BUGabundocharlie-tca: the more emails I catch up, the more I see that ppl think a _discuss_ ML is for support :(. so many requests for <+1 stuff00:08
BUGabundoppl don't even politely push them to ubuntu-users or LP anymore00:09
BUGabundothey simply ignore it00:09
BUGabundois this _it_, is this what *we* community became after just 5 years?00:10
BUGabundois this what we want to be?00:10
charlie-tcaI think that is because there are so many now. There is one or two new ones a day for support00:10
BUGabundoalmost makes me feel like writing a mad email00:10
BUGabundobut it would just be ignored too00:10
BUGabundoplus would not *fix* the root cause: new users00:11
charlie-tcaI really am starting to think it is big growing pains now. The "we" is going away fast, being replaced by "they"00:11
BUGabundoI wonder if the ml description could be improvrd00:11
BUGabundoLP users used to be flooded by this kind of _spam_ and fixed it by being very aggressive on comunicating that was the wrong place00:12
charlie-tcaThere is also the "I wasn't at UDS, and only found out about half of what was discussed" and is being changed00:12
BUGabundowho is 'we' an they00:13
BUGabundodo you 'we'  really split ?00:13
BUGabundoohh those UDS seem to have improved this cycle00:13
BUGabundo_we_ users learned the hard way00:14
charlie-tca'We' should be the community00:14
BUGabundocauth desing team cauth00:14
macoBUGabundo: what?00:15
maco"team" was the only word i could find in there00:15
BUGabundomy brother decided to turn the AP off :(00:17
BUGabundowhat what mac?00:17
JFo<BUGabundo> cauth desing team cauth00:21
JFoBUGabundo, ^ that was what maco was asking about00:21
BUGabundowriting with only one finger from left hand00:21
JFoI know how you feel00:22
BUGabundowhile trying to watch Heroes00:22
BUGabundowithout sleeping00:22
BUGabundoahhh beloved vacations :D00:22
NoelJBAnyone seeing Lucid reproducibly hang today?  I had to back off to the old kernel because SOMETHING changed today such that the current kernel hangs as soon as I hit <cr> in a terminal session.01:30
NoelJBAnd nothing under /lib/modules/2.6.32-12-generic changed today, yet the hang is reproducible with that kernel and not the -11.01:35
macosxtigerhow come when i am drunk off my moms vodka it ¨ seems¨ like lucid is sooooo i am not swearing AWESOME!!!02:28
macosxtigerand seriously i have my ram footprint on first boot down to 92mb and everything i want to work.................works02:31
macosxtigeromg laura croft is so hot shes on the tele right now02:31
bjsniderDanaG, your old nvidia chip will now have a 3d driver02:32
DanaGhmm, how about my ATI?02:34
DanaGoh yeah, and I'm going to laugh if the nv 96 still just segfaults.02:34
bjsniderwho cares about ati02:34
DanaGJust curious, actually.02:34
DanaGRadeon non-kms works well enough (has basic power management) for me, for until the KMS one gets effective power management.02:35
DanaGoh, and random: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2223902:35
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22239 in plymouth general "improve console= handling" [Normal,New]02:35
DanaGwonder if I should bother reporting this same issue on launchpad.02:35
DanaGer, let me rephrase that: should I bother?02:36
bjsnideryou will be able to run your precious compiz on that old laptop now02:39
bjsniderwith its excellent and very useful plugins that display random crap on the screen02:39
DanaGoh yeah, random issue I have on a samsung netbook: it doesn't offer the lowest c-states when running on AC... and thus runs hot, with the fan always running -- and it's in fact louder than my "good" laptop.02:40
DanaGStupid Samsung.02:40
bjsnidersamsung makes laptops? i thought they made monitors02:42
BUGabundothey make great laptops02:43
BUGabundovery light02:43
BUGabundovery thin02:43
BUGabundomost of them with hot swap batteries02:43
BUGabundobjsnider: samsung is the 2nd biggest industrial company in the world02:43
BUGabundothey are in almost any developed prodution area you can think of02:44
bjsniderare you in their public relations department?02:44
BUGabundojust like to state facts02:45
geniiBUGabundo: You own stock shares, don't fib!!   ;)02:46
BUGabundodon't own stock in anything, sorry02:46
macosxtigeri own stock on sampson02:55
macosxtiger ext4 on /boot but everything else is all XFS YEAA BBOOYYIIEE02:58
DanaGThis samsung laptop sucks at power management.03:07
DanaGWhen you resume from suspend, it doesn't offer the lowest-power C-states.03:07
DanaGSo, it uses unnecessarily much power, to the detriment of battery life.03:07
DanaGThen, some time later, it gives a SATA bus exception (that takes 30 seconds to recover from)... and the c-states are back.03:08
DanaG30- second hard lock is quite annoying.03:08
DanaGmine's n130, but it's essentially the same.03:08
DanaGbleh, realtek wifi.  bleh.03:10
DanaGoh, and it doesn't send key-up events for some hotkeys.03:11
