wgrantspm: Around? bug #514074 has been going on for a few days now, and I think it's probably a sysadmin/LOSA thing.00:10
mupBug #514074: PGP fingerprint registration fails to find key <pgp> <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/514074>00:10
spmhrm. I have a sneaking suspicion I may know what's causing that....00:11
wgrantIs keyserver.internal not syncing with the rest?00:11
didrocksdo you know if there is some plan to upgrade the launchpad bzr branch to fix bug #513432? (I'm stuck for installing LP on lucid to expose some new element on the API)00:42
mupBug #513432: AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' <fetch> <Bazaar:Fix Released by mbp> <Bazaar 2.0:Invalid> <Bazaar 2.1:Fix Released by mbp> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Confirmed for mwhudson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/513432>00:43
james_wdidrocks: you can't work around it?01:03
didrocksjames_w: I guess I have to init-repo 0.92 format, right?01:07
didrocksso, change the lp-rocket script?01:07
james_wdidrocks: I'll find you.01:08
didrocksjames_w: thanks, just one sec, getting some coffee right now :)01:08
wgrantI can't see which branch would be problematic, though.01:09
wgrantspm: Any luck? (I suspect this will affect me tomorrow, so I'm fairly interested)01:10
spmwgrant: not yet unf; I'm about 2-3 layers down in higher priority interrupts atm. sorry... :-/01:10
wgrantAh, right.01:11
mwhudsonwell, getting online in town was a bit more of an adventure than i expected02:04
abentleymwhudson, surprised.  The nets were favourable at LCA.03:58
mwhudsonabentley: yeah, it was a bit strange03:58
mwhudsonabentley: i'm now in the library about 150m from the lca venue and it's working fine :)03:58
mwhudsoni had a 70000 (yes 70 seconds) ping to python.org from the other place i tried04:01
wgrantDoes Wellington's Internet somehow break when it no longer has the extra load of 700 geeks?04:08
mwhudsonit's possible the access points got rebooted more aggressively that week or something04:14
mwhudsonright, time to go and see some dotty art04:20
MTecknology150m ??04:26
MTecknologyI'm getting ~30kb/s between my two systems trying to doanlowd ~200MB04:26
kfogelAnyone here who can do UI review?06:08
kfogelstub: if code review has approved https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/506018-patch-report, and martin's UI review said "need fixing" but then I fixed all the things he said need fixing, is it okay to land it?06:21
kfogelstub: my intuition is yes, but I don't want to step on any toes.06:21
stubNeed Fixing means they want to see it again.06:22
kfogelstub: thanks.  Second question is finding someone who can do UI review right now, then :-).06:22
stubYou can get Approved conditional on changing stuff06:22
stubThat wouldn't be me then :)06:22
kfogelstub: ah, I see.06:23
kfogelyeah, I wonder if the dev wiki lists ui reviewers, let's see...06:23
kfogelstub: https://dev.launchpad.net/ReviewerSchedule   pretty much everyone is EU/Americas right now.  Oh well.06:26
kfogelspm: okay, ready for some questions.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/368019/ lists five branches, in various states of review (some can be landed now, some need review or re-review first).  For the purposes of argument, let's say they're all approved already, so we can focus on the mechanics of landing.  Three of the branches are against devel, two are against db-devel.  The goal is to have the total (all five) live on staging.  Would I land06:29
kfogel the three devel ones on devel, the two db-devel on db-devel, and then... anything special to do after that?06:29
kfogelI see I stumped him :-)06:30
spmI think I know the answer, just confirming :-)06:30
spmahh this is what I was looking for. it's moved. https://dev.launchpad.net/Trunk06:34
spmyup. land on devel 1st; when that gets thru to db-devel; land against db-devel. from a high level.06:34
wgrantIs there any point in landing the first one separately?06:34
spmso it gets to edge?06:35
spmor is your meaning; why not merge the 1st 3 into one mega merge?06:36
wgrantIt's not clear that the second and third are related, but they both include the first so landing it separately seems pointless.06:36
spmahh. that'd be code issues - /me hands that Q back to kfogel :-)06:37
kfogelspm: one of these db-devel branches has no dependencies on the others, and is approved.  I assume I can land that one now, right?06:38
kfogelwgrant: as for how to land them, yes, I may do it all as one mega merge.06:39
kfogelwgrant: point is, they all need to be approved first -- separately.06:39
kfogelspm: specifically, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~adeuring/launchpad/bug-512500-searchtasks-patch-age-sort/+merge/18446  seems approved.  I'm not sure it's landed yet.  I know it passes tests because I just ran them on a mega-integration branch :-).06:39
kfogelif it hasn't landed, I'm going to land it06:40
* kfogel issues fair warning06:40
spmkfogel: ...06:40
spmkfogel: yeah that looks fine; stub's given the nod and he's the one I know needs to care about db-devel landings06:41
kfogelspm: oh, wait, I forgot to mention that there are *slight* conflicts (trivial) between some of these branches.  I already resolved them once in my integration branch, so I may just land that when the time comes.06:41
spmbeing ware that if BB can't merge; it'll reject06:41
spmheh (evil grin ON) much a losa does when doing a manual merge.....06:42
kfogelspm: what does "can't merge" here mean?  If I've resolved the conflicts in my mega-integration branch, and that's the branch I land, then it's okay, right?06:42
spmkfogel: rephrasing - if you submit a branch; and "something/one" goes to merge against their version of the code; and it fails. Boom.06:43
kfogelspm: sure.  But I don't see why it would fail to merge, in this case, that's all.06:44
spmie. you need to verify your branch (whichever one you submit) works as a merge against, eg, db-devel06:44
kfogelspm: *nod*06:44
spmso if it has a trivial conflict; it's still a conflict06:44
spmkinda thing....06:44
kfogelspm: sure, but I resolved those (on the integration branch)06:45
spmsweet, shouldn't be a problem then. and we can all igore the last 5 minutes of conversation. :-D06:47
kfogelspm: interesting -- in all of db-devel, two revisions seem to have a pqm commit message of the form "[db=foo]"; all the rest use "[r=foo]" :-)06:48
spmI'd put down a small wager that was eitehr one of us; or stub, getting bored. :-)06:48
spm[db=foo] doesn't appear to be in the RE, so that should be fine06:50
kfogelspm: sanity check: bzr pqm-submit --submit-branch=lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel -m "[r=stub,jml][bug=512500] Add Bug.latest_patch_uploaded column, to allow efficient sorting by patch age."06:50
spmlooks good to me06:50
kfogelspm: holy cow, PQM is backed up though.  I guess this'll be landing in 2012 sometime.06:52
spmoh oh....06:53
kfogelspm: btw, I got this error, because it's abel's branch not mine:06:53
kfogelbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/bug-512500-searchtasks-patch-age-sort/".06:54
