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newbie123abcHi all00:10
newbie123abcWhere is f... kde rc3?00:10
newbie123abcsomebody answer00:12
newbie123abcsomebody savemeee00:12
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ddd_i want songbird1.4.deb01:12
geniiWe all want a lot of things.01:12
geniiddd_: See http://www.n00bsonubuntu.com/software/songbirddailybuild01:13
samolwhat is this ?01:19
jc0694does anybody know the exact package name to install latex from synaptic?  i see a bunch of latex packages but i'm not sure which one i want.  help01:22
jc0694anybody know LaTeX?  how to install from synaptic?01:32
geniijc0694: texlive01:40
mudassarhello I am stuck in one problem trying to convert a video into grayscale using this cvCvtColor(img0,gray,CV_RGB2GRAY); but the video contracts in width and repeated in the same window three times01:43
mudassarno one ?01:48
jc0694genii:  thnx... so just the pakcage named "texlive"01:51
geniijc0694: latex has been superceded by texlive, yes01:52
geniimudassar: And this is is with.. ffmpeg? kino? gimp? ... other.. ?01:53
mudassarcvGrabFrame(capture0);          // capture frame from FILE01:54
mudassar  img0=cvRetrieveFrame(capture0);   // retrieve the captured frame cam 001:54
mudassar  gray = cvCreateImage( cvGetSize(img0), 8,  1);01:54
mudassar  cvCvtColor(img0,gray,CV_RGB2GRAY);01:54
mudassar  cvWriteFrame(writer0,gray);01:54
FloodBotK2mudassar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:54
geniimudassar: I suggest asking in #ffmpeg01:55
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mudassarno one is answer there02:00
Guest94003How do I get my ipod 3g to connect to Amorak?  I've read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod?action=show&redirect=IPodHowto#Adding music, syncing, and creating playlists.... but it doesn't say specifically how to do it.02:05
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jc0694in synaptic what does the green box with a gold star mean next to a package?02:10
ubuntuHi all.. I'm trying to install Kubuntu 9.10 i386 on my system.. I tried to resize my partition during the install and it lost all my data.....02:10
jc0694disregard... it means it's installed02:10
ubuntuit was originally ext3 but I told it to shrink the partition and change to ext4... then when I mounted it after it was done, all was gone...02:10
ubuntuso I tried changing it back to ext3 and increasing the partition back to it's original size... and still gone.... am I really SOL?02:11
jc0694from root, how do i get to my usb flash drive?02:14
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guest4127145jc0694: find out where it's mounted, normally something like /media/disk02:14
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jc0694guest4127145: thnx...02:17
WilliamWallaceHi, I recently installed Kubuntu 9.10 on my ASUS U81A laptop and it is having internet problems (it's plugged in to ethernet).  Occasionally it will connect to the internet but more often than not it wont.  I have looked for network drivers but I haven't been able to find anything.02:17
guest4127145I know I'm annoyed at the moment just because I think I've lost all my data, but really what's the point of having 241 idle users in a chat room?02:21
jc0694does the Prnt Scrn button on keyboard work the same way as it does in MS windows... i.e. can i just hit that button to screencapture and then go to open office and edit-->paste the image in the document?02:21
guest4127145jc0694: I don't believe so... I think there's an app you can get to do it... xprint or something like that02:23
jc0694guest4127145: ok...02:25
jc0694anybody know how to start latex/texlive?  i just downloaded/installed from synaptic but don't know how to actually start it.  i don't see the program in the start menu02:26
jc0694guest4127145: i think ksnapshot will work02:27
mudassarhello please solve my problem02:39
mudassarhello I am stuck in one problem trying to convert a video into grayscale using this cvCvtColor(img0,gray,CV_RGB2GRAY); but the video contracts in width and repeated in the same window three times02:40
ilumiis there any way to put songs on the zyne in linux?02:53
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zubin71hi id like some help with karmic03:54
zubin71i had karmic up and running with grub 203:55
zubin71when i installed fedora which had grub 103:55
zubin71now karmic doesnt boot03:55
zubin71im not interested in having grub 203:55
zubin71is there anyway i can boot in2 karmic from the older grub?03:55
ilumizubin71: why did u install old grub?04:09
zubin71ilumi : it came along with fedora04:10
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ilumican you log into console?04:12
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zubin71ilumi i can get into fedora and chroot into ubuntu too04:16
ilumitry  to ugrade grub from fedora04:17
jc0694anybody know the exact package name on synaptic to download xmms?04:18
ilumior youll have to add the link do ubuntu manually, but i dont know much about grub, maybe there is a command to rerun grub config04:18
ilumijc0694: do a search for it04:19
jc0694i think it's xmms2... i think04:19
jc0694just wanted to be sure... ok here goes, it's installing04:20
jc0694i'm having a problem after i install apps using synaptic... when i go to the start menu i can't find the apps... is there a place on the start menu that tells me recently installed programs... i just installed xmms2 and i did a search and it can't find it from the start menu04:22
Fanfarejc0694: isnt xmms2 just a console app?04:24
jc0694Fanfare: it's supposed to be an audio player... at least that's what synaptic says04:25
Fanfarejc0694: u definately need a client to connect to xmms2 http://wiki.xmms2.xmms.se/wiki/Clients04:28
Fanfarejc0694: dont like amarok?04:28
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jc0694i thought i was downloading this player described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XMMS2 .  i went to synaptic and downloaded the package called xmms2.  is this wrong.  i just want to play my mp3 files.04:31
ale_im new in linux, i just want to install  google earth, can anyone help me?04:32
jc0694Fanfare: did i download the wrong package to get the music player xmms2?04:34
Fanfarejc0694: no, as said its a server client thing, u just dled the server... find a GUI04:35
Fanfarejc0694: or simply use amarok!04:37
jc0694i can't get amarok to work04:38
Fanfarejc0694: whats our prob with amarok?04:44
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jc0694it won't play my music files04:46
jc0694i don't think amarok is drag and drop either04:48
Fanfaredo u hear any sound? loginsound etc?04:49
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jc0694this xmms2 client server stuff is complicated04:56
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jc0694i don't understand why amarok won't play my mp3 files05:05
Fanfaredo u have !medibuntu installed?05:05
Fanfare!medibuntu | jc069405:06