D3RGPS31Is there a workaround for a crash after using gksudo?03:15
NoelJBbjsnider, ping :-)03:21
bjsniderNoelJB, what's up?03:27
NoelJBbjsnider, as of today, I have a situation where (and I have uninstalled and reinstalled to check), 2.6.32-11 works with nvidia-current, and 2.6.32-12 will start with it, but as soon as I open a terminal window and do nothing other than hit <cr>, the system hangs (requires hard power-off).03:32
NoelJBhave you seen anything?  which kernel and driver are you running?03:32
bjsnideri'm not running lucid. you should ask in #ubuntu-x03:33
DanaG!find dbus-send-ping03:43
ubottuPackage/file dbus-send-ping does not exist in lucid03:43
DanaGphail: the sample code for how to get started with dbus... segfaults.03:56
DanaGthough, granted, it is old.03:57
DanaGbjsnider: is that new nvidia-legacy in main repos?04:05
crimsunDanaG: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus#head-f208dd08ee19201b857adb8c80c8e02a9ccf9ff1 might be better.04:06
DanaGthanks.  I'm trying to write my own thing (preferably in C or C++) that'll talk to bluez over dbus... but first, I have to teach myself how to talk to dbus.04:06
DanaGer, wait, I think I already saw that.04:07
crimsunthe Qt stuff is a decent starting point04:07
DanaGargh, my mouse keeps freezing.04:11
DanaGer, oh, it's that "disable touchpad while typing" thing.  Annoying.04:12
bjsniderDanaG, no, i'm talking about the new properties added to the nouveau driver. there's a blurb about it on phoronix04:17
bjsniderso if you install it, you will be that much closer to world domination04:18
ZykoticK9anyone using Handbrake with Alpha2?  installed 9.10 DEB but the "Picture" tab is greyed out04:19
DanaGhmm, is there a ppa?04:20
DanaGor rather, perhaps I wanna' wait until it's at least in master.04:20
DanaGhmm, "I'm attaching the source here".... so where is it?04:23
DanaGoh, at the bottom.04:23
bjsnideractualy RAOF was mentioning it in another channel, so it might be in the edgers ppa, but you'll have to ax him04:24
DanaG!find heci.h04:24
ubottuFile heci.h found in linux-headers-2.6.31-10-rt04:24
DanaGhmm, not in current linux headers?04:24
RAOFbjsnider: Oh, you mean the classic mesa nouveau DRI?  Noooooooooooooo.  That's not in xorg-edgers, no :)04:26
bjsniderRAOF, wasn't that what you were talking about today when you mentioned it to hyperair?04:32
RAOFNo, I was mentioning that it existed as a merge proposal on the nouveau mailing list.04:33
DanaGthe only 3d thing I regularly use, on any of my computers, in Linux: compiz.04:34
bjsniderright, but you were talking about the same code as i'm talking about04:34
RAOFYes, we're talking about the same code.04:34
bjsniderso undoubtedly it will be in ubuntu before too long if it is accepted04:34
RAOFThe (much better developed) nv4x & nv5x gallium drivers aren't going to be in Lucid, and aren't even in xorg-edgers; I don't think the classic mesa driver is likely to make it before the gallium drivers.04:36
DanaGhmm, if it's in a ppa, that's good enough.04:36
bjsniderwell, if not lucid, then a ppa, and beyond lucid it will04:36
DanaGoh yeah, I tried that samsung-laptop driver... setting the thing to "silent" mode (hopefully to have it give me back my danged c-states) didn't work!04:36
* DanaG slaps samsung with this output:04:36
DanaGYour CPU supports the following C-States: C1 C2 C404:37
DanaGYour BIOS reports the following C-states: C1 C204:37
DanaGhmm, I know hal is supposedly being / has been deprecated... but when I watch on dbus, I don't see anything coming from bare udev itself.04:44
RAOFAs far as I'm aware, udev doesn't dbus.04:45
RAOFYou'd be after libgudev, I believe.04:45
DanaGhmm, so I'll have to learn how to interact with that, too.04:47
DanaGbluez gives me these nice things: signal sender=:1.89 -> dest=(null destination) serial=146 path=/org/bluez/17792/hci0/dev_20_42_11_04_14_63; interface=org.bluez.Input; member=PropertyChanged       string "Connected"        variant       boolean false04:48
DanaGhas MAC address, and what happened.04:49
DanaGRandom lame joke: "I don't own any Apple hardware, but my laptop does have two MACs: one wired, and one wireless."04:49
DanaGOr rather, I have 3, if you count bluetooth.04:50
RAOFlibgudev looked like it had a nice simple interface, when I looked at it.04:50
RAOFYou shouldn't have trouble if you need it.04:51
DanaG"  Gets all devices belonging to subsystem."04:52
DanaG' To listen to uevents, connect to the "uevent"  signal.' ... then off I go, fishing for what it means to connect... it sure isn't the typical posix signal.04:54
DanaGrandom thing the samsung netbook does: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/hal/2009-August/013536.html04:56
DanaGThat's one of the most hideous hacks I've ever seen.05:00
DanaGAnd not even "hideous, but working".05:00
DanaGIt's just stupid.05:00
RAOFDanaG: That's a glib signal; g_signal_connect is your friend.05:01
