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* rtgz is unhappy. IPv6 link with HE down :(09:37
duanedesigngood day rtgz11:41
rtgzduanedesign, good day :)11:41
duanedesignrtgz: you live in Ukraine ?11:47
rtgzduanedesign, yup :)11:48
duanedesignrtgz: ahh. you have an election coming up.11:48
rtgzduanedesign, well... umm... The elections... It is more that we elect the future image of the president, not underlying program.11:50
rtgzduanedesign, btw, re INTERNAL_ERRORs - removed madwifi source tree an hour ago, waiting for it to complete its removal :)11:51
duanedesignrtgz: nice. I was going to say i had a couple of bug reports i made notes of that had 'DEBUG' logs if you needed them11:55
rtgzduanedesign, i am now reinstalling my lucid lynx vm so that I will have a more or less clean room with sufficient disk space. 2Gb of hard disk space is way too low for development environment11:56
rtgzduanedesign, btw, that evolution bug - it is already fixed in 2.2911:56
duanedesignyeah. I have been playing with LXC 'containers' seems it will a nice way to run Ubuntu within Ubuntu instead of KVM11:57
duanedesignrtgz: nice work on the Evolution bug \o/11:58
rtgzduanedesign, I got UML version running, but, since GDM in karmic and up does not provide any means not to start X server on boot, it requires some tweaks. Moreover, it needs manual kernel installation which is not that hard but I can't just grab ubuntu UML kernel and run Lucid with it...12:00
rtgzand UML kernel for lucid needs several patches from upstream kernel to be able to run...12:06
rtgzLXC... hm...12:07
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rtgz... and I need the wired connection so that I can bridge virtual machines, since WPA does not seem to play well with bridged interfaces12:31
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vdshello hello Desktop+ MEETING BEGINS, you know how it works15:03
teknicoI don't, what's that?15:03
vdsCardinalFang Chipaca dobey jblount rodrigo_ rtgz teknico15:04
teknicomet meg'n'mel, meh15:06
CardinalFangia ia!15:07
CardinalFangCthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn15:08
CardinalFangO hai, rmc.15:08
rtgzubottu, translate CardinalFang15:08
rodrigo_CardinalFang, welsh?15:09
CardinalFangHa.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cthulhu  Welsh, or the language of the Ancient Ones. It looked like teknico knew it.15:11
tekniconot me, no :-)15:11
teknicoit wanted to be english :-)15:12
rodrigo_ok, I'll start then15:14
rodrigo_• DONE: oauthdesktop usage in music store widget.15:14
rodrigo_• TODO: Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Add jslint tests to check. Remove autosave code in notes web editor. U1 client adds back button to pages. U1 client interrogates library page to update download progress. geoip detection on server to forward to appro15:14
rodrigo_priate store15:14
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:14
rodrigo_CardinalFang, go Cthulhu go15:14
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CardinalFangDONE: installed music-store widget/plugin.  started investigating widget view-panel wonkiness.15:15
CardinalFangTODO: desktopcouch replication database exclusion.  store-widget view panel15:15
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:15
CardinalFangjblount, having come down from the mountain, tell us what you have to say.15:15
jblountDONE: Broke my lucid upgrade, reverted vm, figured out wifi at the cafe we're at15:16
jblountTODO: Work on search page, finish it.15:16
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:16
jblountrtgz: GOGOGO15:16
rtgzDONE: Debugged Evolution backup behavior in Ubuntu%20One folder, turned out to be a duplicate.15:16
rtgzTODO: Investigate INTERNAL_ERRORs for FreeSpaceInquiry, as always they are gone when I got to them. Write more bug reports. Test PPA on lucid. Update diagnose client with something.15:16
rtgzBLOCK: none15:16
rtgzteknico: @ubuntuone$ _15:16
teknicoDONE: made a branch to fix the phone setup web interface, with vds; some bug triage15:17
teknicoTODO: more bug triage; more fixing the phone setup web interface; fix a user's problems accessing the contacts web IU (#506584)15:17
teknicoBLOCK: none15:17
tekniconext: vds15:17
vdsDONE: client configuration branch up for review, started a new branch to fix a problem with the way we store phone numbers in our db15:17
vdsTODO: propose the new branch15:17
vdsBLOCKED: waiting for reviewers to review my last branch, reviewers plesae don;t be shy! :)15:17
vdsEOM I guess, thanks!15:18
duanedesignjust came acros a bug report for: u1sync fails initializing non ascii directory15:21
rtgzwho broke the notes?15:21
rtgzyup, broken for both accounts - testing and live15:23
rodrigo_rtgz, what error does it show?15:23
* rodrigo_ can't remember the password15:23
