toabctli would like to have a ubuntu-cloak13:28
toabctlcan somebody help, please!?13:29
jussi01toabctl: #ubuntu-irc for cloaks13:33
jussi01rww: please note the last join :)13:34
toabctljussi01, thx13:34
rwwjussi01: ta13:35
Akosthere are ubuntu-irc cloaks that are given out?13:41
rwwAkos: if you're an Ubuntu Member13:41
Akosrww: aha, now i understand (:13:45
Akosthank you13:46
nhandlerjussi01: Can you s/Freenode/freenode/ in the /topic ;)14:09
=== jussi01 changed the topic of #ubuntu-irc-helpers to: Welcome to #ubuntu-irc-helpers - The Ubuntu IRC Helpers team exists to help co-ordinate and educate helpers in the the Ubuntu support channels on freenode | This is not a support channel | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/UbuntuIRCHelpers | Please join #ubuntu-meta for unanswered questions | #metabot-client for LjL's metabot client - more help with making #ubuntu a better place!
czajkowskicould you make it any longer :p14:12
jussi01czajkowski: go look at #ubuntu's topic :D14:21
czajkowskinot_logging_in_there :)14:21
nhandlerjussi01: Might I also suggest adding *!*@freenode/staff/* to the access list?14:43
jussi01nhandler: feel free...14:43
* MenZa wibbles.19:15
* IdleOne wobbles19:18
* jussi01 gobbles19:25
* guntbert wonders if those activities are carnival related :)19:40
IdleOnethe wibbling and wobbling19:41
guntbertIdleOne: yes :)19:43
IdleOnewill if it is carnival related I want cotton candy19:44
* erUSUL watchs the tumbleweeds pass away20:00
* funkyHat wiggles22:07

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