setuidAnyone know how to stop the console/keyboard from visibly showing the ^C when I issue it?05:30
setuidscreenshot coming...05:31
DanaGinteresting... the samsung netbook's rfkill key sends xf86wlan, and does nothing else.05:45
dupondjeseems like openoffice is broken ?06:13
tester01Hello, I've bug in lucid and I wonder where should I start. the report is ready and I should chose a name for the bug06:15
hifi"a bug"06:19
hifisorry ;)06:19
hifijust describe the problem06:19
tester01package ecryptfs-utils 82-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade:06:20
hifithat would be fine06:20
tester01I've screen shot. it showed up first at the end of installer06:20
tester01I fixed it by doing apt-get -f install06:20
tester01I just want to help avoiding this for new users06:21
ZykoticK9Gnome-Do crashing on Lucid when attempting to open Preferences06:30
petsoundsZykoticK9, try from PPA06:32
tester01I've noticed that the installer have an update option but once it starts it can't be ended and it has no option to configure the connection or even just to change the ip06:38
ZykoticK9petsounds, good idea - but it appears the do-core PPA doesn't have Lucid support yet, getting a 404 during "apt-get update" regarding do-core PPA06:40
petsoundsZykoticK9, let me check :)06:41
RAOFZykoticK9: Please report a bug.  Lucid has the latest version of Do.06:52
RAOF(You should be reporting a bug *anyway*)06:52
petsoundsZykoticK9, sorry i can't help you because do running fine here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2075532/UBUNTU/Ubuntu%20Screenshot/do-lucid.png :)06:54
ZykoticK9thanks anyways petsounds :)06:54
ZykoticK9RAOF, i'm working on figuring how how to post bug06:55
RAOFZykoticK9: “ubuntu-bug gnome-do” will do it.07:02
ZykoticK9RAOF, thanks - i figured it out -- turns out it's already recorded as bug #448094, so just added to "affects me too"07:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 448094 in do "Gnome-do crashes when Preferences window is shown for the first time" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44809407:05
dupondjeI requested a sync for gnome-do07:13
dupondjenewer version with alot of fixes availible :)07:13
tester01I've problem. I'm doing system testing but it stops at the disk testing and I don't find any way to skip it07:17
indusfor the ati driver, the xorg entry should be ati or radeon07:47
crimsunyou probably don't need an xorg.conf at all.07:48
crimsunbut, to answer your question, it should be ati.07:48
crimsunati will chain radeon if necessary.07:48
induscrimsun, ok thannks, the fglrx doesnt work , and i used radeon in there xorg but it wont boot07:50
indusill change to 'ati'07:50
crimsuneh, you might need to use vesa in one of those cases07:52
crimsunI vaguely remember needing it for a certain radeon07:52
induscrimsun, well, it was fine with the installation, but i installed fglrx which of course doesnt support the new xorg , but hardware drivers offered it so i installed07:52
industhe problem with the free drivers is, i dont see any gui tool which says its in use and etc07:53
induslike nvidia-settings or something07:53
indusi mean, is there such a tool07:53
RAOFThere is a similar tool, driconf or somesuch.07:54
indusRAOF, yes i installed it separately07:54
industhats the tool? hmm07:54
RAOFBut I'm not sure what you actually want out of it.  You can tell that the drivers are working when... the drivers work; you get compiz & such.07:55
indusactually, iam trying to run a quake 4 with the free driver, and i need to setup s3tc (s3 texture compression ) enabled in driconf07:55
indusRAOF, yes compiz works, but when i restart X, monitor wont turn on07:55
indusnvm ,ill try 'ati' and see07:56
RAOFI'd just delete your xorg.conf07:56
indusRAOF, hmm ok maybe ill try that07:56
RAOF(Or move it somewhere else as a backup)07:56
indusor that07:56
indusi think xorg does auto backup07:57
indusanyways , i heard  fglrx is coming ,from a site07:57
indusi have applied for testing07:57
indusphoronix mentioned it, from a qa mailing list07:58
indusok one question , my live usb lucid probes for floppy for 10 min07:58
indusafter installation it boots fine though07:58
indusdo you know ara from ubuntu x team07:59
induswell, i guess you already heard it07:59
indushe said its testing call for fglrx driver08:00
indusi just have one big question > which is the ppa which gives the latest fglrx08:01
RAOFYeah, it is.08:01
indusor fglrx is not available from ppa?08:01
indusRAOF, have you already start testing the fglrx driver ?08:02
crimsunara is a "she", btw.08:02
indusoh sh*t08:02
indusok ill address her as such08:02
crimsunnp :)08:02
indusheh lunch is here08:03
indusi hope she replies to my mail soon, iam eager to test the fglrx since i got a brand new 485008:04
indusok bye guys08:04
barfWill mondrian be part of Lucid Lynx?11:13
