benkay86chainloader +100:00
benkay86arand: That would be funny if GRUB2 weren't the default bootloader.00:00
arandbenkay86: Otherwise http://grub.enbug.org/CommandList seems to have some doc for most of the commands00:00
benkay86arand: It just points to the documentation from legacy GRUB.00:01
benkay86apollo: OK. Let's try pressing Escape to go back to the menu. Could you please remind me what options are there?00:02
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SantisnightZykoticK9,  that worked thanks! :D00:02
apollothe title is GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4     the options are as follows:00:02
arandbenkay86: ah, right..00:03
bioinfolaboCan anyone help me with a sound issue?00:03
* mado will wait then00:03
apolloubuntu, linux 2.6.31-14-generic     the next option is that with (recovery mode) after it00:03
DasEimado: still on that applet problem ?00:03
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning00:03
bioinfolaboIs anyone free to help with a sound issue?00:04
apollothen memory test (memtest 86+) and memtest 86+, serial console 115200)00:04
DasEi!details | bioinfolabo00:04
ubottubioinfolabo: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:04
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apolloand windows vista (loader) on /dev/sda1)00:04
Toinkikonia, adding rootfstype=ext2 to boot parms does boot me with / mounted as ext2.   Rebooting with default parms gives me / mounted as ext3 again00:04
CarciDoes anyone have any suggestions for this problem I'm facing? "err:wave:wodPlayer_WriteMaxFrags Error in writing wavehdr. Reason: Resource temporarily unavailable"00:05
benkay86apollo: First off, trying the "recovery" option might just get us somewhere. If that fails, the memtest86 almost always works. If that fails too, then I'm going to go bang my head against a wall.00:05
bioinfolaboOkay. So whenever I leave my computer running for a extended period of time I come back to find that sound wont work at all. I used to close firefox and then do ps aux | grep firefox and kill it again because it wouldnt close for some reason. After that sound comes back when I re open firefox00:05
bioinfolabonow I have moved to chrome... and it wont work again00:05
bioinfolaboand I am tired of rebooting00:05
phoenixzWhat would be the recommended plugin to use for firefox flash? AFAIK, NOT The adobe one, since it.. sucks.. but I want to be able to do pretty much everything with flash like youtube video, and well, all needed for normal browsing..00:05
madoDasEi, yes00:06
jribphoenixz: adobe flash00:06
apollostuff is happening with recovery mode. a bunch of commands... it stopped at 3.17218300:06
phoenixzjrib: But isnt that the one causing lots of trouble, slow, etc?00:06
jribphoenixz: yep00:06
DasEibioinfolabo: can have a couple of reasons, checked your syslog about alsa and pulseaudio ?00:06
phoenixzjrib: yet its the recommended one.. as in, the alternatives suck worse?00:07
benkay86apollo: If it's stuck, could you tell me what the last line says?00:07
jribphoenixz: you can try gnash, but it won't run everything you encounter00:07
bioinfolaboIm a linux newbie. Unfortunately I have been sheltered all my life with windows...00:07
DasEimado : which was it ? (the applet) I tend to delete it, if something is missing, remove --purge gdm from out  of x and reinstall it00:07
bioinfolabowhere is syslog?00:07
DasEibioinfolabo: /var/log/syslog00:08
madoDasEi, er ... i don't know how to reinstall applets ... plus ... i already miss some applets00:08
ardchoilleHow would I start a second xorg instance and log in as the same user but in a different window manager?00:08
ZykoticK9bioinfolabo, are you killing chrome like you did firefox and audio is not coming back?  just clarifying00:08
ardchoilleIs that even possible?00:08
DasEibioinfolabo: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog00:09
jribardchoille: want the easy way or hard way?00:09
bioinfolaboI tried to kill chrome but sound is still nogo00:09
apollo[     3.172183] b43-pci-bridge 0000:03:00.0: PCI INT a -> link[AX3A] -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 1600:09
benkay86apollo: What's going on?00:09
ardchoillejrib: Easy, to begin with00:09
apollothats where it stopped00:09
ZykoticK9ardchoille, that use to be possible - but you need two different users now with GDM00:09
jribardchoille: use gdmflexiserver, it will spawn a new gdm for you to log into.  Hit options to change the window manager00:09
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apollodoes that help?00:09
ZykoticK9ardchoille, if you try with the same user it is going to fail...00:10
DasEimado: gnome-applets are a collection of the most common ones00:10
benkay86apollo: That's... unusual. What kind of netbook did you say you had?00:10
apollohp mini 311 1000nr00:10
apollocame with win xp installed00:10
ardchoillejrib: Ah, cool, I have that installed already for screenshots of gdm00:11
madoDasEi, which means? ... i'm sorry ... i'm a beginner00:11
ardchoillejrib: curiosity is getting the better of me, what's the hard way?00:11
bioinfolaboi gotta run to cloass00:11
jribardchoille: I haven't used gdmflexiserver in several releases by the way00:11
bioinfolaboill be back later for help..00:11
madoDasEi  also called "apprentice" :)00:11
jribardchoille: use startx with the right options00:11
DasEimado: try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm && sudo apt-get install gnome-applets00:11
benkay86apollo: OK. I'm going to look and see if there are any known issues with your netbook. In the meanwhile, could you try rebooting and choosing the "windows vista (loader)" option? Remember, you'll have to press a button (like escape) before GRUB decides to boot the default option.00:12
ardchoillejrib: Ah, thanks very much00:12
DasEimado: answer the question of your issue to be deleted with yes00:12
renamoni tried to update my system but i got an E: error. could somone explain??? please help.00:12
jrib!pastebin | renamon00:12
ubotturenamon: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:12
jribrenamon: show us the error and what you ran :)00:13
madoDasEi, ... answered with "yes" ... and i'm now typing the command you showed me00:13
apolloi'm there00:13
DasEimado: go aahead00:13
DasEibioinfolabo: give url from pastebin in here00:13
benkay86apollo: So, did it boot Windows?00:14
madoDasEi, ... ok ... should i now restart?00:15
benkay86apollo: Did anything specific happen, or just... blinking cursor?00:15
renamonE: dpkg was interrupted, u must manually run "sudo-dpkg configure -a to correct the problem. E:_cache->open() failed, please report.00:15
DasEimado : which applets are you missing ?00:15
ardchoillejrib: I think ZykoticK9 is right, it won't let me do it with the same user00:16
apolloim in winows boot manager00:16
jribardchoille: k00:16
apollowindows failed to start00:16
MarkusTI'm trying to add a Grub2 menu for http://linux.dell.com/biosdisk/ files. Unfortunately, biosdisk creates a Grub-legacy entry: "title BIOS upgrade" "kernel /boot/memdisk" "initrd /boot/biosupdate.img". How does this translate to a Grub2 entry? I tried boot /* and initrd /* but it doesn't work00:16
snoopyhow can i check what my sound card is?00:16
madothe e.g. "bluetooth" / "network" ones00:16
benkay86apollo: Exactly what do you mean by "failed to start"?00:16
apollothats what the first line says00:16
ZykoticK9ardchoille, since 9.10 i don't think it will allow the same user to log in00:16
DasEisnoopy: lspci or lshw, filter by grep00:16
benkay86apollo: Oh. Well, I suppose that would be faily definitive.00:17
ardchoilleZykoticK9: Sounds like a very good security measure00:17
benkay86apollo: Out of curiosity (because it shouldn't matter), did you try to install Ubuntu or the Ubuntu netbook remix?00:17
arandbenkay86: Here's documentation for search btw: http://imagebin.org/83083 (vbox is convenient;)00:17
ZykoticK9ardchoille, the GDM setup program that was removed in karmic, had a checkbox to allow it 9.04andearlier00:17
ardchoilleZykoticK9: Ah, yeah00:18
apollothere is a specified file and status00:18
benkay86arand: The other thing that irks me about GRUB2 is that the only way to obtain the information you just got is to reboot. In legacy grub, it was possible to go to the grub prompt simply by running "grub".00:18
DasEisnoopy: lspci | grep audio00:18
DasEi!sound > snoopy00:18
ubottusnoopy, please see my private message00:18
benkay86apollo: What file and status?00:18
apollofile: \ntldr     status:0xc000022500:18
arandbenkay86: indeed..00:18
apolloon this page00:18
renamon E: dpkg was interrupted, u must manually run "sudo-dpkg configure -a to correct the problem. E:_cache->open() failed, please report.00:19
renamoncan anyone help me????00:19
DasEirenamon: so run it00:19
renamoni did and it still isnt working.00:19
DasEirenamon: sudo-dpkg configure -a00:19
DasEiyou did ?00:20
renamonyeah and it no working00:20
benkay86arand, apollo: OK, so it looks like GRUB2 is actually working just fine since it is able to load both the Linux kernel and the Windows bootloader. The problem seems to be somewhere later in the boot process.00:20
apollo'windows has failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem: 1.installtion disk 2.chooselanguage 3. click repair if that doesn't work contact for assistance00:20
DasEirenamon: k, sth. else , (will log you off) :00:20
jribrenamon: pastebin the actual output.00:20
mantisHi guys. I accidently put a desktop application in the background with ctrl-z. How can i get it back ?00:20
osmosis_how come launchpad has a "subscribe to bug mail" but no rss feed ?00:21
jribmantis: fg00:21
madoDasEi, can i restart now?00:21
benkay86apollo: Is there actually a repair button to click?00:21
jribmantis: google: bash job control00:21
DasEirenamon: sudo init 1 , from that menu choose first netroot, then enter exit, then dpkg...00:21
DasEimado : y00:21
renamonwheres the paste bin?00:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:21
apollono that would be in the installation disk (which i don't have)00:21
jribDasEi: why would renamon need to do that?00:21
benkay86apollo: Ah. Yes, I can see how the Windows XP install *CD* wouldn't be very useful here.00:21
DasEijrib: apt is broken, configure a not working..00:22
madoDasEi, see you later00:22
apollonext plan of attack?00:23
apolloyou said memory test always works or something...00:23
renamonnow its saying unable to get exclusive lock. what the heck does that mean?????00:23
DasEirenamon: apt has a lock file00:23
renamona wat?00:24
cookta2012! compiz00:24
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz00:24
cookta2012! compiz | troy00:24
ubottutroy: please see above00:24
DasEirenamon: please try the recovery menu first00:24
benkay86apollo: Yes. Feel free to reboot and try it just for fun.00:24
renamonand where is that?00:24
cookta2012! compiz | cookta201200:24
ubottucookta2012, please see my private message00:24
jribrenamon: you need to actually pastebin what you are doing and the output so we know what's going on.00:24
apollowith serial console or no? what does memtest do?00:24
DasEirenamon: see above lines00:24
renamonwheres the pastebin!?!00:25
benkay86apollo: The particular Windows error message you gave me means that the Windows bootloader can't find the file ntldr.exe.00:25
jribrenamon: paste.ubuntu.com if you want00:25
benkay86apollo: memtest will test your computer's RAM for errors. It's quite harmless to run, since it doesn't touch your hard drive.00:25
apollook so what about ntldr.exe00:26
benkay86apollo: The serial console is useful for computers without monitors, a dilemma you do not have.00:26
renamonwat do i need to paste here?00:26
benkay86apollo: As far as I know, the only way to see that error message is if the partition number of your Windows partition was changed, but I don't think that's the case here...00:27
DasEirenamon: the output from sudo apt-get update00:27
benkay86apollo: Moreover, Linux shouldn't freeze on boot without displaying some sort of error message :-(00:27
apolloi shifted that partition to left using gparted. there was unallocated space before my partition00:28
renamonnvm it just started to wark. YAYS!!!!!00:28
DasEiapollo: unset the quiet/splash in grub, can have output00:28
ardchoilleZykoticK9: And I see that you can't disable the user list in gdm either00:28
benkay86apollo: Oh, that may actually have caused the problem.00:28
apollocool. how to fix?00:28
benkay86DasEi: I believe that's what booting in recovery mode does.00:28
DasEirenamon: the recovery automates some apt-locks, so be fine then00:29
renamonone more small q. is it possible to have diff backgrounds on diff desktops on the same system?00:29
benkay86DasEi: I recall the last line apollo described was just some IRQ enumeration. Nothing to suggest anything was amiss.00:29
DasEibenkay86: if configured so, recovery halts on an eralier intialisation00:30
benkay86DasEi: What do you mean?00:30
madoDasEi, ok ... i'm back ... but it still didn't do the trick ... the applets that were once there when ubuntu was freshly installed still aren't here00:30
apolloshould i try recovery mode again jsut for shits and giggs?00:30
DasEimado : like which ?00:30
ZykoticK9ardchoille, gdm customization and grub customization or kinda missing in karmic...00:30
benkay86apollo: Sure, DasEi may want to know what the output looks like.00:30
renamonone more small q. is it possible to have diff backgrounds on diff desktops on the same system?00:31
ZykoticK9ardchoille, s/or/are00:31
polux0101Hi, I'm trying to setup Internet with a usb wireless adapter. I need nidswrapper and the driver RT2870 which is well intalled... I did the command: ndiswrapper -l and I see it, well installed... but I can't see the essid of the wireless ???00:31
madoDasEi, -> the "bluetooth"-one ... ... and e.g. the one that helped me with "LAN / WLAN / etc"00:31
benkay86apollo: As far as getting Windows to boot, you would probably need a Windows rescue/install image. Or to put the Windows partition back at its original offset.00:31
apolloot stopped earlier this time00:31
polux0101the module ndiswrapper is loaded too00:31
andy__could someone help me with a mounting problem?00:31
benkay86apollo: And the last line?00:31
DasEimado: network-manager, search synaptic00:31
renamonshure andy_00:31
andy__so I am trying to mount a blank dvd on to my virtual box and im unable to do so00:32
apollo[    2.314751] do you need all of it?00:32
renamonuh andy_ i have no idea sorry...00:32
andy__it has windows xp pro installed on it00:32
benkay86apollo: Unfortunately, yes. Actually, the part in [] is the least important part :-(00:32
apollohah my bad00:33
apollo1 sec00:33
DasEiandy_: vbox set to passthrough dvd-drive ?00:33
Dr_Willisa blank dvd that has stuff on it? :)00:33
andy__do you know where i could go to find someone to help me?00:33
KlapoI have one question, there is any way for install ubuntu (NOT LIVE or live with delate live session user) to pendrive?00:33
madoDasEi, it is installed ... but how can i put it back into the panel? ... there is no "network-manager" in the list00:33
andy__no just a blank dvvd00:33
DasEiandy_#vbox for related quests, general mount here00:33
apolloforcedeth 0000:00:0a.0: pci int a -> link [apch] -> GSI 22 (level, low) IRQ 2200:34
Dr_WillisKlapo:  you can do a 'full' normal type install to a pendrive. yes.00:34
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Dr_WillisKlapo:  theres been issues with that in the past.. but it can be done00:34
DasEimado : right-click panel, add00:34
apolloforcedeth doesn't sound good... lol00:34
StkTrdrnot a direct Ubuntu question, but using Ubuntu... anyone know why Firefox does not completely close? When i try to restart it, there is always a prior process running which does not let me open another process.. ?00:34
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madoDasEi, i tried that but it isn't in this list!00:35
Klapohmm... Dr_Willis: did you know any good tutrioal or something about it?00:35
ectrazanyone available to help with a Radeon Issue :P00:35
felixsullaHow do I creat a shortcut on the desktop to a folder under /mnt/hgfs/ThisFolder00:36
andy__when i go to the vbox channel it get a prompt saying cannot send to channel. What does that mean?00:36
benkay86apollo: Actually, the line is perfectly innocuous. It's for the nvidia nFORCE ETHerenet Device chipset.00:36
Dr_WillisKlapo:  nope. I tend to just use live installs on my flash drive.. last i recall you do the install normally. but at the end you have to tell it the proper place of the usb drive so it installs grub properly. thats all i rember00:36
Dr_Willis!register | andy__00:36
ubottuandy__: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode00:36
JohnCDIso i previously removed network manager after installing wicd now i just accidentally uninstalled wicd completely and have no network manager how can i get anything back on i have no cd drive00:36
Dr_Willisandy__:  register your nick00:36
ectraz!register Ectraz00:37
benkay86apollo: Anyhow... is there anything else on the screen that might suggest a problem? If you have a digital camera, it might be helpful to post a shot of your screen to imagebin.00:37
Klapohmm, ok thanks. I try.. Dr_Willis :)00:37
Dr_WillisJohnCDI:  i had a similer issue with Lubuntu when i removed it. I recall using the dhcpclient to get network going (wired networking) then installed the network manager back on00:37
DasEimado:sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome00:37
benkay86apollo: Oh, but my favorite kernel error message of all time remains, "Bus error. Driver executed."00:37
JohnCDIhow would i go about it?00:37
phong_hi i have question: i try to access Downloads folder from a Mac OS X drive ,, i can't open that folder it has access permition thing...how to access it00:37
JohnCDIDr_Willis: just terminal dhcpclient ?00:38
phong_any help?00:38
madoDasEi, -> it's already installed00:38
meoblast001hi, i'm having a problem.... package firefox is broken, when i try to remove it, it wants to install pacakge firefox-3.5-gnome-support, which cannot be downloaded00:38
phong_i'm using ubuntu and open a mac disk00:38
meoblast001my system is constantly nagging me about broken packages and won't shut up00:38
apollotook pic with my phone and am sending to my email now00:38
phong_i can see everytying but not the /home /downloads00:38
apollohow to upload on here?00:38
Dr_WillisJohnCDI:  yep i think thats how i did it. dhclient eth0 or somthing like that..00:38
JohnCDIDr_Willis: Now that you say it that makes sense thanks a ton i forgot completely00:39
ectrazerr will just post my issue hopefully someone has an answear, was running Geforce card on my XMBC Media center was perfect everything 100% perfect for weeks, geforce card burnt out put in a radeon x300 tryed re install absolutly nothing been following guides all day, but havent got anywere :( anyone have a solution i belive XMBC = Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)00:39
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andre_help intalling ubuntu00:40
Dr_Willisectraz:  i use the xbmc program on my normal ubuintu install. You are using the xbmc disrto or somtning? or did you just install xbmc onto ubuntu as well?00:40
ectraznope i installed it from the live cd, because i use it pureley for Media center on tv i dident want to much bulk in the background00:41
andre_I'm trying to intall ubuntu, i formated the partitions using gparted, but when it comes the part of "prepar partitions" no data is shown00:41
andre_any help???00:41
Pici!ASK | andre_00:41
ubottuandre_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:41
blakkheim!please | andre_00:41
ubottuandre_: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:41
Dr_Willisandre_:  you could just leave part of the hd unallocated. and tell the installer to use/auto partion the unallocated space.00:42
apollodo you need the url?00:42
benkay86apollo: OK, I'm looking at this: http://imagebin.org/8308700:42
madoDasEi, ?00:42
benkay86apollo: Does your netbook have a numlock or capslock light, and are they flashing right now?00:42
andre_Dr_Willis,  i already did that still no changes, no data is displayed00:42
apollono numb lock and caps lock is not flashing00:42
Dr_Willisandre_:  check 'sudo fdisk -l' output see if the hd is seen at all.00:42
DasEimado: digging nm-applet, second00:43
looteri was trying to figure out a way to edit my /var/www files through scite instead of with sudo through command line and i think in an attempt i messed up my user groups.....apache2 is now returning bad group name www-data when i try to reload or restart it.  any ideas how to fix this?00:43
andre_Dr_Willis,  in live cd?00:43
Dr_Willisandre_:  yes..00:43
benkay86apollo: What happens if you press Alt+F2?00:43
andre_Dr_Willis,  it does reconignze the disk...00:43
madoDasEi, ok ... i wait right here :)00:43
Dr_Willisandre_:  thers been some cases where some sata/raid/other controllers have not been seen properly by the installer.. but thats about all i know on the topic00:44
benkay86apollo: What about Ctrl+Alt+Del, which would ordinarily prompt a reboot?00:44
ectrazanyone willing to take a look at my XBMC radeon issue if i give out SSH access?00:44
andre_Dr_Willis,  the disk is ata00:44
Dr_Willisandre_:  im not sure how else to  make it see them00:44
andre_Dr_Willis,  i tried debian install and it found the disk... :(00:45
Dr_Willisandre_:  the forums may have some infoon the problem. its proberly a known bug with some  controllers00:45
benkay86apollo: I basically have no idea what's going on then :-(00:45
benkay86DasEi: Any insight as to why Ubuntu would choose to freeze on this screen: http://imagebin.org/8308700:45
apollook i rebooted again and it stopped at the same place as last time... this is ridculous00:46
`mOOse`k got one for you guys...had a hella time installing xubuntu on my usb flash just now - I can't get grub to install on my boot partition....00:46
apolloas the first time**00:46
`mOOse`now I need to install it from within the os00:46
andre_ok thanks Dr_Willis00:47
ectraz:( Radeon issue is driveing me nuts00:47
andre_i will intall a new disk and see what happens...00:47
Dr_Willis`mOOse`:  i recall for a full/normal install to a flash drive. on the last (?) dialog of the installer theres an option to tell it where to install grub to. You have to tell it where the usb drive is.00:47
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DasEimado : output from ps -aux | grep nm-applet ?00:48
Dr_Willis`mOOse`:  or else boot live cd, chroot/otherwise install it to the usb drive afterwards00:48
`mOOse`Dr_Willis, I did00:48
Dr_Willis!grub2 | `mOOse`00:48
ubottu`mOOse`: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:48
apolloyou got nothin benkay?00:48
Dr_Willis`mOOse`:  thats all i know on the topic. I dont do full installs to USB.00:48
benkay86apollo: Indeed, it is most unusual. I admit defeat.00:48
`mOOse`it just comes back and tells me that it can't install and we loop for an hour doing all manner of variations00:48
`mOOse`ok thanks man00:49
benkay86Can anyone at all explain why Ubuntu would freeze during startup with this: http://imagebin.org/8308700:49
ectrazAny solution on Radeon x300 on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)??? could anyone point me in the right direction?00:49
zealotectraz: it doesnt work00:49
`mOOse`I ran grub2 from sysrescue disk and it warns me not to install it to my /boot partition then fails00:49
zealotyou will have to use the propietary drivrs00:49
vadimanriHello room00:49
ectrazi know :p thats the problem00:49
moulehello room00:49
zealotwhats wrong00:49
zealotare the propietary drivers not working00:50
`mOOse`this is beginner stuff in suse....I just can't figger it out in ubuntu00:50
zealotbe sure to blacklist the linux drivers00:50
zealotif you are going to use the propietary drivers00:50
DasEibenkay86: clocksource unstable, is that pc oc'ed ?00:50
ectrazZealot, I have no idea is there a way of testing? havent touched the drivers00:50
zealotwell go on the ati website and get the linux drivers for your card00:50
johntrampi am always amazed by how big the texlive stuff is.  what is it that takes up so much space?00:51
zealotand install them00:51
ectrazive done that, wount install due to incompatible version00:51
zealotincompatible version?00:51
zealotdid you get the right drivers?00:51
soldiermullinsis anyone free to help?00:51
zealotbecause linux is linux00:51
vadimanriGood evening, I am looking for some help with getting multiple displays setup in Ubuntu00:51
zealotthe drivers should support 2.6 kernel00:51
ectrazError: ./default_policy.sh does not support version00:51
osmosis_im trying to setup SSL. apache restarts and asks for password correctly.  when I try to connect via https, i get connection interrupted error. http continues to work.00:52
zealotare you sure thats the right script to install00:52
DasEimado : ? gettting tired, will leave soon : http://tinyurl.com/sx9ke00:52
zealotthat doenst look like an install script00:52
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:52
ectrazzealot, just following the guide from ATI website00:52
zealotread the readme that comes with the drivers00:52
vadimanriGood evening, I am looking for some help with getting multiple displays setup in Ubuntu, would anyone be familiar with how to set it up?00:52
ectrazsh drivername.run00:52
zealotit might be the shell00:53
zealottry bash drivername.run00:53
zealotinstead of sh00:53
geniiosmosis_: #ubuntu-server or ##httpd would probably be better places to ask that SSL question00:53
DasEibenkay86: looks like an issue with the busclock, run a memtest and lower bios settings00:53
ectrazsame error :(00:53
apollowell i kind of need an OS int the mean time....00:53
ectrazError: ./default_policy.sh does not support version00:53
hyperstreamvadimanri, what is the issue?00:53
zealotare you root?00:54
zealotsu to root and do it00:54
zealotinstead of using sudo00:54
hyperstreamsudo -i00:54
zealotnever use sudo00:54
zealotsudo is a security nightmare00:54
Seeker`zealot: please stop00:54
vadimanriI have a Nvidia G-force card and want to confige it you use 2 LCD's00:54
hyperstreamechinos, sudo -i for a root terminal00:54
benkay86DasEi: It's apollo's machine. A netbook, so probably not overclocked. What makes you think that?00:54
zealotno dont use sudo00:55
zealotall someone has to do is get your user password00:55
hyperstreamectraz, and ALWAYS use sudo when possible00:55
zealotand they have root access00:55
zealotwhereas without sudo00:55
zealotthey have to get both your user password00:55
BiosElementzealot: knock it off. >.>00:55
zealotand your root password00:55
hyperstreamzealot, stop that.00:55
FloodBot1zealot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
hyperstream!op zealot00:55
zealotwhat did i do?00:55
DasEibenkay86: the pic, saying unstable clock, had it with a weak ram one time00:55
hyperstreamzealot, you always use sudo or sudo -i00:55
Seeker`zealot: Ubuntu is designed to use sudo, please don't advise people to use root00:55
zealotok i dont think you understand00:56
zealotwhen you use sudo00:56
kappaccinototally unrelated but I must share... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8487526.stm00:56
fodder_is there a way to find the install date of my OS, similar to the uptime command.00:56
jeeves_Mossis there a simple way to access my EXT3 partition (my Ubuntu 9.10 install) form XP and Win7?00:56
hyperstreamzealot, it doesnt matter, its the way it is.00:56
krysiszealot, sudo is made so one does not have to use root, this is the fault Windows systems have, being a root user (admin) all the time hence causing damages00:57
