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Lex79JontheEchidna: this patch is still needed? http://pastebin.ca/177644000:08
Lex79it's for update-notifier-kde00:08
JontheEchidnaand kubuntu-notification-helper now :)00:08
Lex79ok :)00:09
Lex79don't we want kaffeine depends on phonon-backend-xine, libxine1-x, libxine1-ffmpeg ? Neither suggest?00:13
Riddelljust on phonon00:14
Riddellphonon should have the right depends for its backends00:14
JontheEchidnaIt's not using phonon anymore, except for where knotify uses it for sound notifications00:14
JontheEchidnait's using libxine directly, though shlibdeps should take care of that by itself00:15
Lex79so, don't add anything on depends or suggests?00:16
JontheEchidnaI don't think it will be necessary, but it wouldn't hurt to check what the depends of the final package are after installing it, imo00:16
Lex79I see00:18
Riddellhmm, I wonder why he stopped using phonon00:18
Lex79dunno, but in Debian the package depends on00:21
Lex79 phonon-backend-xine, libxine1-ffmpeg, libxine1-x00:21
Riddellwell shlibs should just do the right thing00:22
Lex79and in our patch there is only libxine1-ffmpeg00:22
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geniiHm. Package latex is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:27
Riddelllucid-desktop-i386.iso is not oversized and it contains virtuoso01:29
Riddellamd64 not so good but it's progress01:29
Lex79Riddell: kaffeine in bzr and source here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kaffeine/files/kaffeine/kaffeine-1.0-pre3/03:37
Lex79Riddell: Qt4 ftbs in archive03:37
Riddellhmm, souceforge broke03:55
Riddellhmm, kubuntu_04_qt_ia32_library_path.patch broke the build maybe?03:58
RiddellJontheEchidna: what's this Lost thing about and do I care?04:01
JontheEchidnaOh, a TV show. Sorta hard to explain, though04:02
Riddellso if I haven't seen it before it's probably not worth me going to this Lost party04:02
JontheEchidnaHrm, you'd probably be very confused if you haven't been watching the show for the last 4 or 5 years04:03
Riddellnow that's dedication04:03
crimsunjust read lostpedia if you're really interested04:03
crimsun4-5 years isn't precisely like getting Hartnell->Smith04:03
JontheEchidnaI have an Apollo Bar, if that means anything to anybody :D04:03
Lex79shut up, I have to wait other 8 days ;(04:06
crimsunLex79: for what?04:06
Lex79for season premier of Lost04:06
Lex79doh :(04:06
Lex79Riddell: Qt seems build fine on amd64 in ninja, still building04:07
Lex79hope it's only a problem on i386 and others04:08
Riddellyeah it's the fixLibraryPath32() method it doesn't like which only exists on i38604:08
RiddellQString newPath = "/usr/lib32/" + path.mid(8);   that's the offending line, nothing wrong with it04:08
Lex79Riddell: so is it a patch's fault somewhere?04:09
RiddellLex79: it's kubuntu_04_qt_ia32_library_path.patch which is causing it04:10
Riddellbut the code hasn't changed04:10
Riddelland I don't see why it would be a problem04:10
Lex79I refreshed that patch04:12
Lex79maybe my fault04:12
Riddellyes but the cod in the fixLibraryPath32() method hsan't changed04:12
Lex79Riddell: see also here: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-kde/qt4-x11.git;a=blob;f=debian/patches/21_qt_ia32_library_path.diff;h=7e1a3774f43b6226ee0b1055ce14c8bf27328977;hb=0ee2b084d8d5b2e772883b0a1abafb0e1ecc3f8604:19
Lex79it's a bit different04:19
Riddellooh, Debian picked it up04:19
Lex79in Kubuntu: return fixLibraryPath32(QDir::cleanPath(path + QLatin1String("/Contents") + ret);04:20
Lex79in debian: return fixLibraryPath32(QDir::cleanPath(path + QLatin1String("/Contents/") + ret));04:20
Riddellhmm, our brackets don't match04:22
Riddellthat code is within #ifdef Q_OS_MAC so it's not important04:22
Lex79uhmm right :(04:24
Riddellwell, I conclude that the compiler has gone mad04:28
Riddellif I sit here long enough agateau will probably wander past and offer a second opinion04:28
shtylmanRiddell: whats the problem?04:37
Riddellshtylman: what's which problem?06:31
macoRiddell: *poke*06:31
Riddellqt4-x11 build failure on i183 from ia32_library patch was the last problem I was moaning about06:32
