ochosidoes anyone here know what (or how) controls the fans on a laptop in xubuntu?01:08
awtHi, all.01:20
awt...I had a quick question about Xubuntu, if anyone's around...01:21
ochosijust ask, don't ask to ask01:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:22
binari0how can I become my ubuntu linux in xubuntu01:22
binari0my machine is so low01:23
binari0sorry by my english01:23
awtOk...  I just installed Xubuntu from the alternate install CD, x86.  It's on an older Toshiba laptop with a 1.6GHz CPU and 370M RAM...  After installation, it takes about 15 minutes or more to boot up, and after booting, the processor runs at 100%.01:23
charlie-tcaand the version is...01:24
awtThe System Monitor only shows about 30-40% processor usage, and that usage is by System Monitor.01:24
awtSorry...  Version 9.10.01:24
awtDownloaded today, so it's the latest release available.01:24
charlie-tcaIt should be doing the indexing and searching for updates, within a minute or two of log in. then it should settle down to 0% or so01:25
charlie-tcabinari0: I'm sorry, but I don't understand your question01:26
ochosibinari0, the easiest way of converting ubuntu to xubuntu (if that was your question) is to install the xubuntu-desktop package01:27
ochosibinari0, but that will leave you with a lot of gnome-stuff that you don't need. second easiest is clean install of xubuntu :) (at least if you ask me)01:27
binari0ok thank you01:27
ochosibinari0, third option is to try to remove all the gnome-stuff after installing xubuntu-desktop01:27
ochosibinari0, but that might eat up more time than reinstalling...01:28
awtIt's been up for about an hour and a half now, and is *very* unresponsive. (resizing the System Monitor window hasn't redrawn the window after a minute and a half or more)01:28
charlie-tcaWhat video card, awt?01:29
awtNot sure...  It's a Toshiba Satellite 1415...  Let me look it up real quick...01:29
awtNVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics controller; 16MB external video memory.01:32
charlie-tcaYou didn't install compiz?01:33
awtNo.  It's just the base install from expert mode.  Kernel parameters are: noapic nolapic acpi=off01:34
Quirklyhello, need some printer help here, anyone around?01:40
awt...Using 'top' in the terminal, it looks like 'update-apt-xapi' is using most of the CPU.  Can I assume that it will stop eventually?01:45
charlie-tcaI would think so. It must be updating xapian-index, which is a good thing, even if it takes a while01:48
charlie-tcaYou could stop it, but then when installing applications, some will not be found by searching for them before the install01:49
binari0ochosi thank you I installed02:01
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Quirklyanyone available to help me with a printer issue?02:38
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nikolamQuirkly, what printer, what issue03:24
Quirklynikolam, basically here's the situation03:27
Quirklyprinter connected to a windows machine03:27
QuirklyI can see the share folders on that machine, and at some point some smb command -L that I did, it showed the printer in the list, so I know it sees it at some level03:27
Quirklybut I suspect that cups is broken on my client machine, cause umm....it's just not working right at all03:28
Quirklynikolam, basically, in the Administration -> Printing dialog, only option not greyed out is the Connect... option, so I can't add new printers....and when I try to connect, I get an httpConnectionEncrypt error03:28
nikolamhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba#Graphical Configuration03:31
QuirklyI will seriously mail pie and cookies if this can help me get this working03:32
nikolamdont think so03:33
Quirklylol I saw those instructions before...I don't think they helped me lol03:34
nikolammaybe this is somewhat better: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingFromWinXP03:34
nikolambut looks much same to me03:35
Quirklywait, it gives me some results03:36
Quirklysmbclient -L // in my case, it shows the list of stuffs03:36
Quirklyhowever, where it says smbclient // -U user ummm03:36
QuirklyI get error03:36
QuirklyNot enough '\' characters in service03:36
nikolambtw, what printer is it03:40
nikolamrhis looks also the same but says something about disabling bidirectional printin in windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPPrinter03:43