ubottujc0694: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:06
jc0694why is this so complicated... so they include a player called amarok with the OS but don't include all the necessary stuff with the player to actually play music... arrrghhhh05:11
jc0694makes me want to uninstall linux and go back to windows05:11
jc0694... and then i have to run these ridicucuouisly complicated console commands to download these "missing" files... unbelievable05:12
harolddongis someone holding a gun to your head right now making you do all this stuff?05:12
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Fanfarejc0694: thank all patentholders!05:13
gnacso I'm curious to know what type of encryption is used to encrypt the users home directories offered in the installer?05:14
harolddongyeah I mean you can't really blame linux for proprietary codecs. that's a little tarded05:15
jc0694the mp3 codec is proprietary?  i don't think so is it?05:16
Fanfarejc0694: it is! Frauenhofer institute holdes it iirc...05:16
jc0694can somebody propose the quickest and EASIEST way for a noob to listen to his mp3 collection (like 5 minutes from now i'm listening to my music)?05:18
Fanfarejc0694: install medibuntu05:18
harolddongadd the medibuntu repo05:18
jc0694can i get that from synaptic...i don't want to do anything with the konsole05:19
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Fanfare!medibuntu | jc069405:19
harolddongand btw in the current versions of ubuntu/kubuntu, whenever the comes across something that will need extra codecs it gives little popups offereing to install the stuff right then, doesnt it?  what's the problem hee?05:20
jc0694please i don't know s**t about linux... i need something with a gui (like synaptic) that will install this stuff, preferably asap05:20
Fanfareharolddong: u have to install medibuntu first ?05:20
jc0694yes, but how do i install medibuntu without going to konsole05:21
harolddongjc0694 if you want to use linux and think you're flat out never going to have to touch the console you're mistaken05:21
jc0694but it's intimidating...05:21
harolddongsee here05:21
Fanfarejc0694: one command to copy & paste ! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:21
harolddongsee here is the problem, jc, adding repos is actually WAY easier with the console than with gui applications in linux05:22
harolddongopen your mind, quaid05:22
Fanfarehe was mistakenly installing kubuntu when he wanted klickibunti05:22
harolddongyou have the wrong idea about the console. its actually a godsend, not a hassle05:22
jc0694i don't even know what to say i'm so frustrated with this...05:23
harolddongyou're looking at it the wrong way05:24
harolddongthere is a learning coming from windows, sure05:25
harolddongbut its actually a much more elegant system05:25
harolddong*learning curve05:25
harolddongis there media player will allow me to bookmak video streams?  seems like vlc would have that funtionality but I dont see it anywhere05:33
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Chr|scan I install kubuntu using wubi?05:39
harolddongit should be on the cd and should give the option if you insert it in a windows session05:41
IzinucsChr|s: however you might consider using virtualbox.org and install into a vm instead.. you'll be able to run it in a window in your OS.. then if you want to install or dual boot you can do that too.05:45
Chr|salright, thanks05:46
gnacWhat type of encryption is used to encrypt the users home directories offered in the installer?05:57
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gnaccrimsun: ty I think.  How is it setup to auto key on login.  i.e. if I didn't set it up on install, but want to set it up now?06:13
crimsungnac: Dustin Kirkland is the dev who integrated that, and his nick is kirkland here on Freenode.06:15
noaXessgood morning06:36
noaXessare there not thunderbird 3 packages for kubuntu? i just found the daily builds ppa.. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa06:39
noaXessand this will update ff too..06:40
martinjh99No idea - Was wondering that myself - try asking at #ubuntu-mozillateam06:40
noaXessmartinjh99: okay.. thanks06:43
TabstarI am using Kubuntu on a laptop and my external display is being detected as my main display as well with a different resolution, the multiple monitor section is greyed out, is there anyway to rectify this?06:50
noaXessmartinjh99: tb3 in kubuntu is comming soon :) check back https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam06:50
martinjh99Ah thanks cheers mate06:51
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:34
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:35
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koudelka_how to change dropshadow in kwin?08:22
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titan_arkNeed some help installing fonts :(08:39
gfgotegau ist scheiße08:39
titan_arkany idea how i can get the windows fonts in kubuntu?08:40
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petsoundstitan_ark, you mean ttf-mscorefonts-installer ?08:50
titan_arkpetsounds: yes, I managed it :)08:50
petsoundsnp :)08:51
titan_arkI just hope the document is readable when i print it from a windows system tomorrow08:51
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titan_arkelse i am gonna lose points on my assignment!08:51
titan_arkinfact il prolly get a 0 :D08:51
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turtle^s0up'morning everyone, is KDE SC still at 4.4 RC2 in the Kubuntu beta PPA?08:54
turtle^s0uppetsounds: know when we'll be getting RC3?08:57
Mamarokturtle^s0up: probably not at all, since it is only a testcase for packagers, there were problems with the tarballs08:58
petsoundsturtle^s0up, sorry idk i'm not a developer08:58
turtle^s0upthanks for the info08:58
Mamarokturtle^s0up: you are welcome :)08:59
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Fleckhey - on kubuntu 64bit, in firefox, after a while flash hangs - just gray squares where flash contents has to go in...09:04
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Duskaoanyone know why my composition (kwin) keeps turning off when I restart my computer?09:17
gabriel_\join ubuntu09:40
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majorhi all10:03
Guest73460hi hi10:10
Guest73460name squall10:10
buckfastHey, I'm trying to download Kubuntu for x64 intel cpu but it gives me the link to amd 64 bit version10:11
buckfastis this the same?10:11
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Pixar2Hey, any idea how to backup the Ktorrent seeding torrents before a clean reinstall? I really don't want to reseed manually over 100 torrents. I checked it's main folder and it's nothing related to my seeding torrents over there, maybe there's another folder storing that data, like I had in windows for utorrent a folder full of .torrent files.11:21
tsimpsonwhy would you need to reseed?11:21
Pixar2because i'm a seeder11:22
Pixar2i like seeding lots of torrents11:22