Riddellmaco: qui?  moi?06:32
macoi183? is that an architecture? O_o06:33
Riddellmaco: yes, it's like an i386 but 203 worse06:34
* maco blinks06:34
freeflyingRiddell: can you add kimpanel in lucid?06:57
Riddellfreeflying: it's in the common seed, so it's on the main CD and netbook CD06:58
freeflyingRiddell: well, its can't be find through add widget after you do a fresh installation07:00
Riddellfreeflying: I have input plasmoid here when I search for it07:04
Riddellwhich is the UI name for plasma-widget-kimpanel07:04
Riddellseems to crash plasma though when I try to use it :)07:04
freeflyingit used to work fine under karmic :)07:05
ejatis there any ninja hv the kde 4.4 sc rc3?07:59
neversfeldeejat: should be in Lucid soon, afaik08:09
ejatowh ok .. then it will be backport?08:10
neversfeldelooks good08:11
ejatneversfelde: ? u mean in da lucid?08:29
danttiRiddell: around?12:16
apacheloggerSput: pong12:19
Sputapachelogger: we're going to switch servers again in a few days... so if you get "connection refused", the new URL (during the DNS switch) will be turbobomber.q-i.org again12:23
apacheloggerSput: kthx :)12:23
Sputapachelogger: there will also be some downtime during database dump etc12:24
Sputhopefully, we won't get the same problems like last time we tried a fast server again :)12:24
apacheloggeroh wellz, there is always konversation for a rescue mission :P12:25
SputI guess being able to sync in a couple seconds will all be worth it12:54
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apacheloggeranyone around who happens to know about the current ninja workflows?15:03
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Riddelldantti: morning17:01
danttiRiddell: hey :D17:01
danttiI was reading http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/printer-applet-and-kstatusnotifieritem/17:02
danttiRiddell: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/6695/printqueue1.png17:02
danttithat's almost 100% functional17:02
danttibut I'd like to know what you think about it,,,17:02
Riddellshow me the source and I'll take a look shortly17:03
danttithe systray icon is almost ready but I'm waiting for kde sc 4.4 be out so i can stay stable (no time for trunk)17:03
danttiRiddell: what's your mail?17:05
Riddelldantti: jriddell@ubuntu.com17:07
danttiRiddell: sent :)17:08
danttiRiddell: are you testing it now? if so you'll need to change PrintQueue.cpp and put your printer name by hand17:16
Riddelldantti: no e-mail yet17:17
Riddellalthough I also have no printer here so not sure how much I can test17:17
danttiRiddell: I don't have one too, but i added some dummies ones..17:18
danttiI have one at home..17:18
danttiit's just things like this are only available on the low level api that i'm learning how to use now..17:22
Riddelldantti: no e-mail, try resending to jr@jriddell.org ?17:29
Riddelldantti: still no e-mail :(17:40
Riddelloh there it is17:40
Riddellin my spam17:41
danttiRiddell: hehe :P17:48
Riddelldantti: compiled and installed17:49
Riddellhow do I get it to do anything?17:49
RiddellI ran qdbus org.kde.kded /kded org.kde.kded.loadModule printd17:49
Riddellbut nothing appears when I print17:50
danttiwell the kded checks for jobs and call a dbus method when it has some17:50
danttibut in the future (when 4.4 is out) it willl show the systray icon17:50
danttiright now the most usefull part is the ./print-queue17:51
danttiwhich you can see you printer status and jobs17:51
Riddellwhen I run that everything is greyed out and it doesn't show the two jobs I have in the queue17:53
danttiRiddell: right, did you change PrintQueue.cpp to your printer name?17:57
Riddelloh, no, I should listen to you17:58
Riddellwhee that works18:00
Riddelldantti: how does it show the printer status?  just the one message at the top?18:01
Riddellwhat happens if you have more than one printer?18:01
danttiRiddell: well there are two behaviors in my mind18:01
danttione will it to be a tree and group them by printers18:02
danttinot implemented yet18:02
danttithe printer status comes from one cups query printer-state iirc18:02