nikolamalso says, reducing ptinter share name to 8 or less chars is advisable for widnows sahred printer03:44
Quirklyummm.....well, that might do some good03:46
Quirklybut see, I can't even add a printer to begin with03:46
Quirklynikolam, printer is a Brother M210 something or other.....yeah I'll go double check the share name03:47
nikolamsee what process printer adding window starts03:48
nikolamand try starting it with gksu or sudo03:48
Quirklyno dice on that option nikolam03:49
QuirklyI'll keep reading that info though, see what else helps03:50
Quirklyfunny thing is I could walk over to the machine and print what's needed....but umm, too easy? lol03:50
Quirklywinbindd not found....hmmm.....sounds important, lol03:51
nikolamuse vnc for now :) start vnc server on win machine :)03:51
nikolamsounds like03:52
Quirklylol, that would require getting off my butt lol, trying to avoid that03:52
Quirklymachine is 10 feet away ;p03:52
nikolamhmm, there are ways of installing and starting vnc servive remotely on win macine03:53
Quirklylol, still, the net effect is that I'm printing off of that comptuer, and might as well just go do this at that point03:54
QuirklyI wanted to print something so I could do some coding, instead I've spent the last almost 4 hours trying to connect to the remote printer lol03:55
nikolamcupsaddsmb ?03:58
nikolamanyway, got to go now03:58
Quirklyyeah I think I just have to fix cups03:59
nikolamtake care! :)03:59
Quirklyfrom the looks of it03:59
Quirklyyou too03:59
Baloo1ne1 talking05:08
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu developers, coders and girators.05:47
jarnosCan you install Ubuntu Software Center in Xubuntu Karmic?12:39
jarnosgood, just found it in add/remove12:40
TheSheepyou can install any software from ubuntu/kubuntu/edubuntu/etc.12:40
jarnosWhy it was not included in Xubuntu cd?12:41
TheSheepno idea12:41
mr_pouitjarnos: probably because nobody tested it a the time13:12
Pres-GasOkay, now let's see if this window gets burried and I miss out on all the fun...14:06
Pres-GasWelcome, slow-motion14:14
slow-motionhi Pres-Gas14:14
Pres-Gashighvoltage, what IRC client are you using?14:40
highvoltagePres-Gas: irssi15:12
Pres-GasGetting kicked out a bit, highvoltage15:13
highvoltagePres-Gas: I had some Internet problems, seem mostly sorted out now15:16
og_stevewhat up.  i'm not a total newbie to linux, have some experience.  i have a few questions, anyone willing to help a brother out?15:28
vinnl!ask | og_steve :)15:30
ubottuog_steve :): Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:30
og_steveha nice thanks15:30
og_steve!ask is x/ubuntu compatible with intel pentium m processors?15:31
bazhangog_steve, of course it is :)15:32
bazhangog_steve, no need for the ! preceding your questions15:33
og_steveha ok15:33
Balsaqdoes anyone here run xubuntu as a dual boot OS with w7?15:33
vinnlNot me, but it should just be possible - though installing Windows first can save a lot of headaches because it doesn't take other operating systems into account15:34
og_stevei'm running a toshiba intel pentium m 1.4 ghz 512 mb and it seems like it's running really sluggish.  is it because i only have 512 mb ram?15:34
og_stevetoshiba laptop*15:34
bazhangBalsaq, might as well do, just need to install the proper package (currently ubuntu/win7)15:34
bazhangog_steve, could be15:35
vinnlIt should not be extremely sluggish on 512 MB15:35
vinnlJust not a high-end machine but should run just fine to not be annoying15:35
og_stevethat's what i thought, but it's pretty bad15:35
vinnl(With normal activities)15:35
og_stevelike all i'm trying to do is surf the web15:35
vinnlog_steve, is that without applications open?15:35
bazhangog_steve, there are other options you might try to test it out, such as lubuntu-desktop, openbox or others, then see if its xfce or something else (browser or otherwise)15:36
og_stevethe only thing i have open is firefox15:36
vinnlog_steve, Firefox is known to be a memory hog at times15:36
bazhanglots of flash and extensions?15:36
og_steveah really what else can i use?15:36
vinnlEspecially when using some plugins15:36
vinnlog_steve, lots of sites open? Has Firefox been open long or is it immediately after startup?15:36
og_steveactually to be honest, even before i open firefox it's sluggish15:36
vinnlHmm :S15:37
Balsaqi have xubuntu on a 2.4 with 512rdram and it is lightning fast15:37
