Ahmuck-Jrhow are html5 codecs unfree?00:21
ograhtml5 codecs ?00:25
ograthe codecs used in the <video> tag are unfree ...00:25
Lnsthere is no standard html5 codec.. it's undefined.00:36
Lnsbecause of the ogg/h.264 headbutting00:36
Lnsdiversity is always good so i'm not really worried..at least it's a step in the right direction00:37
dtaddeocan any one help me with a youtube problem?02:22
dtaddeoanyone in here?02:23
dtaddeoany one?02:26
mhall1195 whole minutes, I'm amazed at the patience02:35
Ahmuckogg is unfree?  in reguards to html5 codecs02:54
sbalneavAhmuck: ogg and theora are free.03:33
sbalneavAnd are (as far as anyone knows) patent unencumbered03:34
Ahmucki'm going to love the day when ms or some other big company hits a patent wall03:38
sbalneavThey do all the time.03:38
Ahmuckit'll serve em right for getting us into the mess03:38
sbalneavThey just pay a lot of money to get out of them in licensing deals03:38
sbalneavand pass the cost on to us :)03:39
Ahmucka patent wall is one where they can't buy thier way out03:39
sbalneavYou can *always* buy your way out of a patent mess.03:40
sbalneavUsually, by finding something of yours that *they're* infringing on :)03:40
sbalneavAnd since software patents are in such a mess, no matter what patent you hold, you can probably find some part of it that was patented before.03:41
sbalneavIt's a huge mess :(03:42
Ahmuckrunning a vm inside of a ltsp session causes it to slow down :/03:43
sbalneavNot surprising.03:44
sbalneavYou're emulating X calls within X calls03:44
sbalneavthen shipping all that over the network.03:44
Ahmuckwell, i forgot i was in a ltsp session03:45
Ahmuckhowever my client is a 2ghz, 2gb machine03:45
Ahmuckwith plenty of vid mem03:45
sbalneavDoesn't matter.  If the vm's not making efficient use of X calls, it's going to be sending a LOT of data down the network.03:46
sbalneavSame thing with, say, Flash vs. gstreamer03:47
* Ahmuck just dumped firefox as the browser on ltsp03:47
sbalneavIn exchange for?03:48
sbalneavWorks better?03:50
Ahmuckit's like night and day03:50
sbalneavThe app makes all the difference.03:50
sbalneavFirefox is being written *completely* from the point of view of a single user on a single box, and quite frankly, their market these days is Windows, no Linux.03:51
sbalneavYou might want to look at giving Epiphany a try too.03:51
sbalneavIt's the gnome browser.03:52
sbalneavUses WebKit on the back end, I beleive.03:52
sbalneavThe one *nice* thing about epiphany is, it speaks gconf.03:52
sbalneavSo you can use lockdown on it for setting things like mandatory homepage, etc.03:52
sbalneavand works well with sabayon.03:52
Ahmucktrying to add that to software sources, but it's not working03:57
sbalneavwhat's the line you're adding?03:58
sbalneavYou doing this on Ubuntu?04:00
sbalneavBecause all they have are lenny and squeeze packages.04:00
sbalneavYep, what?  You're doing this on debian?04:01
Ahmuckoh, no, on ubuntu04:02
sbalneavok, then it won't work04:02
Ahmuckhrm, sogo says it will04:02
sbalneavsince all they're offering is debian lenny & squeeze packages.04:02
sbalneavThey may possibly work if you download the deb's manually and do a dpkg -i04:03
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joerga bit quiet here today :)14:14
sbalneavMorning all14:45
* sbalneav anxiously awaits someone to have an aneurism over his epiphany suggestion :)15:07
stgrabersbalneav: bah, it's for 12.04, so I won't complain "yet" ;)15:09
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sbalneavI think we should ship both pre-installed, at the least.15:11
sbalneavI've switched over to it at home, anyway.15:11
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highvoltagehi sbalneav15:45
mhall119|workif epiphany works better over LTSP, I see no reason to not include it15:45
Ahmuck-Jrsbalneav: sees sbalneav has has an epiphany and agrees15:55
gavinl_Hi, I just installed edUbuntu in vmware, I want to install vmware tools, but it says "VMware Tools Installation cannot be started manually while Easy Install is in progress." How can I solve this issue?16:00
gavinl_Hi, is there anyone out there? THis is my first time use IRC channel, please reply if anyone see my message.16:06
sbalneavgavinl_: Yep, we see you16:06
gavinl_Thank you16:07
sbalneavBut I'm not familiar with vmware :)16:07
sbalneavHow are you trying to install the vmware tools?16:07
gavinl_But what is the easy install? It is different than all other linux dist16:07
gavinl_TO install vmtools, just select VM and click install vmware tools in the menu of vmware workstation16:08
sbalneavYeah, there's no vmware-tools package under Edubuntu, so I'd ask vmware.16:09
gavinl_It has vmware tools with Ubuntu, I just have to kill that "Easy Install"16:09
