osmosis_how come I can't subscribe to a bug feed via atom or rss?  only mail?00:27
keithyIs that supposed to show more than one line?04:42
keithybug fix rquest to handle non-unix line endings04:43
jkwHow do I duplicate a branch already on launchpad?05:19
spmjkw: is your meaning: how do I get a copy of the (eg) sourcecode in a branch, and edit that locally? bzr branch <location>05:23
jkwspm, I can get a local copy of the branch alright, but I wonder if I could simply make my own copy (duplicate) of another project on Launchpad and have that as my online repository05:37
spmjkw: heh, aiui, that's exactly the whole point of a VCS like bzr. I keep the "official" master for my branches on launchpad; but the repository I use is held locally; kind of thing05:39
spmthe tagging/naming of the "official" or "master" is more a matter of ... well... name. bzr itself doesn't care.05:39
spmdoes that make sense?05:40
jkwspm, it makes perfect sense05:42
jkwLet me explain my situation05:42
jkwI have a local copy of a huge project here on my system - my local repo05:42
jkwI want to create a copy of this repo online - it simply is a copy from another project05:42
jkwBut I want to be able to create that copy online without having to upload (push?) it from my system - just to save bandwidth - simply because it's all available on Launchpad already.05:43
spmSo you have (essentially) 3 places with the same thing?05:44
spmdunno if this'll help solve your exact solution; but there's nothing wrong with rsync'ing (etc) an entire bzr repo around. we do exactly this with the launchpad codebase on the prod servers. JIC this option helps?05:45
spmnaturally if you make any changes to the rsync-ee; they'll be lost but :-)05:46
wgrantjkw: Most projects should be configured to automatically have their branches 'stack'. That is, if you push up your own branch of a project it will only push the revisions that you have added.05:49
wgrantThe rest of the data will be shared with the project's development branch.05:49
wgranteg. 'bzr branch lp:bzr some-branch; hack hack hack; bzr commit -m "Do stuff"; bzr push lp:~wgrant/bzr/some-branch' will only push my new revision.05:50
kfogelspm: in a few minutes, I may have some questions for you about the proper way to land some branches (some against devel, some against db-devel, with the idea that we want them to be on staging tomorrow).  Will you be around?06:05
spmkfogel: sor another 2 hours; sure.06:05
spmerr. *for*06:06
* spm puts kfogal on /ignore in the meantime :-P06:06
jkwspm, thanks!06:14
detlyI have a group of related packages, some of which have identical control info for jaunty to lucid, and a couple of which differ on karmic and lucid - is it possible to upload a single changes file and have the package built for multiple series? or do I need to upload a set for jaunty and a set for karmic?09:55
maxbYou need a separate upload for each series build10:00
noodles775heh, I was just looking at that problem for the new automated recipe builds... (bug 516448)10:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516448 in launchpad-code "Recipe could support multiple distroseries" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51644810:22
beunonoodles775, \o/10:27
noodles775beuno: yeah, it's while replying to your email... thanks for all the thought there!10:27
beunonoodles775, anytime10:30
detlythe annoying thing is that if all the packages are identical, you can just upload for the oldest compatible series, but if even one of them are different you have to bump ALL of them10:35
detlyit's like a cartesian product of annoying changlog tweaking10:35
beunoyeah, we should make it easy to upload to multiple series10:39
beuno(and we will!)10:39
detlyoh, I complain, but I'm not too hung up about it... I might write a script at some point10:40
detlyit's funny too, that the debian policy manual actually says you can have a space separated list of series after the version but ALSO says that it's unsupported...10:40
kklimondacan anyone take a look at lp:transmission ? When I try to branch it I get "bzr: ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory" - LP is also having problems with updating it.10:55
kklimondas/anyone/admins/ probaby :)10:55
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beunothe import failed10:56
beunojelmer, thumper, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38697627/transmission-trunk-log.txt10:57
jelmerbeuno,kklimonda: known bug, fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.2 that will land with the next rollout of lp10:57
beunojelmer, that is in 4 weeks?10:58
jelmerkklimonda: You should be able to keep a local mirror using bzr-svn until the next rollout.10:58
jelmerbeuno: yes10:58
beunothanks jelmer11:00
kklimondajelmer: ok, thanks11:00
fale__I was wondering if is possible to use launchpad to manage propretary software. for instance: is possible to create a private bzr repo? is possible to push packages into soyuz without releasing the source code?11:06
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noodles775fale: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/20811:07
noodles775fale: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/20811:07
beunofale, yes, you cna purchas a commercial subscription for private branches and private bugs11:07
al-maisanfale: this is possible but it is not free of charge.11:07
falethank you11:07
faleand there is an indicative price?11:08
noodles775On the faq: "These subscriptions cost US$250/year/project + applicable V.A.T"11:08