og_steveyeah see that's what i'm sayin!15:37
vinnlog_steve, you could check Applications->System->System Monitor, then enable the Writable Memory column in preferences15:37
og_stevei just switched over from XP and XP ran smoother than this15:37
vinnlThat would allow you to check what application is using a lot of memory15:37
Balsaqand i have ubuntu in  1.7 with 512 and it is also very fast15:37
Balsaqi have found that a clean install of xp rpo (with no bloatware) boot in exactly the same time as xubuntu...40 secinds from off to the internet15:38
Balsaqif all else is good15:38
vinnlBalsaq, yeah, the main problem with XP is that it very quickly becomes slow once you start actually using it, with virus scan et al15:39
og_stevei dunno... it almost seems like it might be a display problem15:39
og_stevemy system resources are pretty low15:39
vinnlog_steve, hmm, you could check whether you have enabled the restricted (in license) hardware drivers15:40
og_stevelike the windows and stuff lag when you minimize and open and close them15:40
vinnlDo this through Applications->System->Hardware Drivers15:40
og_steveyeah i have the nVidia drivers enabled15:40
vinnlAh OK15:40
og_stevei dunno thanks for your help... i was planning on upgrading the memory anyways so i'll try that15:40
og_stevecause this laptop has an oboard GPU15:41
og_steveso adding more memory will probably help everything15:41
vinnlOh that's nice anyway :)15:41
og_stevewhat was that writeable memory column thing?  i couldn't find it15:41
og_steveah ok i got it, what does that do?15:42
vinnlThat lists how much RAM applications are using15:42
og_steveah ok15:43
vinnlYou can click it in the columns list to sort the list on it so you can see the evil guy ;-)15:43
Balsaqi dont think adding memeory will help og_steve....1st look at the system monitor and see if you are even using the memory that you have....i have never been able to use all of the 512 that i have  with xubuntu15:43
vinnlFx is using 155.1MB for me now, which is normal :S15:43
og_steveya i'm only using 115 MB15:44
og_stevei'll bet it's the gpu15:44
og_steveonly thing i don't like about this laptop15:45
vinnlAnd there's nothing using even more?15:45
og_steve115 mb in use for the total system15:45
vinnlThen it's probably not RAM :)15:45
Balsaqeven my w7 computer hasen't gone over 384 ram yet....15:46
og_stevereally huh15:46
Balsaqoppps...i mena about a gig15:46
Balsaqit hovers around a gig now that i looked15:46
og_steveit's gotta be a display problem then15:46
og_steveok wait here's something15:47
og_stevemy CPU load is at 99%15:47
og_steveand all i have open is XChat, system monitor and firefox15:47
vinnlThat sounds like a bottleneck :) Is that constantly the case15:47
Balsaqsystem monitor causes that15:47
Balsaqits the biggest pig i ever saw15:47
og_steveis there any other program i can use to monitor system performance that isn't a hog?15:48
vinnlIt's 36% for me15:48
vinnlYou can install xfce4-taskmanager15:48
og_stevewhere can i get that?15:48
vinnlBut you can check the %CPU column to see if System Monitor is really the problem15:48
vinnlog_steve, Applications->Add/Remove... :)15:48
bazhangfrom the console15:48
Balsaqon older processors it take all the juice15:49
og_steveya it's system monitor it's using 90%15:49
Balsaqbut it is a nice feature, just use it for a inute and close it out15:50
Balsaqsteve...were you runnung it all the time when you said the computer was sluggish?15:51
Balsaqi mean og)steve15:51
Balsaqog_steve :)15:51
Balsaqso its still slow?15:51
og_steveit's still running sluggish even when system monitor is closed15:51
Balsaqno bull a 1.4 with 512 will run xubuntu fast....hmmmmmm15:51
og_stevei know right15:52
og_stevethat's why i installed it15:52
og_stevei just wanna use this machine to surf the web so i figured i'd go light with linux15:53
Balsaqi suppose if you cant make it fast you can try puppylinux, i have that on 400mgz machines and it surfs real fast even on those15:54
bazhangog_steve, is it karmic 9.10?15:55
Balsaqah hah!15:55
vinnlog_steve, he means if you installed Xubuntu 9.10 (karmic was the development codename)15:56
Balsaq9.04 is the lightning fast one!15:56
og_steveyeah it is 9.1015:56
Balsaqgood job bazhang!15:56
vinnl9.10 should run fast as well15:56
bazhanglubuntu-desktop is an option then if you feel xfce is not up to the task, I still think it is firefox and not xfce though15:57
