mr_steveHm, if we ever get a supybot in this channel, I bet the todo list plugin would be great for meeting agendas00:35
TakyojiGah, I have yet to write a profile page for my account on the Ubuntu Wiki00:59
mr_steveme too. I think I started to, but never finished it01:11
TakyojiJust finished World of Goo01:59
_diabloTakyoji, how was it? I've only played the demo, but I enjoyed that01:59
TakyojiThe music is beautiful; the story is interesting/random (thus considerably a light laugh occasionally as well), and it's actually not too hard02:00
_diabloyeah, if it weren't proprietary, I'd be all over it02:01
TakyojiThere's also the alternate realm where you can just go ahead and build various things with the Goo as well02:01
_diabloTakyoji, yeah, I tried that, but it didn't like my interwebs connection for sharing02:02
_diablodo you know where a good place would be to learn about connecting to a wireless network via CLI would be?02:06
_diablothe ones that I've tried haven't really worked02:06
mr_steveI can give you a quick primer02:06
mr_steveI don't know why there's no good CLI interface to NetworkManager, I'm gonna have to get around to writing one someday. But doing it by hand just takes a few commands, really02:07
_diablomr_steve, I tried the ifconfig, iwlist, iwconfig, dhclient approach, but it didn't work. I used the approach here: http://www.ghacks.net/2009/04/14/connect-to-a-wireless-network-via-command-line/02:09
_diabloI have a broadcom card and am using the STA driver in case that matters02:09
mr_steve_diablo, was there any security on the network you were trying to connect to?02:11
_diablomr_steve, yes. I tried it with wpa, and obviously I would need to figure out wpa-supplicant, so I changed it to wep, but that didn't work either02:11
mr_steveokay, yeah that article you linked to lies about wpa, but you know that already.02:12
_diablomr_steve, #fedora just recommended I use cnetworkmanager02:12
_diablomr_steve, yeah, I know :)02:12
mr_steveThere is one thing missing from that guide that I seem to always have to do02:12
_diablowhat's that?02:13
mr_steveAfter doing the iwconfig wlan0 essid "whatever", I usually seem to need to do iwconfig wlan0 ap auto before it will associate02:13
_diablookay, I'll add that to my list and try it02:14
mr_steveseems at least with some drivers setting the essid just tells the card which network it should be a part of, but ap needs to be set or auto for it to actually connect to an individual ap02:14
mr_stevesince although it's a rare setup, there can be more than on BSSID for a given ESSID. Like for roaming between APs02:15
mr_steveThanks for reminding me about cnetworkmanager, too. It's not in the repos, I should try and roll up a .deb over the weekend02:20
mr_steveah it's written in python. pythoncentral fun, yay. I'll probably have a .deb in my PPA soonish02:26
_diabloit's in the fedora repos ;)02:27
mr_steveYup. Heh, I keep forgetting you're not an ubuntuholic like I am :)02:28
_diablonot at all. ubuntu annoys me more often than I enjoy it. but I still give it to people like the cig companies do with their cigarettes.02:29
mr_stevehaha, nice.02:30
_diablobrb, I'm gonna try ratpoison wireless02:31
_diablomr_steve, does 128 vs 64 WEP matter?02:31
_diablofor iwconfig I mean02:32
mr_steve_diablo, not sure. I think iwconfig figures it out based on the key length. Are you providing the key as hexadecimal digits?02:40
_diablomr_steve, I was going to use the s: switch02:41
_diablobrb, going to try this for real now02:42
TakyojiAnyone know of FreeNX?02:57
mr_steveTakyoji, I've heard of, but never used it. Supposed to be an X server for Win32, innit?03:14
mr_stevewell folks if anyone's interested there's now a package for cnetworkmanager in my PPA. I'm ~smcgrath23 on launchpad.03:25
mr_steveI've been playing with it a bit and it seems to be working, and pretty decent to use03:25
TakyojiI take it that you packaged it?03:33
mr_steveTakyoji, yup. I'm gonna try to clean it up a little more and get it into the repos, since there's already a needs-packaging bug for it03:38
tonyyarussoTakyoji: So you're volunteering to write up minutes, right?  :)03:49
TakyojiI may be willing to in fact03:50
TakyojiIs there some form of a list or a method to find projects that need a package maintainer?04:11
_diabloTakyoji, not that I know of, sorry, I'd ask on #ubuntu04:11
tonyyarussoThe better place to ask would be the MOTU mailing list.04:24
_diabloor that04:24
TakyojiMark of the Unicorn? :D04:27
TakyojiSomeone should tweak the wiki page for MOTU04:27
Takyoji(on Wikipedia)04:27
