mkanatWhat are "ghosts"?00:13
mkanatOh, revisions that don't actually exist in the repository but are listed as parent revids for a revision?00:16
* mkanat doesn't exactly understand how that's possible.00:16
PengMe neither. It sounds scary.00:19
mkanatI'm not quite sure that's what they are--I was just trying to figure it out from the loggerhead code.00:21
PengThat's what they are, AFAIK.00:22
PengWell, I don't know why you specifically said "but are listed as parent revids for a revision".00:22
PengI have no idea how you get ghosts -- most of them are probably remnants from the early days of bzr, and perhaps conversions.00:23
PengI really don't know any more about ghosts than you do, but you're definitely on the right track, at least. :P00:23
mkanatHahahaha, okay. :-)00:24
mkanatPeng: Well, here's what loggerhead does to strip ghosts from a graph:00:24
mkanatevision_graph[key] = tuple(parent for parent in parents if parent00:24
mkanat            in revision_graph00:24
mkanat(But of course, that first var is "revision_graph", not "evision_graph".)00:24
PengHm, good point.00:24
* Peng shrugs00:24
mkanatIn bzrlib, is there a straightforward way to ask "what's the mainline revision that this merged revision belongs to" no matter how deep a merge it is?00:49
PengIIRC there's not.00:49
PengI'm dumb, so someone could easily prove me wrong, but don't be too hopeful.00:50
mkanatOkay. But theoretically...I could just take the first part of the tuple, no?00:50
mkanat(the dotted_revno tuple, that is.)00:50
PengDotted revnos are based on where it branched *off*, not where it merged back.00:52
PengActually, does Loggerhead have a data structure tracking that info?00:52
PengOr just revids and dotted revnos?00:52
mkanatPeng: It has a *crazy* data structure tracking that info.00:52
PengIf you want to know where it branched off, the revno will tell you that, yes.00:54
mkanatAh, okay. Yeah, I see that now. Yeah, no, I want to know where it was merged in, unfortunately.00:54
mkanatAnd it seems to be the only reason we need that crazy data structure.00:56
wgrantmkanat, Peng: I've seen ghosts where bzr-svn has been used to merge a branch into a Subversion repository. The branch revisions do not actually exist within the svn repo, so you get a ghost when you check it out again.01:18
mkanatOh, wow.01:19
mkanatForeign VCS == confusing. :-)01:19
mkanatWow, so I have to merge_sort the whole graph to know where a revision was merged in?02:07
mkanatmwhudson: That appears to be the only reason that we have the revision graph.02:11
mkanat(That is, that we have the graph cache.)02:11
mwhudsonmore or less yes02:11
mkanatIt seems like bzrlib ought to be able to tell me that more easily, but I'm really not finding a way.02:11
mwhudsonrevision numbering (the way bzr does it) is slow02:11
mwhudsonmkanat: if you can, 'bzr log' would like to talk to you :-)02:12
mkanatmwhudson: Hahaha, but doesn't it just do what I said above?02:12
* mkanat goes to go look.02:12
mkanatSee, in bzr log, it makes sense to merge sort the whole graph, because we probably want the whole graph.02:12
mkanatBut in loggerhead, it doesn't make any sense, because we just want to know where a single revision was merged in.02:13
lifelessyou need an ancestry oracle02:14
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mkanatlifeless: So I assume that I'm correct then, and that's what I have to do, and there's absolutely no faster or simpler way?02:19
mwhudsonmkanat: it's currently a sad fact that to know where one revision is merged in, you have to look at ~the whole graph02:19
lifelessmkanat: I wasn't joking, the data structure you need is an ancestry oracle02:21
mkanatlifeless: I'm not familiar with that term....02:21
mkanatlifeless: Unless you mean the Greek kind, yeah.02:22
mwhudsonmkanat: an oracle is something that gives you answers02:22
devmodif i have a branch inside a branch, will it be listed when looking at the main branch? or are they independent entities?02:23
devmodohh ok that explains it :)02:24
mkanatlifeless: More like reverse ancestry.02:25
mwhudsonmkanat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oracle_machine02:25
mwhudsoni was interested to read recently that you can prove that P != NP if you assume a particular oracle02:26
mkanatHa! :-)02:26
mkanatYes, that's what I need, is a "where did this thing merge into" oracle.02:26
bob2send your revid on a postcard to lifeless02:27
mkanatlifeless: I assume that there is no such oracle in bzrlib, and that's why we have a crazy data structure in loggerhead to figure stuff like that out.02:27
mkanatmwhudson: I suppose another option is to AJAX any operation that needs that information.02:28
mwhudsonmkanat: weeelll02:28
mwhudsoni'm not sure that's really an answer02:28
mkanatmwhudson: Yeah, very possibly. I haven't looked through all the code to see where get_revids_from and get_merge_point_list are used.02:29
mwhudsonget_revids_from is conceptually pretty easy i think02:30
mwhudsonit's just recursively taking the left hand parent from a particular starting point02:30
mwhudsonget_merge_point_list i have no idea at all about :-)02:31
