* micahg doesn't know offhand00:00
directhexmicahg, yes, it's for a firefor addon00:00
micahgbut thanks to bdrung_we have an installer for addons now00:00
RAOFdirecthex: Did you see the xul packgaing team mail on debian-devel@ recently?00:00
directhexRAOF, no. link?00:01
sebnerKeybuk: haha, I agree but the lines are too long imho, won't you agree? :P00:01
sebnerhi directhex :)00:01
directhexevening seb12800:01
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mneptokKeybuk: You're in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down. You look down and see a tortoise, Scott. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. I mean ... you're not helping, Scott! Why is that?00:02
* directhex retires mneptok 00:02
* sebner is scared00:02
Keybukmneptok: because I crave tortoise soup00:03
Keybuksebner: "the lines" ?00:03
directhexmicahg, blurgh, xpi-ifying what i have is added work00:03
ionmneptok: Have you stopped beating your wife?00:03
Keybuksebner: I really don't know what about the graph you're asking me to comment on00:03
Keybukit looks like a bootchart to me00:03
micahgdirecthex: an xpi is a zip file00:03
Keybukof a hard-drive based machine00:03
Keybukwhere on the first boot you took longer to log in than ureadahead bothered to wait00:04
mneptokion: Sushi. That's what my ex-wife called me - cold fish.00:04
micahgdirecthex: there's an example of building from source in the wiki page00:05
directhexactually, maybe it's not so bad...00:06
directhexbleh, not sure00:07
sebnerKeybuk: 38 seconds are bothering me :P00:08
pittisebner: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/bootcharts/tick-lucid-20100122-2.png ..00:09
micahgdirecthex: the ever shrinking rules file00:09
directhexmicahg, for simple cases perhaps00:10
sebnerpitti: on my bootcharts from february 1st too but I thought we are decreasing boot time instead of increasing it :P00:10
bdrung_when will be the next autosync run?00:10
directhexmicahg, so delete all the ubufox Npp stuff?00:12
micahgdirecthex: I'm not sure what that is...which package?00:13
bdrung_directhex: i read xpi. do you work on xul extensions?00:13
directhexmicahg, moon00:13
bdrung_ok, moon is not a xul extension - so not my field00:14
directhexbdrung_, so we're drawing a line between plugins & extensions? these rules are for extensions only?00:15
micahgyeah, this is for extensions, not plugins00:16
bdrung_directhex: yes.00:16
* directhex has been wasting his time, then00:16
bdrung_directhex: did you read debian-devel ML?00:16
directhexso where should *plugins* be shoving themselves?00:16
* micahg is looking directhex00:16
micahgdirecthex: /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins seems to be the place00:18
directhexmicahg, firefox on karmic will load a plugin from /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins. on lucid it won't. hence the question00:18
micahgsee above00:18
Keybuksebner: well, part of your problem is that it's not auto-login00:19
Keybuksebner: make it auto-login00:19
Keybukwipe the ureadahead pack00:19
Keybukthen do two reboots00:19
Keybukgiving it about 30s to a minute after the first to settle and make the pack00:19
jdongis there a secure way (reasonably) to auto-login and lock the screensaver?00:20
micahgdirecthex: firefox on lucid doesn't use xulrunner00:20
jdongI'd love to boot and walk away and come back to a ready desktop00:20
directhexi see00:20
micahgin fact, the xulrunner-addons is explicitely denied in the apparmor profile00:20
sebnerKeybuk: I'll give it a try. Btw, what's the goal now. 15-20 seconds right?00:20
Keybuksebner: along those lines00:21
micahgignore my last statement00:21
* micahg read it wrong00:21
jdstrand_micahg: that is actually unrelated-- it is denied to prevent logging-- DAC wouldn00:21
jdstrand_'t allow it anyway00:21
directhexand in debian, is /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins appropriate?00:21
micahgjdstrand_: yeah, I misread it00:21
micahgbdrung_: ^^00:22
lifelesscjwatson: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-user-dirs/+bug/516344 for your depressed edification00:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 516344 in xdg-user-dirs "prompt to rename homedir to subdir of homedir" [Undecided,New]00:22
lifelesspitti: where to language pack bugs go? [scott was asking about a klingon desktop but there isn't a klingon (-tlh) langpack]00:24
ionjdong: I’d like that, too. It would also be nice if the unlocking of the screensaver unlocked the Gnome keyring in the same session as well.00:24
bdrung_micahg: yes00:25
directhex/usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/ for both distros, then? right, that simplifies matters.00:26
directhexand what's an appropriate Depends: line to use, without the commonality of xulrunner? firefox|iceweasel|abrowser|somethingelse ?00:27
pittilifeless: there needs to be a locale first; once there is, and some translations on LP, they'll be created automagically00:27
bdrung_directhex: i think we should provide tools for plugins, too.00:28