Pixar2for months11:22
tsimpsonbut, you've already seeded them, that doesn't disappear11:22
tsimpsonit's just a number in your client11:22
Pixar2i'm not talking about that11:22
tsimpsonhowever, all the ktorrent stuff should be under ~/.kde11:22
Pixar2it's not11:22
Pixar2can't find anything related to my seeding torrents11:23
tsimpsonwell, it should be in ~/.kde, but you can try asking in #ktorrent or #kde if not11:24
Pixar2i tried, but no reply...11:24
Pixar2i'll try kde11:25
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VisheshI think they are there at .kde/share/apps/ktorrent11:35
vbgunz_I have a quick question. alt-f2, run command interface, I start typing and see a command that appears it can autocomplete. how do you autocomplete it?11:35
VisheshIt usually provides a drop down box, but not always.11:36
Mamarokvbgunz_: right arrow should autocomplete it11:36
tsimpsonor press the right-arrow key if you mean the greyed-out text part11:37
vbgunz_Mamarok: yeah thats it11:37
buckfastso how big should I make the swap space?11:37
vbgunz_can I make that tab?11:37
VisheshPixar2: Yea, thy are present at .kde/share/apps/ktorrent11:37
buckfastI have 4 GB RAM11:37
Mamarokbuckfast: double your RAM, unless you have 4 GB of RAM or more, then 4 Gb is enough11:37
vbgunz_I can see why not11:38
Pixar2 I swear that folder has 200 kb11:38
Mamarokvbgunz_: no, since the tab moves in the proposed items below11:38
vbgunz_Mamarok: yeah, I guess its cool, just requires my hand to move a quite a lot to autocomplete11:39
buckfastok, 4GB it is then11:39
vbgunz_Mamarok: thanks, its all good, I get it11:39
VisheshPixar2: goto Ktorrent->settings->Configure Ktorrent. There is an option there. What version are you using?11:39
vbgunz_buckfast: your swap is usually double your ram11:39
buckfastvbgunz_: I have 4GB ram11:40
idyllici have zero swap with 4gb ram11:40
Mamarokbuckfast: read what I told you above11:40
vbgunz_buckfast, to be safe 8gb swap11:41
buckfastMamarok: Yes, I'll go with 4GB11:41
idyllicunless you really do alot of multitasking, you rarely hit 4gb ram. 8 gb swap is excessive..11:41
Mamarokidyllic: read what I wrote above11:42
vbgunz_heh, I have 8gb ram and 16gb swap, I hibernate though almost everyday to dual boot into windows for some stuff.11:42
Mamarokvbgunz_: it slows down your computer if it swaps too much, and I can't immagine a reason to have more than the equal amount of RAM above 4 GB11:43
vbgunz_I have my swappiness at 10, hibernation goes nuts on the swap right?11:44
Mamarokwell, the more you swap, the slower it gets11:44
vbgunz_I did the double just to be safe, I rely heavily on hibernation to work11:45
vbgunz_I frickin wish hibernating was half as fast as suspend though, suspending is awesome11:45
vbgunz_just curious, the requirements to run the latest 9.10 stable desktop live cd, has it gone pass requiring a pentium 4, 1gb ram? I tried updating a 5 year old box the other day and it was terrible though the new installer looks awesome11:47
vbgunz_really the new installer is 10/1011:47
avihay_say, I have swap problems. I have 2G of ram and 4G of swap, and my memory usage is 55% and swap usage 29%, so switching tasks is slow. this usually happens after I run a specific (read leaking like a sieve) Java program. I rather have 95% ram usage and 10% swap or somth like that11:48
vbgunz_avihay absolutely I would think11:48
hackerHi, people11:48
avihay_how can I control that?11:49
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vbgunz_google ubuntu swappiness, the lower the number the more ram you use before you start relying on swap11:49
vbgunz_linux swappiness should work but just in case something specific about it, ubuntu swappiness is what you're looking for I believe11:50
avihaythanks for the advice11:50
barphgrr ...11:55
vbgunz_hey avihay did you find this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq ?11:57
vbgunz_two things on there good for you, one is chaning swappiness and 2 is a small script that will move everything in swap back into ram11:58
avihayya, first hit in the big G. looking carefully at free's output, I discovered that I have 90% ram taken already and the "system load viewer" applet is lying to me11:59
buckfastI installed kubuntu after win 7, but theres no boot loader :S12:01
buckfastEven though in the installation I told it to install a boot loader12:01
VisheshDrag and drop doesn't seem to work on KDE or Gnome. Anyone know how to fix this? The moment you try to drag anything, that window gains focus and if it covers majority of the screen, the app you want to drag it into gets hidden.12:03
avihayVishesh: you can drag to the taskbar, hover until the app pops up, and then drag to the app. I too am wondering why that particular feature isn't implemented12:05
Visheshavihay: Sweet. Thanks. It's a good workaround.12:08
buckfast  Why isnt the boot loader showing up12:10
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avihaybuckfast: try to reinstall it manually from a livecd. I suggest you find a guide for that online, I havn't played with grub2 yet12:18
avihaybuckfast: this should help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows be careful about the grub/grub2 issue12:21
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buckfastavihay: reinstalled grub to the disks mbr but it still only boots win712:34
kali1my laptop can show resolution up to 1280x.. but in ubuntu it is showing only upto 800x60012:36
petsoundskali1, what card?12:37
TabstarIs there anyway I can extend my desktop to my 2nd monitor? At the moment it is mirroring the display and the multiple monitor setting is greyed out...12:53
KoliaTabstar: do you have an nvidia card?12:55
TabstarKolia, yes12:56
buckfasthow come the installation didnt install a boot loader even though i set it up to12:59
buckfasti booted into live cd, opened terminal and typed grub13:01
buckfastbut it said that command was not found13:01
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micha_hi @ all13:29
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Guest60040que onda?13:49
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jtholmesanyone have any good experiences with toshiba satellite w/linksys WPC54G wireless card in 9.1013:53
tew88_I'm experiencing freezing of the desktop and taskbars on Kubuntu 9.10. I'm running 8 (not particularly demanding) widgets across two virtual desktops, but I really think the computer should be able to handle it. Could there be another reason to explain this?13:55
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leinjtholmes: have you searched the ubuntu forum yet? i believe i saw a post similar to what your asking about an hour ago13:55
kadditew88_ do you have intel graphic chip?13:57
jtholmeslein thanks will do13:58
leinjtholmes: np, good luck13:59
tew88_kaddi: Nope, ATI - onboard too, but plenty of memory to go around13:59
tew88_It's frozen now and has been for the last 3 minutes or so... quite frustrating14:01