mwhudsoni think it can probably be taken away and replaced with something much more sensible02:31
mkanatmwhudson: From what I can see in get_revids_from, though, we still need the _rev_info structure.02:31
mkanatmwhudson: At least, if its doc string is accurate.02:32
mwhudsonhm, maybe i misremembered02:32
mkanatOkay, yeah, get_merge_point_list can almost certainly be replaced with something simpler.02:33
mkanatIt's only used inside of get_changes.02:33
mwhudsonmy memories are awakening slightly02:34
mwhudsoni think get_revids_from is like that for the case where you're showing changes to a particular file02:34
james_wfinding *a* point a revision was merged in is not hard, finding the point it was first merged is much more work02:35
mwhudsonso you get a sack of revids (those that change the file) but you want to show the mainline revisions that merged those particular revisions02:35
mkanatmwhudson: Yeah, it's mostly used in get_file_view.02:36
mwhudsonah ok02:43
mwhudsonthere's something else that it would be really nice to achieve as a side effect of this stuff02:43
mwhudsonand that's aligning the apis in history.py rather more with the uses of said apis02:43
mwhudson(after all, there aren't very many such uses)02:44
mkanatYou know, yeah, I was kind of thinking about that.02:44
lifelessmwhudson: ciik02:44
mwhudsonlifeless: ?02:45
mwhudsonlifeless: is your right hand one key to the left?02:45
devmoduhm what would a bzr repo structure look like for a project (done the bzr way) ?02:45
mwhudsonmkanat: it's not as bad as it used to be :-p02:45
mkanatmwhudson: :-)02:46
mkanatmwhudson: Was History written more as a generic representation and then brought to use afterward?02:46
mwhudsonmkanat: no idea02:46
mwhudsonmkanat: as you said earlier, it's probably still got lots of hgweb in it02:47
* mkanat nods.02:47
mkanatAt the least, I could sane-iify _rev_info.02:47
mkanatThat might tell me a bit more about what information we're actually using from it.02:48
mkanatCan I at least guarantee that the merged-in revno is higher than the first part of the dotted revno of the merged revision?02:50
mkanatmwhudson: I think I need to do what you said, and really just figure out what we're actually using this info for, first.02:51
mkanatThat will probably have to happen tomorrow; today I've been working for like 10-ish hours now.02:51
mwhudsonmkanat: that would be very useful02:52
mkanatmwhudson: Okay. :-)02:52
mwhudsonmkanat: though i'd meta-ize that even one more step02:52
mwhudsonmkanat: what do we WANT to use this information for?02:52
mwhudsonthat may not be what we're currently doing :)02:52
mkanatmwhudson: Oh, that's a good point too.02:52
devmodany suggestion on how to checkout a project with symlinks on windows?04:25
bob2what happens when you try?04:32
devmoderror lol04:40
devmodbzr: ERROR: Unable to create symlink04:41
nicoInattenduHi, there  is bazaar command to list all the modified files ?05:46
nicoInattendulike  bzr diff -r 37.., but who displays only modified files05:46
Kamping_Kaiserbzr help modified05:48
Kamping_KaiserPurpose: List files modified in working tree.05:48
nicoInattenduOk thanks Is exctly why I needed.05:49
nicoInattendubzr status -r 37.. : Is exactly what I m looking for05:49
nicoInattenduThanks !05:50
vilaYES ! news_merge plugin works :D08:37
mneptokvila: so i can push branches to CNN?08:38
vilamneptok: not yet, we are still sorting out the deal. But you can pull in the mean time :D08:39
gerard_igc & other devs: maybe you could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~gerard-/bzr/update ?08:43
bialixvila: do you have an URL?09:42
vilabialix: for the news_merge plugin ? It's part of bzr.dev09:43
vilabialix: hi by the way :D09:43
bialixhi vila09:43
vilabialix: it's more an example of a per-file merge hook and only apply to bzr, you need to add news_merge_files = NEWS in the relevant section of your locations.conf or in branch.conf09:44
vilabialix: its aim is to avoid the usual conflicts in NEWS and I see it work live minutes ago :D09:45
bialixvila: I understand what you talking about09:45
bialixit's great09:45
bialixis it possible to write my own mergers? without rocket sciense?09:46
bialixe.g. for PO or XML files...09:46
vilayeah, just have a look at it or the one we implemented for bzr-builddeb09:46
bialixI'm not good in bzr-buildeb staff09:47
vilahmm, both are extremely good ideas09:47
bialixI hope there will be some simple way to plug-in extrnal utility09:48
bialixvila: how's 2.1 going?09:48
vilabialix: look at revno 399 in bzr-builddeb trunk, the parts you need are mostly in __init__.py09:49
vilabialix: 2.1.0final should be cut tomorrow AIUI09:50
bialixthis is good news09:50
bialixcustom mergers are part of 2.1, right?09:50
vilabialix: yes09:56
vilabialix: but 2.1.0rc2 has a bug which will be fixed in 2.1.0final09:56
vilabialix: I merged the fix into bzr.dev though09:57
bialixnews_merge.py does not seems very simple though10:00
vilabialix: plugging a merge algorithm is simple, the algorithm itself remains.... hard stuff10:00
bialixmay I suggest to provide an example of invoking external utility (like diff3) for merging?10:01
