micahg[reed]: that was easy, sqlite 3.6.22 was just uploaded to unstable00:08
AmazingAndrewmyrti... you here?03:26
kaddihi, i upgraded to FF 3.6 today and noticed that setting the checkcompatibility and checkupdatesecurity to false no longer work, to use older add-ons03:29
kaddihow can i use a FF 3.5 addon in FF 3.6? which values do I need to change?03:29
micahgkaddi: you should install the nightly tester tools if you want to do that03:29
micahgkaddi: you should also file a bug however it says to on addons.mozilla.org if the addon is from tehre03:30
kaddimicahg: i'm going to hceck, I'm unsure the 3.5 version ever made it to addons.mozilla.org and the other add-on is pretty much dead, there's no developpement for it anymore03:32
kaddiboth were working fine on 3.5 thuogh03:32
micahgkaddi: k03:34
kaddimicahg: what happens after i install the nightly tester tools? i did that, but the "preferences" button is greyed out so i can't setup anything03:45
micahgkaddi: you click on the addon then click override compatability03:45
kaddimicahg: right click only offers "uninstall", "find update" and a greyed out "enable". normal click does not open a menu at all03:48
micahgdid you restart after installing the tester tools?03:49
kaddiyes, twice03:49
micahgis it showing that in the addon list?03:49
kaddiit show the nightly tester tools as enabled03:50
micahgthere should be an override comaptability button in the bottom right03:50
kaddithere isn't03:52
* micahg checks the extension name03:52
kaddibut it says add-on update security checking is disabled.you may be compromised by updates. at the top, it just won't let me enable tab mix plus03:53
micahgchange those settings back to default03:53
kaddiany ideas what to do next?03:58
micahgrestart browser03:58
micahgthen try to right click and override compatability03:59
kaddiit worked :)04:02
micahggreat kaddi04:03
kaddithough it sees tab mix plus is one of the addons that really isn't compatible with 3.6 yet :s04:04
micahgright, you should be able to file a bug for that if one doesn't exist04:04
micahg!info tabmixplus04:04
ubottuPackage tabmixplus does not exist in karmic04:04
micahg!search tab04:05
ubottuFound: pocketpc, requirements-#xubuntu, fstab, psp, nicktab, sysresccd, torrents-#kubuntu, firewall, ifrename, startup04:05
kaddiyeah, need to check what is really going on. the most obvious thing is that it destroys my saved session and replaces them by two blank tabs04:05
kaddibut since i use an addon for that as well it could be interference of some sort :p04:05
micahgkaddi: please file a bug in LP to update if we package it04:05
micahgand subscribe me04:05
kaddimicahg: for the tabmixplus issue?04:06
micahgto update to 3.6 version so we don't forget :)04:06
kaddii was being serious when I said I needed to check what is broken in tabmixplus04:06
micahgso was I about filing a bug :)04:07
kaddiso I should file a bug report against the firefox-3.6 package in ubuntu that the add-on hasn't been updated yet? just trying to make sure I understand correctly.04:08
kaddimicahg: it seems i was using an old version of tab mix plus. I checked for updates before coming here, but forgot that I installed a pre-release of tab mix plus directly from the developers site at some point to get full compatibility with 3.504:13
kaddii updated to the version available for it, when i went to the site to request 3.6 compatibility and saw that they actually offer compatibility up to 3.7pre04:14
kaddithat also takes care of the lost saved session04:14
micahgkaddi: great04:18
kaddibut so I know for the future (and for the abandoned addon): Should I file a bug against the FF-3.6 package in ubuntu for an incompatible addon, or did I misunderstand yuo?04:18
micahgkaddi: if we package it in ubuntu, you can file a bug against the package04:18
micahgkaddi: feel free to subscribe me to any bug like that04:18
kaddik :) will do04:19
