
mkanyicyMFen, google for 'compiz-check' and use it to debug whats wrong and take it from there00:39
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unlofltry "compiz --replace" to restart it and have it replace the running metacity (part of gnome) window manager00:39
unlofloh, well, not sure.  Try the compiz --replace thing, if that works then you know compiz still works and it isn't being started correctly at boot up00:39
ryanpriorI said 9.04 but I meant 9.1000:39
mkanyicyhow can we help you, starNIX ?00:39
MFencompiz --replace does start compiz00:39
MFenso it isn't being started correctly00:40
mkanyicy!HI | AresGodofWar00:40
ubottuAresGodofWar: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:40
starNIXjust hangin00:40
MFenunder appearance > effects it was set to "normal". i changed it to custom, i guess i'll restart and see what happens00:40
progre55hi people! is it possible to restrict a program/task to use only some certain percent of CPU?00:40
MFenthanks for the moral support so far :)00:40
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_TristanJayCool: didn't help00:40
MFeni'll try compiz-check rn00:40
mkanyicyprogre55, 'man nice'00:40
SaEeDwell according to the logs ox Xorg , it seems it got a problem with detecting my monitor00:40
coz_MFen,  I dont think compiz check is valid with recent versions00:40
progre55mkanyicy: thanks00:41
SaEeDis there anyway that i can install driver for monitor in ubuntu ?00:41
coz_MFen,  what is the issue?00:41
unloflmfen : good news!  the appearance effects is probably the correct way to config this, you can look into setting up your own x init script if the ubuntu configuration guis aren't setting something correctly00:41
MFencoz_: or available via apt, at any rate :)00:41
JayCool_Tristan,  Think About a re install maybe ?00:41
coz_MFen,  what are you looking for?00:41
MFenunlofl: so did it "fail over" to "normal"?00:41
JayCool_Tristan,  I Hate to say the word reinstalll00:41
MFencoz_: my compiz mysteriously stopped working. unlofl says this may be because it crashed at some point and was afraid to come back00:42
mkanyicy!hi | ogra00:42
ubottuogra: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:42
mkanyicyhow can we help you, bstempi ?00:42
coz_MFen,  mm   did you have a system update that included any xorg or kernel updates?00:42
bstempiyou can't00:42
JayCoolSaEeD,  You dont really need such drivers in linux and they dont really have many00:42
bstempiXChat just brought me here by default :p00:42
mkanyicybstempi, fine with me00:42
starNIXme too00:42
MFencoz_, unlofl: this probably happened because i took a hard drive out of my fast laptop and usb'd it into a loaner laptop00:42
mkanyicybstempi, enjoy your stay then00:43
bstempithanks :)00:43
JayCoolSaEeD,  myabe dabble with your xorg config ?00:43
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I log in every character of text is displayed as a box. I already tried re-installing, but that didn't fix it. In the LiveCD system, the text looks fine. Any ideas why it doesn't render right in an installed system?00:43
mkanyicy!hi | knoppies00:43
ubottuknoppies: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:43
coz_MFen,  are the video cards different in each one?00:43
MFenthe loaner laptop sucked. also, the usb setup wasn't ideal for running my home directory. it wouldn't surprise me if it crashed00:43
IdleOnemkanyicy: please stop using !hi to greet every user, you are adding to channel scroll00:43
coz_MFen,  well then there's the issue...you need to install the proper vide driver00:43
SaEeDmy Xorg.conf file is the file that created with NVida installet which used to work great until yesterday00:44
MFenanyway, i have the good laptop back now.  we'll see whether the effects setting was the problem00:44
mkanyicy!hi | IdleOne00:44
ubottuIdleOne: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:44
MFenso, brb doing that00:44
_TristanJayCool: a reinstall just to make my gtk2 engines work... baww00:44
rainbowinfinityi found someplace to download the drivers for a canon pixma mp250, but i am a real newbie, and I don't understand the directions...is there someone who might help me??00:45
mkanyicyryanprior, are you using kde (kubuntu) ?00:45
ryanpriorI am using standard Ubuntu 9.10, with Gnome.00:45
JayCoolrainbowinfinity,  you can try googleing it and seeing if theres a guide00:45
JayCoolrainbowinfinity,  I dont have one of hose or i'd help00:46
unloflrainbowinfinity: are you sure you need those drivers?00:46
unloflrainbowinfinity: you probably want something like the gimpprint driver which includes support for a bunch of different printers00:46
JayCool_Tristan,  try making another (user)account on your machine00:47
rainbowinfinityit keeps telling me that i need SANE or00:47
rainbowinfinityall the drivers i've tried already don't work..can't print test page00:48
jolarenHow do I turn off auto updates on my server? my root partition is full and I don't know how to solve it.. I dont have a usb unit or a cd rom reader00:48
mkanyicyjolaren, this is probably not a good suggestion but, you can comment out the entries of /etc/apt/sources.list00:50
_TristanJayCool: ok00:50
_TristanJayCool: gksudo has similar results, though.00:51
vi390hi, has someone experience with multutouchscreens and ubuntu? maybe even with the ACER T230H ?00:51
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vi390is the multitouch working?00:51
IdleOnerainbowinfinity: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8574002&postcount=200:51
JayCool_Tristan, ohh then that won't work very well :(00:51
_TristanJayCool: happen to know of a way to track the files that a program is using?00:52
_Tristanbecause if I knew where it was looking for murrine, I'd know where to put it/00:52
SaEeDhow can i kill Xorg processes? when i try to kill gnome or xorg processes using "kill -9 PID" it goes to gdm and i have to press Ctrl+alt+F2 to go back to terminal00:52
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SaEeDis there anyway that i can kill all X processes and drop to shell ?00:53
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functionofxyis anyone willing and able to help with the installation of the latest ati drivers?00:53
blakkheimdon't buy from ati - enemy of your freedom00:54
mkanyicySaEeD, you can go to single user mode by 'sudo init 1'00:54
JayCool_Tristan,  you can open Synaptic and type Murina and right click on the package select properties and look for "File List" or somthin00:54
coz_MFen,  so anything change?00:54
meganerdblakkheim: they have done better than nvidia as of late00:54
mkanyicyblakkheim, that is not true00:54
rwwblakkheim: ATI has free drivers that work fine.00:54
functionofxyblakkheim, i understand your opposition, but I need to install them nonetheless00:54
SaEeDmkanyicy: thankx alot, how can i got back to gdm afterwards?00:55
meganerdSaEeD: ctl+alt+F100:55
MrApplehey, is there anyone down for trying to gain root status on a linux based kernal?00:55
functionofxyi'm trying to install the latest fglrx 10.100:55
meganerdSaEeD: log in as usual "sudo service gdm stop"00:55
mkanyicySaEeD, CTRL+D00:55
jamieAnybody having trouble with boxee shutting off visual effects?00:55
MFencoz_: nope. it still doen't start up when gnome starts00:55
coz_MFen,  ok   in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga00:56
MFenoh, and effects is now set to None!00:56
JayCool_Tristan,  you can open Synaptic and type Murina and right click on the package select properties and look for "File List"00:56
mkanyicySaEeD, remember that a single user mode is what is so-called 'recovery mode' you dont want to make that your daily habit00:56
meganerdfunctionofxy: what ATI card do you have?00:56
functionofxyhd radeon 483000:56
proton23I'm having trouble to quit irc00:56
SaEeDmkanyicy: okay, thank you very much :)00:56
JayCoolAlot of ATI cards dont work right be warned!00:56
proton23somebody with the same empathy problem?00:56
mkanyicySaEeD, for everyday needs, you just do what meganerd told you00:57
functionofxymeganerd, i've got the latest .run file, but it won't generate .deb00:57
JayCoolyou can install pidgen00:57
MFencoz_: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT200 [GeForce GTX 260M] (rev a2)00:57
meganerdfunctionofxy: use "sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd"00:57
_TristanJayCool: I mean can I see what files a process is accessing?00:57
linxehJayCool: or pidgin00:57
MrApple hey, is there anyone down for trying to gain root status on a linux based kernal?00:57
meganerdfunctionofxy: you should use the radeonhd driver over the fglrx one00:57
coz_MFen,  ok  go to system/administration/hardware drivers00:57
mkanyicyi cannot install pidgin JayCool00:57
proton23JayCool: Thats why I ask00:57
coz_MFen,  see if any driver is enabled for that card00:57
functionofxymeganerd, aren't those old/not fully functional?00:57
proton23maybe its not a empathy problem00:57
dorkfaceHi all.  Is there a way to keep track of friends in steam (notifications of when they log in and log off) in ubuntu without actually installing steam?  I've already tried to install steam, but so far have not had any sucess.00:58
functionofxyI was under the impression that the fglrx 10.1 from ati is the top of the line00:58
MFencoz_: yes, it's enabled00:58
coz_MFen,   and  in terminal   run compiz &  and pastebin the out put00:58
functionofxymeganerd, especially for a dual-head 1080 setup00:58
mkanyicydorkface, i'ven't heard of ghost-steam00:58
meganerdfunctionofxy: other way around, radeonhd is the new driver that ATI hired Novel to write, full 3d support on HD devices.  It does not however work for older cards, only the new ones00:59
meganerdfunctionofxy: I cannot speak to dual head support, I only do that with Intel based devices these days00:59
functionofxymeganerd, fantastic! thanks for the advice. i'll be back in a few minutes to let you know how it goes00:59
JayCoolmkanyicy,  you need to enable community repos to get pidgin installed, find sources i preferences and enable all but source01:00
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I log in every character of text is displayed as a box. I already tried re-installing, but that didn't fix it. In the LiveCD system, the text looks fine. Any ideas why it doesn't render right in an installed system?01:00
mkanyicyi have pidgin, i was sacarstic01:00
rwwJayCool: no, you don't. Pidgin is in main.01:00
mkanyicyJayCool, I have pidgin, i was sacarstic01:00
MrApple hey, is there anyone down for trying to gain root status on a linux based kernal?01:00
JayCooloh nice hahah01:00
JayCoolthen whats wrong sister ?01:01
mkanyicy!hi | Harmf01:01
ubottuHarmf: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:01
JayCool_Tristan,  Selecting Properties on a package list all it's files it accesses most likely01:02
ikoniaMrApple: what is your problem ?01:02
JayCool_Tristan,  You should be able to find what it uses as described01:02
rwwmkanyicy: Please stop using !hi on random people joining the channel.01:02
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:03
mkanyicy!hi | rww01:03
ubotturww: please see above01:03
ikoniamkanyicy: stop now please01:03
GarakI just installed ubuntu for the first time, I must say its the first time in a while that a linux distro has impressed me01:03
ikoniamkanyicy: please use the bot sensibly not to spam people or cause noise in the channel01:03
_TristanJayCool: I can only see files it has open, not what its tried to open. Hoping to find "/where/its/looking/for/murrine.so" so that I can move the file to that place01:03
mkanyicyikonia, i heard you01:03
ikoniamkanyicy: great - so next time when rww asks, don't be smart and send him a !hi response01:04
mkanyicyikonia, are you bored?01:04
mkanyicyikonia, good01:04
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JayCool_Tristan, I Think you can Right Click on the Murina Package and look for the path of its Murnia.so file01:04
CarlFKonce you have installed, is there a way to go back and encrypt the whole thing? (both / and /home)01:05
_TristanJayCool: I know where it is, I just need to know where it needs to be01:05
_Tristanbecause gtk can't find it01:05
_Tristanso I need to know where gtk is looking01:05
JayCoolMaybe look for GTKs Config file01:06
* dinis van sendo hora de ir para a cama!01:06
JayCool*me ok01:06
JayCoolUbuntu 10.4 needs a new pretty theme! agreed?01:07
rwwJayCool: 10.04/Lucid discussion goes in #ubuntu+1, not here.01:07
mkanyicyJayCool, there is always a new pretty theme on each release01:08
JayCoolyou call those pretty ?01:08
arghh2d2if you like orange i suppose01:08
JayCoolhahaha jk01:08
_TristanI haven't really liked those01:08
boxfishLimp Llama or something isnt it ?01:08
rwwboxfish: Lucid Lynx01:08
mkanyicyJayCool, ok I rest my case, i rather stay on-topic01:08
_Tristanlucid lynx... and you know what that means. hijklM01:08
_TristanModest Mouse kthxbai.01:08
JayCoolmkanyicy,  are you a Ubuntu worker?01:09
arghh2d2you're high on drugs01:09
mkanyicyJayCool, no01:09
mkanyicyJayCool, why?01:09
Random832_Tristan; not mighty mouse?01:10
JayCoolidk i thought you where an IR Cop or something01:10
_TristanRandom832: no, definitely Modest Mouse01:10
mkanyicyarghh2d2, please keep this channel sober01:10
JayCoolWhere can i find Jono Bacon ?01:10
IdleOneJayCool: /whois jono01:10
boxfishLUG radio Jono ?01:10
boxfishNo idea01:11
arghh2d2mkanyicy: wtf?  even if i had drugs i wouldnt share with #ubuntu01:11
macoboxfish: you know he's the ubuntu community manager, right?01:11
mkanyicyJayCool, did you see the cops who tried arresting me?01:11
DevrethmanHow do I make ubunto make my function keys be function keys without having to hit fn?01:11
mkanyicyarghh2d2, hehhehe01:11
boxfishnaw, can't say I did...but that's nice01:11
arghh2d2mkanyicy: #debian maybe01:11
JayCoolhaha nice , IR Cops are no fun they get mad about everthing!01:11
rwwubottu: ot | JayCool, mkanyicy01:12
ubottuJayCool, mkanyicy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:12
arghh2d2#debian deserves all the credit in here01:12
ae86-drifterhow do i completely remove a mount point created with sshfs?01:12
mkanyicyhere we go again01:12
arghh2d2#ubuntu deserves all the blame01:12
macoJayCool: ya know, you're putting the space in the wrong spot. ircop = "irc op" = "irc operator"01:12
rwwarghh2d2: you too.01:12
arghh2d2rww: you three01:13
JayCoolrww stop it bro!01:13
rwwmkanyicy: I'd much rather you showed that by not repeatedly wandering off-topic and abusing the bot.01:13
ikoniaenough now - please01:13
JayCoolrww stop it bro!01:13
ikoniaJayCool: stop now, please01:13
arghh2d2rww stop!01:13
JayCoolwhat am i doing ?01:13
JayCoolback on topic!01:13
ae86-drifterrrw and JayCool, stop please01:13
JayCoolstop what ?01:14
arghh2d2you better stop now!01:14
ikonialast warning - please stop messing around01:14
ae86-drifteryou too arghh2d201:14
mkanyicyrww, you are getting me scared and uptight, im sorry, lets be all happy ... yyyaayy01:14
ae86-drifterwtf is going on01:14
ikoniaae86-drifter: control your language01:14
JayCoolkick ikona!01:14
JayCoolhahah jk01:14
ae86-drifterhow do i completely remove a mount made by sshfs?01:14
IdleOneae86-drifter: it was a miss kick01:14
ae86-drifterIdleOne, ok01:15
mkanyicianikonia, you gotta have a nerve to just kick me out of the blue01:15
mkanyicianikonia, without any solid warning?01:16
JayCoolhe feels like jesus!01:16
rwwae86-drifter: "umount /path/to/mountpoint" and then delete the mountpoint if you wish, I think.01:16
ikoniamkanyician: this is not the channel01:16
mkanyicianikonia, sorry i did not know its your house01:16
ae86-drifterrww, unmount not a command01:16
JayCoolok we are very off topic! Ubuntu suppurt questions ?01:16
rwwae86-drifter: umount, not unmount01:16
mkanyicianikonia, but please do not abuse  your power01:17
ae86-drifterrww umount: /home/nathan/murray is not mounted (according to mtab)01:17
ikoniagranite: please control your language01:17
IdleOnemkanyician: #ubuntu-ops if you want to continue discussing why you got kicked.01:17
ikoniamkanyician: please check your private messages01:17
graniteDaz noh langaje01:17
IdleOne!language | granite01:17
ubottugranite: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:17
JayCool!language | ikonia01:18
ubottuikonia: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:18
cjcopisshfs is fuse so use fusermount -u /mount/point01:18
rwwae86-drifter: try fusermount -u /path/to/mountpoint01:18
ZerHowdy.. has anyone had their system start with mountall: fsck /boot terminated with status 101:18
jolarenHow do I format a partition on my harddrive using terminal??01:18
Zerand it just hanging after that?01:18
rwwah, cjcopi beat me to it :)01:18
ae86-drifterrww thats it thx, sshfs wouldnt let me remount after a disconnect, that worked, thx01:19
JayCooljrib please kick ikona!01:20
_Tristanbaww, he was helping me.01:20
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.01:23
arghh2d2i'm afraid to say anything01:24
_Tristanobviously not too afraid :P01:24
sembuxdid this message went through ?01:24
IdleOnesembux: yes01:24
arghh2d2loud and clear sembux01:24
arghh2d2that message go through01:25
sembuxIdleOne: thank you .. something weird is going on with my irssi ( for example, #archlinux chanell - can't send any messages .. no explanation ).01:25
refre.Im   UsinG. H4cKeRzE01:25
IdleOnesembux: you need to register your nick01:25
arghh2d2sembux: register your nick01:25
_Tristanso, gtk2 still can't find any of its engines. If someone can help me help it, there's $30 in it for them.01:25
IdleOne!register | sembux01:25
ubottusembux: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:25
arghh2d2drat, beat me to it01:25
_Tristanthird time's a charm.01:26
MrAppleDoes anyone know anything about gaining root access on a linux based kernal?01:26
jolarenHow do I format a partition that is booted?01:26
ikoniaMrApple: what's the problem/question01:27
arghh2d2jolaren: unboot it01:27
_TristanMrApple: pop a live CD in there?01:27
IdleOnejolaren: use a live cd01:27
arghh2d2jolaren: the term is mounted01:27
jolarenarghh2d2; Can I do that even thought It's on the HDD which I use?01:27
MrAppleI need, well like, to gain root access on my Android Phone01:27
arghh2d2jolaren: a live cd01:27
ikoniaMrApple: that's not an ubuntu issue so not supported/on-topic for this channel01:28
arghh2d2jolaren: ubuntu live cd, or puppy linux is good if your hardware wont run ubuntu live01:28
jolarenarghh2d2; aight thx01:28
arghh2d2jolaren: n/p01:28
_Tristanwhere does gtk2 look for engines?01:28
MrAppleikonia, any recommendations for this? I figured you guys might be able to lend a hand to gaining root access to the phone, it hasn't been "hacked" just yet01:29
ikoniaMrApple: it's not on topic for this channel so please don't ask in this channel01:30
happyfaceHow can I get my multimedia keyboard working!?01:30
happyfacein Karmic01:30
arghh2d2happyface: i know how to do it in openbox01:31
happyfacein gnome, I mean01:31
happyfacethe one on my laptop works but not for my external keyboard01:31
arghh2d2happyface: google gnome multimedia keybind01:32
grace_irefox doesnt work pls help01:32
jolarenarghh2d2; trying to run DSL now01:32
grace_what should i do my firefox doesnt work01:32
infidswitch to chrome01:32
happyfacefirefox is still superior01:33
arghh2d2jolaren: i've never had as good o' luck with dsl as ive had with puppy01:33
grace_what should i do my firefox doesnt wor01:33
arghh2d2grace_: lynx01:33
happyfacegrace_: lynx01:33
grace_E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:33
grace_E: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:33
grace_what is this01:34
grace_ lynx ?01:34
jolarenarghh2d2; Oh, I truly HATE the gui of DSL01:34
grace_pls help me01:34
arghh2d2jolaren: all you need is gparted01:35
arghh2d2gregl: sudo apt-get install lynx   <--its a web browser01:36
rwwgregory_: did you run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"?01:36
jolarenarghh2d2; Cant find the terminal.. alt f2 doesnt work01:36
rwwgregory_: sorry, mistab :(01:36
jolarenarghh2d2; nvm found it01:36
KageWhat are peoples opinion of ubuntu changing its default search Engine to Yahoo....  Personally I don't see much that Yahoo does for open source, compared to google....  And this in many ways is stabbing Firefox/Mozilla in the back.            Plus, I think the majority of linux users use google anyways.01:36
Hustonhey is there a way to boost my wireless adapter range? i know i can do it in windows, but never tried to do it in ubuntu01:36
jrib!ot | Kage01:37
ubottuKage: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:37
arghh2d2i guess grace_ left, i tabspelt greg101:37
speedxxxcoreis there any well working nice gui for rsync? I need alot of verbose?01:37
MisterMomspeedxxxcore, grsync01:38
arghh2d2speedxxxcore: i dont think so...rysync's power is to be able to back shtuff up over network01:38
arghh2d2or maybe there is *shrug01:38
speedxxxcorearghh2d2: that's what I'm about to do..  I'm about to move 80gb over network01:39
speedxxxcoreand I like to know what is happening01:39
ZerDoes anyone know of a variant of the Ubuntu installer that will just download the whole thing?01:39
arghh2d2speedxxxcore: -v01:39
ZerI've got a worthless IPMI firmware that can't read from a CDROM for more than like 30 seconds without crashing, and need to install an OS anyway01:40
malneka very unrelated question, but do anyone here have a good idea as to what i should get as a domain name? Small blog and mail is primary use :)01:40
jolarenarghh2d2; i cant find gparted in dsl!01:40
Oddtodheya guys i'm currently running ubuntu netbook remix and i'd like to move to standard gnome interface is there any quick way to remove this netbook remix gui?01:40
jrib!ot | malnek01:40
hack4slashZer, unetbootin01:40
ubottumalnek: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:40
unopZer, install from USB or network?01:40
Zernetwork if at all possible01:40
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:40
arghh2d2jolaren: dsl might not use gparted, it is damn small after all01:40
malnekjrib, thanks :)01:41
arghh2d2jolaren: i recomend puppy.01:41
pythoneusHey guys.  I'm having trouble finding my wired connection on the laptop I just put ubuntu on.  Any ideas why that might be?01:42
skayhi, I want to have an encrypted partition running ubuntu on my macbookpro, and I'm not sure where to start. if I do a search for ubuntu disk encryption I don't get docs for karmic koala01:42
pythoneusIt's running off of some random person's wireless connection at the moment...01:42
wish^sudo this sudo that01:42
QuirklyI need some printer help, with xubuntu specifically, just need to know a command to get access to my shared printer on a windows machine on the network01:42
wish^its vista asking permission to perform an operation all over again01:42
ZerRight... but I don't have Windows on it, so installing from hard drive is a nonstarter01:42
wish^sudo instead of root is the worse they could have done01:43
wish^they fucked it over01:43
Seeker`wish^: watch your language01:43
james_Which Java do i install for firefox01:44
ZerYou can get into a root account01:44
Zersudo su before you startx01:44
james_in update manager01:44
wish^Seeker` : yea sorry01:44
wish^just pissed off thats all01:44
arghh2d2james_: the open source java has come a long way01:44
arghh2d2try it01:44
james_let me rephrase01:44
pythoneusIf I installed 32bit 9.04 on a 64bit laptop (which is working almost fine), should I see the 32bit repositories and all that jazz?01:45
jolarenarghh2d2; :( I dont have any other cds to burn things to so I have to use DSL :(01:45
james_which java do i select in update manager01:45
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james_i wanna play games on yahoo01:45
arghh2d2jolaren: it might use cfdisk or something, google it?01:45
jolarenAnyone know how to extend a partition to annother one using fdisk?01:47
jolarenor cfdisK+01:47
arghh2d2james_: jolaren dont be afraid to try google too, some stuff is beyond what anyone wants to type at you in irc01:47
jolarenarghh2d2; yer im usin both01:48
ezrafreedoes anyone know if it's possible to enable the sound ports on the front of my Asus "Performance One" case?01:48
phong_hi i have question:   is it neccessary to creat  partition for  /  and for /home  seperate partition?01:48
phong_when i do manual installation i create swap area then  /  then /home01:49
phong_my qestion is is it neccessary for /  and /home?01:49
ZerNo, you can make them the same partition if you want01:49
phong_ok let say i have a hd of 100GB    i manually partitiion is to be   2GB for Swap Area.......  next what should i do?01:49
ZerMake the rest of it /01:50
phong_how about   /home01:50
phong_no need to?01:50
ZerYou don't need it01:50
phong_oh shlt01:50
Zerif you want, one thing you could do01:50
ZerYou can if you want01:50
FloodBot2Zer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
Zerone thing that might be nice, create the / as a LVM partition, leave about 4GB free01:50
phong_why some website teach me to do  it  with  /  and then another partition with /home01:50
ZerThat way you can do a snapshot in case you break something accidentally01:51
_Tristanit\ns simple\n really\n01:51
Zerphong_: If you want to make them separate you can. It doesn't matter01:51
Seeker`phong_: watch your language pelase01:51
ezrafreephong_: many people prefer to make /home on it's own partition so it doesn't fill up the hard drive and cause the system to slow down01:51
phong_ezrafree is that the advantage ?01:51
Zerezrafree: Since when did hard drives get appreciably slower when they were full? :)01:51
ezrafreephong_: as far as i know that's why some folks recommend it, yes01:51
Hustonhey is there a way to boost my wireless adapter range? i know i can do it in windows, but never tried to do it in ubuntu01:52
ogenthis is an ubuntu support channel. Amazing. I was only going to chat with my friends. I am MEGA disappointed with Ubuntu. RIGHT NOW >> I cant play dvd's. 1. I installed non-free from the documentation page. 2. I installed VLC 3. I followed the directions (lots of functions, hundreds?) as recommended by the Old Grey Wolf on Ubuntuforums. --- PARDON ME. NOW IT PLAYS. (In VLC)01:52
arghh2d2Zer: since / needs to write cache and logs01:52
ezrafreeZer: i meant the users who have access to /home (who may not be admins) could fill up hdd space the admins prefer to use for the system01:52
ezrafreearghh2d2: heh, exactly, that too01:52
phong_how come when i go to my computer  i only see FileSystem ?01:52
phong_only 1 HD01:52
speedxxxcoreHuston: you can build a cantenna01:52
ogenoops now mplayer wont close. I need to do something about this.01:52
Zerarghh2d2: If it's partitions, they're on the same HD either way, so whether it's logging or not it's the same thing01:52
arghh2d2if your / get's full it will fail01:53
phong_i thought i made it  2GB swap and /home01:53
Zerezrafree: That's true01:53
phong_i only see Filesystem01:53
ezrafreeZer: yes but only the partition they have access to can they fill up01:53
hero1900hi guys any way to open and edit visio files?01:53
ZerYeah, if you have some other user who'll fill up your hard drive it might be useful01:53
ezrafreethe partition for / they won't have write access to so they cannot fill up, saving that filespace for log files and system files01:53
Hustonspeedxxxcore: cantenna?01:53
arghh2d2Zer: if your /home partition filles up but your / partition still has a gig to play with you'r good...its not rocket science01:53
ogenre cantenna, umm, you can use the ancient Asian Cooking Utensil school of antenna amplification. I've used a big metal bowl (details at 11) and it worked well.01:53
phong_answer please:   why i only see  Filesystem,  why not  my other partition?01:53
arghh2d2Zer: it's useful and your critiques are ignorant, case closed01:54
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ezrafreephong_: did you look in /home ?01:54
ogenHuston re cantenna, umm, you can use the ancient Asian Cooking Utensil school of antenna amplification. I've used a big metal bowl (details at 11) and it worked well.01:54
phong_it's a folder01:54
ezrafreephong_: try browsing or cd'ing to the /home directory01:54
phong_that's not partition01:54
ezrafreephong_: then it is in fact there01:54
crdlbphong_: swap is used as memory, and Computer doesn't show partions separately afaik01:54
ezrafreephong_: partitions are mounted as folders01:54
Zerarghh2d2: He's talking about speed, what you are saying has nothing to do with that...01:54
phong_ez: i see01:55
speedxxxcoreHuston: it's the process of converting a pringles can into an antenna, there is guides online01:55
ogenwhen I click on PLACES I can see the partitions01:55
phong_does x64 run faster than 32 bits?01:55
phong_i can see mine is  6GB when i do free01:55
Hustoni have a wireless n adapter. i don't need an external adapter. i need to boost the amount of power going to it.01:55
ogenHuston a cantenna is more difficult and more expensive than the Asian Cooking Method (google that, you can)01:55
Zerphong_: Yeah generally. Takes up more RAM though01:56
phong_i have GTX 285 i love it01:56
phong_will linux do SLi ?01:56
ogenHuston heres googles first find <asian cooking antenna wifi> http://www.instructables.com/id/Wifi-Signal-Strainer-WokFi/01:56
phong_i have 2 of them01:56
Hustonlol that doesn't help me when i'm at my college.01:57
phong_is there a visual c++ for linux?01:57
phong_i dong like g++01:57
phong_any visual appearence for coding?01:57
_Tristanhas anybody found a better code editor than gedit?01:58
ardchoillephong_: you might try eclipse01:58
phong_is it free?01:58
ogenHuston you mean the amount of signal going to it. It matters not whether it is N or not. Asian cooking does not need an external wireless. Go make a cantenna then. Or just buy a better antenna.01:58
Hustonnoit to mention it is a internal wireless adapter01:58
ardchoillephong_: sudo apt-get install eclipse01:58
phong_ok let me do that01:58
ardchoille!info eclipse01:58
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 7 kB, installed size 72 kB01:58
ogenHuston, cant do anything about internal wireless adaptors. You are barking at a tree with no cats.01:58
ardchoillephong_: You need to have the universe repo enabled01:58
phong_it's installing ardch01:58
Hustonah ok01:59
phong_wha is that?01:59
ardchoillephong_: :)01:59
Hustonwell thanks anyways01:59
ardchoillephong_: never mind, you have it01:59
ogenBest huston01:59
phong_oh i found some good them for linux01:59
phong_i forgot where it is01:59
phong_any one suggest ?01:59
=== MrApple is now known as MrsApple
hero1900can i open visio file in any program in ubuntu?01:59
ardchoillephong_: themes?01:59
ogenHow do I close MPlayer (useing terminal) ?01:59
ardchoilleog01: ctrl+c  ?02:00
phong_it make ubuntu good looking02:00
ardchoille!themes | phong_02:00
ubottuphong_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:00
phong_just like the xubuntu02:00
phong_or kubuntu02:00
ogenphong lmglfy http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=themes+ubuntu02:00
gleakenhaving audio problems, when I open up the drivers program, jockey-gtk does not show any devices to disable02:00
gleakensound does not work at all02:00
phong_yes thanks02:01
phong_that is what i'm talking about02:01
phong_nice looking thing02:01
ogenIT'S STUCK.02:01
arandogen: mind the caps02:01
phong_is it free theme?02:01
phong_and how to install it02:02
ardchoillephong_: I wrote some themes, you can find them here:   http://sites.google.com/site/ardchoille42/my-themes02:02
ogenArand I thought maybe 3rd time is the charm.02:02
arandogen: "killall mplayer might do it"02:02
ardchoille[18:00] <ardchoille> og01: ctrl+c  ?02:02
ardchoilleogen: ctrl+c  ?02:02
ogenarand no process found (and yet there are two windows on my desktop02:02
MMKKogen: "ps aux | grep mplayer"02:03
ardchoilleog01: sorry, nick complete bit me02:03
ogencontrol-c dos not work02:03
MMKKthen "kill -9 <number of process ID"02:03
arandogen: use "ps -A | grep mplay" to see what the processes are caled02:03
ogenthere is a way to get a prcess number right MMKK how do I get it02:03
MMKKyou get the process number by running "ps aux" which lists all processes and then piping it through grep to look for the process you want02:04
MMKKfor example02:04
MMKK"ps aux | grep mplayer"02:04
MMKKwithout the quotes, of course02:04
ardchoilleogen: ps -A | grep mplayer   <-- will give process number02:04
coz_ardchoille,  mm not here it doesnt02:05
ogenogen bows out and says thank you to MMKK and to arand02:05
sje46hey, I'm trying to use the update manager, but it won't let me because "W: Failed to fetch http://repository.cairo-dock.org/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.gpg  Could not resolve 'repository.cairo-dock.org'"02:05
ardchoillecoz_: does here, I wonder what's different02:05
coz_ps aux | grep mplayer does however02:05
coz_ardchoille,  not sure02:05
ardchoillecoz uppercase A  ?02:05
arandogen: glad to help02:05
ogenI got the process number from arand and then killed it with -902:05
coz_ardchoille,  yep upper case A02:05
coz_ardchoille,  let me screenshot terminal for you02:06
rohieb_wtf, auto-join on #ubuntu when opening xchat the first time? -.-02:06
ardchoillecoz_: I trust you not nec02:06
coz_ardchoille,  ok but still    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/Screenshot-cosimo321%40coz%3A%20%7E.png02:06
jribrohieb_: so you know you can get help here :)02:06