bialixthe signature is simply awful:  def merge_text(self, params):10:02
bialixwhat is params?10:02
vilait contains all the needed stuff: lines from both sides, your custom parameters (common to all the file merges invoked for the same tree)10:03
vilaI'm pretty sure it's documented at the hook level10:03
vilabialix: search for MergeHookParams in merge.py10:05
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jammorning all14:22
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
vilamorning jam14:56
vilaHow can I find the class a method is defined in from its callable ? self being the object and self.callable the method I'm interested in, self.callable.__class__ is the same as self.__class__ even if callable is inherited :-/14:58
vilaHmm, well callable in the case I'm interested in is __init__ or __new__ if that may help14:59
jamvila: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368238/15:12
vilajam: that doesn't work if the method is inherited15:13
pooliehi vila15:13
poolieand jam15:13
vilajam: let say B inherits from A which define methA, I'd like to get 'A' from B().methA15:14
poolievila, thanks for taking that sftp hook15:14
vilahey poolie !15:14
jamhi poolie15:14
vilapoolie: I'm trying to go a step further and move all test servers out of bzrlib.transport15:14
jamvila: f.im_class ?15:14
vilapoolie: but I run into a problem when deprecating transport.Server15:14
poolievila, yay15:14
vilaI use a deprecated_method decorator but the message mention the daughter class which looks a bit silly15:15
vilaa deprecated_method on __init__ tha is15:15
vilajam: no im_class there :-/15:15
jamwell, func.im_class seems to be the same as func.__self__.__class__ in my checking15:16
vila__init__ may be harder to handle right than "normal" methods, I can try to check the class hierarchy for the presence of the said method but that sounds hairy and may not even be right15:17
vilajam: are you trying on an __init__ method ?15:17
jamvila: No, but regardless, I'm not really seeing anything to get at it15:18
jamo.func.im_class == child15:18
vilawell, I think I'll punt and see if some reviewer has better ideas :D15:18
jamyou could always just manually deprecate something if you need to...15:19
vilayou mean inlining deprecated_method in my __init__ method ?15:19
poolievila, just inline a specific message15:20
vilawill do15:20
jamis there an open bug that when bzr.dev gets updated it doesn't regenerate merge proposals?15:23
jampoolie: just checking but: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/417881-selftest-no-apport/+merge/1848915:23
jamshould only have a small bit, right?15:23
pooliejam, oops, i forgot to set the dependent branch15:27
poolieif i resubmit it might update15:28
jampoolie: well, I can just review locally15:28
pooliei'll redo it15:28
jambut your dependent branch landed15:28
poolietry https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/417881-selftest-no-apport/+merge/1852715:28
jamand the diff is still the full diff15:28
poolieyes i saw15:28
jampoolie: yeah, small diff now15:28
jamhmm... I often find the bzr version to be useful, it was nice to have a known location (scroll to the bottom). However, I can live with it being moved15:29
jamwhy plugins before arguments?15:29
pooliei could revert that15:30
jampoolie: and why have APPORT_DISABLE in the selftest command, rather than in the TestCase setUp() ?15:30
poolieit was a bit impulsive15:30
pooliebecause the plugin list made the traceback scroll off the screen on my laptop15:31
pooliejam, for the second, it's because you don'nt want to see it if there is eg a SyntaxError15:31
poolieor ^C15:31
poolieI already have it in setUp actually15:31
jampoolie: ah, so you are just getting it disabled earlier...15:31
jamanyway, if you feel it is nicer, fine with me15:32
pooliei don't want apport to pop up if i ^c a test run15:32
poolieand it does at the moment15:32
pooliearguably we should not do that in any case actually15:32
jampoolie: does it pop up if you ^C a normal command?15:32
jamthat doesn't seem ideal15:32
poolieno it doesn't, does it15:32
jam^C log should *not* pop up an apport15:33
jamthough we have specific code there15:33
jamwhich may catch it at a different level15:33
jamthe @display_command decorator15:33
pooliein normal use it doesn't seem to pop up15:33
poolieand it shouldn't15:33
pooliereport_exception distinguishes ^c and various other things, and that should normally be on the path to report_bug15:35
jampoolie: so it would seem odd that selftest would act differently here15:38
pooliejam, actually i think perhaps for errors in selftest we want just a shorter display15:38
pooliei'm not sure why15:38
poolieit did happen15:38
poolieperhaps i hit some narrow window15:38
poolieactually i could have interrupted it even before it got to establishing our thing15:38
poolieour except block15:38
poolieso i might have been seeing the ubuntu-wide reporter15:39
jamjames_w: /wave if you're around15:57
Pengpoolie: Is https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/bzr-fail supposed to exist?16:05