bartmonHi! I see that lucid still has thunderbird version 2. Will it be upgraded to v3? And how about the kernel - will it stay at 2.6.32?11:26
SwedeMikebartmon: kernel is said to be 2.6.32, yes.11:27
arandbartmon: tb3, I think not.11:27
kklimondabartmon: tb3 is planned for alpha311:28
bartmonThank you for the quick replies.11:28
bartmonkklimonda: That's very good news, thanks. :)11:28
arandkklimonda: oh? But as a thunderbird-3 package or actually default?11:28
kklimondaarand: no idea but I guess they won't be keeping old version for LTS11:30
induskernel will stay at .32 afaik11:31
arandkklimonda: Hmm, maintenace-wise it makes sense... Although I'm not sure I trust tb3 fully for prime-time yet... Although for a non-default (something I've never understood) app I guess..11:32
indusas far as i know11:32
jfAfter update to 10.04 on my nvidia ion machine, xbmc does no longer keep up with 720p/1080p. what could cause this?11:46
jfnvidia-current is installed.11:46
screen-xCan grub in lucid boot from lvm?11:51
RAOFscreen-x: Yes, but not dm-crypt devices.11:53
RAOFIt's been able to do that for some time; certianly Karmic's grub2 can boot from lvm.11:54
gnomefreakanyone else getting "*over range" error ?11:55
gnomefreaki cant recall first word11:56
screen-xRAOF: thanks.  Ive mostly done upgrades since hardy, so havent tried a reinstall without /boot. Now i will :-)11:56
gnomefreak2.6.32-12 is the only kernel it happens on11:56
tester01I wonder where to report bug related to Lucid. here or in #ubuntu-bugs11:58
tester01I know that I want to see where to discuss it before reporting12:00
SwedeMikebtw, regarding dm-crypt, the passphrase question handling has been broken since 9.10 (worked in 9.04), still broken in 10.04, does someone care?12:00
SwedeMiketester01: then you can discuss it here.12:00
gnomefreaktester01: if its on Lucid you can here or #ubuntu-bugs maybe12:01
kklimondaSwedeMike: obviously you care12:02
SwedeMikekklimonda: thanks for nothing.12:02
tester01any one running Lucid can test the System Testing tool and try to build report of Audio and Disk drive?12:05
kklimondaSwedeMike: then don't ask questions whenever someone care - a lot of us do about bugs but we have no means of fixing all bugs. You haven't even pasted bug number so we don't know whenever developers know about it.12:05
tester01I should run ubuntu-bug command against which package name?12:13
arandtester01: yes, "ubuntu-bug linux" e.g.12:14
arand..replacing linux with your package name12:14
industester01, ubuntu-bug -p linux12:14
industester01, ubuntu-bug -p grub etc12:15
tester01that what I want to know. what is the package name of System Testing tool12:15
industester01, i think its called checkbox12:15
arandindus: I think the -p is uneccessary, used for apport-cli though...12:15
SwedeMikekklimonda: whenever you see someone talking about "caring" then I guess you should read it as "is this something that should work and someone will actually fix if it's reported"12:16
kklimondatester01: ubuntu-bug checkbox probably12:16
SwedeMikekklimonda: obviously it's not part of the release testing.12:16
industester01, run the tool,then go to system monitor and see the process, it should say the name12:17
SwedeMikealso, what should I report the bug against? it's not a dm-crypt problem, because dropping to shell and fixing it manually works every time.12:17
SwedeMikeit's the bootup process that is the problem, but it sounds silly to report it as an "init" problem.12:18
kklimondaSwedeMike: in 10.04 it's probably plymouth12:23
SwedeMikeI've opened a bug now, let's see what happens.12:34
kklimondahmm, I get no xv with nouveau :/12:57
kklimondaRAOF: how to debug missing xvideo support with nouveau drivers from xorg-edgers/nouveau ? In your mail you have stated that video should play nicely12:58
kklimondaRAOF: looks like it's related to -pae kernel13:11
kklimondasuspend also works fine on -generic kernel but not on -pae13:13
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
BUGabundobRoas o/13:57
* BUGabundo likes the new boot splash13:57
BUGabundosimple yet good looking13:57
* BUGabundo wishes for 10 sec boot13:57
kklimondaBUGabundo: there is a new bootsplash?14:01
kklimondaBUGabundo: I find my 23 sec boot quite enough :)14:01
BUGabundokklimonda: there's is, and mine is way longer14:02
kklimondaactually it got bigger and weirder today14:03
kklimondaI wonder whenever my switch to nouveau have something to do with that14:03
kklimondalets see now14:04
kklimondaBUGabundo: so what boot splash were you talking about? I get none :/14:06
BUGabundothe blue one bars in the bottom14:08
BUGabundo3 collors of progress14:08
kklimondablah, I don't see them and I have kms :/14:08
kklimondamy new bootchart looks weird: http://syntaxhighlighted.com/media/bootchart/laptop-lucid-20100203-6.png14:08
kklimonda(well, even apart of the fact that I've lost like 5 seconds - graphs look weird)14:09