chewbrancawhat program can I use to monitor psu wattage from the command line?02:06
rohieb_jrib, i _know_ that already, thanks ;)02:07
crdlbcoz_: that's because mplayer isn't  running :)02:07
rohieb_well, thanks for the fish02:07
sje46the update manager isn't working for me02:07
coz_crdlb,  I knew if I made any mistake  you would show up lol  hey guy02:07
coz_crdlb,  where have you been?02:08
phong_ok i wna to try wild -shine them02:08
phong_how is it d02:08
phong_can i try this: sudo apt-get install tropical-theme02:08
phong_wont work02:08
phong_could not find package02:08
phong_please help02:09
ardchoillephong_: wild shine is here, along with some other great themes:  http://www.webupd8.org/2009/05/9-great-gnome-themes-with-ubuntu.html02:09
coz_ardchoille,  yep with mplayer running you were correct...I should have payed attention to the whole conversation :)02:09
toastedmilkanybody know how to install a splash screen with the extention .so?02:10
ardchoillecoz_: Ah, ok02:10
ardchoilletoastedmilk: sounds like a lib, not a splash screen02:10
toastedmilkardchoille, doesn't usplash support .so?02:10
ardchoilletoastedmilk: oh, you meant usplash, sorry02:11
sje46so the update manager isn't working for me...02:11
toastedmilkardchoille, my bad, i should've specified.  got any idea how to get it working?02:11
BoogerheadHello! Just sorta kinda got running sort of on a PPC. Any idea why I get booted only with vga=ask, even if it never asks? How do I fix it permanently in grub2? (I was getting lots of flashing colors)02:12
ardchoilletoastedmilk: No, I don't spend enough time at that screen to warrant chaning it02:12
MMKKis there a program or package that will help me tax my processor (like Prime95 for Windows) so I can do some stress-testing?02:12
PiciMMKK: cpuburn perhaps02:12
toastedmilkardchoille, alright, it's off to the google planet i go02:12
coz_MMKK,  mm  there is a suit of bencmarking tools02:13
MMKKPici: thank you02:13
functionofxymeganerd, i'm back02:13
coz_MMKK,  they are a bit of a pain to get up and running02:13
kurouMMKK: Try HardInfo02:13
MMKKcoz_: I'm not looking for pain.. thx02:13
ardchoilletoastedmilk: I seem to remember a usplash tutorialor two on ubuntu forums02:14
coz_MMKK,  if you are game for some hard stuff     http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/02:14
BoogerheadHow can I set permanent boot-time options?02:14
functionofxyradeonhd is very slow when it comes to compiz02:15
toastedmilkardchoille, *checks*02:15
coz_MMKK,  there is also this  but I dont know how hold it is   http://lbs.sourceforge.net/02:15
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, radeon period is slow when it comes to compiz02:15
coz_MMKK,  never mind that last one was last edited in 200202:15
functionofxytoastedmilk, i'm moved from fglrx to radeonhd and notice a drastic decline in performance02:16
coz_MMKK,    http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=10302:16
ezrafreedoes anyone know if it's possible to enable the sound ports on the front of my ntecs "Performance One" case?02:16
coz_MMKK,  disregard that last one sorry02:17
ezrafreeoops, *Antec02:17
macosxtigerwill someone please help me with gtkvncviewer?02:17
wish^what is your problem with it?02:18
macosxtigeri have it setup so i can connect to  my dads pornbox using windows right now i connect using the 192.168. address but from my laptop i cannot connect when i am not on the newwork02:19
macosxtigerfor instance anywhere else02:19
randyfirefox in my awn ?02:19
randyhow do you do that02:19
=== randy is now known as Guest24515
kuroumacosxtiger: you will need something like hamachi.02:19
paissadi would like to copy a dir to a destination, the dest dir must be exactly as the same as the source dir, that's why i used --delete option, but there is a dir in $destination i don't want to remove, which is backup dir ..... here is what i did to in order to test, but the matter is that this command does delete the backup dir i excluded ( --exclude ) http://pastebin.com/d3a153a0102:19
functionofxytoastedmilk, am I going to be able to fix this? if not, I'll just go back to fglrx. meganerd told me that radeonhd would be better...02:19
Guest24515how do you put firefox in your awn02:19
wish^macosxtiger: you cant connect using a local ip from outside the network02:19
Guest24515it will not click and drag like i am use to02:20
macosxtigerno i know but when i type the real modem IP it wont let me connect02:20
ardchoilleWhy is  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/  redirected to a page about Lucid?02:20
wish^you could use a program like hamachi.. setting up a network between the two computers02:20
Guest24515nevermind now it worked02:20
macosxtigeri will try this hamachi02:21
danbhfivewish^: not for me...02:21
kuroumacosxtiger: is the os your vnc into running linux?02:21
paissadbtw, $backup_dir is into $destination, does this cause problem ?02:21
wish^you gotta run hamachi on both computers though02:23
brando753guys how can i delete a U3 partition02:23
morphixI have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo, MX5000 & VX revolution. I wish to use a button on my keyboard to do the compiz "ring" or "shift" switcher but it doesnt register the button i press when i choose the "Grab Key Combination"02:23
morphixthe keyboard has a "Flip 3D" button02:23
morphixintended for windows02:23
macosxtigeri am using lucid on my laptop and the computer in the other room i am trying to connect vnc to is running vista sp202:24
kurouFollow this for your computer: http://www.supware.net/HamachiUbuntuHowto/02:24
danbhfiveanyone ever run the zen kernel?02:24
mkanyicybrando753, use gparted02:25
macosxtigerholy shit that looks intimadating02:25
macosxtigersorry for the speeeling02:25
ezrafreedoes anyone know if there's any way to enable the number pad on my logitech MX 5000 keyboard?02:25
kuroumacosxtiger: and install the "Unmanaged" version of this: https://secure.logmein.com/US/products/hamachi2/download.aspx02:25
mkanyicy!language | macosxtiger02:25
ubottumacosxtiger: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:25
macosxtigermy bad02:25
kurouIt is not as hard as it looks, promise.02:26
tomtom2does Ubuntu support paravirtulization?02:26
kurouSorry, install the last link on the Vista box.02:26
tomtom2or is it hardware virtulization only?02:26
tomtom2ubuntu cloud I mean02:26
ezrafreei must be asking some pretty tough questions today ;)02:26
ouyeshei, everybody, i have an idea to make ubuntu more wide-spreaded, since Lucid will be released in April, and it is free and more stable, more available,but a few user compared to Windows 7,i have been using ubuntu(gnome) since 8.04 and i think it is good.so i think i can do something to spread it in my country,(my men like free),so what advice have you guys?02:27
wish^ezrafree: hit numlock?02:27
macosxtigerok thats one thing out of the way is anyone farmiliar with konversation? irc02:27
ardchoilleezrafree: or thefolks who know your answers aren't at their screens02:27
macosxtigeri am getting annoyed with this user cam in user has left messages02:27
wish^what about irc macosztiger02:27
macosxtigercan find it in the setting to turn it off02:27
ezrafreewish^: it does not appear that i have a num lock key on this keyboard, for some strange reason02:27
ardchoillemacosxtiger: that's a kde app, you might get better advice in #kubuntu02:27
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
wish^ezrafree: mx5000?02:28
gleakenany one have problems with sound on 9.10?  I updated my kernel and sound stopped working.02:28
kurouezrafree: Someone had your problem at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8740026 and solved it.02:28
ezrafreewish^: correct02:28
ezrafreekurou: oh cool thanks02:28
functionofxytoastedmilk, you there?02:28
ouyesgleaken,  how to update your kernel?02:28
prohnaanyone else using mpd having issues with clients not finding any album art online?02:29
kurouWait, actually that doesn't sem to be your problem, sorry.02:29
prohnasame results with sonata and gpmc now02:29
gleakennormal, through synaptic02:29
kurouBut it might help you.02:29
gleakeninstalled last night, had sound, updated to current kernel, sound stopped working02:29
ouyesgleaken, my kernel is 2.6.31-17-generic02:29
switch10any programs to see my cpu heat??  gui or cl02:29
KenBW2gleaken: revert to the old kernel02:29
KenBW2switch10: apt-get install sensors-applet02:30
ardchoilleswitch10: gkrellm and conky can both do that02:30
gleakenis there a known issue with the current kernel?02:30
gleakenis there a defect I can follow?02:30
ouyesgleaken,  how to update it? what do you do ?02:30
KenBW2gleaken: the old kernel will be in your grub menu if all else fails02:30
gleakenouyes, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade02:30
htbrdd can someone give a new guy some help?02:30
wish^preferred web browser in ubuntu except firefox?02:30
gleakenKenBW2, understood02:30
ardchoilleswitch10: you'll still need what KenBW2 suggested02:30
wish^something that exists in aptitde02:31
aquachicaHi. I would like to know if I can upgrade Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 to 9.10 via a USB?  I have put Netbook Remix 9.10 on a USB, but it keeps asking me if I want to format my partition.02:31
blondiewhats this?02:31
blakkheimwish^: w3m02:31
htbrdd im trying to access a fedora smb share and get permission failures.02:31
ouyesgleaken,  it just stop in 2.6.31-17-generic02:31
blondieohh...is this like a chat room that gives you help with the system?02:31
kurouaquachica: try sudo aptitude dist-upgrade in a terminal.02:31
gleakenouyes, it stopped when I updated to -1802:31
ezrafreeblondie: /topic02:31
* KenBW2 chuckles at the irony of blondie's nick :P02:32
aquachicaI don't want to upgrade over the Internet.  I have had trouble with that in the past.  I wanted to do it straight from the USB.02:32
blondiehey...if you haven't read my name that should tell you i'm not that smart.02:32
ouyesgleaken, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. after the two commands02:32
gleakenis there something I can help with a defect, is it a known issue?02:32
kurouaquachica: I'm not the best at that, so I don't want to tell you the wrong thing. Sorry.02:32
wish^blondie dont worry02:33
KenBW2gleaken: "known issue" is usually hardware-specific02:33
blondiethanks wish^02:33
gleakenSon of a Sea Cook02:33
dragonHow can I make `add-apt-repository` access the Ubuntu keyserver from behind a firewall?02:33
gleakenI enabled karnic-proposed02:33
gleakenthat may be it02:33
aquachicaI am surprised they didn't had the feature to the ISO.02:33
blondiehey does anyone know how to sync a third generation iPod nano to this system?02:34
htbrdd1i can permenant mount the share but i still get a permission denied. i need something so i can enter the username and password to access02:34
KenBW2gleaken: but i usually find Pulseaudio causes a lot of problems02:34
ezrafreeblondie: perhaps gtkpod can do it, i'm not sure though02:34
KenBW2blondie: Rhythmbox works with some iPods02:34
SectorX4Anyone know how I can check install logs in 9.10? My install is freezing and I have no idea why02:34
blondieyea i tried all of that...but there was the password and username thing that i couldn't figure out...02:35
KenBW2blondie: you type your password in when it asks for it02:35
kuroublondie: http://www.gtkpod.org/02:36
blondieKenBW2: what password though?02:36
KenBW2blondie: the one you log into Ubuntu with02:36
ardchoille!sudo | blondie this will help you understand sudo02:36
ubottublondie this will help you understand sudo: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)02:36
blondieKenBW2: whats Ubuntu? thank you guys02:37
macosxtigernot to but in , in this huge conversation channel but any advice on a good screen recording software that will work on lucid, i have vnc setup on my dads pornbox and i want to record what i am seeing and email it to my mom to get that F-ing Dkhead in the dog house02:37
SectorX4Can anyone help me try and narrow down what's causing these issues with 9.10 server edition?02:37
ezrafreemacosxtiger: language!02:37
ardchoille!lucid | macosxtiger02:37
ubottumacosxtiger: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:37
KenBW2blondie: eh?02:37
macosxtigerok my bad i wont swear02:38
ezrafreeKenBW2: if i didn't know any better i'd swear blondie is just flaming us :)02:38
macosxtigeri am using beta of lucid02:38
Oddtodheya guys02:38
macosxtigeranything for 9.102:38
blondiei don't know....i am 15 and tring to figure all of this stuff out on my own and its hard not having anyone to help me02:38
KenBW2ezrafree: yea i can feel some trolling going on02:38
ardchoillemacosxtiger: lucid or 9.10?02:38
htbrdd1anybody help with samba shares02:38
poi77Hi! Is there an easy way to change the installation path of make install02:38
Oddtodheya guys i'm currently running ubuntu netbook remix and i'd like to move to standard gnome interface is there any quick way to remove this netbook remix gui?02:38
ezrafreeblondie: do you have ubuntu installed on your computer right now?02:38
blondieand i'm not trying to flame anyone...i just wanted to know what this is02:38
macosxtigeri am using lucid02:38
blondieNO i don't02:38
Quirklyanyone available to help me with a printer issue....should be a simple fix, I'm just, yeah, lacking a program or something methinks02:39
ardchoillemacosxtiger: then you need to be in #ubuntu+102:39
ezrafreeblondie: ubuntu is a distribution of linux (that is, a type of linux)02:39
SectorX4If anyone able to help me fix this install issue on 9.10? Seems to be freezing after hardware detection02:39
KenBW2blondie: www.ubuntu.com02:39
blondieezrafree: what's linux?02:39
macosxtigerit was really cool talking with you guys and thanks for the help see you all later02:39
gleakenKenBW2, ouyes, I will try the -update kernel and see what happens02:39
gleakenthanks for the time02:39
dragon!linux | blondie02:39
ubottublondie: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux02:39
=== paul_ is now known as kd7eji
ardchoilleblondie: You can't be serious02:40
KenBW2gleaken: i remove pulseaudio, its too buggy02:40
ezrafreeblondie: linux is an operating system, just like Windows and MacOS02:40
boxfishWhat's a computer then ?02:40
QuirklyI have not laughed so hard in a long time02:40
blondieare all you guys freaking smart genuises or sumthing?02:40
macosxtigerwhats a keyboard02:40
blakkheimezrafree: linux is not an operating system02:40
kurou blondie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux02:40
dragonCan't everyone just calm down?02:40
KenBW2blakkheim: matter of debate02:40
blakkheimKenBW2: no, it's not. linux is a kernel. gnu/linux is an operating system.02:40
blondiethank ya'll i think i will try out everything ya'll have told me.02:40
_Tristanthe troll seems to be casting frost shock.02:40
esspiroHi all, in hopes of getting 3D acceleration working on my GMA950 MacBook, I followed a forum post and created an xorg.conf file containing "DefaultDepth 16". Now when I boot, graphics are all over the place and I can't read anything. I have auto-login enabled; how can I get myself a terminal to delete the file?02:40
dragonezrafree: Linux is nowhere like Windows or MacOS.02:41
ezrafreethe term "linux" is often used to refer to "gnu/linux" so let's not get too technical on the semantics folks :)02:41
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:41
KenBW2blakkheim: the matter is debated, therefore its debatable02:41
dragonHow can I make `add-apt-repository` access the Ubuntu keyserver from behind a firewall?02:41
kurouUbuntu is base02:41
Quirklyso umm, anyone good with networked printers? and xubuntu?02:41
dragonDoes Ubuntu keyserver have an HTTP implementation?02:41
kurouWhoops, sorry.02:41
iKayhi all. i have a friend with a dedicated server running ubuntu 8.04 lts. Recently the server has been restarting randomly and I have verified it's not a problem with power. any idea where i can start to look for clues?02:41
kc8cua /z02:41
blondiewhoops i'm lost02:41
kurouPressed enter too early.02:41
kc8cua /z02:41
FloodBot2kc8cua: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
ezrafreedragon: i never claimed that linux was similar to macos or windows, i said it is also an operating system02:41
SectorX4iKay RAM02:42
Garakesspiro: try ctrl-alt-f102:42
ezrafreeiKay: /var/log/dmesg02:42
iKay@SectorX4: Would there be a log file that I could check to confirm that?02:42
dragonezrafree: take a moment to read what you wrote.02:42
iKayi will take a look at that ezrafree, iirc though dmesg doesn't have any clues02:42
SectorX4iKay You can boot from a 9.10 CD and run memory check02:42
esspiroGarak: thanks. I'll also tri a liveCD02:42
iKaythe server is in a datacenter. so i can't do more than ssh02:42
Garakesspiro: or what ever the mac keyboard equlavant to that is02:42
iKayis there any way i can check the ram with the os running?02:43
Garakesspiro: it should give you a text console login02:43
SectorX4iKay You don't have remote hands?02:43
ezrafreegolddragon24: take a moment to think about what i typed without taking it so literally, and considering it within the context of the conversation. i'm done talking about that now since it's off topic.02:43
iKaycrumby host. all over automated.02:43
iKaycheap though.02:43
SectorX4or IP KVM?02:43
phong_are the any better looking them for ubuntu?02:43
ezrafreesorry, not golddragon24, dragon02:43
phong_those that provided by ubuntu is sux02:43
ezrafreephong_: there are many themes, which window manager are you running? gnome? compiz?02:44
ardchoillephong_: most themes at www.gnome-look.org will work fine02:44
NooneshereHow do you make a theme?02:44
SectorX4Does anyone know what would be causing a Ubuntu 9.10 install to freeze during hardware detection on an IBM X225 server?02:44
phong_i have GTX 285 rules man02:44
phong_i have 2 GTX 285 SLi02:45
ezrafreephong_: then as mentioned the themes are gnome-look.org should work, as well as try installing Emerald02:45
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, it depends on what graphical programs you're using02:45
ardchoilleNooneshere:  http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/Tutorials02:45
sje46do you only have to wipe a file once for it to be unrecoverable?02:45
mkanyicyphong_, Nooneshere , check themes at gnome-look.org02:45
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, some programs support fglrx, some support the open source radeon driver02:45
NooneshereArdchiolle thank you very much.02:45
blakkheimsje46: dban the drive02:45
ezrafreesje46: no i believe 7 times is the least until it's unrecoverable02:45
DimoutlookAre there any problems running Img-Burn in wine02:45
mezquitaleanyone knows of an sftp client for windows mobile?02:46
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, my radeon is on the legacy list, so ati won't be supporting it.  therefore I use the radeon driver02:46
ardchoilleNooneshere: many people find it easiest to just edit an existing theme, though02:46
sje46blakkheim, what's that?  And I'm not looking for advice.02:46
Some_PersonIs it possible to get java working in epiphany02:46
mkanyicyDimoutlook, try #winehq02:46
ezrafreemezquitale: perhaps try asking in #windows02:46
blakkheimsje46: dban is a tool for securely erasing the contents of a hard drive02:46
KenBW2Dimoutlook: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=462502:46
sje46ezrafree, someone on reddit says that once is all you need, because it wipes it at the bit level02:46
mezquitaleDimoutlook, that sounds like a generic question that will get a better answer in the forums or google02:46
NooneshereArdchoille i just want to make some minor image and code edits. I assume i need to learn minor gtk correct?02:46
ardchoille!google | mezquitale02:46
ubottumezquitale: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:46
mezquitaleezrafree, i dont think i want to explain ssh and sftp to windows users02:47
ezrafreesje46: i am only conveying what i've heard, i do not know for sure02:47
ardchoilleNooneshere: that would help02:47
functionofxytoastedmilk, I have an HD 48030 (R770 series). The big difference (i.e. decrease in performance) seems to be in window manager/compiz02:47
mezquitaleardchoille, he uses wine so most likely he's not a new user02:47
functionofxyvideo is the same as before02:47
NooneshereArdchoille thank you very much :)02:47
mkanyicymezquitale, this is not a windows channel02:47
ezrafreemezquitale: hehe, the ones here on freenode aren't quite _that_ inept :)02:47
sje46ezrafree, http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/awpv2/in_response_to_the_craziest_fact_post_what/c0jszk302:47
functionofxysome 3D application perform better, some worse.02:47
phong_i loev the shaking windows looks02:47
Dimoutlookmkanyicy thanks I have it running just wondered if it makes as many coasters as the regular stuff02:47
kurouReddit is awesome.... sorry for being off-topic.02:47
Dr_Willisphong_:  it makes my wife seasick02:47
mezquitaleezrafree, if they use windows mainly for their own computing then that tells you a lot02:48
ezrafreesje46: myself personally i would probably not trust reddit as a reliable source of information02:48
sje46ezrafree, I am so facepalming right now02:48
ezrafreemezquitale: a lot of them don't, they're just in there to help folks out. take my advice or leave it, up to you.02:48
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, maybe you need to configure your x under the radeonhd driver?  have you looked at ubuntu's community documentation?  then again, since ati is supporting it's fglrx for the hd series, I would probably use that unless I had a program that specifically didn't have support for it02:48
mezquitaleezrafree, let me try the windows channel just for kicks though, i'll try the offtopic channel first though02:49
SectorX4Why would the "Detect network hardware" section of Ubuntu 9.10 install tell me it's found usb-storage hardware and want to load the module02:49
sje46ezrafree, did you even read the comment?  Or do you like saying idiotic things just to troll?  He linked to another website.  He gave a big explanation.  Just don't dismiss it just because it was a comment on a website.02:49
ezrafreemezquitale: i'd think you'd have better chances of someone in #windows knowing about ssh/sftp then someone in #ubuntu/#ubuntu-offtopic knowing about windows mobile02:49
sje46ezrafree, should I dismiss everything said on this channel because "you shouldn't believe anything on IRC"?  Idiotic02:50
krysisinteresting o.o02:50
functionofxytoastedmilk,  i did use the community doc site to install and configure. meganerd told me the exact opposite--that i'd be better off under radeonhd even though i have a newish card02:50
ezrafreesje46: yesi did read through it, but i'm also not familiar with actionfront.com02:50
sje46I was asking if his information was true, anyways.02:50
ardchoilleLet's keep it on topic folks, please02:50
Quirklyso umm, anyone know a lick about accessing windows printer, via xubuntu??02:50
kurouUbuntu: 1270 people. Windows: 277. That says something. :D02:50
Dr_WillisQuirkly:  the cups config tools should let you set it up.02:51
sje46Something is not inherently false just because of the website...if it has information explaining it, judge it from /that/.  So is it true?02:51
krysisif anyone has any spare time i would like some help with video drivers intel mobile02:51
mezquitaleezrafree, apparently you havent been to the offtopic channel often, i've been on both channels though on windows not as often as i'd like but let me go down there and see how many souls I fright02:51
toastedmilkkurou, for percentage of users of an OS that also use IRC..02:51
Quirklywell, Dr_Willis I don't seem to be able to access them02:51
phong_the thems u show me are background images02:51
Quirklythe tools that is02:51
phong_oh god, i want a real themes02:51
QuirklyI can get into a print settings, where I can add a cups server, but the windows machine sure ain't a cups server as far as I know02:51
KenBW2Quirkly: iirc you can install standard gnome components in xubuntu02:51
ezrafreephong_: do you have emerald installed?02:51
Dr_WillisQuirkly:   cups has a web interface on also i recall02:51
mezquitalekrysis, go ahead and ask the question, all on one line02:51
Dr_WillisI think its port 63102:51
phong_what is it02:51
Quirklylol, I tried that too, it failed miserable, not sure what I don't have installed02:52
krysisyes on that cups interface02:52
RabbitbunnyIs there a button I can flip to turn off automounting of drives for a while? I broke some partitions.02:52
ezrafreephong_: if it were me, i'd install emerald (a theme manager for compiz)02:52
phong_but how to get it02:52
phong_i'm new to linux02:52
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, Haha, it's really all a matter of opinion.  What I would suggest is to install and configure both, then run high-end programs through the terminal to compare and contrast output.  Whichever seems to run smoother, go with.02:52
QuirklyI can only install limited stuff on this machine, it overheats quickly when installing a lot of packages, so gnome stuffs out of question02:52
Dr_WillisQuirkly:  i dont use xubuntu so no idea what they are lacking. check the apcakge manager for the gnome cups config tool perhaps and install it02:52
Dr_Willisphong_:  its best to forget about emerald. its a dead project02:52
ezrafreephong_: installing software on ubuntu is done through "Ubuntu Software Center" located under the Applications menu02:52
SectorX4Lot of help this channel has been.....02:52
KenBW2Quirkly: seems to work here02:52
ezrafreeDr_Willis: it's working perfectly over here02:53
* Dr_Willis sends SectorX4 a bill02:53
functionofxytoastedmilk, thanks. I think I'll switch back to fglrx02:53
krysisphong what exactly are you looking for? Icons? Windows Themes?02:53
Quirklysee, I thought I should be pretty damn close, because some smb tool, I forget what, gave me a list, and well it saw the printer, and I can access shared folders on the machine just fine02:53
Quirklyoh /printers?02:53
QuirklyI thought maybe I forgot something02:53
krysiswindow* not window$02:53
phong_krysis: windows themes with effects02:53
phong_krysis: a better windows themes with effects02:53
krysisthe best would definately be a combination of emerald from the repository with compiz enabled, ever try this?02:53
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, until something goes wrong ;)02:53
Quirklynope no worky on here02:53
phong_krysis: no i 've never try02:53
ezrafreekrysis: i agree, that's what i'm running here02:53
phong_krysis: i'm new to linux02:53
krysisok, hold on leme get you the commands02:53
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.02:53
toastedmilkAnyone know anything about installing splash files with the extension .os with usplash?02:54
KenBW2Quirkly: the problem is probably how the host PC is set up02:54
functionofxytoastedmilk, thanks! I'll  try to let you know what happens02:54
phong_krysis: how to make it work ?02:54
Rabbitbunnyphong_: 'Ubuntu Software Center'. It's noob mode.02:54
phong_krysis: or where to get it02:54
dell_Something happen to my ubuntu it keep on going black screen02:54
krysisoh, do you have compiz enabled?02:54
ezrafreeDr_Willis: i was not aware that it was no longer supported, thank you for the information02:54
Dr_Willistoastedmilk:  i seem to recall that being phased  out in the next release. :) but thats all i know on the topic.02:54
brando753guys how can i delete a U3 partition (reformatting and zeroing out does not delete this)02:54
phong_yes i do have it enabled02:54
Quirklywell, perhaps....I mean, it's shared, and I can access share folders just fine, but I am missing something, like the pretty add printer button every set of instructions speaks of02:54
toastedmilkfunctionofxy, yeah just PM me whenever02:54
phong_i have GTX 2502:54
phong_GTX 28502:54
mkanyicyphong_, check the URL i pasted on your pm02:54
krysisok, go to terminal and type in "sudo apt-get install emerald"02:54
ardchoilleDr_Willis: when Ubuntu has gnome 3.0 by default, compiz is going bye-bye anyway02:54
Dr_WillisI imagine emerald will also vanish in the next release.02:54
krysisto install the window themes02:54
dell_When I try use wireless it keep black screen of death02:54
Rabbitbunnyphong_: Don't click any URL anyone pastes to you in pm02:54
krysisDo you know how to edit your compiz effects?02:55
toastedmilkDr_Willis, you're killin' me smalls.  I'm using jaunty, it should have pretty much been phased out by now.  But I have this awesome splash screen!02:55
Rabbitbunnymkanyicy: That's a good way to get banned.02:55
Dr_Willisardchoille:  ive not heard much good about gnome-3 - but it is still a work in progress. :)02:55
dell_no error msg or anthing just show plan black screen02:55
mkanyicyRabbitbunny, how?02:55
krysisi love gnome 3! will be amazing when it comes stable, it brings out more usability with desktops02:55
brando753Krysis: CCSM type compiz in ubuntu software center02:55
phong_i saw it02:55
ezrafreephong_: yes never get help in PM with linux, someone could potentially make you do something bad and noone else will see it to warn you that it's a bad idea02:55
krysisor you can use the simple compiz editor02:55
phong_i see02:55
Dr_Willistoastedmilk:  you copy it to the right place is all i seem to recall on installing them. The gnome-look site may have some info ion how to install them02:55
toastedmilkkrysis, System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig02:56
phong_krysis can u just tell me the good them now02:56
krysisphong, have you installed emerald?02:56
phong_i want to download one02:56
phong_i dont know how02:56
FloodBot2phong_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
krysisok open a terminal02:56
toastedmilkkrysis, or if you feel like reading through man pages you can use the terminal02:56
dell_when i've try firefox it keep black screen off death02:56
QuirklyKenBW2, Dr_Willis basically all I'm trying to do is find the app that lets me add a network printer.....thank you for the input, hopefully maybe google will reveal something to me02:56
phong_ok i did that02:56
krysisits easier to copy and paste toasted02:56
ezrafreephong_: to download emerald, go to APPLICATIONS > UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER02:56
phong_i have terminal open02:56
krysisok now phont copy this "sudo apt-get install emerald simple-ccsm"02:56
krysiswithout the quuotes02:56
krysisand paste it to your terminal02:56
krysisthen press enter and follow instructions02:57
phong_i think it did install now02:57
Rabbitbunnyezrafree: They never like the easy way..02:57
phong_still following and click yes02:57
KenBW2Quirkly: perhaps xubuntu doesn't support printer shares out of the box - i remember it not supporting samba shares02:57
phong_it's done krysis02:57
Dr_WillisQuirkly:  if the cups web interface is not working.. somthing else may be needed as well02:57
krysisok, then when its done it'll take you back to the typing, can you type?02:57
toastedmilkDr_Willis, It's in the /usr/share/pixmamps/splash folder, but the 'Login Window' settings menu doesn't have it in a list, nor can find it in the folders02:57
phong_yes i can type02:57
krysisok cool02:57
toastedmilkkrysis, i hope you made a backup.02:58
Quirklywell, I have a feeling it doesn't support them out of the box KenBW2, thus my questions, lol, even went onto GNOME and can't find the add printer dialog all the instructions speak of02:58
phong_what's next now ?02:58
krysiswhat for toasted?02:58
Dr_Willistoastedmilk:  Hmm the usplash stuff happens befor the login window I belive.. Xsplash in 9.10 happens right befor/after the GDM login window02:58
Quirklyand Dr_Willis I've begun digging into why my cups isn't working02:58
krysisphong go here: http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=103&PHPSESSID=9193a3cc2631d71ad8ad6e56af7ad23b02:58
krysisall themes are here, do you know how to download files from this site?02:58
phong_'m in there02:58
KenBW2Quirkly: in gnome it's System > Admin > Printing02:58
phong_i saw a lot of them02:58
krysisok go ahead and download one of those themes to your desktop02:58
phong_ok i will brb02:58
QuirklyKenBW2, I have that, but it only allows me to add a CUPs printer02:58
krysistoasted why backup? for what?02:59
KenBW2Quirkly: as opposed to?02:59
ezrafreesje46: also, regarding your initial question, it depends whom you are trying to make the data unrecoverable from. read up on the Gutmann algorithm02:59
Dr_Williskrysis:  the gnome-art and gnome-artng tools are handy for downloading themes02:59
Quirklywell, I dunno what a shared printer would be considered02:59
Quirklywhere would my cups server be?02:59
toastedmilkDr_Willis, oh...crap.  Wrong preference menu.  I have 9.04, but where is the usplash logo config menu? or command?02:59
Quirklythat's what it asks for02:59
Rabbitbunnykrysis: Use complete nicks, there's a good chance of a partial match.02:59
krysisi dont think i've used those... i'll try02:59
ezrafreesje46: 1 wipe may make it unrecoverable to some, but not to say, Department of Defense02:59
KenBW2Quirkly: go to New > Network Printers >  Windows printer via SAMBA02:59
krysisah ok, with tab, got it Rabbitbunny :P02:59
Quirklynew is greyed out03:00
Quirklythat's the problem03:00
Dr_Willistoastedmilk:  no idea. the extent i use usplash is to disable it with 'nosplash' in the kernel boot options. I find it totally useless.. and causes more probolems then it fix's03:00