Pengpoolie: crash.py links to it in a comment, but it 404s for me.16:06
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pooliehi peng16:15
pooliePeng sorry it's ~mbp/+junk/bzr-fail16:15
jamrockstar: for some reason I have recorded that we wanted a phone call today. Did I just write down the date wrong from when we talked 2 weeks ago?16:47
rockstarjam, that was from when we talked a few weeks ago, methinks.16:47
jamyeah, that's what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure16:47
lifelesspoolie: hihi17:07
jamhey lifeless17:08
jamodd to see you come online after me :)17:08
jamwell, depending on where you set the before/after threshold17:08
lifelessjam: H :). I'm normally after you :)17:08
pooliehi lifeless17:13
vilathat was rude17:21
vilawelcome back all :-/17:23
jamvila: check your xp-32bits vm17:35
vilajam: now, that's a private chat :D17:36
* vila pants on17:36
pooliejam, hi, really away?18:29
poolieigc, hi, around?18:30
vilapoolie: I'm about to EOD :) Moving all test servers out of bzrlib.transport ends up being a *masssssive* cleanup, the patch is ~4700 lines  but all tests are passing again...18:33
poolievila, hm18:33
poolieis the bug in 2.1?18:33
vilayup, but the patch for the bug is far smaller and already proposed18:34
pooliei don't think that's a reasonable change to land there18:34
poolieoh good18:34
vilaI'll target bzr.dev for the big one18:34
kfogelthis just happened to me:18:35
kfogel<kfogel> adeuring: 'cd patches-view-mega-integration; bzr merge ../db-devel'18:35
kfogel<kfogel> Warning: criss-cross merge encountered.  See bzr help criss-cross.18:35
kfogelI now have 4 conflicts in the integration branch.  I can resolve them, but if I commit, and my integration branch is later merged to db-devel, will that screw up db-devel's history?18:36
kfogelpoolie: ^^18:36
kfogelanyone? :-) ^^18:37
pooliekfogel: no :)18:37
kfogelpoolie: thank you18:37
kfogelpoolie: So I got to this via the following route:18:38
kfogel  cd patches-view-mega-integration18:38
kfogel  bzr merge https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/sort-by-patch-age  (which is based off p-v-mega-integration)18:38
kfogel  bzr commit18:38
kfogel  cd ../db-devel18:38
kfogel  bzr pull18:39
kfogel  (see many updates come down)18:39
kfogel  cd ../patches-view-mega-integration18:39
jampoolie: I'm just back from lunch18:39
kfogel  bzr merge ../db-devel18:39
kfogelpoolie: that's when I got the criss-cross merge warning.18:39
kfogelpoolie: if I had done this in the other order -- merged db-devel into p-v-m-integration first, and *then* merged intellectronica's branch, would that have avoided the warning?18:39
kfogel(and more importantly, avoided the conflicts?)18:40
jamkfogel: you merged sort-by-patch-age back into the branch it was based on, right?18:40
kfogeljam: uh, right18:40
jam#1 you could try "bzr merge --weave" to avoid the conflicts18:40
rubbsgerard_: hey18:41
jamMy guess is that something merged into pvmi was also merged into db-devel18:41
jamperhaps unrelated to what you were doing18:41
kfogeljam: so the order in which I merged first sort-by-patch-age and then db-devel into p-v-m-integration is not itself an issue here, then?18:41
jamkfogel: so the criss-cross happens when a feature branch is merged into 2 integration branches, which are themselves merged into eachother18:41
kfogeljam: *nod*18:42
jam1 isn't enough to trigger criss-cross, but if it happens 2 times18:42
jamthen both of those feature branches are common ancestors18:42
jamand we can't trivially pick one over the other18:42
kfogeljam: I'm curious to know more, but we're on very tight deadline right now, so I have to retreat over to #launchpad-dev and just find a way to solve the problem.  As long as we can't screw up db-devel's history when we land, I'm happy.18:43
jamkfogel: you won't destroy history, and most likely you will resolve the criss-cross18:43
jam(so future merges won't complain)18:43
jambut you may also try "bzr remerge --weave" etc18:43
kfogeljam: thanks, I clearly need to read up on --weave18:44
kfogeljam: so you're saying just resolving the conflicts will make the criss-cross problem go away for future merges?18:44
jamkfogel: well, not resolving the conflicts, but landing a new merge which creates a new ancestor that can be used18:46
jamwhich supersedes both of the old ancestors18:46
kfogeljam: okay, that makes sense, thanks18:49
jamI'm trying to look into some of the unicode failures for package-import, anyone know how to get the changelog for a given package?18:55
jam(I'm trying to get debian/changelog for a source package)18:56
jamIs it just apt-get source?18:56
EdWyse_OfficeIs there a good way to hide the DOS window that starts with the windows GUI? The text that's displaying on it is confusing my co-worker.19:00
jamoh, and how would one get the lucid package when you are in a karmic install...19:01
jamEdWyse_Office: needs someone to update bzr, no easy way to do it as a user19:01
EdWyse_OfficeOh! There's an update for that? I just installed it last week from the latest windows build.19:02
jamEdWyse_Office: no, I mean someone needs to do coding to make it happen19:02
