wolterhey guys, do you know of any free hosting site with no ads, good speed, and maybe support for python scripts?05:32
IlyaHaykinsonfree / no ads? that's pretty rare.05:36
IlyaHaykinsonif you just need a super-small temporary host, i can throw things up on my server. if you need more permanent stuff, probably not...05:37
wolteryeah, i would need permanent, so thanks05:41
wolterwell, could use temporary, but I don't know if my mom would actually afford hosting my site05:41
wolterso, thanks for now, but don't worry about it. I'll let you know if I change my mind05:41
IlyaHaykinsonokie dok05:42
nisshhhey, godbyk: i need to ask you a question about latex05:52
godbyknisshh: fire away05:52
nisshhcool, well im answering a question on launchpad for the manual05:53
nisshhthe asker says:05:53
nisshhShould latex \labels and \ref tags be added to the document at this stage? If so this should be added to the Style guide. I would take on this task, if it was deemed worthwhile.05:53
nisshhwhat do you reckon?05:53
godbykIf the chapter and section headings are relatively stable at this point, then labels and ref tags may be added, yes.05:54
IlyaHaykinsoni think the headings aren't really stable yet.05:54
godbykFor cross-referencing to chapters and sections, they may also want to use the \chaplink{label} and \seclink{label} commands which will pretty things up a bit.05:54
IlyaHaykinsoni would wait until beta for that05:54
nisshhok got it thanks.05:55
nisshhok, i will tell him that he can add them now but should check and update them during beta.05:57
godbyknisshh: sounds good.05:57
humphreybcwhat's going on everyone23:48
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: ping23:58
humphreybcgodbyk: ping23:58
godbykhumphreybc: pong23:58
humphreybci was just thinking23:59
humphreybcIlya's chapter is very long, and he's got a lot of subsubsections under "Getting Online" that might be useful to have in the ToC23:59
humphreybcmaybe we should change it so that subsubsections are displayed also?23:59
humphreybcThat will probably make the contents like 5 pages long23:59

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