benkay86DasEi: Possible, but I've unstable delta with plenty of normal systems. RAM problem sounds plausible though, I'll ask apollo to run memcheck.00:57
DasEijeeves_Moss: ext3 will work (not ext4),, google ext2ntfs00:57
hyperstreamectraz, any try running that command sudo sh ./default_policy.sh00:57
jeeves_MossDasEi, thanks.00:57
apollorunning memtest86+00:58
benkay86apollo: Great. Let us know if it turns anything up!00:58
DasEijeeves_Moss: there are 3 solutions (fs-drivers) I found to work for ext3, web has them00:58
jeeves_MossDasEi, I have a 300Gb partition on this 500Gb drive that I've got Linux on, and the other 2 OSs have 50Gb each00:58
madoDasEi, sorry ... didn't see your message because the chat window was blocked -> ...00:58
jeeves_MossDasEi, I think I tried a few and they failed00:59
madoDasEi, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/367922/00:59
DasEimado : output from ps -aux | grep nm-applet ?00:59
madoDasEi, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/367922/00:59
vadimanriHyperstream, when I go through the Nvidia X server settings window and activate the second display I get a message that says "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"00:59
DasEimado :  gettting tired, : http://tinyurl.com/sx9ke00:59
DasEimado: service seems to run fine, same here01:00
hyperstreamvadimanri, what version of ubuntu and nvidia drivers? (how did you install the drivers, from source? or via restricted drivers01:00
madoDasEi but i can't see it in the panel01:00
ectrazas you've muted the only person that was trying to help anyone else have a solution?01:00
DudeBotsomething tells me im not able to speak in a channel of this magnitude01:00
eric_1982I was wondering if some one could help point me in the right direction. I have not messed with managing Linux computers in a corporate environment. I am however, very familiar with windows administration tools such as WSUS, Group Policy, Active Dir..etc. Are there similar tools available to help manage several Linux computers, basically tools used to help administrate a linux enviroment? I would like to be able to define what updates  can b01:01
eric_1982e pushed out, lock down specific things, example apply a business background, map network drives..etc. Can any one supply me some names of some of these tools ect. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!01:01
cookta2012is there a way i can run World of warcraft on ubuntu?01:01
vadimanriHyperstream, I am using 9.1.0 and used the source drivers, not the ones from nvidia01:01
Seeker`cookta2012: i think you can run it through wine01:01
rahdukecookta2012:  yup01:01
hyperstreamcookta2012, /join #winehq01:01
rahdukevadimanri: whats your issue?01:02
hyperstreamrahduke, scroll up a little01:02
rahdukehyperstream:  easy01:02
rahdukehyperstream:  launch it from terminal using sudo01:02
madoDasEi, *thinking*01:02
hyperstreamrahduke, i was refering to vadimanri 's issue, sorry01:02
rahdukehyperstream: so sudo nvidia-settings01:02
DasEimado: one thing I saw was it getting lost after a dist-upgrade, did you do any recently ?01:03
hyperstreamvadimanri, there you go, try that sudo nvidia-settings from a terminal (thanks to rahduke)01:03
vadimanriRahduke, I am trying to configure multiple displays, but when I change the settings and activate the second display and try saving the X config file, I get when I go through the Nvidia X server settings window and activate the second display I get a message that says "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"01:03
rahdukefollow my directions01:03
geniivadimanri: sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:04
madoDasEi -> well ... where did you saw that? ... ... and yes i did this "dist-upgrade" some hours ago ... ... "i was told that the "update"-command was "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" -> was i told wrong?"01:04
Deviouzcan someone help me install nvidia driver on to my geforece 7900 agp?01:04
DasEimado: right then, try to purge the old config then reinstall01:05
DeviouzI tried the 185, and 173 driver but black, now I dont know what to do?01:05
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
DasEimado: sudo apt-get remove --purge  network-manager-gnome && sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome01:06
apollo1/3 done and no errors yet01:06
rahdukeDeviouz: goto http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us download the driver u want01:06
hyperstreamDeviouz, laptop?01:06
Deviouzno I have xubuntu desktop01:06
rahdukedrop into terminal, stop gdm 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' then run the package01:07
benkay86DasEi: Anything besides a RAM hole that could cause a kernel to seize without panicking?01:07
hyperstream!xubuntu | Deviouz01:07
ubottuDeviouz: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels01:07
rahdukesudo sh ./NVIDIA-linux whatever whatever01:07
rahdukeDeviouz: follow my directions01:07
Deviouzyes but the problem is I dont know wich driver01:08
ectrazATI issue, when i run  root@XBMCLive:/home/tmp# aticonfig --initial -f01:08
ectrazaticonfig: No supported adapters detected01:08
vadimanriRahduke, I tried starting it in SUDO and do not get any further than before  "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"01:08
spankyjoin #defocus01:08
rahdukeDeviouz: since u are running xfce u prolly have to stop xfce not gdm01:08
Deviouzit recomends the 185, but that dont work01:08
madoDasEi, ... ok ... typed in your command01:08
DasEiapollo: that just sits there and safemode will also give you no rescue shell/ terminal ?01:08
madoDasEi, restart?01:08
rahdukevadimanri: ur didnt do what i said, you followed someone elses directions, just open a terminal and type sudo nvidia-settings01:08
geniirahduke: No, Xubuntu uses gdm for it's login manager01:09
tbrockhey do you guys know a way to watch lost online?01:09
Deviouzyes I rebooted, but it was just black01:09
tbrockdon't have cable01:09
rahdukegenii: oh ok sorry then stop gdm deviouz01:09
Deviouzwith both drivers, 185, and 173?01:09
ectrazroot@XBMCLive:/home/tmp# aticonfig --initial -f01:09
ectrazaticonfig: No supported adapters detected01:09
DasEimado : to be honest, I'm tired, I had the same issue, it came back itself in the later, was from jaunty to karmic01:09
Deviouzwouldnt a reboot be just as good?01:09
rahdukeDeviouz: to select the right driver just pick ur card series from the drop downs on http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us01:10
opticonwhat antivirus software will work with ubuntu01:10
hyperstream!repeat | ectraz01:10
ubottuectraz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:10
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:10
benkay86DasEi: We tried Alt+F2 to visit a different VT. Usually if init gets stuck it says something -- in this case it doesn't look like init has even started.01:10
Deviouzok I will try01:10
vadimanrirahduke, that is what I did, and when I activeate the second display and click on the "save to X Configuration" button, I get the error message saying "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"01:10
Deviouzand then install it, then what do I do if its black again?01:10
madoDasEi, *nods slightly* understood ... well ... if you're tired ... then you should go to bed *smiles*01:10
DasEibenkay86: hmm, ctrl+c ? ctrl-alt-delete ?01:10
hyperstreamvadimanri, how come you didnt use the Restricted hardware drivers?01:11
benkay86DasEi: Tried ctrl-alt-del too.01:11
Deviouzrahduke, is there anything more I need to do after install?01:11
vadimanriHyperstream, I am new to Linux and don't really know what I should be doing at this point!01:11
rahdukevadimanri: it works for me, the only reason u should have that error is if u are not able to save the file because u are not root01:11
hyperstreamrahduke, or he doesnt have a xorg.conf thats parsable :)01:12
rahdukeDeviouz: the package will walk u thru the setup, then just reboot and it should work....01:12
Deviouzwhat if its black?01:12
ectrazThis will probably be a stupid question, can someone guide me on installing ATI Restricted Drivers!?01:13
rahdukeDeviouz: so what u needa do is drop into console Alt+F2 then stop gdm 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' then locate ur package and type 'sudo .sh ./NAME OF PACKAGE01:13
DasEibenkay86: next approach is then boot live cd, rebuild initramfs, maybe blacklist that forcedeth, (irq 16 to 22, maybe another device missing then ?) check syslog and maybe more of dmesg01:13
hyperstreamectraz, System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:13
ectrazi dont have a Gui :(01:13
DasEibenkay86: *^ chroot into the hd from live, also check filesystem01:14
Deviouzok, I will try, thanks for the help01:14
Dr_WillisDeviouz:  'sudo service gdm stop' may work also01:14
ectrazHyperstream is there a way with no GUI ssh access only?01:15
shazbotmcnastysomeone posted an awesome link about conky the other day01:15
DasEidowntime for me , now01:15
benkay86DasEi: Blacklisting might help, although others have reported success with this hardware. fsck unlikely to make a difference as 1) apollo has already reinstalled once and 2) init hasn't been called to mount the fs yet01:15
MrZiplockProps to UBUNTU!01:16
Dr_Willisshazbotmcnasty:  thers dozens of sites with conky scripts/examples01:16
shazbotmcnastyI know conky well, it's just that there was a really cool setup on the page, I thought it might have been ubottu, but I can't squeeze anything out of him.01:16
shazbotmcnastyDr_Willis, yeah01:16
Dr_Willisshazbotmcnasty:  my own scripts are at http://drop.io/dr_willis01:16
Dr_Willisshazbotmcnasty:  but thiose are modified from ones i got from the conky formus/homepages01:16
hyperstreamectraz, not sure try google ;/01:16
signornessunohi to all te chan01:16
benkay86apollo: memcheck finished yet?01:17
rahdukewhats the company that runs ubuntu again?01:17
tertittenexactly how can I see details as default gateaway, DNS servers in use and etc ? (getting ip from dhcp server) ifconfig in terminal does not tell me this ..01:17
Dr_Willistertitten:  dns are in /etc/resolv.conf i recall01:18
ectrazhyperstream: I've tryed google and get the same result as you :(01:18
apollowall time 20 min...01:18
Pici!canonical | rahduke01:18
ubotturahduke: Canonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/01:18
Dr_Willistertitten:  theres the route command I recall also..01:18
rahduketertitten: right click the connection icon in the top bar and goto connection info01:18
rahdukethanks pici01:18
signornessunoi've got a problem, i have a .avi of 830mb and i want to write it on a cd of 700mb so i try with mencoder to reduce the bitrate but from bitrate 765 to 700 i have only a difference of 3 mb, what should i do?01:18
tertittenrahduke, thanks :)01:18
ociugii need help! i already setup the network shared printer(HP laserjet 5000) but i still can't print my document. how to troubleshoot this kind of problem01:18
Dr_Willissignornessuno:  you could try difffent encoding/codecs also01:19
rahdukeanyone wanna help me test my openVPN that i just setup?01:20
benkay86apollo So, nine minutes to go.01:20
ubuntuubuntu in italiano01:20
Pici!it | ubuntu01:20
ubottuubuntu: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)01:20
signornessunoDr_Willis: what could i use to have a Divx? i need to read the cd on the tv01:20
MrZiplockWhat is the favorite game of all01:20
=== bhmt is now known as Guest25314
sabestois there a special help channel?01:21
rahdukeis there a mame irc room on this network?01:21
Picisabesto: for?01:21
Picirahduke: /msg alis list *mame*01:21
Dr_Willissignornessuno:  divx is tweaked xvid/mpeg4 from what i recall.01:21
apollomhm something like that01:21
sabestohaving some problems with samba reporting wrong disk size01:22
rahdukelol is pici a bot?01:22
Picirahduke: Sometimes I feel like one.01:22
Dr_Willissignornessuno:  they just sort of took the standard and marketed it with a few new features/terms01:22
rahdukePici: lol ur like a machine01:22
Seeker`rahduke: it can be difficult to tell sometimes01:22
Dr_Willissignornessuno:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DivX01:23
Picisabesto: Either ask here or in #samba01:23
sabestothanks, will try other chan first01:23
rahdukedid anyone at ubuntu ever look into a tagging and standardization system for the forums, so that when u find a solution u can just click on it and the system automatically fixes whatever ur issue is... i.e. driver installations, samba sharing, games in wine etc etc??01:24
hyperstreamrahduke, lol01:25
BellinXFelonhey i have an external hdd and it won't mount for some reason, can anyone help01:25
rahdukei think thats a brilliant idea, it would be a killer app for ubuntu01:25
Dr_Willisrahduke:  I could see where that could break things very badly.01:26
=== Johnny is now known as Guest794
Dr_Willisrahduke:  why not a buton to fix 'everything' :)01:26
rahdukeDr_Willis: lol why not?01:27
dhasthaHow can i connect my nokia or sony erricson phone for browsing via ubuntu? need help01:27
Mike_lifeguardAnyone know an easy way to wrap (at word boundaries) a test file to 72 (or whatever) chars?01:27
Guest794Whenever I insert a certain usb flash drive, ubuntu doesn't recognize it. Please help me!01:27
Mike_lifeguard*text file01:27
vadimanriHyperstream, I activated the drivers we talked about, rebooted and still get the same error message01:27
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: Can you see it in lsusb?01:27
rahdukeDr_Willis: if contextual search ever pans out, and ubuntu standardizes some stuff and the forums, why wouldnt that be possible?01:27
sabestoheh, #samba is moderated or something?01:28
hiexpoDr_Willis, - i have a question when i ran rkhunter this am i got warnings on my openssl, gnupg, exim out of date so i looked up what version i have installed /   so now i went to softpedia and checked lateest versions and yes there is newer versions what should i do ?01:28
jahcI put unr 9.04 on my eee701 many moons ago. I'm trying to upgrade to 9.10 unr now. I downloaded the iso from the ubuntu site, and used a Mac to put it onto a usb drive. The structure of the files looks fine on the usb drive... but it says its not a valid boot drive or similar when I try to boot from it on the netbook. the usb drive is showing up under the BIOS, and I've disabled booting from the hard drive..01:28
hyperstreamvadimanri, hmm not sure if its a conflict from the sources you installed or what ;/01:28
hyperstreamvadimanri, have you tried googling the error ?01:28
vadimanrinot yet01:29
mayajowosoftware pdf to openoffice01:29
rahdukejahc: u need to custom configure the USB stick to boot at startup01:29
jahcconfigure the usb stick? or configure the netbook?01:29
rahdukejahc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick01:29
hyperstreamvadimanri, thats the best bet01:29
Picisabesto: Yes, you must be registered and identified to speak there01:29
Dr_Willishiexpo:  ubunto dosent do 'cutting edge release verions' like other disrtos do. it updates everything every 6 mo.01:29
Pici!register | sabesto01:29
ubottusabesto: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:29
rahdukejahc: the stick01:29
jahcta :)01:29
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: Yes01:29
hyperstreamvadimanri, im sure other people have written forums on the same issue01:29
mayajowohelp me01:29
hyperstream!help | mayajowo01:30
ubottumayajowo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:30
Dr_Willishiexpo:  so use ppa repos or source, or backports repos if you want.  I dont worry about being  with the latest versions.01:30
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: how 'bout "ls /media" ?01:30
Dr_Willis!release | hiexpo01:30
ubottuhiexpo: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases01:30
vadimanriHyperstream, I will check it out....thanks for the info01:30
hyperstreamvadimanri, nps, and good luck01:30
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: It only shows "cdrom" and "cdrom0"01:30
gdizhey everyone, I am having a problem with hulu where it is just getting choppy on my computer.  So, I checked my free memory.  Flash is eating up all my memory.  Here is my question, if I were to change the cache size for flash would that reduce the memory it's eating up?  Then, if so, how do I go about changing the cache size?01:30
hiexpook thanks so i need not worry01:31
rahdukegdiz: firefox flash bites it hard, if u have a graphics card get flash 10.1beta with gpu acceleration its better but still not great01:31
`mOOse`gdiz, right click on the video window and choose the little yellow folder along the bottom01:31
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: User blkid to find the uuid or device identifier for it, then mount it manually. let me know if you need help to do it01:31
`mOOse`there's a slider in there01:31
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: how do I mount it manually01:32
hyperstreamGuest794, this is storage USB flash drive? how many different drives have you tried? does it work in other pc's ?01:32
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: sudo mount -t type /dev/id /mount/pt01:32
gdizrahduke, is that in the repositories and does it work well or is it flakey?01:32
rahdukegdiz: u need to get it from adobe directly, just google flash 10.1 ubuntu and im sure you'll find an easy guide01:33
gdiz'mOOse' in those options, can I change the cache size there? and does that make sense to do?01:33
gdizok, I will play with rahduke, thanks01:33
`mOOse`yes it makes sense01:33
`mOOse`the read-ahead is only 10k by default01:34
Guest794Mike_ lifeguard: It says, "mount: mount point /mount/pt does not exist"01:34
rahdukegdiz:  umm please don't attempt playing with me ;)01:34
`mOOse`you could make it unlimited and then if your internet connection's fast enough you should get better performance01:34
ChangeNickis there a way from within ubuntu to upgrade from 32 to 64 bit?01:34
=== ChangeNick is now known as Rap2
Guest794hyperstream: Yes, All of them, Haven't gotten to try.01:34
Dr_WillisRap2:  no. - reinstall is needed01:35
gdizrahduke, :-p01:35
Rap2thanks Dr_Willis, will it keep any of the old os, or will it whipe and start fresh?01:35
gdizthank you both01:35
Dr_WillisRap2:  'a reinstall is needed' that means you install the 64bit release.. You could move configs to backups/restore them if you wanted.01:36
krysisSomeone follow me on this one: lets say a malicious script is saved as an "image" with an extension of .jpg, couldn't there be a way for gnome to encorporate a feature that tells the user that that file is a Script, and not an image, document, music or video file (as most users automatically open such files without considering of viruses)01:37
krysisand the script would ask "Are you sure you want to run this script, it could be harmful to your computer if you do not know what it does"01:37
krysissomething like that01:37
apolloonly at 85%....01:37
armandohi there01:38
dirk__gday, could anyone tell me wether its possible to boot ubuntu at a certain time (by cron i.e.)01:38
Rap2I guess the download page dosent give a choice between 32 and 64 bit, should I just dig around the ftp site?01:38
rahdukedirk__: im not sure but i'd be curious to find out if u are able to boot ur PC remotely. If so how did u do it?01:39
sabestowell, seems like #samba is asleep01:39
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: do you have anything else to tell me?01:39
krysisdirk__: if ubuntu is off, it is off, there is no way to run ANY computer with any system while its off01:39
krysisany program* while the system is off01:39
dirk__it worked with windows.... ^^01:40
rahdukekrysis: umm i think u can boot a computer that is off remotely, i dunno how tho01:40
krysisin what sense dirk__ was your computer completely off?01:40
armandotry with wake on lan01:40
sabestoWOL, wake on lan01:40
rahdukewake on lan!01:40
apolloBenkay86? no errors :(01:40
krysiswol works if the system is completely shut off?01:40
rahdukethats it, i was trying to think of that all day yesterday01:40
krysisthat would be a hardware feature would it not?01:41
OzzmanNTkrysis: yes01:41
rahdukekrysis: it works as long as there is lan and power plug in, so ive heard01:41
dirk__well hibernate to hdd would be ok01:41
dirk__but thats the same thing in that case isnt it?01:41
apolloBenkay you there?01:41
Picikrysis: WOL is a BIOS feature01:41
OzzmanNTkrysis: that feature has been in BIOSs since....well a LONG time01:42
armandothats rigght01:42
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: dunno ... did you mount it ok? get stuck with the command to mount it ...?01:42
krysisI've never actually come across WOL01:42
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: Yes01:42
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: yes to which question?01:42
boss_mcquick question, I have a php page on my site that used to be served fine through apache2 but suddenly, clicking the link just sits on receiving data, without ever serving the page... can anyone think of why this might have happened?01:42
rahdukeanyone got an updated WOL guide for 9.10?01:42
dirk__but i dont wanna wake on lan, i wanna wake on cron do u guys know anything about that?01:43
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: I got stuck with the command to mount it.01:43
sabestowol doesnt have anything to do with the OS01:43
armandoany one knows how to jump the windows firewall??01:43
OzzmanNTkrysis: it's a pretty neat feature and even a bunch of devices support it now, you can even have u'r router wake u'r computers now (with DD-WRT)01:43
ardchoillearmando: ask in #windows01:43
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: ok, could you paste the output of blkid to p.defau.lt for me?01:43
benkay86apollo: Sorry, still here.01:43
rahdukeOzzmanNT: i was running DD-WRT for a while, never got that to work tho01:43
apolloalright no errors01:43
krysisahhh, yes i've herad of DD-WRT, very interesting...01:43
sabestoyes, a DD-WRT router could wake a computer at certain time01:44
hyperstreamrahduke, the solution to vadimanri 's xorg nvidia issue was running: sudo nvidia-xconfig :)01:44
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: I type blkid and it comes out with nothing01:44
OzzmanNTrahduke: WOL i've found to be very iffy on working with all computers01:44
rahdukehyperstream: lol...01:44
rahdukei suk01:44
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: try doing 'sudo blkid' then?01:44
Mike_lifeguard(Assuming you have sudo access)01:44
rahdukeOzzmanNT: so its a pain to setup?01:44
apolloi don't know what else to do i ahve linux mint ready to be booted from a different usb if all else fails... i just need an os for school tomorrow.01:45
krysisdirk__:  you have to understand that once a computer is turned off it has no control over an operating system (such as ubuntu) the system is turned to BIOS, and unless your bios supports some sort of timer to turn on (unless its wake on lan) it cannot be done from the operating system level01:45
benkay86apollo: So, my guess is you'd like to have XP back since I really don't know what the problem with Linux is.01:45
OzzmanNTrahduke: well WOL in DD-WRT works but some machines seem to work differently, don't ask me why, i guess it's a BIOS thing, 150 computers and only half will WOL01:45
sysdocIs there a way to export the package list in Synaptic so you can import it to another install?01:45
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: where is "p.defau.lt"01:45
benkay86apollo: Although I suppose you could try installing the netbook remix just for shits.01:45
Mike_lifeguardGuest794: http://p.defau.lt01:45
boss_mc.msg ubottu clone01:46
apollothats a good idea.01:46
rahdukeOzzmanNT: jus got a new router, maybe ill slap DD-WRT on it and give it a WORL01:46
boss_mc!clone > sysdoc01:46
ubottusysdoc, please see my private message01:46
krysisdirk__: also if windows does it then it must use wake on lan01:46
OzzmanNTrahduke: either use that or tomato both are awesome, and you can get more power out of the router, linksys i assume?01:46
dirk__hmmmm, in windows i was able to add a schedule task to wake it up01:46
apollowow, still 680 mb?01:46
dirk__didnt have to go to the bios01:47
Guest794Mike_lifeguard: okay, now what?01:47
krysiswell windows might have communicated with the bios... dirk__01:47
Guest32569Is this #ubuntu?01:47
sysdocboss_mc, woot!01:47
rahdukeOzzmanNT: whats tomato? yes its linksys, but when i ran DDWRT on my last router i didnt notice a difference01:47
dirk__jea, could be01:47
Mike_lifeguardGuest32569: give me the link so I can see what you pasted01:47
boss_mcsysdoc: w00t indeed, and more importantly.... sleep time!01:47
Guest32569I hope this is a good place to ask this question.  I just installed Ubuntu as a dual boot with my development machine.  I installed 9.1 64-bit. When it boots, I get to a grub shell(?), not any kind of GUI at all.  Did my install fail?  Do I need to do something to get a GUI up?01:48
krysisim afraid i can't help you with this dirk__01:48
rahdukekrysis: your giving out bunk info man01:48
dirk__so that probably was my question.... can ubuntu communicate with the bios01:48
dirk__but thx for ur help, ill search around a bit more01:48
krysiswell rahduke do you have a solution?01:48
sabestodirk_: its probably a special function in the bios01:48
dirk__thx anyway krysis01:48
rahdukeno, and im keepin my mouth shut about it01:49
myshirwmHi, could someone help me? I have googled the heck out of this problem with no avail.01:49
rahdukeu should too01:49
OzzmanNTrahduke: tomato is like DD-WRT (kinda) but it's more advanced01:49
geojanmhi, i like to use a dispatcher script for networkmanger to connect automat to a vpn. i use the version from http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/NetworkManager/Dispatcher   i modified the name but it does not work normal vpn is ok.. what can i do?01:49
rahdukeOzzmanNT: lol DD-WRT was complicated enough01:49
krysisas far as i knew i didn't know computers could turn on from shut down rahduke, everyone learns a little something too, you should learn some manners01:49
Guest794Whenever I open synaptic package manager, It says i have 3 broken packages on my system, how do i fix that?01:49
myshirwmI'm trying to mount an .iso and every time I try, I get this error: "An error occured01:49
myshirwm wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error01:49
myshirwm       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try01:49
myshirwm       dmesg | tail  or so" Doesn't matter if I use gmount-iso or the mount command.01:50
OzzmanNTrahduke: ok well stay away from tomato lol01:50
FloodBot1myshirwm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
rahdukekrysis: im not here to argue, but when i dont try to help ppl without sufficient info...thats good manners01:50
rahduke*but i dont try to help01:50
benkay86apollo: As far as getting Windows to work, you will need some sort of bootable USB image to work with. I don't think Microsoft makes one available officially, but I suspect you can find something on Google. You'll want to use some combination of the commands chkdsk, bootcfg, and fixboot.01:50
apolloalright. i'll figure something out01:51
apollothanks a bunch though01:51
Mike_lifeguardGuest32569: Describe this screen you get when booting? (btw, 9.1 doesn't exist - that's 9.10, the 0 is significant in version numbers)01:52
myshirwmDoes anyone have any ideas about my iso problem?01:52
benkay86apollo: Good luck! I'm sorry I wasn't able to figure out what was going wrong.01:52
trevorwhat is the expose like thing for compiz called?01:52