jamneeds a change to the build script to build a target that doesn't use a console19:02
jamsorry to be unclear about 'update'19:02
EdWyse_OfficeThat's okay. I don't have any machines with a windows compiler or I'd fix it myself.19:03
Noldorinhi jelmer19:14
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lifelessjam: btw doing three-way inside debian/changelog sections is apparently critical19:22
lifelessfor udd19:22
mtaylorlifeless: o hai19:23
lifelessmtaylor: hi19:23
mtaylorlifeless: if you have a sec... I'm trying to use bzr builder to test deb making in hudson, and I'm getting this: http://hudson.drizzle.org/view/Drizzle-build/job/drizzle-build-debian-packaging/232/console19:23
mtaylorlifeless: I'm wondering if there's anything you can see in 3 seconds that I'm just stupid about19:24
mtaylorthe build recipe and the way I'm calling it are: http://pastebin.com/mde396ee19:25
lifelessposssibly an old bzr-uilder19:26
jammtaylor: this is the error?:19:26
jamE: drizzle: debian-changelog-file-contains-invalid-email-address hudson@(none)19:26
lifelessyou should grab my ppa watching builder branch too19:26
lifelessset an environment variable in hudson for DEB_EMAIL19:26
lifelesssorry DEBEMAIL19:26
mtaylorlifeless: ok. I can do that bit ... what about the "file size not the same / file contents don't match errors" ?19:26
lifelessget a newer bzr builder I think19:27
mtaylorlifeless: k. will try that. thx!19:27
lifelessmtaylor: in fact its a failure in the package import system too I think19:28
lifelessso its probably dpkg fuckage we need to track down - are you running hardy or newer?19:29
lifelessscratch that, similar not same19:30
mtaylorlifeless: it's a squeeze box19:30
mtaylorand I'm running lp:bzr-builder ... is there a better branch to follow here?19:31
lifelessso two processes are reading the same tar a second or so apart and reading different lengths19:31
mtaylorthat's beautiful19:31
lifelessno, unless you want my 'watch the ppa' code, so that you can build in a ppa rather than locally19:31
lifelessI'd ssh in and try debuild19:32
mtayloreventually... but first I'd like to just get the local build working19:32
lifelesslocal builds are harder :P19:32
mtaylorheh. debuilds work just fine... generating source packages on the other hand...19:34
mtaylor(expected one of drizzle_daily1.orig.tar.gz,...19:34
mtaylortoo bad there _is_ a drizzle_daily1.orig.tar.gz in the parent dir :(19:34
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vilaIt's too bad we don't have a quotes page for commit messages... Imagine:20:26
vilaI so hate TDD:20:27
vila(mbp) turn off selftest globally in cmd_selftest20:27
vilaof course poolie meant apport...20:27
james_whi jam20:28
blueyedCan you tell me what magic bzr-builddeb does when using merge-upstream? It just committed rev4 on the "upstream"(?) branch, conflicted, but I don't know how to revert this, being on "the other"/regular branch at rev17. Can I switch manually to the "upstream" branch?20:29
blueyedjames_w: good you are around.. I've done bad things using builddeb.. first the question above.. and then: to fix importing a mangled upstream zip (where I had added debian/ myself apparently), it should be enough to merge a new upstream tarball again (which should then remove debian/) and re-add it after the merge again, correct? You can see it at lp:ubuntu/popfile20:31
james_wfirst question "conflicted" means what?20:33
blueyedafter merge-upstream.. some files in debian/ are in a conflicted state (it wanted to remove them, but I had changed them already)20:34
blueyedmy plan is to revert, then move debian away.. merge-upstream (which may conflict again), but then it's easier to resolve, commit and add debian again.20:35
blueyedalso, I'm wondering what mark-uploaded really does (could not find an answer in the docs)20:36
Pengvila: Don't forget "silly commit".20:37
james_wblueyed: it tags with the version number20:43
Noldorini'm having trubling pushing to github using bzr-git21:04
NoldorinC:\Users\Alex\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\IRC.NET\devel>bzr dpush git+21:04
NoldorinPermission denied (publickey).21:04
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: The remote server unexpectedly closed the connection.21:04
gerard_Noldorin: did you register your public key with github?21:07
Noldoringerard_, i believe i have21:08
Noldorinand it's in pageant...at least, it works with normal bzr21:08
gerard_does pushing using git work?21:08
gerard_Noldorin: I need to login, and I don't have an account there21:09
gerard_I prefer gitorious myself21:09
Noldoringerard_, a normal git push does indeed work21:10
gerard_does --verbose add anything useful?21:10
Noldorini'll take a look21:13
blueyedjames_w: I've now uncommitted just before the messup and redone the things.. it's probably very bad for the same reasons why rebase is bad, but should cause no problems, when uploading, does it?21:13
Noldoringerard_, nothing new there21:18
Noldorinis there some bzr 2.0 equivalent of Dhtransport option?21:19
Noldorinjelmer, hello?21:23
jelmerNoldorin, hi21:23