* rtgz needs to make normal www layout on his laptop...15:25
rtgzrodrigo_, ^15:26
rodrigo_rtgz, and on the oops server?15:27
rtgzrodrigo_, A username and password are being requested by https://lp-oops.canonical.com. The site says: "warthogs"...15:28
rodrigo_rtgz, ah, sorry, I thought you had access to it15:28
rtgzrodrigo_, https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-ID-1494appserver7198215:28
rtgzrodrigo_, it is now ok...15:29
rtgzgrrr, sorry for alarming...15:30
rtgzbut that was not the original intention when I went to /notes/15:30
rtgzso, to put it short, firefox drops "secure" status once a note is selected for view/editing.15:31
rtgzThis is happening because there is an external resource served via plain HTTP15:31
rtgzis it already reported against ubuntuone-servers ?15:33
* rtgz sets response timeout to 5 mins, if no reponse received then a bug is reported :)15:33
rodrigo_rtgz, not that I know, so report it15:36
rodrigo_rtgz, worst case, it will be marked as duplicate :D15:36
rmcbride__rtgz: what rodrigo_ said. I just verified the behavior here too15:37
rtgzrmcbride, rodrigo_, it is not that critical, but the browser will warn about loading files over an insecure connection, which will trigger users' questions15:38
rtgznote editing is still broken :'-(15:38
rodrigo_rtgz, on the web? yes :(15:44
rtgzBug 490812 - I was unable to make Chromium break UbuntuOne...15:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 490812 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One client refuses to connect w. Chrome as default browser" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49081215:53
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rtgzduanedesign, I believe I know what is happening with bug #50540216:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505402 in ubuntuone-client ""Connect" in Ubuntu One does not work with "disconnected" networks" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50540216:04
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rtgzduanedesign, NetworkManager is not always able to control the network. I.e. if the network is started behind its back (simply because NM can not create it, as with this wimax driver), Network manager appears to be running and it does not detect any network.16:05
rtgzduanedesign, when ubuntuone queries NM "Are we connected?". NM says "Nope". And UbuntuOne sits waiting for network connection.16:06
rtgzWhat may be needed, indeed, is to control whether u1 should listen to NM or  not. I.e. [ ] Work offline in firefox (you can force it to be online) or gconf key in Empathy that controls whether connection managers should be queried16:07
rtgzdobey, currently if no NM is running then U1 connects anyway; But if it IS running then things get more complicated16:09
rtgzduanedesign, not dobey, sorry :)16:09
duanedesignrtgz: yes i am pretty well at a loss for the ones left ther. Thank you for taking a look, and thank you for educating me on posible causes16:10
duanedesigni have moved over to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bugs16:10
duanedesignand am taking care of some of those :)16:10
rtgzduanedesign, I will update that wimax bug report16:12
rtgzduanedesign, ah16:12
rtgzduanedesign, i have already commented it :)16:12
duanedesignrtgz: oh yeah i saw that. You recommended terminating Network Manager16:13
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duanedesignalso Bug 501493 i was not able to reproduce without nautilus being open16:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501493 in ubuntuone-client "modification time changes after upload" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50149316:17
duanedesignbug 472630 the OP provided additional logs in DEBUG but nothing catches my attention. Might be one for someone more knowledgable than i to look at16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 472630 in ubuntuone-client "conflicts with a single client" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47263016:18
duanedesignoh nope16:18
duanedesignthose logs were provided by someone else, lol16:18
pygihi people :)16:29
pygiquick question16:29
pygidid anyone consider GSoC this year yet? :)16:29
rtgzduanedesign, i think bug 501493 _is_ related to bug 491777, one does not really need to have Nautilus to be opened _just_ then. The DBus callback will operate on the cached data which may or may not be cleaned up by nautilus at that time.16:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501493 in ubuntuone-client "modification time changes after upload" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50149316:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491777 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntuone-Nautilus should not update file modification time to refresh the emblems" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49177716:32