orizonhi all03:00
Quirklyonly thing avail is the "Connect..." option03:00
ViridianFiredoes anyone know how to fully remove KDE?03:00
sje46thanks ezrafree03:00
Dr_Willis!puregnome | ViridianFire03:00
ubottuViridianFire: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal03:00
phong_krysis: is white os x good?03:00
toastedmilkDr_Willis, man usplash haha03:00
phong_it looks like apple03:00
krysisphong_:  that depends on what you like :P03:00
krysissome poeple miht like windows... blahg03:00
KenBW2Quirkly: what version of *ubuntu?03:01
Rabbitbunnyezrafree: Not to single you out, but i'm having problems with a usb disk, i need ubuntu to not try to mount anything I plug in for just a few moments, happen to now anything about that?03:01
Quirklywell, freshly downloaded last week03:01
phong_oh ...let me continue to look03:01
Quirklyso, pretty new03:01
cybertaur1hello, I'm having a problem with my ethernet connection.  i've got a fresh install of ubuntu 9.10 and when the ethernet cable is plugged in, it's constantly connecting and then disconnecting (by itself, i'm not doing anything to the cord).  the cable works fine on my macbook pro.03:01
KenBW2Quirkly: are you able to upload a screenshot?03:01
Quirklyya, I do that asap, hang tight03:01
RabbitbunnyKenBW2: Are you nuts?03:01
Dr_Willisi dont even see much pointin using xubuntu these days. :)03:01
Quirklyshitty machine03:02
KenBW2Rabbitbunny: no?03:02
Quirklythat's my only reasoning03:02
krysisi use LXDE on my Xubuntu install03:02
KenBW2Rabbitbunny: should i be?03:02
krysisfor my Thinkpad 24003:02
krysisoooooolld laptop03:02
krysiserr "netbook"03:02
QuirklyI barely got it installed, have to run laptop with an icepack underneath it03:02
ezrafreeRabbitbunny: let's see i believe gnome-auto-mounter handles automounting, and/or dbus03:02
RabbitbunnyKenBW2: Uploading a how many MB file to find a 10byte string, seriously.03:02
Dr_Willisfrom the 'sites' ive seen xubuntu vs gnome isent saving that much in space/cpu/memory. expecially after you have to install all these extra gnome tools/apps03:02
orizonче ето за хуетень ?03:02
ezrafreesorry not gnome-auto-mounter, gnome-volume-manager03:02
ardchoille!ru | orizon03:03
ubottuorizon: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:03
orizonда иди ты нахуй03:03
KenBW2Rabbitbunny: welcome to 2010 where bandwidth isnt scarce03:03
Rabbitbunnyezrafree: Ah ha, I see. Now I know enough for the man pages to teach me more. Like how it's supposed to work. Thanks.03:03
ezrafreeRabbitbunny: my pleasure03:03
ouyeshow to install window xp in ubuntu? i want to run some applications of windows?03:03
ezrafreeouyes: try wine03:04
krysiscouldnt find gnome-artng in repo03:04
ezrafreeouyes: wine will not install windows, but it can allow you to install some windows programs03:04
ouyesezrafree, i want to install windows xp in ubuntu03:04
krysisi only wanted to use my small laptop with ubuntu for the Basket application03:04
ezrafreeouyes: oh, i'm not aware of a way to do that03:04
krysisits amazing03:04
Dr_Williskrysis:  use the pacakge manager search feature.  for gnome art. gnome-artng is not int he repos last i looked03:04
KenBW2ouyes: try virtualbox03:04
=== jevangelo_ is now known as jevangelo
Dr_Willis!find gnomeart03:05
krysisi tried looking through terminal, no find, i found gnome-art though03:05
ubottuPackage/file gnomeart does not exist in karmic03:05
Dr_WillisIt might be gnome-art03:05
cybertaur1anybody have any ideas about the ethernet business? i keep getting disconnected and then re-connected03:05
KenBW2Quirkly: my CUPS server is at /var/run/cups/cups.sock if that helps03:05
ezrafreeahh yes, virtualbox, never gotten virtualbox to work for me before but in theory it should work03:05
Dr_Willis!find gnome-art03:05
ubottuFound: gnome-art03:05
ouyesKenBW2, ok03:05
krysisi found gnome-art, but not gnome-artng, i'll play with art03:05
un214how do I rebuild modules.dep.bin?03:05
KenBW2ezrafree: works fine here03:05
hiexpoDr_Willis, - good evening03:05
Dr_Willishiexpo:  Moo! :) time for me to go to work.03:05
krysisthere needs to be an app for gnome-look.org03:05
ezrafreeKenBW2: yes, at that time i was in slackware distro... i haven't tried in ubuntu yet03:05
yeasonI've got a non-raid disk that is for some reason identifying as being in a raid... I know there's a utility that will basically fix the mbr or something (forgot what it was), does someone know what I'm talking about and can you point me in the right direction? thanks!03:05
KenBW2ouyes: why do you want XP *in* Ubuntu?03:06
wevlophi, after more than 3 versions later i installed ubuntu again, but my celeron laptop is still have trouble as it used to have with 7.10/8.04 , my keyboard & touchpad is not being detected03:06
Dr_Williskrysis:  i thouught gnome-art does get themse from gnome-look.org03:06
ouyesKenBW2, my job03:06
krysisoh no, its from art.gnome.org03:06
ezrafreeouyes: you could always do a dual boot, and just boot into windows sometimes03:06
Dr_Williskrysis:  so you get 100000% more ugly themes. :)03:06
Dr_Willisbye all.03:06
KenBW2ouyes: do you know how to intall virtualbox?03:06
wevlopthere was some extra parameter to add in the boot settings which was disabing sound but enabling my touchpad, i forgot it03:06
ouyesKenBW2,  i need to install a IM software from my company03:06
boxfishI ca'n't think of many thigns you really need xp on ubuntu for...even though I have it03:06
krysislmao yeah, art.gnome.org isn't that great :/03:06
KenBW2ouyes: whats the name of the IM software?03:07
ouyesKenBW2, give me a clue if you know03:07
krysisthats why someone needs to integrate gnome-look.org into the desktop just like Kubuntu did with their plasma03:07
phong_krysis i have not find yet...i'm still looking brb03:07
ouyesKenBW2, you never know , it is special made by my company03:07
KenBW2ouyes: Applications > Software Centre03:07
krysishaha, ok take your time03:07
KenBW2ouyes: do you know what wine is03:07
krysisphong_:  all i wanted to show is how to import the theme03:07
ezrafreeouyes: ask them what chat protocol it uses, maybe it's supported in pidgin or another IM client03:07
phong_ok if i try one , will i be able to undo it?03:08
ouyesKenBW2, of course mate, i use ubuntu since 8.0403:08
Quirklylol, why I'm failing at screenshots is beyond me, I think my brain is fried from this lol, I'll check that file out KenBW203:08
ViridianFirewhat were those commands again?03:08
phong_if it can, then i'll just pick one for now to learn to try on03:08
ViridianFireI had to restart X server half way through03:08
lmillerI have a Person model with a friends ManyToManyField, and I ideally I would like to use a through table on friends. My understanding is, however, that you can't use a through table on a ManyToMany to self ?03:08
phong_krysis answer my dear03:08
KenBW2Quirkly: you said it was asking for a cups server - put that location in03:08
lmilleroops wrong channel hah03:08
Quirklyhrm, KenBW2 that file is lacking completely03:08
krysisyeah, just pick any03:08
razertekwhat is the name of the network hardware driver in karmic/lucid?03:08
boxfishOuyes : what email software do you use at work ? , if it's Lotus notes then sametime may be your IM protocol ?03:08
krysisin fact phong_ take the OSX one03:08
Quirklywell, there's nothing there except a certs folder03:08
ouyesezrafree, it is impossible, because it is an internal software , and netword03:08
KenBW2Quirkly: maybe you need to install cups03:08
Quirklywell, it's installed, and /etc/init.d/cups start03:09
Quirklyworks, and starts cupsd03:09
marlini need to know how to connect to a nero media server and i keep looking in all the wrong places03:09
cybertaur1anyone here use boxee?03:09
mkanyicycybertaur1, what is boxee?03:09
sarujiHi guys, my HD seems to be crashed, could somebody assist in verifying....loading ubuntu 9.10 all of a sudden gives me the error message "unable to mount" press ctrl d to attempt again or login for maintenance mode.03:09
ardchoillecybertaur1: I do03:09
marlindont use boxee03:09
cybertaur1http://www.boxee.tv/ - media library something or other03:10
ecartHello everybody ... good night! I have a serious problem here ... I bought a video card Zotac Nvidia Geforce 5500 AGP, and drive vesa does not work ... would like help finding the right drive for you card.03:10
hiexpoouyes, sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-source03:10
cybertaur1ardchoille: every time i start it, i get disconnected from my ethernet03:10
ouyesboxfish,  i work for a branch of  big group, so everything is designed just for the company, besides i do not know the protocol03:10
cybertaur1marlin: why not?03:10
KenBW2Quirkly: sudo apt-get install a2ps solved someone else's problem03:10
marlincan i connect to nero server or just share with mic xp?03:10
cybertaur1marlin: did you mean you personally don't use it, or like a warning03:10
ViridianFireHow is it that you completely remove KDE again?03:10
ezrafreeouyes: well it doesn't hurt to ask. i would imagine they did not go to the trouble of writing their own chat protocol03:10
marlinbecause xmbc seems like the one for me03:10
ouyesboxfish, hiexpo ezrafree  thanks03:10
phong_krysis i did download this: Thank you for downloading macnome03:10
mkanyicysaruji, how are you logged in now?03:10
_TristanI'm getting '(gtk-window-decorator:30406): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine"' in my ~/.xsession-errors even though murrine is installed and in the right place. Also happens for all other gtk engines. $30 in it for the one who knows how to fix it.03:10
marlinbut my internet seems too slow right now03:11
phong_it opens something up how to make it work?03:11
krysisecart:  have you tried looking up nvidia in the ubuntu software center?03:11
sarujimkanyicy: i'm in a live session03:11
QuirklyKenBW2, I'm trying something, then I will check to see if that's installed or not03:11
krysisok phong_ now go into system > preferences > emerald theme manager03:11
wevlophow do i get my keyboard working? please someone notice my question :)03:11
KenBW2ouyes: your options are: (1) use Pidgin if you know the protocol (2) Use Wine to run the program (3) use Virtualbox to run a full Windows03:11
mkanyicysaruji, pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l'03:11
ViridianFireubottu: could I get those commands again?03:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:11
ardchoillephong_: are you looking for a OSX theme for gnome?03:11
sarujimkanyicy: whats the command for output?03:11
phong_no it's call Thank you for downloading macnome03:11
marlinmy problem is simple i'm sure...03:11
ardchoillephong_: I used this one, it's great:  http://mac4lin.sourceforge.net/03:12
krysisphong_:  go to import, and find the package on your desktop03:12
ViridianFireubottu: remove KDE03:12
ubottuError: The command "remove" is available in the Bugtracker, Lart, and Svn plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "remove".03:12
marlinwill anyone help me?03:12
QuirklyKenBW2, a2ps is already installed03:12
krysisi also forgot, go into ubuntu software center phong_ and install the copmiz fusion icon03:12
mkanyicysaruji, sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit03:12
KenBW2marlin: that depends if anyone knows the cause of your problem, try to be specific03:12
CAPcapanyone know how to change look of a pointer in lxde? no one is responding in the lxde channel03:12
ecartkrysis I do not know how to ... sorry .... I need help.03:12
krysisoh ok03:12
krysisecart:  go to applications > ubuntu software center03:13
mkanyicyyes, marlin, somebody will help you03:13
krysisthen search for nvidia ecart03:13
ouyesKenBW2,  thanks very much ,you guys fascinating, ill try 303:13
krysistry the GTK nvidia drivers ecart03:13
ecartlet me see03:13
marlini'm trying to connect to my nero media share from an xp box03:13
razertekwhat is the network hardware kenel module for modprobe in lucid?03:13
phong_ok i imported then next?03:13
KenBW2ouyes: in the order i suggested preferably03:13
phong_nothing happened yet03:13
=== Kravlin_ is now known as Kravlin
krysisok phong_ go to applications > ubuntu software center and install copmiz fusion icon03:13
marlinall google wants to do is set up ps3 servers, lol03:13
mkanyicysaruji, i am still waiting03:13
krysisi forgot this one part03:13
DanoZ34Does anybody know why my canon ip2600 printer will say processing but won't actually print?03:13
KenBW2Quirkly: sudo aptitude install gnome-cups-manager03:13
phong_krysis do i close the emerald them ?03:14
phong_it's still open03:14
krysisyeah you can close it, just select the theme and press apply03:14
boxfishOuyes : you will need a xp image for that, or install from scratch (licence theoretically would be required for that)03:14
krysiserr sorry there is no apply03:14
krysisjust click on the theme and exit03:14
mac9416How do I prevent GDM from running at startup?03:14
KenBW2boxfish: "theoretically" - love it :P03:14
phong_'m in ubuntu software center03:14
DanoZ34Does anybody know why my canon ip2600 printer will say processing but won't actually print?03:14
phong_what do i search for?03:14
krysisphong_: search for compiz fusion icon03:14
marlinKenBW2: do you know how i can connect to a nero server or should i use typical file sharing?03:15
mkanyicymac9416, why do you want to do that?03:15
CAPcapanyone know how to change a cursor theme in lxde?03:15
KenBW2marlin: i have no idea what a nero server is03:15
phong_ok i did03:15
phong_it installed03:15
QuirklyKenBW2, it no exist, maybe I should check repositories03:15
phong_i still dont see any change yet03:15
Quirklybut I have most enabled03:15
krysisgo to applications > system tools > fusion icon03:15
mac9416mkanyicy: because whenever I try to login, it simply restarts GDM. I cannot kill it.03:15
mac9416mkanyicy: even as root.03:15
krysisthe icon should pop in system tray03:15
DanoZ34where can i go to get help with printers?03:16
Rabbitbunnykrysis: Talk to phong_, not the channel. You should know better.03:16
Quirklylol KenBW2 I think it's my cupsd config03:16
ouyesboxfish,  i do not know ill have a xp image03:16
QuirklyDanoZ34, join the club lol03:16
p3rrorany desktop video recording03:16
ouyesboxfish,  can i use the cd?03:16
__machinehow can i upgrade just one package (mod_wsgi) on hardy heron lts without opening up all packages to bleeding edge?03:16
phong_krysis: i saw the icon on bar03:16
KenBW2Quirkly: http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/08/09/howto-print-from-one-ubuntu-printer-to-another-with-xubuntu/03:16
krysisok now right click on the icon, go under "window decorator" and choose emerald03:16
phong_krysis: how to activate my them03:16
marlinKenBW2: Nero is used on windows for media playing, burning, and sharing03:16
mkanyicymac9416, CTRL+ALT+F1 and then 'sudo service gdm stop'03:17
DanoZ34do printers now work well with linux? i just put it on the computer after our windows xp got erased from the harddrive?03:17
casllabyes, hello03:17
KenBW2marlin: address the channel :)03:17
boxfishouyes : maybe look for something like "TinyXP-Rev09.vdi" will make things very easy....just not very legal03:17
casllabcasllab here03:17
casllabHOW DO I SHOT UBUNTU!?11/1/1/1!!!!???03:17
sarujimkanyicy: I get an error message "unable to seek on /dev/sda" <---is that my cd rom or does that indicate aproblem with the hd?03:17
QuirklyKenBW2, at a glance I think that's two ubuntu machines talking03:17
krysisyou get it phong_?03:17
phong_krysis: u're the best my dear!03:17
marlinhow do i connect to a nero media share?03:17
krysishaha, your very welcome =)03:17
casllabhello, i have a question:03:17
casllabHOW DO I SHOT UBUNTU!?11/1/1/1!!!!???03:17
tertittenhmm, how do I delete the top gnome-panel ?03:17
KenBW2Quirkly: wonder what theyre saying :P03:17
krysisgo into desktop background, then go to visual effects03:17
krysisnow you have a new selection "custom"03:17
sarujicasllab: install windows03:18
phong_kryis: yes dr. thank u03:18
Random832tertitten; right-click on it03:18
KenBW2Quirkly: is that link proving helpful?03:18
krysisyou can change your graphics phong_03:18
Quirklylol well KenBW2 I hope playing in the config helps me03:18
CAPcapanyone know how to change a cursor theme in lxde?03:18
sarujicasllab: and it will shot you03:18
mkanyicysaruji, is that the only error message or you have summarized it?03:18
KenBW2CAPcap: clearly not03:18
sarujimkanyicy: yes03:18
Quirklywell, not too much, I mean, the problem would be fixed if printer was hooked up to a linux machine'03:18
hiexpoouyes, why you need xp for ?03:18
Random832saruji; no idea - type 'mount', does it say anything about /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?03:18
ouyesboxfish,  i have 2 xp cd of my t400 from company so i will use that03:18
casllabsaruji: shut up. and stop studying at utah you stupid fuck. South Tower sucks ass.03:18
mkanyicysaruji, yes what?03:18
phong_krysis: is this only bar good mac looking only?03:18
tertittenRandom832, that obvioussly won't work ^^03:18
KenBW2ouyes: have you tried wine03:18
phong_everything else looks the same hahaha03:18
marlinNEED HELP: i have a media server set up on a win XP machine and i want to connect to it...03:18
Random832tertitten; ?03:18
CAPcapKenBW2, people come and go and people miss things, i figured it wouldnt hurt to ask again03:18
krysishaha, well you can look around, somethings look alot better, but if you like Mac then thats a good bar03:19
ouyeshiexpo, the company need to see me on line in the work time03:19
ouyesKenBW2, yes mate03:19
mkanyicyRandom832, saruji is on LiveCD03:19
KenBW2CAPcap: i agree, but i usually wait a few mins03:19
phong_krysis i want the whole them change man03:19
tertittenRandom832, right click and delete/remove is grayed03:19
wweaselQuestion guys: I'm running Ubuntu server on an old laptop. Periodically, it goes into some sort of suspend state, where it stops responding to ping/ssh, etc.. Touching a keyboard key instantly reawakens it. I can't seem to figure out how to disable this. Or even where to look in the logs to figure out what precisely is happening. Any advice appreciated.03:19
Quirklytime to google httpConnectionEncrypt failed03:19
phong_anything good for whole them and i cons03:19
ouyesKenBW2,  how to find out the protocol it used?03:19
Random832tertitten; on a blank area?03:19
krysisphong_:  you want full mac theme?03:19
Athenit seems that Gnome Sudoku 2.28.0 doesn't keep track of the time very well03:19
KenBW2ouyes: ask the developers, or check the file name03:19
mkanyicy!language | casllab,03:19
ubottucasllab,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:19
tertittenRandom832, yes03:19
phong_if posible03:19
phong_or any full nice them03:19
KenBW2ouyes: what's the name of the program?03:19
hiexpoouyes, how through beetworking?03:19
FiremanEd!language > casllab03:20
ubottucasllab, please see my private message03:20
Random832tertitten; it looks like you have to have at least one panel03:20
ardchoillephong_: I used this one, it's great:  http://mac4lin.sourceforge.net/03:20
DanoZ34Does the Canon ip2600 printer not work with Ubuntu 9.10?03:20
marlinanyone know anything about nero?03:20
mkanyicy!language | casllab,03:20
KenBW2ouyes: file name? i mean help file03:20
casllab!language | mkanyicy03:20
krysisphong_:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin/03:20
ubottumkanyicy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:20
tertittenRandom832, OK, no problem, I'll just hide it then03:20
ouyesKenBW2,  i can not find vitualbox in the software center03:20
boxfishmarlin : I normally sorted such problems by making sure the "WORKGROUP" was the same on both machines03:20
phong_its downloading now03:20
sarujicasllab: trace routing my ip cutie?03:20
Random832you do know that casllab is ballsac spelt backwards, right? he was just trolling in ##linux03:20
casllabsaruji NO READING UR /WHOIS YOU FAGGOT03:20
krysisthe beauty of linux is u can make it look like anything, you can combine anything you want together to customize your own, full blown themes are rare to find, but you can make your own from gnome-look.org03:20
hajmolaDanoZ34, it's always a google away: http://www.openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=Canon-PIXMA_iP260003:20
KenBW2ouyes: its called "Virtualbox OSE"03:20
ardchoille!ops | casllab03:20
ubottucasllab: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:20
sarujimkanyicy: it gives me a lot of things03:20
casllabsaruji ALSO, COCKS03:20
krysisphong_: the beauty of linux is u can make it look like anything, you can combine anything you want together to customize your own, full blown themes are rare to find, but you can make your own from gnome-look.org03:21
mkanyicyikonia, casllab is being offensive03:21
ouyesKenBW2,  i am quite sure you do not know the name, as i said  it is special made by my company,03:21
IdleOnecasllab: stop03:21
phong_krysis: i'm a noob remember,03:21
KenBW2ouyes: i probably wont, but i can google it03:21
mkanyicysaruji, pastebin everything03:21
phong_krysis: i finshed downloading03:21
marlinboxfish: will that connect me to the server or just the shared folders?03:21
casllabikonia: these guys are bullying me03:21
toastedmilkAnyone know anything about configuring usplash to use an .so file?03:21
ouyesKenBW2,  i search virtualbox no matches03:21
krysiswell yes, phong_ but for the most part you can just "Drag and drop" the themes onto your appearance manager03:21
casllabHOW DO I SHOT UBUNTU?!11/11???!?!!??!??!?103:21
KenBW2ouyes: what repositories do you have enabled03:21
mkanyicysaruji, copy everything and paste it at http://paste.ubuntu.com03:21
hajmolacasllab, that doesn't make any sense03:21
toastedmilkcasllab, stop flaming/spamming03:21
casllabhajmola: STFU.03:22
ouyesKenBW2,  oh i found it03:22
CAPcap!trolling | casllab03:22
ubottucasllab: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel03:22
phong_krysis how to unzip a .zip file with folder03:22
boxfishmarlin: I found that it made finding other machines on my home netowrk a lot easier03:22
KenBW2ouyes: i dont know why you dont just try wine first03:22
krysisright click on the file phong_ then click "extract here"03:22
DanoZ34Does the Canon ip2600 printer not work with Ubuntu 9.10?03:22
Quirklyso, guess it's time to dig in log files KenBW2 I've come to the conclusion that my cups server is likely borked03:22
KenBW2Quirkly: great lol03:22
phong_i want to learn from command line03:22
hajmolaDanoZ34, did you look at the link i sent you03:22
phong_unzip with saving folder info03:22
krysisok, from command line03:22
darryl_sockwellIs Ubuntu 9.10 suitable for a P4 with 384mb of RAM?03:22
toastedmilkphong_, check out man pages!03:22
DanoZ34i never saw one im sorry03:22
KenBW2Quirkly: this is why i abandoned xubuntu on my old PC03:22
sarujimkanyicy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367260/03:22
phong_no toast03:22
Quirklylack of a log file KenBW2 proves the problem is really bad hahaha03:22
Quirklytypically I don't have a need to print03:23
toastedmilkphong_, yes phong03:23
Quirklyso nonissue03:23
KenBW2Quirkly: er, yea03:23
phong_krysis go ahead03:23
mkanyicysaruji, ok, let me check it out03:23
marlinboxfish: ok, i'll try that some more and come back if i have too. i just cant seem to get the naming right03:23
boxfishI like using "nmap" for finding stuff too, but I'm sure there are other more efficient ways03:23
KenBW2Quirkly: why is the PC unable to run ubuntu?03:23
krysisim not sure if tar can unzip zip files...03:23
Quirklyno, it's a family machine03:23
sarujimkanyicy: thank you03:23
krysisits easier if you just right click and extract here03:23
Quirklythus, windows for the masses03:23
phong_krysis okay i do it form gui then03:23
DanoZ34haji can you repost it?03:23
QuirklyI mean, I could go in to my email on that machine and print the file I want....but that's too fucking easy03:23
mkanyicysaruji, ok try this: 'sudo fdisk -l' and paste it again03:23
krysisits just easier phong_ with time you can use the terminal for more things, for now get used to the gui03:24
KenBW2Quirkly: and wouldnt be as fun :)03:24
IdleOne!language | Quirkly03:24
ubottuQuirkly: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:24
phong_ok it did extract to a folder03:24
phong_i saw some .sh file03:24
krysisok now you can go into a terminal03:24
krysisgo into that directory where the .sh file is03:24
ouyesKenBW2, body i tried and failed , that is why i came here to ask, remember i am a newbie and using ubuntu since 8.0403:24
QuirklyI've setup network printers on linux befoer, just never this much hassle.....just gotta fix my cups I guess03:24
sarujimkanyicy: that on just reads "Unable to seek on /dev/sda03:24
phong_should i do ./configure ?03:24
krysisfirst do chmod +x03:25
KenBW2Quirkly: why not just install ubuntu - iirc the system usage isnt that different03:25
krysischmod +x <filename>03:25
phong_it's in green: Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh03:25
mkanyicysaruji, one line?03:25
ouyesKenBW2,  i know what is wine and i use it play counter-strike03:25
KenBW2ouyes: if youvce tried then fair enough03:25
krysisphong_:  do chmod +x Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh03:25
krysisphong_:  remember you can use tab to complete the name of the file03:25
sarujimkanyicy: yes, first blank line then Unable to seek on /dev/sda03:25
Quirklyeh, well, see the other problem is that this laptop is a hand me down, and overheats quickly, particularly when installing ubuntu and a big number of packages03:25
boxfishdarryl_sockwell : I think that ram is a bit too low really, to be of great use03:25
ouyesKenBW2,  thanks , you did help me .03:25
Quirklywhen I want a permanent fix, like when I get a new hard drive, I'll probably do a ubuntu proper install03:26
sarujimkanyicy: how do i find out what sda is?03:26
KenBW2Quirkly: take the cover off and give the dust a blow03:26
KenBW2Quirkly: that helped with a friend's laptop overheating problem03:26
mkanyicysaruji, that is your hard drive03:26
Quirklywell, the hard drive is baerly functioning too...03:26
charles__I recently uninstalled Firefox, but there are still two firefox folders in /etc, would it be safe to remove these? i imagine they are the reason i still see reference to firefox in BleachBit03:26
QuirklyI only can run this with an ice pack underneath lol, it's crazy03:26
phong_krysis: the tab only give up to Mac4Lin_03:26
krysisif anyone likes games in here go check out "Quake Live" its amazing, works great from the firefox03:26
sarujimkanyicy: i know but I have a few and couldnt it also be a cdrom? or flash drive?03:26
QuirklyI'll probably take it apart and clean it at some point, like when I get a new drive03:26
krysisphong_:  what other filenames with Mac4Lin are there?03:27
KenBW2Quirkly: lol, why wait03:27
sarujimkanyicy: or sda is my live cd?03:27
phong_krysis any what is next:   sudo sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh  ???03:27
phong_is that right?03:27
krysisphong_:  do "sudo ./Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh03:27
krysisof course use tab so u get the right thing03:27
hiexpokrysis, - he can't just drag and drop lol03:27
mkanyicysaruji, no, it's you hard drive03:28
phong_krysis answer yes to all by default?03:28
krysiswell this is a install through a script hiexpo03:28
CAPcapanyone know how to change a cursor theme in lxde?03:28
phong_just keep on Y ?03:28
krysisyes phong_03:28
phong_ok brb03:28
hiexpoi know03:28
sarujimkanyicy: as in main?  then maybe its a rights issue?03:28
sarujimkanyicy: or for sure its a gonner03:28
mkanyicysaruji, yes03:28
phong_ok krysis it's done03:28
krysisthey shoulda made a deb out of mac4lin...03:28
phong_now what?03:28
krysisok, now go into your desktop03:28
krysisright click on desktop > change background > themes03:29
mkanyicysaruji, it looks like something serious happened on it03:29
krysisand look for the new installed theme03:29
KenBW2CAPcap: http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=69303:29
QuirklyKenBW2, well, waiting for hard drive cause of $$$, and waiting to clean cause :lazy:03:29
sarujimkanyicy: yea i can see those raptures going any moment03:29
phong_is there a quick way to hide all windows?03:29
phong_or minimize all open windows?03:29
krysisbottom left03:29
Quirklyand I've had other old laptops where cleaning did no good, so I'd be very disappointed if I went to all that trouble, for nothing03:29
KenBW2Quirkly: better than having ice pack under it03:29
sarujimkanyicy: so your analysis is that its dead or possibly revivable?03:29
krysislittle icon03:29
phong_i got it03:29
Quirklynot that big of an issue, when I am only on it for a few hours a day03:29
macosxtigercan anyone make a suggestion on an ftp server with a GUI front end with many fetures?03:29
KenBW2Quirkly: i knew someone who had to keep his laptop in the freezer :)03:29
krysisanyone try docky yet?03:29
ouyeswhat is the commercial mode of ubuntu in your country? if i want to spread it also make a living in the process, what can i do? i want to make more and more people know that there are other choice not only windows, and it is a quite good OS03:30
Quirklyhaha, well, if it was that bad, i would do something about it03:30
=== McNuggets is now known as Muff_Dive
mkanyicysaruji, honestly that is beyond my experience. all i can say is that back up your files soon as you access them, things might get even worse03:30
QuirklyI suspect that it's some other part overheating, in which case I'll just make the best of a bad situation until I get a new machine03:30
phong_krysis i love it03:30
mkanyicysaruji, read this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/unable-to-seek-on-devsda-614966/03:30
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I log in every character of text is displayed as a box. I already tried re-installing, but that didn't fix it. In the LiveCD system, the text looks fine. Any ideas why it doesn't render right in an installed system?03:30
Krumarhey, my computer has started acting strange, the cpu usage is very low, like under 5% but my load average gets up to about 2 and the computer becomes almost unresponsive, can anyone tell me how to start to figure out what the problem is?03:30
KenBW2ouyes: delivering training would be the best way03:30
krysisglad i can help phong_03:31
krysishave fun with ubuntu!03:31
KenBW2Quirkly: im gonna have to go03:31
phong_last thing i want03:31
KenBW2Quirkly: hope you get it fixed03:31
phong_a terminal with back color03:31
phong_i hate white ternimal03:31
krysiswindows user huh?03:31
phong_kubuntu has nice terminal screen03:31
sarujimkanyicy: ok here is my problem though, I have a back up drive in there and everything but the system files are there, I can access them, except my /home/username files (which I rerouted so that my /home is located on the secondary drive) any direction on how I could access these files03:31
krysisopen your regular terminal03:31
hajmolaphong_, you do know you can change the colors.....03:31
krysisgo to edit > profile preferences03:31
CAPcapKenBW2, thankls03:32
Quirklytake care KenBW203:32
krysisand look around in there03:32
QuirklyI'll be ok03:32
phong_krysis okay i know now03:32
sarujimkanyicy: when I attempt to access them through my /file system/home/username it gives me error message that I dont have permissions03:32
phong_i got ur point03:32
krysisphong_:  no problem! im going to go play some quakelive now =)03:32
mkanyicysaruji, ok paste the output of 'df -h' and that of 'ls -lh /dev/sd*'03:32
Krumarhey, my computer has started acting strange, the cpu usage is very low, like under 5% but my load average gets up to about 2 and the computer becomes almost unresponsive, can anyone tell me how to start to figure out what the problem is?03:33
ouyesKenBW2, delivering training? what kind of training?03:33
GarakKrumar: laptop or desktop?03:33
boxfishKrumar : load average 2 ?? isnt that the same as 200% ?03:33
phong_krysis: wow the transparent hahah i love it03:33
KrumarGarak, desktop03:34
phong_I wish i can see a girl with that transpanrent thing03:34
mkanyicyikonia, you can use chmod and chown to get permissions to those partitions03:34
Krumarboxfish, not sure, just says 203:34
mkanyicyikonia, sorry, not you03:34
mkanyicysaruji,  you can use chmod and chown to get permissions to those partitions03:34
ouyesKenBW2, may i know your country?03:34
hajmolaKrumar, load isn't just CPU usage, it's also I/O stuff like USB, disk writing, network drives03:34
boxfishKrumar so you have disk activity ?03:34
krysisphong_: if you go to desktop, right click > desktop wallpaper > visual effects  --  you will see a "Custom" option03:34
krysisforgot about that, enjoy03:34
Krumarhajmola, yea, i want to know what i can do to locate narrow down the problem03:35
sarujimkanyicy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367264/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/367265/ thank you03:35
Krumarboxfish, yes, there is disks activity03:35
boxfishKrumar : look at the system monitor03:35
Krumarboxfish, i'm there03:36
KenBW2ouyes: england03:36
KenBW2ouyes: i mean helping people move to ubuntu03:36
boxfishKrumar : so what are the nice graphs doing ?03:36
seidoswhy does gnome-power-manager not provide a warning or hibernate before my battery runs out of power?03:37
boxfishI guess they arent all flatlined03:37
Krumarboxfish, cpu is at about 3% or so, mostly showing cpu usage for system monitor03:37