dpmlifeless, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/StartingTeam00:28
micahgdirecthex: you still need to build on xulrunner00:29
StevenKApparently, the colour of Klingon should be a deep purple00:29
micahgso technically, it still depends on xulrunner, but enhances firefox in Ubuntu00:30
directhexbdrung_, that could well be useful. although plugins can be somewhat unwieldy beasts, so don't go overboard in how much hand-holding you do. i'd settle for a variable signifying the system plugin dir plus a substvar for the odd thing here & there00:30
micahgthat reminds me, I should talk to asac about that...00:30
directhexbut ff on lucid doesn't use xulr... frankly, i'm totally lost now00:31
micahgbdrung_: maybe an install-plugin similar to install-xpi00:31
ccheneyisn't xulrunner being killed off for all releases?00:31
micahgccheney: not entirely, just for firefox00:32
directhexccheney, did i mention i was lost? ;)00:32
ccheneymicahg: ok00:32
bdrung_micahg: and dh_xul-ext needs to be adjusted on cloned to dh_xul-plugin (or something like this)00:32
ccheneydirecthex: heh00:32
micahgccheney: we're migrating what we can away from it00:32
ccheneymicahg: ah ok, i thought it was migrate what we can and kill everything else :)00:32
ccheneybut i am probably wrong00:32
bdrung_micahg: you are welcome tho write install-plugin00:33
micahgbdrung_: is that an invitation for me to work on it ;)00:33
micahgyou beat me to it bdrung_...00:33
micahgbdrung_: where should I file the bug?00:33
bdrung_micahg: it should go into mozilla-devscripts00:34
directhexi really really don't care about the specifics. i just want a symlink to usr/lib/moonlight/plugin/libmoonloader.so to be shoved in whatever location is used by mozilla-flavoured browsers, whatever they may be. that's all i want. with or without Xb-Npp-MimeType or other such nonsense, that's all i need. one symlink in the correct place.00:34
directhexand dependencies of some variety to make it actually work00:34
directhexmeaning moonlight-plugin-core plus whatever else tastes good, like shlibs:depends and misc:depends and a browser of some variety00:35
bdrung_directhex: for the second part you want a equivalent to dh_xul-ext00:36
directhexyes, that'd be fine & dandy00:36
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ccheneypitti: do we have code to ask a user to install a particular package when an app runs, similar to how the codec stuff works?00:37
ccheneypitti: i need to ask users to install java when they run OOo if they don't already have it00:37
lifelesspitti: oh thats interesting; I'm making the locale for scott now.00:38
directhexccheney, i don't know of a generic framework for that00:38
micahgbdrung_: it's on my list, but I don't know when I'll get to it00:38
micahgbdrung_: bug 51635000:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516350 in mozilla-devscripts "provide install-plugin similar to install-xpi" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51635000:39
bdrung_micahg: you may want to write a equivalent to dh_xul-ext00:40
micahgbdrung_: should I rename it to that00:40
micahgbdrung_: is it not 2 pieces of the same thing?00:40
bdrung_micahg: no. install-xpi installs the xpi file (extract + symlinks). dh_xul-ext evaluates ${xpi:*}00:41
bdrung_micahg: 2 scripts for the same thing00:42
micahgbdrung_: I think I'll call the bug provide plugin install assistance and explain the in description00:42
bdrung_sound good00:42
lifelesspitti: langpack-locales - does that control what langpacks are made?00:43
pittilifeless: indirectly00:43
pitti/usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED has the list of available locales00:43
pittilangpack-locales ships that file, and the locales00:44
pittiand langpack-o-matic builds packages for locales which are in SUPPORTED00:44
lifelesspitti: thats not quite right00:44
pittiwhy not?00:44
lifelesspitti: la_AU.UTF-8 is in my SUPPORTED file, and not in the package00:44
pittilifeless: ^ it was you who contributed that :)00:45
lifelessI know00:45
lifelessbut I've just done apt-get source langpack-locales00:45
lifelessand it doesn't have la_AU in the source package so I'm checking my facts00:46
pittilifeless: it's in debian/patches00:46
pitti(it's still not accepted upstream)00:46
pittior should I rather say "refused"00:46
pittiso we keep it as a patch00:46
lifelessok, well I'll add klingon the same way00:46
lifelessI wish I had time to do a proper orthogonal language separate from location system00:47
StevenKpitti: Won't Klingon hit the "Enough isn't translated, so no langpacks for joo"00:48
pittiStevenK: no, we have plenty of scarcely translated langpacks00:48
lifelessalso klingon folk are insane00:50
directhexlifeless, they're just overly exuberant00:50
lifelessdpm: so why did you link that wiki page to me?00:59
dpmlifeless, I was complementing pitti's answer to your question on Klingon translations. You need to create an Ubuntu Klingon team following that process to be able to translate Klingon in Launchpad01:01
