jcastrobratsche: please don't forget about upstreaming the rb patch!00:22
bratschejcastro: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me.00:24
NafaiGood Morning!13:56
NafaiIf I want to dynamically set the text of a menu item in an App Indicator, I would get the corresponding GtkAction and set the label on it, correct?14:09
NafaiOr would I use the UIManager to get the widget and do it directly?14:10
jonoNafai, hey17:38
jonohows things going this morning?17:38
NafaiPretty good, making progress!  Almost have a crude first pass to test done :)17:39
jonoNafai, sweet!17:39
jonoNafai, so can we see a patch today? :-)17:39
NafaiHopefully! :)17:40
NafaiAfter I get this basic one done, I'll have some questions for jcastro or someone (gtk and other questions) to do a cleaner, feature-parity version17:41
rickspencer3hi Nafai, good morning17:41
rickspencer3hope all is going well17:41
jcastromorning Nafai 17:41
NafaiAll is going well :)17:41
Nafaihow's everything in Portland?17:45
jonoNafai, all going well, thanks17:52
jonoNafai, looking forward to seeing your patch17:53
jonojust ping jcastro when it is done17:53
Nafaiwill do17:53
Nafaiok, possibly first pass at code is done.  Now to make configure.ac changes so I can compile it :)18:20
jcastroNafai: sweet!18:57
djsiegel1kenvandine: please update these statuses if you get a chance: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+milestone/lucid-round-418:59
jcastroNafai: did the first pass work?19:02
kenvandinedjsiegel1, will look19:08
Nafaijcastro: I just finished lunch.  Heading to a friend's to work, so I'll try here in a minute :)20:12
jcastroNafai: sweet! can't wait to see it20:16
Nafaiback, finally21:02
Nafaimy laptop didn't resume from suspend :(21:02
jcastroNafai: I had a GPU hang in X this morning. :(21:29
jcastroNafai: so did it work?21:29
NafaiI'm just getting to the compile stage :(21:30
Nafaiinstalling build-depends and such21:30
Nafaijcastro: What GPU?  I'm on a thinkpad with nvidia21:30
jcastroNafai: when it works can you send me a screenshot? I'm keen to check it out21:59
Nafaisure :)21:59
jcastroNafai: did it compile? ;)22:05
NafaiNope :)22:05
NafaiYay for autoconf, I'm going to try something and I may need to have your help22:05
jcastrook, standing by, should I snag ken?22:06
NafaiThink I've got that far :)22:11
jcastrokenvandine: busy?22:13
NafaiI've got configure to find the library22:13
Nafaibut do I need to change the Makefile.am in the subproject because it isn't finding the include file22:13
Nafai(sorry, haven't done a ton with autotools)22:13
kenvandineok, you will want to tweak Makefile.am and run autoreconf22:17
kenvandineNafai, ^^22:17
kenvandineand you will need to tweak configure.ac22:18
NafaiYeah, I've added those changes suggested on the wiki22:18
Nafaiand then in the Makefile.am, add @APP_INDICATOR_LIBS@ and @APP_INDICATOR_CFLAGS@ where appropriate?22:18
kenvandineNafai, they run autoreconf 22:20
kenvandineyou might need "autoreconf -fi"22:21
Nafaithanks, now fixing compilation errors22:30
Nafaiyay, compiles!22:32
jonoNafai, nice! :-)22:34
jonoNafai, does it run?22:34
NafaiI'll get a screenshot22:35
Nafainow I just have to get it to use the right icons :)22:35
NafaiIt's the little smily face :)22:36
jonosweet Nafai!22:37
jonogreat work!22:37
jonojcastro, ^22:37
jonoNafai, would you consider the patch complete?22:38
jcastroNafai: speaking of icons don't forget to note the icon locations to pass along to the design team22:41
Nafainope, I need to use the right icons and have the #ifdefs to have it compile where the app_indicators don't exist.22:41
NafaiBut I hope to finish that by tonight22:42
jonoNafai, isnt it going to be a configure switch to check if the app indicator is there?22:42
jonoNafai, cool, I am very conscious to get a patch to Ken today ready for upload for tomorrows weekly snapshot22:42
jonothen we can deliver the patch to Lucid users :-)22:43
Nafaijono: right, but there will be code that I will need to have not compile if it isn't there.  Right now I just did quick and dirty comment out code that didn't apply :)22:44
jcastroNafai: after this I think brasero should be next, the upstream guy is willing to look at a patch.22:44
jcastroNafai: how do you like drinking from the firehose? :)22:44
NafaiEnd of day or some time today for the deadline?22:44
NafaiIt's a-coming :)22:45
jonoNafai, "before Thursday" is the deadline :-)22:45
Nafaigood, as long as it wasn't in an hour :)22:45
jonono worries22:45
jonoNafai, you are rocking it, pal22:45
jonokeep up the great work :-)22:45
Nafaiokay, slight bug.  It doesn't change the icon when I change the status.23:03
Nafaiif I have an attention icon set, when I change the status to the APP_INDICATOR_STATUS_ATTENTION, the icon should change?23:04
NafaiI've verified that the other icon I am using is being seen23:11
NafaiAnd that the call to app_indicator_set_status() is happening23:11
jonotedg, ^^23:26
jonoNafai, I am sure tedg can help23:27
tedgNafai: Hmm, that's unexpected :)23:27
tedgNafai: Can you get a bustle log of changing it?  "apt-get install bustle" then "bustle-dbus-monitor > bustle-log" and do it.23:28
NafaiSure thing, just a sec23:29
NafaiSorry for the other stuff in there, playing music and stuff at the same time :)23:32
NafaiI've got to run home from where I'm at, I'll check back in (I stay logged in via bip) in a few minutes23:47
tedgNafai: Hmm, I'm not seeing the second status change.23:47
tedgNafai: Are you setting the status initially to attention or doing that later?23:48
tedgNafai: No issue about running home.  Ping me.23:48

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