mkanyicysaruji, try this 'mkdir ~/sda1 && sudo mount /dev/sda1 ~/sda1' and then paste the output of 'df -h' again03:37
hajmolaseidos, it should... mine does03:37
mkanyicysaruji, by the way, your two other drives are fine03:37
Quirkly"Not enough '\' characters in service" ==========> Anyone ever seen that error message before, from smbclient?03:37
boxfishflat network and low memory usage ?03:37
seidoshajmola: yeah it should, but it doesn't.  my battery is broken because of it03:37
hajmolaseidos, you should have an option for it in power management03:37
mkanyicysaruji, they are called sdb and sdc03:37
ouyesKenBW2, i am thinking about opening a website, about ubuntu, but i do not know what is the content and what people really needs03:37
hajmolaseidos, that's sad03:38
phong_krysis: nice custom ;)03:38
krysisyour welcome =) you wana see mine?03:38
sarujimkanyicy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367267/03:38
Krumarboxfish, i have a suspicion it has to do with the hard drive, the system has 8 GB of ram and a dual core 2.6 Ghz processor, ram and cpu are low, still have a high load03:38
Blue11I am trying to get a sandisk fuse mp3 player to work under linux -- linux sees it, but that's all03:38
hyperstreamouyes, there are plenty already ?03:38
phong_krysis yes03:38
seidoshajmola: could be worse, I guess03:38
phong_i want to see ur thing03:38
sarujimkanyicy: how can i know which one is associated with what?03:38
phong_krysis: may i see your thing?03:39
krysisyes hold on03:39
phong_krysis: does your thing look nice?03:39
ouyeshyperstream, there? where?03:39
phong_krysis: i can't wait to see your thing now03:39
phong_krysis: ok i will hold on03:39
krysisnot thing o.o03:39
krysisthat sounds weird bud03:40
boxfishsKrumar : o what are the load average figures then ?03:40
hyperstreamouyes, http://lmgtfy.com/?list+of+ubuntu+sites03:40
phong_krysis: yes, it was a joke...hahah03:40
Krumarboxfish, 1.48   .82    .6003:40
phong_krysis: i'm glad u picked it03:40
mkanyicysaruji, sdb is about 500GB and sdc is about 300GB03:40
krysisok phong_ here you go: http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/4952/screenshotq.png03:40
krysismy desktop03:41
Krumarboxfish, using htop i can see that only about 1.7% of the cpu is even being used right now03:41
sarujimkanyicy: cool yea the one that was the main system drive is 30 gigs03:41
phong_no i dont like it03:41
phong_i'm sorry03:41
phong_i like my theme03:41
sarujimkanyicy: so is there anyway that I can get to my /home/username folder, it should be located on one of the other drives that is good03:41
krysisit suits me well :P03:41
seidosis there a way to check to see if the problem I have with warnings is with gnome-power-manager or hal or some other program?03:42
phong_i want to have model them03:42
phong_with girly background03:42
boxfishwhat ever it is, will have to be using some cpu, so it must be one of those processes03:42
phong_sexy girls03:42
krysisoh, you don't like my wallpaper, someones is obsessed with sexy girls :/03:42
CAPcapanyone know how to change a cursor theme in lxde?03:42
hajmolaphong_, krysis, sounds like offtopic to me03:42
Krumarboxfish, i'm thinking something might be wrong with the I/O on my computer, do you know how to check it?03:42
phong_sorry hajmola03:42
ecartnybody know where I can ssh one free? I will begin studying the shell most wanted to do this remotely ...03:42
krysisyeah i know hajmola we kinda went off03:43
krysisok im afk03:43
ecartAnybody know where I can ssh one free? I will begin studying the shell most wanted to do this remotely ...03:43
mkanyicysaruji, i really don't know03:43
sarujimkanyicy: cool np thank you03:43
phong_krysis: are there real mac os x theme?03:43
phong_i guess not03:43
forsaubuntu 9.10 greats... cool..03:43
sarujimkanyicy: i did regular back ups so the most important data I have03:44
phong_i wish someone has real windows 7 thems03:44
phong_i'm use to windows environment03:44
hyperstreamthen use windows.03:44
forsasnow leopard themes ?03:44
functionofxycan anyone help me with the .run for fglrx? I can't generate the .deb files. I have the error output03:44
phong_snow leopard them is posible?03:45
=== gdb_ is now known as gdb
seidosphong_: anything is possible with linux with enough knowledge03:45
forsai used mac osx snole leopard and ubuntu 9.1003:45
boxfishKrumar : if there is, then it will be logged somewhere03:45
seidosi liked os x03:45
seidosno wobbly windows possible though03:46
StupendoussteveWobbly windows is a definite sign of a good OS03:46
militanthmmm i'mg oogling for a wya to enable tap to click on my touchpad, there's not much, and not much about disabling it either03:46
forsai used linux ubuntu sice 3 day ago .. thats cool, is there any tips and trick ?03:46
ouyeshyperstream,  what is it http://lmgtfy.com/?list+of+ubuntu+sites? i do not get your point?03:46
seidosStupendoussteve: haha03:46
forsahow to install xampp/lampp on terminal ?03:47
lacitaI am setting up a 5TB+ partititon with a gpt partition table. The drive is comprised of 4x2TB in RAID5. To boot from this drive, I must have 2 boot partitionsa: a Dell Utility Partition (94.1Mb), and a FAT32 partition (2.01Gb) at the beginning of the drive. The placement of the Dell Utility partition is from sector 63 to 192779, The placement of the FAT32 partition should be from sector 192780 to 4401809. This is easy to set up using fdisk, however, there03:47
lacitais no gpt support in fdisk. I am trying to use parted, but cannot figure out how to define a partition by sector. Any ideas?03:47
hyperstreamouyes, you want to make a ubuntu site?, there are plenty of ubuntu-related sites around, you wanted to know where, GOOGLE IT03:47
seidosmilitant: system > prefs > mouse > touchpad03:47
sgi have a quick question03:47
seidossg: just ask03:47
lacitasq: spill it03:47
DaZforsa: apt-get install apache mysql php? <:03:47
sgwhy do i get prompts when an application attempts to access the keyring?03:48
militanti didn't see it there.  odd.  checking again.  i feel a bit dumb now03:48
forsadaz ; oke i will try thanks03:48
sgand then i can deny/accept once/accept always03:48
seidossg: did you change your password?03:48
lacitasg: it is for your own protection03:48
sgwhere can i see which applications i have "accepted always"?03:48
FatsDTHow do I disable the simulated right click on my synaptics touchpad?03:48
seidosI get the "default keyring lock..." message, and I think it's from changing the password03:49
militanthmmm seidos actually i did see that.  and it doesn't work03:49
phong_krysis: what kind of font is thsi chat use?03:49
wevlophi, i added acpi=off the the end of the boot parameters & my keyboard/touchpad works now. How do i make this permanent?03:49
forsabefore i type : sudo apt-get install apache mysql php? <: ( download xampp first ?? )03:49
phong_i love this font i want to use xchat font to use as terminal03:49
phong_i dont know what kind of font it is03:49
seidosmilitant: not sure what else to try if the gui doesn't work.03:49
seidosmilitant: what ver of ubuntu?03:49
coz_phong_,  monospace 903:50
wevlopi tried to edit the grub.cfg file with sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg option it does not let me save the changes03:50
enyawixNetbook Remix livecd?03:50
phong_ok thanks03:50
sgwhere can i see which applications i always allowed access to the keyring?03:50
militantor well it does, but sensitivity is shot i guess, i see.  i'm googing for a sensitivity bit somewhere.03:50
enyawixthumb drive image?03:50
boxfishwevlo : sudo it ?03:50
lacitaneed help with parted.03:50
ouyeshyperstream,  i type ubuntu nothing comes out , what is that website for?03:51
boxfishshoudl work..oops, soz03:51
sgwell...looks like nobody knows the answer lol03:51
trismwevlop: you need to chmod it before you can write to it, but it is generally not a good idea03:51
wevlopboxfish, i did sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:51
wevloptrism, any other way to add a parameter permanently to the boot options?03:51
boxfishtry writing a file in the same directory03:51
wevlopi certainly don't want to edit the boot options everytime i login03:51
boxfishthat's where it has to go03:52
trismwevlop: yes, edit /etc/default/grub and add it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT03:52
wevloptrism, oh,03:52
trismwevlop: then run sudo update-grub;03:52
macosxtigeri am a total newb and i know you love hearing that! would someone please help me with a little something something03:53
functionofxybump...need help preparing fglrx debs03:53
lacitaanybody know the difference between a sector in gpt & a sector in a msdos partitian table?03:53
wevloptrism, yay! hopefully it will work next time i reboot, btw any idea what i am gonna miss [if any] by doing acpi=off :)03:54
wevlopsound is probably gone03:54
DaughainCan someone point me in the right direction to start getting an XP VM set up?03:54
lacitaDaughain: look into trueVNC03:54
Daughainlacita: Thanks.03:55
lacitaDaughain: I meant RealVNC.03:55
macosxtigervirtualbox Daughain03:55
DaughainThanks, both of ya.03:55
macosxtigerany suggestions for ftp server with a GUI for configurations03:55
TomV-415Daughain: VNC is for connecting to a remote box, if you want to run XP on your local box, virtualbox sounds better.03:55
lacitamacosxtiger, Daughain: that's an emulator... not a true VNC server.03:56
forsamacosxtiger : d u mean Filezilla?03:56
macosxtigerfilezilla is a server?03:56
=== Muff_Dive is now known as Poocockie
gerrintrying to completely turn off the touchpad on my laptop, anyone know how03:57
ezrafreemacosxtiger: they have a client and a server as well03:57
DaughainYeah, I'm looking to run it on this system, so I can use my BB apps.03:57
macosxtigerill look into filezilla03:57
TomV-415I've been running on a dual boot computer for a while now, I started out as a 'test' of ubuntu - but I am now almost 100% on ubuntu.  I needed to make more space, so I just upgraded my hard drive from 80 to 300 gigs.03:57
lacitagerrin: system > prefs > mouse > touchpad03:57
Daughainlacita: A *good* emu is fine for what I need.03:57
lacitaDaughain: good times.03:57
gerrinon that dont see an option to completely turn off03:58
TomV-415But the partition software runs from windows, and refuses to grow the partion for my ubuntu files03:58
lacitaneed harddrive help specifically with parted03:58
DaughainTomV-415: LOL,  Thats just one of the reasons I dont want to deal with a dual boot.03:58
macosxtigerhard driive help03:58
TomV-415I didn't know I was going to become a convert..03:58
* Daughain chuckles.03:59
morphixTomV-415: install gparted03:59
macosxtigeromg how do you chuckle03:59
DaughainI was a convert before I set up this machine/03:59
morphixthen under "System" -> "Administration" -> "GParted"04:00
TomV-415morphix: gparted is installed, but it sees the whole rest of the drive as04:00
TomV-415But I have a new partition with 100gigs, that I can mount04:00
TomV-415how do i make that my 'filesystem' in ubuntu?04:00
switch10TomV-415: it sees your windows partition as unallocated?04:01
TomV-415switch10: yeah,04:01
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. how to fix that ?04:01
TomV-415But Disk Utility seems to completely understand the partions.04:01
=== Poocockie is now known as McNuggets
TomV-415So I'm staying away  from Gparted, fearing it will blow away my legacy windows partition.04:02
TomV-415Palmipsest Disk Utility04:03
boxfishlacita: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:03
switch10TomV-415: gparted always works great.  you may need to boot from a live cd and unmout the drive, and use gparted from there04:03
boxfishlacita : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:03
switch10TomV-415: it always works good for me anyway.04:03
gerrintrying to turn off my touchpad, went through system>mouse>touchpad, but found no option to turn off, anyother method?04:04
myk_robinsonanyone able to comment on the status of Intel graphics with current Ubuntu updates? Looking at a laptop with Intel GMA4500M04:04
boxfishgerrin : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:04
switch10gerrin: I think the only option is to turn it off while you are typing...04:04
xivenHey all04:04
boxfishlooks like install the synclient, then change the settings as you need them04:05
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. how to fix that ?    l need help...04:05
TomV-415switch10: I'm wondering if i can just define the mount points differently or something.. What I'm seeing is the main partions, and then a block with "logical partions"04:05
xivenAre there any projects which could use a developer??04:05
boxfishthat link there shows how to do it for certain time periods too04:05
hiexpoi need to open /var/log/rkhunter.log but keep getting error permission denied ?04:05
libtechsynclient settings change after each reboot04:05
mezquitale /join #ubuntu-es04:06
sdbinwiiexe-ubunHow can I patch my Atheros AR928X wireless card to allow injection?04:06
henrik_hiexpo, sudo nano /var/log/rkhunter.log , try that04:06
boxfishTouchpad options can be set permanently through HAL. See the HAL input section of the X config documentation for details.04:07
hiexpook   thanks04:07
switch10TomV-415: I have never seen gparted not see an NTFS or FAT32 partition.  I would try a live CD before i messed with anything else.  make sure everything is unmounted04:07
mzhanghow to enable hotplug firmware loading support in kernel 2.6.32?04:07
xivenThis channel cover gnome software in general, or just the Gnome Desktop Project?04:07
rick__does anyone know how do i get all of the mlt engine modules installed into ubuntu 9.10 for kdenlive 0.7.6?  the config wizard says I only have melt installed as of right now.04:08
TomV-415switch10: is gparted on the live (karmic)?04:08
switch10TomV-415: yup04:08
=== goose is now known as goose[ME]
TomV-415switch10: Cool.  I'll give that a try -- thanks.  Signing off to try it!04:08
switch10TomV-415: good luck04:09
mzhangnever mind..04:10
mkanyicygoodbye good people04:10
Barridusis there a command in Xchat to show the ubuntu or kernel version04:10
gerrinthanks for the help guys, found the solution, the touchpad app in the software center04:10
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. it is the same whid /var/log/apt04:11
orizonI have some GTK window does not fit on 800x600, and QT does not change size. What can be done?04:11
orizonhelp me pls04:11
mkanyicyikonia, its amazing how hours can run so fast ;)04:11
phong_ok guys, i'm going to boot up mac os x now04:12
mkanyicyikonia, just kidding04:12
switch10hold alt, then click and hold on the window and move it around..04:12
boxfishorizon : hold the alt key ?!?! :-)04:12
toastedmilkI can't load Software Sources through the system menu, is there a command for this?04:12
switch10orizon: hold alt, then click and hold on the window and move it around..04:12
orizonand wat ?04:12
boxfishdrag the window04:13
switch10orizon: click anywhere on the window and drag it04:13
orizonand on qt working ?04:13
switch10orizon: what is qt?  sure it works04:14
orizonfan vare fan04:14
charles__anyone here have moment to answer a question or two regarding ubuntu's file deletion?04:14
coz_charles__,  what are the questions? :)04:15
henrik_charles__, write your question...04:15
boxfishcharles : you just ask, not ask to ask04:15
charles__well, i kep hearing about how linux OSes havea  lot celaner systems because their application uninstall is very efficient and thorough, but any time i uninsall something, there are still a load of things (directories, files, etc) left behind04:16
coz_charles__,  like which did you uninstall and how?04:17
charles__someone suggested i use bleachbit as a system maintenance tool, and it kep showing firefox as something to clean up.. evne though i uninstalled it04:17
switch10charles__: are using apt-get? or aptitude? or the synaptic package manager?04:17
rick__does anyone know how do i get all of the mlt engine modules installed into ubuntu 9.10 for kdenlive 0.7.6?  the config wizard says I only have melt installed as of right now.04:17
charles__i used to use the "ubuntu software center", then a friend told me to use synaptic04:17
coz_charles__,  yeah cleach and clean aps  may not be the best to use at this stage04:17
coz_charles__,  you can sudo apt-get autoclean to see if it removes any remainder files04:18
krysiscan anyone help me with this?04:18
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. it is the same whid /var/log/apt, any one know how to fix that.. ?04:18
* iflema :)04:18
coz_krysis,  you want to install the intel driver from the intel site?04:19
charles__yeah, i read about taht in a forum somewhere, and it deleted a few thigns, but firefox stil shows up in bleachbit... i've even gone as far as to just uninstall bleachbit, then delete all references to both firefox and belachbit in my file system... it seems like it still shows up after i reinstall bleachbit04:19
krysisim guessing thats what to do, it just recently came out that intel is giving out source for it, im confused at where to start though04:19
krysiscoz_:  im guessing thats what to do, it just recently came out that intel is giving out source for it, im confused at where to start though04:19
charles__(i'm treating this install as a test phase, so if i break something, no big deal, i'll just reinstall if i ned to)04:20
coz_krysis,  well the site you linked to in that post  is failry ecplanatory but if you have no experience with compiling or using git it may prove a bit  difficult04:20
krysiscoz_:  as far as my experience with Sabayan linux the driver for it is different than the one provided for ubuntu04:21
krysiscoz_:  as far as compiling im used to source tar.gz compiling though im not sure if that runs the same for drivers04:21
charles__what is the most thorough method for uninstalling an application? including removing all configuration files and references in the system?04:21
f1lt3r_hey guys04:21
coz_krysis,  well there is a release tarball avaialable on that link04:21
f1lt3r_anyone know how to change the max length of commands in the terminal?04:22
krysiscoz_:  ok, but im not sure which one to use, im guessing the latest 2.10?04:22
arghh2d2anybody know how to deal with a stubborn dvd thats not mounted and wont eject?  i get this error: eject: unable to eject, last error: Inappropriate ioctl for device04:22
coz_krysis,  on this page   http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html  you wll see the download link for the release tar04:22
f1lt3r_anyone? increasing command lenght in terminal?04:23
krysisdo i go from 2D drivers to 3D?04:23
coz_krys/join #Intel04:23
arghh2d2f1lt3r_: you mean scrollback buffer?04:24
Maz3Mikehey guys04:24
coz_krysis,  not sure a good channel to send you to for this...I am not up on intel chips and drivers04:24
gagehey guys, Maz3Mike04:24
f1lt3r_arghh2d2, no, i mean the maximum amount of characters i can put into one command04:24
krysisok thats fine coz_ im just worried about the requirements04:24
krysis1, kernel module agpgart and drm;04:24
krysisThe source of kernel modules is included in Linux kernel.04:24
coz_krysis,  you could try ##Linux channel...however I assume there are some here more experienced with intel chips and driver versions than I am04:24
krysis2, libdrm;04:24
FloodBot2krysis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
krysisLibdrm is included in freedesktop drm source.04:24
krysis3, Xorg 2D driver: xf86-video-intel;04:25
Maz3Miketrying to create alias comands that mount and unmount flash drives...however I noticed everytime i put the drive in the device keeps changed..it was sdd1 now it is sde104:25
arghh2d2f1lt3r_: no, i didnt know there was a limit...obviously you could make a script04:25
crdlbkrysis: ubuntu should come with the same driver as sabayon (though perhaps a different version)04:25
coz_krysis,  let me check on the requjirements hold on04:25
Maz3MikeHow do I make flash drives keep a certain dev name?04:25
krysiscrdlb: the driver for sabayan seems more stable as the graphics actually show i left a description here :http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8753949#post875394904:25
crdlbkrysis: which is the driver on the intel linux graphics site04:25
gageHey guys, does anyone know what could be the cause of my screen flickering04:25
gageit happens after I have my computer on for a wihle04:25
f1lt3r_arghh2d2, no it cant be a script :-\04:26
krysisim guessing it should be the only one on that site crdlb, as its based on the mobile intel chipset... though im not sure04:26
crdlbkrysis: right, but there is no alternate driver to try04:26
iflemaMaz3Mike udev rules04:26
FauntixHello all04:26
Maz3Mikeiflema: udev ?04:26
krysisso how could i get my driver to work right under ubuntu? if they are in fact using the same driver04:26
iflemaMaz3Mike create udev rules.... its complicated... youll need to do ya homework...04:27
TomV-415switch10: No luck...Gparted still saw my drive as one big unallocated block...04:27
Maz3Mikek..reading about it right now04:27
FauntixI have two quick questions about Ubuntu if anyone can take the time to whisper me04:27
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. it is the same whid /var/log/apt, any one know how to fix that.. ?04:27
kinja-sheepFauntix: Pop away the questions.04:27
crdlbkrysis: what does   glxinfo | grep renderer   say?04:28
Fauntix64-bit version of ubuntu to utilize all 4+ GB of ram?04:28
TomV-415But Palimpset Disk Utility seems to see everything correctly..04:28
krysisOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GM GEM 20090712 2009Q2 RC3 x86/MMX/SSE204:28
boxfishMaz3mike : you basically refer to the drives by a unique id number04:28
switch10TomV-415: that is odd.  ask your question again, maybe someone else knows.  gparted should see your windows partition04:28
kinja-sheepFauntix: Yes. Anything above 3GB Ram.04:28
Maz3Mikeboxfish: So I use udev to force it to a certain name....?04:28
TomV-415switch10: Thanks for the suggestions.. I'll do that.04:29
krysisI really want to find out what driver Sabayan uses (as it claims to be the gaming OS of linux) and compile that to my ubuntu... i dont like sabayan that much :/04:29
Fauntixbut is there a 64-bit version of ubuntu 9.104:29
crdlbkrysis: that looks ok; please try the #intel-gfx channel04:29
Fauntixi only see the 32-bit download04:29
rick__anyone able to help me with kdenlive?04:29
boxfishnot force it, just enable it to make that uuid mount in that place04:29
switch10Fauntix: yes there is a 64 bit version04:29
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I log in every character of text is displayed as a box. I already tried re-installing, but that didn't fix it. In the LiveCD system, the text looks fine. Any ideas why it doesn't render right in an installed system?04:29
TomV-415I have a dual boot, and I just updated my drive to a larger one to give more elbow room to Ubuntu.   I can see the new space on a new ext3 partition.  How do I move my 'file system' to the new partion?04:30
kinja-sheepFauntix: Alternative Download Options.04:30
bastid_raZorhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/  Fauntix04:30
rumpsySolarisBoy: ? :) , i found solution for my video card \o/04:30
Fauntixok i guess i am blind ill look again... my other question can the 9.1 ubuntu version support a tablet pc and its touch screen?04:30
krysisi'll try that thank you coz_04:30
TomV-415(GParted doesn't seem to understand my partition table, but Palimpsest Disk Utility does...)  I think it's just a matter of understanding mount points and such, but I'm a newbie to ubuntu.04:30
rumpsyAnybody, facing problem with X, well i can help you :)04:31
zambolii installed ubuntu on one partition, when I want to upgrade to a fresh install, i have to do a complete reinstall?04:31
coz_krysis,  that was crdlb   but  your welcome :)04:31
rumpsyzamboli: no!04:31
zambolii can uprade through synaptic?04:31
FauntixBastid: the 64bit says its for a AMD64... or is the Intel x86 the 64-bit vers?04:31
kinja-sheepFauntix: I can't say for sure as I do not have any experiences with that myself, but I believe that is doable (Check out Ubuntu MID Edition).04:32
rumpsyzamboli: Just insert te newest version cd into cdrom, i will brings up a pop-up window to update04:32
kinja-sheepFauntix: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/mobile04:32
switch10Fauntix: that is for either 64 bit CPU04:32
kinja-sheepFauntix: amd64 is the legacy name for any 64bit processors.04:32
zambolii see04:32
boxfishmaz3mike : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udev04:32
zambolithanks rumpsy04:32
rumpsyzamboli: or, you can also, give a try via apt-get, apt-get dist-upgrade04:33
rumpsyzamboli: :)04:33
TomV-415My file system is currently on /dev/sda5 mounted at '/', and I want it to point to /dev/sda8 ... where and how do I redefine the mount points?04:34
zamboliwell, when the time comes, i was just curious04:34
Fauntixnow the MID edition is for the tablets? here is the laptop i am wanting to put it on S/N: 0036551491 (Gateway)04:34
kinja-sheepFauntix: We want make/model -- Not serial numbers. :)04:35
krysisoh oops sorry coz_ lol about my requirements though, im trying to use the git, but im not quite sure how to..04:35
krysisand no one is responding in intel-gfx04:35
coz_krysis,  first  give me that link again?04:35
FauntixModel: CX200X and P/N: 1ta1509781104:36
coz_krysis,  open a terminal ...   cd  Desktop,,,,then  paste     git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:36
coz_   into the terminal04:36
coz_krysis,  I am assuming you have ubuntu 9.10 karmic correct?04:37
crdlbkrysis: you can't expect every channel to be as busy as #ubuntu04:37
kinja-sheepFauntix: I imagine you would want to use regular amd64 desktop instead of MID.04:37
krysiswell crdlb im just going to test out the driver, im not dissapointed or anything, might as well give it a try04:37
krysisyes coz_04:37
FauntixKinja: this is not the 4gb ram one lol this one only has 1gb lol04:38
coz_krysis,  ok that should work...I believe git-core is a default install so try it out and the file should download to the Desktop04:38
kinja-sheepFauntix: That is fine.04:38
kinja-sheepcoz_: git-core is not part of ubuntu-desktop metapackage.04:39
krysisyeah im just installing git-core, when i use the04:39
krysis git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:39
krysisit says that "no such file or directory" should there be a space between git and the rest in the command?04:39
krysis  04:39
FauntixKinja: so use the 64bit or just the 32bit, since i have less ram??04:39
FloodBot2krysis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
krysisdamn, shift-enter does it too..04:39
coz_krysis,  if that doesnt work then first do   sudo apt-get install git-core04:39
phong_krysis: is there a way to let the terminal remember it's size?04:40
krysiscoz_:  that git link is weird, it wont recognize as the git command but tells me "bash: git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel: No such file or directory"04:40
phong_everytime i have to resize man04:41
kinja-sheepFauntix: If you're new to linux community, in theory, it would be *more* safe for you to use 32bit -- but in reality, there are no such thing like that. You should not factor 32bit or 64bit based on the size of your ram.04:41
krysisim not sure phong_ usually it stays the same size you close it at04:41
coz_krysis,  let me try here... same error04:41
zewbkrysis,  let me try here... same error04:41
jesus_hola alguien de venezuela04:41
zewbhola alguien de venezuela04:41
coz_krysis,  try git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:41
zewbkrysis,  try git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:41
krysisyeah, im not sure if its formatted right04:42
zewbyeah, im not sure if its formatted right04:42
FloodBot2zewb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
zewbzewb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
phong_krysis: again, is there  a way i can make a command to just go to my Downloads regardless of where i'm?04:42
zewbkrysis: again, is there  a way i can make a command to just go to my Downloads regardless of where i'm?04:42
=== marcio_ is now known as dreamcage
coz_krysis,  yeah instead use      git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:42
krysisok its working coz_ i'll tell you when its ready04:42
zewbkrysis,  yeah instead use      git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel04:42
kinja-sheepFauntix: If you don't know what it is for, then you can go with 32bit.  The benefits of using amd64 is to take full advantage of your processor capacity (ie dvd encoding, audio encoding, heavy processing stuffs).04:42
phong_maybe a bash or something?04:42
zewbok its working coz_ i'll tell you when its ready04:42
phong_or an alias04:42
FloodBot2zewb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
zewbor an alias04:42
kinja-sheep!ops | zewb04:42
ubottuzewb: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:42
krysisphong_: you can just go to Places > downloads to go to your downloads, from the top left04:43
zewb!ops | kinja-sheep04:43
krysisok coz_ git is finished04:43
ubottukinja-sheep: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:43
phong_krysis u dont get my point04:43
zewb!ops | krysis04:43
ubottukrysis: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:43
zewb!ops ubottu04:43
rahdukehow can i list the location of currently attached joysticks in this case xbox remotes??04:43
zewb!ops + hyperstream04:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:43
coz_krysis,  ok you need to read the README file located inside04:43
phong_i want  to do a alias to go to Download from terminal04:43
kinja-sheeptonyyarusso: +104:43
tonyyarusso!es | jesus_04:44
ubottujesus_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:44
phong_alias cdhome='cd ~/home/downlods'04:44
rahdukewho's got the slick answer to that one?04:44
rahdukeits tricky i reckon04:44
krysisthat should be it yes04:44
kinja-sheeprahduke: lsusb -- maybe?04:44
krysiswell hold on04:44
tonyyarussophong_: case-sensitive, and ~ means /home/username, so just alias cdhome='cd ~/Downloads'04:44
phong_ok thanks04:44
kinja-sheeprahduke: The lists could be found in /dev/*04:45
coz_krysis,  there seems to be an autogen.sh file  so my guess is  you cd to that folder   run ./autogen.sh  and go from there   but again  I am not familiar with installing an intel driver...and I cant guide you further than this point04:45
krysisok thank you, i can figure it out from this point now that i understand git :P04:45
krysisthanks a bunch coz_04:45
coz_krysis,  no problem good luck04:45
krysisthank you, i'll report if anything works out when im finished04:45
phong_tony: work perfectly04:46
phong_i added to ~/.bashrc04:46
TomV-415I think I found what I need to do - http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountlinux describes how to define my mount points - does that look right?  Any precautions I should take before messing with fstab ?04:46
phong_then i do source ~/.bashrc04:46
=== robbie is now known as AussieGuy
jsfbif you want to stop a specific nick's text from appearing (an iggy) what command is that?04:46
kinja-sheepphong_: Sure -- I use "source ~/.profile" myself -- Or open a new terminal.04:47
coz_krysis,  just be aware that may indeed bork the system04:47
krysishaha, im used to it coz_ :P i have home on seperate partition, i love that =)04:47
rahdukekinja-sheep: its listing all 4 js inputs for some reason... i need to kno the location of the 2 that are working... both remotes work under mame but cant get 2 player action in psx emu04:47
=== eaglewatch is now known as EagleWatch
coz_krysis,  ok then learn away guy :)04:47
bullgardHow can I navigate between several tabs in Tilda  using the keyboard?04:49
phong_question:  does wine has 64 bits?04:49
sebsebsebphong_: yes04:49
phong_configure: error: Cannot build a 32-bit program, you need to install 32-bit development libraries.04:49
coz_bullgard,  mm I dont have tilda installed let me install and check....did you look in the preferences window?04:49
kinja-sheeprahduke: I don't know the answer to that. Try and figure it out. I suppose.04:49
Shihanhi guys... i just did an apt-get upgrade which installed the 2.6.31-18 kernel into 9.10 and my machine no longer gets past the initram fs... has anyone seem that problem?04:49
TomV-415bullgard: try control-tab... that works most places for me.04:50
sebsebsebphong_: #winehq04:51
bullgardcoz_: Yes, I did look in the preferences window. I did not find there a command for that.04:52
toastedmilkDoes anyone know the command to add software sources in the terminal?04:53
Flanneltoastedmilk: open up /etc/apt/sources.list in an editor (sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list)04:54
coz_bullgard,  mm I am not sure then let me play with this...you say you have it tabbed?04:54
fieldseflannel, toastedmilk: isn't there an apt-get command for this?04:55
FauntixChannel: A guide to making a LiveUSB please?04:55
Flannelfieldse: No, but if you wanted to do it strictly from the terminal, you'd just use echo and tee.04:56
fuzzybunnyhey everyone can someone try sending me a file04:56
bullgardTomV-415: Ctrl+Tab asks me: 'Display all 2976 possibilities? (y or n)'. It is obviously not the proper command.04:56
Blue11Fauntix: System/Administration/USB Startup Disc Creator04:56
fieldseflannel: Zoinks. Sounds totally not worth it.04:57
switch10toastedmilk: sudo add-apt-repository04:57