tew88_The internet connection here is pretty terrible at the moment... could it be a plasmoid hanging while waiting for data, or is that clutching at straws?14:01
leintew88: have you checked your syslog yet?14:02
tew88_lein: Nope. First real experience with Linux... not sure where to look or what to look for.14:03
leintew88: k, np.  your desktop is frozen, can you do anything on it?14:05
tew88_(especially when I can't access my taskbar!)14:05
tew88_It's working at the moment. It saves up my actions and then executes them all at once14:05
tew88_Managed to open my System Log14:06
tew88_Anything in particular I should look for?14:06
leintew88: sounds kinda like it has to much to do at one time.  anything that say error14:07
tew88_A few cron jobs from an hour ago, this recently (which coincides somewhat with my problem, timing-wise): 2010-02-03 14:02:43october-horsekernel[68353.234682] hda-intel: Too big adjustment 3214:07
leintew88: you may have alot of background stuff going14:08
leintew88: what distro and desktop are you running?14:09
tew88_Nope, no errors14:10
tew88_Hmm, some GTK+ bug fixes showing in software updates... will give that a try14:10
tew88_Kubuntu 9.10, default KDE that ships with that I presume14:10
leintew88: yup kubuntu is kde. that could be it. may also wanna check system monitor and check you cpu and ram loads. if the cpu / ram  loads are high then you may want to check and see if theres any background processes  that you don't need that are eating up your resources14:14
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drostieholy /crap/ that's a lot of security holes in Qt. ^_^;;14:35
kaddii've had 3 kwin crashes in the last two days. The bugreport says that the information available in it is not useful. Wich dev-packages do I need to install to get a better backtrace?14:38
geniikaddi: Usually they are named -dbg at the end and not -dev .14:39
geniikaddi: problemmatic-packagename-dbg     for example14:39
kaddigenii: yes, i guess I was asking what packages i'd need for kwin14:40
geniikaddi: If you install kdelibs5-dbg it should pull in whatever else is needed for the main kde14:41
kaddik, thx :)14:41
geniikaddi: np14:42
kaddigenii: i figured how to reproduce the bug (i think) and installed the kdelibs5-dbg (it only pulled libqt4-dbg in addition), but the backtrace is still useless. the first liens mention/usr/lib/kde4/kwin4_effect_builtins.so andusr/lib/libkdeinit4_kwin.so do you know how i can figure out to which package they belong?14:53
mtuxHi, Is there any PPA that include Qt 4.6.X for Januty!?15:04
geniikaddi: According to http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=%2Fusr%2Flib%2Fkde4%2Fkwin4_effect_builtins.so&mode=exactfilename&suite=karmic&arch=any  those belong to kdebase-workspace-dbg package15:05
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hollywoodhello!    how do not include flash in firefox?15:06
hollywoodbecause firefox work bad with flash15:06
albertolempirahey guys, i was using a huawei e1552 modem on kubuntu and everything was working perfectly but suddenly stopped working. Anybody can help me with this please? Thanks in advance15:07
hollywoodand appeare killerloop?!15:07
||arifaXdbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.SimulateUserActivity   does not work (confirmed bug). any workarrounds to simulate it like a virtual mouse move or key press?15:08
Lugia010719d1Hi.. Is there any way I can create a new wireless connection which is not Ad-Hoc, (it would be AP, or HotSpot), and share internet connection from my wired LAN network card, under Kubuntu 9.10? Is hostapd usable for this?15:10
geniihollywood: Flash doesn't come with firefox by default in (K)ubuntu.15:10
hollywoodI know15:10
hollywoodbut where the button to reinclude15:10
Lugia010719d1i know it is not a quastion directly for kubuntu, but i dont know where else to ask ^^; need to share my wired internet as an AP for my Nintendo DS and i dont want to buy a router for that..15:11
hollywoodLugia010719d1  Nintendo ?   are you gaymer?15:12
Lugia010719d1well kind of15:12
Lugia010719d1I play only Pokemon games15:12
Lugia010719d1Pokemon Emerald and Platinum15:12
Lugia010719d1will get Soul Silver in March.. but that does not matter, i need my laptop to be able to provide wifi internet connection for the DS ^^;15:13
MiBoLugia010719d1: Firestarter can do that for you15:13
=== Y0Y0 is now known as yoyo
Lugia010719d1MiBo: ok thank you, i will try it :)15:15
jtholmesanyone using the netgear wpnt511 wireless card successfully15:17
jtholmesunder 9.1015:17
Lugia010719d1i hope i did not mess up my kubuntu by previous attempts to do it (installed webmin and tried this: http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/setup-your-computer-to-be-router.html)15:17
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.15:18
Lugia010719d1so i hope i will manage to uninstall irt15:20
albertolempirahey guys, i was using a huawei e1552 modem on kubuntu and everything was working perfectly but suddenly stopped working. Anybody can help me with this please? Thanks in advance15:26
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
daskreech!hi | princess15:36
ubottuprincess: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:36
||arifaXdbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.SimulateUserActivity   does not work (confirmed bug). any workarrounds to simulate it? - I want to get the password prompt like a user moved the mouse to unlock screensaver15:44
Lugia010719d1I dont see any option in Firestarter to create a virtual AP :(15:44
Lugia010719d1I configured it to share internet from eth0 to eth1, but it is useless without the possibility of connecting the thing over Wifi15:45
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
ahoxHi is an kde4rc3 planned?16:00
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
[-Haza-]Hey folks... I have some crappy BT router and im connected to it via wireless using kubuntu 8.x and WPA-PSK.. trying to connect a new laptop to the same wireless router but Kubuntu 9.1016:09
[-Haza-]The only connection type i can see that would fit would be WPA/WPA2 PSK16:09
[-Haza-]Would this be correct?16:09
[-Haza-]Tried to connect already with no luck :s16:10
hollywood[-Haza-] щл16:10
hollywood[-Haza-]  I hear you16:10
[-Haza-]hollywood: You've seen the same issues?16:10
lein-Haza-  wpa/wpa2  and wpa-psk are the same thing16:10
hollywood[-Haza-]  тщ16:11
hollywood[-Haza-]  no16:11
hollywood[-Haza-] I see you16:11
[-Haza-]lein: ive tried using that security to thje same router with the same credentials... ni luck16:12
hollywood[-Haza-]  write russian16:12
[-Haza-]hollywood: What the heck dribbling on about?!16:12
hollywood[-Haza-]  your english is strange16:12
[-Haza-]hollywood: What makes you think i know Russian?16:13
hollywood[-Haza-] may be may be16:13
soeehi, whats the command to add ppa via terminal?16:14
[-Haza-]lein: Any other thoughts?16:14
lein-Haza- :  a few.  ive had the same problem before, trying to remember how i fixed it16:15