Balsaqcan he run seamonkey on xubuntu?15:57
og_stevedo you think downgrading to 9.04 will help though?15:57
og_stevei mean, like i said it's sluggish even wo firefox15:57
vinnlIt's not so much Xubuntu as is that's a problem, it's that your either running into a hardware (driver) problem or a software bug15:58
vinnlIt might be that the bug was not present yet in 9.04 but it might also be less work to fix this than to reinstall Xubuntu15:58
og_steveah yeah15:59
og_stevei found some nVidia X.Org drivers16:00
og_stevegonna try those16:00
vinnlBe careful with that16:00
og_stevein the add/remove16:00
vinnlWhere did you find it?16:00
og_stevethe add/remove applications thing16:00
vinnlog_steve, didn't Applications->System->Hardware Drivers present them? Otherwise they might not be meant for your graphics card specifically16:01
og_stevewell there's newer versions16:01
vinnlHardware isn't really my thing, so I daren't advise on whether or not to install this, but if you do, it's your risk ;-)16:01
og_stevegah nevermind16:02
og_stevethey're not for my gpu16:02
vinnlToo bad16:02
og_steveah well16:02
og_steveit's not too bad i mean i can live with it16:02
og_stevei just thought i'd see if y'all knew of anything16:02
og_stevelike issues16:02
vinnlThere must be a reason, you might also try the xubuntu-users mailinglist16:03
vinnlIt might be that people that can solve this just aren't online now ;-)16:03
og_stevedoes linux support the speedstep technology?16:03
og_stevehow do i get to the mailinglist?16:04
vinnlI don't know what that is :) But Wikipedia tells me it's Intel which is generally good with Linuxes :)16:04
vinnlHere: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-users16:04
vinnlHmm, does ubottu know of that?16:04
vinnlToo bad :S16:05
og_steveawesome thanks16:05
bazhangthink it is !lists16:06
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com16:07
vinnlHmm, I want Xubuntu's lists :S16:07
bazhangfrom that link ^^16:08
vinnlYeah but I want ubottu to know that :)16:08
PrebenRI'm trying to run pm-suspend and pm-hibernate without password. I added with visudo : username ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate, /usr/sbin/pm-suspend16:42
PrebenRbut still I get asked for the password16:42
PrebenRwhat can it be I do wrong?16:43
charlie-tcadid you log out and log in again or restart the system after the changes?16:44
PrebenRperhaps I should change it to:16:45
PrebenRusername = NOPASSWD: ...16:45
PrebenRno that was not allowed16:47
* charlie-tca exhausted all his knowledge about such things already16:51
charlie-tcaOh, what about in the screensaver preferences, uncheck "lock screen on suspend"?16:51
PrebenRI'm using dwm and not xfce416:52
PrebenRso that is why I want to run the commands without password16:52
PrebenRgoing to reboot now to test new setup16:52
PrebenRno, didn't work either16:55
PrebenRmust find some documentation on the sudo thingy16:55
charlie-tcaman sudo ?16:56
jarnosAn application is preventing me from suspending by the power manager in karmic. What to do?17:02
knomejarnos, fix it17:04
PrebenRone must put the username ALL=NOPASSWD ... at the end of the file, not in the section it says in the file. If not it is overridden17:09
PrebenRby the %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL17:09
charlie-tcajarnos: remove/uninstall that application17:09
becker_11Does anyone know about linux conf??17:34
vinnl!ask | becker_1117:35
ubottubecker_11: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:35
becker_11linux conf is a year conf about linux I was thinking of going to the 2011 conf in brisbane but the web site only talks about delegates and I'm just a user17:36
becker_11so does anyone know if I can go or is it only open to people working in the community???17:37
vinnlOh, sorry :P17:37
TheSheepbecker_11: considering that they even have a hobbyist ticket rate17:47
TheSheepbecker_11: but why don't you contact the organizers?17:47
TheSheepbecker_11: it's their fault that they didn't explain it on their site17:47
becker_11TheSheep,  yeah will do, was already logged in here so thought I would just ask the question17:48
TheSheepI'm not sure we have anyone from au here17:48
* becker_11 anyone have a link for linux anon?? This damn penguin bug has hit me fair between the eyes17:48
becker_11TheSheep, yeah you do, Me I'm in Perth17:49