kfogelI don't see an option to pqm-submit to tell it "use ~adeuring/... instead of ~kfogel/..." though06:54
wgrantMost people seem to use 'ec2 land' or push the branch up themselves.06:55
wgrantI'm not sure if there's another way.06:55
spmkfogel: https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/LaunchpadRollout <== under prep there's a complete submit we/I use for config submissions. that may help? I've used that to land eg branches from francis.06:58
kfogelspm: thanks06:58
kfogelwgrant: I've already run through ec2, so don't want to reintroduce that delay06:58
kfogelspm: hunh, looks like the '--public-location' option of bzr pqm-submit might be useful here.  I've been trying to figure out what it's doc means :-).06:59
kfogel"Use this url as the public location to the pqm." is not exactly crystal clear07:00
kfogelspm: this worked (I think) -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/368037/07:02
spmkfogel: if any consolation, when I worked that recipie out istr I was almost at the level of bliding trying random configs in the hope something worked. :-)07:02
kfogelspm: pqm is to code submission as reed snorkel is to traversing arctic sea under ice?07:03
spmon the grounds of living near to lead dev for same - ie thumping range: No Comment.07:04
kfogelspm: I'm a little worried -- pqm.launchpad.net says "Wed Feb 3 07:01:51 2010 UTC: Karl Fogel <karl.fogel@canonical.com>, Request for non-PQM managed branch."07:04
kfogelspm: I was trying to land abel's branch *onto* db-devel, and I thought db-devel is a PQM managed branch.  So why that message in the queue (currently #16, at the bottom)?07:05
spmhrm. I suspect the syntax may be backwards on the submit; I'll check the mesg07:06
kfogelspm: ack, sorry.  I can redo w/ reverse values to the options...07:07
al-maisankfogel: did you use "--submit-branch=ARG" ?07:08
kfogelspm: you know, reverse values, like http://paste.ubuntu.com/368039/    (/me giggles)07:08
kfogelal-maisan: I used both --submit-branch and --public-branch, and fear I messed it up.  I'm submitting a branch of adeuring's, not my own branch.07:08
* spm falls out of chair; hurts self laughing and sues the pants offa kfogel07:09
al-maisan--submit-branch is probably all you need07:09
kfogelal-maisan: my exact command is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368037/07:09
kfogelal-maisan: no, that got an error (is backscroll available to you?)07:09
* al-maisan looks07:09
kfogelal-maisan: here, I'll clarify:07:09
kfogelI originally did this:07:09
kfogel  1) I branched lp:~adeuring/launchpad/bug-512500-searchtasks-patch-age-sort locally07:10
kfogel  2) I cd'd into that local branch07:10
kfogel  3) I ran this pqm submit command: bzr pqm-submit --submit-branch=lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel -m "[r=stub,jml][bug=512500] Add Bug.latest_patch_uploaded column, to allow efficient sorting by patch age."07:10
kfogel 07:10
kfogelThat got me an error:07:10
kfogelbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/bug-512500-searchtasks-patch-age-sort/"07:10
al-maisanI see07:11
kfogelal-maisan: ...okay, so it was looking in lp:~kfogel instead of lp:~adeuring.  How to tell it to use the lp: branch where my local branch "came from", not the branch it "would go to" if I pushed?07:11
al-maisanjust a second07:11
kfogelal-maisan: so next, I tried http://paste.ubuntu.com/368037/  (just so you're up to date)07:11
kfogelal-maisan: and that got the result that the PQM queue at pqm.launchpad.net has a weird message at the bottom of the queue now:07:12
kfogel"Wed Feb 3 07:01:51 2010 UTC: Karl Fogel <karl.fogel@canonical.com>, Request for non-PQM managed branch."07:12
kfogelal-maisan: that's where we are now.07:12
al-maisankfogel: I believe for '--submit-branch' you should use the uri syntax from ~/.bazaar/locations.conf07:13
kfogelal-maisan: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel  ?07:14
al-maisani.e. --submit-branch=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel07:14
kfogelspm: wanna get my dud out of the queue, and I'll try al-maisan's suggestion above?07:14
al-maisankfogel: also, https://dev.launchpad.net/WorkingWithDbDevel07:15
spm(fwiw, was prepping to do just that, figuring it'd be needed shortly)07:15
kfogelspm: nice magic wand you got there07:15
kfogelal-maisan: thank you!07:15
* kfogel reads07:15
al-maisanlast section: "Submitting to PQM"07:16
al-maisanEven Minotaur would be proud of the labyrinth called launchpad (development) .. *sigh*07:18
* spm bows in admiration to al-maisan for THAT line07:19
* al-maisan blushes07:19
stubIf you want to land abel's branch, you don't need to fake things with --public-location. Just tell pqm to land it (bzr pqm-submit -m 'comment' --submit-branch=bzr+ssh://... bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~abel/...07:20
kfogelstub: just pass abel's branch as a direct argument?07:21
stubYes. bzr pqm-submit --help gives you the command line syntax07:21
stubNo need to stuff around with local branches - its not like pqm can access your hard drive.07:22
kfogelstub: Thank you.  Believe me, I've been poring over that help quite a bit :-).  It doesn't make clear when one can/can't use the "lp:" shorthand, and the difference between --submit-branch and --public-location is not clear.07:22
stubGlitches are bits of pqm can't cope with lp: urls and you need to explicitly specify --submit-branch because you likely haven't got abel's launchpad branches configured in your locations.conf07:22
kfogelstub: yeah, I thought it looked in the local branch to divine the upstream lp branch to submit, but if there's a way to just tell it, then... no need.07:22
kfogelright, I don't have anything in locations.conf about it07:23
stubUse bzr+ssh: all the time for pqm - I think they work in some bits, but no idea which bits they are07:23
kfogelstub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368044/07:24
kfogelstub: if I did use --public-location, would adeuring's branch be the right arg to it?07:26
stubBah. Could have sworn that worked. echo "star-merge bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~abel/...  bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/foo-devel" | gpg --cl | mail pqm@canonical.com -s "merge message"07:29
stubkfogel: Might work with --public-location07:29
kfogelstub: I'll try.  I can always get spm to clean a dud out of the pqm queue again :-)07:29
kfogelstub: well, that seemed to succeed.  let me see what pqm front page says about it.07:30
kfogellooks good to me!  item #1607:31
kfogelspm: seriously, though: should I worry about the size of that pqm queue?07:31
spmkfogel: nope07:31
spmwe have a real landing taking place; and the tests are... slow07:31
kfogelspm: ok07:31
spmit's still doing real work07:31
kfogelstub: thanks07:31
spmyeah, most recent, just a few mins ago. slowly but surely...07:32
noodles775Howdy people07:33
spmhey noodles77507:34
kfogelhey noodles77507:35
* noodles775 waves to spm and kfogel 07:35
spmhuh. that'd be why mwh and myself were able to attempt to break buildbot with impunity earlier; all the merges are stuck behind pqm. win.07:37
kfogelbeuno: ping08:07
beunokfogel, hi08:09
kfogelbeuno: hey, morning08:10