Fauntix@Blue11: I am working on a windows right now04:57
_nik_Fauntix: usb start up disk creator04:57
Flannelfieldse: It's pretty simple.  The hardest part is coming up with the repository URL (which you should have, since you want to add it): echo "deb http://url version component" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list04:57
Blue11Fauntix: err -- can't help sorry...04:58
_nik_Fauntix use unet bootin04:58
Fauntix@_nik_: yes but where is it... its late, im tired, brain is fried >.<04:58
henrik_hi, l have a problem, l have install "eeebuntu" and installed apache2. but when l reboot my computer my /var/log/apache2 folder is gone, so l most make the folder everytime after l have reboot. it is the same whid /var/log/apt, any one know how to fix that.. ? if l dont make the /var/log/apache2 the apache2 will not start :/04:59
_nik_fauntix: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/04:59
TomV-415bullgard: try typing a few characters first..to reduce the possible options... logging off to reboot..04:59
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
bullgardcoz_: Yes, I have created 3 tabs.05:00
Fauntix@_nik_: ty05:00
Shihanhmmm... whats ubuntu's way of telling it to rebuild its initrd?05:01
Fauntix@_nik_: oh should i get the live or net 64 version?05:01
ryanpriorI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on my laptop. The install went great, and it boots up fine, but when I log in every character of text is displayed as a box. I already tried re-installing, but that didn't fix it. In the LiveCD system, the text looks fine. Any ideas why it doesn't render right in an installed system?05:01
Fauntix@_niki_: or does the Live cover 64-bit05:01
coz_ryanakca,   can you open a terminal and type/05:01
meme21is there a shortcut key that will access the shutdown menu in the upper right hand corner? OR does anyone know a keyboard shortcut for shutting down the system?05:02
_nik_fauntix: the live-cd should be 32bit05:02
lacitaneed harddrive help specifically with parted05:03
meme21Random832: alt-f1 does not work05:03
lacitaanybody know the difference between a sector in gpt & a sector in a msdos partitian table?05:03
Random832no... i use alt-f1 because i've got only the one menu in the lower left corner with everything on it05:03
lacitaI am setting up a 5TB+ partititon with a gpt partition table. The drive is comprised of 4x2TB in RAID5. To boot from this drive, I must have 2 boot partitionsa: a Dell Utility Partition (94.1Mb), and a FAT32 partition (2.01Gb) at the beginning of the drive. The placement of the Dell Utility partition is from sector 63 to 192779, The placement of the FAT32 partition should be from sector 192780 to 4401809. This is easy to set up using fdisk, however, there05:03
lacitais no gpt support in fdisk. I am trying to use parted, but cannot figure out how to define a partition by sector. Any ideas?05:03
FloodBot2lacita: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
coz_meme21,  you could assign a command to a keybinding in gnome or compiz05:03
Random832the default panel setup isn't ideal for keyboard usage05:03
fieldseflannel: Hm... so why "tee?" I thought this forks output to a file - isn't there some way you can just append it without tee?05:03
coz_meme21,  ctrl+alt+delete should run the shutdown UI05:03
Linux-CLIWould you recommend I create .bin packages, or the distribution specific packages (.deb, .rpm etc.)?05:03
_nik_fauntix: otherwise you can download the image manually and choose it in the menu05:03
meme21coz_: thanks, that will work :)05:04
Fauntix@_nik_: so if i need the 64-bit i should use the 9.1 netinstall 64?05:04
kinja-sheepfieldse: tee - read from standard input and write to standard output and files05:04
elmo198Any guru here who knows there stuff on LVM2?05:04
elmo198any LVM2 guru here?05:04
meme21elmo198: no gurus live here05:04
coz_elmo198,  if not here try the ##linux channel05:04
elmo198what do we have here?05:04
royaflashاه اه05:04
Flannelfieldse: You'll need to use sudo to write to it, so `echo "blah" >> /etc/apt/sources.list` won't work, and `sudo echo "blah" >> /etc/apt/sources.list` will sudo the echo, but the redirection won't be elevated. So you get around it by piping to tee, which you can sudo.05:05
meme21coz_: weird that the ctrl-alt-del shutdown dialog doesn't take focus05:06
Shihanyou could just sudo -s...05:06
Shihanthen echo... etc05:06
FlannelShihan: You could, but that would be silly.05:06
_nik_fauntix: with netinstall, the packages would be downloaded at the installation05:06
LinUxIf I backup my Home folder from 32bit Linux, then install 64bit Linux, then copy my home folder back, will Home then be 64bit?05:06
phong_question: i saw alot of wine in the software ...which one should i choose?05:06
meme21elmo198: here we have people that wait for a question to be asked before they know if they can answer it :p05:06
spOwhat program do you guys use for AOL IM? do you use pidgin?05:07
phong_i saw alot of wine 1.1.37 in the list05:07
fieldseflannel: cool! very informative explanation.05:07
phong_which is the correct to install?05:07
fieldseshihan: What's your martial art?05:07
phong_help please05:07
venportSamba Question: They way i have my samba sever set right now i can't access a sub directory. Anyone know what i need to change in my smb.conf?05:07
Shihanfieldse, sitting on the couch ;)05:07
Flannel!wine | phong_05:07
ubottuphong_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:07
nanotubespO: pidgin for me.05:07
meme21LinUx: it is not the folder itself that is 32 or 64 bit05:07
elmo198meme21:  I dont know how to ask the question, as I dont exactly know how to even say it right05:07
kinja-sheepLinUx: Sure -- Home is where all of your personal files (and configuration files) are usually kept.05:07
dirtynerdhey guys05:07
fieldsememe21: regarding shutdown shortcut - I don't know what shortcut is, but you can change settings for the shortcuts easily05:07
Flannelphong_: That wiki page will walk you through getting wine set up (you don't have to worry about finding the right version, just install from the repositories)05:08
lacitaphong_: Go with the latest. (NOT BETA)05:08
coz_meme21,  mmm hold on05:08
phong_flannel, iti s in ubuntu synaptic package man05:08
spOwhat program do you guys use for AOL IM? do you use pidgin?05:08
dirtynerdjust wondering about a replacement for the new software center in 9.1005:08
fieldseshihan: so what's w the name?05:08
nanotubespO: pidgin for me.05:08
dirtynerdits very basic any reccomendations?05:08
scunizispO: yep05:08
phong_ij just dont know what to choose since there are alot in the list05:08
LinUxkinja-sheep, So backing up my home folder will be ok?05:08
elmo198I have these 2 hdd which are mirrored in LVM2 that were from a NAS box, now I want to read one of the drive on me linux system to back it up05:08
coz_meme21,  try this command     dbus-send --dest=org.gnome.SessionManager /org/gnome/SessionManager org.gnome.SessionManager.Shutdown05:08
nanotubedirtynerd: synaptic?05:08
Fauntix@_nik_: so for getting the 64-bit 9.1 would it easier to use the LiveUSB or download direct from the site?05:08
Shihanfieldse, i did use to do martial arts, its just a long time ago... but the name actually comes from when i use to race motorbikes (what my team manager called me)05:08
phong_come on man05:08
fieldseshihan: o_005:09
kinja-sheepLinUx: Yes. You want to exclude few paths (.gvfs/ ; Trash Path ; and few things).05:09
phong_should i install the dummy package?05:09
Flannelphong_: "wine"  is the package you want05:09
phong_which is the corrrect one05:09
kinja-sheepLinUx: Thumbnails too!05:09
dirtynerdlike the ubuntu software center used to have star rating and stuff05:09
dirtynerdnow its basic as05:09
dirtynerdcan i revert it back to the old 105:09
meme21coz_: it still doesn't take focus05:10
_nik_fauntix: it depands on, what you prefer. the netinstall is a small image and downloads the aktual packages everytime you install ubuntu.05:10
coz_meme21,  mmm   not sure what the issue is then05:10
meme21coz_: okay, it takes focus for you does it?05:11
Fauntix@_nik_: which way is the fastest if say at the time of install i dont have internet05:11
coz_meme21,  it does yes05:11
phong_flannel , i got unresolved depdency05:11
kinja-sheepdirtynerd: I think stars are cool! Use sypathetic if it is bothering you that much.05:11
_nik_fauntix: on the other image the packages are included, but you have to download it manually05:11
meme21coz_: okay, thanks05:11
coz_guys I am tired so I am off to bed05:11
coz_meme21,  it could be I am too tired to think clearly05:11
toastedmilkFlannel, switch10: thanks!05:11
dirtynerdit doesnt bother mne05:11
dirtynerdi just wanna revert back05:11
_nik_fauntix: if you don't have internet you can't use the netinstallation05:12
dirtynerd^r ..05:12
kinja-sheepdirtynerd: Find out what package it is -- and if it is different than software-center, then you could revert back. If it is same, just roll down the version numbers. Gotta find the name of that "package"05:13
kcowolfcould anyone help me with an OpenSSH / Vino problem?05:13
Fauntix@_nik_: ok i understand now... last question... i have the old 8.04 (free 8.1 upgrade) disk that came with my 2008 ubuntu bible... can i install that and then upgrade to 9.1 or do i want a new disk with 9.105:13
Flannelphong_: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine` (pastebin is at paste.ubuntu.com, copy the output, paste it into the browser, hit "paste" and then give us the URL)05:14
_nik_fauntix: no, you can just update from one version to the next05:15
rwwFauntix: if you wanted to upgrade from 8.04 to 9.10, you'd need to do 8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 -> 9.10, so getting a new disc would probably be a lot easier05:15
ZngIs there a shortcut key to force boot 9.10 without x server starting?05:15
Zngor something among those lines?05:15
jguzikowskiis there a program to remove bad sectors on a hard drive in ubuntu?05:15
Blue11anyone know how to mount a sandisk fuse mp3 player?05:15
needhelpmy ubuntu 8.10 wont boot for some reason and i cant figure out the reason cause i am on a laptop and the screen is cracked to the point where i can only view the top left part of the text05:15
needhelpcan some 1 help me05:15
scunizijguzikowski: fsck05:16
needhelpi am using an external monitor05:16
Fauntix@_niki_, rww: ok ill get the $45 2010 edition ubuntu bible since it will cover up to 10.405:16
hiexpoNew ATI Video Driver for Linux Supports Ubuntu 9.1005:16
jguzikowskiscunizi: is that in the repos?05:16
Fauntix@channel: Night everyone05:16
arghh2d2Blue11: it doesnt show up in nautilus?05:16
scunizijguzikowski: built in.. it auto runs every 28 boots or 6 mths whichever comes first.. you can force it to run on the next boot if you want05:17
Blue11arghh2d2: no05:17
scunizi!fsck | jguzikowski05:17
ubottujguzikowski: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:17
Blue11arghh2d2: hang on I'll post the info05:17
kcowolfI'm having a problem with Vino over an SSH tunnel -- I think I have the tunnel set up correctly, and I can SSH into the box fine, but when I try to connect the VNC viewer, it always says the "Connection closed" immediately05:17
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:17
jguzikowskiscunizi: i'm running a livecd, will that change anything?05:17
phong_flannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367304/05:18
dirtynerdcan anyone help me with giving perminant access permissions to my sata harddrive05:18
Blue11arghh2d2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367306/05:18
dirtynerdso i dont have to enter a password everytime i want to listen to music05:18
git__anyone here have issue with acpi fan ?05:18
scunizijguzikowski: yep.. you can tell it to run on boot but it won't remember .. in a terminal type "man fsck" for optional instructions..05:18
Flannelphong_: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update` as well, thanks05:18
arghh2d2dirtynerd: chmod05:18
dirtynerdchmod will work on a disk?05:18
arghh2d2dirtynerd: chmod and/or chown05:19
dirtynerdill read my book about those things05:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:19
phong_flannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367307/05:19
yeasonI've got 2 sata drives plugged in, booted off of sda. when I enter fdisk -l /dev/sdb it lists there being a partition sdb1, but if I enter ls /dev it doesn't show up. I can't mount the partition... anyone have any ideas?05:19
jguzikowskiso looks like i'm screwed here..hm..anyway to resize a partition with bad sectors then?05:20
backburner_wineanyone get backburner sucessfully working in wine?05:20
scunizijguzikowski: is it a blank drive?05:20
ZngIs there a shortcut key to force boot 9.10 without x server starting?05:20
arghh2d2Blue11: what provoked all that info? i mean what command brought it about?05:20
jguzikowskino or else i would just wipe it05:20
spOanyone here use AOL IM?05:21
jguzikowskiits got a windows 7 install on it, but fdisk doesn't work05:21
Blue11arghh2d2: dmsg and mtp-detect05:21
phong_flannel: i think i will do this: sudo apt-get build-dep wine05:21
jguzikowskispO: i do w hen not on linux05:21
Flannelphong_: That won't help you any.  Pastebin the output of sudo apt-get install wine1.205:21
phong_i'm going to compile it05:22
phong_flannel; i will do compiling it05:22
toastedmilkhow do I add a security key to a repository through the command line?05:22
Flannelphong_: There's *zero* reason to ever compile wine.05:22
phong_ok i'll do sudo thing then05:22
scunizijguzikowski: you could install a dual boot setup and then run it.. you'll only need about 6gigs for the install.. probably less.. after that you can use windows to resize it's partition, reinstall again deleting the ubuntu partitions and recreating them in more appropriate sizes.05:22
phong_hold on05:22
krysisphong_: sudo apt-get install wine05:22
phong_krysis: but i want latest wine 1.1.3705:22
Flannelkrysis: We're working on that (has errors), but thanks :)05:22
phong_for x6405:23
Flannelphong_: You want to add the winehq repository then05:23
git__can i use wine to flash my laptop bios?05:23
krysisah ic sorry :o05:23
arghh2d2Blue11: try unplugging it then ls /dev/  then plug it back in, wait a sec, and run ls /dev again and see if theres a new device listed, usually like sda or sdb or hda or hdb maybe05:23
Flannelphong_: Like I said, zero reason (even if you want a newer wine).  Use the winehq repository05:23
phong_what do u meant repository05:23
Flannelphong_: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb05:23
jguzikowskiscunizi: how would i install a dual boot setup? thats what ive been trying to do :P05:23
PFAyo, how do i permanently disable the gnome battery monitor thingy?05:24
jleeperryhey, is it possible to install windows 7 over ubuntu, or do I have to install 7 then reinstall ubuntu?05:24
phong_yes i did that05:24
Flannelphong_: The wine people keep an updated version of wine available for you to use, so you don't have to go about compiling it.05:24
scunizi!dualboot | jguzikowski05:24
ubottujguzikowski: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:24
phong_but when i go to software ...i saw alot of 1.1.3705:24
toastedmilkjleeperry, partition your hard drive and have both05:24
krysisjguzikowski: you can do dual boot when you install ubuntu, during installation you can pick to install ubuntu "side by side" with windows05:24
phong_krysis: i just dont know which to choose05:24
Blue11arghh2d2: okay05:24
jleeperryOkay. Using...gparted?05:24
jguzikowskikrysis, scunizi: that 'side by side' never showed up..i think it may be because i have bad sectors05:25
krysisphong_:  if the wine isn't in the repositories for ubuntu i would stick with the ubuntu version just for stability sake05:25
toastedmilkjleeperry, yes, use gparted with a live cd in05:25
Blue11arghh2d2: whoa that's a lot of output05:25
dirtynerdwhat would be the best choice of filesystem for my sata HDD so I can have movies on both windows and ubuntu (Dualbooting)05:25
toastedmilkjleeperry, you can't partition your hard drive while you use it05:25
jleeperryBecause I've got winxp installed, but I can't get it to recognize any of my networking stuff.05:25
phong_krysis: i do see 1.1.3705:25
Flannelphong_: I'm not sure you did, I don't see a wine doohickey in your package cache.05:25
jleeperrySo no internet.05:25
krysisjguzikowski:  first screen is language, then its time zone, the third screen is the partitioning, you never saw the topmost option "Side by side"?05:25
jleeperryI just want itunes :(05:25
Flannelphong_: Please pastebin the output of this: apt-cache policy wine wine1.205:25
arghh2d2Blue11: look for a differnce in the hd and sd areas05:25
toastedmilkjleeperry, ...just use the live cd05:25
=== john is now known as Guest71174
jguzikowskikrysis: let me reload the install back up to double check now, be right back05:25
jleeperryOkay, I know how to do that then.05:26
krysisok jguzikowski05:26
toastedmilkjleeperry, yeah it's pretty easy.  also check the dual boot documentation at ubuntu05:26
Blue11arghh2d2: i think I will put output to files and then run diff05:26
jleeperryOkay. Thanks much :)05:26
jguzikowskiokay language, now time zone05:26
jguzikowskinow keyboard05:26
dirtynerdwhat would be the best choice of filesystem for my sata HDD so I can have movies on both windows and ubuntu (Dualbooting)05:27
jleeperryI just installed uiftoiso...where is it?05:27
scunizidirtynerd: ext3.. there's a driver for windows to read ext3..05:27
jguzikowskiErese and use the entire disk or Specify partitions manually (Advanced)05:27
Flanneljleeperry: That's a package name? or what?05:27
Blue11arghh2d2: diff output:  23a2405:27
Blue11> libmtp-1-605:27
jguzikowskiAre my options05:27
jleeperryit is.05:27
IdleOneFlannel: uif2iso yes05:27
tomtom2does Ubuntu cloud support paravirtulization?05:27
tomtom2or is it hardware virtulization only?05:27
Flanneljleeperry: dpkg -L uiftoiso | grep bin05:27
jleeperryWhat the hell?05:27
itsme1897How can I make my USB mouse and keyboard work under Ubuntu 9.10?05:28
Flanneljleeperry: That'll show you the files that contain "bin" from that package (likely the ones you want)05:28
scunizikrysis: see jguzikowski 's posts above.. jguzikowski you need to use krysis 's nick to highlight on his end or your posts are lost in the noise05:28
jguzikowskisorry i often forget lol05:28
toastedmilkhow do I add a security key to a repository through the command line?05:28
breineraon what channel should I ask about how to package a personal python application05:29
jguzikowskikrysis: should i take a screenshot of my step 405:29
jleeperryOkay, thank you :)05:29
DaughainIs there a repo for virtualbox?05:29
phong_flannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367311/05:29
krysisyes show me a screenshot05:29
kcowolfIf anyone would know how to diagnose a problem I'm having trying to connect to Vino through an SSH tunnel, please let me know.  I can SSH into my box fine, and I think the tunnel is set up correctly, but the connection always closes immediately.05:29
arghh2d2Blue11: i googled it and it looks like you might need to use the mtp plugin with rhythmbox, have you tried that?05:29
O__o\j #math05:29
kinolcan one encrypt a networked drive?05:29
itsme1897My USB keyboard and Mouse are now working under Ubuntu 9.10, Please help?05:29
Maz3MikeHas anybody ever used usbmount?05:30
jleeperryblah, it was uif2iso...oops05:30
phong_krysis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/367311/05:30
phong_now what?05:30
toastedmilkitsme1897, ..lol05:30
JFobreinera, you could ask about packaging in the MOTU channel05:30
breineraJFo: thanks05:30
toastedmilkitsme1897, umm..how did you upgrade to 9.10?05:30
O__ohow come I cant join #math ?05:30
jleeperryThe output ISO,CUE/BIN,MDS/MDS,CCD,NRG extension is choosed by this tool05:30
Blue11arghh2d2: well no -- this sorta was a show stopper for me:  Feb  1 20:44:04 Homer kernel: [360360.004490] scsi 14:0:0:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery05:30
jleeperryHahaha....someone forgot basic grammar.05:30
Flannelphong_: Alright.  Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get install wine1.2`05:30
JFobreinera, there was also a class recently on packaging05:31
jleeperryThough that was rude of me :|05:31
toastedmilk0__o, you do not have the skills necessary05:31
JFolet me see if I can find it05:31
FlannelO__o: You're not identified05:31
breineraJFo: I followed that and I had an additional question05:31
itsme1897toastedmilk: I am using my old keyboard and mouse now05:31
phong_is it going to install wine 1.2?05:31
JFobreinera, ah, I see05:31
phong_i thought it is 1.1.3705:31
toastedmilkitsme1897, sorry, it's just kinda funny05:31
O__oFlannel, what do u mean?05:31
jguzikowskikrysis scunizi: http://imgur.com/LneOd.png05:31
Flannelphong_: It will install 1.1.37, the package name is wine1.205:31
arghh2d2Blue11: you could also try: mkdir ~/fuze && sudo mount /dev/libmtp-1-6 ~/fuze05:31
krysisphong_:  do that05:32
toastedmilkitsme1897, Did you have jaunty before karmic? what were you using previous to 9.10?05:32
phong_yeah it installs now05:32
=== goose[ME] is now known as goose
krysisah thats interesting jguzikowski05:32
Flannel!register | O__o05:32
ubottuO__o: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode05:32
breineraJFo: I can package all the python files and create a deb, but it is not including two images that the program needs05:32
JFobreinera, the motu's should be able to answer your questions05:32
krysisok follow my steps05:32
phong_i could have done that in the software....05:32
JFobreinera, what files?05:32
JFoerrr images05:32
phong_u could have told me just choose wine1.205:32
jguzikowskikrysis: not what you were expecting? :P05:32
O__oFlannel, i can join #math like month ago05:32
krysisjguzikowski:  go to system > administrator > gparted05:32
Flannelphong_: I was assuming it would give you an error message (and the command line gives more verbose errors)05:33
krysisjguzikowski:  yeah not what i was expecting :P maybe xubuntu is different?05:33
itsme1897toastedmilk: I bought a new USB keyboard and mouse yesterday and my ubuntu 9.10 is a fresh install05:33
FlannelO__o: Yes, now you need to be registered.05:33
SantisnightI'm having a rather serious audio issue. It seems that the audio is suddenly slowed down, and the pitch drops horridly. I have no clue whats going on, it used to ahppen for short periods of time, but now it seems to stick around. I have yet to restart to see if that would just reset it, but i know that will not permanently fix the issue. any suggestions?05:33
krysisusually ubuntu gives u that option, it doesnt check for bad blocks05:33
O__oFlannel, why? this is gay05:33
toastedmilkitsme1897, have you tried them in various usb ports?05:33
jguzikowskikrysis: have gparted open05:33
FlannelO__o: Ask the math people, not me.05:33
jguzikowskikrysis: think my options may be limited bc of bad sectors05:33
phong_flannel: i see wine install under Applications->Wine05:33
FlannelO__o: This is #ubuntu, please stop being offtopic, thanks.05:33
scuniziSantisnight: killall pulseaudio05:33
toastedmilkO__o, lol05:33
itsme1897toastedmilk:  Yes and its working under Windows in same computer05:34
krysiswell im not sure if sectors will effect it, if anything they will be blacklisted and ignored05:34
phong_flannel: we hit the bullsize?05:34
arghh2d2O__o: stop it05:34
krysislet me install gparted so i can follow along with you05:34
Flannelphong_: What?05:34
rumpsyitsme1897: Are you there?05:34
phong_Flannel: i think u're the man,, nice man05:34
jguzikowskithanks krysis :)05:34
breineraJFo: one image for a background and another custom image and the example provided didn't handle how to include non-python files05:34
krysisanything to help out :)05:34
itsme1897rumpsy: Yes05:34
Flannelphong_: Glad to help05:34
rumpsyitsme1897: What is your problem?05:34
toastedmilkitsme1897, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132364005:35
rumpsyitsme1897: problem cleared?05:35
itsme1897rumpsy: My USB keyboard and Mouse is not working in ubuntu 9.1005:35
toastedmilkhow do I add a security key to a repository through the command line?05:35
phong_ok flannel: do i install windows app. just like in windows ?05:35
Santisnightscunizi,  cool, now is this a permanent fix? or if the issue occurs again is there something i can do to stop it for good?05:35
krysisok jguzikowski, lets see, you should see one very small partition to the very left and one large one with windows 7 yes?05:35
itsme1897rumpsy: No05:35
phong_like double click .exe file?05:35
jguzikowskikrysis: yup05:35
JFobreinera, I see. I'll have to defer to the motu05:35
Flannel!wine | phong_05:35
ubottuphong_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:35
krysisjguzikowski:  none of them are mounted correct?05:35
Flannelphong_: That wiki page will walk you through it (but yeah, basically)05:35
rumpsyitsme1897: try to reconfigure it05:35
JFosorry I couldn't help more bre05:36
JFoerr breinera05:36
O__oFlannel, what was the command again?05:36
HomeBoyCan a 32bit Installation be upgraded to 64bit "in situ"?05:36
jguzikowskikrysis: erm, dont think so05:36
FlannelO__o: /msg nickserv help register05:36
breineraJFo: np thanks for pointing me in the right direction05:36
itsme1897rumpsy: how?05:36
phong_flannel: thanks, have a drink of wine with me?05:36
toastedmilkHomeBoy, ..situ?05:36
krysisjguzikowski:  to check just right click on the windows 7 and if you see "Unmount" option enabled its mounted, just click on that to unmount it, otherwise follow the next steps:05:36
FlannelHomeBoy: Nope, that unfortunately requires a reinstall05:36
scuniziSantisnight: not sure.. sound is a funny thing.. there's lots going on there.. pulseaudio is the sound server and proper operation depends on the sound card, driver, and pulseaudio which is still under heavy development05:36
JFobreinera, my pleasure05:36
HomeBoytoastedmilk, "in Place"05:36
krysisjguzikowski: right click on windows 7, do a "resize/move"05:36
phong_krysis: want some wine?05:37
toastedmilkHomeBoy, yeah, no.  sorry!05:37
IdleOne!ot | phong_05:37
ubottuphong_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:37
jguzikowskikrysis: unmount is greyed out so nope05:37
scuniziSantisnight: could have been something you ran that got stuck.. so to speak05:37
krysison the next window you will be able to drag the "rectangle" from the very right to towards the left, this will resize the partition, for windows 7 i recomend at most 20 gigabytes because its not very friendly with resizing05:37
HomeBoytoastedmilk, Flannel, k, thanks05:37
krysisphong_:  no thanks, im going to sleep soon :P05:37
Santisnightscunizi,  but if it occurs again, just killall ? (im glad that it's the drivers because i allready lost my right speaker05:37
switch10mouse clicks and keyboard are not registering in vinegre vnc.  any ideas?05:37
scuniziSantisnight: yep..05:38
Blue11arghh2d2: the hokey pokey solution -- http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/61  BUT it does work - 2 hands needed!05:38
rumpsyitsme1897: type this is terminal, without quotes, sudo gedit /etc/default grub05:38
Santisnightscunizi,  by the by, you wouldn't happen to know how to switch the sound so it will work off of mono on my leftover left speaker?05:38
=== BogdanFl is now known as Guest7772
krysisjguzikowski:  u understand my directions?05:39
jguzikowskikrysis: when i drag nothing happens05:39
krysishrm... this is odd... though not suprising05:39
jguzikowskithe 'rezie/move' button is also permanently greyed out05:39
kinolcan one encrypt a networked drive?05:39
bullgardHow can I navigate between several tabs in Tilda  using the keyboard?05:39
krysisyou'll have to resize in windows 705:39
rumpsyitsme1897: And update, the line, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" , to this,05:39
rumpsyGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash locale=fr_FR i8042.reset".05:39
krysisthough i forget the exact directions..05:39
scuniziSantisnight: if you double click the little speaker icon up by the clock you'll get the mixer.. there may be an option there to move all the sound to one side or even toggle it into mono mode.05:40
jguzikowskikrysis: i think i may have foud a fix..aparently i can check and repair file system05:40
jguzikowskiwill that get rid of my bad sectors?05:40
itsme1897rumpsy: done05:40
phong_krysis: how to make wine open as default with .exe05:40
rumpsyitsme, then use, this, "sudo update-grub"05:40
krysisjguzikowski: windows 7 doesnt play nice with other systems, you'll have to resize through windows 705:40
phong_krysis: i want to open .exe file when i double click on it associate with wine05:40
arghh2d2Blue11: nice05:40
rumpsyitsme1897: restart your system, then, after editing those lines in grub05:40
krysisphong_: right click on any .exe, then go to properties, then go to "open with" and pick windows emulation layer"05:40
krysisor something05:40
HomeBoyI'm having a problem with my "conky" on the desktop. It keeps changeing position on the screen every minute or so?05:40
Blue11arghh2d2: heh  -- it's a 2 handed operation for sure - but it did mount05:41
krysisjguzikowski: u get my link?05:41
phong_krysis;  i know, but i want it by default05:41
=== VanDyke__ is now known as VanDyke
ruby_on_tailsmy num pad doesn't work, it moves the mouse05:41
scuniziphong_: nope.. in terminal I think you type wine <filename.exe> but krysis 's solution might also work05:41
phong_currently it is default with archieve05:41
ruby_on_tailsI did something to it I guess05:41
ruby_on_tailshow can I get it back working ?05:41
krysisphong_: ...05:41
jguzikowskikrysis: i dont think so but im going to try this repair05:41
ruby_on_tailsswitching the num pad on/off doesn't work05:41
phong_krysis: when i open .exe , it use default archieve manager05:41
arghh2d2Blue11: as long as the cat gets skinned, all that matters05:41
krysisright click on exe phong_, then go to properties, then on the "open with" tab, click on the wiine05:41
krysisyou have to go into properties phong_05:42
ruby_on_tailsoh it works05:42
krysisto set as default05:42
Blue11arghh2d2: well it's steller transfer rate of 2.6 meg/sec05:42
Santisnightscunizi,  well I've done the 'all on the left' option, but certain songs are stereo (meaning i only get half the song played if i only have one speaker) i wanna be able to hear both halves on one, if thats possible without screwing with the song itself.05:42
itsme1897rumpsy: ok thanks and I will restart now05:42
krysisjguzikowski: im almost positive that you'll have to shrink from windows7, i've had problems with shrinking from gparted with windows systems05:42
phong_krysis: u're super dupper05:42
phong_krysis: nice05:42
krysisphong_: your very welcome05:42
Santisnightscunizi,  and the 'mono' options i tried completly muted me.05:42
=== O__o is now known as kelvin
phong_ok krysis: will i run any windows app?05:43
phong_or just the specific one?05:43
krysisalmost any phong_, the 3D wont be very well05:43
krysiswinehq.org will tell you what apps you can run phong_05:43
phong_ah, that meant no games for it05:43
scuniziSantisnight: try unplugging and plugging in the connection to the speakers a few times just to check for a bad connection05:43
Santisnightphong_,  ... Reboot?05:43
=== kelvin is now known as Guest46137
=== Guest46137 is now known as O__o
jguzikowskikrysis: okay i guess ill have to do that thanks krysis05:43
phong_i heard that 1.1.37 will support DX1005:43
krysisjguzikowski:  wait05:43
O__ohow come i am ban on some channel?05:43
krysisjguzikowski:  do this: http://www.killertechtips.com/2009/05/05/how-to-resize-partitions-in-windows-7/05:43
krysisthen come back to partition05:44
FloodBot2krysis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
jguzikowskikrysis: other than remembered settings is there any advantage to not running from livecd?05:44
IdleOneO__o: ask in #freenode05:44
krysisjguzikowski:  see if it will let you do side by side after you shrink, if not you have to do it manually05:44
Santisnightscunizi,  with it on mono?05:44
krysisjguzikowski:  well you can create a usb startup and use that with saved settings, but otherwise the biggest advantage is using ubuntu as a native system05:44
codeswingWhat is VPN client for IPSec/L2Tp type VPN for Ubuntu?05:44
IdleOnejguzikowski: better performance05:44
scuniziSantisnight: no stereo to see if it work05:45
jguzikowskii just don't see how this could get faster lol, i'm running xubuntu05:45
jguzikowskiits flying05:45
jguzikowskiwhatever ill just try resizing in windows 7 :)05:45
krysisjguzikowski: USB will be great performance as well, because of its transfer rate, and can let you save files, but i can't show you how to do this at the moment05:45
jguzikowskikrysis: okay i'm gonna come back in here after rebooting in windows 7 so ill need that link again lol05:45
HomeBoyWhat is "flooding" and how does one  not do it?05:45
krysisjguzikowski:  copy and paste http://www.killertechtips.com/2009/05/05/how-to-resize-partitions-in-windows-7/ to a text file05:45
krysisand save it on your windows partition05:46
krysisi gotta go sleep O.o05:46
phong_sudo reboot?05:46
krysisgot tests tomorrow05:46
FloodBot2krysis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
Santisnightscunizi,  uhm... Ok, fairly certain that wouldn't matter in the 'half songs' situation...05:46
jguzikowskioh thats smart, okay thanks krysis05:46