mwhudsonjelmer: hello, found some failing git and hg imports just now...21:24
Noldorinjelmer, was just wondering if you had a minute totake a look at a few more of my git/github problems21:24
jelmermwhudson, hey21:24
jelmerNoldorin, sure, which ones?21:24
Noldorini'm still getting the "permission denied" error21:24
mwhudsongit: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/buildbot/trunk21:24
mwhudsonhg: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/cython/latest21:24
Noldorinjelmer, should be just a little bit up in your log21:24
jelmerNoldorin: -Dtransport ?21:25
mwhudsonjelmer: amusingly the last two failures for cython are completely different...21:25
Noldorinah, i had the option wrong21:25
jelmermwhudson, have you tried removing and re-adding the buildbot import ?21:26
Noldorinjelmer, http://pastebin.com/m3efbfff421:26
mwhudsonjelmer: admittedly, no21:26
jelmermwhudson, can you file a bug about the cython issue?21:27
jelmerI don't think there is one yet21:27
mwhudsonjelmer: ok21:27
jelmerNoldorin, you need to use a / rather than a : to separate the hostname and the path in a URL21:27
Noldorinjelmer, oh. makes exactly no difference to the log output though :S21:28
Noldorinsame stack trace exactly21:28
Noldorinfor git+ssh://git@github.com/Noldorin/IRC.NET.git21:28
mwhudsonjelmer: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-hg/+bug/51675821:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 516758 in bzr-hg "cython import fails with unicode and infinite recurson" [Undecided,New]21:29
jelmermwhudson, thanks21:29
jelmerNoldorin: I can connect just fine and get a proper error:21:30
jelmerERROR: Permission to Noldorin/IRC.NET denied to jelmer.21:30
Noldorinjelmer, what seems to be the problem then...bad installation?21:30
Noldorini thought i finalyl had a good installation after all the trouble last time :/21:30
jelmerNoldorin, your ssh setup - can you connect to github manually using ssh?21:31
Noldorinjelmer, how would i test that?21:31
jelmerNoldorin: use a ssh client to try to log in21:31
Noldorinif you remember, i'm on windows btw. but if i'm going to have to use cygwin, that is ok i guess21:31
jelmerNoldorin: how do you have your ssh key set up?21:33
jelmerusing pageant? If so, please try putty21:33
Noldorinjelmer, it seems to authenticate, but the putty window closes before i can see properly21:33
Noldorinin pageant21:33
jelmerok, so the ssh side of things seems to work21:33
Noldorinand i have paramiko or whatever set up21:33
jelmerand connecting to launchpad works too?21:33
jelmer(over ssh, that is)21:34
jelmermwhudson: the recursive call thing seems weird21:34
Noldorinjelmer, oh hmm21:36
Noldorinseems there is a problem actually21:36
Noldorinputty displays the output:21:36
NoldorinUsing username "git".21:36
NoldorinAuthenticating with public key "noldorin-dev@noldorin.com" from ageant21:37
NoldorinServer regused to allocate pty21:37
jelmerthat seems right, you're probably not allowed shell access on github :-)21:37
Noldorinjelmer, if you want me to add your public key on github, so you can try pushing to the project yourself, i'll be happy to do that21:38
Noldorinjelmer, ?21:42
jamhey james_w, I had some questions about the builddeb stuff21:43
jam#1, I've started switching the per-file hook over to using debian_bundle, and then updating it to do a 3-way merge21:44
jamBut also, I poked around the Unicode handling.21:44
jamwhich basically seemed... it doesn't very much21:44
jamAnd I was wondering if we should be hacking python-debian, or bzr-builddeb for that sort of change21:45
jelmerNoldorin: We can give it a try, but I doubt that'll fail.21:45
Noldorinjelmer: would be helpful to see anyway, if you don't mind :)21:45
Noldorinyou just pushing anything from bzr-git....21:45
jelmerNoldorin, see privmsg21:45
jelmerNoldorin, should be pushed now21:53
Noldorinok i'll check21:53
Noldorinjelmer, you pushed from a bzr repo?21:55
jelmerNoldorin, yep21:55
jelmerganieda:~/tmp/IRC.NET.git% bzr dpush git+ssh://git@github.com/Noldorin/IRC.NET.git21:55
Noldorinhmm, ok21:55
jelmerso there's either something broken in dulwich/bzr-git on windows or an issue in your ssh setup21:56
lifelessjam: python-debian21:59
lifelessunless it seems bzr glue specific21:59
Noldorinjelmer: hmm. maybe i should give up with windows and just get it working on cygwin?22:01
jelmerNoldorin: to be honest, it's very hard to recommend anything without knowing exactly what's going wrong22:01
jelmerNoldorin: have you asked on the bzr(-windows) mailing list?22:02
Noldorinjelmer: could we have a go setting it up on cygwin at least perhaps?22:02
Noldorinnot yet...22:02
jelmerI'm not the best authority on bzr-git on windows, since I don't run windows but I know other people have.22:02
Noldorinjelmer, you are the best authority on bzr-git in general though :D22:03
james_wjam: either works for me, I have commit rights for both22:03
jelmerNoldorin: I'm not convinced this is a bzr-git problem though22:03
Noldorinjelmer: i'd like to at least try it out on cygwin though, and see from there, if you don't mind suggesting a few things :)22:03