kfogelbeuno: need some UI re-review on some branches.08:10
kfogelbeuno: actually, give me a sec and I'll point you to a mail with lots of nice info08:10
kfogelbeuno: this is all assuming you've NOTHING BETTER to do, of course :-)08:11
beunokfogel, I still need to get out of bed08:11
kfogelbeuno: what are you doing on IRC, man??08:11
beunobut if you give me a link, I will get to it within the next few hours  :)08:11
beunokfogel, danilo got to the bathroom first!08:12
kfogelbeuno: https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg02411.html08:12
kfogelbeuno: that mail gives context for what's going on.  The actual branches that need ui review are:08:13
beunokfogel, cool, will feed back soon08:13
kfogeland a re-review for this one:08:14
kfogelbeuno: re that mail: I'm writing a followup in which I de-confuse something that is very confused toward the end of the mail.  sorry.  It's late here.08:15
beunoand I'm still sleepy, so it should even out08:16
kfogelbeuno: okay, followup sent08:18
kfogelbeuno: upshot is, there will probably be one more MP later that needs UI review ("patches view sorting by patch age" basically), in addition to the above.  But the new one doesn't exist yet.08:19
adeuringgood morning08:30
kfogeladeuring: heh08:31
kfogeladeuring: I'm about to go to bed -- see my email.08:31
kfogeladeuring: good morning :-)08:31
kfogeladeuring: but before I go to bed, let's coordinate a bit maybe?08:31
adeuringhi kfogel, must have been a long for you,..08:31
adeuringkfogel: yes, but let me find your mail first.08:32
kfogeladeuring: well, it was punctuated by an amazing concert by Radu Lupu in Carnegie Hall, that's why I'm up now.08:32
kfogeladeuring: https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg02411.html08:32
kfogeladeuring: note that right after, I send a followup that clarifies something confusing in the original post.08:32
kfogeladeuring: (it's where I wrote the wrong summary line for the hypothetical merge proposal text; it'll be obvious)08:33
kfogeladeuring: so, I'm going to go brush teeth and stuff while you read.  I'll check back here in some minutes.08:33
adeuringkfogel: do you have screenshots for the ui re-review of lp:~kfogel/launchpad/506018-patch-report ?08:37
kfogeladeuring: no, but I could make them08:39
kfogeladeuring: hey, let me brain dump at you briefly about conflict resolution:08:39
kfogeladeuring: some subsequent changes of 506018-patch-report trivially conflict with the other branches for which it is a prereq.  I've had to resolve them two or three times now, so I know them almost by heart :-).  It's that in the story test, "user_browser" became "anon_browser", and "expected_contents" became "contents".08:40
kfogelAnd in factory.py, we init is_patch to the "_DEFAULT" object instead of None now, and test for that.08:40
kfogelthere might be some others, but they're equally trivial if so08:41
adeuringkfogel: ok.08:41
kfogeladeuring: now, would you like some screenshots?08:41
adeuringkfogel: na, i think you should go to bed ;) I'M trying to understand what i need to do today, except to get a review for one of my branches08:41
kfogeladeuring: main thing, I think, is actually implement the UI for patch age sorting.08:42
adeuringkfogel: right.08:42
kfogeladeuring: it's actually easy for me to make the screenshots, let me do that.  I have martin's three Ui comments right here in front of me anyway.08:42
kfogel- Padding in the tooltips would be super nice08:42
kfogel- I'd add an "Order by: " label to the ordering drop down, and drop the "by" from each option to improve readability08:42
kfogel- Bug icons don't respect importance08:42
kfogeladeuring: urrrrgh, just noticed a buglet: if you view patches by user:08:47
kfogelthe page says:08:47
kfogel"Patch attachments in Foo Bar"08:47
kfogelwhere Foo Bar is the person's name.08:47
kfogelshould be "for Foo Bar" or something.08:47
adeuringkfogel: I like this ;)08:47
kfogelyou like the "in"?08:47
adeuringkfogel: yes08:47
kfogeladeuring: as a native speaker, I'm going to have to assert my authority here :-).08:48
adeuringkfogel: yeah, I get the meaning .-- that's the reason why I like it08:48
kfogeladeuring: okay, here you go:08:54
adeuringkfogel: thanks!08:55
kfogeladeuring: before I go to bed, are you set?08:55
adeuringkfogel: yes ;)08:55
kfogeladeuring: beuno should be coming back soon, and has the list of things needing UI review, but might be good to confirm with him.08:56
kfogelOkay, I'm off.08:56
kfogeladeuring: thanks!  Sorry not to have had the new patch-age-sorting UI ready for you :-(.08:56
adeuringkfogel: ok. BTW, I think my branch for sorting by patch age does not need a ui review, because it does not implement any UI chenages08:56
adeuringkfogel: no problem with the patch age sorting still missing.08:57
kfogeladeuring: (if I handed beuno your branch for UI review, it was an accident -- in fact, I think I *did* do that accidentally at one point, then deleted the MP right afterwards when I realized)08:58
kfogelbut you might have gotten an email about it08:58
adeuringkfogel: ah, right, just tred to find that MP and got a 40408:59
kfogeladeuring: let beuno know that was an accident when he comes back, please :-)08:59
adeuringkfogel: sure08:59
kfogeladeuring: ok, g'night for realz.  See you later.09:01
noodles775Night kfogel09:01
kfogelnight noodles77509:01
adeuringnight kfogel09:01
* kfogel gets stuck in an infinite good night loop...09:01
thekornhi, after reading some launchpad code, I'm a bit confused. what is a Project, and what is a Product?10:03
thekornhmm, I think I got it now, it looks like for example "firefox" is called a "project" in the web UI, but internally it is implemented by IProduct10:07
thekornand IProject defines a super-project/project-group10:08
intellectronicathekorn: IProduct is what is called in the UI a 'project', and IProject is what is called in the UI 'project group'. confusing, eh? :)10:09
asabilhi all10:10
thekornit, is confusing! same with bug and tasks, in the web UI your can search for bugs, but get a list of tasks as the result10:10
thekornlaunchpad needs a glossar ;)10:10
asabilwhat's the difference between the lp_person table and the person table ?10:10
intellectronicathekorn: that's actually a good idea. maybe we should start one on the wiki10:11
* intellectronica doesn't know :-O10:12
thekornyeah, let's called it "launchpad speech for n00bs"10:12
asabilanyone ?10:16
intellectronicaasabil: stub would probably know, but i can't see him online at the moment10:16
asabilok thanks, I will wait then10:17
wgrantasabil: It's to do with integration with the Ubuntu SSO service. Ignore the lp_* tables.10:17
wgrant(they should be identical copies of the corresponding non-lp_* tables -- eg. lp_person has the same content as person.)10:18
asabilwgrant, that's what I see, but I don't really understand the purpose10:18
wgrantasabil: We can't see the code that uses them, so that's not surprising.10:18
asabiloki thanks10:19
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thekornallenap, hi, I merged your official_bug_tags changes to my branch, now the xx-official-bug-tags.txt test is failing, http://paste.ubuntu.com/368114/10:57