Mike_lifeguardGuest32569: and did you successfully paste that output to p.defau.lt?01:52
rahduketrevor its called scale!01:52
trevorthanks rahduke01:53
rahdukeits sick!01:53
Mike_lifeguardtrevor: #compiz exists, if you need more help on that01:53
myshirwmany suggestions for mounting an iso that returns an error?01:54
Guest32569Sorry, 9.10... It reminds me of a Unix command line shell.  There are two words seperated by a '/' character, and the last word is grub.  typing help listed several commands I could try, but i gigured I'd probably break something. Anyway, I'm just wondering whether this is normal, or should I expect to see a GUI?  The install led me to believe I'd end up with a GUI01:54
Mike_lifeguardGuest32569: yeah, that's not right - but I'm no expert, you'll need help from someone else for that :(01:55
rahdukemyshirwm: whats the error01:55
koenickserv help01:55
koeguys can some one help me register  ?:|01:55
myshirwmrahduke: "An error occured wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error     In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so"01:56
Guest32569OK. at least I know it isn't the norm...  THanks!01:56
rahdukemyshirwm: ooo thats a problem, a big one01:56
myshirwmrahduke: ugh really? what do I do?01:56
IdleOnekoe: /msg nickserv register help ( do it in a dofferent window as there is a lot of info )01:56
rahdukemyshirwm: as far as i kno theres not much u can do, i was in here a week or 2 ago with the same problem... u have a bad sector on ur HD.... its dying or dead01:57
myshirwmrahduke: no I don't and no it's not.01:57
Mike_lifeguardkoe: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#contents-userregistration01:57
myshirwmrahduke: I'm trying to mount an iso, not an HD01:57
IdleOnekoe: if you need more help /join #freenode and they will be glad to help you.01:57
rahdukemyshirwm: then ur ISO is busted01:57
jolarenmy servers graphic card is broken and I dont have a screen.. so tomororw I'm thinking about going over to a friend and plug my hdd into his computer and install ubuntu server etc.. my question is .. when I plug it back into my server.. will everything just work?01:57
myshirwmhow do you find out what filesystem an iso is?01:58
rahdukemyshirwm: what kind of iso is it? what is the file?01:58
myshirwmrahduke: it's a game01:58
=== naomi is now known as Guest94003
JoesephI'm trying to get my t-mobile web2go service working with my T-mobile tap in Karmic... All the howtos seem to be older versions... Where's the current configuration for 3g/edge phone setup?01:59
rahdukemyshirwm: its prolly a busted ISO, i assume u downloaded it right?01:59
myshirwmrahduke: yes but all the reviews on the download site said it works01:59
amitzwhat's the default kernel version of karmic koala? Thanks in advance.01:59
rahdukei found that, seems like X3N got it to work,02:00
geniimyshirwm: iso files basically can be one of 2 filesystems. UDF or ISO966002:00
myshirwmrahduke: I tried that, I don't have a directory called /dev/loop/o02:00
myshirwmgenii: ok, so I could try mounting it as udf I guess?02:00
=== sixtila is now known as Guest82067
=== Laibcoms is now known as Laibcoms-working
geniimyshirwm: using the method shown by !iso with fs type of udf, yes02:01
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:01
myshirwmgenii: thanks02:01
geniimyshirwm: eg: -t udf02:01
myshirwmgenii: going to try that now02:02
serylIs there any reason mysql x86_64 would be throwing me a innodb malloc error for allocating 3GB?02:02
rahdukemyshirwm: sorry, i thought u were talking about a HDD02:02
myshirwmrahduke: no problem02:02
myshirwmrahduke: thanks for trying to help02:03
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Rucas_rucas here02:03
myshirwmgotta go02:03
phong_i love ubuntu, it is the fastest system02:04
boohno it isn't02:04
=== Guest37573 is now known as Freeaqingme|
rahdukeubuntu rule!02:04
phong_it's fast for me02:05
phong_but the only problem is that i can't do anything with ubuntu02:05
phong_i'm a window user02:05
boohi'm a windows 7 user02:05
phong_yeah, i love window more then ubuntu02:05
rahdukephong_: keep at it man, it took me about a year to get competent...and i still got a ways to go lol02:05
Dr_Willisi think the term is windows 'zombie'02:05
boohphong_: try kde, it is more like windows02:05
rahdukephong_: im off windows completely now tho02:05
minderaserDoes anyone here use the organizer Osmo?02:05
rahdukebooh: booo kde02:06
boohDr_Willis: a zombie is a defunct process02:06
phong_booh, doesn't matter man, it's still lunix02:06
boohrahduke: booo rahduke02:06
jmspeexAny idea why my cron.daily is not running at the time it's supposed to?02:06
phong_booh, there are like 1000000000000zilian softwares for windows02:06
boohphong_: what is still lunix?02:06
phong_u're talking about them for linux man02:06
boohphong_: what are you getting at here man?!02:06
phong_i love ubuntu in a way02:07
boohare you going to marry it?02:07
rahdukeheres a stupid question, how do i kill a specific process from cli?02:07
jmspeexMy /etc/crontab says it's supposed to run at 6:25, but it's runnung now (9:00 in my tz)02:07
boohrahduke: kill ${PID}02:07
phong_and i think MAC is the worst02:07
rahdukealso how do i list current processes?02:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:07
boohrahduke: ps aux02:07
minderaserrahduke: ps aux02:07
boohrahduke: ps faux02:07
ZykoticK9rahduke, you can also use "killall PROCESS_NAME"02:07
jmspeexIt's not even 6:25 GMT!02:07
rahdukehmm wow, thanks02:08
DimoutlookPlease point me to a good fstab howto need to edit mine messed up partitions  to root only02:08
Guest94003How do I get my ipod 3g to connect to Amorak?  I've read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod?action=show&redirect=IPodHowto#Adding music, syncing, and creating playlists.... but it doesn't say specifically how to do it.02:08
boohrahduke: also, ls -al /proc/${PID}02:08
=== john is now known as Guest45601
phong_have u try Fedora yet?02:08
minderaserrahdue: you can pipe that grep to find a specific program so you don't have to look through the whole list02:08
phong_Fedora is also another linux system02:08
boohphong_: thank you for the information02:08
minderaserAny Osmo users here?02:09
phong_but ubuntu is more popular02:09
boohphong_: are you a robot?02:09
phong_booh: no02:09
boohphong_: what's going on then?02:09
phong_booh: have u try vmwre 7 for linux?02:09
rahdukekilling processes is a pain, aint there an easier way to do it from cli?02:09
boohphong_: vmware is cool02:09
phong_booh: yes it is02:09
boohphong_: i use virtualbox02:09
gdizhello everyone, does anyone know where the internet plugins folders will be at least for firefox and chromium?02:09
phong_booh: i'm using vmware 702:09
boohphong_: have you tried openvz or xen?02:09
ZykoticK9phong_, booh #ubuntu isn't really a chat channel - use #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to chat - this is support only02:10
phong_hahahah zykotick8=902:10
apolloanyone help with installation? i'm tryint to install linux mint02:10
IdleOne!mint | apollo02:10
ubottuapollo: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:10
boohapollo: this is not the linux mint channel02:10
phong_is this official ubuntu support channel?02:10
boohit is02:10
Josh90Vlc is playing will not make any sound at all.02:11
apollooh my bad. i was just on her before about my ubuntu install which failed miserably02:11
phong_my VLC play perfect02:11
phong_i love VLC02:11
Dr_WillisJosh90:  try changeing the audio out vlc uses to alsa or pulse, or default02:11
Dr_WillisJosh90:  be sure to restart vlc after macking the change02:11
phong_i think alsa is the best02:11
wumbaWhat is the easiest way to filter out this error msg? "Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display ":1.0". Should I find the error reporting code or is there some way to supress errors at the bash / terminal level?02:11
IdleOnephong_: please remain on topic.02:12
phong_okay idleone02:12
IdleOnethank you02:12
phong_oh u're welcome02:12
Josh90Dr_Willis: Will try thanks.02:12
woodyjlwhaving strange problem with my wireless and need help. I changed my ssid and password on network and when I open wicd it sees my old ssid instead of new one and I can not log in to it...I checke with other wireless and it sees new ssid02:12
JoesephI'm looking to connect to a Tmobile-Tap through bluetooth for my 3g web2go service.  What's the newest documentation for karmic?02:13
woodyjlwis there a way to clear wireless history in ubuntu 8.10 ? im using wicd network manager02:14
guest4127145Anybody here? #kubuntu is completely idle02:15
IdleOneguest4127145: yup02:15
guest4127145heh.. okay... here's my situation... I'm trying to install Kubuntu 9.10 i386 onto a partition that has data on it already... it's a 100GB ext3 partition. During the partition setup of the graphical install, I told it to size the partition to 90GB and change it to ext4, without formatting...02:17
guest4127145everything was gone... so I tried to reverse it by telling it to set the size back to 100GB and the partition to ext3... still nothing....02:17
tspikeHi all, my taskbar was showing two volume icons, so I removed one of them, and now the taskbar keeps crashing and restarting and I can't do anything. Any ideas?02:18
guest4127145am I SOL?02:18
eddymhey all.. had a question with a wireless pcmcia card how can i disable on board and use the wirleless02:18
hightalli have a question with AHCI02:19
hightallwho can help me02:19
woodyjlweddym, try disable in bios02:19
phong_i love AHCI02:19
hightallnow i can find the disk, but can't read02:19
eddymwoodyjlw, when i plug in my pcmcia seems that ubuntu auto detects it...02:19
phong_all my HD set to AHCI02:19
`mOOse`ok, how do I make ubuntu aware of my hd02:19
tspikeis there a log for the taskbar app somewhere?02:19
`mOOse`they aren't in fstab02:20
hightallphong can you help me to look at the log ?02:20
Dr_Willisguest4127145:  hmm.. You dont really change ext3 to ext4... well its sort of doable.. but its not worth doing..02:20
phong_hightall: u're talking a noob02:20
woodyjlweddym,  ubuntu dose recognize the pcmcia wireless?02:20
Dr_Willisguest4127145:  boot a live cd - see if the data is still there - if so. i would suggest backing it up somewhere02:20
eric_3Hi, is there any way to crack a password protected web page?02:21
`mOOse`I think he overwrote the partition table :(02:21
hightall[    7.143623] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKD] enabled at IRQ 1102:22
hightall[    7.145073] ahci 0000:00:04.0: PCI INT A -> Link[LNKD] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 1102:22
hightallsoul_mmio_readl(LINE-619): AHCI mode disabled, enable it first.02:22
hightall[    7.148804] ahci 0000:00:04.0: AHCI 0001.0000 1 slots 1 ports 3 Gbps 0x1 impl SATA mode02:22
hightall[    7.150173] ahci 0000:00:04.0: flags: ncq02:22
guest4127145Dr_Willis: sadly I am running off a live cd at the moment02:22
hightall[    7.153099] scsi2 : ahci02:22
FloodBot1hightall: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
seryleric_3: bruteforce it.. or dictionary attack.02:22
eddymwoodyjlw, yes it does because it blinks02:22
seryleric_3: If you don't understand that, you're stuck chief.02:22
woodyjlweddym,  when you first boot the pc there is option to hit delete or f1 or f2 depending on manufacture of pc to enter setup and then look for onboard components. in there you can turn off onboard devices such as wireless02:22
eric_3seryl, how would i bruteforce it? I have already gone through the page source and i am not in an https.02:23
phong_i re compile vlc 1.0502:23
eddymwoodyjlw, you are correct.. i just didnt get a chance to reboot the machine... thanks for the help.. in this location wireless is fine.. but when im other places the pcmcia is a cisco card so it has better signal02:23
seryl... programmatically? Clearly, you're wasting your time here. Write a python/perl/ruby script. This shouldn't be a difficult thing.02:23
eddymwoodyjlw, i will try that..02:23
herb_how can i restart x in xubuntu karmic koala? ctrl+alt+backspace isn't working02:24
eric_3seryl, me?02:24
seryleric_3: you.02:24
Guest794Whenever I try to install some thing it gives me this message, "errors were encountered while processing: ifuse, gvfs-backends, and libiphone0". Please help me!02:24
phong_question: how to remove vlc media player?02:24
hatebredHello, I was sent here from efnet.  I am trying to get my hp built-in mic to record. I am using skype and have read a few posts that reflect my issue but they can record with the sound recorder. (I can not) I have seen this is an issue with HP laptops. I have followed 2 howtos regarding the removal of pulse audio and install esound.  I removed pulse packages, didabled it in the sys startup, but it is still in use and esound is02:24
arandherb_: use alt+sysreq+k02:24
phong_question: how to remove vlc media player in terminal02:24
woodyjlweddym,  :) I have notices same thing before too02:24
`mOOse`Dr_Willis, can you explain how I can see my unmounted HD's?02:24
eric_3k i know perl but i don't know how to make a program that would do that. Do you know of any web pages?02:25
hatebredI installed esound/alsa and added in the alsa wrapper for OSS but I still am back at square 102:25
macohatebred: if sound recorder doesnt work, its likely your driver needs a quirk. please report a bug "ubuntu-bug linux"02:25
phong_question: how to remove vlc media player in terminal02:25
ZykoticK9!cracking | eddym seryl eric_198202:25
ubottueddym seryl eric_1982: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o02:25
Guest794How do I fix broken packages in ubuntu?02:25
guest4127145okay... here's my situation... I'm trying to install Kubuntu 9.10 i386 (I know this is #ubuntu) onto a partition that has data on it already... it's a 100GB ext3 partition. During the partition setup of the graphical install, I told it to size the partition to 90GB and change it to ext4, without formatting...02:25
macohatebred: well could also be that you have your mic muted or something...02:25
guest4127145everything was gone... so I tried to reverse it by telling it to set the size back to 100GB and the partition to ext3... still nothing....02:25
eric_3Zykotick9: are you a bot?02:25
macohatebred: but im assuming you checked all that02:25
woodyjlwdose anyone know if you can erase the wireless history in ubuntu?02:25
myshirwmhi, could someone help me? I mounted an iso to my CD drive using the command line. it was successful and gmount-iso also recognizes that it's mounted. but I can't see it in nautilus.02:26
WilliamWallaceHey everyone, I recently installed linux on my ASUS U81A laptop and it has internet issues (I'm plugging it in with ethernet).  It connects occasionally but more often than not it doesn't.  I tried to find drivers but I couldn't find any.  Any suggestions?02:26
serylubottu: I was under the impression there were good intentions.02:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:26
hatebredmaco correct02:26
eric_3ubottu am i eric_1982?02:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:26
`mOOse`guest4127145, yer SOL02:26
hatebredThis started because I wanted to use skype. did a test call , no in audio02:26
`mOOse`you overwrote your partition table02:26
hatebredSo I tried sound recorder.. no audio02:27
macohatebred: yeah so file a bug02:27
hatebreda few howtos said it was a pulseaudio issue02:27
Guest794Synaptic Package Manager gives me this error, "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libusbmuxd1_1.0.1-0ubuntu1~k_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libusbmuxd.so.1.0.0', which is also in package libusbmux0 0"02:27
macohatebred: current versions of skype are pulseaudio compatible02:27
hatebredmaco, you do know of a fix, patch or workaround?02:27
eddymZykoticK9, what are you speaking abou?02:28
=== sync__ is now known as s0urcode
DaZguest4127145: ext4 shouldn't be convertable to ext3.02:28
macohatebred: you can dig through alsa git and see if your codec ssid is in pci/hda/patch_<yourcodecname>.c yet02:28
myshirwmdoes anyone have any suggestions about mounting an iso so that it's visible in nautilus?02:28
DaZso it seems to me, you broke something.02:28
macohatebred: if it is, thatd reveal a workaround. if it's not... then no.02:28
woodyjlwanyone know of a good irc channel to visit about network and wireless security?02:28
guest4127145`mOOse`: bah... thanks02:28
hatebredmaco, Ill start there02:28
`mOOse`anytime you resize (without LVM) yer PT is reset02:29
ZykoticK9eddym, sorry - guess you weren't part of the discussion -- sorry02:29
serylDoes anyone know wyh mysql x86_64 is throwing an os error when I'm trying to allocate 3G ram to innodb, when I'm running ubuntu x86_64..?02:29
macohatebred: well really im assuming you have an HDA chip. do you?02:29
guest4127145`mOOse`: how come MS can resize then?02:29
`mOOse`since when?02:29
hatebredHow would I pull the info?02:29
macohatebred: less /proc/asound/card0/codec#002:30
`mOOse`not and keep data02:30
eddymZykoticK9, np02:30
macohatebred: first line tells you what the basic codec you're using is, to know which .c to look in02:30
guest4127145well not natively... 3rd party apps can... Acronis Disk Director and Partition magic off the top of my head02:30
guest4127145can resize and keep data02:30
`mOOse`partition magic can do it - but not native windows02:30
macohatebred: then the "Subsystem Id:" line will give you a long hex number like 0x1043828402:31
Dr_WillisIve used vista to resize ntfs and keep data.. (i think it was vista)02:31
macohatebred: in the case of my laptop, you'd look for "1043" in that file and see if there's anywhere that shows "8284" next to it.. but ya know, use your numbers02:31
guest4127145I suppose I should've used the tried and true method of Hirens. I don't know why I didn't.. figured that would be something simple enough for Kubuntu's installer to handle02:31
`mOOse`if you didn't set up your system initially with LVM (which MS also uses by default) then your sol I think02:31
WilliamWallaceanyone?  :-(02:31
`mOOse`oh, bad decision :-)02:31
guest4127145oh well02:32
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
DaZms uses lvm? >:02:32
`mOOse`logical volume managers can be resized easily02:32
macohatebred: then see what quirk name is listed at the end of that line (all caps). then look for that quirk name (all caps) elsewhere where it'll be mapped to a lowercase name.02:32
hatebredmaco  codec: Conexant cx20561 (Hermosa) susys line: 0x103c30cf02:32
macohatebred: ok so patch_conexant.c02:32
defaultis there an app or a way to create a bootable winxp install on a flash drive?  only solutions I've found so far are windows programs02:32
krysisphong_: sudo apt-get remove vlc02:32
`mOOse`and I don't know why they aren't setup by default in linux distros02:32
`mOOse`seems stupid not to02:32
macohatebred: and look for "103c"02:32
krysisah oops, window didnt scroll02:33
macohatebred: with "30cf" next to it02:33
=== default is now known as default-nick
guest4127145well now that I'm basically starting from scratch on my drive, is there a way I should be setting up LVM during the install process?02:33
`mOOse`I don't know02:34
`mOOse`ask in there02:34
`mOOse`I'm not sure the gui install gives you the option02:34
krysisits useful to install /home on another partition02:35
`mOOse`I know in suse, yast can do it with partimage02:35
woodyjlwis there a way to delete old ssid and password history in ubuntu02:35
`mOOse`but I'm not sure about kubuntu02:35
guest4127145I should look into lvm... I've seen a lot of talk about it but never actually did any research into it02:35
macokrysis: eh. only if you're afraid one partition will corrupt and the other won't. since ubuntu's installer supports keeping /home when doing a clean install, the old usefulness is a bit moot02:35
guest4127145is it worth the time and effort?02:35
`mOOse`xbuntu has what they call an "alternate install" iso that has a text-based install that you definitely can02:36
=== ubuntu is now known as lacita
guest4127145other than for the sake of just the knowledge that is02:36
`mOOse`yes, it's quite handy02:36
`mOOse`you can dynamically adjust your partitions02:36
Dr_WillisIve gotten where i just keep my partion layout more and more simple. :)02:36
`mOOse`yes, that's the best way!02:36
guest4127145I'm used to text based... I used to run Debian only so I'm good on that front02:36
Dr_Willisbut it helps that i have like 4 hard drives.. one for /, one for /home02:37
Dr_Willisand so on.02:37
lacitaAnybody know much about formatting partitions using parted?02:37
`mOOse`I'm really liking xbuntu so far02:37
guest4127145heh.. I use 4 partitions... / /tmp /home swap02:37
Dr_Willislacita:  parted partions.. you then format using the proper commands02:37
`mOOse`except for the little clonezilla fiasco the other night (which I'm not rebuilding because of)02:37
Dr_Willisguest4127145:  i got /home on its own hard drive. :) not juist its own partition02:37
lacitaDr_Willis: sdc1 has been set up, but I can't get it formatted to "Dell Utility" using parted. I can do it in fdisk, but the problem is that fdisk doesn't support GUID Partition Tables (gpt) which is what I formatted the disk to so that I could have a sexy storage partition over 2TB in size.02:37
guest4127145yeah that's the best way to do it02:38
bleepbloopcan banshee play m4a files?02:38
Dr_Willislacita:  no idea. Ive never needed to use gpt. and i tend to just 'remove' dell utility partitions02:38
sarthorHi. according to " http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 " my pppoe-server configuration is OK. but how to add user password in /etc/ppp/pap-secerte, I edit and added user name and passwods as mention in this url, but not working, but when i did that with command, like "adduser userlogin" So then its working, in this each user have dir in /home/ also, what is the properway to add users in pppo-server,02:38
`mOOse`dsl is such a pita02:39
`mOOse`I would hate dealing with that02:39
hatebredmaco I found this line: SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x103c, 0x30cf, "HP DV9533EG", CXT5045_LAPTOP_HPSENSE),02:39
lacitaDr_Willis: I am using a Dell box with RAID. If the Dell Utility partition is removed or corrupted, the RAID simply won't start. I know...02:39
macohatebred: great! ok so look for  CXT5045_LAPTOP_HPSENSE elsewhere in that file02:39
default-nickis there an app or a way to create a bootable winxp install on a flash drive?  only solutions I've found so far are windows programs02:39
`mOOse`default-nick, no02:40
Dr_Willisdefault-nick:  ive only seen windows tools.02:40
mattgyverdefault-nick, theres a live cd that can do it, i dont remember what its called02:40
Dr_WillisIve seen premade usb images.. but those are not legal. :) or trustworthy02:40
`mOOse`I stand corrected...02:40
bleepbloophey `mOOse`02:41
default-nickthats what I figured.  thanks.02:41
default-nickdr willis: how do you "burn" an image to a flash drive?02:41
guest4127145do LVM's have to be setup before the rest of the partitions or is it something you can do on the fly?02:41
macohatebred: ok found:   [CXT5045_LAPTOP_HPSENSE]        = "laptop-hpsense",02:42
`mOOse`howdy bleepbloop02:42
macohatebred: so now you edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf02:42
`mOOse`you can set them up afterwards guest02:42
default-nickDr_Willis: how do you "burn" an image to a flash drive?02:43
macohatebred: add the line: options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-hpsense02:43
bleepbloop`mOOse`: do you remember helping me with making a usb drive bootable?02:43
`mOOse`hehe - no?02:43
macohatebred: and save it and after rebooting, it should work02:43
`mOOse`default-nick, https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator/   here ya go02:43
`mOOse`bleepbloop, I remember helping you, just not the details02:44
bleepbloophaha its fine02:44
bleepbloopi was just gunna ask if you remember how much trouble I was having with it02:44
default-nickthanks moose02:44
sarthorHi. according to " http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=291926 " my pppoe-server configuration is OK. but how to add user password in /etc/ppp/pap-secerte, I edit and added user name and passwods as mention in this url, but not working, but when i did that with command, like "adduser userlogin" So then its working, in this each user have dir in /home/ also, what is the properway to add users in pppo-server,02:45
bleepbloopbecause I eventually borrowed a friend's usb stick and did the same thing, and it worked fine02:45
`mOOse`well..considering that I'm sitting here staring at a brand new install of xbuntu and I can't figure out why it isn't seeing my XP and Win7 partition, I'm doing ok I guess02:45
`mOOse`default-nick, sorry - that's not what you asked for02:45
`mOOse`wrong url02:45
`mOOse`I'm not sure what "the same thing" was actually02:46
Guest94003how do I tell amorak to sync to my ipod? I've got it connected but..... there's no ipod icon in amorak or setup screens that I can find.  file manager shows the ipod is connected02:46
`mOOse`maybe you could refresh my memory02:46
jsoftIm going to install on the first partition of my hdd. If I want to later use the other partition, is this fairly drama free to do?02:47
lacitajsoft: yeah, it should be pretty drama-free.02:49
default-nickmoose: yea..   i see that now  ..  I guess I'll have to reboot into that old xp partition I have on that old 15g drive02:49
herb_hi everybody02:49
`mOOse`there's really no method I'm aware of default-nick02:49
herb_how can i disable anti-aliasing in chrome browser? my os is xubuntu. thanx!02:49
lacitaAnybody know much about formatting partitions using parted?02:50
default-nickmoose: thats what I figured..  but I was hoping02:50
default-nickI also never expected I'd have a reason I'd want to have a small partition with windows on my netbook...  who knew?02:50
fezis there a way to blacklist the b43 driver in favor of ndiswrapper at system startup (ubuntu 9.10)02:51
`mOOse`you got a cdrom drive on that netbook?02:51
default-nicklacita, its what I normally use to format a drive these days..  always works like you think it should02:51
lacitadefault-nick: sdc1 has been set up, but I can't get it formatted to "Dell Utility" using parted. I can do it in fdisk, but the problem is that fdisk doesn't support GUID Partition Tables (gpt) which is what I formatted the disk to so that I could have a sexy storage partition over 2TB in size.02:52
default-nick`mOOse`, course not02:52
`mOOse`heh...get an external and then use an xp live cd02:52
hatebredmaco can I msg you?02:53
default-nickeasier to boot into an old winxp partition i got on an old drive.. and run an iso to flash prgram there.. i've already found one a couple that run within windows02:53
macohatebred: yeah02:54
default-nick`mOOse`, i'm just already missing my friendly ubuntu environment  ;]02:54
`mOOse`I bet02:54
minderaserI'm trying to compile a package (osmo) and it's telling me that my GTK+ version is too old, < 2.12 but Synaptic shows libgtk2.0-0 as version 2.16.1. Anyone know what might be going wrong here?02:54
default-nick`mOOse`, almost feels like booting into dos02:54
`mOOse`what DE? I really like this Xubuntu02:55
guest4127145default-nick: bootable XP install on a USB is a HUGE pain to make... I have it setup on mine.... unfortunately it's not something you can copy from stick to stick.. pretty much have to rebuild it everytime02:55
lacitaThat's windows for ya.02:56
guest4127145W7 is very easy to get running off a USB stick though.. and pretty helpful for trying to fix other versions of Windows02:56