jamlifeless, james-w: so python-debian and bzr-builddeb sort of need to keep in sync. As to whether Block.author is a unicode or str object22:04
jambecause we can't have them both .decode22:04
jamor neither :)22:04
jelmerNoldorin: sure22:04
Noldorinwait a sec: how does bzr-git get the ssh key?22:05
Noldorinand authenticate22:05
Noldorindoes it do the paramiko/pageant stuff separetly?22:05
jelmerNoldorin: it uses the normal functionality in bzr for using ssh22:06
Noldorinjelmer, which means it's quite odd ssh auth is working fine normally, but not for bzr-git :S22:06
Noldorinjelmer: well, i am getting the same error udner cygwin, but that's probably because it's using the windows path22:06
Noldorinjelmer, maybe there is some way to detect which key bzr-git is using?22:08
james_wjam: I guess we should keep python-debian the same them so it doesn't break API for others22:09
jelmerNoldorin: the login seems to work but the server hangs up22:09
Noldorinjelmer,anything to suggest then?22:10
jelmerNoldorin, are you familiar with python ?22:10
jelmercan you add a "print path" statement in dulwich/client.py, SSHGitClient.send_pack() ?22:11
Noldorinjelmer: not really, but i've messed with it a *very small* bit, and program in other languages22:11
Noldorinso  if you give me the code to paste, i'll be happy to do so :)22:11
Noldorinwill do22:11
Noldorinso what's the exact line?22:11
jamjames_w: where do I file bugs against python-debian?22:11
jamFor example, passing an actual file or list of lines to Changelog causes it to add a newline to every line22:12
jamand Version objects implement __eq__ but not __hash__ which means you can't really use them as dict keys22:12
jam(you can get them out with the exact object, but if you try to use an equivalent one, it fails)22:12
jelmerNoldorin: add "print path" as the first line in that function22:13
james_wjam: against the debian or ubuntu packages22:15
jamjames_w: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr-builddeb/changelog-parser/+merge/1855722:19
jamUses python-debian for parsing22:19
jamand implement 3-way merge logic22:19
jam(for the per-file merge hook)22:19
jamthough the diff may need to be updated22:19
mtaylorbzr-builddeb question ... I'm trying a new packaging layout - namely the debian dir in a branch with the upstream code - but bzr-builddeb is still trying to download a tarball rather than creating one from the source tree... am I doing something competely stupid?22:20
Noldorinjelmer, odd, nothing22:23
Noldorinno printed output22:23
jelmerNoldorin: sorry, my bad - it needs to be in fetch_pack22:23
james_wjam: cool, thanks22:24
jelmerNoldorin: Hmm22:24
Noldorinjelmer, ok sure22:24
james_wjam: though the strict= thing is why I am not sure about using it for the parsing22:24
jamjames_w: that's what you are doing for import_dsc...22:24
james_wjam: yes, because we don't round trip22:24
Noldorinjelmer, nothing still :S22:24
jamjames_w: though if you consider the non-parsing 3-way merge logic22:25
jamI would think this would help improve changelog strictness22:25
jam(be loose in what you accept, but strict in what you emit)22:25
jamIf you really wanted, we could set strict=True22:25
jamand if we get an exception22:25
jamwe can fall back to the default merge logic22:25
jam(we just need to return 'not_applicable')22:26
jamThough I don't know what exceptions will be raised from python-debian22:26
Noldorin    def fetch_pack(self, path, determine_wants, graph_walker, pack_data,22:26
Noldorin        progress):22:26
Noldorin        print path22:26
Noldorinthat's the code22:26
Noldorinno luck though22:26
Noldorinjelmer, so it seems it's not even getting that far perhaps?22:28
jelmerNoldorin: I'm quit sure it's getting beyond that point - see the backtrace22:28
Noldorinthen i have no idea why nothing is getting printed22:29
jamjames_w: 2 bugs submitted22:29
jam(for python-debian)22:29
Noldorinjelmer: keep sending me as many tests to make in the python source as you like, i'll be happy to do so. :)22:32
mkanatmwhudson: Off the top of your head, do you know what's up with this? http://bzr.mozilla.org/bugzilla/trunk/files22:32
jelmerNoldorin, are you sure you22:32
jelmer're editing the right copy of dulwich ?22:32
mkanatmwhudson: (I can't look at the logs on that server.)22:32
Noldorinjelmer: yes, because if i create a syntax error, bzr picks it up22:33
mwhudsonmkanat: no22:33
mkanatmwhudson: Okay.22:33
mwhudsonjelmer: yes22:40
lifelessjam: are you sure 471292 is a dupe?22:44
jambug 47129222:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 471292 in bzr-builddeb "import-dsc fails on UTF-8 characters (dup-of: 508251)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47129222:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508251 in udd "Failure to import when decoding changelog authors" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50825122:45
Noldorinjelmer, interesting. it seems path is null/empty22:45
jamlifeless: the former was reporting that it fails when the author name is not ascii22:45
Noldorinsince when i print "foo", it works22:45
jamwhich is what bug 508251 is about22:45