directhexdpm, klingon needs more vocab first though, surely? i mean, eskimos have 50 words for snow, klingons have 50 words for "disembowel"01:06
directhexand whilst "disembowel" might work as a replacement for "cut", i'm not sure where else it fits01:06
sebnerdirecthex: but they don't have a word for fridge! :P01:08
lifelessdpm: I have no interest in translating it ;)01:14
lifelessdpm: I'm doing a favour for Keybuk01:15
dpmnp, just trying to be helpful :)01:15
Keybukdirecthex: you could translate fridge pretty easily01:16
Keybuk"be cold box"01:16
Keybuktep bImeHwI or something01:17
Keybuk"box for the purposes of being cold" :p01:17
KeybukKlingon has a sufficiently large vocab that entire books have been translated into it, and a fairly flexible one that it allows word creation by description01:18
lifelesshmm, I've forgotten how to turn a locale on01:20
StevenKKeybuk: And words invented due to cultural references01:21
pittilifeless: sudo locale-gen xx_YY.UTF-801:23
pittilifeless: and then export LANG=xx_YY.UTF-801:23
zulcjwatson: im in the middle of writing an apport hook for openssh-server do you want to review it after can i just upload it when Im done writing it?01:24
directhexshame unicode doesn't formally include klingon01:24
lifelesspitti: actuall  I needed to edit /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local01:25
lifelesspitti: so that it stays up to date when the locales package is refreshed01:25
lifeless  tlh_GB.UTF-8... done01:25
lifelessKeybuk: ^01:25
StevenKlifeless: Where GB is effectively, well, Earth?01:25
lifelessStevenK: its for Keybuk, so I've used GB layout01:26
StevenKlifeless: Does it work, though? :-)01:26
lifelessStevenK: 'meh'01:27
directhexbarring the confusing rules regarding plugin packaging in lucid, the lack of adequate support for firefox 3.6, the lack of a debian/copyright file, and a debian/rules which doesn't work twice in a row, i have a preliminary package for moonlight 2.0. i feel i should sleep now01:28
directhexseb128, ^^01:29
seb128directhex, waouh, good work ;-)01:30
lifelesspitti: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/langpack-locales/bug-516359/+merge/1849601:31
directhexseb128, upstream have promised me a new release within a couple of weeks which will resolve at least one of those issues. as well as the current need to +dfsg some of the tarballs which i've been ignoring01:31
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seb128lamont, is that normal that amd64 has only 2 buildds?01:39
lamontseb128: some days01:41
lamontand yes01:41
lamonti386 is the workhorse that does all, so it has more01:41
seb128hum, ok01:41
seb128I guess those changes will be for tomorrow then01:41
seb128it's annoying to have things blocked for over 10 hours as soon as gcc or openoffice get uploaded01:42
seb128lamont, thanks01:42
lamontseb128: yes, it is.01:46
lamontI know where we can find our favorite german.....01:46
seb128lamont, yeah, me too01:47
lamontseb128: yeah - but I can actually throw  things at him...01:47
seb128oh, please do ;-)01:48
StevenKseb128: Yes, I'm blocked for an armel CD build for 28 hours because of OO.o01:49
seb128StevenK, that's a different issue01:50
seb128StevenK, you have 7 buildds, which means it at least doesn't block everything else01:50
StevenKseb128: Sure, but while we're complaining about OO.o and gcc :-P01:50
Riddellgeser: do you have a magic script for these move to universe bugs or are you doing it all manually?01:55
cjwatsonzulI'd like to review it01:57
lifelesspitti: ping02:15
pittilifeless: pong02:16
lifelesshey, klingon all gtg :) - pushing the second patch in a second02:16
lifelessbeen interrupted ;>02:16
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/langpack-locales/bug-516359/+merge/18496 is the langpack one02:17
pittilifeless: ++territory "Great Britain"02:17
pittishouldn't that be "Kronos"? :=)02:17
lifelesspitti: no :P02:17
lifelesspitti: its GB phone # layout etc02:17
pittilifeless: no translated weekdays? :)02:21
lifelesspatches accepted :)02:21
lifelesshow many weekdays does klingon have?02:21
pittino idea02:22
pittianyway, uploading now :)02:22
lifelesspitti: lp:~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/libx11/bug-516359 is the second02:23
pittilifeless: nice, it's already in langpack-o-matic's maps/languages02:24
StevenKpitti: It's also already in Rosetta02:25
pittilifeless: uploaded02:29
RiddellDktrKranz: do you have an opinion on bug 508013 ?02:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508013 in gpsd "Sync gpsd 2.90.1~svn6819-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50801302:30
lifelesspitti: weet, thanks02:41
* Dante_J greets the room02:47
Dante_JUnder Lucid Alpha 2 with Firefox 3.6, noscript in the repo is not compatible with Firefox, and noscript supplied via Mozilla locks everything - caps light won't even toggle.02:49
Dante_JThis is on a T30 Laptop with a radeon graphics card.02:49
gnomefreakIIRC noscript is waiting for xul* naming update02:54
