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* stgraber looks at his watch, looks like it's MEETING time !19:00
stgraberhighvoltage, mgariepy, alkisg, nixternal, sbalneav, lns !19:00
MootBotMeeting started at 13:01. The chair is stgraber.19:01
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stgraberYeah, bot working again !19:01
stgraber[TOPIC] Spec status update19:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Spec status update19:02
stgraberunfortunately, highvoltage doesn't seem to be around at the moment, so we'll have to a wait a bit more for a netbook status update19:02
stgraberon my side, I started some heavy nagging and debugging to fix the DVD builds19:03
stgraberI changed the seeds yesterday to include mgariepy's menu editor as soon as it's in universe19:03
stgraberI also changed the langpack list of include all languages (as we used to) but also all the required input methods, translation packages and fonts19:04
stgraberthat way we should have a working edubuntu in all languages, though I found quite a few interesting issues relating to that and I'm doing langpack debugging today ;)19:04
alkisgAny news about that live ltsp thing?19:04
stgraberWe haven't had any change on bug 50997019:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 509970 in ubuntu-cdimage "Make Edubuntu DVD Live only + additional packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50997019:04
stgraberwhich is required to get the 2 extra free gigs that we'll partially use for LTSP19:05
stgraberLTSP live itself (as of the script) is on my laptop and will need to be pushed to the build server whenever we'll have enough space for it19:05
stgraberon my side, it's pretty much it19:06
alkisgVery good... looks like we've mostly done our part!19:06
stgraberwell, yeah but we have two weeks or so to get our DVD image fixed and the builder updated19:06
stgraberand ubuntu-cdimage isn't very responsive on LP ...19:06
alkisgHrm :(19:07
stgraberI'll soon start poking people directly rather than the team itself, maybe it'll be more efficient19:07
mgariepyi have corrected the pacaking problem of edubuntu-menueditor19:08
mgariepyput (with the help of stgraber) roseta trasnlation for this application19:08
mgariepyas soon as the binary package is avalaible on lucid universe i'll rebuild it with the corrections.19:09
mgariepybeside that, i didn't had time to write the user manual. i'll probably start this tonight.19:10
stgrabercurrent publication status is that edubuntu-menueditor is accepted in the archive as source package (apt-cache showsrc edubuntu-menueditor) but the binary package is still in the queue, should be fixed real soon19:10
mgariepyany questions ?19:10
stgrabergreat, thanks19:11
stgrabernext up is the website though I don't see anyone around ... (that meeting room really feels empty today)19:11
* Lns is here :)19:12
stgraberLns: hey19:12
Lnshiya starcraft19:12
Lnserr stgraber hehe19:12
stgraberhehe ;)19:12
stgraberok, I'm guessing we'll get a better status update on the website next week then ;)19:12
stgraber[TOPIC] Documentation day19:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Documentation day19:12
stgraberit was discussed last week that we should define a date for the doc day19:13
stgraberthat'd be after the Feature Freeze19:13
* stgraber looks at the release schedule19:13
stgraberUI freeze is on the 4th of March19:13
stgraberthe week of the 11th of March seems good19:14
stgraberas it's after UI freeze and before the first beta19:14
stgraberand before the Doc string freeze19:14
Lnssounds good, what exactly is involved in doc day?19:14
stgraberprobably going through the Edubuntu content on help.ubuntu.com, making sure it still applies19:15
stgraberupdating screenshots19:15
stgraberhaving a look at the handbook19:15
stgrabernixternal and sbalneav would be a lot better to explain what that day is about though they don't seem to be around :(19:15
stgraberI'd suggest we go with the 9th of March (tuesday)19:16
stgraberanyone against that date ? ;)19:16
Lnsnot me19:16
mgariepynot me.19:17
stgraber[AGREED] Documentation day on Tuesday the 9th of March19:17
alkisgYou won't get much negative votes today :)19:17
MootBotAGREED received:  Documentation day on Tuesday the 9th of March19:17