kaddieg this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3235 (it's the dead one) Is there anything I should/can do, to get it updated?04:19
kaddiit's not specifically packaged for ubuntu, so it doesn't have it's own package04:19
kaddibut it works on ubuntu since it is running through ubuntu04:20
kaddior is it just dead and I should look for another add-on that does similar?04:20
micahgsorry, it seems dead04:21
micahgbut you can check here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=175748&atid=87447804:21
kaddithanks micahg :) it's working like a charm now. :)04:28
micahgasac: around?04:50
noaXessgood morning..06:43
noaXesswhat about thunderbird 3 stable in ubuntu? i just found the daily ppa ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa06:44
micahgnoaXess: soon06:44
noaXessaha.. thats about a week? :)06:44
micahghopefully this week06:45
micahgI think06:45
* micahg finished the TB-locales last night06:45
noaXessaha :)06:45
noaXessso.. need i add an additional ppa?06:45
micahgnoaXess: no06:45
noaXessokay.. thats good information :)06:46
noaXessnice job.. thanks..06:46
micahgwell, actually, we might do a TB stable PPA06:46
noaXessmicahg: like firefox-stable..06:46
noaXessnow i have tb2 removed and work with tb3 from mozilla.... but nice will be to have stable tb3 releases directly in ubuntu :)06:47
noaXessif you are finished, will you post it on https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam?06:49
micahgnoaXess: yes, when we're ready06:56
fta2kenvandine, http://ftbfs.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/some-rfh/11:17
gnomefreakso many damn problems today yesterday was fine12:37
gnomefreakfiled 4 bugs and 1 i cant report with ubuntu-bug this is not a good way to start the fucking day :(12:38
gnomefreaknow firefox is closing for no reason damnit13:05
LLStarksjason ****ing crisps.13:43
LLStarks3.6 is causing x freezes now.13:43
LLStarksopen a youtube video, navigate away or refresh the page, x will freeze.13:45
LLStarksmy god.13:46
LLStarksasac, you seeing this?13:46
BUGabundobRoas o/13:57
vishhmm,  is anyone noticing the the awesome bar , doesnt work properly? it sometimes doesnt search15:18
=== Nafallo is now known as 30BAAADYI
asacBug 42763817:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 427638 in xulrunner-1.9.1 "xulrunner includes no longer have nspr headers; explicit link against nspr is required." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42763817:54
BUGabundohey asac17:56
BUGabundostill alive?17:56
asachi BUGabundo17:56
asacsure ;)17:56
asacjust in portland17:56
BUGabundohow is the conf going?17:56
asacquite well ... sitting here burried in loads of cables ;)17:56
BUGabundowe need a better pic of you. even fta wasn't sure you had cut the hair :D17:57
asaccut my hair? its always like on identica .... schorter longer ;)18:01
BUGabundogreen jack ?18:01
BUGabundoso, shorter18:01
asacright ... i was at a barber a few days before going here ;)18:02
asacin two month they will be crazy again :-P18:02
BUGabundoI shave every 3-4 weeks18:03
BUGabundowould be crazy to let it grow past one month18:03
BUGabundo*even* it used to grow18:04
asaci am going to barber like every  4-5 month18:10
asaci hate that ;)18:10
BUGabundoasac: that's why I do it at home18:20
kenvandinefta, can you make the gwibber daily ppa update?18:26
BUGabundokenvandine: pulling trunk and testing it NOW18:34
BUGabundoNow on revision 525.18:35
kenvandineit is really just a fix for service activation18:35
kenvandineso running from a checkout shouldn't be any different than last night18:35
BUGabundothemes still dead, accounts won't start18:36
kenvandineaccounts won't start?18:36
kenvandinei didn't know there was a problem with that18:37
kenvandinei just installed the packages in a pristine lucid VM and it worked18:37
BUGabundoI'm testing trunki18:37
kenvandineoh... damn18:38
kenvandineok, i can fix that fast18:38
ftakenvandine, done18:41