kklimondaand there is this init process painted in red..14:09
BUGabundoI'll upload the new ones14:10
kklimondait does boot really slow14:11
kklimondais it upgrade or a fresh install?14:11
BUGabundoif you recall, I lost my disk a few weeks14:11
BUGabundohad to reinstal14:11
kklimondahttp://syntaxhighlighted.com/media/bootchart/laptop-lucid-20100129-1.png - it's my bootchart for 23 seconds..14:11
kklimondaand it was a stock lucid install14:12
BUGabundoany gnome user, motivated enough to go head bang some devs for killing the keyb shortcut to change tabs??14:12
kklimondaBUGabundo: hmm - there is no ureadahead I can see on your bootcharts - are you sure you have let ureadahead collect data?14:12
kklimondawhat tabs?14:13
BUGabundouploading now via dropbox14:13
BUGabundokklimonda: the new F***ng tabs that appear in the bottom14:14
BUGabundonot at top14:14
BUGabundoand that *lost* alt+NUM shortcut14:14
BUGabundolet me ask seb14:14
kklimondaoh, in nautilus?14:14
kklimondaI've never really used them14:14
BUGabundohe is not online14:14
kklimondaI like the new split option though14:15
Ngseb's in portland sprinting this week14:15
BUGabundothe single ONLY feature they still had shortcut too14:15
Ngas are basically all of the canonical platform team14:15
BUGabundoanyone in #gnome server?14:15
BUGabundocan ask there +why*?14:15
kklimondaBUGabundo: why moved to the bottom or why removed shortcut?14:15
BUGabundothe 1st is a choice14:16
BUGabundoto not polut the top14:16
BUGabundothe second I *hope* a bug14:16
BUGabundoNg: you know this guys then? http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwwii/4323419643/sizes/l/14:17
NgBUGabundo: I should do, they're my colleagues :)14:17
BUGabundosince I don't know almost no one of all this guys around, in person14:18
BUGabundoother then a few KDE devs from Tokamak II14:18
BUGabundoI can't guess, right Chris ?14:19
kklimondaBUGabundo: btw - haven't you used kde?14:19
BUGabundoI use KDE apps14:20
BUGabundolike kmail14:20
BUGabundoand just a few others14:20
BUGabundoI'm Desktop agnostic14:20
BUGabundoI use what ever suits me , and file bugs when it fails :D14:20
BUGabundonewer bootcharts online now http://bootcharts.f.bugabundo.net/14:21
kklimondaI don't know - I've always assumed that you like most my friends are DE-nazi14:21
kklimondaBUGabundo: there is still no ureadahead process so they aren't really interesting14:21
kklimondaBUGabundo: after almost every upgrade you have to do one boot to let ureadahead gather data - only next boots are interesting to show ;)14:22
BUGabundo27 secs to GDM14:23
kklimondaBUGabundo: and it looks.. weird - you have a huge amount of modprobes, working hal..14:23
BUGabundokklimonda: I do several updates daily14:23
kklimondai wonder whenever the don't show up on my bootcharts because they are too fast14:23
BUGabundono way you gonna find a reboot in between without updates14:24
BUGabundounless it crashes14:24
BUGabundoso it takes ~65seconds for me to get an usable desktop :\14:25
kklimondaBUGabundo: it takes over 40 when ureadahead is collecting data: http://syntaxhighlighted.com/media/bootchart/laptop-lucid-20100128-1.png but you have gnome-do and mono, dropbox, bzr-notify and quite a few more apps ;)14:26
kklimondaBUGabundo: you have gnome-terminal launching at login?14:27
BUGabundobut those are *way* after gdm14:27
BUGabundoSHELL POWA14:27
BUGabundofirst app to open :DDDD14:27
kklimondaBUGabundo: sure - but they all count towards "65 seconds to get an usable desktop"14:27
BUGabundowell if it boots in 45, and takes me 10 sec to open a shell14:28
kklimondait's a wonder that you don't launch any KDE app on login ;)14:29
BUGabundodon't always open kmail14:30
BUGabundohave a keyb shortcut for it14:31
BUGabundoand gnome do for everything else14:31
BUGabundoI can with a single Key open most common used apps14:31
BUGabundoLOVE LOVE LOVE GDO for that14:31
BUGabundoits learns my needs and it just works14:31
kklimondahmm, I should update lucid to x64 version..14:31
BUGabundoshame it crashes so often and use all cores :(14:31
Mike1hey! Does the latest fglrx really not work in Lucid Alpha2?14:36
tamalegood morning all!  Trying out alpha 2 and when I try to enable the proprietary nvidia drivers it says "driver activated but not enabled"14:53
tamaleoutput from the log file referenced isn't useful I'm afraid14:54
BUGabundotamale: A2 is old14:54
BUGabundoand had probs with X14:54
BUGabundoupdate to newer packages14:54
BUGabundoor try a daily14:54
tamaleBUGabundo: Can I update from within or should I re-install14:55
BUGabundoare you just running a live cd?14:56
BUGabundoor have it installed?14:56
BUGabundocause live CDs don't let you install close drivers14:56
BUGabundowell they do, but you need to reboot ... so it doesn't :D14:56
Mike1trying to install Lucid from USB-Key15:15
Mike1using the alternate version15:15
Mike1and somehow it always wants to search for a Cd15:15
