xnoxHello =) Can you please award me an ubuntu irc cloak? https://launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov02:30
xnoxI guess it's bad time of day02:54
xnoxI'll try again during UTC day time02:55
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continues to glow.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:30
Picionil: This isn't a support channel, please use #ubuntu :)03:30
toabctli would like to have a cloak. my lp-id is https://launchpad.net/~thomasbechtold     can somebody help, please?!06:31
toabctli would like to have a ubuntu cloak13:28
toabctlcan somebody help, please?!13:28
Myrttitoabctl: and your launchpad id page would be located exactly where?13:30
toabctlMyrtti, https://launchpad.net/~toabctl13:30
Myrttitoabctl: thank you, now you just have to wait someone with enough of powah to see that13:33
jussi01freenode staff, niko nalioth Pricey please cloak toabctl with an ubuntu/member cloak :)13:35
nikotoabctl: if you want to have ubuntu/member/toabctl you should /msg nickserv set accountname toabctl :)13:41
toabctlniko, done13:42
nikojussi01: cloak applied13:42
toabctlniko, great!thanks!:)13:43
jussi01toabctl: congrats, niko thanks13:43
MenZatoabctl: congrats indeed13:49
toabctlthx jussi01, thx MenZa13:49
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Trekgot an interesting issue I tried to get resolved on #ubuntu-ops, but nobody responds.17:34
Trek<Trek> it seems that somehow someone spoofed the host name of my laptop, and spammed #ubuntu, resulting in a ban on the host name.  This causes an issue when my connection drops everysooften, preventing my alternate nickname from connecting.  any way to resolve this?17:34
erUSULTrek: get the ban removed? keep asking in -ops ... if it is true it was a "identity theft" there should be no problem17:36
Trekposted twice there, no response after 10 minutes, but i'll try again17:36
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* erUSUL watchs the tumbleweeds pass away20:00
xnoxHello all. Is this is a right place for Ubuntu Members to request IRC cloaks?21:44
rwwxnox: Yes. Link to your Launchpad profile, and someone with the powers will hopefully be with you shortly :)21:46
xnoxrww: thanks21:49
xnoxsorry got a disconnect on wifi21:49
xnoxwell my account is launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov21:49
xnoxxnox@irc.freenode.net is added on the profile21:49
* xnox has really bad connection21:51
xnoxso yeah my profile is launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov please award me a cloak21:51
xnoxthe xnox nick is added on launchpad21:51
* xnox is patiently gonna wait ;-)21:52
rwwxnox: Yep, like I said, you need to wait for someone with the powers, which I don't have :)21:52

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