jguzikowskigood luck on your tests :)05:46
phong_krysis is the best05:46
krysislol your welcome, and you too :P i'll try and be on tomorrow as well05:46
krysisgoodnight everyone, hope your ubuntu adventure are prosperous!05:46
phong_i think we should pay krysis05:46
jguzikowskineed to get to sleep for classes myself D:05:46
phong_we all need to write a check to krysis05:46
jguzikowskiphong_: will you cover my tab?05:47
krysismaybe i should start a paypal donation :P05:47
phong_each of us give $5 would still help alot05:47
mrpshould i use 64 or 32 bit for a virtual machine?05:47
krysisdefinately with college yeah o.o05:47
elmo198 05:47
krysismrp:  32 should be more stable05:47
jguzikowskihofsta here :)05:47
Santisnightphong_,  actually i was wondering if your name came from this stupid cartoon called reboot. i was a touch offtopic but its just one of those things.05:47
orizon 05:47
=== EagleWatch is now known as eaglewatch
scunizimrp: if you're running a 32 bit machine you can only vm a 32 bit machine05:48
krysismrp:  plus your virtualbox will be running off of a 64 bit system so it will be fast in the first place05:48
jguzikowskiokay im gonna reboot now, good luck and thank you again krysis05:48
krysisyour very welcome jguzikowski i'll talk to you anytime u need more help :P05:48
krysisim out05:48
phong_santisnight, u're being funny05:48
Santisnightphong_,  yes, i guess.05:48
phong_hey krysis: when people type my nickname it trigger red?05:49
phong_this is cool05:49
phong_let me try myself  phong_05:49
Blue11arghh2d2: wow the hokey pokey worked!05:49
scuniziphong_: is so you know they are talking to you.. and when you're talking to whoever use their nick to do the same on their end05:50
toastedmilkSantisnight, Reboot is awesome!!05:50
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  i know right? :D05:50
codeswingWhat is VPN client for IPSec/L2Tp type VPN for Ubuntu?05:50
phong_i dont understand why reboot is quicker then the boot up05:50
phong_i shut down my computer in less then 3 secs while take it so much time to load into window05:51
toastedmilkHey does anyone know the terminal command/sources.list syntax for repository keys?05:52
rumpsybecause it needs some times to start services at boot, during shutdow, most of the are at rest, so its easy and act fast to shutdown05:52
tyler_dI cannot get synaptic to work after installing fingerprint reader -- thomson on 9.10.... anyone hep me please?05:52
rumpsybecause it needs some times to start services at boot, during shutdow, most of the services are at rest, so its easy and act fast to shutdown05:53
TomV-415How can i move my /home (and all the files there) to a new (bigger) partition?  (/dev/sda8) which is an ext3 format?05:53
Santisnightscunizi,  As i had suspected, no dice with the unplug.plug the speaker connection. did i mention i only have the left speaker?  the right one broke :T05:53
rumpsyTomV-415: cut paste05:53
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome05:53
phong_does ubuntu handle SLI?05:54
phong_or crossfile05:54
scuniziSantisnight: you didn't mention that specifically.. DOH! .. time for new speakers..05:54
phong_i have 3 x GTX 285 installed05:54
scuniziSantisnight: gotta run.. good luck..05:54
Santisnightscunizi, k05:55
wevlophi, i have a external USB web cam attached to my laptop. I found a application "Cheese" that detects the camera & lets me take photos/videos. How do i make Skype detect it?05:55
wevlopwill it help if i can get the windows XP driver?05:55
Santisnightanyone know how to get stereo songs to play BOTH left and right sides on just the left speaker? (my right broke, and im a cheap bastard)05:56
toastedmilkwevlop, no, it won't help to get the windows driver.05:56
phong_question: how do i make my terminal promt to start with  >      instead of user@computer name05:56
toastedmilkSantisnight, do you have pulse audio?05:57
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  yeah05:57
toastedmilkphong_, erm..you don't05:57
wevloptoastedmilk, so what are my options? I see skype showing which device it is, /dev/video0 that is05:57
wevlopbut test does not do it05:57
toastedmilkSantisnight, did you try fiddling around with it, haha05:57
phong_toastedmilk i ask how to make my teminal prompt to always have  >05:57
toastedmilkphong_, I mean, maybe it is, it'll be in the ubuntu documentation, but I'm pretty sure that's there to stay05:58
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  yeah, all of my left to right side sound adjustments are all to the left, and switching to mono mutes me :T05:58
toastedmilkSantisnight, weaksauce. :\05:58
toastedmilkwevlop, hold on imma check out a few things05:58
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  mmindeed.05:59
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
tyler_dI cannot get synaptic to work after installing fingerprint reader -- thomson on 9.10.... anyone hep me please?05:59
=== tristan is now known as Guest51598
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  so... ideas?06:01
toastedmilkwevlop, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams06:01
XpistosI have an NTFS drive that I want to convert to ext4, but I am not sure of the command. I think it should be something like "mkfs -c -t ext4 /dev/sdbX" as it is not the primary drive. I am not sure how to also give the drive a label as "data: Can some give me a hand?06:01
wevloptoastedmilk, thank you :)06:01
toastedmilkSantisnight, what is it? Alsa or Oss?06:02
Santisnighttoastedmilk,  imma say ALSA06:02
=== mike is now known as Guest26326
toastedmilkSantisnight, lol, one second06:03
pawanwhat is ubuntu netbook remix06:04
toastedmilkSantisnight, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=783222 this may help06:06
Severity1uhmmm has anyone seen ritesh?06:06
wevloptoastedmilk, yeah i did myself no good by buying a local made web cam06:06
wevlopthough it works in the "Cheese" application but ... :)06:06
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.06:08
mohhohbroen = brown06:09
wevloptoastedmilk, oh yeah! if i start Skype from terminal like mentioned in that doc, it works!! Now how do i make this permanent? like can i make a shortcut icon?06:09
blakei have installed ubuntu many times before on this machine, but it just hangs on install this time. i verified the integrity of the disk and have tried disabling acpi (which i never had to do before) any ideas?06:10
phong_toastedmilk; u there?06:10
toastedmilkphong_, huh?06:10
mohhohwevlop: when you install slype application its in the menu under internet right06:10
phong_toastedmilk: this is what i do:    in ~./bashrc   i add line    export PS1="> "06:10
phong_then do source it works man06:10
wevlopmohhoh, yes06:10
mohhohslype = skype06:10
toastedmilkphong_, nice!06:10
phong_u see06:11
mohhohclick on that and you can login to skype06:11
phong_i'm cool huh?06:11
toastedmilkphong_, but you found that in the docs, right?06:11
phong_yes sir!06:11
blakei have installed ubuntu many times before on this machine, but it just hangs on install this time. i verified the integrity of the disk and have tried disabling acpi (which i never had to do before) any ideas?06:11
mohhohwevlop: click on that and you can login to skype06:11
wevlopmohhoh, actually clicking on that it does not detect my web cam, if  i launch from terminal using this LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype then my web cam works06:11
toastedmilkphong_, that's what I'm saying about man pages!  That's how you learn the terminal =D  Good 'ol trial and error06:11
wevlopmohhoh, so may be i can make this a application launcher or something?06:11
=== goose is now known as goose[ME]
toastedmilkwevlop, you can write a script06:12
phong_toastedmilk;  u know why i hate the \u@\H06:12
mohhohwevlop: thats crazy wonder y that is.06:12
phong_too long06:12
wevloptoastedmilk, i can?06:12
toastedmilkphong_, why?06:12
yeasonI have two hard drives that are suddenly showing up as being in a raid array despite not being in one for a month or so... any ideas on how I can fix this?06:12
phong_\u user06:12
phong_@ then \H compuer name06:12
mohhohphong_: \u@\H = ???06:12
blakei have installed ubuntu many times before on this machine, but it just hangs on install this time. i verified the integrity of the disk and have tried disabling acpi (which i never had to do before) any ideas?06:12
wevlopwhat is this Custom Application Launcher then?06:12
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.06:12
toastedmilkwevlop, yeah.06:12
toastedmilkphong_, changing it certainly increases security06:13
phong_mohhoh: export PS1="\u@\H > "06:13
hyperstreamIm looking for a tutorial/guide that will allow me to setup my Ubuntu box as a network share, i know samba does this , but ive been having huge drama's with making it not ask for a password etc, (LIKE windows to windows share) any suggestions06:13
mohhohwevlop: what custom applauncher. right click on the menu tehn you can edit it from there06:13
phong_i prefer make it short06:13
blakei have installed ubuntu many times before on this machine, but it just hangs on install this time. i verified the integrity of the disk and have tried disabling acpi (which i never had to do before) any ideas?06:13
mohhohphong_: ps1=playstation 106:14
hylianis there a way to get the system time to be 12 hour? not the clock, but the time you get when you type date in konsole.06:14
mohhohhyperstream: share with what exactly06:14
blakei have installed ubuntu many times before on this machine, but it just hangs on install this time. i verified the integrity of the disk and have tried disabling acpi (which i never had to do before) any ideas?06:15
bullgardHow can I navigate between several tabs in Tilda  using the keyboard?06:15
hyperstreammohhoh, i want to share my documents/music/movies and so forth, so my father and sister can access the files, they use windows xp06:15
toastedmilkHey does anyone know the terminal command/sources.list syntax for repository keys?06:15
mohhoh!ask | blake06:15
ubottublake: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:15
blakei did ask the question06:16
mohhohblake: also dont repeat thats spam or flooding06:16
om26erblake, ?06:16
IdleOne!attitude | blake06:16
ubottublake: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:16
hyperstream!repeat | blake06:16
ubottublake: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:16
rumpsyblake: Check your CDROM device06:16
hylianhey blake sounds like a very strange problem, ubuntu has never installed properly, or just now it isnt?06:17
blakesorry, but a special few morons are scrolling the chat with crap unrelated to ubuntu06:17
blakemaking my question unreadable06:17
hyperstreamblake, still no excuse, i read it twice. i dont know the answer.06:17
IdleOneblake: please stop name calling. makes us not want to help you06:17
hyperstreamblake, if you dont like it /part #Ubuntu and use google.06:18
IdleOnehylian: man date in terminal06:18
IdleOnehyperstream: drop it please06:18
blakeperhaps you should part for being complete off topic06:18
blake!offtopic | IdleOne06:18
ubottuIdleOne: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:18
mohhohhyperstream: did you try looking on google06:18
rumpsyblake: you can, check the CDROM, agian !06:18
hyliani tried that, it was no help. there is a command fr date that makes it print 12 hour, but only once. i want system time to be 12 hour not 24 (not the clock, i can change that.)06:19
toastedmilkhylian, have you checked for documentation on that?06:19
* om26er wonders whats happenign06:19
DamasceneHello, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 says that UNR is KDE base now. is that right?06:19
hyperstreammohhoh, roughly 3-4 hours yes ?06:19
IdleOneblake: I am trying to diffuse a situation here, that you have started btw but I see that you rather argue then try and get help.06:19
mezquitalewhat login mechanism would someone recommend?  something like active directory for ubuntu06:19
hyperstreamIdleOne, just drop it.06:19
hylianyeah, but i have to admit, i dont readily understand unix-linux's flag system.06:20
* IdleOne goes to bed06:20
mohhohhyperstream: you also need to have a shared hdd or shared DATA partition that is fat 23 i think hold on i'll take a look06:20
om26erIdleOne, we need you :)06:20
hyperstreammohhoh, that would make sense, i think it maybe NTFS :(, let me double check that06:20
=== yy is now known as Guest4848
toastedmilkhylian, good 'ol learnin' time, unless you can find a pre-written script06:20
mohhohhyperstream: you can get ubuntu to mount ntfs. not sure about windows06:21
wevloptoastedmilk, you sir are awesome! i now officially love you [and myself], hereby i successfully wrote my first linux script to run Skype with video !!06:21
hylianprinting 12 hour time with the date command is as easy as date +"%r" however, this is a one time request. i want to make it so everytime i "date" it's 12 hour, not that bullhonkey 24 hour. i do some records keeping, and like kwrite's ability to use the system's time date stemp. (f7, then type date)06:21
congtuphunui_pleduoc thuifd06:21
FloodBot2congtuphunui_ple: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:21
toastedmilkwevlop, congratulations! Now just think of what else you could do with scripts!!06:22
mezquitaleDamascene, ask in #ubuntu+1, lucid is not supported here06:22
hyperstreammohhoh, thank you for the advice abvout fat32/ntfs, ill have a bit more googling06:22
toastedmilkHey does anyone know the terminal command/sources.list syntax for repository keys?06:22
mohhohhyperstream: have you networked the computers together06:22
wevloptoastedmilk, oh yes!06:22
nexusDo you guys know if it's bad to format a hard drive many times in a year (around 5)06:23
SwedeMikenexus: format as on "mkfs" +06:23
mohhohhyperstream: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/partitioning06:24
hyperstreammohhoh, yes, when i access the Ubuntu share from a windows xp box, its prompting for a username and password, as my father is 60 years of age, he is learning but the username password thing is a hassel, yet from windows share to windows there is no password prompt06:24
hyliantoastedmilk are you saying i should script this? what i dont get with linux is why most of what i want to do has to be scripted by me. why isnt there a simple on off switch like most other os's? i suppose the answer would be that linux was developed in a country that uses 24 hour time format.06:24
SwedeMikebah, too early in the morning06:24
hyperstreammohhoh, thanks :)06:24
SwedeMikenexus: doing mkfs on a harddrive is no problem, you can do it 10 times a day if you want to.06:24
nexusSwedeMike: Format as in install new os06:24
SwedeMikenexus: it's no different than writing any other data on the drive, do it as much as you want.06:24
Linux-CLIJust installed ubuntu, what do I do from here? - http://i45.tinypic.com/118d0m1.jpg06:24
om26er!hi | Linux-CLI06:24
ubottuLinux-CLI: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:24
toastedmilkhylian, no..not exactly.  It's just something that is free.  They coded it the way they did and said "meh".  It isn't something that will be more than a few lines.  What are you trying to get to read in 12 hour format?06:25
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:25
=== BogdanEl is now known as Bogdan_Florea
mohhohhyperstream:  so what that means id that xp is asking for a password to conect to ubuntu06:25
nexusOk cool... Will it decrease the drive's life?06:25
mohhohid = is06:25
mohhoh^ hyperstream06:25
futurama140can someone help me with http://pastebin.com/m63de7ad2 ?06:26
hyperstreammohhoh, yes, just trying to figure out if its possible to have it not prompt.06:26
hyperstreammohhoh, the xp machine has no password set for the account, i remember reading that i need to add an account to the ubuntu box, but that requires a password06:26
mohhohhyperstream: when you provide the corect info it should have a remember function06:26
hyperstreammohhoh, still prompts everytime ;/06:26
hyliantoastedmilk the actual system time, (NOT the clock). for instance, after entering a terminal, you can type date and you will get a nice time date stamp. i want the time date stamp to use 12 hour time. (my whole system is already set to 12 hour time, but still does not affect the system clock for some reason)06:26
mohhohhyperstream: you have to create a password when installing ubuntu right06:27
mrpso 64-bit vbox guest on a 64-bit host?06:27
mandii'm having trouble with my LiveCD - i lost the one i made several months ago that worked wonderfully - had to make a new one tonight and it's not loading properly06:27
hyperstreammohhoh, yes sure do06:27
mohhohhyperstream: thats the root password. did you try that06:27
futurama140can someone help me with http://pastebin.com/m63de7ad2 ?06:27
serylDoes anyone know of decent command line pdf -> xml converters?06:27
phong_MS Office does work in wine06:28
sebsebsebmandi: Still got the ISO?06:28
phong_wine 1.1.37 improved alot06:28
sebsebsebmandi: ok check it, to make sure it's a good download06:28
sebsebseb!md5sum | mandi06:28
ubottumandi: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:28
mandisebsebseb: how do i do that - where do i put that command?06:28
macosxtigeri am havingproblems with wine on lucid06:28
hyperstreammohhoh,  i can access the share if i use my creditals for the UBUNTU box, how ever the WINDOWSXP laptop does not have a password for the account, it auto log's on, i read somewhere that to stop the prompts i need to setup a USER ACCOUNT on the ubuntu box that matches the windows pc accessing it(to skip the password prompt) the WINDOWSxp machine has no password.06:28
indusmandi, in a terminal06:29
hyperstreammohhoh, im not setting up a user account on my ubuntu box that has no password, if that makes sense06:29
sebsebsebmacosxtiger: Where is the ISO in Ubuntu?06:29
mandisebsebseb: i read through the help page for that, but i can't get it to run live, so i can't open a terminal06:29
indusmandi,  after the $md5hash <iso>06:29
sebsebsebmandi: the ISO can be checked in Windows06:29
futurama140can someone help me with http://pastebin.com/m63de7ad2 ?06:29
indusfuturama140, yes looking06:29
mohhohhyperstream: if xp askes for password from ubuntu give it the user account and password. that may work06:30
indussorry md5sum /location/of/file06:30
mohhohor it may be default user , user06:30
om26erfuturama140, make it precis in two or three line here in the channel.. (preics writing)06:30
mandiindus: in a DOS command prompt?06:30
indusfuturama140, so06:30
macofuturama140: precise, with funny spelling06:31
indusfuturama140, you have an nvidia card it seems06:31
Dante_Jmandi: It's called a shell - not a 'DOS command prompt'. A shell gives you much more power06:31
futurama140indus: yes.06:31
macosxtigeri dont under stand i am using gnome in lucid but for some reson wine, as is dosnt work atall but when i use crossover or playonlinux it will work but sometimes i dont have to use those front ends just wine itself06:31
mohhohfuturama140: first please tone down things. remember this06:31
indusfuturama140, model?06:31
mohhoh!attitude | futurama14006:31
ubottufuturama140: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:31
Linux-CLIJust installed ubuntu, what do I do from here? - http://i45.tinypic.com/118d0m1.jpg06:31
=== jeffs is now known as Scratched
maco!lucid | macosxtiger06:31
ubottumacosxtiger: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:31
mandiok, to check the md5sum in Windows, how do i start?06:31
futurama140indus: its a geforce 21006:32
soreaufuturama140: You should know, wine is just a big hack geared heavily toward recent nvidia cards06:32
indusmandi, download the md5sum checker06:32
mohhohfuturama140: i uneerstand your frustrations i have had them in the past06:32
indusfuturama140, so thats a nice card, which drivers aare you using06:32
hylianfuturama140 this is not much of a solution, but one of the reasons why i am not running ubuntu is because it no longer supports my ati driver. my solution was to switch to pclinuxos2009 because it not only supports my hardware, it already comes with the nvidia and ati drivers from the manufacturer. only thing is, in order to be "backwards compatable" they basically had to stay one step behind on a few things. but i am runing a ati x1300 that woul06:32
hyliand never run on ubuntu 9.10. it's not an answer, but maybe a sloppy solution.06:32
mohhohfuturama140: slow down and breathe. first of all what moddle is your gcard06:33
futurama140indus: im using the 195 beta drivers after attempting all the older ones as well as trying various "fixes" for the flicker on each driver06:33
indusfuturama140, what flicker06:33
futurama140hylian: ive got an x1300 too, but it wouldnt work with WoW.06:34
toastedmilkhylian, http://ccollins.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/how-to-change-date-formats-on-ubuntu/06:34
indusfuturama140, just a note, the older ATI works with ubuntu 8.0406:34
toastedmilkhylian, there's a pre-written script06:34
mohhohfuturama140: modle make device06:34
futurama140indus: when the clock speed on the card changes the screen flickers, and in games like wow, or FPS games, that flicker is enough to kill me.06:34
hyliantostedmilk thank you ill look into it06:34
toastedmilkHey does anyone know the terminal command/sources.list syntax for repository keys?06:34
toastedmilkhylian, there's always the open-source radeon driver for x130006:35
mohhohfuturama140: have you tryed your old screencard06:35
indusfuturama140, how are you monitoring the clock speed? did you overclock?06:35
toastedmilkhylian, i have x1900, and it's in the legacy list too06:35
phong_how to close a windows app06:35
sebsebsebmandi: 1.  get md5sum checking program for Windows for example what the bot link suggested  2.  check ISO in it,  3.  compare the code you get with the one your meant to have,  if they are the same the ISO is fine,  if not it's not, so download it again06:35
phong_or kill an app06:35
industoastedmilk, the open source driver wont run any of the quake 4 /doom3 or ET games06:35
hyliantoastedmilk it is the largest waste of space on the planet earth. to say  it barely works is giving it too much credit.06:35
futurama140indus: im monitoring it through the nvidia app in the administration tab06:35
mohhohfuturama140: ok fine you are not wanting my help then as no response06:35
toastedmilkhylian, true.06:35
futurama140mohhoh: old screen card?06:35
toastedmilkindus, you can run quake 4 on ubuntu!?06:36
mandisebsebseb: thx - got it06:36
indusfuturama140, really? i need to see a screensot06:36
mohhohfuturama140: you said you had to upgrade06:36
futurama140mohhoh: sorry i cant type fast enough for all the convos at once06:36
industoastedmilk, of course , i have been doing so for 4 years06:36
futurama140indus: just a sec06:36
ubottuQuake runs natively under Ubuntu - See http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/ for details06:36
hyliantoastedmilk, thanx for the info though. no im gonna be a fan of pclinuxos2009 untill ubuntu supports my card again. what they did to make my old driver not work i dont know, but pclinuxos proves it isnt needed.06:36
mohhohfuturama140: I've just spent a large amount of money on a new graphics card because ubuntu doesnt support 3d acceleration for legacy ATI car06:36
futurama140mohhoh: me too/06:37
indusmohhoh, it does with the open source drivers06:37
mohhohfuturama140: that was your post not me06:37
futurama140mohhoh: but my new card isnt working right either06:37
futurama140mohhoh: yea06:37
sebsebsebmandi: burning the ISO contents to CD slower can help.  also their's a disk check on the CD, that will check if the psyical CD is ok or not,  if it errors well then it's not, but that might be since a bit of dirt on the CD,  so if the dirt is cleaned off the CD might pass06:37
wgranthylian: To be clear here, the problem is that AMD has dropped support in their proprietary driver. It's not Ubuntu's fault.06:37
mohhohi dont have any problems with my gcard06:37
industoastedmilk, !quake06:37
SantisnightOK 'nother audio issue, in Google Chrome, when watching youtube videos, not only is the video choppy (which i can ignore for now, but i don't know that solution either) but the audio is echy-laggy choppy as hell. any ideas?06:37
mohhoh!quake | toastedmilk06:37
ubottutoastedmilk: Quake runs natively under Ubuntu - See http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/ for details06:37
futurama140indus: i have a screenshot of it, how do i send it to you?06:38
indusworks fantastic06:38
indus!paste | futurama14006:38
ubottufuturama140: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:38
mandisebsebseb: if the .iso file is gone, then i have to start over - right?06:38
om26erSantisnight, install chromium06:38
hylianfuturama140, seriously, try out pclinuxos2009. i love ubuntu, and if tommorrow ubuntu did what pclinuxos does for ati cards, id switch in a new york minute, but untill then for us ati'ers, it's pclinuxos all the way.06:38
toastedmilkindus, Not with my card :'(06:38
sebsebsebmandi: might be a way to check the CD you have, instead of using ISO06:38
industoastedmilk, what card is that?06:38
mohhohindus: the knows that alredy06:38
beresk_let1Hi everybody, I have a very strange problem: md5sum returns different results for the same file. No changes were made in this file between two md5sum'ings; even more, those were one-by-one. Is this some bug of md5sum or some bug of myself?06:38
toastedmilkindus, ATI Radeon X1900 XT06:38
Santisnightom26er,  ok, lemme refrase that, in google CHROMIUM.  same issue (it is all chromeum, not chrome)06:38
futurama140hylian: well the new card i bought is nvidia, so i want to try and make that work06:39
industoastedmilk, aah switch to ubuntu 8.04 and enjoy quake06:39
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.06:39
=== yy_ is now known as Guest48338
om26erSantisnight, using beta or Dev or daily  ?06:39
toastedmilkindus, Hrm.  I suppose I could make a partition and just do a fresh install of 8.04...do I have to get fglrx to use it?06:39
Santisnightom26er,  not certain...06:39
industoastedmilk, yes !06:39
mandisebsebseb: reading the CDIntegrityCheck page now06:39
industoastedmilk, thats why 8.04 is called long term support06:39
om26erSantisnight, where did you install it from06:40
toastedmilkindus, put didn't ATI stop supporting the Catalyst driver?06:40
hylianfuturama140, good luck. just in case your curious though, pclinuxos runs those drivers instantly from live cd, so if that works, it atleast makes a good testing stone for what may or may not work.06:40
om26erSantisnight, and also audio works fine in firefox?06:40
industoastedmilk, ubuntu 8.04 comes with the older driver06:40
futurama140indus: http://imagebin.org/8295406:40
industoastedmilk, its not supported on newer kernels thats all06:40
Maz3Mikeneed help!06:40
Santisnightom26er,  i think via terminal, don't remember ( however that is a fairly certain i think)06:40
toastedmilkindus, i am going to do this now. Thank you so much!!06:40
Maz3MikeWho has experience with usbmount?06:40
toastedmilkMaz3Mike, just ask your question. if someone can help they will06:41
industoastedmilk, yes good, you might have some problems starting quake, but check the forums for that,06:41
Santisnightom26er,  havent used firefox, don't need / want to. uninstalled it too. :T06:41
Maz3MikeI know how manually mount usb drives...but...06:41
Santisnightom26er,  i take that back i USED to use firefox*06:41
wevlopmy firefox does not like ubuntu :( and when i open gmail cpu usage reaches 100%06:41
toastedmilkindus, willl do06:42
hylianto whomever says it's not ubuntu's fault for my old ati driver not functioning, i say yes it is. it's on ati's shoulders too, dont get me wrong, but canonical decided to change something so i cant use my old driver, and they dont give me an option to somehow go back to wen it did work under ubuntu, making it their fault too. it's 50/50.06:42
Maz3MikeI need to know how to use usbmount so that it automaticallys mounts my flash drive..wanting to go back and forth between linux and windows copying stuff onto the flashdrive06:42
industoastedmilk, you will get the installer from link i gave you06:42
om26erSantisnight, try this. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install chromium-browser06:42
indushylian, i agree but its ubuntu offtopic06:42
toastedmilkindus, hey, does it work for x86_64??06:42
hylianindus your right06:43
industoastedmilk, sure mine is too06:43
industoastedmilk, works flawless on nvidia06:43
toastedmilkhylian, it's ati's fault, not ubuntu's06:43
Santisnightom26er,  ok06:43
toastedmilkhylian, ubuntu is a community effort.  If there isn't enough support, people don't build it06:43
hyliantoastedmilk, sorry. it's atleast 50% ubuntu's fault.06:43
industhat is right too :) but the thing is, ubuntu folks reverse engineer all things like drivers etc, but dont want to do that for the graphics cards06:44
toastedmilkindus, yeah, yeah, i know. my card is old06:44
rumpsywhat is display manager for gnustep?06:44
toastedmilkhylian, you can't blame ubuntu for not supporting your card.06:44
toastedmilkhylian, it doesn't work that way06:44
futurama140indus: did that link work?06:44
hylianbut i digress, this is not a place for debates on that subject. it's for helping people with ubuntu tech problems, so no more from me06:44
beresk_let1How could it be that two md5sums of the same file differ? I md5sum'ed my file once, and then did it again immidiately. But these two operations returned two different results.06:45
indusfuturama140, no06:45
toastedmilkhylian, yeah i'll zip it as well06:45
Santisnightom26er,  done06:45
om26erSantisnight, I guess close chromium and start it again.06:45
hyliantoastedmilk thanx for explaining it, but ubuntu's not helping me has forced me into another distro that does help me, 'nough said. hmm.06:46
indushylian, how come pclinux works with older ATI?06:46
hylianyou know, i had a problem with a "double installed" nvidia driver. my solution was to use synaptic to remove all erm, whatever fglrx is for nvidia and then reinstall the drivers.06:46
Flannelindus, hylian: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.06:46
futurama140indus: http://imagebin.org/8295406:47
indusFlannel, hello06:47
Santisnightom26er,  uhh, now its silent06:47
gimpy530I have a NAS that thinks its / is full, but du does not show that at all.  http://pastebin.com/m64d12f5e06:47
LDChey guys.... do you happen to know how to fix USB slow transfers in Ubuntu 9.10?06:47
hylianindus they bundle all those old drivers with their distro. im not certain what they did to get it to work, but it does, good question.06:47
indusfuturama140, wow, a very low idle06:47
om26erLDC, format it to btrfs.. (kidding)06:48
indusfuturama140, these are new cards, i think maybe patience till a fix comes, i havent seen the clock go so low on older cards06:48
hylianserioulsly though, cuold that be the problem? i have had 2 ati drivers fight each other, one older than the other, and then i uninsatlled both, rebooted and installed the newer, and all my problems went away.. (ubuntu 8.04 i think)06:48
LDChey indus Ubuntu from the error 15 problem here :D06:48
futurama140indus: i have tried all the fixes on http://www.ubuntusolutions.org/2009/02/screen-flickering-with-nvidia-on-ubuntu.html06:49
beresk_let1O me miserabilis, valete, amici.06:49
indusLDC, who?06:49
Santisnightom26er,  i do not have sound on it now.06:49
indusLDC, india?06:49
wgrantindus: The only way to have the older cards working with proprietary drivers is to use older drivers, and they don't work with new versions of X or the kernel.06:49
LDChahaaha yes06:49
LDCi had to do a complete new reinstall... and this time i didn't put in any swap since my RAM is 2GB. had a / partition and a /home partition and dind't skip anything in the end.06:49
* om26er is muted06:50
LDCand now i want to know how ot fix slow USB transfers, everyone on the internet seems to be having that06:50
hylianfuturama140, i may be way off base here, but is there a chance your refresh rate is set to one that doesnt agree with your monitor? (couls this be monitor based?)06:50
indusfuturama140, is compiz enabled? did you check with disabling it? there are many many things which could be tried.Monitor is at correct refresh rate?06:50
`rettIn case anyone's interested, I've released an open source project at www.ipnode.org that uses AuFS and SquashFS to build a modular root with module category prioritization, e.g. "config package system" which causes config related modules to get a higher priority in the union than package and system modules.  Using a "parent" server, the nodes check for updates, dowloads/verifies the checksum and hot adds modules to the running system.  It supports copy to ram an06:50
Flannel`rett: Please don't advertise here, thanks.06:50
indusLDC, i hope you have a swap06:50
`rettDarn buffer..06:50
`rettSo far it works for remote nodes with local storage and PXE with NFS root.06:51
induswgrant, i hear people made it work on 9.0406:51
LDCi was reading the tutorial of 'psychocats'06:51
LDChe suggested 2GB ram is enough to skip a SWAP partition06:51
`rettThe reason I'm posting here is I developed and tested with Ubuntu and livecd-helper. :)06:51
indusLDC, thats nonsense as far as i know06:51
Santisnightom26er,  what now?06:51