Linux-CLII'm trying to install a .deb package, however it told me that I already had a package in use (because I pressed Ctrl+C on "sudo apt-get install patch"). So I gave up & just rebooted. Still getting the error when trying to install the .deb package, any ideas?04:55
sbalneavLinux-CLI: Can you give the exact error message?04:59
Linux-CLII'm trying to install a .deb package, however it told me that I already had a package in use (because I pressed Ctrl+C on "sudo apt-get install patch"). So I gave up & just rebooted. Still getting the error when trying to install the .deb package, any ideas?05:09
Linux-CLIDo we use the Debian maintainers guide to create .deb packages for Ubuntu?05:09
RAOFThe answer to your first question is likely to be “get dpkg to configure the partially-installed package by calling 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'”05:10
Linux-CLIYeah it was, sorry05:11
Linux-CLIIt took me 5 minutes to download fakeroot before05:11
Mad_Goukiwhat sort of kernel development happens specifically for Ubuntu?06:00
crimsunMad_Gouki: the async population, hardware enablement (OEM), among others06:01
crimsunasync rootfs *06:02
Mad_Goukido most distros have kernel developers, and do the changes get folded back into the main kernel from time to time?06:02
macothe corporate sponsored ones do tend to have them, yes06:03
macoand at least of ubuntu, red hat, and suse.... yeah, those get submitted upstream06:03
Mad_Goukivery cool06:03
crimsunthe merge policies tend to be governed by each team, but the general approach is to work directly in upstream as much as possible06:03
superm1any archive admins about?  I was wondering if someone could clear ubiquity from binary new so that it can be included on the live cds for tomorrow in time?07:00
sabdflhi folks, why are redland-utils and raptor-utils in the default install?07:17
cjwatsonsabdfl: openoffice.org-core Depends: librdf0 Depends: redland-utils; librdf0 Depends: libraptor1 Depends: raptor-utils07:20
cjwatsonsorry, Recommends: for the last step in each of those chains, not Depends:07:21
cjwatsonsuperm1: done07:22
sabdflcjwatson: i have oo.o-core 1:3.2.0~rc4-1ubuntu1, which appears not to07:23
* cjwatson peers07:24
cjwatsonsabdfl: ah, in that case the answer is that it is no longer in the default installation :-) I've confirmed this from the current override files07:26
sabdflso much changes so quickly round here :-)07:26
cjwatson(I hadn't updated since this afternoon ...)07:26
cjwatsonit may or may not fall out automatically due to apt-get autoremove; I'm not sure exactly how sensitive that is07:27
cjwatsonit looks like it will stay in main for some time due to KDE bits and pieces07:27
cjwatsonspecifically (at least) soprano-daemon)07:29
geserRiddell: I checked them manually07:39
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superm1dang, appears to have missed the publisher cycle in time, still got the old ubiquity in the livefs :(08:06
slytherinHi. I would like to know if anyone is working on updating evolution-data-server in lucid. I want to upload latest version of evolution-mapi which depends on e-d-s 2.29.x.08:23
strycoreslytherin, if I recall correctly, Lucid sticks with Evolution 2.2809:03
slytherinstrycore: Where was this discussed? And what is the reason?09:53
strycoreslytherin, sorry I can't find where it has been discussed but I remember seeing that on IRC10:29
slytherinhmm, I trust a discussion on mailing list than IRC discussion about such a bug decision.10:30
strycoreat 20:0710:37
slytherinhmm, I wonder when and why was this decided.10:39
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hexa-hey, can anybody take a quick look into bug #514299 please?16:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514299 in ia32-libs "ia32-libs don't ship 32-bit libdrm_radeon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51429916:16
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jelmerslangasek: Hi16:34
jelmerslangasek: Are you aware of any source packages in Debian that have component orig tarballs at the moment, or are bz2 tarballs the main issue when syncing ?16:35
Laneyaiui the sync script is hardcoded to expect orig.tar.gz at the minute16:36
Laneyjelmer: wgrant was looking at it AFAIK16:36
jelmerLaney: I'm working on the v3 support for the sync script at the moment, but the bug mainly talks about bz2 support.16:38
smoserjames_w, it looks to me like 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu/python-boto' is out of sync with the archive, could you kick it ?16:56
lifelesspitti: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/libx11/bug-516359/+merge/1853817:01
lifelessbryceh: ^ may interest you too17:02
superm1lifeless, "   * Add klingon language definition." is that a patch pulled from upstream I hope?17:12
StevenKsuperm1: You tell funny jokes ...17:13
jdongsounds SRU-worthy!17:13
slangasekjelmer: bz2 tarballs are the only issue I can recall running into17:13
superm1slangasek, could you re-roll daily-live from today?  tried to get the new ubiquity in in time, but the publisher was a little late17:14
