tim_im interested in working with themes and background and all00:20
tim_however, im not sure where to start00:20
tim_is there anything i can do to help, with my limited skills00:22
troy_stim_: Help - no.00:24
troy_stim_: Imagine if this were a kernel developer forum, you basically said "I can't code but I'd like to try and get things committed to the kernel."00:24
troy_stim_: So it's silly.00:24
troy_stim_: _But_00:24
troy_stim_: If you are interested in learning more about art / design / etc., you might be able to find some good suggestions / starting points.00:25
troy_stim_: Make sense?00:25
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zacbartonhi there08:26
zacbartonim hoping someone can help me fix an issue im having using a metacity theme with compiz08:27
zacbartonsee here - http://www.zacbarton.com/metacity_vs_compiz.png08:27
vishzacbarton: seems like a bug.. are you doing the theme or just curious about the bug?09:06
zacbartonim doing a theme09:06
vishzacbarton: are you noticing the same with other themes as well?09:08
zacbartonhmm good question ill just chk09:09
zacbartonyea it looks like it09:09
zacbartonother themes show the same issue09:09
vishzacbarton: i just checked in virtual box too , it seems that metacity doesnt allow maximizing those windows09:09
zacbartonbut compiz does. and in a metacity theme you can style the close differently for those cases09:10
vishzacbarton: hmm? style it different?09:11
zacbartonwould it be a metacity bug or the gnome-window-decorator?09:11
zniavre_gconf-editor >/apps/metacity/general/button_layout > did you check the layout too ?09:11
zacbartonyea like if the window is a utility window (like gimp). so in my case id use a different close button rather then using the one i use when its min/max/close (as my button are joined)09:12
vishah , cool09:12
vishzacbarton: you did the homosapien theme? or modifying it?09:13
zacbartoni didnt create it but i did take the mockup and turned it into a theme09:14
zacbarton@znavre: the button layout is the same between compiz and metacity09:14
zacbartonyea its turning out quite good. im in contact with the author so we will see what comes next :-)09:15
zacbartoni added a (hopefully) more human color gardient to the latest version which i think looks good09:16
* vish wonders how appropriate - , + is for a minimize , maximize , it seems more like remove or add :(09:28
thorwileveryone put a mark on the calender, kwwii blogged: http://kwwii.blogspot.com/2010/02/platform-sprint-in-portland.html09:41
thorwili already considered to see his blog posts as events marking the end/start of an era09:44
vishthorwil: hmm? didnt understand... previous era?09:45
thorwilvish: important events are used to divide history. for example, the rediscovery of america is sometimes considered to be the end of the middle ages09:47
vishthorwil: lol! i know "era" meaning.. i was asking what was the beginning/end of the last era?09:47
vishwhat was the last event09:47
vishthorwil:  blogged about breathe and we shut down work within a month ;p09:48
vishkwwii blogged*09:48
thorwilvish: heh, so maybe it's good he doesn't blog often09:49
vishlol ;)09:49
darkmattervish: down/up arrowheads are better for min/max imo09:50
vishdarkmatter: agreed , they could be used in those button styles09:50
darkmatterholy... just updated my alpha of opera 10.5 to the latest build. I have never seen a browser this responsive.09:57
thorwili hate when the browser runs away from the pointer or starts to giggle if i click it10:01
zniavre_darkmatter,  you should try firefox 3.6 , is at least faster than chrome10:25
darkmatterI use 3.6. I also play around with the latest opera. I refuse to touch chrome. it's like the rest of googles googlerific offerings. utter crap10:27
vishdamn! kwwii takes neat fotos10:27
zniavre_darkmatter,  :o)10:28
* darkmatter gets extremely bored and rewrites windowmaker using gtk+10:34
darkmatterneat: http://stashbox.org/705472/Bildschirmfoto.png11:08
kwwiimorning all17:32
kwwiiin case anyone is wondering, I am on the west coast of america this week17:32
troy_skwwii: Where abouts?17:59
troy_skwwii: You coming up here?17:59
kwwiitroy_s: portland this week18:01
troy_skwwii: You should make the trek up to Vancouver.18:01
troy_skwwii: You are very close.18:01
troy_skwwii: You over on this continent with family?18:02
kwwiinope, no family...with the canonical family :P18:03
kwwiihow far is it?18:03
troy_skwwii: not that far.18:13
troy_skwwii: Sorry, no page... missed your type.18:13
troy_skwwii: Let me see what GMaps pulls up... I seem to remember doing Portland in about 4ish hours.18:14
troy_skwwii: Looks like GMaps says 505kms.18:15
kwwiitroy_s: oops, sorry...I guess there is a train which runs up18:15
troy_skwwii: Yes... there is much rail.18:15
troy_skwwii: Even more up here than where you used to live in the US I'd think.18:16
troy_skwwii: You would at least get to say you made it to Whistler.18:16
kwwiitroy_s: whistler?18:16
troy_skwwii: Winter Olympics site.18:16
kwwiitroy_s: ahhhh, now I get it18:17
troy_skwwii: 2010.18:17
troy_skwwii: So it's hopping.18:17
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, I saw something about that on tv18:17
troy_skwwii: Lol. Odd.18:17
troy_skwwii: Who is all with you in Portland?18:18
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, not sure why I didn't know about that...been watching all the winter sports in DE-land18:18
kwwiitroy_s: platform team, server team, mobile team, design team, dx team18:18
kwwiiabout 102 people18:18
troy_skwwii: Wow.18:20
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, pretty big this time around18:22
troy_skwwii: What's on the table?18:25
troy_skwwii: Anything interesting?18:25
kwwiitroy_s: it's the normal half-way through the cycle meeting to fix things and get back on track, basically18:26
kwwiitroy_s: essentially time for us all to get together and deal with stuff face to face18:26
troy_skwwii: What have you been working on?18:27
kwwiitroy_s: mainly having meetings trying to explain tech stuff to designers18:30
kwwiitroy_s: a bit of UNR and such as well18:30
kwwiibrb, gotta reboot18:33

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