Mike1which it does not find of course15:15
Mike1any ideas? i just copied the content of the .iso to the usb-key and did the usual modifications …15:16
bjsniderthat guy is exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about when i say that milestone releases are more a problem than a solution15:16
bjsniderhe downloads and presumably installs what he mistakenly thinks is the latest milestone release, but it has old code that's long since been replaced15:17
bjsniderthen he comes in here and complains about bugs that have already been fixed15:17
Mike1so i guess you are talking about tha tamale guy …15:18
bjsnideryes i are15:18
Mike1any idea conecerning my usb-installation15:19
Mike1what CD-burning software could I use on Windows XP?15:22
BUGabundoMike1: imgburn15:26
BUGabundofree and light15:26
BUGabundobut why not use USB?15:27
Mike1BUGabundo: it just asks for a CD (which it does not find of course)15:28
BUGabundolivecd or alternate?15:28
BUGabundocause last time I made and image it worked15:28
Mike1or is it possible to make minimal installation with the desktop cd15:31
BUGabundodon't thinks so15:31
BUGabundothen just use MINIMAL iso15:31
Mike1minimal iso?15:31
BUGabundoand install from web/lan15:31
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:31
Mike1BUGabundo: I guess it’s not available for 10.04 yet … )-:15:32
dinobiskHi. I just installed Lucid Lynx. As of my understanding, when updating the apps and the system it is updated to the newest build of Lynx (like running Debian testing). Am I right?15:32
Mike1dinobisk: yes15:33
BUGabundothe link I gave you15:34
BUGabundoits minimal iso15:34
dinobiskMike1: Thanks!15:34
Mike1BUGabundo: yes, my “oh” was meant as “Oh, yes, didn’t find that, me stupid”15:42
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ZykoticK9Handbrake is currently not working in 10.04, according to this forum post the Reply (by the GTK maintainer for Handbrake) the bug is with Ubuntu, and they will not test until 10.04 is released -- is there a way to submit a bug regarding an app that is not in the Ubunu Repo?  Could I submit it regarding GTK?16:03
Mike1ZykoticK9: you could just ask in the Ubuntu Forum16:12
Mike1maybe someone will find a solution …16:12
Italian_Plumbercan I upgrade directly from hardy to lucid?16:17
kklimondanot sure whenever it's possible at the moment but it will be supported once lucid is released16:19
Italian_Plumberah ok.  thanks!16:20
h00kif I decide to dualboot lucid, is it a bad idea to use the same /home for Lucid and Karmic?16:21
h00kI know it's not done, it's alpha, etc, etc, but I want to test out Nouveau.16:23
Picih00k: Probably not a great idea because we always ship a new gnome version, probably could mess up your dotfiles/gconf16:25
h00kPici: :D16:26
h00kPici: I suppose you're right, yeah.16:26
Picih00k: If you want to risk it, its you're machine.  I'm not going to lose sleep over it.16:26
h00kPici: yeah, probably not, I have hourly rsyncs and everything but if it gets broken in that hour, I'm toast. I'll probably not do it.16:27
h00kI'll free up some space and have a separate /home16:29
alex_mayorgaon "Hardware Drivers" I have a bogus "nvidia_current" entry, is that a known jockey bug?16:38
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, i'm certainly getting the same thing - infact "nvidia_current" is the driver that is selected/activated in my case16:41
alex_mayorgaare they the same thing?16:42
Mage__as far as i know the nvidia current is the 197 one which is the latest16:43
Mage__i think there is just a bug in how the system activates it cause i had to reconfigure for the system to realize it's active16:43
alex_mayorgaBut the buggy thing as I see it is that there are two entries16:43
Mage__yes in lucid you can have as many drivers as you want16:44
Mage__just only one active at a time16:44
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, i don't see any mention of it on bugs.launchpad.net BTW16:44
alex_mayorgamy gut says that nvidia_current is the same as the one that's human readable16:45
alex_mayorgame neither, that's why I asked16:45
alex_mayorgaZykoticK9, is English your mother tongue?16:45
alex_mayorgaif so, mind filing :)16:45
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, yes mother tongue - ya I can file if you'd like...16:46
alex_mayorgaZykoticK9, BTW is the driver now functional?16:47
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, i've got compiz running - if that's what you mean16:47
alex_mayorgaZykoticK9, I'll give it a try then, thanks! Let me know the bug if you file it16:48
alex_mayorgaZykoticK9, I tried to enable "NVIDIA accelerate graphi..." and it failed, so "nvidia_current" is the working one?16:50
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, on my system - YES16:51
alex_mayorgaIs the /var/log/jockey.log valuable to anyone? any jockey devs around?16:52
alex_mayorgaZykoticK9, OK let me try that one16:52