=== root is now known as Guest56751
Cpudan80Hey guys02:57
Cpudan80Im running an ubuntu install - is there a way to check what version it is (32/64) ?02:57
Dr_WillisHmm.. uname -a and look for a '64' somewhere. :)02:58
Dr_Willisx86_64 = 64bit02:58
Cpudan80the disk wasn't labeled02:58
apolloany way to install from a usb instead of a cd without using universal netboot?02:59
JoesephI have followed this howto: "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup" to get my tmobile-tap web2go 3g working on my laptop over bluetooth.  However, at then end, when I run 'sudo pon BluetoothDialup' I get "/usr/sbin/pppd: In file /etc/ppp/peers/BluetoothDialup: unrecognized option '/dev/rfcomm0'"  Any ideas?02:59
=== linucks[afk] is now known as linucks
lacitaCpudan80: when you run ctrl+alt+F1 or ctrl+alt+F2 (or any tty) you can see the ubuntu version in the console before login. Then you can use ctrl+alt+f7 to return to your desktop.02:59
Dr_Willisapollo:  theres other ways to make bootable USB flash drives.03:00
=== Freeaqingme| is now known as Freeaqingme
`mOOse`yay - I see my xp now ;-)03:00
Dr_Willisapollo:  grub2 and some work. or some other tools.03:00
lacitaCpudan80: Also lsb_release -a03:00
hoinkcluestick please: need to upgrade from python 2.6.2 to 2.6.4.  How do I do this "correctly" (ie, not confusing synaptic)?03:01
apollohow to install from a usb instead of a cd?03:01
Dreamgliderapollo, have a look at -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick03:01
lacitaAnyone know how to format a gpt partition into a Dell Utility?03:01
=== Guest is now known as ___Guest
blakkheimhoink: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude dist-upgrade03:02
Gaming4JChey all, attempting to setup raid using my GA-EX58-UD3R M/B. Don't I need raid drivers? According to the site I need to go to the chipset vendors site03:03
Dr_Willisapollo:  you have to 'somehow' make a bootabel usb.03:03
Gaming4JCMy chipset is Intel® X58 + ICH10R, but I don't see any Ubuntu drivers on a simple google search :P03:03
hoinkblakkheim: i don't want to upgrade my distribution.03:03
* Gaming4JC hopes there's a Linux RAID driver for it...03:03
blakkheimhoink: then use full-upgrade03:04
Screamo_Smurfcan anyone help me with internet connection sharing to an xbo 360?03:04
Gaming4JC!raid | Gaming4JC03:04
ubottuGaming4JC, please see my private message03:04
hoinkblakkheim: while I appreciate the assistance, suggesting a distribution upgrade to address a python problem is... strange.  seriously?03:05
blakkheimhoink: better to update everything at once than one specific package03:05
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
hoinkblakkheim: i don't "OS upgrade" is an appropriate response to an upgrade-python question.  thx for the help anyway03:07
xanguaneither using an old distro helps03:08
=== ___Guest is now known as Guest
lacitaquick question: any way I could use fdisk to format a partition on a drive with gpt? fdisk doesn't support gpt...03:10
lenswipehey guys03:12
abumaiaIf I have ubuntu installed with my home directory on a separate partition, if I choose to install different distros, would they be able to use the home partition I already have?03:12
hyperstreamare there any dvd slideshow making applications for ubuntu ?03:13
D3RGPS31what's the channel for lucid 'support'03:13
Gaming4JCAnyone mind PMing me on the information on the forums? I'm trying to get an ubuntu raid driver for this motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.us/Support/Motherboard/Driver_Model.aspx?ModelName=GA-EX58-UD3R&ProductVersion=rev.%201.0#anchor_os03:13
FloodBot1Gaming4JC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:13
xanguahyperstream: openoffice spreadsheet, lotus from IBM, etc...03:13
hyperstreamxangua, to convert into dvd format ?03:13
xanguaooh, didn't read 'dvd' S:03:14
xangua!ubuntu+1 | D3RGPS3103:14
ubottuD3RGPS31: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91003:14
D3RGPS31xangua: thank you03:14
=== naomi is now known as Guest74921
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:14
BupeI have never yewsed ubuntu chat03:15
default-nickhyperstream, there are many..   seen several at getdeb.net ..   a we search on "ubuntu dvd slideshow editor" should bring up a few03:15
bart1Any GRUB help for a noob?03:15
Bupebutt naw i see03:15
default-nickhyperstream, we=web03:15
Bupeanyone figure magic jack out??03:15
Screamo_Smurfmagic is crap03:16
Screamo_Smurf*magic jack03:16
Bupeworks nice for me on windoze03:16
bcgrownI have a large collection of CDs that I ripped to FLAC and ALL of the files are slightly broken.  I can play them fine but all of the files show their length as 202 minutes,  and I can't seek within the file.  Does anyone know of a utility that can fix this problem?  I'd really rather not re-rip 100 CDs03:16
=== redy_adi is now known as f33
Bupe-wonders of screamo smurf realizes what he has called himself03:17
SkofoHey guys; shitty arc-colors changed my menu icon to their logo. How do I change it back to Ubuntu's logo?03:17
SkofoWell, I know HOW03:17
SkofoJust don't know where it is03:18
Bupewheres the luv03:18
hiexpohow do i move a file in my home directory to here03:18
Bupeare there any half geeks in here03:18
D3RGPS31what're the default run levels for apport?03:19
abumaiahiexpo: sudo mv, probably03:19
lacitaI know this sounds stupid, but how do you run GNU parted?03:19
default-nickhalf geeks?03:19
hiexpook i will try03:19
sayed1how can i instal dvb-s pci card??03:19
default-nicklacita:  install it with your installer of choice.. then double click..  it should be in the system/administration menu03:20
Toinkwhere is the keyboard layout configuration stored?  some gconf key?03:20
sayed1how can i install dvb-s pci card??03:21
default-nickit is already installed in the live cd..   but needs to be installed on a full install03:21
abumaiaIf I have ubuntu installed with my home directory on a separate partition, if I choose to install different distros, would they be able to use the home partition I already have?03:21
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:22
sayed1how can i instal dvb-s pci card??.. the cd doesn't support linux03:22
ubuntuxubuntu the way to go03:23
sayed1 how can i instal dvb-s pci card??.. the cd doesn't support linux .. plz help03:24
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continues to glow.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:24
default-nicki'm off to boot into winblowz..   wish me luck..  bleh03:24
sayed1how can i instal dvb-s pci card??.. the cd doesn't support linux .. plz help03:25
sayed1how can i instal dvb-s pci card??.. the cd doesn't support linux .. plz help03:26
futurama140can someone help me install a usb dual monitor adapter? i cant seem to find drivers for it03:27
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continues to glow.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:27
ubuntuwots lottery numbers for wed anybody know lol03:27
kurouubuntu: #ubntu-offtopic is right for you, not here.03:28
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continues to glow.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:28
hiexpowell that did not work so let me ask againhow do i move an icon from my home folder to03:30
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continues to glow.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:30
futurama140can someone help me install a usb dual monitor adapter? i cant seem to find drivers for it03:31
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continuously glows.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:32
kurouhiexpo: sudo mv -f ~/<icon here> /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/03:33
kurouonil: Is it just the application window or the entire screen that blqacks out?03:34
hiexpokurou, - thanks03:34
futurama140whats the application name for GVFS mounter?03:34
Gaming4JCoi, is it even possible to setup Dual Boot with RAID1? I want a simple system with Win7 (250GB) Ubuntu9.10 (250GB)03:35
Gaming4JCI have a 500GB HD03:35
Gaming4JCnormally I just install Windows first03:35
Gaming4JCand then resize partition with ubuntu03:35
onilkurou:only application window03:35
futurama140whats the application name for GVFS mounter?03:36
papshmearGaming4JC, yes.03:36
ubuntuFishhow do i connect to wifi on ubuntu studio?03:36
DeepDwellingWhich wm are good with transparency?03:36
papshmearDeepDwelling, anything with compiz03:36
DeepDwellingReal transparency, that is.  Not the fake stuff03:36
ubuntuFishi know its a dumb question, but i don't see a network config wizard anywhere in ubuntu studio... help!03:36
DeepDwellingpapshmear, do you think that will run on the new tegra 2?03:36
papshmearDeepDwelling, I have no idea what a tegra is03:37
onilneed help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continuously glows.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:37
DeepDwellingpapshmear, The new nvidia mobile chip.03:37
`mOOse`who's up on their fstabs?03:37
DeepDwellingpapshmear, Arm cortex a9 dual core03:37
futurama140whats the application name for GVFS mounter?03:37
ubuntuFishi know its a dumb question, but i don't see a network config wizard anywhere in ubuntu studio... help!03:37
papshmearDeepDwelling, arm, eh? not sure03:37
ubuntucan xubuntu be installed to ram to make alot faster03:37
DeepDwellingpapshmear, Any clue where I should start digging?03:37
joeyjonesubuntu: wow, you're an idiot.03:37
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:37
ubuntugot no harddrive and running live cd03:38
joeyjonesram doesn't keep data when powered down03:38
joeyjonesand most of the OS is loaded to ram during boot up03:38
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:38
kurouonil: Is it a specific window that blacks out or does it happen randomly? If it is one specific app, try removing it (sudo aptitude remove <app>) and reinstalling it (03:38
ubuntuFishjoeyjones, im sure there is some sort of application for something like that03:38
ubuntuFishi know its a dumb question, but i don't see a network config wizard anywhere in ubuntu studio... help!03:38
kurouonli: (sudo aptitude install <app>) for reinstalling.03:39
onilkurou:it happens randomly03:39
joeyjonesubuntuFish: by design ram cannot store ANYTHING when powered off03:39
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:40
puttersonMy compiz updates the screen unless I switch to virtual terminals and back to X, how can I fix this?03:40
ubuntuk thanks03:40
james_I need to add a new user to a samba server the user needs only to have access to the shares no need to do ANYTHING else... they will never even see a terminal03:40
james_how do i do that03:40
puttersonUpdates the screen extremely slowly that is03:40
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:41
RPG-MasterHI :)03:41
think43Ubuntu rocks, I can't believe I did try in sooner03:42
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:42
futurama140how do i repair GVFS? the mount app is broken03:43
puttersonmy compiz does not work fast unless I switch to a virtual terminal and back03:43
RPG-Masterthink43: Yeah, it's pretty awesome :D03:43
DeepDwellingpapshmear, Thanks for the help.03:43
joeyjonesfuturama140: odda re the mount app is working perfectly find, you're jsut using it wrong.03:43
ubuntuwould never go bac to windows now .linux will take ova in future03:43
=== urlwallace_ is now known as earlwallace
futurama140joeyjones: im NOT using it wrong, its corrupted to the point of mounting isos wrong03:44
ubuntuFishjoeyjones, yeah, but if they have a reeaaally secure power supply and plan to never shut it down, or they only need the system temporarily it might be a good idea03:45
Quirklyalright, I want my computer to boot up straight to a terminal, no graphical crap, and somehow, even though gdm is disabled, and not even executable, it still goes to the login picker thing03:45
maxjayanyone installed ubuntu 9.10 with wubi in windows?03:45
ubuntuFishi know its a dumb question, but i don't see a network config wizard anywhere in ubuntu studio... help!03:45
phong_question: how to PPA in command ?03:45
joeyjonesubuntuFish: iirc installing requires a reboot03:45
joeyjonesso, fail.03:45
phong_help: how to use terminal to PPA and add website03:45
phong_PPA:website bla bla03:46
phong_can anyone help me?03:46
joeyjonesfuturama140: tried remove and re-installing mount then?03:46
james_sorry I have no idea if anyone replied to my question the screen went blank.... My question was how do I add a new user to a ubuntu server system so that the user has access to the samba share this user will not need access to ANYTHING else...03:46
joeyjonesit should be possible to do with aptitude03:46
joeyjonesanyway, i'm bored now.03:46
ubuntuFishjoeyjones, i guess03:47
phong_how to add PPA in terminal come on03:47
samtryinstalled winxp and debain dairly.  After i booted the system i don't see winxp but linux on the boot up menue.  can anybody help me with this problem. thanks03:47
MacBookUserHey peeps.03:47
jguzikowskihi i just installed http://customize.org/xfce/themes/60249 and set it, but it did not make my start bar or parts of my window look like the theme, anyone know how to fix this?03:47
phong_does anyone know how to add PPA in terminal03:47
phong_i dotn want to go thru software03:47
Quirklyhello, anyone able to help me start up in a terminal?03:47
MacBookUserQuestion: I have no sound on Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64, running on MacBook Late 2009 unibody model03:48
JDiMatteoQuirkly: I think I can help you with that03:48
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.03:48
Quirklyawesome JDiMatteo, cause google instructions are failing03:48
sayed1how can i install a card???03:48
Quirklysimply they say, disable gdm and reboot, well....yeah that doesn't work03:48
JDiMatteoQuirkly: do you see the Applications menu in the top left of your screen?03:48
ubuntuFishjoeyjones, i guess03:48
onil need help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continuously glows.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.03:49
JDiMatteoQuirkly: Terminal is selectable under Applications, Accessories03:49
ubuntuFishi know its a dumb question, but i don't see a network config wizard anywhere in ubuntu studio... help!03:49
Quirklyyou misunderstand me03:49
QuirklyI know how to open a terminal03:49
QuirklyI want to startup the system, straight to terminal03:49
Quirklyno graphical stuffs03:49
FloodBot1Quirkly: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:49
JDiMatteooh, sorry Quirkly!  I didn't mean to sound like a jerk03:50
nomasteryodasudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily  would work for say chromium-daily repo03:50
MacBookUserQuirkly: Use the single mode option on your boot menu when you boot03:50
sayed1FloodBot1: can u help me plz??03:50
ubuntuFishquirkly, i know im coming into this convo late, but wouldnt just uninstalling gdm and stuff work?  i would think so03:50
Quirklysingle mode option?03:50
MacBookUsersayed1: Wait.03:50
QuirklyubuntuFish, gdm isn't executable, and I don't want to totally uninstall incase my wireless network stuff doesn't work right03:50
DanioHow can I see the system log from terminal? (I'm using SSH)03:50
sayed1MacBookUser: ok03:50
QuirklyI don't have a single mode option on boot up03:50
ubuntuFishquirkly, couldnt you just kill gdm?03:51
MacBookUserQuirkly: What boot loader are you using? GRUB or LILO?03:51
nomasteryodaDanio, tail /var/log/syslog03:51
neil_dI would like to access the computers on the other side of a openvpn.. the vpn is the computers are IPs are ... how would I do this?  do I use the "route" command?03:51
ubuntuFishsrry im probly saying stuff that has already been said03:51
jguzikowskican anyone help me with some themes?03:51
Quirklygdm isn't running, I mean.....I think some stuff of gdm is, but not gdm itself03:51
jguzikowskijust installed http://customize.org/xfce/themes/60249 and set it, but it did not make my start bar or parts of my window look like the theme, anyone know how to fix this?03:51
jguzikowskiit only affected my minimize, maximize etc button03:51
nomasteryodaDanio, or say cat /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages03:51
MacBookUserQuirkly: It should say Ubuntu kernel 2.6.xx (Singlemode)03:51
Danionomasteryoda: Thank you very much.03:51
MacBookUsersayed1: What was your issue?03:52
QuirklyMacBookUser, I have the normal, and the recovery, and then the memtest stuff03:52
Quirklyno single mode03:52
arghh2d2Quirkly: you have to go int /etc/rc.d/ and rename S.gdm to K.gdm for runlevel 503:52
ubuntuFishjguzikowski, try logging out and logging back in, or restarting.  otherwise the problem is with the theme03:52
futurama140joeyjones: youre a fucking asshole03:52
JDiMatteocan somebody help me send CTRL ALT DEL after connecting to a Windows XP box with rdesktop? CTRL ALT DEL doesn't seem to work, and neither do CTRL ALT END, nor CTRL ALT INSERT, etc.  Any ideas?03:52
jguzikowskithanks ubuntuFish :)03:52
Quirklyarghh2d2, I go try that03:52
jguzikowskiill give it a try03:52
sayed1MacBookUser: how can i install a dvb-s pci card03:52
imaslevhi. i just upgraded from jaunty to koala. no my sound device is not recognized. in the list of available hardare there's nothing. how can i re-detect/fix this?03:52
ubuntuFishJDiMatteo:  wow, someone has mere seconds left before getting banned03:52
MacBookUsersayed1: Have you installed it into the computer?03:53
ubuntuFishjguzikowski, no problem, good luck03:53
sayed1MacBookUser:  not yet i want to install the driver03:53
MacBookUserQuirkly: Or use the recovery mode option03:53
JDiMatteosorry, I guess I'll go.  didn't mean to offend you guys...03:53
MacBookUserQurikly: recovery mode dumps you at shell03:53
MacBookUsersayed1: What brand and model?03:54
Quirklyrecovery mode option would work, but I'm looking for a more permanent solution, my laptop just doesn't like too much fancy stuff03:54
sayed1MacBookUser: azurewave03:54
ubuntuFishJDiMatteo, its just kind of a huge public, "family friendly" channel, no biggie.  just keep it clean and dont attack ppl and ur fine03:54
Quirklyarghh2d2, I don't have /etc/rc.d03:54
MacBookUserQuirkly: You could kill X by the three finger salute, CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE03:55
phong_where an i find vlc player 1.0.5    my vlc player is 1.0.203:55
Quirklyoh shit, there's that03:55
Quirklyoops my language03:55
MacBookUsersayed1: Wait a moment, I'll search for ya03:55
phong_i want the latest update03:55
ubuntuFishmacbookuser, actually, does the 3 finger salute work?03:55
sayed1MacBookUser: ad-sp20003:55
Quirklyand to think I just relearned that shortcut....maybe it works maybe not03:55
ubuntuFishmacbookuser, ctrl alt backspace doesnt work for me03:55
sayed1MacBookUser: ok thx03:55
Quirklyk just flat out removing gdm, see if that does it03:56
phong_no one help03:56
Quirklybtw, anyone know if my wireless will still work at that point, or should I install some stuff before doing this venture?03:56
ubuntuFishphong_, whats your question?03:56
QuirklyI assume it might, since networking shouldn't be too affected, but I dunno03:56
MacBookUserYour wifi is not related with gdm03:56
phong_currently i have vlc 1.0.2 there is an update 1.0.503:56
Quirklymy other machine was fine, but it's a wired connection03:56
phong_i want the updated one ,,,03:56
ubuntuFishquirkly, there is a nice tutorial for setting up wireless from command line, let me just track it down03:56
arghh2d2Quirkly: i's /etc/rc.something, then you gointo the folder for runlevel 5 maybe /etc/something/rc.5?  then you rename S.gdm to K.gdm...i'm not using ubuntu so i dont know exactly but thats the jist of what you have to do03:56
arghh2d2Quirkly: GDM has nothing to do with your networking03:57
MacBookUserphong_: Do 'sudo apt-get upgrade' at a terminal03:57
Quirklyarghh2d2, if my next attempt fails, I'll dig further, I found a bunch of Rc stuff03:57
phong_ubuntufish; inthe repository only see 1.0.203:57
zubin71hi id like some help with karmic03:57
zubin71i had karmic up and running with grub 203:57
zubin71when i installed fedora which had grub 103:57
zubin71now karmic doesnt boot03:57
zubin71im not interested in having grub 203:57
FloodBot1zubin71: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
zubin71is there anyway i can boot in2 karmic from the older grub?03:57
zubin71please help03:57
Quirklyarghh2d2, what I meant, was would the wireless be started up by something started in the X environment, or would it have started befoer....03:57
Quirklyworst case is I just gotta reinstall the whole system again lol03:57
ubuntuFishphong-, im going to need more info than that03:58
MacBookUserzubin71: I think your fedora knocked out karmic03:58
arghh2d2Quirkly: good question.03:58
phong_macbookuser: i did it....i still see vlc 1.0.203:58
QuirklyubuntuFish, no rush on that tutorial, I have a funny feeling it wouldn't help me too much anyways, this machine has refused to do anything sensible or according to instructions03:58
lacitaI can't get GNU Parted to install...03:58
Quirklyarghh2d2, glad you understand what I mean03:58
phong_ubuntufish: what i want is new vlc 1.0.503:58
phong_vlc player 1.0.503:58
onil need help: my application windows blacks out frequently for a minute or so leaving other processes also stalled .During this process blinking LED stops blinking and continuously glows.No work can be done during that time till the black screen is gone .PLZ help me over this issue.I m a noob, migrated from windows to ubuntu.03:59
Quirklyoh well here goes nothing, brb maybe maybe03:59
phong_i only see vlc 1.0.5 source for linux03:59
james_what is the command syntax to add a new user to a ubuntu box with the goal of creating a user account that will allow someone to have access to the samba share and nothing else?03:59
MacBookUseronil: What blinking LED03:59
arghh2d2Quirkly: worst case senario is that you type "startx" or "gdm" and you'r right back in your gui with network manager running03:59
ekpyroticHey guys. I need a hand. System keeps telling me I'm low on disk space, but I'm not.03:59
ubuntuFishquirkly, just in case, here is http://www.stoltenow.com/archives/2006/12/ubuntu_configur.html   also if its being stopud, you might want to reinstall, but im guessing u hav tried that03:59
zubin71MacBookUser : nah , i still can see the files intact when i mount the other partition from fedora03:59
phong_mackbookuser: help please04:00
MacBookUserphong_: Will be with you in one sec04:00
phong_ubuntufish: all i want is to have vlc player 1.0.504:00
ubuntuFishphong_, sorry, no idea.  :(  but, there are a lot of experts on this channel, hope you can find a solution :)  good luck04:00
sayed1MacBookUser: any progress??04:00
ekpyrotic_Sorry. I disconnected.04:00
MacBookUserzubin71: Maybe backup your karmic, erase that partition and reinstall?04:00
lacitadefault-nick: I can't run make to install the GNU package. I already did "./configure"04:01
jguzikowskiare xfce themes supposed to skin the panels?04:01
gvjcan any one tell how to triple boot redhat / win xp and ubuntu04:01
lacitaI can't run make to install the GNU package. I already did "./configure"04:01
ubuntuFishbye everyone04:01
lacitagvj: you need 3 seperate partitions or disks,04:01
MacBookUsersayed1: Here! - http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125879204:01
zubin71MacBookUser , Quirkly , james_ , ekpyrotic any idea on the grub issue?04:02
imaslevhi. i just upgraded from jaunty to koala. now my sound device is not recognized. in the list of available hardare (sound prefs) there's nothing. how can i re-detect/fix this?04:02
lacitagvj: Then install each OS to the applicable partition.04:02
gvj@lacita ok04:02
gvj@lactia then04:02
MacBookUsersayed1: Please follow all instructions there in that thread; Don't come crying should you break it04:02
lacitagvj: then you will need to revise your boot menu to reflect the different partitions. i, myself prefer to boot with GRUB, so install ubuntu last.04:03
jguzikowskiare xfce themes supposed to skin the panels? because i cant get mine to..04:03
sayed1MacBookUser: but how i use this codes?04:03
gvj@lactia ok  i did all. but ubuntu  grub did not find redhat kernel in the boot menu.04:04
phong_gvj: why dont u just get 3 disks and call it for a day04:04
lacitagvj: have you looked/edited at the grub menu?04:04
gvj@phong nice joke04:04
zubin71MacBookUser  <gulp> :(04:05
MacBookUsersayed1: You'd use the terminal. but it's not for the faint-hearted04:05
phong_gvj: and when u boot hit F8 or what ever boot option and select ur disk to boot :)04:05
hiexpowhat is a good voip04:05
MacBookUserzubin71: Hm?04:05
panfistare there any docs, articles, wiki or whatever that talk about using ubuntu server to admin a smallish network, and provide services like dhcp, ldap, etc and integrating them?04:05
lacitaphong_, gvj: WORST. IDEA. EVAR.04:05
dmsupermanHow can I get nvidia + xinerama to work? I don't care if compiz works or not04:06
MacBookUserHas anyone got sound working on Ubuntu 9.10 on a macbook late 2009 model?04:06
lacitaThere seems to be no Makefile in this directory.04:06
lacitaYou must run ./configure before running `make'.04:06
lacitamake: *** [abort-due-to-no-makefile] Error 104:07
FloodBot1lacita: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:07
gvj@lactia so shall i paste the boot info of redhat into ubuntu grub menu.................i mean what info i need to paste.....04:07
zubin71MacBookUser : erasing the drive isnt really an option04:07
FloodBot1patocoas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:07
phong_lacita: will u tell me how to install vlc player 1.0.5 ????? i'm having 1.02 now04:07
lacitaphong_ did you download the package?04:07
gvj@lactia  i guess i also need to modify  /etc/fstab04:07
phong_lacita:  they only have source for 1.0.504:07
sayed1MacBookUser: sorry i'm newbie how can i enter pswrd in terminal?04:08
lacitaphong_ tough luck, buddy.04:08
lacitasayed1: type "sudo" before your command.04:08
hiexposayed1, just type it in you will not see it04:08
gvj@lactia r u there buddy04:09
IzinucsIs there a way to sync a playlist in Amorak with and Ipod?04:09
sayed1lacita: thx04:09
lacitahiexpo: when did this channel become #bash?04:09
hiexpolacita, ? huh04:10
Quirklyso ummm, i guess on this other machine, uninstalling xubuntu-desktop is what killed the display manager lol04:10
=== MowetteKEKETTE`B is now known as Mowee
dmsupermanIs there something to get xinerama and nvidia to play nice?04:10
dmsupermanOr perhaps a newer solution to xinerama?04:11
Quirklyalso yeah, if my laptop connected to wireless before, should the software still be there to get it connected commandline?04:11
lacitahiexpo: http://www.bash.org/?24432104:11
lacitahey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars04:11
lacita********* see!04:11
QuirklyubuntuFish got that wireless tutorial somewhere, or maybe some simple instructions, that hopefully don't require network access?? lol04:12
hiexpolacita, ok whats that got to do with me ?04:13
=== squiddy is now known as Guest67156
Guest67156i have problem with connecting to wifi with ip static settings. i set the ip thru nm, then i get connected to the wifi signal. but i cant even open a webpage nor ping the AP.04:14
lacitahiexpo: "[04:08] <hiexpo> sayed1, just type it in you will not see it" That's what.04:15
ZerUgh. What the hell, my shell is buffering stderr04:16
hiexpolacita, ya in the terminal when you type password in you will not see it04:17
ben_anyone here know about mythbuntu04:17
ElTimohey, did i read it right that Mark is stepping down as CEO of Canonical?04:17
bazhangElTimo, please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here04:18
