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GrimsqueakerI am trying to make an upstart script in Ubuntu Karmic for Virtualbos-OSE 3. Basically I want it to start up some virtual machines on boot, respawn them if they die, and save their state / shut them down if the box shuts down. My current script is http://pastebin.com/m8e8fd79.14:20
GrimsqueakerCan anyone help out? Its not working when I boot the box.14:21
keesjKeybuk: going to FOSDEM ?21:08
JanChe's probably in the US now, not sure he will be back in time21:28
JanCalthough he's very welcome of course  ☺21:29
keesjHe did a talk last year so I guessed he might 21:30
JanCthey are at a sprint in Portland AFAIK21:32
sadmac2where in the US is he?21:36
keesjI did not do so much upstart work in the last year.21:36
sadmac2Even I've not done all that much21:36
ionWashington, it seems.21:36
sadmac2graduation, $dayjob, life's been interesting21:37
sadmac2ion: as in DC?21:37
ionA GeoIP lookup puts his IP address at 45.9420,-122.6720 with no guarantee of accuracy of any kind, of course.21:39
sadmac2ion: smart money puts him in Portland21:40
ionIndeed, a whois lookup on the IP address says the block is owned by a company in Portland, Oregon.21:41
sadmac2ion: you're a good stalker21:42
JanCI know there is a sprint with lots of Canonical people in Portland, so I supposed he was there  ;)21:42
ionsadmac: On the Internet, perhaps. :-P21:43
JanCanyway, I'm not sure exactly when it ends21:43
JanCI will be at FOSDEM, but I guess that's less important for keesj...   ;-)21:44
keesjI don't really know :p 21:44
ionMeanwhile, /me is amazed of how easy failover between computers is in Erlang: http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/lang/erlang/doc/design_principles/distributed_applications.html21:45
JanCion: well, that's what Erlang was designed for21:45
ionObviously, but it could have been made much more difficult by worse designers.21:47
* sadmac2 tries to think of actual relevant products coming out of Ericcson proper.21:48
sadmac2non-pure functional languages kind of worry me. Its an opportunity to not really "get" functional programming.21:49
JanCsadmac2: their mobile phones & TV sets have a pretty good reputation AFAIK  ;)21:49
keesjlast years FOSDEM I really had fun with ADA. I wonder what this year will bring , JanC is that TOR related to the tor proxy?21:49
sadmac2JanC: the mobile phones are Sony-Ericcson, which is a very different animal21:49
sadmac2JanC: not sure about the TVs21:49
* sadmac2 knew a Sony-Ericcson employee21:50
JanCsadmac2: now yes, my brother had an Ericsson mobile phone for years, and they don't make any like that anymore  ;)21:50
sadmac2keesj: ADA? as in the programming language? (I'd think not)21:50
sadmac2JanC: brick-o-phone?21:51
JanCit wasn't too big, but you could throw it against a brick wall and it would still work  :P21:51
JanCI think they still use Erlang for (mobile) telephony switches though?21:52
ionI’m sure Erlang’s telephony infrastructure stuff has a good reputation. They boast 99.9999999 % (“nine nines”) reliability for some products. And having learned about the workings of Erlang, i can see how such reliability can be achieved.21:53
JanCthats' why they designed it after all21:53
sadmac2My dad used to work on that stuff at Alcatel21:53
JanCI mean, Nokia telephony switches ran on Windows in the past (not sure if that's still true)21:54
JanCor was it their SMS software or whatever21:54
JanCI always found that weird  ;-)21:54
sadmac2don't hear much from them these days actually. There's the n900, but I don't encounter it often.21:55
ion(1 − 99.9999999 %) years = 30 milliseconds, btw. :-)21:55
Keybukkeesj: unlikely ;)21:55
KeybukI am, indeed, in Portland, OR21:56
sadmac2Keybuk: if you were in DC I'd tell you to move your departure to RDU and come take a bus and see me.21:56
Keybukno, the better coast21:57
sadmac2Keybuk: you're not even a citizen yet and you're already a regional snob? :)22:00
Keybuk"yet" ?22:00
JanCso, who else outside of keesj & me comes to FOSDEM?  ☺22:01
sadmac2Keybuk: yet!22:01
Keybuksadmac2: I don't think there's any way for me to *become* a citizen22:01
sadmac2Keybuk: don't you know? after about your 25th trip in we just shanghai you.22:01
sadmac2Keybuk: going to Japan has me feeling nice and rosy about the US immigration process. There's 10th generation Koreans over there who aren't citizens.22:02
sadmac2Keybuk: its impossible in the literal sense. If your parents aren't Japanese, neither are you. Period. Forever.22:03
KeybukI was referring to the US22:09
JanCsadmac2: that's weird, as at least 50% of the people in Japan are actually Korean ((pre-)historically speaking) ;)22:13
keesjthe n900 is rly great (and runs upstart)22:23
keesj0.3.8 that is22:25
sadmacKeybuk: yes. I conducted a massive segue.22:44
* Keybuk has no degree, no phd, etc.23:07
Keybukmeans no immigration23:07
Keybukno visa23:08
JanCKeybuk: there is always the lottery IIRC ?  ;)23:12
JanCor was that in Canada23:12
Keybukthat's Canada I think23:12
KeybukUS uses a points system, and I have zarro points23:12
JanCah, well, who cares  ;)23:13

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