alex_mayorgawell that at least activated, let me reboot and see how that goes16:53
* alex_mayorga crosses fingers and reboots16:54
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, bug #516625 < first of many bug submissions16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516625 in jockey "Jockey showing "nvidia_current" as active driver" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51662516:57
kklimondahow to get from which repository the package is installed?17:03
ZykoticK9kklimonda, "apt-cache policy PACKAGENAME" will usually tell you17:04
kklimondaZykoticK9: it only tells generic url like "http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid/main Packages" - not really helpful when you have more than one ppa17:05
BUGabundokklimonda: name you ppas17:10
BUGabundo#PPA XPTO in front tends to help17:10
yofelkklimonda: 'apt-cache showpkg <pkgname> | grep status' should help you17:10
kklimondayofel: ach - thanks17:11
alex_mayorgawell that didn't go too well17:14
alex_mayorgaI had to boot on -11 kernel, -12 video is completely garbled17:15
alex_mayorgahow do I disable nvidia for the other kernel?17:16
ZykoticK9alex_mayorga, someone yesterday was mentioning a problem with nvidia/kernel -12 as well --- i am currently using the 2.6.32-12 without issue however17:16
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: wfm17:16
charlie-tcaalex_mayorga: hitting Ctrl+Alt+SysRq+k reset gdm so I could log in to -1217:16
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo, mayb is my card17:16
BUGabundoI have nvidia17:17
alex_mayorgado you also see two entries in jockey?17:17
ZykoticK9charlie-tca, just an FYI it's only alt+SysRq+k that you need to use, no CTRL required :)17:17
charlie-tcaOkay. I used all of them and it worked;17:17
alex_mayorgathis is my card: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 0a2a (rev a2)17:18
charlie-tcagdm is garbled bad, but that did reset it17:18
alex_mayorgaI'll try Ctrl+Alt+SysRq+k see how that goes, thanks, BRB17:18
BUGabundocharlie-tca: I'm refering to freenode :D17:22
charlie-tcasorry :(17:23
alex_mayorgactrl+sys rq+k got gdm back, thanks to whomever suggested17:26
alex_mayorgano nvidia for me :(17:27
alex_mayorgahow to file a decent bug?17:27
alex_mayorgaor is that not mean for "human consumption" yet?17:28
danbhfivealex_mayorga: how did you install?  did you follow the release notes?17:30
alex_mayorgadanbhfive, just used the "Hardware Drivers" GUI, jockey I believe17:31
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91017:31
danbhfivealex_mayorga: I would go to the alpha2 link, scroll down to the known issues and follow those directions17:32
alex_mayorgadanbhfive, Thanks, let me check that one17:33
issyl0Hi there.  I just re-installed Karmic after upgrading to Lucid Alpha 2 and it booted but tehn it gave me the sort of 'broken videotape' look like the weird colours and lines all across the screen (yes, nvidia graphics card)... so I couldn't log in or anything.17:33
charlie-tcaissyl0: try using alt+SysRq+k wherre the gdm screen shoulod be17:35
alex_mayorgacharlie-tca, Thanks a bunch on that one BTW :)17:35
issyl0charlie-tca: I do plan to re-upgrade at some point, thanks!17:36
charlie-tcayou are welcome17:36
charlie-tcaGlad it worked17:36
charlie-tcaissyl0: at this point, gdm appears broken17:37
issyl0charlie-tca: oh, fun :)17:38
charlie-tcaAAA-h it is alpha, afterall. If it doesn't break now, it will break after release17:39
alex_mayorgadanbhfive, I've noted the procedure, thanks So nvidia driver is meant to work now?17:41
danbhfivealex_mayorga: I dunno, it worked for me after that17:41
charlie-tcaI don't know either, I haven't installed the nvidia hardware drivers17:42
douglasawh-workdid GNOME start failing to login for anyone else after the latest updates?18:17
h00kso I have my /home from Karmic encrypted, I am unable to mount it from Lucid after installing encryptfs-tools and running 'encryptfs-mount-private' from that directory18:18
h00kI get, "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly." But it is because it mounts in Karmic18:18
charlie-tcadouglasawh-work: use the mouse to click your name, also try Alt+SysRq+k to get the gdm screen18:19
* h00k submits bug report18:31
jackhornerHi all, ive tried to upgrade a server to lucid today and, well, ive big troubles (i was expecting them), biggest one is mountall not working because its not able to contact udev via socked. Udevd is not running if i try to start it by hand it says "error initializing netlink socket"18:33
jackhornerusing strace i see that it tries to connect to /dev/log but fails when trying to write to /dev/log (syslogd is running, /dev/log is there)18:34
arandjackhorner: I've no experience with server, but sound like you've got great material for a bug report there ;)18:35