thekorndo you have any idea what's going wrong there?10:57
allenapthekorn: I'll take a look..11:01
thekornthank you11:02
allenapthekorn: It's because I made IOfficialBugTagTargetPublic.official_bug_tags read-only.11:09
thekornallenap, oh yeah, makking it readonly=False works11:13
allenapthekorn: Of course, other things break now :)11:13
thekornallenap, but in my understanding there are a few lines in registry/interfaces/product.py which make this field writable?11:14
* allenap goes to look11:14
thekornaround line 72711:15
allenapthekorn: In r/i/distribution.py too.11:16
allenapthekorn: This is all a bit hacky and unpleasant.11:16
thekornallenap, ok, I don't think I have enough voodoo powers to understand what's going on there, and maybe to work around it,11:29
allenapthekorn: I think I've got something... I'll paste a diff in a minute or two.11:30
thekornwow great11:30
allenapthekorn: Well, more like 10 or 20.11:30
thekorntake your time11:30
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allenapthekorn: Merge my branch again; it's got something that seems to work in it.12:24
=== henninge-bbl is now known as henninge
asabilcan someone explain what is zopeless please ?12:55
thekornallenap, thanks. looking13:27
thekornallenap, super, I finally was able to merge your changes, it works great, (altought I don't get how this is different to the old hackish solution)13:58
thekornthanks again13:58
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=== henninge_ is now known as henninge
allenapthekorn: Well, the difference is that it's less hackish ;)14:31
thekornallenap, ok, but this does not explain why it was not working the other way :)14:31
allenapthekorn: That's the magic of Zope! (Meaning, I will try and think of a better answer...)14:32
thekornallenap, anyway, it seems to work now, is something fundamental missing (or wrong), if not I think I will go an file a merge proposal for this branch14:34
thekornso I can get this searchTasks in, in a later branch I will try to add methods like  searchCommentedTasks() ...14:35
allenapthekorn: Go for it :)14:42
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
thekorndone, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thekorn/launchpad/make_iperson_ihasbugs/+merge/1852315:01
thekornallenap, thanks again for your help, you helped me alot15:01
allenapthekorn: Cool, you're welcome, you're helping us a lot :)15:02
bachi rockstar15:43
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rockstarbac, hi16:11
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
bachi rockstar.  nm, i was able to get help from abentley16:22
rockstarbac, awesome. abentley is handy like that.  :)16:23
allenaprockstar: When using "Resubmit proposal", can I change the merge target?16:43
rockstarallenap, no, because then you're not resubmitting.  Your submitting to another target.16:43
allenaprockstar: Ah, fair. (I'm trying to be constructively lazy when I submit to lp:launchpad when I mean devel.)16:45
allenapthekorn: The merge proposal for make_person_ihasbugs is proposed for merging into lp:launchpad, aka db-devel, so the diff is huge. You'll need to file a new proposal for devel.16:45
rockstarallenap, yeah, I've done that a few times as well.  I just delete the proposal and start over.16:45
allenaprockstar: Yep, me too. Thanks.16:46
abentleyrockstar, allenap: We are planning to allow resubmitting with a changed target in the future.16:49
allenapabentley: That will be great.16:51
abentleyrockstar, chat?16:53
rockstarabentley, 5 mins?16:53
abentleyrockstar, sure.  Call me.16:53
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
kfogeladeuring: I haven't read all email yet, btw17:01
adeuringkfogel: so, Martin ui-approved your main branch, and (implicitly) also the "no patches available" variant17:02
adeuringmy branches landed on db-devel17:02
kfogeladeuring: both of yours?  awesome!17:02
kfogeladeuring: so the three devel branches still need to land, then?17:02
adeuringintellectronica branched from your big-iintegration branch and added sorting by patch age17:02
adeuringkfogel: yes, but i think we can just land tom's most recnet branch, if...17:03
adeuringif we are sure that everything is reveiwed ;)17:03
kfogeladeuring: ah, it has everything, right.17:03
kfogeladeuring: well, I'm doing that now: checking the review status on all the individual branches, then will look at tom's integration+sorting branch.17:03
adeuringkfogel: cool.17:04
kfogelbeuno: can you mark https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/no-patches-message/+merge/18428 as approved by you, since you implicitly approved that UI in another branch already?17:04
kfogeladeuring: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/patch-report-for-people-and-teams-bug-506018/+merge/18414 has no UI review yet, and it's not clear to me if beuno or anyone else did persons/teams.17:05
adeuringkfogel: well, the presentation is the same as for the other variants17:05
beunokfogel, done17:06
kfogeladeuring: well, there is that "in" vs "for" issue we noticed last night17:06
kfogelbeuno: thank you!17:06
allenapkfogel: I think it's safe to not do a UI review. There are, however, some pending changes to that branch which abel noticed this morning.17:06
kfogelallenap: pending changes?17:06
adeuringkfogel: yes, the things you moticed earlier17:07
allenapkfogel: The title was wrong for people, and the target column was not showing up.17:07
adeuring"patches in..."17:07
kfogelallenap: so the necessary changes are in the branch now, or need to be made?17:07
adeuringand i think that we should show the target on ~person/+patches17:07
allenapkfogel: I'm making them, and will be done soon.17:07
intellectronicaadeuring, kfogel: you can land my branch, it's reviewed and all. it does require a test run, though i'm quite confident about it17:08
kfogeladeuring: I'm actually a little curious, now that I think about it, about the meaning of ~person/+patches.  Is it showing all patches for bugs which that person is somehow associated with, or...?17:08
intellectronicakfogel: i'll have to go away in an hour. are you cool to take over?17:08
kfogelintellectronica: yes17:08
kfogelintellectronica: your branch https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/no-patches-message/+merge/18428 was part of my mega-test-run yesterday.17:08
adeuringkfogel: yes, but don't ask me about details, what "associated" exactly means...17:08
kfogeladeuring: IOW, it's about how a person/team "has bugs", whatever "has" means17:09
adeuringkfogel: yes17:09
kfogeladeuring: the issue, though, is what should the title of the target column be then?17:09
intellectronicakfogel: i have another branch, ~intellectronica/launchpad/sort-by-patch-age, which does what it says on the tin. that's the one i was referring to17:09
kfogeladeuring: what if it can be both packages and products, for example?17:09
kfogelintellectronica: ah, ok, thanks17:09
adeuringkfogel: right17:09
adeuringit can be packages and products...17:10
kfogeladeuring: so, we need a better title :-)17:10
adeuringso, "target"?17:10
kfogeladeuring: loathe to use "target", since (as others have pointed out) it has a verb meaning for series and milestones.17:10