TheSheeplinux anon?17:49
jarnoscharlie-tca: I don't know which application it is.17:50
jarnoscharlie-tca: And I need the power manager,.17:50
becker_11TheSheep,  like AA was just a bit of humor sorry17:51
slow-motionwith what progran can i record voice over the microphone?17:54
becker_11TheSheep, thanks for checking I have finally found the hobbyiest info you mentioned17:55
becker_11slow-motion,  sound recorder18:05
slow-motioni have already found a solution18:06
becker_11slow-motion,  okay18:07
slow-motiondid it with arecord18:07
becker_11beginner question To update your computer you can use synaptic, apt-get in a shell or (I've never used it so I might be wrong) add/remove applications do you have to pick one method and stick to it or doesn't it matter if you chop and change between them ??18:10
charlie-tcaI don't know about add/remove applications, but you can switch as often as you like between synaptic, apt-get, and aptitude18:11
becker_11hey charlie-tca that's good because I most often use apt-get but still occasionally open synaptic18:12
charlie-tcaYeah, me too. It depends on what I am doing at the moment18:13
goblinanyone issuing troubles with the replay of 2 audio files simultaneously using alsa 1.0.22 on xubuntu 9.10?19:56
TheSheepgoblin: let me guess, your audio card only has a single channel?19:58
TheSheepgoblin: enable software mixing in alsa19:58
goblini tried this via config file .asoundrc enabling dmix plugin in it, but some kind a way it's not working19:59
goblinsound card is from asus mb btw, intel-hda20:00
james56hi i'm trying to use the hardware drivers utility, and whenever i try to add a new driver a dialog box comes up that says "you are not authorized to perform this action."  i am logged in as an admin20:18
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whatramLinux noob question: I have an 802.11 driver that I downloaded, unzipped and did "make" on. What do I do with the resulting files to install the driver?21:16
PrebenRwhatram, what do you mean?21:25
geniiman depmod21:28
whatramDo I need to put them in a folder so the driver shows up in the "hardware drivers" window?21:28
JulieJuliehey guys21:28
JulieJulieI am wondering I restarted my computer and the top taskbar and the bottom I guess another taskbar lol is missing?21:29
PrebenRwhatram, which driver is it? It is not supported in the kernel?21:30
charlie-tca!panels | JulieJulie21:31
ubottuJulieJulie: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/21:31
JulieJuliecharlie-tca,  Merci!21:31
charlie-tcaYou are welcome21:32
whatramIt's a broadcom SDA? I don't have access to a wired connection so I put the tar.gz on my flash drive.21:33
PrebenRwhatram, ok, but you have tried the kernel and found that it doesn't support your device ?21:37
PrebenRwhatram, things are must easier if you do not need to compile yourself21:37
PrebenRwhatram, download these packages21:39
PrebenR bcmwl-kernel-source bcmwl-modaliases21:40
whatramI was mistaken, the driver is Broadcom STA not SDA21:47
rascal999is lubuntu replacing xubuntu?22:58
lavincan any1 help me install hydra it says libssh2 wrong pointer i got libssh v0.11 file but theres no info on installing it23:01
vitorHi... how I can make Xubuntu don't save sessions (neither ask me if I want to) when I log out? Also, it would be great if the exit button simply turned off my PC. I don't want it to ask if I want to logout, turn off, reboot, etc...23:02
vitorI tried using xfce4-session-manager but couldn't manage..23:03
lavincan any1 help me install hydra it says libssh2 wrong pointer i got libssh v0.11 file but theres no info on installing it23:03
knomelavin, please do not repeat23:04
lavinknome: any ideas23:04
knomelavin, libssh should be in the repositories. are you trying to install hydra from *source* ?23:05
lavinknome: no .tar.gz, the repo for offensive-security seems to be down23:05
knome.tar.gz suggests it is source files23:06
lavinsorry i knew to linux :P23:06
knomeyou probably should wait until you can install it from repositories then23:07
lavinwould b easier dont know if its me but i followed tut on adding repos correctly so ?????23:07
knomei'm sorry, i'm just going to bed23:08
knomemaybe somebody else will be able to help you23:08
knomegood luck23:08
lavinno worrys  good idea i think m823:09

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