falenoodles775: ops, sorry for the question then11:08
falethankyou very much for the help :)11:08
noodles775fale: no problem :)11:08
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edakiriThere seems to be a problem with https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/ or https://lists.ubuntu.com/ .  lists.ubuntu.com says, "Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to  subscribe" , but this is not an option for the page linked for LaunchPad.12:35
maxbedakiri: Yes... that text only applies to lists hosted at lists.ubuntu.com, not lists hosted at lists.launchpad.net12:37
maxbI guess this is something that the lists.ubuntu.com managers could fix by presenting an explanatory page instead of a plain http redirect to the launchpad list archives12:40
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toabctli merged my launchpad account (~thomasbechtold into ~toabctl) but now, the "member since" field on https://launchpad.net/~toabctl is 2010, but i'm a member since 2005 (which was at my old account - ~thomasbechtold)13:30
toabctlwhat can i do to solve this?13:30
toabctli want to have my original "member since" date back13:32
Spadsmaxb: that should be fixed now13:46
toabctlSpads, can you help with my problem? or do you know somebody who could help?13:50
Spadstoabctl: sorry, can't help you there.13:52
toabctlSpads, ok. thx13:52
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marstoabctl, bac may have an answer.  bac, IIRC it would require database hacking to restore a datecreated, wouldn't it?14:00
toabctlmars, ok. thanks. i will nerve bac a bit :-)14:01
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bachi toabctl14:18
bactoabctl: so you got all of the account merging done?  that's good news.14:18
toabctlbac, yes, i merged all14:20
toabctland i got my karma back14:20
toabctlbac, but my "member since" is wrong.14:20
toabctlbac, i thought if i merge a account, the "member since" would be the lowest date of both accounts14:20
bactoabctl: that would've been nice but it looks like it kept the date for the target account14:22
bactoabctl: that may be by design, since a lot of merged accounts were created automatically a long time ago and were never used.  so it was probably felt the target account creation date reflected reality.14:23
toabctlbac, yes, it's the date from the new (target) account14:23
toabctlbac, can you change my "member since" date?14:23
bactoabctl: when did you actually start using LP?14:24
toabctlbac, it's definitly wrong because i'm a member since 2005, not 201014:24
toabctlbac, i don't know if there's something left from my old account.14:24
bactoabctl: it is not easy to do.  there is no administrative interface to do it so it'll require an admin to hack the db14:24
toabctlbac, and would an admin do that for me?14:25
toabctlbac, and do you know an admin?14:25
bactoabctl: open a question at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad and assign it to the Canonical LOSA team.  that's what i'd have to do.14:26
toabctlbac, there's already a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/51644114:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 516441 in launchpad-registry "Karma=0 after account merge and "member since" is the date from the new account" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:26
bactoabctl: the LOSAs so not monitor bug reports.  you can reference the bug in your request.14:27
bacs/so not/do not14:28
bactoabctl: i have updated https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+faq/56914:29
toabctlbac, how can i subscribe somebody else toa question?14:32
noodles775bac: isn't karma just calculated daily though? (I, perhaps wrongly, assumed that the karma for the new account would be calculated on the next karma run... is that wrong?)14:32
bacnoodles775: it's unclear to me whether it would normally gather all of the karma for the merged accounts or if some one interceded.  i suspect it is the latter.14:33
bacsalgado would know14:33
toabctlnoodles775, i have my karma back.14:34
bactoabctl: i have assigned the losas to your question.14:35
toabctlbug #301750 is exactly my problem14:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301750 in launchpad-registry "Account merge should use the oldest membership date" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30175014:35
toabctlbac. thx!14:35
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bachi henninge.  i was looking at https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/Guidelines and notice the 'next step' link is to a non-existent page. do you know where it should point?15:36
henningeHi bac, looking.15:37
henningewow, where did that page go ... ???15:38
henningebac: it is also linked from https://help.launchpad.net/Translations15:38
henningebac: that page seems to be genuinely gone. No idea how that can happen ...15:45
bachenninge: that's ungood15:45
MTecknologyjelmer: alrighty - I'll probably go deliver this system after that :)15:45
MTecknologyjelmer: wrong channel, sorry15:46
henningebac: it's a wiki, revision control and everything. Can things get lost there?15:46
bachenninge: i don't know.  of course we could revert to a previous version if the page were there.  since it is not i don't know how to proceed.15:47
bachenninge: i'll ask mrevell, when he is around15:47
bachi abentley15:48
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henningebac: thanks15:48
abentleybac, hi.15:48