rtgzduanedesign, but i can't really say much about the files disappear and reappear, this is not handled in ubuntuone plugin for nautilus for sure.16:33
duanedesignrtgz: interesting..16:49
rtgzwow. A bug day?17:01
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rtgzjoshuahoover, i don't think #516140 is a dup of #455544. The bug report is about the server side uid, not some kind of a problem with bandwidth settings17:49
rtgzbug #51614017:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516140 in ubuntuone-client "web interface for ubuntu one shows multiple copies of files after delete (dup-of: 455544)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51614017:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455544 in ubuntuone-client ""Protocol version error" - when bandwidth throttling is enabled with the default values" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45554417:50
rtgzbug #45554417:50
rtgzjoshuahoover, http://buzz.rtg.in.ua/~rtg/Ubuntu_One_Files.png17:52
rtgzjoshuahoover, just removed one file in the directory17:52
joshuahooverrtgz: you are correct...i didn't have a chance to review the bugs yet marked by the script looking for candidates of common dupes17:52
rtgzjoshuahoover, ok, I will un-dup it and add the info I gathered :)17:53
joshuahooverrtgz: thanks!17:53
joshuahooverrtgz: not sure what you're trying to show in that screenshot17:54
rtgzjoshuahoover, look at the files17:54
rtgzjoshuahoover, i mean the filenames17:54
rtgzjoshuahoover, this appeared when I removed one file in the directory.17:55
joshuahooverrtgz: you removed one file in the testing directory? not sure i follow17:55
rtgzjoshuahoover, the file list does not seem to be cleaned up properly after item removal so duplicate file entries appear17:55
joshuahooverrtgz: the test.txt~ file?17:56
joshuahooverrtgz: ok, i'm seeing it now17:57
rtgzjoshuahoover, I will capture this on video so that nobody will need to grep through the file names. All files that left in the directory got 3 twins17:57
joshuahooverrtgz: it's not apparent right away because we truncate those filenames so much17:57
rtgzjoshuahoover, yep, there's a bug for that as well :)17:58
joshuahooverrtgz: yeah...ok, this dupe thing i haven't seen before...and it goes away after you refresh or no?17:58
rtgzjoshuahoover, yes, it is just a client-side view problem, I guess17:58
joshuahooverrtgz: ok, strange that we haven't seen this reported before...or maybe we have and i marked it as a dupe of another (unrelated) bug! ;)18:00
rtgzjoshuahoover, with 2Gb space nobody needs to remove anything :)18:01
joshuahooverrtgz: heh18:01
duanedesignha ha18:03
rtgzjoshuahoover, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn7JmkUI-GQ18:09
rtgzI think this is rather bad bug, since it causes a) visible distortion of the data, b) makes user wonder about whether it is he or the system18:09
joshuahooverrtgz: cool, that might be very popular on youtube...maybe homepage material ;)18:10
joshuahooverrtgz: what did you use for the screen capture? wink? something else?18:10
rtgzjoshuahoover, recordmydesktop via frontend gtk-recordmydesktop :)18:10
joshuahooverrtgz: i haven't tried that before, i've heard/read about it, just never tried it...i'll have to try it out18:11
rtgzjoshuahoover, it is nice and unobtrusive, just 'record my desktop' and nothing extra aka buttons, slides, etc. :)18:12
duanedesignrtgz: i had trouble with record my desktop and compiz18:13
rtgzduanedesign, I am running w/ compiz enabled at the moment18:13
duanedesignrtgz: nice, i will have to try again.18:13
duanedesignits been a few months since i gave it a go18:14
duanedesignyou guys hold the fort down ;) gotta run a few errands18:14
rtgzduanedesign, you will need to perform full shots at every frame and  set --no-frame so that the frame does not get displayed for the video18:14
duanedesignthanks for the tip. Putting it in a tomboy note18:14
jblountrtgz: That is a crazy bug (the one you posted to youtube)18:30
rtgzjblount, erm... does that mean I need to remove the video?18:32
jblountrtgz: No, the video is great, I meant that it's alarming (but not all that harmful). :)18:33
rtgzjblount, ah, 'cause first joshuahoov-r said "cool, that might be very popular on youtube...maybe homepage material ;)" now you... I thought I did something wrong :)18:34
* rtgz needs to find a decent ogg/theora video hosting18:35
jblountrtgz: You can upload .ogv to lp with the bug, I've done that before.18:39
rtgzjblount, hm....18:40
rtgzvideo.launchpad.net :)18:40
* jblount puts it on his lp wishlist ;)18:41
rtgzheh, it needs to be scaled then... In case I upload it w/o any modifications18:44
jblountIt'd be cool if you upload images or video and they are displayed inline with your comment on the page. I have a similar idea with previewing of content on one.ubuntu.com/files/18:46