adeuringor "package/product"?17:10
kfogelprackuct?  prodage?17:10
adeuringkfogel: let's try that ;)17:11
kfogelwhoo boy17:12
adeuringkfogel: but I wouldn't put too much effort into this detail right now. There isn't very much time left to run the ec2 test and to merge17:12
adeuringkfogel: let's take something vaguely reasonable, like target, and replace it by a better word later17:13
kfogeladeuring: *nod*17:14
kfogelbeuno: are you seeing above?  I can summarize if you want.17:14
beunokfogel, sorry, am not17:15
kfogelbeuno: I'll summarize, np:17:15
beunowhat's up?17:15
kfogelWhen seeing the patches view for a person/team, we're going to make two simple UI tweaks.17:15
kfogelOne is obvious: "Patches in J. Random" isn't a good page title, should be "Patches *for* J. Random".17:15
kfogelI assume no controversy there :-).17:15
kfogelThe second is that there's a variable column in the view -- second from right column, it's sometimes called "Package" and sometimes called "Project" (meaning product) depending on the type of the view.  But in the case of persons/teams, it can vary row-by-row, sometimes pkg, sometimes proj.17:16
kfogelbeuno: so, we're thinking we have to call it "target" for now, unless you can think of a better name.17:16
kfogelthe column, that is17:17
kfogel(maybe "Task Target" ?)17:17
beunokfogel, target I think is something we only know what it means17:17
kfogelbeuno: I know.  I just can't come up with a better word right now.  "Pkg/Proj" ?17:18
kfogel"Package / Project" is awfully long.17:18
beunokfogel, this is the table header?17:18
kfogelbeuno: right, column name in the table.17:18
kfogeladeuring: okay, so I'd like to sketch out what comes next if you don't mind.17:22
adeuringkfogel: sure17:22
kfogeladeuring: first of all, we're done with db-devel, right?  No worries there.17:22
adeuringkfogel: right17:22
kfogeladeuring: we now have four other branches to integrate17:23
kfogel(one sec)17:23
adeuringkfogel: well, they _are_ integrated, aren't they?17:23
kfogelbut one of them needs some code changes!17:23
kfogelI don't actually have intellectronica's new branch; let me find it.17:23
adeuringkfogel: i think allenap's branch is not yet merged into your big integration branch17:24
kfogeloh, allenap's17:24
kfogeladeuring: how much longer are you on?17:24
kfogeladeuring: (subtext is: I'm going to need some food at some point soon)17:25
adeuringkfogel: not very long, at least not in a "useful way". I think I caught a bronchitis17:25
adeuringkfogel: but grabbing food right now is a good idea :)17:25
kfogeladeuring: oh, sorry :-(17:26
kfogeladeuring: 15 min, just some quick breakfast17:26
kfogelI'll be much more functional after that17:26
=== jamalta-afk is now known as jamalta
adeuringkfogel: sure, I'll be afk for 20 minutes to buy some food17:26
kfogelsee you back here17:26
thekornallenap, damn, sorry. will file a new one17:34
allenapthekorn: No worries, I do it all the time. abentley earlier said that a feature to resubmit a proposal for a different merge target is planned, but for now you've got to create a new one and delete the old one.17:35
thekornallenap, that's the new one: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thekorn/launchpad/make_iperson_ihasbugs/+merge/1854117:37
allenapthekorn: Cool.17:38
kfogeladeuring: back17:41
kfogelintellectronica: (still there?)  what about UI review on your branch?17:48
intellectronicakfogel: come on, for adding another option to the combo?17:49
kfogelintellectronica: okay.  I'm still learning the processes :-).17:49
intellectronicame too :)17:49
pooliewhat is the username/password in the sampledata17:50
kfogelpoolie: foo.bar@canonical.com, "test" I think17:51
kfogelallenap: so reading backscroll, I'm not quite clear on what changes you're making to which branch.  Can you give me a one-sentencer?17:51
kfogelpoolie: np, thanks for looking it over17:51
allenappoolie: test@canonical.com, mark@example.com (I think), with "test" as the password.17:51
beunokfogel, sorry I moved away. Need me to click on anything?17:52
kfogelpoolie: I never used that one allenap said above, but maybe it works too :-)17:52
pooliekarl's stuff worked17:52
kfogelbeuno: no, won't be for at least half an hour yet unfortunately17:52
allenapkfogel: Sorry if I was butting in. There are several users to choose from.17:52
kfogelbeuno: sorting out some chaos here.17:52
beunokfogel, take my ui=beuno and land. I can always file bugs  :)17:52
kfogelbeuno: many branches flying around, trying to reduce that to just one or two :-)17:52
poolieoh that's so sexy17:52
pooliea not-quite-so-trivial branch17:52
kfogelbeuno: heh.  thanks, wil do17:52
allenapintellectronica: Do you have time to review r10187 in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/patch-report-for-people-and-teams-bug-506018/+merge/18414? I /hope/ it'll be swift and painless. No harm in saying no though.17:53
kfogelallenap: ah, great!  I see rev 10187; you were doing what I was about to do, great.17:54
kfogel(except probably doing it faster, cough cough)17:55
allenapkfogel: Oh, don't believe that; I took a fair old time doing that one.17:55
kfogelallenap: and IPerson.providedBy(foo) counts teams as well, right?17:55
allenapkfogel: Yep.17:57
kfogelallenap: in another branch, shouldShowTarget name is now targetName and looks like this:17:57
kfogelallenap: and the .pt file has been updated accordingly.17:58
kfogelallenap: that's in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/506018-patch-report/17:58
kfogelallenap: the purpose of that is to vary that column name depending on whether it should be "Package" or "Project" (product).  after discussion, beuno suggested defaulting to "Project" when it's a person view (since the column may show both, but "project" is broader).18:00
allenapkfogel: I have to go, erm, basically now. I will be back in about 2.5h, can it wait, or could you perhaps fix it up in the integration branch? I would guess it should be something like "Project or Package" for IPerson.18:00
kfogelallenap: I can fix it up, np.  I just wanted to let you know.18:00
pooliekfogel: or whoever: where should new bugs-related pagetests go?18:00
poolielib/lp/bugs/pagetests/ or something else?18:01
kfogelpoolie: not sure18:01
allenapkfogel: Thanks.18:02
poolieBjornT: ^^ ?18:02
kfogelallenap: np.  thank you so much for finishing those UI fixes!18:03
allenapkfogel: Sorry I was so slow.18:03
kfogelallenap: I dunno, man, I was sleeping :-).18:04
kfogelif you'd been faster, I wouldn't have woken up earlier!18:04
kfogeladeuring: ayt?18:19
adeuringkfogel: yes18:19
kfogeladeuring: now that we're both fooded, let's resume :-).  My next steps are to integrate https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/sort-by-patch-age and the new r10187 from https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/patch-report-for-people-and-teams-bug-506018 into my patches-view-mega-integration branch (which is based off db-devel, btw).18:20
kfogelThere will be some trivial adjustments to make, at least in allenap's code, but nothing that should be a problem.18:21