sbalneavBut it's the vmware tools installation that's giving you that message, right?16:10
sbalneavSo who knows what it's looking for.16:10
gavinl_Yes. but why "easy install" is still active after I finished install edUbuntu?16:11
sbalneavDon't know.  Is "Easy Install" a vmware thing?16:13
sbalneavAs I said, I'm not familiar with vmware.16:13
gavinl_"Easy install" is edUbuntu thing, not vmware.16:14
sbalneavWhich version of edubuntu are you loading?16:14
gavinl_the lastest, and I just updated 1 last night16:15
sbalneavHow are you installing it, via the desktop?  Or with the text based installer?16:16
alkisggavinl_: easy install seems to be a vmware thing: http://cs.rthand.com/blogs/blog_with_righthand/archive/2009/01/19/VMWare-Workstation_2700_s-Easy-Install.aspx16:16
alkisgAnd the message is shown to you by vmware, not by edubuntu...16:17
sbalneavYeah, I was wondering.  I didn't think we had an "easy install" option.16:17
sbalneavBut I always use the text installer.16:17
gavinl_Hi,  no matter where is the "easy install", I just wondering why I don't have problem to install vmware tools in Fedora, CentOS, but just have issue here?16:30
sbalneavHave you restarted the vm after the install?16:31
gavinl_yes, a couple of time16:33
alkisgI don't know how easy install works, but it might be possible that the vmware code is not suitable for the most recent edubuntu version16:34
alkisgYou'd better ask at a vmware irc/forum for details, but why don't you just disable it?16:35
alkisgWith easy install disabled, I imagine that it will allow you to insert the tools cd..16:35
gavinl_good idea! how can I disable it?16:36
alkisgFrom the vmware menus, I imagine...16:38
sbalneavgavinl_: We're not sure.  As we said, we don't know vmware :)16:38
sbalneavYou're not having an edubuntu problem, you're having a vmware problem16:38
gavinl_it might be a vmware problem, Thans guys!16:40
sbalneavI've got to get some hard numbers on memory usage between FF and Epiphany.16:41
ograsbalneav, why not chromium ?16:49
sbalneavchrome doesn't interact with gconf16:50
ogra(note that FF 3.6 has a very low memory footprint btw)16:50
sbalneavephy's based on webkit like chrome, but it's got lockdown16:50
ograbut its not really well maintained16:50
sbalneavI dunno, I'm in the channel right now, seems pretty active.16:50
ograwell, thats what i'm told by our browser team16:51
ograits surely better than midori or some other not so mainstream browser16:51
Ahmucki see yahoo is now on the opera page16:52
Ahmuckany chance yahoo is doing what sun was doing, buying up companies and then selling to bigger vendors?16:52
Ahmucknew wave of defeating FOSS ?16:52
ograask yahoo ?16:52
Ahmuckhrm, nm.  it's just a search option on the page16:54
mhall119|workwho is yahoo buying up now?17:39
Ahmuckit was my error17:45
Ahmuckusing a thin client to do some vm work and building in the vm.  however there must be a slight delay and as a result i'm getting sssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddddoooooooooo17:55
Ahmuckhrm, nm, i'll move this to ltsp17:55
stgrabermeeting in 10 minutes18:49
sbalneavWork's going to intrude today.18:55
sbalneavMy regrets.18:55
stgrabermeeting should be quite short, I don't see highvoltage around and not much changed on my hand, I'm naggin a lot of people at the moment but without much success yet18:57
stgraberoh surprise, mgariepy is there ;)18:58
mgariepybig surprise since you just told me hehe ;P18:58
stgrabersbalneav: we are in -meeting if you find the time19:01
stgraberogra: hey, I just noticed you are part of ubuntu-cdimage ;) Anything you can do to help us with bug 509970 ?19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 509970 in ubuntu-cdimage "Make Edubuntu DVD Live only + additional packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50997019:08
Ahmuckwhats the status on LDAP?  is it openLDAP.  is there an edubuntu standard that might fall in line with other groupware programs?19:36
LnsAhmuck: the status i think is still in planning a structure, if that.. sbalneav was looking into it19:41
Ahmucki understand there is no standard in LDAP19:44
Ahmuckis openLDAP standard across software that would use it?19:45
sbalneavAhmuck: LDAP itself is pretty standard, i.e. any LDAP server *should* be able to replace any other one.19:45
sbalneavWhat *isn't* standard is how to lay out your database19:46
sbalneavLDAP organizes things into ou's, or Organizational Units19:46
sbalneavFor instance.  Our DN's at work look like (for users)19:46
Ahmucki'm looking at sogo for groupware for calandering19:47
Ahmuckand it uses openldap19:47
sbalneavwith groups looking like:19:47
sbalneavHowever, there's nothing stopping you from using the "o" and organizing your people under "People" so...19:48