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slangaseksuperm1: "daily-live" - mythbuntu or ubuntu?17:22
superm1slangasek, ubuntu17:22
slangaseksuperm1: ok, running17:22
superm1slangasek, thanks17:23
lifelesspitti: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/libx11/bug-516359/+merge/18538 is the new patch17:43
mdeslaurslangasek: do you own nvidia hardware? Would you like to see what plymouth looks like on my nvidia laptop (including freeze every second boot)?17:52
TheMusomdeslaur: *raises hand, I get that too.17:53
TheMusomdeslaur: Although mine is a little worse than that. Atm I can't boot the -12 kernel at all, either with plymouth or without/recovery mode.17:54
charlie-tcaMost of us have to use the Alt+SysRq+k to get a gdm screen in the -12 kernel17:56
* TheMuso can never remember what sysrk is... Please remind me. :) as in what key it is.17:57
TheMusoah ok thanks.17:57
doctormo_I have a question about this bug:18:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 516651 in groundcontrol "necessary to translate debug output ?" [Low,Confirmed]18:19
doctormo_I want to know what the best thing to do about translating debug messages18:19
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StevenKcjwatson: Should we remove the lpia kernel section in the platform.lucid installer seed?18:20
cjwatsonStevenK: feel free18:27
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ccheneyis lock screen broken for anyone else today?18:37
persiaccheney: I've heard a couple reports.  `gnome-screensaver -l` seems to be the workaround.  Go chase dbus.18:38
chrisccoulsonsomebody mentioned gnome-screensaver?18:38
StevenKkees: Just curious, is the fortification stuff in our toolchain upstream?18:38
chrisccoulsonheh, i bet the new autostart delay causes it to race with the indicator-session applet18:38
chrisccoulsonccheney - can you not lock the screen from there?18:38
persiachrisccoulson: Seems to be a bug in how the notification applet calls it right now.  g-s itself seems fine.18:38
keesStevenK: the glibc goo that responds to setting -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 is in upstream glibc, yes.18:39
chrisccoulsonpersia - right, i've noticed this before. if the indicator starts before gnome-screensaver, then it doesn't work18:39
keesStevenK: our compiler sets -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 by default.  that is not in the upstream compiler.18:39
chrisccoulsonand we just changed gnome-screensaver to not start for 5 seconds18:39
chrisccoulsonso, that's an indicator bug18:39
ccheneyah ok18:39
ccheneyi tried locking by the power button in the top right of the screen in lucid18:40
ccheneyit does nothing though :-\18:40
ccheneychrisccoulson: so i think that is the applet you are talking about?18:40
chrisccoulsonccheney - yeah, it's broken because of my change to gnome-screensaver to delay starting it18:40
chrisccoulsonyeah, thats the applet i'm talking about18:40
* ccheney larts chrisccoulson for breaking stuff ;-)18:40
chrisccoulsonheh, yeah, that's my fault :P18:41
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dholbachkenvandine: did you guys see a bug about the indicators that rhythmbox is not shown although it's running (up-to-date lucid)?18:43
kenvandinedholbach, i haven't seen that18:45
dholbachkenvandine: which source package should I report a bug on and what kind of info do you need?18:46
kenvandinethe patch is to a plugin that is included18:47
slangasekcharlie-tca: sorry, who's "most of us"?  The two folks who have laptops I've looked at haven't needed to Alt+SysRq+K anything18:47
SarvattHeyo, anyone around that works with plymouth? Got a patch for it to work with the linux-backports-modules-nouveau kernel module that is being worked on now and is not really upstream material -- http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/0001-src-plugins-renderers-drm-plugin.c-Add-check-for-lbm.patch18:47
charlie-tcaSorry, I had two or three in #ubuntu+1 with this issue18:47
charlie-tcaIt seems to be the way around the garbled gdm screen that appears after update to the -12 kernel in lucid18:48
dholbachkenvandine: awesome, will do18:53
kenvandinedholbach, thx18:53
dholbachkenvandine: bug 51668519:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516685 in rhythmbox "rhythmbox is running, but no indicator is shown" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51668519:01
Keybukjames_w: around?19:02
StevenKcjwatson: I'm going to try a sync of a package that is quilt 3.0 and orig.tar.bz2, I'll let you know if it goes bang19:04
StevenKcjwatson: Looks fine ...19:05
kenvandinedholbach, thx19:05
dholbachno worries19:05
lifelesspitti: ping :P19:18
pittilifeless: hi; will get to the merge, still debugging pm-utils19:20
lifelessI can get someone else to do it if you like19:21
pittisure, go ahead19:22
seb128DktrKranz, hi19:25
seb128DktrKranz, do you think you could get the change from bug #495326 in debian?19:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 495326 in lazr.restfulclient "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'self_link'" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49532619:26