kenvandinefta, another fix coming :)18:41
kenvandinefta, pushed... please build again :)18:45
kenvandineBUGabundo, thx for pointing that out18:45
BUGabundoi use gwibber as much as I do use a browser18:48
BUGabundoso I need it working18:49
ftakenvandine, done but http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38715001/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.gwibber_2.29.1~bzr525-0ubuntu2~daily1~jaunty_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:50
ftakenvandine or asac, could you please pass this http://dev.chromium.org/developers/linux-technical-faq to the design team? (4th Q, about notifications)18:52
kenvandinefta, will do18:53
ftakenvandine, are those all fixed?  Jan 31 23:51:37 <fta>     kenvandine_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/366164/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366169/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366231/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366239/18:57
kenvandinefta, not sure about http://paste.ubuntu.com/366169/18:58
kenvandinebut yes, the others all should be18:58
ftathe last one almost killed me, zillions of apport popups18:58
kenvandinei haven't seen the oauth one18:58
kenvandineoh... the oauth one will be fixed today :)18:59
kenvandinei think i know the bug that causes that, which isn't gwibber related18:59
kenvandinedesktopcouch bug fix that is getting uploaded to lucid and karmic-proposed today18:59
kenvandinefta, i installed this on a pristine lucid install and it worked... even synced my settings via u1 :)19:00
ftai don't use u1, will it work?19:00
kenvandineit won't sync though19:01
BUGabundothere's nothing to sync19:01
kenvandineunless you have paired with other local systems19:01
BUGabundoI bet fta , like me, only runs on one machine19:02
BUGabundowhat 's to sync kenvandine?19:02
BUGabundopull only once ?19:02
BUGabundowe don't have history, yet, so don't see much point19:02
kenvandinesure we do19:03
kenvandinethe settings, accounts and messages all sync19:03
kenvandineand messages19:04
kenvandineso you have the history on all your boxes19:04
BUGabundoI can only see like 2019:04
BUGabundoon gwibber 1.x there was an option to set HOW many19:04
BUGabundovia gconf19:05
kenvandineah, there is no setting19:07
kenvandinethey are all in couch, but i think we limit the display for now19:07
kenvandineryan wants to do something to allow browsing the history19:07
kenvandinesearching it, etc19:07
BUGabundohow can I edit couch?19:08
ftakenvandine, failed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/368503/22:22
BUGabundohow can I edit couch?22:22
kenvandinefta, does it happen if you try again?22:23
kenvandinefta, and is desktopcouch  running?22:23
ftafta       2174  0.1  0.3  33288  7696 ?        Sl   Feb01   5:31 /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service22:23
kenvandinefta, and is couch running?22:23
kenvandineBUGabundo,  firefox $HOME/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html22:24
ftaugly, but i think so.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/368504/22:24
kenvandinefta, look in ~/.cache/desktop-couch22:25
ftaso many processes/ram/cpu just to run a simple app :(22:25
kenvandinelook at the .stdout and .stderr files for errors22:25
kenvandinethey are pretty light22:25
kenvandineeven including that the memory consumption is much lower than 2.022:26
BUGabundo20284   3.30s  18.39s 100.2M 17924K 26892K   124K  N-   - S   0% desktopcouch-s22:27
BUGabundo20461   0.09s   1.82s 74912K  4440K   428K     0K  N-   - S   0% couchjs22:27
ftatons of stuff in *stdout22:27
BUGabundoyou call that light?22:27
ftaending with:22:27
kenvandineBUGabundo, compared to 2.0?22:27
fta[info] [<0.20136.6>] - - 'HEAD' /gwibber_preferences 40122:27
fta[info] [<0.20136.6>] - - 'HEAD' /gwibber_preferences 40022:27
BUGabundothat's 2.022:27
kenvandineBUGabundo, 2.0 doesn't use couch22:27