ElTimobazhang, it's related to Ubuntu. i don't see how it's off topic04:18
hiexpoanyway back to my question what is a good voip to use on ubuntu 9.1004:19
lacitaUbuntu's best kept secret: #ubuntu-women04:19
bazhangElTimo, it has nothing to do with support of Ubuntu OS, which is the scope of this channel  ---> #ubuntu-offtopic please04:19
ElTimobazhang, i would gladly have done so had you not chosen to be a douche04:19
Guest67156bazhang, can u assist me to get my problem solved ?04:20
ElTimowhatever. i was just curious. everything about your little distro sucks anyway.04:20
ben_well mythbuntu is on topic then, just needing to know if that's a godd option for htpc04:20
ElTimoarch for life!!04:20
bazhangElTimo, that language is not necessary04:20
AMAMhi guys, I have a question04:20
bazhangben_, that is one, there is also xbmc04:20
TheMusicGuyHi, I have a dual-boot setup and I'm using the Nvidia restricted X drivers with the "twin view" option enabled. I have a problem where full-screen applications always get displayed half-and-half, with one half on the left and another on the right. Is there a way to tell X (or the NVidia drivers) to only display full-screen apps on just one screen?04:21
ben_thanks bazhang04:21
bazhangben_, there is a ppa for it if you wish04:21
AMAMI need to recompile the kernel with the option: CONFIG_MTRR_SANITIZER_ENABLE_DEFAULT=104:21
dmsupermanTheMusicGuy: One solution is to use compiz which seems to be able to detect this for you and correct it04:21
AMAMcan I change that without recompiling04:21
IzinucsTheMusicGuy: one of the options in nvidia-settings might give you what you want04:21
jguzikowskiis there anyway to skin xfce's panels? they aren't being affected when i choose a new theme04:22
AMAMthis is the output of zgrep -i mtrr /proc/config.gz :04:22
FloodBot1AMAM: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:22
ardchoillejguzikowski: you need to ask in #xubuntu, this isn't the palce for xfce questions04:22
TheMusicGuydmsuperman: Izinucs: sounds good, but can you be more specific? I'm not sure which options you mean.04:23
jguzikowskibah, no one answers there, was hoping i could get someone here, alright thanks anyway04:23
IzinucsTheMusicGuy: in System>Admin>Nvidia Settings .. if it's not there then sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings04:23
rich97How might I move the contents of a folder including hidden files and folders into the current directory using terminal. I've tried "mv folder/* ." but that does not move the hidden folders.//04:24
AMAMrich97: mv -r dir newdir04:24
AMAMthe "-r" option04:24
TheMusicGuyIzinucs: I don't see anything in nvidia-settings about full screen.04:25
AMAMlooks like, I won't get any answer for my question here04:26
Quirklyalright, so that was hilarious04:26
rich97AMAM: mv: invalid option -- 'r'04:26
lacitaanyone know how to format a Dell Utility partition on a drive with a gpt partition table type?04:26
QuirklyAMAM what you trying to do04:26
AMAMsorry I'm stupid04:26
AMAMthat's only for rm not mv04:26
IzinucsTheMusicGuy: It's been a couple of years since I looked at nvidia-settings.. sorry I don't know how to guide you here.04:26
TheMusicGuyIzinucs: Hm, I see. Do you know if it has anything to do with "metamodes"?04:27
rich97My problem isn't it's not moving the folders it's that it's not moving folders and files with the '.' prefix.04:27
think43You know how when you move your mouse to the corner of the screen and all the windows arrange them selves neatly for you to select one, What is that called?  And how do you enable it?04:28
Fauntixcan I get a one-on-one 9.1 help please04:28
AMAMhave u tried mv dir/.*04:28
mrpink57think43: are you talking about the box with the squares04:28
ardchoillemv dir . will do it04:28
ardchoilledoes it fine here04:28
think43mrpink57, no, I mean, that mac osx type feature.  You move you mouse to the top left corner, and all the windows arrange neatly on the screen, to see all the windows you have open04:29
arghh2d2Quirkly: did you get your box to boot to console?04:29
mrpink57think43: I think that is a comopiz type feature04:29
IzinucsTheMusicGuy: possibly.. there's a couple of things going on.. one is the size of "x" which could be a measurement of both monitors resolutions combined.. that's how it stretches across both.. then there's the limitation of the actual size of each monitor.. google for help with "xrandr" and "xrandr dual monitor ubuntu" that might shed some light on the situation04:29
ardchoillethink43: you can use gnome-shell for that or compiz has a feature that does that04:29
ben_bazhang, does xbmc support blu ray?04:30
Quirklyarghh2d2, yea, obliterated gdm04:30
Quirklyalthough in retrospect, xubuntu-desktop was all that needed to go04:30
sconehello.  I have the most bizzare issue: I don't know what you'd call it but during startup and shut down of both the livecd and an install on the HP workstation I'm using, the system will hang until I press a key or move the mouse04:30
arghh2d2Quirkly: you still have networking?04:30
QuirklyHOWEVER, arghh2d2 my suspicious about the wireless were confirmed04:30
Quirklyno, didn't04:30
TheMusicGuyIzinucs: Okay, I'll try that. Thank you.04:30
AMAMthink43: here on my OpenSUSE, it's called "Scale: initiate window picker"04:30
think43Ubuntu 9.10 has composing including, you don't have to go install compiz yourself.  But I don't know how to change the settings04:30
Quirklygot on from other computer, then forgot to just manually run startx, which then kicked the wireless in right away04:30
think43AMAM, yep, that what I wanted, thanks04:31
arghh2d2Quirkly: you could switch to netcfg or wicd instead of network manager04:31
Quirklyso yeah, now just reading how to connect to wireless via commandline04:31
Quirkly???? k, you just about lost me there, lol04:31
Quirklybut umm....yeah lemme check stuffs out04:31
arghh2d2Quirkly: netcfg is for wireless wpa connections from command line...wicd has an ncurses interface04:32
QuirklyI can handle ncurses interface, installing now04:32
arghh2d2wicd has regular gui too04:32
ben_anyone here know if xbmc supports blu ray?04:32
FauntixPlease help me. When I start up I get this: "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16  /dev/sda1: clean 148406/3596288 files, 848523/14374150 blocks" what does that mean and how do i fix it04:32
bazhanghttp://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=XBMC_for_Linux_specific_FAQ#Does_XBMC_for_Linux_support_Blu-ray_or_HD_DVD_playback_with_or_without_menus.3F ben_ seems no04:32
james_how do you add a user to a system so that they have read write access to the smaba share but nothing else?04:33
ben_thank you again04:33
rich97ardchoille: If I simply do "mv dir ." then it complains the dir is the same as ./dir. The problem isn't with moving the files it's that the * wildcard ignores hidden files. I'm trying to do this: "mv dir/* ."04:33
kcowolfI've tried both Vino and x11vnc with an SSH tunnel; as soon as I try to connect to the port the connection gets closed.  I can SSH into my box with no problems.  Anyone have any ideas how I could track down the problem?04:33
arghh2d2Quirkly: you'll need to get wicd to run in your /etc/rc.whatever folder maybe...like i said, i'm not on ubuntu right now, i'm just giving you clues04:34
ardchoillerich97: are you trying to do something weird like move a dir within itself?04:34
think43Looks like you have install the compiz-config-manager, and then configure it04:34
arghh2d2Quirkly: runlevel three is multiuser command line04:34
googolwhat is the command to fix a ntfs filesystem04:34
ardchoillerich97: what is the path to "dir" and the path to "."?04:34
mrpink57think43: that's a pretty easy config a lot of it is preset for ubuntu anyways04:35
FauntixPlease help me. When I start up I get this: "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16  /dev/sda1: clean 148406/3596288 files, 848523/14374150 blocks" what does that mean and how do i fix it04:35
rich97ardchoille: No, I'm trying to move all of the contents of ./dir into .04:35
lacitaFauntix: it's a disk check utility.04:35
papshmearFauntix, nothing's wrong04:36
Fauntix@lacita: ok how do i fix it04:36
mrpink57its just a disk check my startup always does a fsck.jfs04:36
think43mrpink57, yeah true04:36
Fauntixbut mine freezes and doesnt move04:36
papshmearFauntix, unless it says disk error don't worry about it04:36
ardchoillerich97: mv ./dir/* .04:36
lacitaFauntix: I don't think you do... It may signal a potential corruption in youre hard drive...04:36
rich97ardchoille: Yeah, that's what I was doing. But it dosn't move .git or .gitignore04:37
rich97Only folders without the . prefix04:37
onetinsoldierrich97 and ardchoille: how about mv ./dir/*.* .04:38
maverickhow to write this kind of syntax correctly "sudo ( echo abc > /etc/resolve.conf ), show error around (04:38
Fauntix@lacita: So what do i do get it into m computer and have it boot correctly04:39
lacitaFauntix: You can boot, right?04:39
snaythWhat command would I run to tell how much ram my computer has?04:39
LuksPartitionsnayth: free -m04:40
imaalright, got a problem on ubuntu 9.10, everytime I log in I get a black screen for a little while and then I get back to the Login screen.04:40
mrpink57rich97: have you tried cp -r this will create the new dir if needed I do not know if it takes hidden files though04:40
rich97onetinsoldier:  Thanks, I've tried that too but I get "no such file or folder"04:40
maverickSnayth, free04:40
rich97mrpink57: I can give it a go04:40
lacitasnayth: sudo ck-RAM upmaass04:40
Fauntix@lacita: when I turn on the computer it tries to load and gives me a black promt screen with that written in it04:40
maverickhow to write this kind of syntax correctly "sudo ( echo abc > /etc/resolve.conf ), show error around (04:40
lacitaFauntix: reinstall GRUB.04:41
Fauntixfrom the 9.1 disk I burnt?04:41
maverickhow to write this kind of syntax correctly "sudo ( echo abc > /etc/resolve.conf ), show error around (04:41
LuksPartitionlacita: wtf is ck-ram upmaass thats not ok in this channel04:42
LuksPartitionyea its funny but not appropriate ;-P04:42
lacitaLukspartition: LULZ04:42
yobbomaverick, just remove the brackets is ok you shouldn't need them04:42
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:43
imaAlright, anyone had a similar problem to mine?04:43
snaythmaverick: Hey Thank you - That was easy enough - Not like going to the dentist at all......04:43
Fauntix@lucita: from the 9.1 disk I burnt?04:43
maverickyobbo, that way the output would not be written in /etc/resolve.conf04:44
maverickhow to write this kind of syntax correctly "sudo ( echo abc > /etc/resolve.conf ), show error around (04:45
Flannelmaverick: echo [stuff] | sudo tee /etc/resolve.conf (you'll be overwriting) use | sudo tee -a /etc/resolve.conf to append04:45
imaWhen I log in to my Ubuntu 9.10, I get a black screen for 2 seconds and then get back to my login screen, command line works fine though.04:45
IdleOneFlannel: pm?04:46
FlannelIdleOne: Always04:46
FlannelIdleOne: er, "anytime" might be less ambiguous04:47
Myke516Greetings im looking for some help with an ubuntu install. After I installed ubuntu, the computer freezes after i select my name at login... any idea?04:47
arghh2d2ima: try startx from command line04:47
meepmoopanyone know how to change the amount of times WICD tries to auto reconnect on connection loss I'd like to try and have a way for it to keep trying to connect till its successful04:48
mrpink57ima: sounds like you are getting a xorg error04:48
Baloo1i got a prolem wit my ubuntu the windows arent manageble04:48
lacitaanyone know how to format a Dell Utility partition on a drive with a gpt partition table type?04:48
imaarghh2d2, mrpink57, yeah I'm dual booting though, so I want to know approximately what to do before I go back.04:48
Myke516as soon as i select the name, there is a few lines of multicolored weird junk and thats it, i cant put in my password to go further, it just freezes04:48
arghh2d2ima: run startx from the command line so you can read the error messages04:49
jimisrvroxanybody in here good with wireless? I am needing some help with my rt250004:49
Myke516so any ideas that might help?04:49
IdleOne!coc > lacita04:49
ubottulacita, please see my private message04:49
imaarghh2d2, alright, I will be back in a bit.04:50
Baloo1do any one know wat the problem may be04:50
Quirklyjust took a reboot cause it got all confused about who was managing what wireless lol04:50
Quirklyps anyone know a good text mode irc client, that has colours and stuff......besides nirc?04:50
arghh2d2Quirkly: with wicd?04:51
jimisrvroxQuirkly: I might just be having a similar problem...04:51
Myke516i think it my graphic card not being set up right. Anyone here know how to boot into ubuntu in safe graphic mode?04:51
arghh2d2Quirkly: irssi ftw!04:51
rich97mrpink57: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-do-i-move-hidden-files-188367 It appears the only way is to tar and extract again.04:51
Quirklyarghh2d2 that's the one I might've been looking for04:51
nytek_Quirkly: irssi04:51
Quirklythanks :)04:51
Random832Quirkly; irssi, bitchx, epic4, xchat-text04:51
Quirklyalso arghh2d2 the wicd thing is what did the trick04:51
Random832is xchat-text even around anymore?04:51
nytek_Quirkly: irssi is definitely my favorite, cli irc04:51
arghh2d2irssi is bitchx all grown up04:52
Flannelmrpink57, rich97: cp -r .[^.]* should work04:52
Quirklyirssi will be, once I get my music going04:52
Quirklypriorities you know04:52
mrpink57rich97: it kind of makes sense since they're hidden but rather annoying04:52
jimisrvroxMy wireless problem: http://i.imgur.com/qNW1r.png04:52
Random832i've heard things about something called weechat04:52
mrpink57rich97: maybe try a symbolic link to the file to the other dir lol04:52
arghh2d2i'm all about cli apps04:52
Linux-CLII'm trying to install a .deb package, however it told me that I already had a package in use (because I pressed Ctrl+C on "sudo apt-get install patch"). So I gave up & just rebooted. Still getting the error when trying to install the .deb package, any ideas?04:52
Baloo1does anyone have a clue wat im talking about04:53
Quirklyand colours, yay04:54
arghh2d2jimisrvrox: damn, that looks rough04:55
Linux-CLII'm trying to install a .deb package, however it told me that I already had a package in use (because I pressed Ctrl+C on "sudo apt-get install patch"). So I gave up & just rebooted. Still getting the error when trying to install the .deb package, any ideas?04:55
jimisrvroxthis damn rt2500 has been a problem for me ever since 8.04!04:56
arghh2d2jimisrvrox: do you have the ethernet plugged in?04:56
collabragdebi package04:56
mrpink57jimisrvrox: do you live in an English speaking country?04:56
jimisrvroxyeah right now04:56
b0x_hi, would anyone be able to help me setting up the qtorrent webui?04:56
rich97mrpink57: I would but I'm trying to make an install readme, git clone clones the folders into a subdirectory with the name of the repository. I'm trying to come up with a single comment that will clone and then take all of the files out of the git created subdirectory and place them in the current directory.04:56
jimisrvroxwell to me that stuff is wingdings04:56
collabraLinux-CLI:  gdebi package04:56
IdleOne!pm | lacita04:56
ubottulacita: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:56
arghh2d2jimisrvrox: rt2500 is supposed to have builtin support but it used to be used with ndiswrapper and i'm sure you could still use that04:57
collabrait'll install any .deb package well04:57
jimisrvroxyeah supposed to but meh..not a big fan of ndis..04:57
Baloo1does any one here have experience with ubuntu on a ps304:57
jimisrvroxarghh2d2: mind if I pm?04:57
arghh2d2jimisrvrox: n/p04:57
IdleOnelacita: I told you in the other channel I am not interested in helping you. do not msg me again. thank you04:57
meepmoopBaloo: what you trying to do just stream media?04:57
ThatGuyOverThereDoes anybody know how to set up a network bridge?04:58
lacitaIdleOne: That's the spirit.04:58
imax starts up fine04:59
mrpink57rich97: I asked in the Gentoo IRC and they said all files under the mv command should move hidden also.  Do you lack permissions?04:59
NoTownKasperQuestion: Installed Vega Strike, it runs just fine if I execute the binary from within it's folder (So I assume the problem isn't with the program itself), but if I set up a gnome link, even directly to that same binary, it fails to load...any ideas on how to fix it?04:59
meepmoopBaloo1:what are you trying to do with your ps3?04:59
rich97mrpink57: Nope it's in my home directory. ~/Webroot to be precise04:59
lacitagvj: you're back.04:59
imamrpink57, arghh2d2, whichever one of you it was, x starts up fine.04:59
ThatGuyOverThereAnybody? Network bridge? Help?05:00
transonichey guys..can anyone suggest some lightweight browser05:00
ThatGuyOverTheretransonic: You mean you don't like Firefox? Heretic. :p05:00
QuirklyNoTownKasper: perhaps it only likes running from within it's own folder...possibly make a script to cd to that folder, and then run it?05:00
cfeddethere are none.  Chrome is pretty fast.05:00
Baloo1yeah maybe play some emus and type papers wen i need too im on an sdtv05:00
ThatGuyOverTheretransonic: There's Epiphany.05:00
mrpink57rich97: is the hold folder chmod 777?05:00
gvj@lacita ya i am back05:00
ThatGuyOverTheretransonic: Don't know much about it, though.05:00
lacitagvj: any luck05:00
NoTownKasperQuirkly: That would be a little out of my league without a walkthrough...know of one?05:00
catorceavowhy did my sound suddenly stop working!05:00
transonicThatguyoverthere: hmm..will try it05:01
meepmoopBaloo1:I don't really know more than how to just stream media movies/music if that's what you're looking to do I would suggest Ushare05:01
QuirklyNoTownKasper: a script would be a text file, .sh, with a couple commands, cd /path/to/file and then ./filename to run it05:01
Quirklydon't know any walkthroughs offhand, but the last step after saving that file, would be to chmod +x05:01
Quirklyto make it run05:01
abhijithow to add extra places menu in 'Places'?05:01
rich97mrpink57: No a couple of the files in .git folder only have read permissions but it should still be able to copy should it not?05:01
Baloo1wats ushare05:01
NoTownKasperHrm, worth a try, I'll give it a whirl.05:01
Quirklythen umm, yeah, just run it I guess......I'm just guessing not sure if that's the problem or not05:01
ThatGuyOverThereDoes anybody know how to set up a network bridge? Come on!05:02
Quirklyit's the first thing I'd try, given what you said about the situation, that's all05:02
rich97mrpink57: Also it is able to copy if I don't use your cp command. Otherwise it gives me a permission error.05:02
meepmoopBaloo1:it's software used to stream media from your pc to your ps305:02
mrpink57rich97: well I think you are going to need full permission to move unless you put a sudo ahead of it.  However that will give full permission to root once moved not the user.05:02
NoTownKasperQuirkly: just to make sure I have syntax correct, (1st line) cd ~/vegastrike-0.5.0/bin/   (2nd line) ./vegastrike-3205:04
FancycakesHey guys, I have some TOR questions.05:05
MTecknologyI have a wireless usb dongle right now - lsusb detects it but I have no idea how to use it as a wireless device; any ideas?05:05
Quirklyyeah NoTownKasper that should work, if you want, test it in a terminal window first05:05
QuirklyI find it easier to edit/change file modes via terminal anyways, but that's just me05:05
FancycakesI found a thread (rather dated) and followed its instructions to use TOR with privoxy and Firefox.05:05
vi2ninguem falar portugues?05:05
FancycakesBut how do I know when TOR is working?05:05
Baloo1ok cool my issue is tho that my windows cut off and i cant resize them so i can manage them im on JJ05:06
think43ok, ubuntu is really awesome05:06
NoTownKasperFancycakes: Find one of the dozen or so different "What is my IP" types of websites and check to see if your IP is being masked.05:06
think43They got the latest and configured up good05:06
imaarghh2d2, x runs05:06
arghh2d2transonic: midori, netsurf, surf05:07
mrpink57Fancycakes: I do not know what TOR is but I assume it is a process you can just type top in CLI and see all processes05:07
ThatGuyOverThereOkay, does anybody know anything about Firestarter? I'm trying to use it for internet connection sharing.05:07
kbrosnanFancycakes: http://check.torproject.org/ or https://check.torproject.org/05:07
arghh2d2ima: X runs from startx?05:07
mrpink57rich97: I just checked you need at least write permissions05:07
collabramrpink57: TOR encrypts your internet transmission05:07
Quirklyso, is learning emacs a worthy endeavour, or asking for a headache?05:08
Linux-CLII'm trying to install a .deb package, however it told me that I already had a package in use (because I pressed Ctrl+C on "sudo apt-get install patch"). So I gave up & just rebooted. Still getting the error when trying to install the .deb package, any ideas?05:09
MrObviousHello. I need help with my printer. Basically it has something stuck in it's memory I think and it's stuck trying to print a document but nothing else will come out. It works fine with my Vista laptop though.05:09
rich97mrpink57: hmmm, I might give up on this one then, they'll just have to move it with the file browser.05:09
mrpink57Quirkly: at being 83mb it's too big of an install for me :)05:09
MrObviousIt is a HP Deskjet 3940.05:09
NoTownKaspermrpink57: TOR is an Onion Router network, (Proxy chain) to try and browse anonymously, bypass IP blocks/country blocks and other situations where one would want to hide/mask/change their IP address. :P05:09
imaarghh2d2, I did create a symlink to libstdc++.so.6 called libstdc++.so.5, since 5 isn't in karmic. Don't know if that could have done it.05:09
Quirklylol mrpink57 fair enough, just gotta say, it used to overwhelm me, but after reading a tutorial, I can see the power it possesses05:10
mrpink57rich97: you could also chmod 755 which gives full rights to owner but only read execute to group05:10
arghh2d2ima: then your gdm might be messed up...try loggin in as another user with the graphical login screen or while your in gui right now, check gdm settings05:10
collabraLinux-CLI: have you tried the gdebi package?05:10
LuksPartitionwhat causes my hd buffered speed to drop low when testing via hdparm -tT then come back to around 66.7mb/s on reboot?05:10
catorceavohello? my sound just suddenly stopped working in linux. how could they let this happen?05:11
arghh2d2ima: i'm not sure either05:11
jokeheadcould anyone tell me where i can find linux boxes with 24/7 tech support and hardware damage coverage plans?05:11
imaarghh2d2, hmm my user should be the only one, except for root05:11
catorceavosome update must have done it. there is no more start-up sound or i cant play music or internet video sound05:11
mrpink57jokehead: a netbook with linux installed I suppose05:11
=== eaglewatch is now known as EagleWatch
arghh2d2ima: just check your graphical login settings utility then05:12
jokeheadmrpink57, I don't want a netbook05:12
arghh2d2ima: idontknow, maybe you recently made some changes05:12
mrpink57jokehead: you can find the adds online here and there for computers bought with ubuntu installed05:12
gvj@Mrobvious  right click the printer configuration---->printer-----printer queue----then cancel thats it. ur memory is cleaned. i hope ur in ubuntu OS.05:12
mrpink57jokehead: I assume you are looking for some type of server setup05:12
Baloo1meepmoop: do you know anything about that or no05:13
think43whats the name of the gnome terminal if you want to run it from the terminal05:13
jokeheadmrpink57, no just looking for a laptop05:13
ardchoillethink43: gnome-terminal05:13
jokeheador desktop05:13
MTecknologyvery much like linkedin w/ more features05:13
arashif i want to include a specific validation in all my models (identical), what is the easiest way to do it?05:13
MTecknologyI have a wireless usb dongle right now - lsusb detects it but I have no idea how to use it as a wireless device; any ideas?05:13
mrpink57jokehead: I have seen them for desktop but I think you can buy a Dell with Linux05:13
think43ardchoille, thanks05:14
MrObviousgvj: Yeah I am.05:14
MrObviousgvj: I have a desktop and a laptop and the lappy is Vista and this is Ubuntu.05:14
jokeheadmrpink57, where have you seen the desktop?05:14
ardchoillejokehead: have you tried system76 or zareason?05:14
gvjso do wat i told man.05:14
imaarghh2d2, maybe I don't quite know what xstart is supposed to do, I didn't get gnome up, I only got my cursor and a black background. I assumed that was supposed to happen.05:14
MrObviousgvj: I am.05:14
gvju need to clear the printer Q05:14
arghh2d2ima: ahhhh05:15
meepmoopanyone here have any opinions on ubuntu studio I'm thinking about making a switch on another comp that I use strictly for recording05:15
rich97mrpink57: I might just remove them all together now I think about it, if they want to keep the git files they can use the file browser to move them, if they just want to install it (plugin for CakePHP) then they don't need the .git files.05:15
mrpink57jokehead: a site I frequent know as www.overclock.net has them in their add banners.  but I did confirm Dell does Ubuntu setups05:15
jokeheadardchoille, thanks no I havent, have any more names to give me?05:15
ardchoillejokehead:  http://system76.com/  or  http://www.zareason.com/shop/home.php05:15
arghh2d2ima: you're in console and you typed startx and gnome didnt come up...you were supposed to take note of any error messages05:15
ardchoillejokehead:  they both specialize in Linux desktops and laptops05:15
imaarghh2d2, I wasn't able to see any error messages because it was in fullscreen mode, how do I get back to my command line? I haven't used linux for ages.05:16
catorceavoFIX MY SOUND05:16
kheeratouchpad is being recognized as a mouse and i want to change some of the touchpad features, ubuntu 9.10, asus laptop. how do I force it to load the synaptic touchpad drivers instead of the ps/2 mouse driver?05:16
arghh2d2ima: you're in a gui now? yes no?05:17
mrpink57kheera: you need to configure your xorg to use the driver05:17
imaarghh2d2, dual boot,  could get out my laptop whilst doing this though05:17
jimisrvroxhaving wireless problems would appreciate some help: http://i.imgur.com/qNW1r.png05:18
jokeheadthanks folks05:18
arghh2d2ima: i'm confused...the troublesome ubuntu...boots up to a black screen with a command prompt ima@ubuntu$ ?05:18
kheeramrpink57: thanks... xorg.conf says nothing about the mouse. am I in the right place even?05:18
arghh2d2for example?05:19
gvjanyone going for RHCE exam....?05:19
mrpink57kheera: you need to create the area.  as far as that goes you would have to wiki it that's your best bet.  I have HAL configure all of my peripherials plus I do not use Ubuntu05:19
lacitaanyone know how to format a Dell Utility partition on a drive with a gpt partition table type?05:19
catorceavowhy would the mute state be saved in between restarts? dumb ubuntu05:19
kheerathanks mrpink5705:19
imaarghh2d2, I am able to get to the graphical Login screen, but whenever I put in my password I get a black screen for a few seconds then get returned to the login screen, logging in through the command prompt works fine though.05:20
kheeramrpink57: something like this probably? http://array.org/ubuntu/elantech.html05:20
Izinucslacita: you want to get rid of the partition?05:20
eduhatis there any way i could install ubuntu 9.10 without all the extra packages? i like how everything looks and runs, just dont want all the extra stuff.05:21