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
leinsoee : if you look on launchpad it will tell you how. sorry i can;t help more but i don't run karmic16:16
hollywood[-Haza-] bye16:16
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
soeelein: iv got it thnx anyway16:17
[-Haza-]lein: If you think of anything then let me know. Would be much appreciated16:18
lein-Haza-  : k, i'm looking at something now16:19
[-Haza-]lein: No worries. Take your time. I appreciate it :)16:19
lein-Haza-  : take a look at this and see if it helps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202834&highlight=wpa-psk16:22
hollywood[-Haza-]   get out16:34
trakinasdoes anyone here uses MySql? I need help with some regular expressions and if it is possible to do what I want to.16:56
trakinashttp://pastebin.com/d44a64ff0 -- line 9 and bellow (forget the REGEX statament, I forgot to remove it before pasting.17:00
cinexI have just installed 9.1 onto my laptop. now when I boot the screen doesn't display anything. its just has the light on (so to speak). grub wont accept vga=scan so I can't try diff resolutions. I can't even get into text mode. it's the graphics I'm sure. But I can fix anything unless I can at least view the tty17:14
cinextty 1-617:14
cinexany ideas?17:14
cinexcan't fix anything*17:15
cinexI installed with the alternate disk, and the liveCD has the same problem17:15
ns_I'll let someone with more knowledge answer your question; but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with hardware rather than ubuntu.17:15
cinexthe graphics hardware. but it wont even let me into the text modes17:16
cinexI think its a new grub17:16
ns_wait, grub worked before v2?17:17
cinexthe laptop is 3 months old or so17:17
cinexit worked before 9.117:17
cinexfedora works fine too17:17
cinexbut I just deleted fedora17:17
ns_well i don't want to break things any further. I'd love to help but I would just make things worse :)17:18
cinexbreak away17:18
cinexu can't break it unless I can see the text eh17:18
cinexthat just lets me see the text untill kdm kicks in ?17:24
cinexit doesnt even get that far17:24
dev1  <div style="height:29px; line-height:29px; width:610px; margin-bottom:10px;">17:27
dev1<div style="float:left; background-image:url(./images/home_today.gif); background-repeat:no-repeat; padding-left:35px; height:29px; padding-top:3px; font-size:17px; font-family:arial; font-weight:bold; color:#000;">Today on Music Gaia!</div>17:27
dev1<div style="float:right; padding-top:5px;"><a href="signup.php"><font style="font-weight:bold; font-family:arial; font-size:9pt;">Signup today!</font></a></div>17:27
FloodBotK2dev1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:27
dev1<ul id="countrytabs" class="shadetabs">17:27
* _sattam brb17:29
cinex2ok it works on the monitor17:32
dfaurethere's a recent regression in the openoffice-kde integration, the file dialog is ultra slow when navigating. Is this known?17:38
=== roy__ is now known as schestowitz
leinwhen i try and type in my password at login, 3 characters are displayed in the box. i.e.  i type "bob" output is " bbbooobbb" .  any ideas?17:40
siegiedfaure: try disabling nepomuk. http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3109633.msg217620#msg21762017:44
daskreechlein: It's an option to show three chars instead of 117:45
daskreechyou can also show no chars17:45
buckfastFor some reason, the boot loader didn't install on the MBR17:46
buckfastI tryed reinstalling grub manually on knoppix live cd, chose the right drive, it didnt give any errors, but still no boot loader17:47
leindaskreech : yeah but the problem is it does the same term17:48
[-Haza-]ugh.. Kubuntu is not playing nice....17:48
cinex[-Haza-]: its not playing nice here either17:49
mindspinhi, I'm using kde since about 10 years and I am a happy user of kde 3. (8.04 lts) Is there any chance to stay with kde3 when 10.04 will be released?17:49
cinexmindspin: even if the answer is no you can install the server version and compile it :)17:49
mindspinhaha, good one17:50
[-Haza-]cinex: im disheartened...17:51
cinexwell, looks like im moving back to debian17:51
mindspinthat could be my solution too17:51
siegiemindspin: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic17:52
[-Haza-]cinex: I think i might do the same :(17:52
mindspinthanks siegie17:52
cinexgetting the netcd now17:53
cinexwatch it not have the right driver support17:53
[-Haza-]Simple things like adding the weather widget to the desktop, in the seatch city i type "Edinburgh" or "Scotland"... Hell if i type "London" i get the message that the city cannot be found :s17:53
[-Haza-]Not to mention i can't conenct to my router using the wireless either17:54
daskreechlein: Hmm when did that start?17:54
daskreech[-Haza-]: What's up?17:54
cinex[-Haza-]: that might be due to firmware (the wifi issue)17:54
daskreechmindspin: yes17:54
leindaskreech : about 3am17:54
ugurHi all. When the computer boots run level scripts do not start but when i call like init 5 after that they all start normally17:55
[-Haza-]daskreech: Thats for offering help but im working on something else at the moment. again, thank you :)17:55
daskreech[-Haza-]: BBC changed the serch engine API that KDE 4.3 used so that's broke now17:55
[-Haza-]daskreech: Ahh that will do me! Thank you!17:55
daskreechugur: So nothing starts when you start?17:55
ugurnothing yes17:56
ugurit is like that run level isn't reached at all17:56
cinexugur: I think k/x/ubuntu all boot into runlevel 217:56
daskreechyou can bug #ubuntu-server or #upstart about it17:56
cinexso runlevel 5 is the wrong place to put the scripts?17:56
daskreechcinex: Ah that too :)17:56
uguryes I have those scripts in run level 2 also17:56
ugurI have used update-rc.d command to install17:57
cinexrunlevel 5 is a redhat thing that debain thinks is insecure. I have no idea why17:57
cinexugur: they all have the same Snumbers acroos the runlevels?17:57
ugurok forget about init 5 but init 2 also runs all scripts17:58
ugursome has the same but generally different17:58
cinexugur: set the default runlevel to 5 and see if they work then17:58
wftlDoes anyone know what you need to do to make video chat work in Kopete using MSN? It used to work, but the functionality seems to be gone in Karmic.17:59
cinexugur: the Snumbers are the order the scripts are run (you know that?) also you can check log files to see if they are dieing for some reason or other17:59
cinexwftl: amsn works17:59
ugurcinex: is it enough just to change /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf and then reboot?17:59
cinexamsn has no encrytped chats though17:59
cinexugur: ill check\18:00
wftlcinex: Thanks. I was kind of hoping to keep using Kopete though. :-)18:00
cinexubuntu doesnt have one18:00
howlymowlyhi guys....18:00
cinexugur: you can create an inittab18:02