mandelrtgz, jblount, you've tickle my curiosity, can I see the view?18:47
mandelI meant video...18:47
rtgzmandel, video is now available through Launchpad Video service ( http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38671619/LP516140%20-%20Web%20interface%20for%20ubuntu%20one%20shows%20multiple%20copies%20of%20files%20after%20delete.ogv ) and Youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn7JmkUI-GQ :)18:48
mandelrtgz, whoa, thats funny hehe18:50
jblountHeh, "Launchpad Video Service"18:50
mandelI've got to say, I'm really impress with the view video idea, great way to show a visual bug18:54
jblountmandel: Agreed. rtgz found a good way to get more exposure for his bugs :)18:55
rtgzjblount, hey, I am not the original bug reporter and I can't take credit for the bug itself :-P18:55
mandelrtgz, dunnot talk you down, we are like 3 community guys here are you are the one that finds the must bugs ;)18:56
rtgzmandel, I wish I could find them before they appear...18:57
mandelrtgz, well, I think you are doing a great job so no need to worry :D18:58
mandelrtgz, look at me, I just program and file one or two bugs max18:58
rtgzmandel, I think that it is not that I find the most bugs, it is just I alarm a lot here :)18:58
mandelrtgz, not bad, is the best place to do it18:59
rtgzguys, those who are running lucid lynx - is there any rationale behind icon removal for all menus ?19:00
ibboTaquarius: as is typical with these things, the problem has gone away (if you haven't guessed I'm Tom Ibbotson)20:04
aquariusibboT, heya!20:05
aquariusibboT, strange. Did you do anything specific to fix it?20:05
aquariussometimes the fairies just fix it overnight :)20:05
ibboTaquarius: no, I just got back from work, checked to see if I still had the problem and I didn't20:06
aquariusibboT, those darn fairies again :)20:06
aquariusibboT, from the sound of it, d-bus wasn't starting couchdb, which is strange20:06
aquariusif you do the D-Bus call again, does it now give you a port number rather than an error/20:06
ibboTaquarius: yes. I do still however have the problem that my desktop-couch database is not syncing via ubuntuone20:06
aquariusibboT, ah, if it's not syncing, that's easier to fix.20:07
aquariusibboT, can you look in the management database in futon and see if there's a paired-server record for Ubuntu One?20:07
ibboTyep it gives me the port number20:08
aquarius(stop me if I'm assuming too much knowledge on your part here and you'd like me to break it down a but, but I got the impression that you're pretty au fait with Couch)20:08
ibboTaquarius: no, I've fiddled with it, but I'll ask if I don't understand20:09
ibboTaquarius: ok I can see a _design/ubuntu_one_pair_record20:10
ibboTaquarius: and also a record with a service_name key and value: ubuntuone20:11
aquariusibboT, ah, that's a view to find the pair record, not the pair record itself20:12
aquariusthe records in management don't have very useful names, but if you look through the ones with weird IDs (9a7dc97cad7cab09c7a09ca7c0a etc), there should be one with service_name "ubuntuone"20:13
ibboTaquarius: yeah found that20:13
aquariusibboT, right, so you *have* a pairing record, which suggests that couch should be paired with U120:14
ibboTaquarius: ok, so I've checked the computer I'm trying to sync with and I have a pairing record there too20:14
aquariusibboT, do you have $HOME/.cache/desktop-couch/log/desktop-couch-replication.log ?20:14
ibboTaquarius: yes, didn't when I checked this morning, but I do now20:15
aquariusibboT, does it contain anything that looks sensibly like either (a) replication attempts or (b) errors? :)20:17
aquarius(be careful pastebinning that file; it contains secret data like your tokens that should not be public, so don't just cut and paste it into a pastebin)20:18
ibboTaquarius: what exactly should I paste? having a hard time deciphering it20:19
aquariusibboT, if you look at it, there'll be lines like:20:20
aquariusasking 'http://localhost:37499/' to replicate {'url': 'https://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/u%2F3c5%2F9dc%2F21%2Fraindrop', 'auth': {'oauth': {'consumer_secret': 'hammertime', 'token': 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA', 'consumer_key': 'ubuntuone', 'token_secret': 'BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB'}}} to raindrop, using record {'source': {'url': 'https://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/u%2F3c5%2F9dc%2F21%2Fraindrop', 'auth': {'oauth': {'consumer_secret': 'hammertime', 'token': 'CCCCC20:20
aquariusCCCCCCCCC', 'consumer_key': 'ubuntuone', 'token_secret': 'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD'}}}, 'target': 'raindrop'}20:20