arghh2d2ima: Ok, so logging in through the command prompt..then your still left at a black screen with white letters?05:21
uoryglEllo. I'm trying to set up Ubuntu to act as a router. I've created a wireless network, but computers that connect to it aren't receiving IP addresses. Under the network's IPv4 settings, I have the Method set to "Shared to other computers"; is this what I want?05:21
imaarghh2d2, yes05:21
Izinucseduhat: search for ubuntu minimal .. after install add what you want05:21
arghh2d2ima: and then you type startx and what happens?05:21
ShwackWill CUPS ever print as well as Windows?05:21
lacitaIzinucs: No, I already have it partitioned, I just need to format it to "Dell Utility" without messing up the gpt partition table.05:21
eduhatIzinucs: thanks. will it still look as beautiful as the livecd/install version?05:21
IzinucsShwack: depends on your printer05:21
Izinucslacita: you should be able to use gparted05:22
mrpink57kheera: similar Elantech is a different type of mouse just make sure you setup the correct one.05:22
Izinucseduhat: I don't know .. never used it.05:22
imaarghh2d2, it initializes and I get a fullscreen x session with only my cursor.05:22
ShwackIzinucs: Thanks.  Brother MFC-7820N followed full Brother installation instructions.     dpkg -l | grep Brother returns all the correct drivers - printing is still slow as watching paint dry in water.05:22
mrpink57kheera: since I do not know can you configure HAL in Ubuntu?05:22
Izinucseduhat: or install server then add whatever desktop manager you want05:22
lacitaIzinucs: No "Dell Utility" support in gparted. fdisk can do it, but it doesn't support gpt.05:22
IzinucsShwack: you might have done something wrong or not finished yet.. my brother mfc-7440n works fine.. with the exception of fax.. I haven't been able to get that to work yet05:23
arghh2d2ima: ok, run ls -a ~/ and look for .xinitrc05:23
kheeramrpink57: i don't know anything about hal.  i believe my laptop has the elanatech touchpad../.05:24
mrpink57arghh2d2: .xinitrc is in root05:24
ShwackIzinucs:  I dunno...  I have installed every deb package twice05:24
MTecknologymrpink57: you should only mess with ~/.xinitrc ...05:24
MTecknologymrpink57: you also should never have to mess with hal05:25
imaarghh2d2, alright, let me get my laptop out so I can do it and be on here at the same time.05:25
arghh2d2mrpink57: i need to get a virtualbox ubuntu going...its crazy... .xinitrc should be in the users home director, its like ubuntu tries to keep users away from the command line05:25
snydermahler_I'm new to Ubuntu05:25
gvjwhich is the best free virtual machine management software for using in ubuntu.   vmware, virtualbox, Qemu05:26
mrpink57arghh2d2: im a jerk no its not its in /etc/skel/.xinitrc05:26
IzinucsShwack: check this link and look for Scunizi's post.. there's an attachment.. I wrote it.. :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136229405:26
imaarghh2d2, alright, give me a few secs.05:26
mrpink57arghh2d2: unless you manually copied it over it should be in that dir05:27
MTecknologyarghh2d2: it's not there by default because it's not needed by default - if you need it you can easily create it05:27
arghh2d2MTecknology: i know05:27
MTecknologyarghh2d2: what's the issue then?05:27
arghh2d2MTecknology: no issue05:27
eduhatso what does everyone here use ubuntu for?05:28
arghh2d2`they use it for free05:29
Izinucseduhat: DOH! everything05:29
mrpink57the family computer, I use Arch on my personal05:29
=== Rabbitbu1ny is now known as Rabbitbunny
eduhatmrpink57: yea i have arch on my laptop. I use it for everything, i just want to try something new.05:29
mrpink57eduhat: then try Slackware05:29
eduhatmrpink57: i need something with package management :)05:30
=== root_ is now known as Guest7327
mrpink57I'd probably go to FreeBSD next if I moved from Arch05:30
eduhatmrpink57: i had freebsd a while ago. i didnt use it for too long so i don't really remember too much of it05:31
mrpink57I think lfs is far too much work, I would rather just make my own distro at that point.  At least that can go on a resume05:33
setuidAnyone know how to stop the console/keyboard from visibly showing the ^C when I issue it? http://code.gnu-designs.com/setuid/ctrl-c-flub.png05:33
arghh2d2i might try lfs, not with any hopes to build a usable system but to learn05:34
Izinucsarghh2d2: you get vbox working?05:36
imaarghh2d2, alright.05:37
arghh2d2Izinucs: i works on my archbox.05:37
xfactI have one .rpm file, can you tell me how to convert it to .deb package and install via alien? (I have alien installed)05:37
Izinucsarghh2d2: but not on ubuntu?05:37
mrpink57i dont want you to explain the whole thing again but what is it not doing, this is the biggest damn irc channel I have seen so it scrolls a lot.05:38
arghh2d2Izinucs: i'm gonna run an ubuntu guest05:38
arghh2d2just so i know what people in here are dealing with05:38
Izinucsarghh2d2: are you having issues with installing it?05:38
arghh2d2Izinucs: no, why?05:38
Izinucsarghh2d2: I was reading previous posts .. just looked that way.. but sounds like I was mistaken :)05:39
xfactI have one .rpm file, can anybody explain how to convert it to .deb package and install via alien? (I have alien installed)05:39
imaarghh2d2, I didn't find .xinitrc05:39
arghh2d2ima: run: echo exec gnome >> ~/.xinitrc05:40
arghh2d2then run startx05:40
Izinucsxfact: alien is used to convert the .rpm to a .deb *then* you install.. but it's not really recommended. some packages just don't convert correctly.. what's the package/program?05:40
ripis this the ubuntu help room05:40
Izinucs!ask | rip05:40
ubotturip: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:40
imaarghh2d2, done it05:41
arghh2d2ima: what happened?05:41
ripok thanks I am a noob05:41
xfactIzinucs: package is ogle (a DVD player) actually, thats not the main issue, I also want to learn how to convert....05:41
imaarghh2d2, not much05:41
arghh2d2ima: are you back at a command prompt???05:41
Izinucsxfact: "alien <package name>" if I remember correctly05:42
Izinucsxfact: or "man alien" for options05:42
imaarghh2d2, I'm on the command prompt, nothing really happened when I type that in05:42
arghh2d2not much can be alot05:42
arghh2d2ima: startx?05:42
arghh2d2hit enter too05:42
MTec007i have a laptop with no ethernet ports. where do i get the windows drivers package from http? fresh install karmic05:42
imaarghh2d2, you want me to do startx now?05:42
MTec007(for wifi)***05:42
xfactIzinucs: thank you, but many people including you says it's not recommended, so is it harmful for system?05:42
ripis there a simple package I can download to get my ubuntu to run as a proxy server? I have 2 network cards installed now.05:43
imaarghh2d2, alright, it failed now05:43
Izinucsxfact: could be05:43
arghh2d2the other command invisibly created a .xinitrc file with one line "exec gnome"05:43
xfactIzinucs: thank you :)05:43
arghh2d2ima: now you got error messages?05:43
mrpink57arghh2d2: doesnt he need to put /bin/sh at the top05:43
imaarghh2d2, yes, "exec: 1: gnome: not found"05:43
arghh2d2mrpink57: ughhh05:43
arghh2d2not sure05:44
imaarghh2d2, also got a few warnings05:44
mrpink57arghh2d2: the easier way to to just copy the default one05:44
mrpink57arghh2d2: then edit it05:44
arghh2d2ima: cp /etc/skel/.xinitrc ~/05:44
=== EagleWatch is now known as eaglewatch
imaarghh2d2, /etc/skel/.xinitrc doesn't seem to exist05:45
mrpink57maybe is whereis .xinitrc might show where the default one is05:45
arghh2d2ima: ughhh05:45
macosxtigerwhats the channel for lucid again?05:46
Izinucsmacosxtiger: ubuntu+105:46
rwwmacosxtiger: #ubuntu+105:46
arghh2d2ima: looks like mrpink57 is gonna adopt your issue05:46
macosxtigeryeaaaa booyiie05:46
imamrpink57, only gives me a line that says: .xinitrc:05:46
imamrpink57, doesn't seem to have found anything05:46
mrpink57ima: try locate .xinitrc05:47
MTec007i have a laptop with no ethernet ports. where do i get the windows wireless drivers package from http? i have a fresh install of karmic05:47
macosxtigerwhat is the command to register my nick on this server?05:47
imamrpink57, doesn't give me anything05:47
Izinucsmrpink57: ima you might need to sudo updatedb before using locate05:47
jimisrvroxhaving wireless problems would appreciate some help: http://i.imgur.com/qNW1r.png05:48
MTec007macosxtiger /msg nickserv help register05:48
imamrpink57, /root/.xinitrc05:48
mrpink57ima: ok that tells me that you are in the root dir not your user05:48
arghh2d2ima: try this then echo !#/bin/bash > ~/.xinitrc && echo exec gnome >> ~/.xinitrc && startx05:49
ripDoes any one have a link to setting up a proxy server with 2 network cards?05:50
mrpink57arghh2d2: the big issue might be that he is in root, the file should be in your user home as far as I can remember05:50
arghh2d2ima: i forgot what we were even trying to do...oh yeah, get an error message when X fails05:50
arghh2d2mrpink57: /root/.xinitrc works the same way05:50
arghh2d2is he logged in as root?05:50
timboyI installed ubuntu and used one of my drives as my home directory. When I installed it I chose to encrypt it. I have just put it in a portable drive enclosure and when I take it to a new ubuntu box and plug it in it opens but it appears as if nothing is on it. how can I access the data on it?05:51
jasonmchristosis there any way to remove the evolution data server without removing gnome?05:51
jasonmchristosi dont use evolution so i do not need it05:51
imaarghh2d2, that left me with a blank screen05:52
MTec007where can i download ndiswrapper for karmic?05:52
arghh2d2ima: a blank screen with an x cursor that you can move?05:52
Izinucsjasonmchristos: you might be able to do that from the rescue kernel.. choose it from the boot menu05:52
timboyhow do I mount an encrypted volume so I can see the contents?05:52
imaarghh2d2, a blank screen with no cursor05:52
arghh2d2ima: and nothing happens when you click the dsktop?05:52
victor`does anyone's monitor sometims randomly blink?  it seems like an DPMI sleep state cycle on my 24" LCD.  every few months, my machine will just start doing this until i reboot.05:53
Izinucsima: is this a gforce motherboard?05:53
arghh2d2ima: ctr-alt-F105:53
jasonmchristosill try thanks05:53
imaIzinucs, asus rampage II or whatever it's called05:54
imaarghh2d2, alright, I've got a couple of warnings05:54
Izinucsima did you install with the alternate cd?05:54
=== eaglewatch is now known as EagleWatch
imaIzinucs, yes05:54
macosxtigeri have 24 invites to join google wave would anyone like an invite?05:54
rwwubottu: ot | macosxtiger05:54
ubottumacosxtiger: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:54
Izinucsima: you might suffer from the same problem I have on my system.. on my system it's a conflict with the PCIe bus.. the solution for me was to put pci=nomsi in the kernel boot line in grub05:55
imaIzinucs, this has been working fine previously05:55
Izinucsima: did you use the alternate because the live wouldn't boot?05:56
=== nn is now known as Guest54368
Alviraubuntu support non-unicode fonts ?05:56
imaIzinucs, the live one booted but I couldn't select anything from the menu (enter did nothing)05:56
ripI have the main internet line setup on one nic card as a static ip and I want my other nic card to assign a total diffrent static ip. How can this be done?05:56
arghh2d2ima: think of any major changes you made before it stopped working?05:56
Izinucsima: I'll let arghh2d2 continue then..05:56
setuidSo no ideas about my ^C problem?05:57
arghh2d2Izinucs: i'm not ubuntu wizard05:57
imaarghh2d2, the symlink and running a few programs in wine are the only things I can think of right now that I haven't done previously05:57
arghh2d2i'm just trying to be helpful05:57
arghh2d2what was the symlink again?05:57
Izinucsima: have you tried updating the system fully from the rescue kernel? sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:58
imaIzinucs, let my try that05:58
jimisrvroxhaving wireless problems would appreciate some help: http://i.imgur.com/qNW1r.png05:58
Izinucsima: after that "sudo service gdm start"05:59
trisquelHow can I make rhythmbox start playing a music CD automatically when i insert the CD?05:59
ripwhat Synaptic package would be for setting up proxy server?05:59
imaIzinucs, ah crap, I'm booted without networking05:59
Izinucsima: maybe sudo ifup eth0 ?06:00
imaarghh2d2, it was libstdc++.so.5, I linked libstdc++.so.6 to that06:00
saganbytewhat is a good torrent app for ubuntu?06:01
imaIzinucs, alright, but I would have to unplug this one.06:01
arghh2d2ima: tried undoing that?06:01
imaarghh2d2, nope06:01
Izinucssaganbyte: it's built in .. transmission06:01
collabrasaganbyte: it already has one,... transmission06:01
mrb427how can i pass a parameter to an mfile?06:02
mrb427 ex) octave mymfile.m parameter106:02
infidelanyone here use a tssp multiplexer?06:02
Izinucsrip: sure.. what'd I do?06:02
imaarghh2d2, huh, both files seem to be missing06:02
dirtynerdWhen i insert a CD Ubuntu freezes and my Google fu has failed me. Any help?06:02
=== ezfox1 is now known as ezfox
arghh2d2ima: that might be your bitch then06:03
ripPROXY server to download you said sudo ifup eth006:03
imaarghh2d2, most likely.06:03
Izinucsrip: I did say that to ima.. work for you too?06:03
dirtynerdWhen i insert a CD Ubuntu freezes. Any help?06:04
imaarghh2d2, how the hell do I recover it?06:04
ripI google it. It said somthing about proxy server06:04
Izinucsrip: an unusual link.. ifup eth0 is how you bring your network card alive.. typically06:05
imaarghh2d2, ahh no wait, it's there, it just didn't come up with tab completion06:05
ripI have 2 nics installed and i need a program to make my ubuntu a proxy server06:05
rahdukeok so OPENVPN is a nightmare and overkill for what im trying to do, can anyone tell me of an easy way to share my media folders outside my network?06:05
Izinucsrip: you want it to "share" the internet?06:05
arghh2d2ima: not sure, libfoofiles are kinda outta my league, seems to have had something to do with your runlevels06:05
arghh2d2ima: ahhh06:05
arghh2d2ima: fix it!06:06
Izinucsrip: as in .. all other machines on the LAN go through the ubuntu box?06:06
ripyes but with my own isp. so that my internet provider will not know that I am surfing.06:06
=== EagleWatch is now known as eaglewatch
imaarghh2d2, I removed it06:06
arghh2d2get a router06:06
rahdukeanyone have any ideas?06:07
arghh2d2ima: not sure you should have removed em06:07
ripi have one.06:07
Izinucsrip: well.. that's a couple of things.. first is internet connection sharing .. and the other is a service like TOR ..06:07
ripbut the isp gives me the address06:07
imaarghh2d2, I had made them myself, I only removed the links06:07
mvsnhello. im wonderin if someone could help me.. i ran through so many tutorials and it just wont work for me, i tried looking through the iptables, but for some reason I cannot get an ftp server to run on ubuntu.. :(06:07
arghh2d2maybe just renaming them06:07
ripI want to give my computers the addree06:07
Jack_StoneHi I'm new to linux, I'm using ubuntu 9.10kk, and I have a WoW related question. I dave Warcraft previously instaled in windows (in a shared partition, FAT32 I believe or so), is there a way to make it work through wine or do I have to do a fresh install? (it's 15Gb and I don't want to do it again)06:08
arghh2d2ima: okay, let er rip! get er done!06:08
Izinucsrip: you mean the isp gives you 1 address and you want to share that with the other machines in the house?06:08
arghh2d2boot that puppy!06:08
imaarghh2d2, yeah, I'm gonna see what happens06:08
ripyes. but not like a routor. but a proxy server06:08
Izinucs!proxy | rip06:08
ubotturip: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR and web (Java, etc) gateways due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks06:08
hyperstream!wine | Jack_Stone06:08
ubottuJack_Stone: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:08
ripmy own set of gateway and dns06:08
imaarghh2d2, blahh, still does it06:09
Izinucsrip: google TOR.. that's basically an encrypted tunneling service06:09
Izinucs!ics | rip06:09
ubotturip: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:09
arghh2d2ima: you completely rebooted?06:09
imaarghh2d2, yes06:10
ripthank you I will google it06:10
hyperstreamJack_Stone, try asking in #winehq ...06:10
rahdukecan i use SSH to share samba folders outside my network over the web to someone elsE?06:10
Jack_Stonehyperstream: oic, thx06:10
imaarghh2d2, I'm going to try running the commands Izinucs told me to, updating and upgrading. brb06:10
leingot a problem i can't figure out i've been searching the forum and online for a week and have RTFMed : when i Kdm starts it disables keyboard and mouse/synaptics. anyone got any idea what could be causing this??06:10
arghh2d2ima: good idea06:11
rahdukeso its not possible?06:11
xixo1983can someone will tell06:11
xixo1983how to uninstall zend studio in ubuntu 9.0406:12
arghh2d2lein: google xorg hotplugging06:12
leinarghh2d2: k i'll give it a try06:12
ripmy isp keeps blocking me from watching online movies. and I cant use a online proxy address because it slows my bandwidth down. So I heard of linux and I am going to give it a try. Thanks for being helpful06:12
Izinucsrip: good luck06:13
xixo1983hi arghh2d206:13
xixo1983could you please help me out06:13
gdbrip: You somehow believe that changing operating systems will impact what applications your ISP blocks you from using over the Internet?06:14
snydermahler_I'm enjoying this ubuntu stuff, but man, its so over my head!\06:15
xixo1983please help me06:15
saganbyteIzinucs, collabra... thanks :)06:15
hyperstream!help | xixo198306:15
ubottuxixo1983: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:15
Izinucssnydermahler_: it's all part of the learning curve :) welcome06:15
collabrasaganbyte: ur welcome06:15
DaveTHello, can someone help me with a problem with ath5k drivers and an aspire one? The card randomly works, sometimes it autodetects networks other times it looks like it's dormant. I check my user permissions and apparently I don't have access to modify the networkmanager. Is that the problem?06:16
ripno I heard that you can hook up the cable line into a linux box and then change the address on the other nic to give a computer access to the internet using ip sub default and dns. That is not from the isp but from your linux box06:16
rahdukecan anyone tell me of an easy way to share my samba media folders outside my network?  I'm begining to think its not possible06:16
imaarghh2d2, didn't work06:16
mvsnis there an easy way to completely remove all FTP related apps/settings?06:17
gdbrip: I don't understand what you're trying to say.  Your Internet traffic still has to pass through your ISP, and your ISP is the one blocking you from certain applications.  What impact will changing your operating system have on what they're choosing to filter?06:17
Izinucsrip: even with a different DNS you're isp will still know what you're doing unless you use an encrypted tunnel to an outside proxy.. then you *might* have a chance of disguising what you're streaming06:17
ripI got it to work by putting a proxy server on my browser. but is slowed the bandwidth down.06:17
xixo1983help me some ......how to uninstall zend studio06:17
xixo1983i use the apt-get remove zend06:18
xixo1983but it didn't work06:18
Izinucsxixo1983: did you use apt-get to install it?06:18
=== plmm is now known as prettyplmm
ripI want my linux box to be that proxy I used in china.   just with full bandwidth06:18
hyperstreamxixo1983, sudo apt-get remove zend06:18
hyperstreamrip, doesnt work like that lol06:19
riplol crap06:19
xixo1983i use the zend.bin file06:19
gdbrip: That won't work.  It worked before because the proxy you were using is on the other side of your ISP.  If you put a proxy server on your local machine, it's on YOUR side of your ISP and your traffic will remain blocked.06:19
imaIzinucs,  bah, it upgraded an few packages, but I still can't log in through the graphical login06:19
hiexpobusy night06:19
xixo1983during installation06:19
Izinucsima: you might also try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and let the system replace what might be missing..06:19
xixo1983it is also not showing add/remove06:19
gdbxixo1983: Then it's not under package management and you will have to remove it by hand.06:19
hyperstreamrip, its slow because its a crap proxy, you browser works like this Browser>ISP>Proxy>Site then returns the info in that order.06:20
imaIzinucs, alright, and if that fails, what is the command to make it replace it completely?06:20
Izinucsxixo1983: that's because it was a .bin file that wasn't in the repositories.. so apt-get doesn't track it..06:20
ripi see06:20
prettyplmmwhat's the difference between "route" and "ip route"06:20
Izinucsima: replace what the graphical environment?06:20
xixo1983sudo apt-get --purge remove Zend06:20
xixo1983[sudo] password for mahiti:06:20
xixo1983Reading package lists... Done06:20
xixo1983Building dependency tree06:20
xixo1983Reading state information... Done06:20
xixo1983E: Couldn't find package Zend06:20
FloodBot1xixo1983: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
hyperstream!paste | xixo198306:20
ubottuxixo1983: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:20
imaIzinucs, ubuntu-desktop06:20
prettyplmmwhat's the difference between "route" and "ip route"06:20
ripso is tunnaling slow the bandwidth down06:21
tyler_dgetting an error in mounting a samba share(win vista) --- my fstab line is //marla/SHARED /media/marla-pc cifs rw,mode=0777,credentials=/home/cthompson/.chris 0 006:21
tyler_dmarla is routed within /etc/hosts06:21
Izinucsima: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop .. will install the entire desktop and apps06:21
hyperstreamrip, the proxy has slow internet06:21
riplol not cool06:21
prettyplmmwhat's the difference between "route" and "ip route"06:21
gdbxixo1983: We understand that.  Your software (in this case Zend Studio) is not being managed by the system.  You can't use the system's package management to remove it.  You will have to figure out where it is installed and remove it by hand (ie; with rm -rf).06:21
imaIzinucs, yes, but often it says  the package is already installed, so to reinstall a package I uninstall then reinstall?06:21
ripso I cant hide fromo my isp06:22
gdbima: You can reinstall software without first removing it.06:22
gdbima: aptitude reinstall <package_name>06:22
Izinucsima: no.. ubuntu-desktop will pull what it needs.. give it a shot and see.06:22
gdbxixo1983: Then removing it is simple.  $ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/Zend06:22
imagdb, thank you06:22
imaIzinucs, yeah I'll try it, be back in a bit06:22
gdbima: Sure thing.  I'm not sure if apt-get has reinstall as an option, but aptitude certainly does.06:22
icerootxixo1983: if i am correct you can disable zend in php.ini06:23
Izinucsima: you can also apt-get reinstall ubuntu-desktop06:23
prettyplmmwhat's the difference between "route" and "ip route"06:23
gdbprettyplmm: In what context?06:23
tyler_done has an "ip " in front prettyplmm06:23
ripit that was true than how do hackers hide from there isp? Use a slow proxy address06:23
icerootprettyplmm: man route   man ip06:23
hyperstreamrip,  works kinda like this Application>ISP> there is where the isp blocks the PORT its using, how ever you can use a proxy to generally bypass website filter(80) by connection to the proxy(its not black listed) then use the proxy to get the content and send it back through the chain06:23
hyperstreamrip, they dont06:24
hyperstreamrip they have to connect to it to use it lol06:24
xixo1983 if i am correct you can disable zend in php.ini ?06:24
icerootxixo1983: yes06:24
prettyplmmexplain more please?06:24
xixo1983then what will happend06:24
icerootxixo1983: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini06:24
xixo1983i will disable06:25
icerootxixo1983: its not being used then06:25
gdbprettyplmm: You've not given enough information to give you a complete answer.  For most intents and purposes, "route" and "ip route" mean the same thing.  Like "car" and "automobile".  What context are you referring to?06:25
xixo1983whether i should use rm -rf /usr/local/Zend06:25
prettyplmmgdb: are they all using the kernel to process? i'm new to routing06:26
hyperstreamxixo1983, and remove it from PHP, or your apache server might not start.06:26
hyperstreamPHP = apache/php06:26
=== eaglewatch is now known as EagleWatch
prettyplmmdo they have the same performence?06:26
riplol I keep changing proxy address but the movies are so slow.lol But then after a day are to I get the blocked message from my isp. :(  incognito06:26
icerootxixo1983: dont use rm -rf for testing, use "mv" to rename it06:27
gdbprettyplmm: So far, all I can tell is that you're asking the difference between two things that aren't different so I can't answer your question.  Routing is handled by the kernel, yes.06:27
prettyplmmgdb: thank you for your help06:27
hoxhaHackers Hit US Congressional Web Sites; Insult President Obama06:28
ripand there isp dont get them?06:29
hoxhaThe cyber attack occurred just hours after Mr. Obama finished delivering his State of the Union address in Washington06:29
imaIzinucs, ahh, it reinstalled evolution mail... wtf!06:29
imaIzinucs, it's working now, thank you so much!06:29
hoxhaAccording to messages left by hackers on some sites, a group calling itself the "Red Eye Crew" claimed responsibility for the infiltration, which left messages saying, in part, "F--- Obama."06:29
Izinucsima: great! .. evolution is well integrated in the system.. perhaps just leave it and not use it. :)06:29
Izinucshoxha: stop.. old news and wrong channel.. take it to #ubuntu-offtopic06:30
ripthats my wife red eye06:30
FloodBot1rip: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:30
imaIzinucs, yeah, I suppose :)06:30
hoxhais it on here06:30
ikoniahoxha: stop now06:30
Izinucsima: glad you're backup.. tried kubuntu yet?.. no evo..06:30
ikoniahoxha: it's not the topic of this channel06:30
imaIzinucs, I have, it's not bad, but I just like a few things gnome has over kde06:31
Izinucsima: like?06:31
ripnight guys thanks for the wakeup call on ISP06:31
hoxhai guse u guys dont care bye bye06:31
jguzikowskihey guys, i have xubuntu installed but know theres a way of installing ubuntu with an apt-get or something, anyone know what that is?06:32
ikoniajguzikowski: ubuntu-desktop is the package06:32
imaIzinucs, just the various interface things06:32
Izinucsjguzikowski: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.. then on the username screen on boot change "sessions"06:32
jguzikowskithanks guys06:32
jguzikowskithink ill have a noticable dropoff in speed with a netbook switching from xfce to gnome?06:33
Izinucsima: ah.. I've been on gnome for 5 years and didn't like kde 3.5.. but the latest 4.3 is "pretty" and polished..06:33
Izinucsjguzikowski: only one way to find out.06:33
orange_hi ,i am newer06:33
jguzikowski:P fair enough06:33
Izinucsthat would make me an older06:33
imaIzinucs, pretty isn't really a thing I worry about, functionality and stability is more like it.06:34
imaIzinucs, has been a few years ago since I tried kubuntu though, haven't seen 4.306:34
=== nn_ is now known as Guest76211
Izinucsima: understandable.. I've been running it for a couple of weeks on the 64 bit version.. no issues at all so far.. I still have my gnome install waiting for me. :)06:35
gdbKDE hasn't been usable since beta 7.06:35
jguzikowskiI'm switching to gnome just because the support is so much better than xfce06:35
jguzikowskior at least testing it out06:35
