CIA-6usb-creator: evand * r260 trunk/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.2.1501:44
superm1ev, thanks for uploading that usb-creator.  i meant to get around to that, but got caught up with other stuff.04:26
superm1any opposition to me uploading ubiquity shortly?04:27
evsuperm1: by all means go ahead04:35
evand sure, thanks for the fix04:35
evrtg ran into the bug this afternoon and I was quite pleased to remember that you had already sorted it out04:35
CIA-6ubiquity: superm1 * r3737 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog gui/gtk/mythbuntu_stepBackendSetup.ui): Make the Mythbuntu backend setup plugin's GTK widget fit better.06:09
CIA-6ubiquity: superm1 * r3738 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):06:11
CIA-6ubiquity: Automatic update of included source packages: apt-setup06:11
CIA-6ubiquity: 1:0.42ubuntu2, partman-target 64ubuntu6.06:11
CIA-6ubiquity: superm1 * r3739 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.1.1606:12
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3723 plugins-conversion/ (14 files in 7 dirs): Merge with trunk.17:56
ev_michaelforrest: is there a specific time/date this week that you'd like to meet to discuss the installer design specification, assuming this would still be worthwhile at this point?18:14
ev_superm1: you're continuously one step ahead of me :).  I was thinking last night of hiding the "source disc image" treeview when -i is passed, and here I find you've already done it.18:18
michaelforrestev_: yeah still want to do that.18:26
michaelforrestev_: I have some meetings today so shall we say tomorrow morning?18:26
ev_michaelforrest: works for me18:27
michaelforrestok good18:27
ev_cjwatson: ^ in case you have time to attend18:27
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CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3740 ubiquity/.bzrignore: Add debian/oem-config-remaster to .bzrignore.18:55
Pianoman13i am a one-week user of Ubuntu, can someone help me find my c:drive?21:49
cody-somervillePianoman13, Please see the #ubuntu channel for support.21:50
CIA-6grub-installer: cjwatson * r834 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog grub-installer): merge no-device-map branch21:55
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