seb128DktrKranz, we need it in lucid and since the package is in sync right now...19:26
StevenKseb128: That looks like the wrong number ...19:26
seb128StevenK, why?19:27
StevenKseb128: There's no Debian task, and I didn't think lazr.restfulclient was in Debian19:28
seb128StevenK, well the fix is upstream now so there is no real reason to add a debian task there19:29
seb128and it is in debian and in sync right now19:29
cjwatsonStevenK: oh, did somebody fix soyuz?19:34
StevenKcjwatson: It seems so, it got synced correctly, and went through source and binary NEW easily19:35
StevenKBut let's see if the publisher goes BANG19:35
DktrKranzseb128: hi! I think I can easily cherrypick and upload it. I don't have main upload privileges, may I ping you so you can eventually sync it?19:36
seb128DktrKranz, yes, I was going to upload to lucid but I figured it would be better to get it in debian19:37
seb128DktrKranz, thanks19:37
seb128DktrKranz, I will sync when it's uploaded to debian19:37
DktrKranzseb128: I don't think I beat dinstall, so you have to sync from incoming. Is that still possible?19:38
seb128DktrKranz, yes19:38
DktrKranzok then19:38
zulcjwatson: ping19:45
pittikees: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/pm-utils/tree/src/import-fdi-quirkdb.in#n7519:46
cjwatsonzul: yes?  (please include content with pings :-) )19:47
tkamppeterpitti, can you help Stew Ellis on bug 447961? He has problems installing CUPS from -proposed.19:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447961 in ttf-freefont "Printer autoconfigured, but LPR prints with to wide font/cpi setting" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44796119:47
zulcjwatson: sorry im going to adding an apport hook to openssh do you want to review it first or should I just upload it19:48
cjwatsonzul: I answered yesterday - I'd like to review it, please19:48
zulcjwatson: ah ok i didnt see it yesterday ;)19:48
StevenKslangasek: Is yada still trying to enter main? I have this feeling I got 70% through a yada-repackage19:49
cjwatsonzul: feel free to commit it to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/lucid/openssh/lucid though19:49
cjwatsonzul: is there some urgent need for it? :-)  openssh doesn't get many crash reports19:49
zulcjwatson: no urgency its just apart of the server-lucid-apport-hooks spec19:49
cjwatsonzul: ah, ok19:50
cjwatsonthe spec is missing /etc/ssh/ssh_config, which is useful for client bugs19:50
cjwatsonI imagine the hook should be binary-package-specific if possible19:51
zulcjwatson: will do19:51
slangasekStevenK: see components-mismatches?  I don't know if it's still trying to get back19:53
geserzul: Hi, in case you didn't notice: your php5 upload depwaits on libmcrypt-dev, looks like it slipped though in the merge19:57
zulgeser: thanks ill take a look19:58
StevenKslangasek: No yada, so I guess we are safe :-)20:09
slangasekRiddell: what's happening with koffice-l10n?  It's removed in Debian, and ISTR hearing that was specific to old koffice and should also eventually be removed for us - or should it be sync-blacklisted instead?20:09
Riddellslangasek: we probably want to sync it from debian experimental20:11
Riddellour koffice update is blocked on MIRs currently20:11
slangasekhmm, when is koffice-l10n going to re-enter unstable then?20:12
RiddellI don't know I'm afraid20:12
StevenKRiddell: How many MIRs?20:12
RiddellStevenK: 620:13
StevenK6 is not piles20:13
* ScottK thought he'd take longer to answer so the phear would build.20:13
* StevenK has submitted and argued for a large number of MIRs20:14
Riddellit's enough to stop it progressing anyway20:14
Riddellwe could really do with more main inclusion reviewers20:15
ScottKStevenK: I know the feeling.  IIRC I had to do 22 or some similar number to get spamassassin in Main.20:19
Riddellasac, lool: got any MIR time schedule in the near future for those koffices ones you have assigned?20:24
lifelesspitti: james_w is uploading it20:28
dpmccheney, doko, would you have a few minutes after lunch to discuss OO.o translations?20:34
ionkeybuk: Please see my last comment in LP #506727.20:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506727 in mountall "upstart fails to start system into multiuser mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50672720:35
Keybukion: I'm not reading bugs at the moment20:36
dokodpm: is there anything to add after the uds discussion?20:37
didrockscurrently Quickly use python-mkdebian from python-distutilsextra which needs debchange and so, devscripts. devscripts recommends bsd-mailx | mailx | mailutils and by and large, postfix is installed with the awful debconf question. What do you think about putting the recommends as only a suggests and patch the scripts using mail to tell something like "you need blablabla package"?20:37
dpmdoko, I'd simply like to know what the current status is. Translations in LP are scheduled to be open tomorrow, and if the infrastructure for importing and exporting translations is not working, I think we should disable them from Launchpad.20:39