kfogelThen I'm going to run EC2 on that, and then submit it (I believe we have all the approvals now, will double-check that).18:21
kfogeladeuring: when I submit, I submit to db-devel?18:21
adeuringkfogel: yes18:21
kfogeladeuring: actually, I should the ec2-land thing, right?18:21
* kfogel realizes these tools exist for a reason18:22
adeuringkfogel: yes ;)18:22
adeuringkfogel: but ec2 test -s "submit message" etcetc works too18:22
kfogeladeuring: so, I'm sure that the ec2 run will start in less than an hour, probably less than half an hour.  Given that, I think I can tell jcastro not to move his talk to friday, but keep it thursday.18:22
adeuringkfogel: right18:23
kfogeladeuring: thanks18:24
adeuringkfogel: but to be sure, let's double-check with the LOSAs when staging is update18:24
kfogeladeuring: ok.  losas, ayt? :-)18:24
mthaddonkfogel: what's up?18:25
kfogeladeuring: you'll be more competent at asking this question.18:25
kfogelmthaddon: (what adeuring says; I'll listen and learn)18:25
adeuringmthaddon: at whoch time is the code on staging  updated?18:25
adeuringi.e.;: What is the lastest time to land a branch so that it is included in the next code update?18:26
mthaddonadeuring: it runs every half an hour, but if it includes DB updates, the upgrade can take up to 1 day, so it's very hard to estimate18:26
adeuringmthaddon: wow, that's more frequently than i assumed18:27
adeuringThe DB patch already landed, BTW18:27
kfogeladeuring: in my patches-view-mega-integration branch (locally), I should *not* do 'bzr merge ../devel', right?18:29
adeuringkfogel: no, it's better to merge db-devel18:29
kfogeladeuring: how frustrating.  'bzr update' in my db-devel branch locally gets no changes, but 'bzr pull' does.  How is one supposed to remember this?18:32
kfogelsorry, just grumbling18:32
kfogeladeuring: 'cd patches-view-mega-integration; bzr merge ../db-devel'18:33
kfogelWarning: criss-cross merge encountered.  See bzr help criss-cross.18:33
kfogeladeuring: should I worry about that?18:33
adeuringkfogel: gah, yes :(18:33
adeuringkfogel: do you get many conflicts?18:33
kfogeladeuring: 4, yes18:34
kfogeladeuring: I can redo the entire integration branch; that'd add maybe 15 minutes delay.18:34
adeuringkfogel: well, that's not many ;)18:34
kfogeladeuring: should I just resolve them before committing?18:34
adeuringkfogel: yes, I think so. But our bazaar specialists might have better advice18:34
kfogeladeuring: I just worry that the "criss-cross" merge could end up screwing up db-devel's history.18:34
kfogelis that possible?18:35
adeuringkfogel: I must admit that I was never sure about the side effects of a criss-cross merge...18:35
adeuringkfogel: but I think it is hard to avoid it now...18:35
kfogeladeuring: I'm asking in bzr.18:36
kfogeladeuring: poolie says that won't screw up the history.18:38
adeuringkfogel: ok, so, if the conflicts are not too difficult to resolve, let's try that18:38
kfogeladeuring: they're actually not completely trivial.  I'm asking poolie in #bzr about maybe reordering my operations to avoid it, one sec.18:40
adeuringkfogel: which files show conflicts?18:40
kfogelText conflict in lib/lp/bugs/doc/bugtask-search.txt18:41
kfogelText conflict in lib/lp/bugs/interfaces/bugtask.py18:41
kfogelText conflict in lib/lp/bugs/stories/webservice/xx-bug.txt18:41
kfogelText conflict in lib/lp/testing/factory.py18:41
kfogeladeuring: first file is trivial whitespace, no issues18:41
kfogelsecond one is small, but not immediately obvious which side is "right"18:42
adeuringkfogel: I think these are real conflicts.18:42
adeuringkfogel: let me have a look myself. Is your integration branch on LP up to date?18:43
adeuring(except for the db-devel merge, of course)18:43
kfogeladeuring: yes.  it has tom's change, but I havne't committed nor pushed the db-devel merge yet.18:43
adeuringkfogel: ok18:43
kfogeladeuring: note jam suggest 'bzr merge --weave' or 'bzr remerge --weave' over in #bzr18:44
adeuringkfogel: right, that helps quite often. You could try that, but I think the conflicts detcted by bzr are all real18:45
kfogeladeuring: *nod*  if you can resolve them, that'd be great.  can you just push to my branch, or do you have to push to somewhere else and then I merge from your branch?18:45
kfogel"my branch" meaning mine up on launchpad18:45
adeuringkfogel: a few minutes, please ;)18:45
kfogelI suppose you can't do that.  Oh well, no big deal.18:45
kfogeladeuring: sure :-)18:46
kfogelmthaddon: so I wasn't clear on the resolution of the conversation you and abel had just now.  We're going to send a db-devel branch through EC2 in the next hour or so; assuming it passes and lands, when will staging get the update?18:47
mthaddonkfogel: the conclusion was there's not really an easy way to tell - I'd have to dig into it in a lot more detail to be able to tell you but I'm already past EOD - we update every 30 mins, but with DB updates it can take a day to restore18:48
kfogelmthaddon: np, I don't want to keep you late.  Is there another LOSA who will be around the next few hours?18:49
mthaddonkfogel: it depends on if there are any other commits with db changes that hit before that one does - if so, two days, if not, one day is about as close as we can get18:52
kfogelmthaddon: one day as in ~24h ?18:54
mthaddonassuming there are no problems with the staging update process18:55
adeuringkfogel: conflicts resolved: lp:~adeuring/launchpad/patches-view-mega-integration18:58
kfogeladeuring: I will now merge that into my local patches-view-mega-integration and push up, and then take care of getting allenap's chnages in18:59
kfogelmthaddon: thanks.18:59
adeuringkfogel: ok18:59
kfogeladeuring: based on what mthaddon says above, I think I need to tell jcastro to move his talk to friday.  concur?18:59
didrocksinstalling LP on lucid is still failing, but not in the bzr part this time (thanks james_w!). It seems to try to executes something in a non existing file: http://pastebin.com/f5426fbab18:59
adeuringkfogel: yes, that's probably better19:00
kfogeladeuring: okay, lp:~kfogel/launchpad/patches-view-mega-integration is now totally up-to-date; includes your branch, which means it's up to date with latest db-devel.  Right?  I'm being extra verbose just to make sure I don't miss a step here :-).19:06
adeuringkfogel: yes ;)19:06
adeuringkfogel: except... that db-devel has been updated in the last minutes. but that shouldn't matter19:07
kfogeladeuring: thanks.  Now, I need to merge *just* http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/patch-report-for-people-and-teams-bug-506018/revision/10187 .  Is that just this command?:19:08
kfogelbzr merge -c 10187 lp:~allenap/launchpad/patch-report-for-people-and-teams-bug-50601819:08
adeuringkfogel: yes, but I think you don't need to specify the revision. We want the recent verion, don't we?19:08
kfogeladeuring: oh, right, duh -- bzr will just DTRT.  I'll try it without -c.19:09
kfogeladeuring: merging now.  remember this is the one where I will have to resolve some conflicts.19:09
adeuringkfogel: right19:09
mwhudsongood morning19:12
thekornhow is this +apidoc generated out of thes wadl file?19:14
kfogelmwhudson: morning19:14