om26erSantisnight, play anything in youtube and then right click on the volume icon in the top panel. click sound preferences and go to applications tab and if chromium is there06:51
futurama140hylian: i forget exactly but i believe my monitor refresh rate is permenantly stuck at 50hz06:51
LDCum........what can i say? :D06:51
futurama140indus: i do not have compiz.06:51
wgrantLDC, indus: It very much depends on what you run.06:52
indus`rett, ubuntu off topic is good for this06:52
c0l2egnome-panel randomly crashes.. how can i fix this???06:52
indus`rett, also, hosted on sourceforge?06:52
LDCbut i am sure that is not the reason why my USB transfers are slow... MANY  else seems to be having that06:52
Flannel`rett: This channel is for support only, not advertisement.  Thanks for understanding.06:52
`rettSorry, it's been 10+ years since I've been in IRC. lol06:52
Santisnightom26er,  it is.06:52
induswgrant, why is it that whatever we have heard and done till now is being negated06:52
hylianldc it is, but linux is written to work with a swap partition, and seems to run less buggy with one. my friend has a 8 gigz, and still gets better functionality with a 512 meg swap. (i have absolutely no idea why)06:52
induswithout swap system doesnt shutdown or sleep or hibernate properly06:52
wgrantindus: Pardon?06:52
Flannel`rett: Since the previous suggestion was a bit confusing, #ubuntu-offtopic (/join #ubuntu-offtopic) would be an appropriate place to discuss/etc06:53
induswgrant, iam talking about swap here06:53
wgrantindus: Of those three, only hibernate is affected.06:53
wgrantOnly hibernation uses swap.06:53
LDCthat is the thing... i don't use hibernate *i think? *06:53
indusLDC, the official docs say swap is needed06:53
hylianindus thanx man, i was always confused why linux works better with swap, hmm06:53
LDCmy friends.... but i am sure eveyrnoe else who had USB problems used SWAP06:53
induswgrant, maybe i should edit the ubuntu doc then for this swap thing06:54
LDCspeed is at 600 - 700 kbps ....06:54
Santisnightom26er, OK NOW I HAVE NO SOUND PERIOD.06:54
indusi too never use it, but swap i believe is needed in some situations06:54
LDCwhich is ofcourse similar to the problem others on the internet are facing about slow USB transfers06:54
hylianldc technically swap isnt neccessary, but i would do it. i usually give about 3%06:54
indusya ubuntu has slow usb transfre really06:54
futurama140indus: would remote control desktop be an option to allow someone to help me?06:55
indusfuturama140, hmm yes06:55
wevlopwhat no video chat in gmail in ubuntu?!06:55
induswevlop, gmail in linux you mean06:55
LDCexactly.... ubuntu has slow transfers and a thousan people suggest a thousand solutions.. i have tried two i think :D still no change06:55
wgrantindus: On my machines the transfer speed is fine. Do not generalise.06:55
wevlopindus, yes. life is unfair :(06:55
om26erwevlop, empathy support video calling and I do video call06:55
futurama140indus: do you have any suggestions of how to eliminate the flicker besides http://www.ubuntusolutions.org/2009/02/screen-flickering-with-nvidia-on-ubuntu.html06:56
LDCnot to mention ubutnu sound quality seems very 'muffled' compared to the glory of Windows XP.... but is this only with Ubuntu or the geeks can get better things done in linux?06:56
Santisnightom26er,  solution? please?06:56
wevlopom26er, with a gmail/google apps account? thats great news06:56
hylianfuturama140, that 50hz consistent doesnt sound right, any chance you could run to a diiferent monitor? usually you have several choices for refresh rate. if you could borrow a monitor, atleast if you say the flicker you could rule out the monitor. always a good thing to be able to rule something out06:56
rumpsyon myside it supports, 1.3mbps, usb file transfer :)06:56
wevlopom26er, i can use that06:56
induswgrant, yes your machine diff, but i have 15 machines in work and they all have this issue and i quote from popular ubuntu forum threads btw06:56
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the brown bootloader screen. and i cant get in.06:56
rumpsyits more than enough for me :)06:56
indusso yes i speak for the general population06:56
mohhoh^ can anyone help me i needto get in06:56
hylianmohoh are you runing this on a virtual box?06:57
indusfuturama140, that talks about flciker with compiz06:58
om26erSantisnight, now I can only say try google chrome?  http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?platform=linux_ubuntu_i38606:58
gimpy530I have a NAS that thinks its / is full, but du does not show that at all. Any ideas?  http://pastebin.com/m64d12f5e06:58
Santisnightom26er,  ... >_> no.06:58
LDCso there's not solution for slow USB and weak sound i suppose?06:58
Santisnightim TIRED of browser jumping.06:58
yeasonI don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't find either grub.conf or menu.lst... shouldn't one of these be either in /boot or /boot/grub?06:59
indusfuturama140, i wouldnt do  what is suggested in that post really06:59
indusyeason, changed wit hgrub 206:59
indus!grub2 > yeason06:59
ubottuyeason, please see my private message06:59
GSF1200Sdoes anyone here know where firefox looks for the flash .so file? I have adobe's flash 10, but I need to know where firefox looks at it07:00
indusfuturama140, which theme is that ? dust?07:00
indusGSF1200S, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins is one07:00
indusGSF1200S, 64 bit?07:00
futurama140hylian: can you walk me through how to change my refresh rate?07:00
wgrantGSF1200S: Why not use the package?07:01
GSF1200Sindus: yes, 64bit and I have the 64bit plugin07:01
futurama140indus: its a customized dust i believe.07:01
hylianactually in that depends on whether your gonna do it in ubuntu or if you can do it through hardware..07:01
GSF1200Sbecause the package manager uses nspluginwrapper, and yes im on 9.1007:01
indusGSF1200S, ok move it to hidden folder .mozilla/plugins or create the plugins folder07:02
c0l2emy gnome-panel always crashes...how to fix??07:02
hylianfuturama140, but mostly if through ubuntu, right clicking on the desktop should give you the options, next to the screen sixe (124x768 for instance) should be a 50hz, for instance, that shoud be your refrsh rate, try and change it07:02
hylianmy keyboarding really gets sloppy when i try to type. 1024x768, for instance.07:03
indusGSF1200S, but dont forget to remove the older flash completely07:03
futurama140hylian: theres no option for resolution or refresh or anything07:03
indusGSF1200S, is that your bike name?07:03
indusfuturama140, change it through the nvidia settings panel07:04
GSF1200Sindus: yes it is.. love it07:04
indusGSF1200S, :)07:04
hylianwhen you right click on the desktop and choose properties? hmm. well the other option should be under system , and then nvidia's linux control center. it should be changeable there as well07:04
indusa suzuki?07:04
GSF1200Sindus: indeed07:05
futurama140indus: it says it failed to parse existing xorg.conf when i try to save the setting07:05
indusfuturama140, yes use sudo nvidia-settings from terminal07:05
indusfuturama140, all xorg changes need sudo permissions07:05
hylianfuturama140, actually thanx to your screenshot, it's right there "x server display configuration"07:06
futurama140futurama140@futurama140-desktop:~$ sudo nvidia-settings [sudo] password for futurama140:   ERROR: Error parsing configuration file '/home/futurama140/.nvidia-settings-rc'        on line 55: '0/GPU2DClockFreqs=589,400 0/GPU3DClockFreqs=589,400'        (Trailing garbage).   PARSE ERROR:  Parse error on line 60 of section Module in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. "Disable" is not a valid keyword in this section.  Segmentation fault futu07:06
GSF1200Sindus: thank you.. works perfectly :)07:06
futurama140hylian: yea i found it, but i got the message above^^07:06
hylianindus do you have to gksu that?07:06
LDCguys... how do you feel your sound quality is on ubuntu 9.10?07:07
denis123Hi. I installed Docky using this guide (http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2009/12/20/how-to-install-docky-in-ubuntu-9-10/) via terminal. How can i remove it now. It seems to have stuffed up and I can't remove it via Ubuntu Software Centre07:07
hylianfuturama140, sorry man. i wuold love to help you more, but i have a client at 9:30 am, and it's 1:04 am already, time for me to hit the hay. God I love (hate) IT.07:07
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.07:07
futurama140hylian: thanks anyway07:08
indushylian, aah yes gksu thanks07:08
hylianfuturama140, sorry man i really didnt help. my last suggestion is if you can swap monitors with someone for a hour if just to rule out the monitor as one of the problems.07:08
hyliankdesu! good bye07:09
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.07:10
denis123never mind. Figured it out. Hopefully this is the cause of my program07:11
bullgardHow can I navigate between several tabs in Tilda  using the keyboard?07:13
LDCmohhoh: why don't you try ubuntu forums?07:14
futurama140indus: i have my refresh rate set at 60hz now and im still getting the screen flash.07:15
e75it pretty unsafe to allow any client ip address across the wan connect to a vpn pptp server?07:20
gimpy530e75: It depends, limiting what IPs are allowed to talk to your sever is one more layer of security.07:23
Chr|squestion, I installed ubuntu using wubi, how do I increase the root size07:24
jguzikowskihey i moved a theme to /usr/share/themes but it still wont show up in the themes list an ideas why?07:24
e75gimpy530, yeah i gotcha on that. then though suppose i am somewhere and want to vpn home, then i have to enable sshd to the wan to allow the address07:25
indusjguzikowski, try check in customize > window border etc07:25
jguzikowskii should say i'm in xubuntu not ubuntu07:25
charles__where is the "program files" type directory in ubuntu? i've installed a program and don't see it in my applications menu07:26
kingsofleon1820is there a wa07:26
kingsofleon1820y i can hack ubuntu server07:26
airtonixcharles__, installed programs are not kept in a central location07:26
induscharles__, no such thing here really07:26
kingsofleon1820can anybody help07:27
induscharles__, goes to various locations , executable will probably be in /usr/bin or something07:27
charles__kinda makes tracking things down a pain in the ass, i would imagine07:27
airtonixcharles__, you can however work out where the files are that a program relies on a re located with the locate command07:27
induscharles__, just type the name in terminal07:27
Myrtticharles__: why would it?07:27
Myrttikingsofleon1820: help you to hack into a ubuntu server? no?07:27
kingsofleon1820i need to install ubuntu on 64 mb ram machine07:27
airtonixcharles__, or you can use apt-file... or the dpkg tools07:27
Myrttiah, hack in that sense of the word...07:27
gimpy530I have a NAS that thinks its / is full, but du does not show that at all.  http://pastebin.com/m64d12f5e07:28
charles__what does apt-file do? man isn't bringing anything up07:28
kingsofleon1820hack as in just for fun07:28
airtonixcharles__, i think you need to install it first07:28
Flannelcharles__: It searches [all the packages] for files in packages07:28
ardchoille!info apt-file | charles__07:28
geirhacharles__: If you search up the package in synaptic, you can see the list of files it installed in the properties for that package. From the terminal, you can use «dpkg -L packagename»07:28
ubottucharles__: apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2 (karmic), package size 25 kB, installed size 172 kB07:28
Myrttikingsofleon1820: you can try with minimal, but I wouldn't be too hopeful07:28
Myrtti!minimal | kingsofleon182007:29
ubottukingsofleon1820: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:29
chalcedonyFlannel, good to see you :)07:29
FlannelHowdy chalcedony07:29
charles__here's the thing, i added a few locations to software sources, installed an aplication, and it doesn't show up in my aplications menu07:29
kingsofleon1820which wm should i use07:29
airtonixcharles__, try using dpkg -L packagename << -L not -l07:29
Myrttikingsofleon1820: depends on your personal preferance.07:29
kingsofleon1820which are the right choices for 64 mb ram07:30
airtonixcharles__, also take note that the terminal has a nifty tab completion feature on a fair number of aspects07:30
induskingsofleon1820, try damnsmalllinux07:30
geirhacharles__: «grep 'status installed' /var/log/dpkg.log | tail» will give you the package names (of recently installed packages)07:30
Chr|sI installed ubuntu using wubi, how do I increase the root partition size?07:31
Myrttigimpy530: you do realise that your df -h does say that / is full, right?07:31
gimpy530yea, but I can;t find WHERE that space is used07:31
MyrttiChr|s: with great difficulty, or not at all07:31
charles__okay, i see it with that "dpkg command, and i can still call ti up in synaptic anyway, so i'm sure it's there...07:31
Chr|sso its best to download the iso and install it alongside windows?07:31
=== goose[ME] is now known as goose
ubottutelnet is not safe. Please use ssh instead. See !ssh07:32
charles__i just don't knwo how to access it, which is odd... that's why i was asking for some sort of "program files" directory, so i could just go make a shortcut to the file ro something07:32
chalcedonyumm if i can only have telnet access, how do i do it?07:32
parajI cannot for the life of me get the nvidia 185 restricted driver to work on 9.10 with my 9800GTX+. Only 173 works. 185 worked for me on 8.10. Checked xorg, jockey and tried installing 185 and 190 from the pkg files directly from nvidia. Also tried dpkg-reconfigure with the source pkg and nvidia-xconfig. Nothing works and nothing on any of the forums works. Any ideas?07:32
charles__incidentally, the program is deng.. it's the linux doomsday engine07:32
MyrttiChr|s: yes, most people consider wubi a kind of a demo for checking that everything works.07:32
MyrttiChr|s: not for prolonged use07:32
indusparaj, the 173 is actually a great driver07:33
Chr|s Myrtti alright, thanks :)07:33
charles__sorry.. different person :D07:33
indusparaj, why are you trying newer ?07:33
parajindus: Problem is the gnome behaviour on 9.10 doesn't seem to be the same as 185 on 8.10 (eg: panel width doesn't respect monitor size)07:33
geirhacharles__: It's probably a CLI application. Typically only GUI applications show in in the menus.07:34
=== CocoPuff is now known as Omar87
charles__CLI = command line interface, right?07:35
geirhacharles__: right07:35
charles__so i'd just type the name of the application, i woudl imagine?07:35
charles__hmm... not doing anything07:36
ardchoillecharles__: depends on what you want to do07:36
geirhacharles__: Possibly, but it depends whether it contains one or many programs. The documentation for the program should tell you07:36
charles__i want to play Doom :D07:36
intokyo, anyone here using pidgin from the getdeb repos?07:36
XpistosI have an NTFS drive that I want to convert to ext4, but I am not sure of the command. I think it should be something like "mkfs -c -t ext4 /dev/sdbX" as it is not the primary drive. I am not sure how to also give the drive a label as "data: Can some give me a hand?07:37
futurama140indus: are you still around?07:38
futurama140can someone tell me the terminal command to configure wine?07:38
ardchoilleXpistos: I would use gparted from the repos, has a nice graphical interface07:38
airtonixcharles__, doom 3 , 2 or 107:38
charles__ultimate, 2 and final07:38
cpyargerfuturama140, winecfg07:39
charles__i've installed the Doomsday engine07:39
futurama140cpyarger: thanks07:39
airtonixcharles__, i think you can use the engine in the repos and copy the offical content over07:39
charles__i have the official (and legitimate) WADs as well07:39
cpyargerfuturama140, np07:39
ardchoilleairtonix: that was my understanding as well07:39
airtonixardchoille, at least thats what was proported on its website07:40
airtonixmust dash...adios07:40
ardchoilleairtonix: I believe that's also what is stated in the repo entry07:40
geirhacharles__: http://dengine.net/dew/index.php?title=Starting_a_game07:41
charles__geirha, um...07:43
charles__geirha: nothing on that page is making sense to me :D07:43
charles__i think i'm too close to the problem, i've been hammering away at this for a while now...07:44
Xpistosardchoille:  Can't it is a headless box with no gui07:44
geirhacharles__: Well, the binary appears to be called Doomsday, with capital D07:45
charles__deng, Deng, Doomsday got nothing. "doomsday" at least brought up loadGamePlugin: No game library was specified.07:46
charles__Z_Shutdown: Used 0 volumes, total 0 bytes.07:46
Awesome3000!find Doomsday07:46
ubottuFile Doomsday found in lbreakout2-data07:46
futurama140someone: can yall help me with configuring wine? when i attempt to configure wine using terminal command i get an error saying its not owned by me, so if i run it as root using "sudo su" i can configure it, but the settings are different than if i configure wine from applications>wine>configure wine. when i run the config from the apps, i cant save it and the settings revert every time i go back to it07:46
Awesome3000futurama140 You need to take ownership of the config files07:47
futurama140Awesome3000: how do i do that?07:47
Awesome3000Umm. let me look07:47
wgrantfuturama140: What does it say is not owned by you?07:48
geirhacharles__: Ah, then it's doomsday with lower-case on linux. Try «man doomsday» or see http://dengine.net/dew/index.php?title=Command_line_options_reference07:48
futurama140wgrant: futurama140@futurama140-desktop:~$ sudo winecfg wine: /home/futurama140/.wine is not owned by you futurama140@futurama140-desktop:~$07:48
indusfuturama140, no need of using sudo for winecfg07:49
Awesome3000futurama140: Are you using the latest version of WINE07:50
mneptokfuturama140: sudo rm -r /home/futurama140/.wine && winecfg07:50
futurama140indus: that worked.07:50
futurama140Awesome3000: idk.07:51
futurama140Awesome3000: it worked fine yesterday07:51
futurama140mneptok: thanks! it worked perfectly!07:52
glickscuse me whats the default address of phpmyadmin when you have installed it?07:52
Awesome3000glick: It will be in the folder you installed it07:53
glickAwesome3000, i installed it via synaptic07:53
futurama140mneptok: my games are all gone now though!07:53
mneptokfuturama140: reinstall them, and do NOT run things as root07:53
indusfuturama140, yes you should have been careful07:53
indusfuturama140, all games go in the .wine folder07:54
futurama140mneptok: ok, sorry i thought i had to07:54
futurama140indus: yea im still new to this obviously, its hard to figure out exactly how to make everything work07:54
futurama140indus: can i install a win98 game in wine from the mounted ISO?07:55
futurama140ok, another question, i have a USB monitor adapter, the monitor is plugged in, but how do i configure it to display?07:56
charles__geirha: thank you07:56
charles__i tooka breath, read through the man file a bit adn worked it out07:57
indusfuturama140, yes i think07:57
parajGrr, nvidia drivers worked fine in 8.10 I don't understand why I'm having so many problems with 9.1007:58
nurettinhello i have got problem with vdr07:58
Awesome3000glick: It should be symlinked to your www dir07:58
indusfuturama140, you have to mount the iso07:58
futurama140indus: yes, i have, im actually installing fable right now, so ill attempt the win98 game later, fallout should be interesting though07:59
futurama140indus: i do have that question about the USB/monitor adapter, do you know how i can make it work?07:59
geirhacharles__: Great :)07:59
charles__geirha: of course, some sort of GUI frontend for choosing the various settings woudl be nice08:00
Awesome3000glick: see http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-591952.html08:01
Rishab_after installing libpango1.0.... package, am getting trouble in GUI..after resarting the system the login page contious to blink...08:01
indusfuturama140, no08:02
parajI know nvidia's TwinView works by making a virtual display but how do I make Gnome's bits and pieces (panel width, windows maximise, window open position) respect the two monitors I'm using? This worked fine in 8.10 but I can't get it to work in 9.10 using nvidia 17308:02
charles__ardchoille, testing08:02
charles__okay, nice08:02
Rishab_it seems that i screw my pango package.. how chould i overcome it.. ?? any one08:02
indusparaj, did you install drivers from synaptic08:03
ardchoillecharles__: :)08:03
indusRishab_, re install08:03
parajindus: I used the Hardware Restricted Driver applet thing08:03
indusparaj, ok whats with the newest driver?08:03
parajindus: 185 refuses to work period. So I'm using 17308:03
w3rd_anybody know of a script that can remove line breaks? i want to eliminate spaces and line breaks from a file, basically all the out put in a single line?08:04
LewisDre4mMy problem: When I click on "Places" --->  Then to any of my "Home Folder" Options eg: My Music, My Videos etc . . . nothing happens. Its like the links are dead. The same with my Cairo Dock. The only way I can access my "Home Folder" stuff is to go through the file system. Please help!08:04
GabrielSOEhey all08:04
wgrantRishab_: Why did you install it, and where did you get it?08:04
GabrielSOEcan I install ubuntu 9.10 on usb drive to boot with ?08:05
Rishab_wgrant from packages.debian.org and its required for flash player08:05
LewisDre4mMan, no one can help?08:05
w3rd_reinstall gnome08:06
Rishab_wgrant actually i was plotted with old version so i just installed the new version.. but some thing happen badly.08:06
LewisDre4mfuck sake08:06
w3rd_it aint hard08:06
Kim__is there any sexual irc here?08:07
w3rd_8===) ????08:08
tsimpsonKim__: no08:08
wgrantRishab_: Remove the package, and remember that Ubuntu is not Debian.08:08
heauxbageight equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals D08:08
Kim__oh sorry08:08
wgrantRishab_: There are Adobe Flash plugin packages in the repositories. Use them.08:09
wgrant!flash | Rishab_08:09
ubottuRishab_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:09
Rishab_wgrant but i can't login my system..08:09
Rishab_it continous to flicker08:10
wgrantRishab_: Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and try there.08:10
spinlockhello #ubuntu im using the deb package from google of their chrome browser and my question is it better to use of of the PPAs offered by ubuntu and why and which one is best for a normal user i.e. im not developing code08:10
parajGot it working with nvidia 173 but the performance is poor :/08:13
wolterspinlock, if you add the PPA you will get updates whenever the PPA owner builds a new version of chrome08:14
wolterspinlock, if the PPA is owned by google itself, then you probably should be better off installing the ppa08:15
spinlockwhich ppa do you suggest for a normal user?08:15
TomJaegerHi, how is bug #512615 going to be addressed?08:15
spinlockDaily builds, beta channel or dev channel08:15
wgrantThe PPA contains Chromium (the open source version of Chrome), and is not maintained by Google but a trusted community member.08:15
spinlockyeah i got that much08:15
TomJaegersorry, wrong channel08:15
spinlocki think this one makes the most sense https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta08:17
futurama140hey can someone help me set up a program in wine from an ISO? its not working right!08:17
sprungI am in panic mode. Suddenly everything on my desktop has vanished without a trace. Nothing is in the trash, and I didn't delete anything.08:20
=== Urda_ is now known as Urda
Spasysheepsprung: alt+f2, run nautilus08:20
sprungI rebooted to see if it would somehow go away08:20
sprungSpasysheep, ok, i did, nothing is in my /home/me/Desktop folder.08:21
sprungabsolutely nothing.08:21
Spasysheepsprung: ok, different problem to what i thought, i have no idea08:21
futurama140can someone help me set up a program in wine from an ISO? its not working right!08:21
Anarchy7hi guys when copying some files from local to usb drive I get permission denied error , can someone help me solve it ?08:21
actionparsnipYo yo yo08:22
sprungI just lost everything on my desktop!08:22
sprungand i didn't do a thing08:22
actionparsnipAnarchy7: is it some or all?08:22
actionparsnipSprung: run nautilus08:22
Anarchy7actionparsnip some08:22
sayanrijusprung, did you have _documents_ on your desktop?08:22
sprungactionparsnip, i just did that08:22
sprung<sprung> Spasysheep, ok, i did, nothing is in my /home/me/Desktop folder.08:22
sprung<sprung> absolutely nothing.08:22
actionparsnipAnarchy7: then chown them to your username08:23
sprungsayanriju, I had a couple of things.08:23
actionparsnipSprung: press alt+f2 type: nautilus08:23
sprungI also had some folders with movies in them08:23
sprungactionparsnip, I already did that08:23
sprungnautilus is open08:23
futurama140can someone help me set up a program in wine from an ISO? its not working right!08:23
sprungis there anything you want me to do here actionparsnip?08:23
sayanrijusprung, do you see the standard icons on desktop?08:23
Spasysheephow would one go about outputting the av input from /dev/video0 and /dev/audio2 to screen / speakers without lag?08:23
sprungI see NOTHING on my desktop.08:23
Anarchy7actionparsnip : I opened my vista with a ubuntu live cd , I am so noob and dont have a username08:24
actionparsnipSprung: is the data in the Desktop folder?08:24
sprungactionparsnip, There is now nothing on my Desktop folder.08:24
sprungactionparsnip, There were numerous files there and directories.08:24
sprungalso Show Hidden Files is checked.08:24
actionparsnipAnarchy7: you must have a username. Its what you login as. Even if you use autologin, you have a username08:24
sayanrijusprung,  ru  the command in terminal : ls ~/Desktop08:25
Anarchy7actionparsnip how can i see my username and after finding it how can I chown the files ?08:25
actionparsnipAnarchy7: if you run whoami in a terminal it will tell you. You can make the files yours whith sudo chown $USER08:25
sprungsayanriju, actionparsnip It will save you all time to let you know I have a basic functional knowledge of the command line and linux, and have already done an ls -la ~/Desktop08:26
linduxedI'm trying to figure out what's causing the difference in input handling for different terminals08:26
Anarchy7ok I will open the 2nd computer with ubuntu now and be back soon08:26
linduxeddetails here: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/159432-xterm-vs-gnome-terminal.html#post75779908:26
actionparsnipSprung: try using search tools to find the data. If not then i'd go for a file restore from your backups08:26
sprungactionparsnip, so in other words I'm screwed and I don't know why.08:26
sprungand nobody knows why08:26
Spasysheepsprung: seems so08:26
* sprung thumbs up linux rocks!08:26
linduxedbasically xterm works fine it seems, but urxvt and gnome-terminal doesn't, and I have no explanation on why that is...08:27
sayanrijusprung, linux doesn't destroy your files, unless you tell it to do so explicitly08:27
actionparsnipSprung: read system logs to diagnose. I haven't seen your activities to be able to comment08:27
futurama140when i try to run an install file from an ISO it says the file or folder doesnt exist, can somoene PLEASE help?08:27
sprungsayanriju, I thought that until tonight08:27
actionparsnipFuturama140: is the iso mounted?08:27
sprungi did absolutely NOTHING to cause this.08:28
sprungI watched a movie.08:28
futurama140actionparsnip: yes it is08:28
sprungthat's it.08:28
sprungthe movie, by the way, was on the desktop, and now it's gone since i rebooted.08:28
sprungalong with everything else08:28
sayanrijusprung, I agree with actionparsnip that I haven't seen your activities to be able to comment08:28
actionparsnipSprung: restore from backup or try foremost to restore if the bits are still on the drive (data resstore is far easier)08:28
actionparsnipFuturama140: is it a commercial disk?08:29
sprungactionparsnip, you know as well as I do that i didn't back up my data.08:29
actionparsnipSprung: I assume nothing08:29
sprungi don't know why you'd even ask except to shame me08:29
actionparsnipSprung: no backup == data is disposable08:29
sayanrijusprung,  can you write new files on the desktop _now_?08:29
sprungyep, that's what you're doing08:29
futurama140actionparsnip: no it isnt. i had it installed just fine the other day, but i screwed up wine, and so it got reset earlier tonight, and now that im trying to re-install it wont work.08:30
futurama140actionparsnip: should i try mounting the iso to the /mnt folder?08:30
Slartsprung: just to make sure the files aren't somewhere else.. do you know the filename of one of the files?08:30
actionparsnipSprung: you have learned the hardest way the importance of backup. What if the drive failed and you were running windows. The OS isn't to blame, where is your data?08:30
sprungyes i can create a new file in the directory08:31
actionparsnipFuturama140: you can mount anywhere just not in /proc08:31
sprungactionparsnip, Yep, you're shaming me08:31
sprungactionparsnip, Would you mind not doing that?08:31
sprungactionparsnip, Thanks, because you are doing the opposite of helping.08:31
actionparsnipSprung: no, I'm showing you why backup is important and how it can be OS independant08:31
sprungactionparsnip, no, if I had done the best practice this wouldn't have happened, however you are not helping.08:32
sugarbearI just spent over an hour trying to get empathy to IRC, just over a half hour to get Pidgin to IRC, and less than a full minute to get here finally using XChat....08:32
BuGo_laptophello guise.08:32
sprungactionparsnip, Now that we have established you are not helping please stop not helping me.08:32
BuGo_laptopPermissions 0777 for '/home/bugo/.ssh/id_rsa' are too open.08:32
futurama140actionparsnip: i just thought of something, what is the command in terminal to set the file to enable it as an executable?08:32
actionparsnipSprung: try foremost to raw read the drive. Hopefully the data will not be overwritten and will be recoverable08:32
BuGo_laptophow can i track who adn when opened those permissions08:33
kinja-sheepsugarbear: empathy is not a mature client yet IMO.08:33
actionparsnipFuturama140: chmod +x08:33
futurama140actionparsnip: thanks08:33
futurama140!attitude | sprung08:33
ubottusprung: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:33
actionparsnipFuturama140: I am not sure you can do it to iso stuffs but its free to try08:33
* EastDallas uses Pidgin exclusively for IRC and loves it....You just need the right plugins.08:33
futurama140actionparsnip: yea, anything is worth trying i suppose08:34
kinja-sheepfuturama140: He is experiencing the effects of lost data for maybe first time.08:34
actionparsnipEastdallas: +108:34
sprungfuturama140, I've lost data for an unknown reason, and while yes i do fully and completely understand that I should have backed up my data, and have already acknowledged that I know that, actionparsnip presists.08:34
bazhangsprung, lets move on08:34
sprungfuturama140, now, I'm trying to get something other than "well you should have backed up your data"08:34
sprunglike why this happened08:35
futurama140kinja-sheep: yea, but general open rage is a lot friendlier than directed at someone.08:35
papulhi. i am using openbox but i cant see any thing on the screen08:35
actionparsnipSprung: I also gave some suggestions on what you could try08:35
sprungor maybe how i could prevent it happening08:35
papulonly the right click menu works08:35
sprungor the root cause08:35
sprungactionparsnip, okay08:35
futurama140sprung: there are companies you can send your hard drive to for a fee that will recover any deleted data with giant machines.08:35
actionparsnipSprung: read as many system logs as you can find08:35
sprungthis is not extremely important data but it took a long time to download08:36
kinja-sheepsprung: The machine crashed?08:36
sprungno, it didn't crash per se08:36
actionparsnipSprung: also test the drive with the manufacturers tool. The ultimate boot cd has the main companies test suites on08:36
sprungall of a sudden the files were not there.08:36
actionparsnipSprung: a reboot may help08:37
futurama140actionparsnip: when i doubleclick on the setup.exe, nothing happens, and when i type "wine [file path]", it says it doesnt exist.08:37
sprunga reboot didn't help, it actually made it worse08:37
sprungi was watching a movie that was on the desktop, and that vanished too08:37
actionparsnipFuturam140: use tab to complete the names of folders and files08:37
papulhi. i am using openbox but i cant see any thing on the screen08:38
papulonly the right click menu works08:38
actionparsnipFuturam140: check the appdb for help too08:38
sprungfuturama140, you should use #winehq08:38
sprungthey're the experts on wine08:38
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:38
futurama140my messages cant send to #winehq08:40
Linux-CLIJust installed ubuntu, what do I do from here? - http://i45.tinypic.com/118d0m1.jpg08:40
sprungok i'm trying to use foremost, how would I do that on my home dir, which is encrypted?08:41
actionparsnipLinux-cli: doesn't look good. Did you md5 test the iso you installed with?08:41
Linux-CLIThe ISO is fine08:42
actionparsnipSprung: not sure. Not something I use08:42
Linux-CLIThat's what appears after it's installed08:42
sprunghow to I foremost this? /home/spree/.Private on /home/spree type ecryptfs (ecryptfs_sig=ee65b9e31f83f919,ecryptfs_fnek_sig=869e51261177dd2c,ecryptfs_cipher=aes,ecryptfs_key_bytes=16)08:42