stgraberalkisg: makes the meeting so much faster ;)19:17
stgraber[TOPIC} Other businesses ?19:18
MootBotNew Topic: [TOPIC} Other businesses ?19:18
stgraberdoh, I forgot artwork once again ...19:18
* stgraber adds it to the agenda19:18
LnsWell, I did my first edu 9.10 install a couple of days ago and have been writing some notes, not sure if it'd fit into a meeting or i should bring it up in #edubuntu19:18
stgraberLns: maybe post them to the ML ?19:19
alkisgLns, 9.10? You should be trying 10.04 now :D19:19
Lnsis there an iso?19:19
stgraberalkisg: well, we'd need a working DVD for that ;) hasn't built for 2 weeks19:19
stgraberLns: yeah, there's but it's quite old19:19
Lnslol.. ok i'll go get it then =)19:19
alkisgThere's still the old dvd19:19
* Lns will wait for the next build :)19:20
stgraberfor artwork, it was another of Jonathan's items though I guess you all saw the proposed backgrounds from madsrh on the ML ?19:20
stgraberI'm going to see with Jonathan to update our backgrounds to include these, probably set the one that was the most popular as default and update the icon theme19:21
stgraberI also asked Jonathan if he could provide us with a screenshot for each proposed icon set19:21
* alkisg liked those backgrounds, but wasn't so excited to vote on making them our default artwork...19:21
LnsI agree with including the backgrounds, but also agrees with alkisg19:21
LnsI think we could make it more suitable for all ages19:22
LnsIt's definitely better than a couple years ago19:22
stgraberso far, for icon theme we have humanity, gartoon and breathe19:22
Lnsstgraber: where can we view those?19:22
stgraberLns: yeah, if we do change the background soon, it'll be mostly so our testers actually notice a change ;) These were a first draft and I expect more to come19:23
stgraberand I don't plan on dropping any background from the artwork package yet, we have space so it's not really an issue19:23
Lnstotally. The more the merrier =)19:23
stgraberLns: they are all packaged, easiest is to install them and try them out19:23
stgraberthough we have a fresher gartoon in Scott's PPA19:24
Lnsis gartoon the default in 9.10?19:24
stgraberyeah, gartoon is the one we have for a while19:24
LnsI think it's a good iconset for primary schools19:25
Lnsbut at least in 9.10 it was inconsistent with the rest of the menus19:25
* Lns might be barking about something that's already been fixed in 10.0419:25
alkisgI'm also not too font of gartoon... I think sbalneav likes it a lot, though19:26
stgraberwe may offer different gnome themes too if we want, one for primary school (using gartoon), one for secondary school, ...19:27
Lnsstgraber: that's a great idea19:27
Lnsthe more we focus on separating pri/sec schools (fine grain it) the more people will be able to relate to it19:28
Lnsand therefore feel good about using/installing it19:28
stgrabersorry, just got quickly disturbed at the office ;)19:31
Lnshehe, figured19:31
stgraber[AGREED] Investigate having more than one gnome theme with different icon/background choice19:32
MootBotAGREED received:  Investigate having more than one gnome theme with different icon/background choice19:32
LnsI think we could do a lot with theming in Edubuntu. It might be the 'killer feature' we need that ubuntu doesn't have for schools19:32
Lnswe could survey schools as to the favorite subjects/topics in each grade and base a theme around it19:32
Lnsthink of an installer option for default themes..that would be kiler19:33
stgraberyeah, it's clearly something we will be able to improve over the next releases, for Lucid we are getting closer and closer to FeatureFreeze. So we won't be able to make everything automatic and shiny19:33
Lnssure, but the future is always open! =)19:34
stgraberok, looks like we're done ;)19:38
MootBotMeeting finished at 13:38.19:38
dhillon-v10i guess i am late :)19:39
dhillon-v10Lns: hi there :)19:39
Lnshey dhillon-v1019:39
dhillon-v10Lns: I was only a minute late though before the meeting ended19:40
Lnsdhillon-v10: well you can check the logs to catch up =)19:40
Lnsthanks everyone =)19:41
* sbalneav wanders in for the tail end19:45
alkisg(09:38:24 μμ) MootBot: Meeting finished at 13:38.19:45

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