BUGabundo23773  11.41s   2m23s 715.4M 161.8M  5220K     4K  N-   - S   0% gwibber22:27
BUGabundo23776   4.94s  58.30s 415.8M 49108K   120K     0K  N-   - S   0% gwibber-daemon22:27
BUGabundolet me try 2.322:27
kenvandinewow... how in the hell did you do that?22:27
kenvandinemy wife's gwibber in karmic, with just facebook was using 630M RSS for the daemon and 770M for the client22:28
kenvandineboth RSS22:28
kenvandineBUGabundo, i bet you haven't been running that long :)22:28
BUGabundoidentica, statusnet, qaiku, twitter22:28
kenvandineit grows over time...22:29
BUGabundoNow on revision 529.22:29
kenvandinewith 2.29.x we are getting like 28M RSS for the service after running for several days and 3 accounts22:29
kenvandineit's tiny22:29
BUGabundoDEBUG:root:Loading complete: 1 - ['Success', 'Success', 'Success', 'Success', 'Success']22:30
kenvandinefta, let me send your tracebook to the desktopcouch guys22:30
BUGabundo20284   3.33s  18.63s 100.2M 17924K 26892K   124K  N-   - S   0% desktopcouch-s22:31
BUGabundo20461   0.11s   3.00s 74916K  4396K   428K     0K  N-   - S   0% couchjs22:31
BUGabundo20381   0.00s   0.00s  4072K   680K     0K     0K  N-   - S   0% couchdb22:31
BUGabundocan't find gwibber in the top 20 apps22:31
BUGabundo40 apps22:33
BUGabundo 1816    0/s    0/s         65K 276.4M 11848K     0K     0K   0% pulseaudio22:33
BUGabundoand still I don't see it22:33
kenvandineps -e -ovsize=,size=,rss=,start_time=,cmd= |grep gwibber-service22:33
BUGabundo402732 147868 30260 22:29 python bin/gwibber-service22:33
BUGabundo  7404   268   944 22:33 grep --color=auto gwibber-service22:33
kenvandineyeah... looks awesome!22:34
BUGabundowell only two out of 5 services22:34
kenvandineincredible improvement over the 2.0 stuff and even 1.x22:34
kenvandinecouch is pretty light too22:35
BUGabundoI had 5 accounts on 2.022:35
kenvandineif you add the RSS of all the processes together it is still about 1/8th the mem consumption22:35
BUGabundoand jaiku was lost in 1.x22:35
kenvandineBUGabundo, but how long had that process been running?22:35
BUGabundowhen is OAuth coming ?22:35
BUGabundothe earlier result?22:35
kenvandineoauth for what?22:35
BUGabundoa few hours22:35
BUGabundoit does support oauth now22:36
kenvandineleave it running fora day... it would be huge22:36
BUGabundono more passwords22:36
BUGabundocan i have BOTH ?22:36
kenvandineBUGabundo, you gotta talk to ryan about that22:36
BUGabundothere's a bug and I bumped it22:36
kenvandinei haven't touched the service modules22:36
BUGabundowell now make ALL apps use so little memory finger print22:37
kenvandinei wish22:37
BUGabundoUbunt Desktop in 128 MBs22:37
kenvandinewe are trying :)22:37
BUGabundoMEM | tot    3.9G | free  388.6M | cache 961.0M | buff   98.0M | slab  118.1M |22:37
kenvandinewith gwibber, we are profiling every change22:37
BUGabundo19795  19224      0        920K   1.1G 327.2M     0K     8K   8% pidgin22:37
BUGabundo11233      3      0         74K 948.4M 253.8M     0K    12K   6% firefox-3.722:37
BUGabundo12292      0      0          6K 857.4M 189.3M     0K     0K   5% soffice.bin22:37
BUGabundo 1236      0      0       1769K 514.0M 152.7M     0K     0K   4% Xorg22:37
BUGabundo22555    379      0      33775K 976.1M 137.9M     0K   192K   3% chromium-brows22:37
kenvandinemostly worried about the service, since it is designed to be long running22:37
BUGabundothis is simply crazy22:37
kenvandineyeah... pidgin is out of control... empathy ftw!22:38
BUGabundopidgin alone has 1G22:38
BUGabundofirefox ONE single tab22:38
kenvandineit is sad that idgin is using more than soffice22:38
BUGabundo[reed]: ^^^^22:38
kenvandineyeah... i use chromium :)22:38
BUGabundoI use them all22:39
* kenvandine has no use for more than one browser :)22:39
BUGabundo$ psx chromium | wc -l22:39
BUGabundoI still miss ONE plugin: nosquint22:39
BUGabundogoogle refuses to allow text zoom22:39
BUGabundojust page zoom22:40