danttiwhat I used till now is just the high level api which is quite simple and easy to use18:03
danttibut to add the drag and drop for jobs (move a job to another printer) i need the low level..18:04
Riddelldantti: looking good though18:07
danttii need to leave for a few minutes, but i can read backlog,18:07
Lex79Riddell: I'm trying to build qt with ia32 patch grab from Debian on i386, maybe works18:16
RiddellLex79: hang on18:19
RiddellLex79: try replacing the troublesome line with this18:19
Riddell+        QString newPath = QLatin1String("/usr/lib32/") + path.mid(8);18:19
Lex79Riddell: ^^ which line?18:21
Lex79give me the number18:21
Lex79uhm maybe 2818:22
RiddellLex79: 2818:22
RiddellLex79: qt still compiling?18:47
Lex79I poke you when is finished or if it fbs18:48
Lex79Riddell: still ftbs http://pastebin.ca/178614219:00
Lex79same error19:00
Lex79now I try with Debian's patch19:01
RiddellLex79: grump19:05
Riddellhi dholbach19:05
dholbachRiddell: what can we do about bug 508843? rockstar and some of his pals have problems with it19:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508843 in digikam "ubuntu shouldn't package beta version of digikam; needs upgrading to fix >200 bugs, and in particular import crashes #8 most reported KDE bug ever." [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50884319:05
Riddelldholbach: Lure is our digikam packager and he tried to persuade tech board to update to the final release but they said no19:06
Riddellusing backports is the obvious work around19:06
dholbachbah, that sucks :-/19:09
Riddellwho's rockstar?19:09
dholbachPaul Hummer19:10
dholbachon the Launchpad Code team19:10
Luredholbach: I talked only with pitti19:12
Luredholbach: problem is that after beta, new features were added, new text messages...19:12
dholbachLure: oh, so we can further escalate it! ;-)19:12
dholbachI see19:12
Luredholbach: having final is obviously better and personally I think SRU rules could be bend19:14
sheytanHi there ;)19:35
sheytanI have a question about kubuntu KDE 4.4 packages. Can I ask here?19:36
Riddellsheytan: yes, if it's development related19:38
sheytanRiddell I don't know if it is, but: In KDE 4.4 RC we've got plasma themed menus  when you right click on a tray icon. Will it be in official release so too?19:39
Riddellsheytan: it won't be in upstream until 4.519:41
danttiRiddell: so, what do you think? can I keep on working so we can have the printer stuff faster/with less mem and in my case working? :)19:47
Riddelldantti: sure, please do19:48
Lex79Riddell: ftbs also with Debian's patch :(19:48
Lex79why we want that patch? for skype and other 32 bit apps ?19:48
Riddelldantti: feature freeze is 18th feb for us so it may not make that, but it could replace printer-applet in KDE 4.519:48
RiddellLex79: yes, it's not terribly important but it would be nice to keep it19:49
Lex79Riddell: I'm wondering...skype ship also the 64bit version19:49
danttiRiddell: good to hear, I was afraid of coding something that could be useless19:50
Lex79so, for skype is no longer need I think19:50
Lex79maybe I can poke thiago if he has an advice to fix that crap19:51
RiddellLex79: it's specific to Debian, other distros use /usr/lib for 32 bit stuff on amd6419:53
RiddellLex79: let me try it with the Latin1String change, I was pretty convinced that would work, if it doesn't we'll just disable it19:53
danttiRiddell: btw do you think it's ok to put in playground to make easier to people take a look?19:53
Riddelldantti: yes for sure, that's what playground is for19:55
danttik, thanks..19:55
Lex79Riddell: seems I fixed the mess20:17
RiddellLex79: oh?20:17
Riddellwhat what??20:17
Lex79I'm going to upload to bzr20:17
Lex79QLatin1String issue20:18
* Riddell runs bzr update in the hope of revelation20:18
Quintasanurgh nice spam in inbox20:22
Lex79Riddell: go20:26
Lex79only the brave http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/qt/ubuntu/revision/6320:26
RiddellLex79: ah hah!20:27
Riddellthe devious second string hidden infront of our very eyes!20:27
RiddellLex79: great stuff, I'll get it uploaded20:28