howlymowlyshort question:   I got 3GBs of RAM on my sysem..  my system monitor says, I am using about 500MBs of it..  but why is it it also using 700MBs of my swap space which is very slooooooowww?  i think that's rather annoying...  why does it not just use the rest 2.5GBs of RAM?18:02
cinexwhere 3 is the default runlevel18:02
ugurcinex: I have changed default run level to 5 and it didn't work18:02
cinexnow do init 218:03
cinexsee if they run18:03
ugurcinex: yes they do run with init 2 command18:03
cinexthats very strange18:04
cinexperhaps they are in a bad order?18:04
cinexif they are custom scripts you could use a script in /etc/rc.local18:04
cinexdo they require the internet to be running for example18:04
ugurcinex: ssh and proftpd are among them that do not run automatically18:05
cinexwell ssh should run18:05
ugurthere is only one manual script for tomcat and it also runs normally with init 2 command18:05
ugurbut they are not triggered on startup18:06
cinexS16ssh is where my ssh is18:06
ugursame here18:06
cinexhave you looked in var/log?18:06
ugurand it is the only one with 16 prefix18:06
ugurcinex: for what?18:07
cinexugur: errors18:07
ugurcinex: no but i will. Could you specify any keywords to look for? Or error in general?18:08
daskreechhowlymowly: it does use the RAM18:09
cinexugur: I'm looking now18:09
ugurcinex: no errors for today18:11
ugurin any log file18:11
howlymowlydaskreech: hmm..  why does it say it is using more than 700MBs of my swap then?18:12
daskreechhowlymowly: It's caching hashed files there18:13
daskreechIt's faster than the hard drive18:13
daskreechso it keeps a copy in RAM and in Swap18:13
ugurcinex: I have read that page and it didn't help18:13
howlymowlyahhh... so that's what its all about.... what are these hashed files for, exactly? daskreech?18:14
daskreechhowlymowly: Files which you have called and used already18:14
howlymowlyahh ok...  i c18:15
howlymowlythx daskreech18:15
cinexi dunno ugur18:16
ugurcinex: Thanks for your help18:18
=== adam is now known as Guest54558
Benkinoobyhi, wha is the hotkey to hide all windows and see the (Palsma-)Dekstop?18:27
JaguarWarriorI have a problem with upgrading to 9.1018:30
JaguarWarriorIs there somebody here who's willing to help?18:31
BenkinoobyJaguarWarrior: seems we are alone...18:33
BenkinoobyJaguarWarrior: where's the matter?18:33
JaguarWarriorWell I basically get a big error in my face when I try to upgrade.18:34
JaguarWarriorand then it quits18:34
JaguarWarriorone sec I'll give exact information right away18:34
soeeguys tmorrow is 4th so the lucid alpha 3 will be released?18:34
JaguarWarriorIt states18:35
JaguarWarrior"Preparing the upgrade failed"18:35
JaguarWarriorThat's all18:37
=== betinho is now known as tumaix
soeeas far as i know opensuse, fedora and arch got 4.4 rc3 already, why we dont have it in ppa?18:42
Ahox_Hi, my sound doesn't work under kde, my sound card is grayed out in the sound setting menue. Any ideas?18:45
Ahox_It does work with other programs like qutecom18:45
BenkinoobyAhox_: what version is your alsa?18:48
Ahox_1.0.20 - should be the std kubuntu one18:49
BenkinoobyAhox_: ok, i had 1.0.18 with my kubuntu and had to update manually to make it work....18:50
Benkinoobydid you try the command lspci?18:50
Benkinoobyalso i knwo there is a good doku about sound trouble shooting...18:51
Ahox_Also e.g. qutecom or vlc has no problems with it18:51
Ahox_It's just kde(4.4rc2)18:51
Ahox_thnx, i will look through it18:51
Benkinoobyah... so you can use it?18:52
Benkinoobyif the card works, don't mind my link18:52
WaltzingAlongsoee: because you have not contributed?18:53
Ahox_Hi, none of this helped - this page only describes what to do in case of a non-working alsa.18:56
BenkinoobyAhox_: i thought it wouldnt work at all19:04
Benkinoobyso vlc and other progs work fine?19:04
Ahox_no, it does work with anything but kde19:04
Benkinoobygo Start->System Setting -> Multimedia19:06
BenkinoobyAhox_: see the "Device Preferences" on the left?19:07
buckfastFor some reason, the boot loader didn't install on the MBR19:08
buckfastI tryed reinstalling grub manually on knoppix live cd, chose the right drive, it didnt give any errors, but still no boot loader19:08
Benkinoobyahox: http://imagebin.ca/view/AL40Hbo.html19:10
Ahox_I restarted kde and now it works...19:11
Ahox_actually, skype didn't work neither before... odd19:11
Benkinoobyahox: for skye check skypes own sound configuration....19:13
Benkinoobyahox: it has the tendency to ignore the system settings... so you just du same settings and test with the test call19:14
Benkinoobyahox: good luck19:14
buckfastVishesh: what is the problem19:24
Visheshbuckfast : sorry konversation19:27
Visheshi'll log out19:27
=== _sattam is now known as sattam
Koliaanyone with KDE4.4 RC2 around?19:54
soeeKolia: a lot of us i think19:56
wesleywhich protocol is best used to make use of a webcam with kopete?19:56
Koliasoee: is strigi working for you?19:57
InvaderZimHow do I use kbluetooth to RECEIVE files? I only see an option for sending.20:12
e_t_InvaderZim: do you have a send option on your other device? Can you see your computer from it?20:15
InvaderZime_t_: yes... it is visible, but when I try to send it gives me "sending failed"20:15
e_t_Does sending from computer to device work?20:16
e_t_OK. What do you see if you right-click on the bluetooth tray icon?20:17
InvaderZime_t_:  kbluelock / send / device manager / settings / about / quit20:18
e_t_click on settings20:18
InvaderZime_t_: and?20:18
e_t_tell me what you see.20:19
=== muhammad__ is now known as nexus
InvaderZimreceived files / bluetooth adapters / obex servers (checked)20:19
e_t_let's go to bluetooth adapters20:20
InvaderZime_t_: Mac address for the computer's bt / adapter name / mode: discoverable / timeout: none20:21
=== muhammad__ is now known as nexus
e_t_are there any options for mode?20:21
InvaderZime_t_: discoverable or hidden20:21
e_t_OK. Let's check out device manager now.20:23
InvaderZime_t_: there you see the other device listed20:24
e_t_Is that all?20:24
InvaderZime_t_: you want me to type all there?20:25
e_t_Could you post a screenshot to pastebin?20:25
ToxinPoweanyone with 4.4 RC3 on Karmic?20:28
InvaderZime_t_: which pastebin supports imgs?20:28
WaltzingAlongToxinPowe: not yet20:30
ToxinPoweok, I'm waiting too :s20:31
WaltzingAlongInvaderZim: tinypic.com20:31
InvaderZime_t_: http://imagebin.ca/view/a8eG3q2y.html20:31
e_t_ToxinPowe: I saw last night that the packages are up for Lucid alpha.20:31
InvaderZime_t_: watching that window when i try to send a file, i notice that the status changes briefly from not connected to connected, until the "sending failed" shows up, and it says not connected again20:33
e_t_Well, the first thing would be to click "connect" and see if that does anything.20:33
InvaderZime_t_: changes to connected but thats it20:34
e_t_Try sending now20:34
InvaderZime_t_: ohhhhhhhhh it worked20:34
InvaderZimi thought i tried that already20:35
=== krutten is now known as krutten___
InvaderZime_t_: gee thanks man!20:35
e_t_We attempt to give satisfaction.20:35
InvaderZimand satisfaction is given indeed20:36