dpm(disable does not mean deleting, just hiding the templates in the UI in order not to create false expectations on translators that their translations will be included in Ubuntu)20:40
dokodpm: afaik ccheney did commit to updating the import/export for lucid and have the translations from lp included in the -l10n package20:40
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
dpmdoko, yes, that was in UDS, I just want to have a quick chat to know about the current status, if this is still doable, and whether there is something else to do on the LP side (e.g. enabling or disabling translations)20:42
lamontdidrocks: what "awful debconf question"20:43
lamontdidrocks: what "awful debconf question"20:43
LaserJocklamont: the questions about how to set up postfix20:44
LaserJocklike satelite, host only, no config, smart server, or something along those lines20:45
didrocksLaserJock: the relayhost one, yes20:46
didrockslamont: ^20:46
LaserJockdidrocks: I would love to see such a patch to debscripts20:47
LaserJockthat issue has annoyed me for the last few years but I not enough to write one myself20:48
didrocksLaserJock: should be pretty easy to fix, but I prefer to have some feedback on it first :)20:48
lamontwell, that's what you get for recommending an MTA20:49
didrockslamont: that's why I think we can just suggests it and tweak the scripts to help the user/dev20:52
ccheneydpm: have not had time to even look at it since i have been focused on firefox related issues20:53
slangasekdoko: you uploaded sagemath for python 2.6, but left a build-dependency on libboost-python1.38-dev...20:54
ccheneydpm: i got OOo 3.2 uploaded but only to make sure it got in under the FF deadline in a working state20:54
dpmccheney, no worries, I just wanted to know the status. I think for now the best would be to disable them in LP until you've had the time to have a look at them20:54
ccheneydpm: yea20:54
dpmccheney, ok, but still, I think it'd be good to have a quick chat about it, would you have a few mins later on?20:55
ccheneydpm: ok20:55
dokoslangasek: ok, will have a look, was just a no change upload20:55
persiakees: armel schroots are now buildable: after fixing another little bobble.  It's still in bzr though.20:56
ccheneyanyone able to upload to ubuntu?20:56
ccheneyits hanging for me atm20:56
dpmthanks ccheney :)20:56
persiaccheney: The last-1Kbyte hang, or a different one?20:57
ccheneywell with dput it just hangs directly after checking signatures20:58
ccheneylast 1k byte hang usually is a local router issue20:58
* ccheney will try copying to chinstrap then uploading from there20:59
ccheneyworked fine from there, very strange20:59
ccheneyand the scp to chinstrap worked fine also20:59
* ccheney bbl lunch time21:01
keespersia: \o/21:01
persiakees: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368455/21:02
Keybukkees: when you get a moment, could you come down to the Foundations room21:42
DktrKranzseb128: lazr.restfulclient uploaded and available on incoming, all yours :)21:52
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
* ccheney still can't upload directly from home, this is annoying :(22:22
ccheneyactually i'm not uploading from home, i'm uploading from my laptop, hnmm22:23
ograslangasek, did you upload the plymouth fix that should make it work on imx51 already ?22:23
slangasekogra: yes22:23
slangasekdid it build on arm yet?22:23
ograwe dont have a splash on the current live image22:23
ograoh, didnt check yet22:24
* ogra goes to look22:24
ccheneyah passive mode :)22:24
slangasekyah, it's built on arm22:24
slangasekdoes the current live image have 0.8.0~-8 on it?22:24
ograi'll check soon, cant access it atm22:24
seb128DktrKranz, thanks22:25
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
ograslangasek, manifest says it has 0.8.0~-822:30
lifelessjames_w: so we're happy that the debhelper bug is fixed?22:32
slangasekogra: please give me the value of readlink /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth; it's possible this is a separate bug22:34
slangasek(I don't see any mistakes in my code)22:34
ograwill do22:34
ograi'm just downloading it, i cant access the one booted instance atm22:34
* slangasek nods22:34
=== xomas_ is now known as xomas
ograubuntu@ubuntu:~$ readlink /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth22:43
ogralooks ok to me22:43
slangasekogra: yep - so it's a different bug :)22:44
ograubuntu@ubuntu:~$ plymouth-set-default-theme22:44
slangasekwhat's your framebuffer?  (cat /proc/fb)22:44
ograseems ok22:44
ogra0 DISP3 BG22:44
ogra1 DISP3 BG - DI122:44
ogra2 DISP3 FG22:44
slangasekooookay... what are those? :)22:44
ograheh, mxcfb devices22:45
ograplymouth worked on my former install so i know the framebuffer does actually work22:45
ograi havent seen it since the theme was updated though22:45
slangasekis other fb output working?22:46
ograsure, X is on the framebuffer22:46