jackhorneryeah, there is no bug report on these, but i saw another persor reporting same issue here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=876175818:36
jackhornercan i open a bug by myself? never done before18:36
ZykoticK9jackhorner, i posted my first bug this morning as well -- see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for details18:38
CosmiChaosIm trying to use Nvidia-binary-betas but even if i uninstall all nvidia-* it keeps telling me just everytime right after the SECOND reboot (first works) that x runs in low graphic mode. So i guess some ubuntu stuff does overwrite or removing some of the binary-driver? Any solution or idea, please?18:39
arandjackhorner: Definitely, that's what prerelease testing is for ;) Do a search on launchpad to make sure no one has reported it yet though.18:39
h00kI get, "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly." But it is because it mounts in Karmic (automatically, upon login) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/368383/18:40
h00kso I have my /home from Karmic encrypted, I am unable to mount it from Lucid after installing encryptfs-tools and running 'encryptfs-mount-private' from that directory^18:40
CosmiChaosbtw it is the same with nvidia-binary. final released ones so i dont think the drivers' itslef is broken18:40
h00kI forgot the first part, first.18:40
douglasawh-workcharlie-tca: gdm works. once I log in though it just send me to a prompt in the upper left corner...otherwise it's the gdm background18:41
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, don't know if this has changed, but according to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 the drivers from Nvidia site will not work18:42
CosmiChaosZykoticK9, well recent beta added some newer x-version features so i would like to try18:44
CosmiChaosZykoticK9, but i had same issues on the Karmic release before with nvidia-betas18:45
CosmiChaosit claims about libglx.so is not a symbolic link on the very first installation18:45
CosmiChaosbut if you right rerun it after that, it installs fast and smooth + you fireup gdm, all things upgraded18:46
CosmiChaosor you reboot instead, and it works flawless18:47
CosmiChaosbut the surprise comes next reboot ;)18:48
alex_mayorgaOMG! the lower panel is swamped with Bug #40102819:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401028 in pymsn "telepathy-butterfly crashed with TypeError in b64decode()" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40102819:18
alex_mayorgait has been fixed upstream it seems, when would we get it?19:29
Lord-Readmanhello, if gimp is to be removed from ubuntu 10.04, what is planned/rumoured to be put in it's place?20:58
Lord-Readmanplanned? or rumoured?20:59
Lord-Readmanwhat else is planned for the cd release?21:04
danbhfivetry looking at the release notes, I don't know21:08
kklimondaLord-Readman: pitivi21:11
kklimondaLord-Readman: and f-spot is going to replace gimp for simple image editing21:11
BUGabundowhat do you guys use to make screencasts?21:41
BUGabundowant to tape a vid of my desktop and compiz21:41
BUGabundovlc OK? or are better options?21:41
hyperstream!record desktop | BUGabundo21:49
ubottuBUGabundo: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.21:49
BUGabundothis makes HUGE files21:50
BUGabundoCached 456 MB, from 1236 MB that were received.21:50
Spirits-Sightshould the gnome-shell work yet with alpha 2 and up-to-date updates?22:42
BUGabundooh man this guys is sooooooooooo right http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/2010/02/they-took-our-codes.html ;)23:13
kklimondaBUGabundo, so clean lucid with nouveau boots in under 16 seconds..23:16
BUGabundostop tauting me23:16
BUGabundoyou know mine doesn't23:17
kklimondajoin the dark side - use stock gnome apps!23:17
* BUGabundo stabs kklimonda23:17
BUGabundomaybe I'll join apple too23:17
BUGabundoand you won't see me again23:17
kklimondahow would you make it without your daily bug fix?23:19
BUGabundonot even chromium dev .(23:19
BUGabundothe same company that made webkit23:19
dupondjeseems like gdm is quite bugged atm ?23:20
BUGabundois now the last one to get the most common browser using it23:20
dupondjewhats wrong with openoffice btw ?23:21
dupondjeuninstallable ?23:21
dupondjeeuh ?23:21
BUGabundoworks for me23:22
kklimondabut I still don't get a nice plymouth :/23:23
crimsunit's being worked on right now in -devel23:23
crimsunIOW, shhh and be patient.23:24
dupondjethe gdm bug ? or openoffice ? :)23:24
crimsunplymouth and gdm.23:24
dupondjeowkej :)23:24
kklimondacrimsun, my problem is related to nouveau and the fact that it takes 10 seconds to load firmware for it.. are they working on that too? :)23:24
* kklimonda switches to -devel23:24
crimsunkklimonda: no, that's a separate bug, but you definitely need the piece that scott and martin just discussed to be fixed first23:25
dupondjeis there a bugreport btw ?23:25

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