mudassarHello peoples I have a problem in opencv and ffmpeg, I want to convert the video to grayscale using the function cvCvtColor(img0,gray,CV_RGB2GRAY); and then writing into a file by cvWriteFrame(writer0,grayImg); but the video contracts in width and repeated three times in the window. Please help me I have spend a whole day on it20:39
mudassarcvWriteFrame(writer0,gray); //correction20:39
kaddiargh, bugs.kde.org hates me -.- I'm trying to submit a bugreport to kde, everything works fine till i hit submit. Then I get "unknown error" . Do I loose any information if I just post the kcrash report to a new bug report instead of submitting it over the crash handler?20:39
ToxinPowee_t_: thx for the info20:39
Duskaoanyone know of a non composition dock for kubuntu? that is good and easy to use?20:40
mudassarbad grammar20:40
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
DuskaoI have been using docky, but it requires composition and my composition keeps turning off every time I restart my computer.20:41
albertolempirahey guys i´m using a Huawei modem, everything was working fine but suddenly it stopped working. Can anybody help me with this? thanks.20:44
e_t_mudassar: can you use the "-pix_fmt gray" option in ffmpeg?20:44
mudassaropencv is using the ffmpeg internally, I can't do that20:45
mudassarI have only the functions to call20:45
ozgurubuntuda yeni kulanıncıyım20:46
ozgurwebcam açamıyorum20:46
wesleyhello which protocol is best used for video chat in kopete?20:48
albertolempirahey guys i´m using a Huawei modem, everything was working fine but suddenly it stopped working. Can anybody help me with this? thanks.20:52
Unksialbertolempira: when i used one about a year ago, it helped to remove it and reattach it to the usb port20:53
Unksiwhen it behaved like that20:53
=== zbenjamin|away is now known as zbenjamin
Unksisometimes that had to be done like 2-3 times before it would work again20:53
=== ian_ is now known as iflema
albertolempiraUnksi i´ve tried that...20:55
Unksiyou could try checking /var/log/syslog or command dmesg if either of them show anything useful about why it stopped working20:56
albertolempiraUnksi the problem is that when i try to connect to my provider the blue light turns to a flashing green light and it doesn´t connect to the internet...20:56
Unksiok, sounds like it tries to establish connection but fails20:56
Unksidoes knetworkmanager give any response?20:58
=== lenina is now known as marcy
ubuntuHello... can anybody help me setup my Kubuntu to work in a hardware raid 0?21:21
=== ubuntu is now known as Dekkzter
e_t_Dekkzter: If the hardware RAID is already set up, Kubuntu should just see it as a regular hard drive.21:25
Dekkzterit does...21:26
Dekkzterbut when i have installed it doesnt work21:26
Dekkzteri dont get up grub or anything21:27
Dekkzteru have any idea about that?21:28
marcyum, hi - just tried to do a ssh login via publickey - and it fails :( ssh -v .. gives me this: http://pastebin.com/m6446f74121:32
marcythe error without -v is "Permission denied (Public Key)"21:32
daskreechDekkzter: how did you install Grub?21:33
marcycan anyone help me out ?21:33
Dekkzterwith the installer on mbr21:33
Dekkzterim pretty new on kubuntu and linux so thats all i know :P21:34
Dekkzterdaskreech: if i install kubuntu now.... and then "continue to try it"... could u help me out afterwards?21:36
daskreechDekkzter: Sure21:37
Dekkzteri start the install now then21:37
marcydoes any have an idea ? :(21:37
daskreechmarcy: looking21:37
marcydaskreech: cool, thanks21:38
=== zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin|away
daskreechmarcy: what are you permissions n ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ?21:39
=== satan is now known as Guest49463
marcyit's -rw------- 1 root root 396 2010-02-03 21:43 authorized_keys21:42
miglodoes someone know how to get the boot messages visible on screen when kubuntu starts, instead of splash screen?21:44
Koliamiglo: any problem?21:45
dfauremiglo: choose failsafe in grub?21:45
marcymiglo: put a nosplash option into the grub config file afaicr21:45
marcyyap, or choose failsafe :)21:45
marcydaskreech: should do a chown mamo to authorized_keys ?21:47
migloKolia: actually, there is no problem. I just wants to have back my messages :)21:47
Dekkzterdaskreech: the install is finished... what shall i do now? :)21:47
migloKolia: I guess, there was "splash" specified that I already removed. now, I see only a black screen during startup21:48
daskreechDekkzter: Did it have a note that it installed GRUB21:53
Dekkzterhmm.. not that i did see21:53
daskreechDekkzter: OK reboot and if it doesn't work come back here21:54
Dekkztercomming back anyway to tell you :)21:55
marcydaskreech: ?21:57
davyde_hi i'm trying livecd of   Kubuntu 9.04 and i want try my microphone usb vumeter -r doesn't work there is an applicatio wich i can use to record sound?21:59
=== Malin_away is now known as Malin-
davyde_there isn't?22:02
Dekkzterdaskreech: nope.. grub didnt start22:06
Dekkzterjust booted straight to windows22:06
=== krutten___ is now known as spare_krutten
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
daskreechDekkzter: ok22:09
daskreechWhat devices do you see for /dev ?22:10
Dekkzter /sda22:11
Dekkzterb b1 c d d122:11
Dekkzteryou meant those?22:11
=== ilumi is now known as werfact
Dekkzteri see scd0 aswell22:13
Dekkzterdaskreech: can i pm u?22:13
=== chewbaka is now known as kaktuskatta
kaktuskattaHi! I'm in need of some help regarding knetworkmanager! I want to be able to log in automaticly to my wifi-network, but in order to do so I have to disable or skip the password request from kwalletmanager some how. Does anyone have a clue? All the forum threads out there seems to be outdated. I'm on Kubuntu Jaunty 64x22:20
kaktuskatta* thats x86_6422:21
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Dekkzteranyone else that can help me install grub here?22:28
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kaktuskattaDekkzter: have you tried #ubuntu ? Seems to be more people alive on that channeø22:32
Dekkzteriĺl try that22:33
kaktuskattayou're welcome :)22:33
WaltzingAlongkaktuskatta: knetworkmanager cannot do this, afaik. then you want a 'system wide' setting, which can be stored elsewhere22:40
alexandraim having trouble find my administrations menu and prefrences under the drop down system menu...any ideas?22:42
zoot365I installed Gap, now I can't access my Gimp toolbox.22:42
WaltzingAlongalexandra: such as?22:43
alexandrahow to figure what has gone wrong and how to restore them?22:43
WaltzingAlongi have not established anything is broken yet22:44
kaktuskattaWaltzingAlong: What if I choose to use another wifimanager, such as WICD?22:44
kaktuskattaWould that help any, or am I stuck to the keyring system in KDE?22:45
alexandraunder the main top main panel, systems dropdown22:45
WaltzingAlongkaktuskatta: do not know. apparently the one from gnome can do it22:47