ogra(we have no free driver for the GPU so it defaults to xfbdev)22:47
slangasekogra: can I come get a console on this?22:47
ograconsole is no prob, we're a bit out od monitors atm22:48
ograbut you can have a serail console22:48
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
pittislangasek, Keybuk, tseliot: if you get complaints about plymouth breaking X.org and boot, hold on with debugging23:12
pittiI just found out that gdm's "force first server to vt7" patch does not work any more for some reason23:13
pittiI'm debugging that now23:13
pittithe patch is just fine, but debian/patches/28_plymouth_transition.patch breaks it23:15
pittiit implements its own startup logic23:15
Keybukpitti: yes, there is different startup logic if plymouth is running23:15
Keybuksince you want to re-use plymouth's vt, and not cause a vt switch23:16
Keybukthere's possibly an issue there if you're not on vt7 ;)23:16
Keybukie. if plymouth wasn't showing the splash23:16
pittiright, jdstrand booted without "splash"23:16
Keybukyeah, that should still have switched vt23:17
Keybukbut it doesn't23:17
pittifor jdstrand, X.org always starts on vt123:17
pittiwhich wreaks a lot of havoc23:17
pitti(you get the password and other input to vt1, control-C kills the server, etc.23:18
pittiKeybuk: would you recommend that 28_plymouth_transition.patch gets fixed to run X on vt7 again, or should we just stop having a getty on vt1?23:19
Keybukpitti: no23:19
KeybukI would recommend that plymouth is fixed to switch to vt7 in the text/details case23:19
Keybukit's a plymouth bug23:19
Keybukit's actually outputting to vt723:19
Keybukit just forgot to switch23:19
Keybukif it had, then X would have inherited it23:19
pittiKeybuk: so I guess we still need to fix the patch to start X on vt7 the first time if we boot with "nosplash"?23:20
Keybukwe need to fix *plymouth*23:20
pitti"nosplash" -> no plymouth?23:20
* pitti confused now23:20
Keybuknosplash -> plymouth using a text output plugin, rather than a graphical one23:20
Keybukyou still need plymouth to arbitrate who's asking for input, etc.23:21
pittiok, got it23:21
Keybukwhen you have no splash, it means plymouth uses text.so or details.so instead of drm.so or fb.so23:21
Keybukthe code to do the vt switch is missing in the text/details case23:21
pittiKeybuk: that actually means that we can drop this hideous 05_initial_server_on_vt7.patch patch23:21
Keybuk(it assumes drm/fb did it already)23:21
Keybukpitti: in theory23:21
Keybukpitti: I left that there so when people do "start gdm", it does flip to vt723:21
pittiok, thanks for the heads up!23:22
Keybuk(from single user mode, etc.)23:23
pittiKeybuk: interestingly enough, when adding a sleep to the gdm upstart job it works just fine23:23
pittipresumably because the getty is faster, or so23:23
Keybukred car wins the race, despite stuffing its face, etc.23:23
cjwatsonsigh, I broke grub.  again.23:25
cjwatson(not in the archive)23:25
lamontcjwatson: that's because you rock23:26
cjwatson"grub-probe: error: unknown filesystem."  not what you want to see w.r.t. /23:26
lifelessKeybuk: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/launchpad-integration/+pots/launchpad-integration/tlh/+translate - fully translated. a rgh.23:26
KeybukI like the translation of Launchpad - taghwI'23:30
Keybuk"Thing the begins a process/initiates proceedings" - ie. launches23:30
crimsunhmm, bzr merge-package is (perhaps correctly) picky with the trailing / ("bzr: ERROR: Invalid source branch URL?")23:33
ionkeybuk: The message i wanted you to see was about it seeming like mountall blocks while waiting for the user to either skip a mount or have mountall exit to shell when boredom_timer is triggered on a mount. IMO the prompt should be done asynchronously. If the device appears and the user hasn’t done anything by then, just hide the prompt and continue with the mount. The guy who reported the bug has the boot hang consistently to that prompt just because the ...23:34
ion... device doesn’t happen to appear quickly enough.23:35
Keybukion: if you can work that out, do it ;)23:35
=== cr3_ is now known as cr3
ionkeybuk: I’ll try to get that done.23:36
* Keybuk decides that Debian clearly needs to be translated to ghobchuq loDnI'pu'23:44
Keybuklit. "The Brothers Fight One Another"23:44
cjwatsonah, I didn't break grub, upstream did23:49
* ogra files another plymouth bug so Keybuk doesnt get bored ...23:50
StevenKogra: He's not bored, he's translating23:50
ograStevenK, splash screens to klingon ?23:51
StevenKKeybuk: Idea from plars about Ubuntu in Klingon: "I have what I have because I killed you for it"23:54
plarsStevenK: might require some small modifications to the CoC23:55
StevenKplars: I welcome a translation of the CoC into Klingon23:55
KeybukStevenK: I was going with something like "My honour is mine because of the enemies of I have killed"23:55
KeybukStevenK: Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam23:59
crimsunStevenK: do you have plans to merge ekiga from squeeze soon?23:59

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