bachenninge: please check up on me in case i forget!15:48
* henninge goes to rtm15:48
bacabentley: we've got a few people who've noticed their import from sf don't have all revisions15:49
bacabentley: is this a known issue with an explanation?  it is https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/9973315:49
abentleybac, can you give me an example?15:49
abentleybac, this might just be confusion because svn and bzr have different revnos.15:51
abentleybac, i.e. svn has global revnos and bzr has per-branch.15:52
bacabentley: and should the crash report listed on that question be a concern?15:52
abentleybac, I believe that's a known bug.15:52
bacabentley: ok, thanks i'll look for it.15:53
abentleyjelmer, does the traceback mentioned here look familiar to you?  I could swear I've seen it before, but I can't find a bug report.  https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/9973315:57
jelmerabentley: yep, it's a bug that was fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.215:58
abentleybac, ^15:58
jelmerabentley: There was a bug in bzr-svn open about it IIRC that has been marked Fix Released. I'm not sure if it had a Launchpad Code component.15:58
abentleyjelmer, no, I was wondering whether it was a TreeTransform bug.15:59
abentleyjelmer, thanks.15:59
jelmerabentley: It was a bzr-svn bug - in some situations we ended up with an empty ie.symlink_target, and (further down the road, when updating the wt) that causes this exception.16:00
abentleyjelmer, ah.16:01
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bacthanks jelmer, abentley16:22
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qotsai can't find the setting to receive own mails on the mailing list. could someone help me please?17:27
mok0qotsa, there should be an option on the admin page17:40
mok0qotsa: ah, I see... it's a driven by launchpad17:42
qotsamok0: when i go to "Configure mailing list", i can only set a welcome message or deactivate it.17:50
mok0qotsa: yeah. I just assumed it was one of the "normal" mailman lists17:51
bachi qotsa17:52
bacqotsa: the mailing lists i'm on via launchpad have the setting so that senders receive their own message.  is it not working for your list?17:53
bachey barry, you arrive at an opportune moment!17:53
qotsabac: one of the members of my team reported that it wors for him but it does not for me.17:54
bacqotsa: and your message was delivered to the others?17:54
bdmurrayWhat does launchpad.load('https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/bugsqaud/+member/sbeattie') always 404 on me?17:59
bdmurrayer why17:59
bdmurrayIt doesn't matter who the member is.17:59
charlie-tcaI got this: Request is missing an OAuth consumer key.18:01
charlie-tcamaybe it helps?18:01
bdmurrayNo, because its no the error I'm receiving.18:01
charlie-tcaI have my isp pages turned off, so I don't get the 404 pages very often anymore18:02
bdmurraycharlie-tca: oh, you tried it with a browser.  This is using launchpadlib.18:04
charlie-tcayeah, that's it18:04
bdmurrayin case anybody was curious it was because I was missing ~ in the team name18:18
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thekornmaybe the ~ should be added to the url mentioned here: https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/#team_membership18:22
thekornif I only knew where is url is composed18:23
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RenatoSilvawhat's an invalid question?18:44
RenatoSilvaand a solved question?18:49
persiaRenatoSilva: An invalid question is someting like "Buy more chemicals to improve your nightlife!!!!!"18:51
persiaA solved question is a question that has been answered in a way that is useful for the querant.18:51
RenatoSilvafor example, one converted to a bug whose fix was released?18:52
RenatoSilvaI think when you convert a question into a bug, the question itself should be completely deleted18:53
RenatoSilvathe same for bug -> question18:53
persiaI think that the best solution in that case would be to inform the querant of the bug and the solution, and let the querant confirm that it answers the question.18:53
persiaNo, the question is used for the querant to track action.18:53
persiaAnd while a question may inspire a bug, there may be later discussion in the question to support the querant in implementation of the solution for their local system.18:54
RenatoSilvathen it's a ticket system, not a QA system19:24
RenatoSilvaevery question is a special case, a support request, you should not generalize the question by editing it19:24
RenatoSilvaon the other hand, users looking for solutions may find generalized questions easier to read19:25
RenatoSilvaI think we could at lest choose whether the original item should be deleted after conversion19:27
RenatoSilvaI think a better approach to Answers would be having general questions and answers, easy to read and understand, so that you can create a formal knowledge base19:28
RenatoSilvaThen a separate area, for example a forum, would be used to specific cases, with all details for a given case. The ticket/topic/thread could be converted to a question when an answer/solution is found19:29
persiaHrm.  Interesting model.  Right now, answers is mostly used as a support ticket DB, so we'd need something else to fill that use case.19:49
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RenatoSilvasuggestion said anyway20:30
RenatoSilvathanks all gtg20:30
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