Takyojiotherwise I know what you mean; Masters of the Universe04:30
TakyojiLeaving for the night04:59
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mr_stevetonyyarusso, is it possible for us to get a project cloak on freenode? Dunno if freenode actually considers us a project?18:00
* mr_steve is updating the netbook to lucid...19:15
kermiti think freenode would be happy to do that20:05
mr_steveyeah, they probably would. There's not really too much point to it, but hey, why not?20:07
h00kI think I just had an Ubuntu Hour with my barber.21:38
_diablohaha, really? were you convincing?21:40
h00k_diablo: I...think so, yeah21:55
h00kI wasn't really trying to convince, I just asked him questions he had about it21:55
h00k"why is it safer," things like that21:55
_diablothat's good21:56
_diabloand those kinds of relaxed conversations are what we need21:56
_diablooften just saying the word is 50% of the battle. get it in their heads so when they hear it again, they're more receptive21:56
h00khe asked my major, and it sort of went from there22:01
h00kwe covered a broad range of topics22:01
h00kfrom mobile phones and their trends, how silly the ipad is,22:01
h00kbah, what was the last message?22:05
h00kI'm trying to fix my irssi22:06
_diablo<h00k> he asked my major, and it sort of went from there22:06
_diablo<h00k> we covered a broad range of topics22:06
_diablo<h00k> from mobile phones and their trends, how silly the ipad is,22:06
_diablo<_diablo> lol22:06
_diablo* h00k has quit (Quit: breaking things)22:06
_diablo* h00k (~anthonyrh@unaffiliated/h00k) has joined #ubuntu-us-mn22:06
_diablo<h00k> bah, what was the last message?22:06
_diablo<h00k> I'm trying to fix my irssi22:06
h00khah, okay.,22:07
TakyojiWoo, nobody's acknowledging my existence on #ubuntu-motu22:09
TakyojiWith a total of 216 users22:09
Takyoji(I asked a question and got no answer on that channel; while others are blabbing)22:12
_diabloTakyoji, can you repeat? I didn't see your question22:13
TakyojiSomeone just answered it now; I was asking of reasonable materials for getting involved with packaging22:15
TakyojiOtherwise I'm glad to see conversation going on in this channel22:17
mr_steveHey h00k, do you happen to have any idea why my 'unaffiliated' cloak has a bunch of crap at the end and yours doesn't?22:35
h00k16:35 mr_steve <steve@unaffiliated/mr-steve/x-2535065>22:35
h00kgood question22:35
h00kI have no idea, actually22:35
h00kcheck #freenode22:35
mr_steveyeah I'll have to bug the staff again I guess. Would you mind checking my WHOIS and seeing if it's at least hiding my hostname? It still shows when I WHOIS myself22:36
_diablo* [mr_steve] (steve@unaffiliated/mr-steve/x-2535065): Steve McGrath22:37
_diablo* [mr_steve] #ubuntu-us-mn22:37
_diablo* [mr_steve] hubbard.freenode.net :Pittsburgh, PA, US22:37
mr_steveah thanks _diablo22:38
h00k16:35 mr_steve <steve@unaffiliated/mr-steve/x-2535065>22:38
h00k16:35  ircname  : Steve McGrath22:38
h00k16:35  channels : #ubuntu-us-mn22:38
h00k16:35  server   : hubbard.freenode.net [Pittsburgh, PA, US]22:38
h00k16:35  account  : mr_steve22:38
h00k16:35 End of WHOIS22:38
h00kyeah, that's what I have22:38
mr_steveWell I'm glad the cloak's working, even if it looks a little funky22:41
mr_steveI was notcing a correlation between snort alerts on my firewall and the times spent hanging out in certain channels...22:41
mr_steveaha. my cloak has the random numbers at the end because of the underscore in my nick. Guess I either gotta live with it or change my account name. Meh.22:55
TakyojiDidn't know there was an Ubuntu Pastebin23:09
kermit:/ i cant find my #ubuntu tab, someone say my nick in there23:17
kermitn/m i got it23:19
TakyojiThat's right; I have yet to install Lucid Lynx yet23:26
Takyojiof which I'll hopefully get done tonight23:26
h00kI just finished setting up a dualboot on my lappy today23:26
Obsidian1723NYou going to install that on a production box or a devel machine?23:27
TakyojiMy primary desktop23:28
TakyojiI'll be sure that my work and so forth is properly backed up and so forth; in case if anything goes wrong23:28
Obsidian1723Dang, Id never install Alpha or B eta on a primary box.23:30
Obsidian1723Yeah, Remastersys works well for that.23:31
kermit:( apt-get remove doestn actuallly remove the files for me23:39
kermitand trying again it says the pacakges are removed, but they're still htere.. gigs in /usr/share/games23:39
kermiti guess i can manually remove them, but i'm pretty sure apt-get was supposed to23:39
TakyojiWhich game(s)?23:40
Obsidian1723one of thse should do the trick23:41

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