juan__hy...I am having troubles building a device driver for an ubuntu/arm platform...can anybody help me?13:32
zumbijuan__: what problem?13:34
juan__I tried to get the package of the ubuntu headers...but it is not in the repositories...13:34
juan__then I tried to compile the ubuntu kernel from scratch...but it claims to have many errors..13:35
zumbijuan__: what are you doing? what commands do you type?13:37
juan__make dep13:37
juan__make zImage13:37
juan__those worked fine13:37
juan__and then "make modules"13:37
zumbijuan__: maybe you need to use debuild or friends or kernel-package (make-kpkg)13:38
looljuan__: What's your kernel tree?13:38
juan__the latest ubuntu jaunty..13:39
looljuan__: How did you get it?  apt-get source?  git?13:41
looljuan__: For which platform are you building?13:41
juan__i am trying the make-kpkg...but it is asking the same questions that the "make oldconfig" (I forgot to say I used that before the other commands)13:41
juan__1) git  2)arm-cortexa813:42
loolI actually don't think you want to make-kpkg13:42
loolWhat's your target board?13:42
juan__a beagleboard..13:42
loolI don't think the jaunty git tree supports beagleboard13:42
loolRecent upstream git trees have basic support for beagleboard (I'm told) but I only ever build working kernels from upstream linux-omap tree13:43
juan__the system is running indeed... I got it working using a tool called rootfs13:43
loolNever heard of that one; so it wasn't "rootstock"?13:44
looljuan__: Are you building natively, or cross-compiling?13:44
juan__sorry...I mixed names...its rootstock..you are right..13:44
looljuan__: So I wouldn't recommend make-kpkg, nor using Ubuntu git trees for the task you're trying to achieve: the Ubuntu kernel tree has special expectations such as ABI files, udebs, specific common config helpers etc.13:45
loolIt does support cross-compiling though13:46
loolAlso, I wouldn't recommend basing of ubuntu-januty.git13:46
loolThis is old and it's based of torvalds' tree, not linux-omap13:46
juan__I already have a compiler setup in the beagleboard...however I decided to go for cross-compiling because I just couldnt get the headers13:46
loolFor beagleboard, you can use prebuilt binary kernels which are provided by Robert Nelson IIRC13:46
loolOr you can build your own13:46
loolYou don't need the headers to cross-compile a kernel13:47
loolYou just need a cross-toolchain and the kernel source13:47
juan__I know..but I need them to build the device driver13:47
looljuan__: Ok; so you have two options: either copy your driver into your kernel tree and built everything in there13:48
lool(kernel + modules)13:48
loolOr build your own kernel + modules and install the kernel headers, then build your driver against that13:48
juan__do you think the rest of the system would work fine if i change the kernel?13:49
loolI don't know which kernel you use; I got most of the devices working with a linux-omap git tree, so I guess it would13:49
loolIt is however unlikely you will get your modules to work if you build them against a different kernel than the one you're currently running...13:50
juan__ok, I will change the kernel to see what happens and if its ok I will build the device driver for that kernel13:51
juan__thanks for the help!13:51
xranbyquick porting question   if i have ASM code like   ldmia sp!,{r0,r1,r2,r3,lr,pc}    that fails to compile using lucid thumb2       can this be simply replaced with pop {r0,r1,r2,r3,lr,pc}      ?14:34
ograpersia, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot18:27
persiaogra: Thanks.18:31
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