lifelessjam: ah but the source of the data is different I think22:46
lifelessif you look at the crash file, 471292 is failing in import_upstream22:46
jelmerNoldorin: Hmm22:46
lifelessjam: I'm going to undup, I'm pretty convinced its separate22:47
jamlifeless: I'm pretty sure it is effectively a dupe22:47
jelmerNoldorin, what's the exact command you're running?22:47
jam471292 is because bzr-builddeb is trying to pass a plain str (not Unicode) as the author22:47
jamthe others are failing for effectively the same reason22:47
jamit is parsing the Changelog but *not* decoding the entries22:48
lifelessyes, but the source of the strings are different AFAICT22:48
Noldorinjelmer: hmm? "print path"22:48
Noldorin'print "foo"' works22:48
jelmerNoldorin: No, the bzr command22:48
Noldorinoh sorry22:48
jamlifeless: given the UnicodeDecodeError string, I'm pretty sure it is a failure to decode authors in both cases22:48
jamyou can be as picky about exact tracebacks as you like22:48
lifelessjam: hmm, I gues what I want is to know that it is fixed; and I'm concerned that as a dup it won't get separately tested22:48
Noldorin$ bzr dpush git+ssh://git@github.com/Noldorin/IRC.NET.git22:49
Noldorinjelmerthat's it22:49
jamlifeless: as yet, I don't really see how to properly test import_dsc, without just pushing it to james_w and having him run it on the importer...22:49
jam(certainly there are unit tests, but testing with real-world data would be better)22:49
jamI suppose eventually we'll get some real-world test cases22:49
lifelessjam: I'll have a look at 471292 in a few minutes in more depth; if I can't see it using DEBEMAIL then I will redup it for you22:50
lifelessok ?22:50
lifeless[I'm not trying to be picky about exact tracebacks]22:50
jamIf you feel it is a different source, feel free22:50
jamIt sure looked the same to me22:50
Noldorinjelmer: bit busy atm?22:56
jelmerNoldorin, sorry22:56
Noldorinit's ok22:56
jelmerNoldorin: we'd have to debug where that path comes from22:56
jelmerNoldorin, it should be extracted from the URL22:56
Noldorini see22:57
Noldorinjelmer, well feel free to suggest anything. i'm here to do any necessary testing atm :)22:57
Noldorinjelmer, i'm just stopped by my unfamiliarity with the lib mainly heh23:00
jelmerNoldorin: you could try poking around in bzr-git's remote.py23:00
spivGood morning!23:01
lifelessyo spiv23:03
Noldorinjelmer, anywhere in particular?23:05
jelmerand the SmartTransport constructor23:05
Noldorinok, thanks23:06
Noldorinjelmer, ok, so that path variable is getting set fine23:09
Noldorinto /Noldorin/IRC.NET.git23:09
Noldorinjelmer, i guess it's the interop with dulwich we want to look at next?23:11
Noldorinjelmer: wherever that is :)23:18
lifelessjam: I was wrong, redudped23:18
lifelessjames_w: please let me know when I can zap those debhelper branches23:19
james_whttp://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ifenslave-2.6.html#2010-01-12 23:56:32.979164 would be a good failure to look at as well23:24
lifelessjames_w: run check on that?23:28
Noldorinjelmer: i think we're on to something here... oh well, i'll catch you another time hopefully.23:29
james_wlifeless: I don't have any of the trees to hand23:31
lifelesscould you make the system tar up failures like that?23:33
james_wit keeps them around now23:34
lifelessok but we need access to the machine right ?23:35
james_wI could put tarballs publically if you wanted23:37
james_wwouldn't help this case though23:37
james_wand I think there are more important things to do23:38
lifelessjust a bit hard to investigate that one - it smells like local data/race issue23:40
doctormoHow would I get a branch at a sepcific revision or turn a branch back to specific revision? I want to test pull code, but I need to move it back once I've done my test.23:41
PengYou want to pull something, mess with it a bit, then undo the pull?23:43
spivdoctormo: 'bzr branch -r 1234 URL' will get a branch at a specific revision23:43
spivThere are also ways to "turn a branch back to a specific revision", but the exact command depends on exactly what you mean by that.23:45
spivPossibly you just want "bzr pull -r 1234 --overwrite"?23:45
lifelessspiv: + .23:46
PengAh, didn't think of that.23:46
PengI was thinking "bzr merge", don't commit, then "bzr revert".23:47
lifelessif you're writing test code though, just use a throwaway branch ;)23:47
doctormospiv: Thanks a lot!23:50
spivlifeless: ah right.23:50
spivlifeless, jam: Thanks for the ConfigurableFileMerger refactoring23:51
spivlifeless, jam: it looks like a much nicer API, although I don't yet understand how it avoids re-reading the config for each file to merge.23:53
spivAh, I think I see.23:54
spivThe active_hooks attribute.23:55
lifelessspiv: each object maintains its own state23:55
lifelessspiv: rather than putting the state on the Params, which wass new-per-file23:56
lifelessspiv: are you back on deck ?23:56
spivlifeless: I am23:56
spivlifeless: yeah, I see now, the bit I was missing is that the hook objects aren't new-per-file anymore, just per-merge, which seems sane.23:57

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