kfogelthekorn: oh, wait, I think we covered this long ago, I might have a branch that has notes on this...19:14
thekornkfogel, sorry, already found it, there is a stylesheet in launchpadlib which is used for it19:16
thekornI was just confused because I expected to find something in launchpad itself19:16
kfogelthekorn: so https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpadlib/426323-apidoc-html-title-attrs is of no help to you now, I guess :-)19:17
kfogelmore specifically, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpadlib/426323-apidoc-html-title-attrs/+merge/1244219:17
thekornkfogel, it tells me that launchpadlib is the correct place to look at19:18
thekornthanks kfogel19:18
kfogelthekorn: np19:19
didrockskfogel: any idea about the failing installation? ^19:22
kfogeldidrocks: I'm afraid I'm under the gun right now with a deadline, sorry.  Wish I could look :-(.19:23
didrockskfogel: no pb, I can handle other task and ping you again when you're up again. It's just that LP doesn't want me apparently :-)19:24
kfogeldidrocks: no, it wants you, I promise.  It's just coy sometimes.19:25
didrockskfogel: hehe right, do you mind I ping you later? (next week if you prefer?)19:26
didrocksjust need my changes to land before alpha3 for Quickly Feature Freeze19:26
kfogeldidrocks: it's always okay to ping, sure!19:27
kfogelif i'm tied up I'll just say so19:27
kfogeldidrocks: but, others may be available sooner (like now, maybe?)  worth a try, if you're in a rush19:28
kfogeladeuring: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368404/19:28
kfogeladeuring: ^^ trouble building patches-view-mega-integration.  were you able to run the branch?19:28
kfogeladeuring: I got the same error with 'make run', btw19:28
kfogeladeuring: hmmm, maybe I didn't link external sourcecode?19:29
kfogelI'll try that...19:29
kfogelstill get the error afterwards19:30
adeuringkfogel: strange....19:30
kfogeladeuring: you can build it?19:30
kfogeladeuring: btw, the pending changes in my tree are allenap's fixes, with conflicts resolved.  I can push those, I just wanted to actually test them first.19:31
adeuringlet me try...19:31
adeuringkfogel: no problems running "make", "make schema"19:32
kfogeladeuring: whoa19:33
kfogeladeuring: well, in the interests of time, let me push up then19:33
adeuringkfogel: when running utilities/link-entrnal-sourcecode, did you specified ../devel or ../db-devel?19:33
adeuringkfogel: gah, sorry, used the wrong branch19:34
kfogeladeuring: I specified ../db-devel19:35
adeuringkfogel: hmmm... that should be right...19:36
adeuringkfogel: let me run the tests you want. (I have r8960 of the iegration branch)19:37
kfogeladeuring: wait, pushing now19:37
kfogelyou want 896119:37
adeuringkfogel: i have it19:37
kfogeladeuring: run bin/test -v -t patches-view.txt first, I'd say, just to make sure19:38
adeuringkfogel: a few simple test failures. http://paste.ubuntu.com/368409/ I'll fix tehm19:40
kfogeladeuring: dang it.  what'd I miss?  reading...19:41
kfogeladeuring: hunh.  I wonder why we get those?19:43
kfogelI see why19:43
kfogelallenap change the displayname, yeah...19:44
kfogelgood, makes sense now19:44
adeuringkfogel: i think defualt sort order changed too ;)19:44
kfogeladeuring: could be19:46
kfogelAnyone here know what might cause http://paste.ubuntu.com/368404/ ("ImportError: No module named canonical.config" "make: *** [compile] Error 1" when trying to build a branch) ?19:52
kfogelmwhudson: ^^19:52
kfogelbarry: ah, you might know answer to above19:52
mwhudsonkfogel: no, not really19:53
mwhudsoni guess i'd try make clean; make19:53
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
adeuringkfogel: lp:~adeuring/launchpad/patches-view-mega-integration has the test fix19:54
kfogeladeuring: thank you.19:55
kfogelmwhudson: that may have fixed it...19:55
adeuringkfogel: np19:55
kfogeladeuring: pushed up now, 8962 is latest in my branch19:59
kfogeladeuring: I'm doing 'make schema' and 'make run' now just to sanity check, and run the patches-view.txt tests.  Then I will start the EC2 run with auto-land on success.19:59
adeuringkfogel: great. So let's start ec2 test20:00
kfogeladeuring: start now in parallel you mean?20:00
kfogeladeuring: makes sense20:00
kfogellet me compose the cmd20:00
adeuringkfogel: nah -- I'll leave that to you ;)20:00
adeuringI guess that I'm sleeping when the test will finish20:01
adeuringso I wouldnt notice any problems...20:01
kfogeladeuring: hm?  the cmd is now -- I meant the ec2 command, which will have the pqm submit message in it20:01
adeuringkfogel: now I'm conpletely confused ;)20:02
kfogeladeuring: I thought you were saying "Start the ec2 tests now, with the option to auto-land via pqm if the tests are successful."20:04
adeuringkfogel: yes, that's what i meant20:04
kfogeladeuring: so the cmd I'm composing begins with "utilities/ec2 ..."20:05
kfogeladeuring: I'm trying to figure out whether to use 'land' or 'test'.  I guess 'land' wants a merge proposal, whereas 'test' takes a branch.20:06
adeuringkfogel: I've always used "ec2 test -s 'submit-messge'"20:07
adeuringkfogel: ...which would in our case also need the traget branch speciiftaion20:07
kfogeladeuring: that's all?  Don't we need to specify db-devel as the dest?20:07
adeuringkfogel: yes20:08
kfogeladeuring: *nod*  okay, one sec, I'm writing the submit message20:08
adeuringkfogel: so, --pqm-submit-location=bzr+ssh://...20:08
adeuringbut without a trailoing '/'20:09
kfogeladeuring: it's important that it be w/o trailing '/' ?20:09
adeuringkfogel: IIRC, pqm bails out if it sees a trailing '/'20:10
kfogeladeuring: ok20:10
adeuringkfogel: and you can't use the lp:~launchpad-pqm/... notation either. You must use bzr+ssh://20:11
kfogeladeuring: yeah, learned last night :-(     :-)20:12
kfogeladeuring: should I actually make an MP for lp:~kfogel/launchpad/patches-view-mega-integration ?  I don't see any need, really, but if I should I can.20:13
adeuringnah, i think that's not necessary20:14
kfogeladeuring: sanity check please:20:19
kfogelutilities/ec2 test --pqm-submit-location=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel --submit-pqm-message='[r=intellectronica,adeuring,allenap][ui=beuno][bug=506018,512500,516593,512498,516186] Implement a "+patches" view on packages, products, project groups, distroseries, persons, and teams.'20:19
kfogel 20:19
kfogel(should we say just "series" instead of "distroseries" ?)20:19
kfogeloh, forgot jml and stub as reviewers, let me add them20:19
adeuringkfogel: i think it doesn't matter ;)20:19
adeuringkfogel: -...i mean the [distro]series stuff20:20
adeuringbut right, stub and jml should appear in r=20:20
kfogelI made it "series" and added jml and stub20:20
kfogelutilities/ec2 test --pqm-submit-location=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel --submit-pqm-message='[r=intellectronica,adeuring,allenap,jml,stub][ui=beuno][bug=506018,512500,516593,512498,516186] Implement a "+patches" view on packages, products, project groups, series, persons, and teams.'20:20
kfogelReady to launch? :-)20:21
adeuringlooks good (ti my somewhat tired eyes ;)20:21
adeuringkfogel: yes, ready to launch to the pad20:21
adeuringerm, launch the pad ? from the pad?20:22