aquariusibboT, it's the AAAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD bits that you need to not post20:21
aquariusibboT, so, if you could copy the file into a text editor and search-and-replace those token bits for X's, you'll be safe to post the file20:21
ibboTaquarius: well it looks like it's asked to replicate the database I'm interested in20:21
aquarius(desktopcouch does this itself in the trunk release, but that's not packaged yet :))20:21
ibboTaquarius: k, I'll do that20:21
aquariusibboT, OK. After the line about "asking SOMETHING to replicate { DATA }", there should be a "replicate result" line20:22
ibboTaquarius: yep20:23
aquariusibboT, is it "status: 200"?20:23
ibboTaquarius: it is indeed20:23
aquariusOK, that means it successfllyreplicated...20:24
aquariusif you look above those lines, there'll be a thing saying "want to replipull 'dbname' from static host '934790347503' @ couchdb.one.ubutnu.com", I would think20:24
aquariusthere should be both replipull and replipush lines20:24
ibboTaquarius: I guess the problem is probably on my other machine then...20:25
aquariusreplipull means "copy stuff down from Ubuntu One to this machine", and replipush means "copy stuff on this machine up to Ubuntu One"20:25
aquariusso you can see each request that's made (both to push to Ubuntu One and to pull from Ubuntu One) and whether it was successful or not20:25
ibboTaquarius: ok, yeah I can see that20:25
aquariusthat may help you to read the log on the other machine to see what's failing20:26
ibboTaquarius: ok yeah that was a replipush20:26
ibboTaquarius: I have a python traceback which says error: [Error 104] Connection reset by peer, but I can't tell yet whether it's relevant20:27
aquariusyou'll occasionally see those, because of network blips. It shouldn't affect things, as replication will pick up next time -- if it happens every time then it's important, though :)20:28
ibboTaquarius: well my notes record has a 'status': '200'20:28
aquariusok, so you should have a notes database on that computer?20:29
ibboTaquarius: yeah, but at no point is it trying to replipull the the database I'm interested in20:30
aquariusibboT, ok, that's not supposed to happen, then20:30
ibboTaquarius: the database is called 'running' and there's no mention of it in the logs20:31
aquariusthat suggests that when it gets the list of databases from ubuntu one, your db isn't in it. weird20:32
aquariusis there anything about fetching the database list?20:32
aquariusparticularly about it failing?20:32
ibboTaquarius: are the tokens all the same string?20:35
ibboTaquarius: I'll search and replace them and pastebin20:36
aquariusibboT, they should be :)20:36
ibboTaquarius: ok I've got rid of the 'token' and 'token_secret' anything else?20:40
aquariusibboT, that should be fine, I think20:41
ibboTaquarius: ok, http://pastebin.com/m7fad28b520:42
* aquarius reads confusedly. Don't get why it isn't seeing your databsae20:45
aquariusibboT, on the first machine, does it ever replipush the "running" database?20:45
ibboTaquarius: yes, and it gets back a status:20020:46
aquariusibboT, this is the desktopcouch replication log from machine 2, yes/20:47
aquariuscan you pastebin the log from machine1 as well?20:47
aquarius(again, replacing tokens)20:48
ibboTaquarius: just doing that now20:48
ibboTaquarius: http://pastebin.com/m382b8b8820:49
aquariusI know what some of the problem is20:50
aquariussee the dates in the log from machine 220:50
ibboTaquarius: perhaps as I was having trouble with machine 1 this morning, and it has only started working.....20:50
ibboTaquarius: ah yes20:50
ibboTaquarius: so that begs the question: "why has it not tried to replicate since then?"20:52
aquariusit does indeed.20:52
aquariushas that machine been turned off at any point since then? :)20:52
ibboTaquarius: it gets turned on and off twice daily on the way to work and on the way back20:53
aquariusok, so it's not that DC died once and hasn't been restarted20:54
aquariusI have to disappear for an hour or so now, but I'll be back later if you're around then?20:54
aquariusit might be worth trying explicitly restarting DC on that machine (via the troubleshooting page's instructions)20:54
ibboTaquarius: maybe I'm off dancing, but might be on later, thanks for your help20:54
aquariusibboT, no problem. We are closer to a solution, anyway :)20:55
ibboTaquarius: yeah I'll try that20:55
ibboTaquarius: that worked everything just synced20:58
ibboTaquarius: don't know why it didn't occur to me to do that in the first place20:59
rtgzfinally, from IPv6. Either I am dumb or the router that sends the traffic over eth0.3 interface while keeping the address of ppp0 interface. If ppp0 is brought down then traffic starts to flow normally. If ppp is brought up again then everything is still working fine...21:49
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