sbalneavuid=userid,ou=People,o=Legal Aid Manitoba19:48
sbalneavA school may want to lay out their users into grades, so...19:49
sbalneavuid=foo,ou=Grade 1,...19:49
sbalneavuid=foo,ou=Grade 2,...19:49
Ahmucki know a number of projects out there using ldap, does moodle?19:49
sbalneavNot sure, I think moodle uses postgresql on the backend19:49
Ahmuckso does sogo19:49
sbalneavbut it's pretty easy to link postgres to ldap19:50
Ahmuckand i'm somewhat anti-postgresql19:50
Ahmucki find mysql easier to use and setup19:50
sbalneavWe use it here at Legal Aid and love the living daylights out of it.19:50
sbalneavWe've got about 400 gigs of data in it.19:51
Ahmucki gtg 4 now.  need to get some work completed b4 the incoming snow storm19:51
Lnssbalneav: is it feasible to create multiple "schemas" (is that the right word?) for different types of schools/preferences and allow someone to choose which one they'd like to use?19:53
sbalneavWell, sure19:53
sbalneavbut then we have to support all the different configurations in:19:53
Lnsah that's right19:53
sbalneavetc etc etc19:53
sbalneavthat's always the problem.19:54
Lnsdo ^^^ have their own schemas already we might just pull from?19:54
Lnsi.e. is there a standard in place?19:54
sbalneavWell, here's how debian-edu does it, and I think it's the best approach19:54
sbalneavThey ship a schema19:54
sbalneavall set up and ready to rock19:54
sbalneaveverything defaulting to that schema, pre-set up19:55
sbalneavEverything works out-of-the-box19:55
sbalneavSomeone wanders in and says "Thats nice, but I want to use blah-de-blah"19:55
sbalneavThey say "Fantastic, but you're on your own.  You need to reconfigure all the bits appropriately.  We support the default schema"19:56
sbalneavSo, everything's ldap enabled, and ready to rock, but they don't try to support people who do the old "Yeah but I want to run it THIS way"19:56
Lnslove that idea :)19:57
sbalneavMy proposal is:19:57
sbalneav1) Steal^H^H^H^H^HExpropriate as much as we can from debian-edu19:57
sbalneav2) Add in stuff they don't have, and give that back to them19:57
sbalneav3) ????19:57
sbalneav4) PROFIT!19:58
Lnshaha =)19:58
* Lns nods in agreement19:58
Lnsno sense in recreating the wheel19:58
Lnsespecially if "upstream" ;) has something already going19:58
sbalneavNow, they're on "old" openLdap, the pre-cf= ldap that's in Ubuntu now19:59
sbalneavsince debian-edu's running on a much older version of debian atm19:59
Lnspre-cf= ?19:59
sbalneavhowever, they do stuff with "preseeding" the initial LDAP layout, and pam, etc configs that we can snag19:59
sbalneavyeah, you don't configure schemas and such in openldap anymore in the /etc/ldap/slapd.conf file anymore20:00
sbalneavthere's a special config record that you do it in.20:00
sbalneavit's just implementation details20:00
sbalneavtheir pre-seed idea will still work for us.20:00
Lnsoh gotcha20:01
sbalneavAnyone know where the next ubu conf's gonna be at?20:01
sbalneavhere in NA?20:01
sbalneavor europe somewhere?20:01
sbalneavstgraber: you know?20:02
* highvoltage missed the meeting due to being in another one20:03
stgrabersbalneav: europe but we don't know were yet20:03
sbalneavah, nuts20:03
sbalneavstgraber: you and hv gonna be there?20:03
sbalneavSo, here'd be my suggestions:20:04
sbalneav1) Decide on a config.  ou=users/students/whathaveyou20:04
sbalneav2) get configs for pam, nss, evoldap, sabayon, possible ldap backend connector for homepage, etc.20:05
sbalneav3) write our simple useradd program that can handle any backends/plugins20:06
sbalneav4) Use the ldaptools backends for adduing users to ldap20:06
sbalneav5) Snag debian-edu's preseeding magic to "make it all happen"20:07
sbalneav6) create an "edubuntu-ldap-config" package that does all the magic20:07
sbalneav*none* of that's very hard.  And certainly ALL of that's doable before 12.0420:08
sbalneavSo, we can go into 12.04 with a system that's ldap-enabled out-of-the-box, with lockdown for web,mail, desktop, etc.20:08
stgrabersbalneav: I'll be there and we'll try to be as many as possible from RL at UDS, depending on how many get invited and where it's20:09
sbalneavstgraber: Now that Canonical's cut us free, any sponsorships available for Edubuntu people, or has that dried up, do you think?20:13
stgrabersbalneav: I don't think there's any sponsorship place for Edubuntu people, I usually get invited by QA/server, the best hope is the Community team20:13
sbalneavIt would probably make sense for me to be there, but I don't think I can afford it this year.  I'm already out-of-pocket for both Brazil and Maine :(20:14
sbalneavI'll ping Jorge, see what he thinks.20:15
stgrabersbalneav: that's a good plan jorge being one of the UDS organizers ;)20:16
joerghi folks :)21:44

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