Riddellthat won't please our ARM friends, the previous compile there has already taken up 20 hours of their buildds but that's what they get for using a slow architecture :)20:28
Lex79who cares about arm friends :)20:30
Riddelldon't say that or NCommander will never fix python-qt4 for ARM20:31
Quintasan4.6.1 Qt?!20:33
NCommanderRiddell: its on my TODO list, but its unlikely to get done this week20:33
NCommanderRiddell: (I'm fairly tethered to an X0 board for testing)20:33
RiddellQuintasan: coming to an archive near you soon20:35
* Quintasan hands cookies to Lex79 and Riddell20:35
Lex79Quintasan: watch and learn and don't forget to bump the build-deps :P20:36
Lex79prrrrrr :P20:36
Quintasanoh man, I was really useless yesterday20:36
QuintasanI fixed my behavior20:36
* Lex79 gives cookies and a kiss to Quintasan20:38
Quintasanlook like I will need to delete .kde after release of 4.420:41
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QuintasanI made a huge mess there20:41
QuintasanRiddell: I'd probably get refactored gluon package today20:44
Quintasandunno how they are doing20:44
Quintasantime for quick nap I guess20:46
QuintasanRiddell: are we removing the categories from Internet category?20:51
RiddellQuintasan: I think that's been done in kde svn so it'll be sorted in 4.4 final20:52
Quintasannixternal: will we have extended time to translate docs or deadline will be as usual?20:53
QuintasanRiddell: okay, I'm getting sick of it ^^20:53
QuintasanI'll guess I will take a look at Shaman20:54
QuintasanIt's a shame that Raptor died20:54
RiddellQuintasan: Shaman?20:54
Riddellthe package manager?20:55
QuintasanShaman 2 exacly :P20:55
RiddellI had a look, it's fairly unstable20:55
QuintasanI've submitted a small patch to fix PackageKit plugin20:55
QuintasanI guess it wouldn't be bad to start to try hacking on it :P20:57
JontheEchidnathere's a libapt-pkg backend too now20:59
JontheEchidnadoesn't do too much yet, but it gives me hope20:59
Quintasanokay, I'm going to bed, sleeping won't hurt21:03
daskreechMy Sys tray says I have 9 notifications but I can't see any of them21:34
daskreechQuintasan: It's officially dead?21:34
daskreechBah asleep21:34
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nixternalQuintasan: I am going with extended time on docs...hopefully within the next week we will have the first revision of brand new docs uploaded...i have been super busy during the day this week with some work and other things and haven't gotten the chance to finish some of my sections23:25
ScottKOuch: http://trueg.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/just-in-time-for-kde-sc-4-4-virtuoso-6-1-0/23:33
ScottK(the ouch part is the data conversion)23:33
* Sput is glad to not have any important data in nepomuk23:35
nixternalScottK: don't think it is that much of an ouch, since we released virtuoso 5 with beta releases and not stable releases23:35
Riddellstable 4.4 is about to happen23:36
ScottKnixternal: Even for beta releases I don't think eating user data is a great idea.23:38
nixternalit isn't, but isn't that one of the gotchas for using beta quality stuff? :)23:39
nixternalplus, those that are worried can easily use the script on that page before hand23:39
Riddellwe could package the converter and tell people to run it manually23:39
ScottKSounds like it ought to be in Debian.NEWS or something23:39
Riddellbecause lots of people read that :)23:39
ScottKOf course if you use kpackagekit you'd never see it.23:39
Riddellhe doesn't say what version of soprano is needed23:40
Lex79I think 2.3.73 is fine, btw 2.4 will release with kde 4.423:41
Riddelland then do we package virtuoso ourselves or use the more-than-complete debian packaging23:42
ScottKUnless more-than-complete was sarcastic, I'd say use that.23:43
Riddellit's not sarcastic, it just includes the whole of virtuoso whereas soprano only needs a fairly small part of it23:44
Riddellbut it's all split up, we can see if it's split up in a way that we can ignore the bits we don't care about23:44
Lex79we need just virtuoso-minimal on the CD I think23:47

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