Izinucsima: acutally the laptop I'm on right now is gnome 8.0406:36
jasmin_1helloo can someone help me06:36
Izinucsima: gotta sleep.. see ya06:36
imaIzinucs, are they planning on replacing the normal gnome with gnome shell or something though? Someone said something about that, I didn't like what I saw.06:36
imaIzinucs, alright, good night and thank you for your help.06:36
jguzikowskijasmin_1, why don't you ask your question :)06:36
=== EagleWatch is now known as eaglewatch
Izinucsima: kinda the same pains kde went through.06:36
imaIzinucs, ahh, I see06:37
jguzikowskihave a good night Izinucs06:37
jasmin_1 installed the update and stopped when the wizard come..... I must resetart and then threw me this error   http://pastebin.com/m381ece8506:39
jasmin_1sory about my bad english06:40
enavHello you guys06:40
enavsome 1 here know about AMD cpus?06:40
cycrosismi do06:40
enavi got a question06:41
enavcan u help me pleas?06:41
GSF1200Sive recently setup firefox to store cache data in a temporary filesystem in ram. I can see that firefox is storing to /tmp, but how can I verify that its using ram instead of disk?06:41
cycrosismi can try06:41
enavthat motherboard says that support AM2, AM2+  cpus   What is that06:41
cycrosismamd dual core06:42
enavthe same Mainboard can hanndle both cpu types?06:42
macoenav: certain models of AMD CPUs are AM2 or AM2+ sockets06:42
jguzikowskiwhat other desktop environments are there, gnome, xfce, kde?06:43
kinja-sheepjguzikowski: LXDE.06:43
enavi mean  can i use my AM2 Atlhon in that motherboard?06:43
kinja-sheepjguzikowski: Openbox, Blackbox.06:43
jguzikowskioh right, blackbox and openbox06:43
macojguzikowski: for full DEs, yeah LXDE, but other than that... there are standalone window managers like Fluxbox, Openbox, etc. Enlightenment, Xmonad, twm, dwm...06:43
jguzikowskiwhats puppy linux use?06:44
macokinja-sheep: i wouldnt call those DEs.  they dont have associated sets of applications. theyre just window managers06:44
macojguzikowski: Enlightenment 17 seems it will be a full DE when its done, while 16 and older were just window managers06:44
jguzikowskiohh really? i loved e16 now that im thinking about it06:44
Brokenhello all06:45
macojguzikowski: yeah when i tried e17 in 2007, they had a file manager and a music player and a few other things they were working on06:45
jguzikowskimaco,  thats awesome..any idea when that'll be available?06:45
=== user is now known as Guest10326
macojguzikowski: e17 has been in development for 7 years right now i think. i think its also still considered alpha (because its not feature complete... those apps arent done. not because of stability...its rock solid)06:46
jguzikowskiwow..alphas available i assume? i may wanna try this out06:47
macojguzikowski: yep yep. i built it from source on debian etch in 2007, but i imagine there are debs now. there were debs in sid at the time...06:47
Yggdrasilhello, can somone tell me why my atheros card wont load in 9.10 ? i see it there under lspci ?06:47
minikeHi everyone I would like to request assistance from your webpage országotokba we find the views and give more to others as well as likely that I will be banned from getting a link in röktön http://gollszexcom.atw.hu/06:47
macojguzikowski: https://launchpad.net/e17-repository06:48
soreauYggdrasil: Does 'lsmod|grep ath' show anything from your terminal?06:48
Yggdrasilsoreau, i think i see why know06:49
Yggdrasilbut no it doesnt06:49
jguzikowskimaco, thanks what i love about enlightnement is how freakin beautiful it looks right off the bat too06:49
CaliganCan anyone recommend a good place to start for figuring out how to get an Ubuntu box set up to send mail?  I've got one configured that seemed to echo the proper responses, but the webpage I have hosted on it isn't sending anything out, and the nail command I used in an attempt to test it didn't succeed.  I'm so far unfamiliar with mail servers that I'm at the floundering point.06:49
macojguzikowski: oh bah apparently that repository's not around anymore... hrmph... maybe someone made a ppa06:49
soreauYggdrasil: Which card do you have as reported by lspci?06:49
Yggdrasilsoreau: ithought this was just an atheros card but it looks like its a ar5001x , and im about to go check if thats supported06:49
jguzikowskimaco, i gotta head out now, need to reboot then probably sleep..damn classes early in the morning06:49
macojguzikowski: https://launchpad.net/~e17-packaging/+archive/ppa has for 9.04...06:49
Yggdrasilexec -o killall firefox06:50
soreauYggdrasil: Try 'sudo modprobe ath5k' to load the kernel module (driver) for it06:50
hiexpohey whats the address of the pastebin serverfor here06:50
Yggdrasilsoreau: tha looks pretty better06:50
jguzikowskithanks for the help, nice talkin with you, maco06:50
soreauYggdrasil: If there is no output, that is a good sign so check 'iwconfig' for a wlan0 interface06:50
minikeHi everyone I would like to request assistance from your webpage országotokba we find the views and give more to others as well as likely that I will be banned from getting a link in röktön http://gollszexcom.atw.hu/06:50
macojguzikowski: np06:50
Yggdrasilsoreau: im connecting right now06:51
soreauYggdrasil: Cool06:51
Yggdrasilthanks, is that blacklisted ?06:51
soreauYggdrasil: I have no idea why it isn't loading by default. It's probably blacklisted by a conflicting module, like madwifi (ath_pci) or ndiswrapper stuff (yech)06:52
aporetichey guys, i have what's probably a dumb question here -- is it possible to get an ubuntu install minus all the silly gnome/kde cruft? basically i just want the newer packages etc.06:52
maco!minimal | aporetic06:53
ubottuaporetic: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:53
pwnedulongtimeaporetic, xubuntu ...gnome and kde is silly?06:53
macoaporetic: just dont choose a -desktop task when doing the install06:53
macopwnedulongtime: i think the idea is a command line only system06:53
aporeticpwnedulongtime: haha, i want to use awesome as my wm but debian's version is well over a year old06:53
aporeticmaco: and thank you very much for that, i'll give it a shot06:53
AlexandraHi, is here someone who uses a Philips webcam in karmic?06:55
hiexposetting up web board to use for pastebin and in the text box it asks for source code ?06:55
AlexandraI've the trouble that the pwc module isn't usable06:56
Yggdrasi1hey im back06:56
Yggdrasi1soreau: that works great thanks.06:56
Yggdrasi1is that blacklisted .. module ?06:56
AlexandraIs there anyone who is able to modprobe the pwc module in karmic?06:56
mtx_initis it available?06:57
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, videodev               36736  2 pwc,uvcvideo06:57
soreauYggdrasil: (in case you didn't get this message) I have no idea why it isn't loading by default. It's probably blacklisted by a conflicting module, like madwifi (ath_pci) or ndiswrapper stuff (yech)06:57
Alexandrapwnedulongtime: damn it, and you're using karmic?06:57
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, yes06:58
Alexandrapwnedulongtime: Did you do any special about it06:58
Yggdrasi1soreau: yea thanks i'll start by just making a .sh until i can get abtter handle on it. tired here late.06:58
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, lsmod | grep pwc06:58
AlexandraYep, I did that already, but nothing appears06:58
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, what happens when you do sudo modprobe pwc ?06:59
AlexandraFATAL: Module pwc not found.06:59
Alexandrauname -r06:59
jasmin_1how to delit ubuntu then again instal ubuntu......i cant fix my problem06:59
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, you may need to install backport modules06:59
AlexandraAh, ok07:00
indusjasmin_1, you need to format the partition07:00
indusjasmin_1, cannot just 'delete' it07:00
jasmin_1but grub??? i have and windows07:00
Alexandrapwnedulongtime: thanks, I never did that. I'll give it a try. Thnaks!07:00
indusjasmin_1, how did you install ubuntu?07:00
becker_11is there a way to add a twitter user to my feed in identica??07:00
indusjasmin_1, why do you want to delete it?07:00
jasmin_1i know how to instal and delite pattrition07:00
jasmin_1i have this error http://pastebin.com/m381ece8507:00
almoxarifeI want to know which apps are opening the tcp/udp ports I see open, someone tell me the command for that request?07:01
jasmin_1i must restart when i was updating sistem07:01
jpalmeralmoxarife: netstat07:01
jasmin_1my system was freez07:01
jasmin_1my comp is broken 4 days07:02
indusjasmin_1,did you install from wubi?i mean from inside windows?07:02
indusjasmin_1, manual partitioning?07:02
indusjasmin_1, did the install finish properly?07:02
jasmin_1no automatic...07:02
Yggdrasi1dam the editing network settings is buggy as all hell.07:02
jasmin_1i m install that and everithing07:02
jasmin_1was ok07:02
jasmin_1but i dont instal update correctly07:02
indusjasmin_1, how many hard disks do you have07:03
indusjasmin_1, what update?07:03
jasmin_1form internet update ubuntu.....automatic update07:03
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, actually, you probably just need to plug the camera in while booting07:03
jasmin_1i download all.....but in one moment the some wizard com07:04
jasmin_1and my PC are freez07:04
jasmin_1about 1 h07:04
Alexandrapwnedulongtime: Did that already, no success07:04
indusjasmin_1, yes wait 2 min07:04
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, weird07:04
indusjasmin_1, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devmapper/+bug/35865407:04
indusjasmin_1, tell me which version of ubuntu is this07:04
mehhehHi i need reinstall just the bootloader to my hdd from ubuntu live cd mode. i cant get into my computer atm07:04
Alexandrapwnedulongtime: Should I find the webcam on /dev/video0?07:05
mtx_initmehheh: checkout the grubdisk, maybe it can help.  also what version of ubuntu?07:05
indusjasmin_1, can you go into recovery mode and update07:05
jasmin_1i dont know how to make that07:06
jasmin_1do that07:06
mehhehmtx_init: what is grub disk ??????   ubuntu 9.1007:06
indusjasmin_1,ok now what do you see in front?07:06
pwnedulongtimeAlexandra, yeah...mine is07:06
indusjasmin_1, you have login?07:06
petsoundsmehheh, check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD07:06
jasmin_1i have options on grub loader07:06
indusjasmin_1, so it wont boot ?07:07
mtx_initmehheh: if your grub is blown, your best bet is to do Grub Recovery via the Live CD07:07
jasmin_1two firist was ubuntu whitch dont want to start07:07
indusjasmin_1, now you in windows?07:07
jasmin_1just show me that error07:07
indushow you type here07:07
jasmin_1then come two other ubuntu07:07
gigasoftis there any viruses for ubuntu?07:07
mehhehthanks petsounds07:07
induswhich ubuntu version does not boot07:07
mkquistmkquist !pastebin07:07
mehhehmtx_init: how07:07
jasmin_1that was before update i think07:07
mtx_initgigasoft: none as of now, but that doesnt mean their cant be07:07
gigasoftdo i need an antivirus protection?07:08
mtx_initmehheh: look at petsounds last comment, he gave a link07:08
mtx_initgigasoft: nope07:08
mtx_initgigasoft: just be a smart user and you should be fine07:08
indusgigasoft, just download avast linux so you dont infect other windows machines07:08
indusgigasoft, trust me, i have infected 100 machines because i didnt know i had a windows virus07:08
gigasoftok, thanks :)07:08
mehhehmtx_init: thanks already on that07:08
MTec007ndiswrapper -l says ssb is alternate driver but its blacklisted. says bcmwl5 is the driver and hardware is present. ubuntu network mgr says no network devices available. blacklisted ssb bcm43xx b43legacy. am i missing something, something i forgot to do?07:09
kinja-sheepindus: No. Infect them! Infect them all you can! It is not your fault for their Windows silliness. :)07:09
jaysernmaybe a dumb question, by why does my python script fail to continue executing after I logout from SSH even with I push it into background with & ?07:10
mtx_initThere is absolutely nothing stopping Linux from being infected with a virus.  Its a common misconception.07:10
induskinja-sheep, no i wont :)07:10
mtx_initjaysern: because the python script is a fork of your shell07:10
indusjasmin_1, hello07:11
MTec007jaysern not sure but some times using nohup yourcommandhere & will let it continue to run07:11
indusjasmin_1, you try follow that bug report, should help you07:11
jaysernso my SSH session forks .. another shell that runs my python script?07:11
kinja-sheepjaysern: Consider using screen. :)07:11
jasmin_1thnx i will try sori about my bad english07:12
GSF1200Sis there ANY way to tell if /tmp is actually a temporary filesystem in RAM, or is that what /tmp is anyway? I cant hdparm because /tmp is a directory, so how do I find out?07:12
jaysernhmm.. but using screen, that's a work-around ;) avoiding the problem07:12
jaysernsurely people have written background scripts in .py before07:12
haffeI am not that familiar with it, but don't you need to run it with bg ?07:13
mtx_initjaysern: when you ssh into another computer, it is a fork of the sshd daemon, which execs a shell in your name.  When you log out abruptly your child process is left as a zombie and picked up by the ancestor of your parent, which then exit's you or kills your process.07:13
ociugii can't print my document! the system keep asking me for the username and password.07:13
=== zz_magenbrot is now known as magenbrot
MTec007jaysern: Try using:: nohup yourcommandhere &07:14
mtx_initociugi: is it a network printer?07:14
ociugi<mtx_init> yes07:14
ociugii think i configure it correctly07:15
c_nickhow to get the development headers for wine07:15
jaysernMTec007: hmm, never used nohup before - alright i will try it07:15
RowanDoes anyone have experience installing on a netbook from a flash drive, when the netbook doesn't seem to natively have BIOS support for boot from flash drive?07:15
MTec007ill post a link if you'd like;)07:15
RowanUNetbootin keeps giving me an error and throwing me into terminal mode.07:15
RowanAnd I don't know how to install from there.07:15
ociugibut when i print somthing the authentication windows pop up07:15
mtx_initociugi: im sorry im not familiar with network printing.07:16
MTec007Rowan: you should see an option to print as a guest?07:16
c_nickwine development headers for Karmic Kaola07:17
=== Guest68302 is now known as magenbrot
MTec007ociugi: you should see an option to print as a guest?07:17
MTec007Rowan: sorry07:18
RowanWas gonna say, that's not my question.07:18
RowanI'm trying to install Ubuntu on my brand new Acer Aspire One.07:18
MTec007Rowan yeah, my screen scrolled as i was reading, threw me off a bit :)07:19
RowanAnd I can't manage it because I can't seem to get boot from flash drive working.07:19
RowanDon't suppose you're able to help with that too, eh?07:19
mtx_initif your computer cannot boot from a usb flash drive, then it does not have the internal instructions to bootstrap to that device.  You will likely have to use a 3rd item like a cd boot loader or a hard drive and chain it to the usb drive07:20
MTec007Rowan hit F12 when your BIOS screen pops up?07:20
bill_Do different distros have different kernels, or do they all use the same one?07:21
jj3124When I try to install a gnome theme it tells me I don't have the right permissions to install the theme..anyone can explain why?07:21
MTec007Rowan should be able to select USB as a boot device from there07:21
RowanOnce I get the bios screen up, then what?07:21
=== Neeblor is now known as Zeeblor
RowanIt doesn't give me an option to boot from a specific one after exiting bios.07:22
indusRowan, go into special boot options07:22
indusRowan, check the bios post screen it will show07:22
RowanSpecial boot options doesn't seem to exist on this computer.07:22
RowanBios post screen?07:22
indusRowan, the first bios screen which you see07:23
XeddyHey all, what's the *proper* syntax for removing a hidden folder, given that I'm in parent folder?07:23
jj3124Insufficient permissions to install the theme in: /home/james/.themes anyone know why this ocmes up everytime I try to install a gnome theme?07:23
indusRowan, or ,,,, enter bios and check under hard disks removable07:23
mehhehpetsounds: mtx_init hi how do i edit grub info for my system. here is my info and teh grub file.           i am kind of lot on one point in the tutoral you gave  root@ubuntu:/# nano /etc/default/grub       do i need to crreate another bootloader someware else how i cant work it out07:23
RowanI have UNetbootin writing a new ISO to flash drive, waiting for that to finish.07:23
indusRowan, if you dont see these, then your bios doesnt support the boot from bios option07:23
jaysernMTec007: hmm .. looks like it's working :)07:24
RowanThe thing is that running unetbootin before has thrown me into a terminal and I don't know what to do from there.07:24
MTec007jaysern good to hear, dont loose that lol07:24
Rowan(ash, it says.)07:24
jj3124can anyone help me?07:24
pokesomiI was hoping someone could help me with something.07:24
MTec007Rowan did you have the usb stick in when you rebooted your computer and hit F12?07:24
jaysernit appears to write a file called nohup.out on my ~07:24
mehhehpetsounds: mtx_init hi how do i edit grub info for my system. here is my info and teh grub file.  http://pastebin.com/d1ad45007         i am kind of lot on one point in the tutoral you gave   here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover    do i need to crreate another bootloader someware else how i cant work it out07:24
Xeddyjj3124: Check the permissions of /home/james/,themes07:24
indusRowan,how did you boot with unetbootin if bios doesnt boot from usb07:25
indusRowan, that means it has07:25
pokesomii have an hp mini 311-1025NR and I am not sure which broadcom wireless i have.07:25
kelvinellahow to register in freenode?07:25
mkquist_Rowan: acc to google it does indeed... boot from usb, maybe your install usb is funked?07:25
MTec007jaysern yeah it will do that but its a log07:25
jaysernmy .py happens to write a lot of stdout, which gets saved in nohup.out07:25
Xeddyjj3124: You can check that by typing ls -l .themes a terminal in your home folder07:25
kelvinellai cant join any channel except #ubuntu07:25
jaysernwill it keep growing and growing?07:25
mtx_initkelvinella: ask in #freenode, they know best07:25
MTec007jaysern im not exactly sure07:25
jaysernok, that's cool. I'll man nohup07:26
jj3124Xeddy,  ok i did that, not sure what im lookin at though07:26
mtx_initmehheh: im not really sure, sorry07:26
Xeddykelvinella: /ns register YOURPASSWORD YOUREMAIL07:26
Xeddyjj3124: Okay, just type this command chmod +rw .themes07:26
bastyGood Day07:26
mkquistkelvinella: then - /msg nickserv identify (password) - after you set it up with freenode...07:26
jj3124'Operation not permitted07:27
Xeddyjj3124: Do it as root then... sudo chmod +rw .themes07:27
petsoundsmehheh, the last time i reinstall grub i don't change anything.07:27
jj3124okay nothing popped up07:27
bastyI just installed an ubuntu 9.10 on a Dell PowerEdge R410 - Installation done without any problems. After the reboot, it seems that grub cant find the root dir. So it is not booting - i dont even see the boot screen. It just ends with the recovery shell. Does anyone know, how to solve that Problem ?07:27
Xeddyjj3124: it didn't ask you for the password?07:28
jj3124Xeddy, no just gave me a new line of terminal07:28
mehhehpetsounds:  so what do i do i save teh file as is adn then what07:28
Xeddyjj3124: is it a prompt like > or is it just a blank line?07:28
mehhehpetsounds: just the tutoral is confusing me. i dont get it07:28
Xeddyjj3124: cause if its just a blank line then you'll need to type your password there07:28
Xeddyjj3124: Okay then type:  su07:29
jj3124authentication failure o_O07:29
jj3124after i typed in my password07:29
XeddyWrong password?07:29
MTec007ndiswrapper -l says ssb is alternate driver but its blacklisted. says bcmwl5 is the driver and hardware is present. ubuntu network mgr says no network devices available. blacklisted ssb bcm43xx b43legacy. am i missing something, something i forgot to do?07:29
RowanSorry got called away07:29
RowanI did have the USB stick in.07:29
hyperstreamjj3124, its the wrong password.07:29
RowanMaybe it was messed up, hopefully the new one will work better?07:30
jj3124not wrong password..i just installed ubuntu over my xubuntu and just logged out to change session, think that has an effect on it?07:30
hyperstream!password | jj312407:30
ubottujj3124: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords07:30
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)07:30
RowanI remember it being a whole hell of a lot easier to install Ubuntu when I was installing it on my desktop tower when I was little.07:30
RowanLittle meaning 13.07:31
hyperstreamRowan, its even easier now :)07:31
petsoundsmehheh, ok ill try to help. pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l07:31
IdleOneRowan: how old are you now?07:31
jj3124im gonna try a reboot07:31
jj3124very odd07:31
Rowan20 :P07:32
Rowanhyperstream: I'm not having any luck now though.07:32
sjanssenon my old system I used nvidia's proprietary drivers, but now I'm using the same hard drive in a new system with Intel graphics.  What's the command I can run to un-do the nvidia configuration?07:32
hyperstreamRowan, whats the issue?07:32
RowanNetbook is being a PITA with trying to install.07:32
Rowanhyperstream: The first ISO I used with UNetbootin threw me into a terminal mode (ash) and I couldn't get anywhere from there.07:32
Xeddyjj3124: Just FYI it's not such a good idea to install one OS on top of the other or like reinstall the OS.. it's always a better option to just backup your personal data and format/delete the partitions.07:32
hyperstreamRowan, whats wrong with the normal live cd ?07:33
RowanUm, I haven't got a CD drive that's what.07:33
MTec007hyperstream: netbook07:33
hyperstreamRowan, man a usb installer?07:33
Josh90Hey all07:33
Rowanhyperstream: Um, I don't know that much about this stuff, honestly.07:33
MTec007hyperstream: hes having issues booting from usb07:33
hyperstream!hello | Josh9007:33
ubottuJosh90: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:33
tomatoes7what is lifere?07:34
RowanI'm trying to install Ubuntu because Win7Starter is crippleware and nearly useless, and I don't want to give it my money to make it not useless.07:34
tomatoes7something like that07:34
mehhehpetsounds: i have finished teh tutoral it seemed to work i now am going to try booting my hdd07:34
mehhehpetsounds: thanks for help07:34
RowanI can't seem to get it to boot into the installer from USB.  No matter what  ido.07:34
RowanI do rather.07:34
petsoundsmehheh, awesome :)07:34
hyperstream!usb | Rowan07:35
ubottuRowan: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:35
hyperstreamRowan, ahh07:35
RowanNew ISO is only at 76% right now downloading, so I have a bit of time before I get to try again, but with that happening, I've been getting frustrated.07:35
hyperstreamRowan, no bios support?07:35
Josh90lot's of work07:35
Rowanthere must be /some/ bios support.  unetbootin /ran/.07:35
hyperstreamRowan, does your bios support booting from a USB device?07:35
Rowanhyperstream: if those had helped, I wouldn't be here.07:35
RowanI'm not /sure/.07:35
MTec007Rowan: the only thing i can come up with is this, and i know its not helping you much: "Reboot your Aspire One with the USB stick in one of its USB sockets. When you see the BIOS screen, hit F12 to select the USB stick as the boot device. This will cause the Aspire One to boot the Debian installer from the USB stick."07:35
hyperstreamRowan, hard to mind read if your've seen those sites, sorry.07:36
RowanMTec007: That general principle should help, I think.07:36
jj3124Xeddy, got that su working now07:36
* Rowan is not totally incompetent when it comes to computers, but prefers to follow directions that work, not ones that don't.07:36
MTec007as long as you have a good burn07:36
hyperstreamRowan, what kinda of netbook exactly07:36
jj3124Xeddy, where were we :)07:36
Xeddyjj3124: Great, now enter: chomd +rw .themes07:36
=== aperson is now known as APERSON
RowanAcer Aspire one, n450 processor, 1gb ram, 160gb hd.07:36
Xeddyjj3124: ofc, make sure you're in the /home/james folder first...07:37
MTec007Rowan: i got that from this website: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianAcerOne#Install07:37
RowanBrand new, just got it today.07:37
Josh90I am having trouble getting root asscess07:37
jj3124Xeddy, k, did that07:37
Xeddy!password | Josh9007:38
ubottuJosh90: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords07:38
Xeddyjj3124: That should do the trick, now try installing the theme07:38
jj3124Xeddy, sigh..still saying the same insufficient permissions07:38
RowanI'm waiting for the ISO to download and burn now.  And then I'm going to go grab my macbook so that I can stay on IRC while I do this.07:39
Rowanalso, would removing the wireless adapter for my mouse have any effect?07:39
hyperstreamRowan, does it have some kind of model number?07:39
jj3124Xeddy, if I browse over to where .themes is theres a big lock on it07:39
Josh90No trying to put something in the file system and it says i do not have permission. Even tho i have the administrator07:39
MTec007Rowan couldnt hurt to remove it07:39
hyperstream!sudo | Josh9007:39
ubottuJosh90: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)07:39
Xeddyjj3124: it still probably has the old permissions from your previous install... I'd recommend googling for how to reset folder permissions or something like that07:40
jj3124Xeddy, okay, t hanks for all your help07:40
Xeddyjj3124: Np, good luck with the googling :)07:40
Rowanhyperstream, I'm not actually sure.07:40
Josh90hyperstream. Thanks.07:40
Josh90Still learning07:40
Rowanthe model number is letters and numbers that don't stick well in my head.07:40
hyperstreamRowan, on the bottom i think (on a sticker perhaps)07:40
jj3124Think I might just do a compeltely fresh intstall of ubuntu on the hard drive07:41
RowanRight, k.  (I'm on my netbook right now, which isn't making any of this easier, mind you.)07:41
hyperstreamRowan, have you seen this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne110L <-- im guessing you have07:41
jaysernthanks again for the nohup tip!07:41
MTec007jaysern NP07:41
indusXeddy, any idea how i can increase sudo timeout07:41
mrb427 hmm im having a problem calling an octave function from a unix shell script07:42
mrb427 could anyone please look at the line in here that calls octave and see if you have any advice to offer? http://codepad.org/BfHZ1ibT07:42
mrb427 its under the comment "generate stats from octave"07:42
Rowanhyperstream: I have, though I'm trying to install a newer version than that.07:43
Xeddyindus: sudo nano /etc/sudoers07:43
Xeddyindus: Use your arrow keys and look for   passwd_timeout    and just change the value :)07:44
mtx_initowwwwwwwwwww, since when do you touch the sudoers file.07:44
RowanIt's a little too late for me to install it tonight since I've been having trouble with it, I think.07:44
mtx_initvisudo people07:44
indusXeddy, thanks, does it accept 'infinity' ?:))07:44
indusmtx_init, Xeddy yes i believe sudo wont work, visudo also seems not to work in ubuntu07:45
Xeddyindus: I'm not sure... btw, I think it's better you use visudo07:45
mtx_initsudoers can become corrupt if you dont use visudo07:45
mtx_initit works fine on 9.10 for me07:45
Rowanalright, I've removed the mouse thingy.07:46
mtx_inityou just need to call it with sudo07:46
indus!info visudo07:46
ubottuPackage visudo does not exist in karmic07:46
gdbvisudo is part of sudo07:46
c_nick!info wineheaders07:46
