octocpphow do i send acpi_osi=Linux as a boot param while booting from the cd, I tryed acpi_osi=Linux,acpi_osi="Linux",acpi_osi=linux, acpi_osi="linux", acpi_osi=!Linux and evern tryed acpi_osi=eatshit and i ge tthe same result, like a hundred acpi errors saying stuff is not found, I cant make it our bcause it doenst stop scrolling even after like 5 minutes00:39
octocppI have the  insyde h2o bios on this laptop and I cant even boot without calling up acpi=off00:40
octocppi cant seem to even try acpi_osi=Linux00:41
johanbrsounds like your bios doesn't handle acpi very well00:43
octocppit is a new bios that changes the way we have to interact with the hardware somehow from what Ive read, I cant believe that windows is the only OS that has the lowdown On how to operate this laptop, it is a Tooshiba Sattelite l505d_es502500:45
octocppis that what MS is up to now? getting firmware writers to block linux from being able to even use the machine? or is the kernel just falling behind the time a bit? Or should I just return this piece of crap laptop that can only run windows?00:46
johanbrit was probably never tested with linux00:46
johanbrthere are lots of crappy bioses out there00:46
octocppthe L303 has worked but i guess there are some acpi issues00:47
octocppI cant even get it to boot without acpi=off, but then I only have one CPU and I am sure a ton of other  problems00:47
octocppis there some common work around for this that I am unaware of?00:48
octocppOr I just have to wait untill they start to work with that Bois in the kernel?00:48
johanbrthere may be workarounds, depends on how badly broken it is00:49
johanbryou could try booting with "noapic nolapic"00:49
octocppyea, Ill try them out reall quick00:50
johanbrwell, gotta go... good luck00:53
gnomefreakis it just me or is 2.6.32-12 broken? i get an error when booting. "something over range" i dont recall first word so i used something11:58
gnomefreaki cant report the bug using ubuntu-bug it gives me "The problem cannot be reported: This is not a genuine Ubuntu package" I'm using the Ubuntu kernel12:36
indusAyla, please file a bug first , they will only look at that13:57
PiciWe've stopped having random channel attacks since moving to the new ircd, probably should /mode -q $~a  here (that will let unidentified users speak)13:58
Piciping me if there are any questions about that. 13:58
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MaximLevitskyI need sources of kernel package of 2.6.33-rc6, so I could patch them with my driver, and expose in an PPA18:15
MaximLevitskyhttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ contains only binaries18:16
jk-MaximLevitsky: linux-source-2.6.33_2.6.33-020633rc6_all.deb18:35
MaximLevitskyjk-: not that18:35
MaximLevitskyI need .tar.gz, .dsc, files18:35
MaximLevitskyso I can build new package18:36
MaximLevitskybut I guess that make-kpg will do that18:36
_rubenwhy repackage a complete kernel for a driver? drivers can be installed seperately just fine .. ideally using a dkms package for instance18:36
MaximLevitsky_ruben: I did several changes in several places18:36
MaximLevitskyI sent patches upstream18:37
MaximLevitskyThis is same reason I patch against 2.6.3318:38
MaximLevitskyI initially targeted 2.6.32,  but for merge I ported everything to 2.6.3318:38
_rubenguess one of the ubuntu kernel devs will have to help out here .. perhaps best to send an email to the -kernel mailinglist18:39
MaximLevitskyOnly one question18:39
MaximLevitskyDoes ubuntu customized kernel 2.6.33 exist?18:39
MaximLevitskyor it is vanilla git18:40
jk-MaximLevitsky: it's vanilla git18:40
_rubenthose mainline builds are annlia18:40
MaximLevitskyThanks a lot18:40
jk-so you can probably just make-kpgk it18:40
MaximLevitskyjk-: that what I am doing now18:41
ssamis there a special way that i should mark Bug #508746 as having a patch upstream?18:46
ssami have linked to the commit in a comment18:47

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