BUGabundoso until then, ill read my GReader in FF22:40
BUGabundowith 130% text zoom22:40
BUGabundo13.3" screen22:40
BUGabundoat work 26" chromium works fine22:40
BUGabundokenvandine: is the scroll to top fixed?22:43
kenvandinenot sure what to do about that22:44
BUGabundomost anoying bug22:44
kenvandinei am hoping ryan will do something with it22:44
kenvandineit's probably just a few lines of javascript22:44
kenvandinebut i don't do js :)22:44
BUGabundodid he ever finish the code to show/upload images?22:44
kenvandinei didn't know he worked on upload22:44
kenvandinethere will be show22:44
BUGabundogmail RSS ?22:44
kenvandinelots of the infrastructure for that is in place now22:44
BUGabundothere was a branch for it22:45
kenvandineno idea about gmail and RSS... to me that is a terrible thing to add to gwibber22:45
kenvandineit isn't even remotely related22:45
kenvandineryan does want RSS though22:45
BUGabundowell, new email comes, user gets notices in notify-osd22:45
kenvandinehumm... i get notifications :)22:45
kenvandineno point in having that in gwibber though22:46
kenvandinei get them because i use evolution with gmail22:46
kenvandinebut... there is gm-notify22:46
kenvandinewhich works well22:46
BUGabundosupport GApps ?22:46
kenvandinegm-notify does gmail22:47
BUGabundoW: Unable to locate package gm-notify22:47
kenvandinegives you notifications and indicator22:47
kenvandinei haven't used gmail-notify22:47
kenvandineand haven't used gm-notify in a while now, since i went to evo22:48
kenvandinebut it worked great in jaunty and early in karmic22:48
kenvandinenot sure the current status22:48
BUGabundo lp:gm-notify Series: trunk  Development15 weeks ago22:48
kenvandinei haven't committed to it in way longer than that :)22:49
BUGabundofound my 1st bug :D22:52
BUGabundobut hey it works22:52
BUGabundoif it pulls a very large Labels list, the OK button ends outside of the screen :D22:53
BUGabundo$ ./gm-notify.py22:53
BUGabundo./gm-notify-config.py:55: GtkWarning: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated22:53
BUGabundo  self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(glade_file, "gmnotify_config_main", "gm-notify")22:53
BUGabundogm-notify.py: no process found22:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 383081 in gm-notify "Config Gui doesn't provide scroll bar for a long list of labels" [Low,Confirmed]22:54
micahgasac: we need to chat at some point tonight, please22:56
asacmicahg: yes23:06
asacmicahg: now?23:06
micahgI guess, if now's the only time you can do it23:06
asacmicahg: in how many hours would it work for you?23:07
micahg4 or 5?23:07
asachmm ... we have some event then23:07
micahgk, 2 hrs?23:08
asacthats ok i guess23:08
asacso 1am utc23:08
asac2am utc23:08
asac1am utc ;)23:08
asacthats right23:08
* asac confsued about timezonhe23:09
micahgyep, your still at the sprint, right?23:09
asacFirefox 3.5.8 build1 - builds available23:22
micahgasac: I saw that23:22
micahgasac: do I need to do anything?23:23
asacwe should get tbird up ... then we can make a new changelog entry like: 3.5.8+build1-0ubuntu1...23:24
asacfor the stable branches23:24
asacfor karmic23:25
asacfor jaunty23:25
asacsame for xulrunner 1.9.1 stable branches23:25
asacbasically just one commit with the USN- header like we did (UNRELEASED)23:25
asacand then a release commit for jaunty-security and karmic-security23:25
asacthen let me know and i can push it in the security ppa23:26
micahgseems like they have updated root CAs in this release23:27
asacso same for 1.9 and 3.0 branches23:31
asacit seems23:31
asacCandidate builds for Firefox 3.0.18 and 3.5.8 available (untested)23:32
micahgasac: should we wait for upstream QA?23:32
asacif you are busy with other stuff we can wait a bit longer23:33
asacin perfect world we upload when the tag23:33
asacto security ppa23:33
asacand if the tag build2 we do it23:33
asacand so on23:33

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