WaltzingAlongkaktuskatta: just kde frontend cannot create system wide networ manager settings, afaik22:47
daskreechDekkzter: OK Sorry22:47
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.22:47
kaktuskattaWaltzingAlong: quite frustrating, most forums seems to be outdated on this subject, referring to old distros.... :-/22:48
Dekkzterdaskreech: i guess ill go with grub2 since its karmic koala i have22:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub222:48
daskreechThey should really flip those around22:49
daskreech I'll ask them to do that when LTS hits22:49
kaktuskattaWaltzingAlong: I've also tried disabling the entire keyring subsystem, resulting in no connection at all. As if the manager didn't send the password at all22:49
Dekkzterdaskreech: the thing im most confused about is the installing when in the live cd kubuntu22:50
WaltzingAlongkaktuskatta: yeah sorry. i use knetworkmanager but too would like system wide settings. thought about using the one from gnome or just configuring it manually22:51
daskreechDekkzter: Ok where are you with that?22:51
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Dekkzterdaskreech: hmm.. what do you mean?22:51
zoot365It seems to be a wacom problem.22:51
daskreechmarcy: why does root own that file ?22:52
alexandraim having trouble find my administrations menu and prefrences under the drop down system menu.. how do i restore them or get them back?22:54
daskreechDekkzter: have you started the grub install from the live CD?22:54
Dekkzterdaskreech: i installed kubuntu with live cd.... then rebooted as you told me to... now i have booted the live cd again22:55
Dekkzterand have done nothing yet22:55
daskreechDekkzter: Right and we are trying to install Grub2 from it22:55
Dekkzteryes :)22:55
Dekkzteri need to mount the / somehow or something? :)22:55
daskreechDekkzter: Right22:56
daskreechso lets make a directory named /mnt/boot22:56
daskreechthen Do you know what device linux is on?22:57
Dekkzternot really :S22:57
daskreechok ls /dev/sd*22:57
daskreechWhat do you see?22:57
Dekkztersda sdb sdb1 sdc sdd sdd122:58
alexandraim having trouble find my administrations menu and prefrences under the drop down system menu.. how do i restore them or get them back?22:58
daskreechDekkzter: Ok where did you install Linux to?23:00
daskreechI'm guessing sdd123:00
kaktuskattaalexandra: right-click on your k-menu (the K) and choose "Menu editor23:00
kaktuskatta*"menu editor"23:00
Dekkzterdaskreech: 1 min23:00
kaktuskattafrom there you should be able to find system settings under "system"23:00
kaktuskattaif not, manually add it from there :)23:01
alexandrai dont see a k23:01
daskreechmarcy: I'd guess it's not root's Authorized keys?23:01
Dekkzterdaskreech: Serial ATA Raid pdc_bbaecicbbf23:02
kaktuskattaopen a terminal then, and run systemsettings23:03
daskreechDekkzter: ok sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/boot23:04
Dekkzterdaskreech: done23:04
daskreechDekkzter: Lookit and see if that's the Linux partition23:04
Dekkzterit wasnt23:05
kaktuskattaWaltzingAlong: Thank's for your help, I'm off for now23:05
WaltzingAlongkaktuskatta: tootles23:05
daskreechsudo umount /dev/boot23:05
cuzntcould someone please tell me the terminal command to list everything on my pc?23:06
daskreechDekkzter: Whoops yeah23:07
daskreechcuznt: ls -R /23:07
Dekkzterdevice is busy23:07
daskreechDekkzter: did you cd to it?23:07
Dekkzteryea.... sry.. unmounted23:07
Dekkztercheck all partitions?23:08
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daskreechaahm .sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot23:09
Dekkztersda and sdc is promise_fasttrack_raid_member23:10
Dekkztersda1 wasnt there sdb1 and sdd1 was23:10
Dekkzterso sda and sdc is my raid then23:10
Dekkzteri guess the raid disk is pdc_bbaecicbbf23:11
daskreechbased on?23:11
Dekkzterwhat the installer says on the Serial ATA RAID Disk23:12
Dekkzterpdc_bbaecicbbf is my swap23:12
Dekkzterpdc_bbaecicbbf5 is my swap23:12
Dekkzterand 6 is /ext323:13
daskreechdo you have a /dev/pdc_bbaecicbbf6 ?23:13
Dekkzter /dev/mapper/pdc_bbaecicbbf623:13
daskreechAh ok23:13
daskreechsudo mount that then23:14
Dekkzterthere my linux system was ^23:14
daskreechdoes it have a /mnt/boot/boot ?23:15
Dekkzternothing in /mnt23:15
daskreechWhere did you mount it ?23:15
daskreech /media?23:15
Dekkzteror yea.... /mnt/boot/ on my live has a /boot23:16
daskreechso its /mnt/boot/boot ?23:16
Dekkzteryes :)23:16
daskreechwith things in there ?23:16
Dekkzteryes there are things23:16
daskreechmnt/boot/dev ?23:16
daskreechWith things in there ?23:17
daskreechsudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/boot/dev23:18
zoot365I installed Gap, now I can't access my Gimp toolbox.  It looks like a wacom problem.23:19
zoot365Pen, tablet.23:19
daskreechsudo chroot /mnt/boot23:20
Dekkzterand done :)23:20
Dekkzterdamn i am thankful for this daskreech!23:20
daskreechpastebin /etc/default/grub for the now chrooted system23:21
Dekkzterthere is no /etc/default/grub23:22
daskreechtry /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:23
Dekkzterthe folder grub was there but not grub.cfg23:24
daskreechwha'ts in there?23:25
Dekkzterdefault, e2fs_stage_5, jfs_stage_5, menu.lst and some other fs_stage523:25
* cuznt asked the question incorrectly. :023:27
Dekkzterand device.map23:27
cuzntplease what is the command to list all pc hardward23:27
macosudo lshw23:27
zoot365do I need to install Linux Wacom Tablet Project?23:30
huntHi, I have the problem that I can not boot into KDE, I get the message that ksmserver couldnt load libqtwebkit.so.4 - no such file or directory.23:38
huntHelp would be apreciated, how do I get libqtwebkit.so to my installation, having in mind that I can not boot into KDE and thus do not have an internet connection23:42
sheldon_hi, on my karmic kcm-gtk / qtcurve doesn't work23:45
greyhatWhy doesnt /exec inxi work in Quassel ? i just get "Error 5: dependency not met: gawk not found in path"23:52
tsimpsonhunt: try booting into a LiveCD, then mounting your root partition ("sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" for example"), then "chroot /mnt" and "apt-get install libqt4-webkit"23:52
macogreyhat: maybe need to install gawk? ubuntu includes mawk not gawk by default23:52
tsimpsonhunt: or "apt-get --reinstall install libqt4-webkit" to make sure it's re-installed properly23:52
hunt@tsimpson: I thought of that but I always have the problem, that when I chroot into a system I do not get the internet connection of the live-cd23:53
tsimpsonhunt: try coping /etc/resolv.conf to /mnt/etc/resolv.conf before chroot'ing23:54
greyhatmaco: Thanks :/ :D23:54
greyhati tried it before but i tried # apt-get gawk , now i tried #apt-get install gawk and that worked =)23:55
greyhatkinda new on linux23:55
hunt@tsimpson: ok I am on ubuntu right now, so first thing I do is copying resolv.conf... done23:56
tsimpsonthen chroot and test for internet connection23:58

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