kfogeladeuring: wow, you are tired20:22
kfogeladeuring: :-)20:22
kfogelwow, instance taking a long time to start up20:23
kfogeladeuring: should I have done --headless?20:30
kfogeladeuring: I will need to be able to shut my laptop later... :-)20:31
EdwinGrubbssalgado-afk: ping20:31
EdwinGrubbsmars: ping20:32
adeuringkfogel: yes, --headless have been better,20:32
adeuringkfogel: so, just stop the current test and restart with --headless20:33
kfogeladeuring: yup20:34
adeuringkfogel: but make sure that the current instance is really goone in the AWS management console20:35
kfogeladeuring: why is it that, after I ^C in the terminal, *and* hit the "Terminate" button in elasticfox, the instance is still listed?20:35
adeuringkfogel: no idea...20:35
kfogeladeuring: if I hit the "don't show terminated instances" checkbox, then it goes away, which is reassuring, but still... oh well.20:35
kfogelnot going to worry.20:36
adeuringjust kill the instance in elasifox20:36
kfogeladeuring: I did, see above :-)20:36
adeuringkfogel: perhaps elastifox is simply slow in updating the machine status...20:37
kfogeladeuring: could be20:37
kfogelanyway, restarting with --headless20:37
wgrantbac: Bug 514074 concerns me.20:39
mupBug #514074: PGP fingerprint registration fails to find key <pgp> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/514074>20:39
wgrantbac: All of the involved keyservers are contained within the DC.20:39
wgrantThe synchronisation issues that sinzui speaks of should be nonexistent.20:40
wgrantAnd it's well over a few hours.20:40
bacwgrant: the keyservers were synced by IS a little while ago by pjdc20:40
bacwgrant: i'm not sure why this situation occured20:40
kfogeladeuring: I see this line in the output:20:40
kfogelec2test@i-64584b0c$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel /var/launchpad/test20:40
kfogelshouldn't that be db-devel?20:40
adeuringkfogel: hmmm20:41
kfogeladeuring: full output so far:20:42
wgrantbac: Are they regularly syncing now?20:42
adeuringkfogel: I think you're right -- but I assume that the ec2tests I ran today worked the same way20:42
kfogeladeuring: well, if they checked out devel, then folded your entire branch -- including the db-devel changes -- into the devel dest, I guess in theory that would wok.20:42
kfogelmwhudson: see paste above, and my question to adeuring a bit before that about "shouldn't that be db-devel?".  Are my ec2 tests abut to run on the wrong trunk?20:44
bacwgrant: i will follow up with IS after i verify the problem is gone20:44
mwhudsonkfogel: did you run "ec2 test -b db-devel" ?20:44
kfogelmwhudson: nope, thanks20:44
mwhudsonif you used -s, if the tests pass it will be pqm-submitted to devel, which will fail20:45
kfogelmwhudson: okay, terminating the instance and restarting.20:45
kfogelmwhudson: (I read the help for -b, and did not take away from that that it does what I know understand it does, though on re-reading it seems clearer -- hindsight is great)20:45
kfogelmwhudson: you mean "-b bzr+ssh://...lots of stuff/db-devel", not just "-b db-devel", right?20:46
mwhudsonkfogel: i don't know all of the things -b does but i know what -b db-devel does :-)20:47
mwhudsonkfogel: actually no20:47
kfogelmwhudson: literally "-b db-devel"20:47
* kfogel breathes a sigh of relief20:47
mwhudsonkfogel: literally "-b db-devel"20:47
kfogelAt least something works kind of the way one would want :-).20:47
kfogelmwhudson: about to re-start.  Does anything about this command strike you as wrong?:20:48
kfogelutilities/ec2 test --headless -b db-devel --pqm-submit-location=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel --submit-pqm-message='[r=intellectronica,adeuring,allenap,jml,stub][ui=beuno][bug=506018,512500,516593,512498,516186] Implement a "+patches" view on packages, products, project groups, series, persons, and teams.'20:48
kfogelmwhudson: uh, aside from that fact that you should also be listed in the reviewers, I mean! :-)20:48
mwhudsonkfogel: i don't *think* you need the  --pqm-submit-location if you have "-b db-devel"20:49
mwhudsonbut that's just possible redundancy, not wrong20:49
mwhudsonkfogel: go for it20:49
kfogelmwhudson: that would make sense.  It can't hurt, though.20:49
kfogelmwhudson: firing away; thanks for reviewing.  I added your name and henninge's to the r= list.20:50
mwhudsonkfogel: cool20:50
kfogeladeuring: third try's the charm...20:50
kfogelmwhudson: I think I do need the full expansion of the db-devel URL after all; see http://paste.ubuntu.com/368452/ (search for 'bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:db-devel": No such project: db-devel')20:58
mwhudsonkfogel: :(20:58
kfogelmwhudson: or at least the "lp:..." expansion20:58
kfogelif not the full URL20:58
kfogeleasy enough to fix20:58
mwhudsonkfogel: try -b launchpad=db-devel20:58
kfogelmwhudson: whoa, really??20:58
kfogelnot this?20:59
kfogelutilities/ec2 test --headless -b lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel --pqm-submit-location=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel --submit-pqm-message='[r=intellectronica,adeuring,allenap,mwhudson,henninge,jml,stub][ui=beuno][bug=506018,512500,516593,512498,516186] Implement a "+patches" view on packages, products, project groups, series, persons, and teams.'20:59
kfogelmwhudson:  I've never seen that "launchpad=foo" syntax before.  You are making me suspicious, sir.  Kindly back away from the machinery.20:59
mwhudsonkfogel: i have that in my shell history a few times, at least20:59
mwhudson(tbh, i mostly use ec2 land these days)20:59
kfogelmwhudson: above should work too, though, right?20:59
mwhudsonkfogel: yes, it should20:59
kfogelfourth try now21:00
kfogelmwhudson: nope, fail again.  Your syntax may have been the way to go.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/368457/21:04
mwhudsonkfogel: grrr21:04
kfogelmwhudson: trying your way now21:05
kfogelit's great, though: I'm accumulating all these terminated instances in my elasticfox.  I think of them like shrunken trophy skulls lined along my belt.21:06
kfogelEr, well, lined down my suspenders.  Anyway.21:06
mwhudsonkfogel: you DO know what "suspenders" means in british english?21:15
kfogelmwhudson: oh, right, forgot21:15
kfogelmwhudson: s/suspenders/braces/ :-)21:15
kfogelmwhudson: success at last: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368469/21:15
mwhudsonkfogel: yay21:16
* mwhudson wanders off for a couple of minutes21:16
* kfogel does same21:17
thumpermwhudson: ping22:00
mwhudsonthumper: hi22:06
thumpermwhudson: can I get you to triage some of the new recipe bugs?22:07
thumpermwhudson: or actually any bugs :)22:07
thumpernew ones that is22:07
thumpermwhudson: also, the priority on the incremental import work just got ratcheted up somewhat22:08
mwhudsonthumper: ok22:08
mwhudsonthumper: goodie22:08
thumperI'll tell you more when I'm back next week22:08
mwhudsonthumper: ok22:09
mwhudsonthumper: step 1 is done now22:10
thumperyeah, I saw that lnad22:10
thumperland even22:10
lifelesshey, who would be a good person to chat to about tweaking the CoC signing workflow22:34
* mwhudson lunches23:25

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