futurama140actionparsnip: "cannot send to channel: #winehq" anytime i send a message08:42
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
actionparsnipLinux-cli: then check your vmware settings. Are there known issues with your version of vmware and the release of ubuntu?08:43
Myrttiactionparsnip: looks like 90408:43
kinja-sheepsprung: I think ecryptfs is the main reason :(08:43
mlankhorstis it possible to request a package update to a 32-bits compat lib without filing a bug? openal-soft 1.8 is in 32-bits compat, but 64-bits has 1.1108:43
actionparsnipFuturama140: maybe you need to register to get on there08:43
kinja-sheep!away > JimmyJ|zz08:43
ubottuJimmyJ|zz, please see my private message08:43
futurama140actionparsnip: i am registered, but when i come here it never asks for a password.08:44
actionparsnipFuturama140: you need to identify then. You don't get asked for a password08:44
ubottuYou can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.08:44
Myrttifuturama140: if your nickname doesn't have the enforce on, then most likely you aren't asked for a password08:44
kinja-sheepfuturama140: We don't always have +R modes on.08:44
* sprung is mad08:45
sprunglinux isn't supposed to do this08:46
futurama140ok, so how do i put in my password?08:46
Linux-CLIYeah, 9.0408:46
Spasysheephow do i stream webcam input to my screen?08:47
SlartSpasysheep: try xwinwrap08:47
Linux-CLISpasysheep: I don't have time to write a whole thesis08:47
SlartSpasysheep: I'm not sure if it's available in the repos.. but it's pretty straight forward.. there are lots of howto's available if you google for something like "ubuntu xwinwrap"08:49
Spasysheepslart: does it include sound support?08:49
SlartSpasysheep: I'm not really sure.. I've never tried using sound with it08:49
Sia--i have usb mobile Huawei E1752, usb_modswitch is installed but can't connect to internet, however the output say is everything OK her is http://dpaste.com/153599/plain/ any idea what i have to do?08:50
rahdukeis it possible to give someone outside my network access to my SMB shares? or if thats not possible is there some way to share my videos and stuff outside my network for streaming?08:50
Spasysheepslart: xwinwrap looks like something to do with desktop backgrounds / screensavers...08:51
SlartSpasysheep: yes.. you didn't want it as a background?08:52
rahdukeis it possible to give someone outside my network access to my SMB shares? or if thats not possible is there some way to share my videos and stuff outside my network for streaming?08:52
SlartSpasysheep: oh.. if you just want to watch the output from the webcam you can use vlc or cheese08:52
Spasysheepslart: no, im trying to ceiw an AV input in real time - the closest ive got so far is an mplayer command, but that has a second or two lag08:53
Acidpickrahduke: you would have to set up a vitrual network08:53
SpasysheepSlart: cheese doesn't have support for sound when watching in realtime, and vlc i just get a 'can't open device' error08:53
rahdukeAcidpick:  would the streaming video work ok? I upload at about 1.5mbps08:54
Acidpickrahduke: should be fine for non-hd08:54
rahdukeAcidpick: do you mean a VPN network?08:54
Acidpickrahduke: yes08:54
rahdukeAcidpick: you wouldnt happen to know the easiest and fastest way to set that up, and whether the client computer can add the shares to XBMC?08:55
Acidpickrahduke: SMB doesn't transverse, and security is shit anyhow so you wouldn't want to even have it possibly visible08:55
SlartSpasysheep: it might be different for different webcams.. but my webcam audio shows up as a normal sound source in pulseaudio08:55
Spasysheepslart: this shows up as a separate device08:55
Acidpickrahduke: check out OpenVPN and sorry no.08:56
rahdukeAcidpick: thanks!08:56
Acidpickrahduke: good luck.08:57
Spasysheepwell i gtg08:59
fariadantesubuntu grub doesnt show the other linux distro's recovery mode - what can i do?09:03
ikoniafariadantes: the other distros don't have a recovery mode09:03
ikoniafariadantes: you need to edit the boot menu to add the word "single" to the boot line of the other distros to boot them into single user mode09:03
fariadantesi see09:03
fariadantesthank you ikonia09:04
=== ae86-drifter_ is now known as ae86-drifter
jleeperryHi everyone. I've got an ftp question. Is there anyone in here familiar with FileApp?09:05
ikoniajleeperry: just ask your real question09:05
jleeperryHow do I ftp files to an address? gftp wouldn't let me.09:05
jleeperryYeah yeah, I am.09:05
jleeperryI've never used ftp before.09:06
docmaxhello. is there a tool whick displays cpu usage somewhere on the screen? (for example on the titlebar of each window?09:06
ikoniajleeperry: if you can't ftp to something - it's either not running ftp, it's on a different port09:06
ikoniaor you have a firewall blocking you09:06
jleeperryI try to transfer a pdf and I get: Transfer Files: This feature is not available using this protocol09:07
kinja-sheepdocmax: Not that I know of -- I don't even think that is possible. There are htop (and is nice).  You also could write a conky script that will list top 10 or 20 or etc processes on desktop.09:07
ikoniajleeperry: that suggests it's not an ftp at the other end09:07
docmaxok, is there a gnome applet where i can input terminal commands?09:09
indusdocmax, press alt-f209:09
docmaxindus, yes i now, but i remember having one on the gnome panel09:09
indusdocmax, its called application laucher i think09:09
chetnickdocmax: here is nice guide09:10
indusdocmax, no sorry wait09:10
chetnickdocmax: here is nice guide http://www.howtoforge.com/conky_system_monitor_on_ubuntu70409:10
kinja-sheepdocmax: There are not any, I think. You could opt for guake.09:10
docmaxthere has been a white box, where i can input commands... was it on xfce4 panel?09:12
nicocois there someone here that uses postgresql 8.4 ?09:12
rahdukekinja-sheep: do you kno anything about openVPN?09:12
indusdocmax, its the run application panel i think09:12
docmaxno... app panel only shows a button which opens the alt-f2 box09:13
kinja-sheeprahduke: I can't say I do.09:13
indusdocmax, yes what else are you talking about09:13
docmaxthe white box09:14
indusdocmax, its called run application09:14
indusdocmax, see in add to panel if you scroll down09:14
indusdocmax, maybe you mean xterm09:14
asdffWould anyone know why XORG is memory leaking like a b**** randomly?09:14
nicocois there a way to totally uninstall a package and ALL its data cause my upgrade from postgresql 8.3 to 8.4 messed up everything ?09:14
rahdukelol this is prolly pretty stupid but can i ask someone to try to access my VPN09:14
indusnicoco, sudo apt-get purge09:14
asdffnicoco: sudo apt-get autoremove packagename?09:14
docmaxindus, is it with the greas symbol?09:15
asdffah nvm09:15
rahdukejust set it up and its too late to call anyone i kno09:15
indusdocmax, greas? whats that09:15
asdffindus: how does purge work? As computer janitor keeps on seeing truecrypt as something to remove, are the two related (purge and pc janitor?)09:15
asdffWould anyone know why XORG is memory leaking randomly?09:15
bjlenhi I have a problem with power management. it has always worked fine until recently. now auomatic dim of the laptop screen and sleep does not work properly. i have added the inhibit applet to the panel. if i click on this twice, then the power managmeent works fine. any ideas?09:16
bjlen i.e inhibit seems to need to be turned on then off for power mgmt to work09:16
indusasdff, no ,purge is a commadn which removes all config files with the application09:16
papulhi. i get to use gnome panel in openbox thru the command gnome-panel. but how do i use kde-panel?09:16
asdffindus: ah cheers, does autoremove not do that?09:16
indusasdff, pc janitor is somethin like aptitude autoremove i think09:16
asdffahh kk09:16
mondoshawanhi all!  i have installed on my ubuntu 9.04 mysql-server 5.1 then i removed this server and like to install mysql-server5.0 but i got this error09:16
mondoshawanAborting downgrade from (at least) 5.1 to 5.0.09:16
asdffcheers ;) also bbl09:16
mondoshawanbut i have remved 5.109:16
nicocothose commands leave /etc/postgresql/8.4 folder and even if I reinstall postgresql-8.4 after that it won't start09:17
papulhi. i get to use gnome panel in openbox thru the command gnome-panel. but how do i use kde-panel?09:17
nicocoand a few other folders09:17
papulhi. i get to use gnome panel in openbox thru the command gnome-panel. but how do i use kde-panel?09:17
nicocoand as I'm no postgresql expert I don't know what to do. Only solution I found is to keep using postgresql-8.309:17
indusnicoco, did you try purge??09:17
papulhi. i get to use gnome panel in openbox thru the command gnome-panel. but how do i use kde-panel?09:18
nicocoI tried purge too09:18
madohowdy folks! ... anybody still awake?09:19
nicocoI think it's postgresql related cause It's pretty complex... files in /etc/postgresql /usr/share/ /var/run /var/lib/ ....09:19
indusnicoco, so what is the problem?09:19
nicocomy problem is postgresql8.4 won't launch09:19
papulhi. i get to use gnome panel in openbox thru the command gnome-panel. but how do i use kde-panel?09:19
indusnicoco, need to manually remove it then09:19
elghWhat's the arch channel?09:19
indusnicoco, did you install it?09:19
madoso there is life in here :=) ...09:19
nicocousing /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start09:19
induselgh, #arch09:19
kinja-sheepmado: Shh. You're louder than a cock-a-doodle-doo rooster. :)09:20
nicocoyes it's installed09:20
madokinja-sheep, :=)09:20
induselgh, oops no09:20
nicocoI tried to remove and install it again, even "aptitude reinstall"09:20
induselgh, #archlinux i think09:20
indusnicoco, when you type in terminal what happens09:20
kinja-sheeppapul: I think it is called kicker in KDE.09:20
madoi face ubuntu-start_up problems every once in a while ...09:20
indus!who | nicoco09:21
ubottunicoco: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:21
papulkinja-sheep, not found09:21
papulkinja-sheep, i did apt-cache search09:21
induskinja-sheep,  is missing ? hmm09:21
nicocoindus > * Starting PostgreSQL 8.4 database server                                                  * Error: could not exec /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin/pg_ctl /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin/pg_ctl start -D /var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main -l /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.4-main.log -s -o -c unix_socket_directory="/tmp" -c config_file="/etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf" -c external_pid_file="/var/run/postgresql/8.4-main.pid" : Aucun fichier ou dossier de09:21
nicococe type09:21
nicoco"aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type" meaning "file not found"09:22
indusnicoco, i think you should ask in #postgres09:22
nicocoindus : thanks09:22
madostart_up-problems -> i heard it has something to do with "SATA" or something ... the same problem that has been faced by quite a few in 7.10 or 8.10 ... ... i'm using 9.1009:22
indusnicoco, but someone here might help too, i dont know this one09:22
kinja-sheeppapul: Anything with plasma, maybe?09:22
indusmado, what problem09:22
segin|kvircI have problem me ubuntu09:23
papulkinja-sheep, nopes09:23
madowell ... where do i have this error message again? ... *looking for it* ... is there a command that can probably show it to you?09:23
fester64x2segin|kvirc, wut problem you have09:23
segin|kvircevery time I go to google09:23
segin|kvircit give me bad page09:23
fester64x2segin|kvirc, omg did you get latest ubuntu09:23
nicocoI'll try to post my problem with more details in a forum thanks anyway guys09:23
kinja-sheeppapul: Hmm. I use Gnome. There are #kubuntu -- You could try that (if you haven't yet).09:24
segin|kvircfester64x2: oh noes09:24
fester64x2segin|kvirc, try latest buntu09:24
papulkinja-sheep, i want to use openbox with kde panel09:24
fester64x2plz help me compule kernel now09:24
segin|kvircfester64x2: it gives me this page: http://bit.ly/14sl909:24
indussegin|kvirc, check your internet09:24
AdvoWorkhi there, ive got a dedicated server running ubuntu, apache is running, and this seems to be getting hammered, but russian ips/german ips etc, going from 6 children/reboot/then 6, then 21 children, then it seems to take the websites down. any ideas please09:24
fester64x2omg segin|kvirc you better uninstall firefox09:24
indusfester64x2, why?09:25
ikoniaAdvoWork: look at hosts.allow/hosts.deny, consider a firewall, look at fail2ban and badbots09:25
segin|kvircindus: this is page i to get http://bit.ly/14sl909:25
fester64x2that site could harm his computer09:25
indusiam not opening that link09:25
indusfester64x2, thats a good thing about firefox09:26
fester64x2seginz help compile kernel ubuntu 609:26
segin|kvircfester64x2: u want beer09:26
segin|kvircfester64x2: and then09:26
indusoh crap09:26
segin|kvircfester64x2: cd /usr/src/linux && make randomconfig && make09:26
madoi can't find the exact message right now indus ... ... can you tell me the command that could probably display it? indus09:26
fester64x2randomconfig ok09:26
indusmado, display what09:26
AdvoWorkikonia, but its running our main websites, we cant block potential people09:27
fester64x2segin|kvirc, why does ubuntu suck so much dick09:27
fester64x2cant compile09:27
madoerror messages or messages in general that are normally displayed when you start up your computer indus09:27
segin|kvircfester64x2: it not freebsd or arch09:27
fester64x2wuts arch09:27
fester64x2is arch better then buntu 609:27
segin|kvircit does not suck dick09:28
ikoniaAdvoWork: you can if they are hammering you09:28
segin|kvirclike ubuntu 609:28
ikoniafester64x2: control your language now please09:28
ikoniafester64x2: that's subjective09:28
ikoniasegin|kvirc: control your language also please09:28
fester64x2CPU[-Dual core AMD Athlon 7550 (SMP) clocked at 2744.950 Mhz-] Kernel[-2.6.33-rc5-zen1-fest0r x86_64-] Up[-15:17-] Mem[-354.6/1943.6MB-] HDD[-40.0GB(27.1% used)-] Procs[-126-] Client[-X-Chat 2.8.6-] inxi[-1.3.7-]09:28
fester64x2hey ikepanhc fuck you09:28
segin|kvircikonia: fuck off asswipe09:28
indusKasbe, morning09:28
fester64x2OMG KICKED09:29
* fester64x2 CRIES09:29
FloodBot2fester64x2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
=== phox is now known as Guest9738
Guest9738hi! How do i remove the box where i need to enter my default keyring when i turn on the computer? It says it has something to do with the network applet or something..09:29
kinja-sheeppapul: It seems that kicker is replaced with plasma in KDE4.09:30
papulkinja-sheep, so what should i install?09:30
kinja-sheepGuest9738: Type in your password. :X09:31
Guest9738kinja-sheep: hehe, yeah i know, but i dont want it go come up at start. Can i make it go away?09:31
kinja-sheeppapul: I think that that is something of kdebase*09:32
kinja-sheeppapul: kdebase-workspace-bin (for starters) -- If you're messing around.09:32
jleeperrydoes anyone know the command to use uif2iso?09:32
kinja-sheepGuest9738: Yes -- By leaving the password blank (which will give you a warning dialog that the password will be stored in clear text somewhere in ~/)09:33
jleeperrynm..I found it. I need sleep.09:33
Guest9738kinja-sheep: Okey! So where do i edit this password?09:34
mjldoes any one else have an issue with pidgin... I can't seem to connet to my yahoo account trhough the scs.msg.yahoo.com?09:34
madoi'll be back asap09:34
kinja-sheepGuest9738: Accessories --> Key + Encryption + Password.  Something of the sort.09:34
jleeperrythen again...no I don't.09:35
kinja-sheepGuest9738: My setup is a bit different but you want seahorse and iirc the label is different under Accessories.09:35
rahdukeyo can someone goto this website and let me kno if u see a login screen09:35
Guest9738kinja-sheep: i have no idea what ur talking about, bit ill fiddle around with the settings here for a while09:36
jleeperrynope nothing.09:36
rahdukeoh wait
rahduketry that09:36
kinja-sheepGuest9738: I found something -- http://tinyurl.com/2dvz3n09:36
Guest9738rahduke: nope09:37
rahdukethats it09:37
rahduke4 sho09:37
mjlany one else haveing issues with pidgin when it comes to yahoo or is it another bug that needs to be worked out09:37
jleeperryOkay, I'm lost.09:37
kinja-sheepGuest9738: Try what I suggest first though.  Create a new password over the existing password -- Leave it blank (in default or login).09:37
rahdukeit works right?09:37
jleeperryI don't know the stupid command to use uif2iso...help?09:38
jleeperryAnd nothing rahduke09:38
rahdukei dont get it09:39
Guest9738jleeperry: just try "uif2iso" in terminal? Or mayby sudo inbefore, dont know. hehe09:39
jleeperryUsage: uif2iso <input.UIF> <output>09:39
jleeperryThat's the command...but I get nothing..09:40
kinja-sheeprahduke: Port forward in the router!09:40
nyaawhere's a good place to get recommendations for an am3 motherboard for a comp to put ubuntu on?09:40
infidis the corresponding kubuntu released the same time ubuntu versions are?09:40
rahdukekinja-sheep: i did09:40
rahdukethe connection test now succeeds09:40
indusi cant enter archlinux , it says cannot speak09:40
indusanyone know09:40
llutzrahduke: 443/tcp closed   https09:40
sebsebsebindus: yes09:40
sebsebsebindus: silly auto complete09:41
rahdukeoh word09:41
sebsebsebinfid: yes09:41
indussebsebseb, ?09:41
indussebsebseb, aah you speak with another person, anyways hello :)09:41
sebsebsebindus: yeah exactly09:41
sebsebseband hello I guess09:41
kinja-sheepindus: I would imagine somebody have to give you a voice manually in the channel to curb the spams.09:42
rahdukellutz: does it work now? i set th port to forward and triiger forward09:42
induskinja-sheep, hmm ok09:42
induskinja-sheep, can you recommend a nice and slick looking distro09:42
Jack_StoneHi, I'm new to linux and there's a problem I can't solve (I've looked through google but no results yet). I'm using ubuntu 9.10 KK, I've updated my kernel from 2.6.31-17 to 2.6.33rc6 and my grub is not detectting it (even if synaptic does), I've tryed updating grub and grub2 and when I update them the new kernel is not found (same happens if I install a different kernel)... what should I do?09:42
rwwindus: You're not identified to nickserv. Try doing that first.09:42
docmaxnpviewer.bin eats my cpu!!! any ideas?09:42
jleeperrybloody hell. I forgot to cd to the right folder... >.<09:42
indusrww, aah of course, thanks, but is it possible to auto identify on startup?09:43
sebsebsebJack_Stone: clean install or upgrade from 9.04?09:43
rwwindus: which client are you using?09:43
llutzrahduke: 443/tcp closed https09:43
indusdocmax, use the 64 bit flash plugin\09:43
indusrww, xfact09:43
rahdukei guess im an idiot09:43
kinja-sheepindus: KDE? Gnome? I can't think of any distros that designs around on looks.... Oh Mint? :\09:43
docmaxindus, how do i know what version im using?09:43
Jack_Stoneclean install09:44
rwwindus: put your nickserv password in the "server password" or "nickserv password" textboxes on your network list window09:44
rahdukei went into my router went to port forward, put in 443 set it to both udp/tcp09:44
rahdukeand saved09:44
indusdocmax, if you useing npviewer, you are using the 32 bit09:44
sebsebsebJack_Stone: so you have installed a kernel that wasn't in the repo?09:44
Jack_StoneI've got it from kernel.ubuntu.com09:44
sebsebsebJack_Stone: why did you do that, and it's  recommended to stay with kernels that are in the repo09:44
docmaxindus, are you so kind to explain me how to install 64 bit?09:45
indusrww, i put nick password09:45
kinja-sheepindus: Restart the XChat to see if it works.09:45
Jack_StoneI did it because I want to make my broadcom wifi card work in monitor mode09:45
kinja-sheep!flash64 | docmax09:45
ubottudocmax: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava09:45
induskinja-sheep, but then ill miss you guys for a second or two09:45
sebsebsebJack_Stone: ok you can probably add it to Grub 2 yourself09:45
induswait ill try in 5 min09:45
Jack_Stonefollowing som instructions to install a firmware09:46
indusrww, thanks man09:46
indusor woman09:46
sebsebseb!grub2 |  Jack_Stone09:46
ubottuJack_Stone: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:46
kinja-sheepor children09:46
rahdukeone more time... FTW!09:46
EastDallasI've seen the question of how to install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu a few times recently.  I just ran across this blog post that explains how.  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-firefox-3-6-stable-from-ubuntu-ppa.html09:46
docmaxkinja-sheep, THANK YOU!!! =)09:46
llutzPORT    STATE  SERVICE09:46
llutz443/tcp closed https09:46
llutzups, sry rahduke ^^09:46
sebsebsebrahduke: having people test if your website works, is surely off topic for this channel though?09:46
rahdukewtf this is crazy09:46
rahdukeits up?09:46
Jack_Stonethe problem is, when I make sudo update-grub2, kernel is not found09:46
sebsebsebrahduke: also swearing is against the rules here09:46
rahdukewhen did i swear?09:47
sebsebsebrahduke: just now09:47
rahdukelol now the letters wtf are a curse?09:47
sebsebsebrahduke: yes09:47
kinja-sheeprahduke: Obfuscated swearing is still swearing.09:47
sebsebsebin this channel they are09:47
rahdukewe are truly in the digital age09:47
indusdocmax, http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-
rahdukewtf can stand for anything09:47
Jack_Stonesebsebseb: how do I add it to the grub2?09:47
sebsebsebJack_Stone: have a look at the link the bot gave you09:47
llutzrahduke: don't argue, just accept the rules here :)09:48
rahdukewell im sorry,09:48
indusdocmax, then you extract the libflashplayer.so file and put in under .mozilla/plugins09:48
rahdukellutz: does it work?09:48
niarbehtAlright, it seems one of my hard drives suffered some corruption during a power outage or some other nonsense, and now some files are corrupted.  Not enough to make the system unusable, but JUST enough that the dumb thing refuses to boot all the way nicely, forcing me to resort to draconian tactics (like smacking escape on boot until i get a recovery console)09:48
Jack_Stoneok, w809:48
llutzrahduke: 443/tcp closed https09:48
niarbehtSo, is there a way for me to use aptitude or apt-get or something like that to force a re-download/re-install of the base system?09:48
indushi again09:48
rahdukei give up, i really dont get this09:48
docmaxindus, i will follow the steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava09:48
kinja-sheepniarbeht: Maybe "sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop" ?09:49
sebsebseb!ot | rahduke09:49
ubotturahduke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:49
niarbehtIn particular, /etc/lsb-base-logging.sh is total nonsense.09:49
indusdocmax, that doc is not too great09:49
indusdocmax, for flash follow my advice, for the rest you read it09:49
niarbehtkinja-sheep: Well, this is for a server for one, and for another apt-get reinstall metapackage-name doesn't recurse through the dependencies XD  I'll see if aptitude does, though09:49
rahdukeok ok i can get a hint09:49
indusrww, how did you find out iam not identified?09:49
sebsebsebindus: some channels you need to be registered on the network, before they let you message there09:50
nyaaare nvidia  graphics cards still a lot easier in ubuntu than ati?09:50
rwwindus: my client shows unidentified people in red, identified in green09:50
indusrww, which client09:50
niarbehtkinja-sheep: Nope, that didn't recurse through the dependencies, sorry, it just re-convinced itself that the meta package was installed.  :(09:50
sebsebsebnyaa:  I guess so09:50
kinja-sheeprww: Am I green? :)09:50
rwwkinja-sheep: yes ;P09:51
sebsebsebnyaa: ATI tends to get the issues not Nividia09:51
indusah noes09:51
rwwindus: irssi with the format_identify.pl plugin09:51
rwwor script or whatever it's called09:51
nyaasebsebseb I just want to try to figure out what to get for comp I'm building: had a great offer on an ati card but sort of concerned about that09:51
indusnyaa, i found ati installation easier09:51
kinja-sheepniarbeht: I imagine you would want to do something manually "aptitude show <whatever>" and make a list.09:51
indusnyaa, have seen too many nvidia found no displays09:51
niarbehtkinja-sheep: I'll see about that, thanks :D09:51
nyaaindus, which ati card did you get?09:52
indusnyaa, but thats cos i have a spanking new AMD Radeon 4850 :)09:52
rwwI found ATI instalation easier, in that it worked out of the box with xserver-xorg-video-radeon.09:52
bloodskii got a problem where i cannot remember my password set for the keyring, how can i solve this?09:52
Jack_Stonesebsebseb: I don't really understand most of it :S should I add an entry modifying grub.cfg adding something to load the kernel?09:52
nyaaindus so the newer ati generally run well?  have you done 3d gaming etc on it?09:52
indusrww, thats the open driver, wont play quake09:52
indusnyaa, sure, i play quake 409:52
sebsebsebJack_Stone: not sure, I don't mess around with Grub 2 yet,  you can also try asking in #grub09:52
indusnyaa, doom 309:52
indusnyaa, what else is there for linux anyway09:53
nyaatried wow?09:53
kinja-sheepbloodski: Most people might type in same passwords for their user account or their wifi password.09:53
rwwindus: 1) Basic 3D acceleration exists and is being actively improved, 2) I really don't care.09:53
Jack_Stonethanks, I'll go check ^^09:53
indusrww, what to do with basic 3d ?09:53
sebsebsebJack_Stone: good luck09:53
rwwindus: compiz, a bunch of games I actually do play09:53
induswobble windows?09:53
indusya right, thats why you buy expensive graphics cards09:53
nyaathere's also nexuiz, some flight simulator in games09:53
rwwindus: I didn't buy an expensive graphics card.09:54
indusnexuiz is poorly optimized09:54
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php09:54
rwwanyway, this is getting off-topic.09:54
indusyeah !09:54
nyaatouche rww09:54
indusi think the last good looking game was prey09:54
docmaxindus, STILL high cpu utilization!09:54
indusworks in linux09:54
indusdocmax, yes flash sucks09:54
nyaabut are all of the more modern ati cards easier to work with in linux, or is it that some work better than others?09:55
bloodskikinja-sheep: yeah, i thought so too, but this wasnt the case with this one09:55
indusdocmax, did you remove old flash?09:55
docmaxallthough npviewer.bin has gone09:55
bloodskikinja-sheep: can i reset it somehow?09:55
docmaxyes i removed09:55
DuzchipHi, i have a problem with a computer running U 9.10. I have a projector as the only screen and that works fine in CLI but Xorg just rapports "No signal". The computer only has a DVI output but i use a DVI->VGA and then VGA into the projector. I've tried to search and even thought that http://ijk.nu/jk16ua would be the solution but still doesn't work.09:55
indusnyaa, newer ones use the proprietary drivers, will allways be faster in general , and will run all games09:55
indusnyaa, open source ones will wobble windows :D09:55
indusboth projects have developers funded by AMD !!09:55
indusSo lessons from the open driver probably go to the proprietary ones09:56
nyaaindus so ati is making proprietary drivers for linux that are good now?09:56
docmaxindus, one sec, i removed the .so file and flash still works...!!!09:56
indusnyaa, yes sure09:56
kinja-sheepbloodski: Look in ~/.gnome2/keyrings/ (Move it or delete it)09:56
indusdocmax, yes do this , sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree09:56
indusnyaa, latest version catalyst 10.1 try it09:57
xovercan someone tell me how I can boot to a usb flash drive?|09:57
sebsebsebnyaa: ATI are not that Linux friendly09:57
indusnyaa, are you 'contemplating' buying  a new card?09:57
kinja-sheepbloodski: I'm going to take a nap. Good luck! :309:57
docmaxCPU is at 35%!!!09:57
docmaxjust for a youtube video09:58
knoppiesxover, do you have a windows PC available to you?09:58
kinja-sheepbloodski: Remember to use blank passwords.09:58
nyaaindus I'm contemplating buying every part of a new computer09:58
indusnyaa, eggsellent09:58
niarbehtAnyone feel like pastebinning /etc/lsb-base-logging.sh09:58
phox_Kinja-sheep: still there? I just followed the guide you linked, and changed my default keyring to a blank password in passoword encryption, but i still have to enter the same keyring as before! what to do?09:58
niarbehtfrom a 9.10 install?09:58
indusnyaa, buy the 5000 series cards ati , or get the older 4000 serries cheaper09:58
Jack_Stonesebsebseb: it looks like everyone is AFK... any idea why the new kernels are not detected when "sudo update-grub"? (grub2 as well)09:58
indusJack_Stone, try os-prober09:59
indusJack_Stone, sudo apt-get install os-prober09:59
xoverknoppies: yes mate i have10:00
Jack_Stonesame result =S10:00
sebsebsebnyaa: I got a link for you https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01232010/ChoosingHardwareThatWorks10:00
nyaasebsebseb neat, thanks =)10:01
knoppiesxover, I seem to have lost the name of this thing, give me a sec to find it.10:01
sebsebsebnyaa: np10:01
indusnyaa, frankly both cards work fine these days10:01
indusi had both so iam not biased10:01
induswith ATI though there is slight flicker when system boots, but its harmless10:01
indusor when you lauch an app like game10:02
indusotherwise, my quake textures look more pretty with ATI10:02
Jack_Stoneindus: problem persists =S10:02
=== linucks is now known as linucks[afk]
indusJack_Stone, which os is this10:02
xoverIs the issue relating to BIOS detection?10:02
indusJack_Stone, you should try the older grub if you take my advice that is10:03
Jack_Stoneindus: ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala10:03
arvind_khadriJack_Stone, you must first run sudo grub-mkconfig then update-grub10:03
indusJack_Stone, its so much more brilliantly easier to fix10:03
indusJack_Stone, i mean, which OS it wont detect10:03
knoppiesxover, are you trying to make a USB disk bootable, or are you trying to boot from an all ready USB?10:03
indusJack_Stone, maybe need to manually add entries, but for that you need to ask someone else really10:04
Jack_Stoneweird thing is, I installed grub2 from synaptic (it detected it as unninstalled) but grub2 was the default grub from the beggining10:04
xoverI wanted to boot an OS from a usb flash thumbdrive10:04
indusJack_Stone, maybe try sudo update-grub2?10:04
indusxover, yes and?10:05
Jack_Stonearvind_khadri: is not detecting the OS the problem, is detecting the new kernel10:05
niarbehtkinja-sheep: Any way to track down what package provides a certain file?10:05
Jack_Stoneindus: I did it10:05
icerootniarbeht: apt-file search10:05
knoppiesxover, Ive got the program, Im just trying to find it because I can't remember its name.10:05
mohhohhi i have a new install i was setting it up and installed a few things. now when i boot comp i get to the login screen i click my uesrname adn pasword. then the boot sound comes up but i am still stuck pon the broen bootloader screen. and i cant get in.10:05
xoverindus: And it doesnt work, I cant see the usb device from EFI10:05
indusxover, EFI ? whats that10:05
industhe new bios?10:06
nyaaaha!  mac bios10:06
rumpsymohhoh: Did you made any update?10:06
niarbehticeroot: thanks10:06
mohhohrumpsy: yes i did say ^10:06
indusxover, check for boot options, probably has another key for more options, i had it10:06
arvind_khadriJack_Stone, yeah when you run gurb-mkconfig , new kernels will be detected10:06
indusxover, i had asus board, didnt show in normal boot, had to enter f8 more boot optiosn10:06
xoverI dont have any options.10:06
rumpsymohhoh: After you screen you see after your password10:06
Jack_Stonearvind_khadri: did it... still didn't work xP10:07
xoverNo usb options and its a mac so i guess im fscked10:07
mohhohrumpsy: i explained it ^ in my first post10:07
sebsebseboh yeah nyaa there's this as well10:07
indusxover, no usb? then cant do nothing10:07
sebsebseb!hardawre |  nyaa10:07
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:07
mohhohrumpsy: yes after the login screen it goes bacj to the brown screen with the logo and the bootint bar and sticks there10:07
mohhohbacj = back10:08
indusnyaa, yes mostly everything works but be careful with webcams etc, for printers generally hp is best10:08
rumpsymohhoh: press alt+ctrl+backspace10:08
rumpsymohhoh: Then press, alt+ctrl+f110:08
indusnyaa, linux supports the latest mobos with all bells and whistles too, if you need hi fi sound the creativ e x fi is also supported and i believe so is the asus xonar sound card10:08
rumpsymohhoh: it takes you to command prompt10:09
mohhohrumpsy: i'm in live cd atm10:09
rumpsymohhoh: o_O10:09
mohhohhow do you think i can talk to you10:09
rumpsymohhoh: i thought of you been using another sys10:09
mohhohyes so if i can get to comand prompt that may give me error readouts corect ????10:10
=== Agent_47 is now known as alokito
rumpsymohhoh: Any way, if you are in live cd, goto rescue mode nad fix your xX10:10
mohhohrumpsy: how i never done that10:10
mohhohi'm not using a ubuntu live cd as that has no irc client.10:11
mohhohi am using a linux mint cd ok10:11
=== orion_ is now known as Guest85233
rumpsymohhoh: boot your Live cd, there is an option called rescue mode, select that, and choose an option to fix your X10:11
mohhoho really that simple thanks10:12
mohhohok i will try that thanks10:12
niarbehticeroot: I hate to be a bother, but do you have /etc/lsb-base-logging.sh10:12
Kasbemohhoh: you can use freenode's webchat10:12