ubottuPackage wineheaders does not exist in karmic07:46
mtx_initit should be standard in /usr/sbin/07:47
induswhat should the xorg file say for the ati open drivers, ?ati or radeon07:47
mrb427 hmm im having a problem calling an octave function from a unix shell script07:49
mrb427 could anyone please look at the line in here that calls octave and see if you have any advice to offer? http://codepad.org/BfHZ1ibT07:49
mrb427 its under the comment "generate stats from octave"07:49
grace__cant open firefox. why?07:49
riverajdoes anyone have a solution to limit skype bandwidth using ubuntu server via iptables, tc or any?07:49
mtx_initis it already running  ps -aux | grep firefox07:49
Josh90sudo visudo07:49
induscan anyone tell me what the xorg driver name for free ATI driver should say07:50
mtx_init"get a Nvida Card"07:50
haffeindus: radeon-hd ?07:50
indushaffe, no its either ati or radeon07:52
indusi tried radeon but monitor goes to sleep07:52
RowanUNetbootin is still just downloading files.  If it doesn't work this time, I'm just going to give up and wait for another day, I think.07:52
GeekpiratHey guys. I made a litte update script via bin/bash. It keeps me asking "do you want to install this and that [y/n]". How can I disable that to get rid of the user interaktion07:54
ardchoilleGeekpirat: pastebinning the script might help07:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:56
Rowanalright, reboot and install time.07:56
Geekpiratthank you07:56
Geekpiratwill try that07:56
ardchoilleGeekpirat: But, if your script is calling some apt-get function, you may not want to disable that as it might be the system keeping your packages managed properly07:58
Geekpiratardchoille: I only used some apt-get install, update and upgrade functions07:59
Geekpiratardchoille: I wonder how this could be bad...as I will answer them with "yes" anyways...08:00
ardchoillegeekbuntu: right, and I'll bet the user interaction is apt-getdoing its job08:00
ardchoilleGeekpirat: why not use a bash alias instead of a script?08:01
mrb427can anyone help me fix this line of script? for k in $(ls *.cropped.png); do octave -q --eval 'gen_pers_stats("$k")'; done08:01
ardchoilleGeekpirat: this is what I use:    alias updateall='aptud && aptug && echo "Update complete"'08:02
Geekpiratardchoille: Because I used different stuff in the script. Downloading Opera from the website via wget and in the future it should configure the DNS entries (uning opendns) and stuff like that08:02
ardchoilleGeekpirat: Ah, nice08:02
MyrttiGeekpirat: the most disasterous scripts seen on this channel have "assumed yes"08:03
ardchoilleGeekpirat: it's not good to allow a script to assume yes, better to watch things08:03
Akosgood morning08:03
ardchoilleThat's why I use a bash alias and not a script08:03
Geekpiratardchoille: I understand it is a bit dangerous. But I will try the script first in a VM many times before using it.08:04
ardchoillemrb427: why not:  for k in *.cropped.png;   ?08:05
Geekpiratardchoille: Even if the script makes damages its not THAT problematic. because its a script only run once after a clean reinstall of ubuntu.08:05
ardchoillegeekbuntu: That'sthe same thing I heard from the developer of Automatix08:06
Geekpiratardchoille: It should only do the stuff I will do anyway on my laptop autonaticly08:06
ardchoilleGeekpirat: Ok, it's your system08:06
ardchoillemrb427: you don't need the "ls" bit because the loop will loop through each file ending in .cropped.png anyway08:07
Geekpiratardchoille: In fact, I ruin my system nearly once a month ^^ so, why not ruin it twice...08:07
mrb427ardchoille: yeah, but then i still have the problem that k is in double quotes at the end of the line, so it puts in the char k and not the variable k08:08
ardchoillemrb427: use $k to specify the variable k08:08
ardchoille"k" will yield a "k"08:08
ardchoillemrb427: example:  for k in *.cropped.png; do echo $k; done08:09
mrb427ardchoille: i still seem to have the same problem : /08:09
mrb427ardchoille: yeah but the problem is that the $k is in double quotes in my script08:11
mrb427ardchoille: http://codepad.org/pom53JRM08:11
tomatoes7i ran "make" on ffmpeg and its been spitting out text for 15 minutes...what the muck08:12
ticohello, I install mac osx on my pc i am running ubuntu karmic how to change grub2 to be able to boot macOSx partition?08:12
tomatoes7it must be stuck in an infinite loop08:12
ardchoillemrb427: example:  for k in *.cropped.png; do echo "$k"; done08:12
tomatoes7can you run osx on a pc?08:13
ardchoillemrb427: your problem is this: $(ls *.cropped.png)08:13
ticotomatoes7 yes08:13
ardchoillemrb427: use for k in *.cropped.png;   instead08:13
mrb427ardchoille: yeah i tried changing it to for k in *.cropped.png and i still get the same error08:13
ticoi can explain how to08:13
tomatoes7cool...now i don't have to buy a mac08:13
ttyXtomatoes7: yes you can08:13
ticoi am getting crazy with grub208:14
ardchoilletomatoes7: that is illegal and so not allowed here as conmversation08:14
daemonvshello, installing ubuntu it asks me if i want to set up LVM should i08:14
tomatoes7what...installing ffmpeg?08:14
ardchoille[00:13] <tomatoes7> can you run osx on a pc?08:14
tomatoes7tell tico08:15
ardchoillemrb427: I'm telling you the for k in *.cropped.png is not the problem in your code, the problem lies elsewhere08:15
tomatoes7i'm not trying to put osx on a pc08:15
ardchoillemrb427: are you sure this bit works?  octave -q --eval 'gen_pers_stats("$k")'08:15
daemonvsshould i set up LVM during the installation of ubuntu?08:16
nsgnhowdy. i need to trigger a script from evolution's filter rules. the "run program" filter action being set to a script with execute permissions does nothing. what gives?08:16
mrb427ardchoille: it works when i run it just in the command line, with a string in stead of $k08:16
ardchoillemrb427: That means nothing, many times a command line code will not successfully execute in a script08:16
Kins98Who loves me?08:17
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Kins98Mummy makes me very very horny08:17
daemonvsshould i set up LVM during the installation of ubuntu?08:17
ardchoille!away > SpyderSphere|AFK08:17
ubottuSpyderSphere|AFK, please see my private message08:17
MyrttiKins98: stop it?08:17
Kins98Im a homo08:18
ardchoillethank you Myrtti08:18
mtx_initthats the easiest way08:20
mrb427ardchoille: solved the problem! used  "gen_per_stats(\"$k\")" instead of 'gen_pers_stats("$k")'08:21
dirtynerdWhole system freezes when i try to read a CD can anyone help08:21
homeAnybody in here know anything about fglrx and the X1900 radeon card08:21
ardchoillemrb427: Yay! Nice job :)08:21
ziroday!anyone > home08:22
ubottuhome, please see my private message08:22
dirtynerdWhole system freezes when i try to read a CD can anyone help08:22
ardchoillemrb427: Do you realize what those back slashes mean?08:22
homeI'm using a fresh install of 8.04 on AMD64.  I just installed fglrx and after a few minutes of being on, my screen shuts off.  How do I fix this?08:23
mrb427ardchoille: lol no08:23
mrb427ardchoille: just that its the char " ?08:24
ardchoillemrb427: The "\" are escaping the double quotes, which means the double quotes were causing problems on their own08:24
ardchoillemrb427: same thing with:  ls /path/folder\ with\ spaces\ in08:25
zirodayhome: What's the output of lspci | grep VGA ?08:25
mrb427ardchoille: yeah thats what i figured, those damn double quotes08:25
mrb427ardchoille: ohhh i see08:25
ardchoillethe "\" are escaping the spaces08:25
dirtynerdWhole system freezes when i try to read a CD can anyone help08:25
mrb427ardchoille: well thanks for your help08:25
ardchoillemrb427: Glad you got it sorted08:25
ardchoilledirtynerd: Any CD? or just that one?08:26
dirtynerdany cd08:26
homeziroday, it shows my card08:27
zirodayhome: yes, well can you paste the output here please08:27
dirtynerdacutly just dvds08:27
dirtynerdcd are fine08:27
homeziroday, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc R580 [Radeon X1900 XT] (Primary)08:28
zirodayhome: right, and can you pastebin the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log please08:29
timClicksis there any way to be able to determine which ip addresses I need to give to a VM's /etc/network/interfaces?08:29
||arifaXwhats the + in RUN+ in an udev rule?08:29
timClicksthe static ip address settings in network manager don't have broadcast etc08:29
homeziroday, im at a virtual console on my linux computer so it doesn't crash, and using xchat with windows..what are you looking for?08:30
Pirate_Hunteris there a way to stop xchat from loading all my favourite channels on startup without removing them from favourites? If not does irssi have such an option?08:30
zirodayhome: you can do sudo apt-get install pastebinit and then pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log it will return a url of the pastebin file08:30
zirodayPirate_Hunter: #xchat :)08:31
SlartPirate_Hunter: isn't there an "autoconnect" option for them? tried rightclicking on them?08:31
homeziroday, geez, this file is huge.  how do I get out of the virtual console?08:31
zirodayhome: eh?\08:31
homeziroday, dang, alright. nevermind08:31
homeziroday, one minute.08:31
zirodayhome: sure08:31
homeziroday, that's a pretty sweet script08:32
zirodayhome: :), got a url for me?08:32
homeziroday, http://pastebin.com/f38d29b3308:32
Pirate_HunterSlart, I see what you mean I thought that was only to connect to the server and not to the actual channels will experiment with it08:33
zirodayhome: thanks :)08:33
homeziroday, no, thank you haha08:33
Pirate_Hunterziroday, thanx for pointing that out freenode is a maze of channels08:33
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zirodayPirate_Hunter: :)08:33
dirtynerdWhole system freezes when i try to read a DVD(not cds) can anyone help08:33
SlartPirate_Hunter: you might want to try right clicking on the channel name in other places as well.. I think I recall there being some setting somewhere08:34
homedirtynerd, have you checked to see if your cd drive itself is corrupted?08:36
zirodayhome: hmm do you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?08:36
Pirate_HunterSlart, will check, dont mind all the channels loading but it is an inconvenience when I dont need them08:36
royrusselldirtynerd app? sort of dvd?08:36
zirodayhome: and if so could you be so kind as to pastebin it :)08:36
homeziroday, yes, should I no....When I opened it my monitor shut off again.08:36
homeziroday, hold on, gotta reboot08:36
dirtynerddvd is vertium08:37
dirtynerdand skc08:37
dirtynerdtried many08:37
dirtynerddvd drive is fine08:37
FloodBot1dirtynerd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:37
=== linucks is now known as linucks[afk]
zirodayhome: you can just do cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it should show you if there is anything there08:37
SpinachHeadIs there an advantage to downloading eclipse from the website versus using the Ubuntu package in the repos?08:37
asdffI have an invisible process on Karmic, the ID number is constantly increasing. Is this normal?08:37
homeziroday, no, i had it open in nano when my monitor was still on08:37
ziroday!latest > SpinachHead08:37
ubottuSpinachHead, please see my private message08:37
zirodayhome: oh right08:37
asdffI have an invisible process on Karmic, the ID number is constantly increasing. Is this normal?08:38
nowonmaiasdff: how are you monitoring this?08:38
homeziroday, http://pastebin.com/f467a263908:38
zirodayhome: okay, try change the line Driver "fglrx" to Driver "ati" for now08:39
nowonmaiasdff: and it has no name?08:39
GobLoCkim a new in ubuntu08:39
asdffnowonmai: Indeed. it is also using 'N/A' memory08:39
asdffnowonmai: sometimes it dissapears and comes back, also killing it just restarts the ID number08:40
nowonmaiasdff: that *is* odd. Its PID changes or remains the same?08:40
asdffnowonmai: ? It is constantly changing. It gradually increases its number.08:40
Slartasdff: add some columns to the system monitor.. see what other information you can find about it08:40
asdffkk brb08:41
homeziroday, okay.08:41
nowonmaiasdff: add the 'command line' column to the process view08:42
asdffnowonmai: it's very hard to view one thing with all the columns, it constantly moves processes up and down :S08:42
homeziroday, doesn't that just change it back to the open source driver?08:42
nowonmaiasdff: it's probably sorted by activity... change the sorting to name or something else that's static08:43
asdffoh lol k i r noob08:43
zirodayhome: yeah08:43
asdffuser: root, process name: , Sleeping, VM: N/A, RM: N/A, WM: N/A, SM: N/A XSM: 0 bytes, %cpu 0, CPU time 0:00.0008:44
sixfortyI've forgotten apt-get command. sudo apt-get install thepackage. Could use a reminder08:44
KartagisI never get to see facebook videos in full length. any solutions?08:44
royrussellKartagis your not missing much08:44
homeKartagis, view them from youtube?08:44
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homeziroday, now when i log into the desktop all I get is a white screen08:45
zirodayhome: hmph.08:45
zirodayhome: pastebin your new /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:45
tomatoes7anyone here use Liferay?08:45
nowonmaiasdff: no PID there08:45
Kartagishome, not every facebook video is on youtube. royrussell I just want to know if there's a solution08:45
asdffnowonmai: it is a bit futile stating it, as it constantly changes08:45
nowonmaitomatoes7: yes... or I work on a system that does08:46
asdffnowonmai: 27319, 27414, 2751308:46
Slartasdff: no "command line" ?08:46
asdffSlart: nah just a blank field08:46
homeKartagis, it's probably a browser issue.08:46
nowonmaiasdff: are you sure its the PID you are watching and not some spawned processes?08:46
asdffIt says ID08:46
Kartagishome, indeed, but how can I solve it?08:47
asdffnowonmai: also sometimes another process with the same problem (no name random PID) starts up but thne gets killed v. quickly08:47
nowonmaiasdff: can you add the command line column?08:47
asdffnowonmai: I'll try08:47
nowonmaiasdff: k08:47
asdffnowonmai: how do I do that?08:47
asdffnowonmai: oh lol I did, yeah it is empty08:47
asdfffor started it is '?'08:48
nowonmaiasdff: can you pastebin the output of 'ps -ef'08:49
homeKartagis, well, I'd start by trying a different brower and seeing if that resolves the problem.08:49
homeziroday, do you know how to boot straight into the console?08:49
homeziroday, any time the graphical system comes up my video dies08:49
ttyXchange the runlevel08:50
homeziroday, nevermind found it08:50
zirodayhome: great08:50
asdffalso I am not sure if this is related08:50
asdffbut XORG can randomly memory leak08:50
asdffand make my PC grind to a halt08:50
Roxyhart0hi there, i got a ldif file and i need take of a word which from this file ...maybe using sed. somebody know the exactly command?08:51
asdffnowonmai, Slart: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a61857708:52
homeziroday, er...from the root console in recovery mode i can't access my ethernet port...hold on im restarting08:52
Slartasdff: thanks08:52
asdffnowonmai, Slart: Also in my startup applications list I have an invisible entry I can uncheck/check but I cannot remove.08:52
Slartasdff: do you see the process in that listing?08:52
asdffSlart: erm no :/08:53
theadminHow can I add a directory to $PATH?08:53
Kartagishome, it is a browser problem08:53
homeKartagis, how to fix the browser is beyond me.  But you've found one that works, so go at it haha08:54
Flanneltheadmin: PATH=/path/to/directory:$PATH (example in your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile)08:54
asdfffor some reason ps -ef seemed to trunacte some of the commands as well :S08:54
joshhuntHey guys08:54
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Metzgerrcan s1 please explain me "Minority Indicator Code"?08:54
theadminFlannel:  What's with the colon? Will that command change path forever or for one session only?08:55
joshhuntHow can I split an xvid avi file into two totally independant files?08:55
homeziroday, ..you wouldn't happen to know how to access an ethernet port from a root prompt, would you?08:55
zirodayhome: hehe, nope08:55
SlartMetzgerr: is this an ubuntu issue? what is a "Minority indicator code"?08:56
Flanneltheadmin: The colon is the separator (echo $PATH to see the rest).  That's for this session only.  Add it to your profile/bash_profile for permanence08:56
theadminFlannel: I added "PATH="$HOME/Programs/apachehttpd:$PATH"" to my .profile, yet "echo $PATH" does not show the directory specified.08:57
Metzgerrcan s1 please explain me "Minority Indicator Code"?08:57
royrusselljoshhunt ffmpeg,avidemux08:58
nowonmaiasdff: nothing looks amiss in that... it's possible that gnome-system-monitor is misbehaving08:58
homeziroday, ha! I did it.  http://pastebin.com/f2c120dc608:58
SlartMetzgerr: you haven't answered my question?08:58
Flanneltheadmin: You'll need to re-source your profile (source .profile) for it to be read while you're still logged in08:58
SlartMetzgerr: do you want me to repeat it?08:58
theadminFlannel: o_O08:58
MetzgerrSlart, no its offtopic, not ubuntu related ;)08:59
joshhuntroyrussell: Yeah, i tried using ffmpeg, but it complained about codec support or something like that. I can only use command line apps08:59
SlartMetzgerr: then perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic might be a better place to ask.. we try to keep this channel for ubuntu support only08:59
Flanneltheadmin: You changed a file that gets read whenever you log in.  Changing it won't affect your current session (because it only is read when you start up, not constantly).  Make sense?08:59
Metzgerrok, sorry08:59
royrusselljoshhunt do you have the stripped ubuntu ffmpeg, or the unstripped one?08:59
theadminFlannel: Yeah. Just never heard of "source"09:00
joshhuntThe stripped one from the ubuntu repos09:00
royrusselljoshhunt get the unstriped one09:00
zirodayhome: hmm I'm lost, I'm not seeing any errors in either of those logs. I'd try reseating the card and making sure that the monitor is plugged in correctly, other then that I'm lost.09:00
zirodayhome: oh! Trying a karmic livecd may be beneficial as well09:00
homeziroday, I already run jaunty on this computer, although the fglrx doesn't support it, the radeon driver works fine09:01
BactaHas anyone else had issues with Empathy?09:01
BactaMessages not being received, lag etc. etc.?09:01
homeziroday, wait, should i change that entry from "ati" to "radeon"?09:01
theadmin...Why "man sh" results in displaying manpage for "dash"? Are they the same?09:01
Slarttheadmin: in ubuntu, yes.. they are09:01
zirodayhome: it shouldn't matter09:02
nowonmaiasdff: can you pastebin the output of 'ls -la /etc/init.d' pls09:02
NeverwillSo I just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 9.1 andd its quite quick :)09:02
tugrulhi. i installed a game with wine. i need it's version. how can i get this?09:02
theadminNeverwill: It's 9.10, not 9.109:02
theadmintugrul: Version of game or WINE?09:03
tugrulthe game theadmin09:03
tugrulin windows, you right click exe file, then properties etc..09:03
theadmintugrul: Can't help with that, cause it's in the game I believe. Read the "About" or "Help" of the game09:03
militanthmmmm.  i upgraded to 9.10 on UNR and my wifi quit working09:04
theadmintugrul: Ask on #winehq, they'll be a better help09:04
soreaumilitant: Which card do you have?09:04
theadminxixo1983: Huh09:04
Neverwilltheadmin: My appologies ;)09:04
militantsoreau: not sure, checking.  it's my netbook09:04
homeziroday, :( I just want to run quake09:04
tugrulthanks theadmin09:05
LAZY_S0Dso who's excited for lucid lynx?09:05
xixo1983you knw  how configure  zend studio 7.1  in ubuntu 9.0409:05
theadminLAZY_S0D: Everyone I believe. I am waiting for it every second of every day.09:05
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LAZY_S0Dlol, same here, can't wait for the install fest with the az-loco-team09:05
xixo1983i m getting09:05
militantsoreau: atheros ar813209:06
xixo1983Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Loader in /var/www/zendtesting/library/Zend/Loader.php on line 3109:06
soreaumilitant: Does 'lsmod|grep ath' show any output?09:06
soreaumilitant: Try 'sudo modprobe ath9k'09:07
theadminmilitant: The above does not look correct. ehm.  soreau, There must be spaces afaik. Try this: "lsmod | grep ath"09:07
NeverwillSo uh, main reason I got a Linux distro was because of the nice programming environment, anyone have any suggestions on where to start?09:08
soreautheadmin: No, there does not need to be spaces against a pipe. Try it 'lspci|grep VGA'09:08
soreaumilitant: If there's no output, that's a good thing. Check 'iwconfig' for a wlan0 interface09:08
militantsoreau: done, i figured it was that, but what now?  ath9k loaded and it shows ath itself now too09:08
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
militantsays no wireless extensions09:09
soreaumilitant: Does 'lsmod|grep ath' show ath9k is loaded now? Does 'dmesg' show anything interesting?09:10
militantshows ath and ath9k loaded09:10
militantrebooting it now will chck dmesg09:11
theadminAnyway. Can I somehow, please, remove the white Ubuntu logo on boot? "usplash", is it?09:12
Myrttitheadmin: xsplash nowadays, if I'm not mistaken09:12
theadminMyrtti: Hm09:13
ikoniaMyrtti: think it still goes09:13
ikoniatheadmin: set the grub option nosplash or splash=no09:13
theadminikonia: How can I?09:13
theadminikonia: Note, I'm still on grub 109:13
ikoniatheadmin: set the config option in the menu.lst09:13
ikoniatheadmin: grub1  = better, so not a problem09:13
theadminikonia: Does it matter where I put it? Can I put it right at the beginning?09:14
militanthmmmm soreau that fixed it, just the modprobe and a reboot.  thx09:14
ikoniatheadmin: normally at the end is better, but it really should 't matter09:15
theadminikonia: Thanks. Will test now.09:15
Duskaoanyone know why my composition (kwin) keeps turning off when I restart my computer?09:17
Duskaoon kubuntu09:17
homeI'm having trouble installing the quake 3 arena demo..09:18
indushome, ya it wont install that good , and even if it does it will give trouble with sound09:19
indushome, try the ioquake3 installer09:20
indushome, then move the quake pak files to the q3base folder09:20
theadminikonia: That did not work, it still appears09:20
homeindus, im so glad you're here.  it's toastedmilk from yesterday09:20
=== ^cheeky_ is now known as ^cheeky
indushome, :) heya09:20
homeindus, i partitioned my harddrive and got 8.04, and the fglrx driver was killing me for a minute09:21
adifirewhich channel should i join to know how i can contribute as a developer?09:21
ikoniatheadmin: Hmmm maybe Myrtti is right on this, I still thought you could dump it09:21
theadminikonia: Dump?09:21
homeindus, I had to fresh install --reinstall everything from the console09:21
ikoniaadifire: that do you want to contribute to ?09:21
ikoniatheadmin: remove09:21
theadminikonia: I don't know how to.09:21
indusadifire, start with #ubuntu-bugs09:21
indushome, console?09:21
adifirewell, anything that has python in it...09:21
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:21
ikoniatheadmin: I know - you've just said that09:21
indushome, so is the fglrx working fine now?09:21
theadminikonia: So... Well, I only tried "nosplash" so far09:22
ikoniaadifire: find some packages that are made up from python and contact the maintainers, or - work outside ubuntu on python projects and the packages will be brough into ubuntu if they are good09:22
homeindus, well, i thought it was, but my monitor just shut off again.09:22
indushome, did you edit anything?09:22
homeindus, you said you have an X1900 XT with amd64 right?09:22
adifireikonia : ok, thanks.09:22
homeindus, the only thing I did was under the Device section put a line Driver "fglrx"09:23
theadminikonia: Oh I see what the problem is. It says here "ro quiet splash" on menu entry09:23
indushome, sorry but i dont know much about fglrx because its running fine for me now09:23
homeindus, but you have the same card, right?09:23
adifireanother q... is it possible to remove entry from grub 2, and then put it back?09:23
adifirething is i want to remove the windows 7 entry for some while, and then restore it back..09:25
adifirewill update-grub2 do the job of restoring windows back??09:25
indushome, you should not need to generally09:25
indushome, anyways whats with quake 309:25
indushome, you get error , no such file or directory with some r alphabet09:25
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homeindus, well, interestingly enough, the download package for the demo on idsoftware is down, so i got it from somewhere else, and it isn't a .tar.gz09:26
infectohello, i have strange problem with my mplayer, it freeze couple of times and i need to revind the move when i`m playing it09:27
infectoknown isue?09:27
indushome, mine is  a 4850 :)09:28
indushome, sorry got disconnected09:28
homeindus, no worries.  this is infuriating!09:28
indushome, go to getdeb.net and see if they have the q3 installer09:28
indusmy net is down09:28
homeindus, my monitor keeps shutting off and I have to keep rebooting my computer09:29
homeindus, I can't even run a virtual console for more than 5 minutes09:29
indushome, is happeningto me on my lucid install09:29
indushome, maybe the refresh rates are wrong out of sync09:29
indushome, you can change driver to vesa and try09:29
indushome, or do a complete removal and reinstall of fglrx09:29
homeindus, I did!09:30
indushome, !09:30
pweezyhi, hi, im trying to get an hd 5770 running on 9.1009:30
theadminikonia: Aaand it worked. Thank you.09:30
ikoniatheadmin: ooh, cool, glad it still works09:30
pweezywith fglrx?09:30
indushome, what monitor is this09:30
homeindus, viewsonic09:30
pweezyi get a hard lock when i use fglrx, though :/09:30
homeindus, va7612b09:31
pweezycatalyst 10.1?09:31
indushome, try deleting xorg conf , then do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:31
arandadifire: What you do in that case is make the 30_os-prober script unexecutable: "chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober" the run update-grub, which won't read the 30_ script and not add windows, then when you want it back you just make the 30_ script executable again with +x (in the chmod command) and then run update-grub again.09:31
indusscrew grub209:31
arandindus: not an options by now though :/09:32
indusor maybe the documentation is just poor09:32
indusarand, can you tell me what this 30 prober and 40 is09:32
homeindus, should i use kernel framebuffer device interface?09:33
arandindus: grub helper scripts found in /etc/grub.d/09:33
indushome, leave it at default09:33
adifirearand: thanks!09:33
indusarand, ok just a simple question, if i want to look for menu list, where to look09:33
homeindus, eh..it was a popup when i ran the command.  i'll not use it.09:33
pweezyeek how do i disable/change the 'dont run as root' policy in effect on ubuntu?09:33
indushome, no no you should complete all steps09:33
homeindus, ...it's just asking me if i should use the kernel framebuffer device interface09:34
indushome, say no09:34
Slartpweezy: you mean the "cannot login as root to gnome"-setting?09:34
arandindus: /boot/grub/grub.cfg is the equivalence, but you shouldn't edit that... atm the creation of the lists are all baked into the helper scripts09:34
pweezySlart: no i mean the "cannot log in as root in bash" setting09:34
arandindus: So there is no proper equivalence, no.09:35
Slartpweezy: hmm.. not sure about that really.. make sure root has a valid login shell in /etc/passwd09:35
Slartpweezy: of course I have to throw the obligatory "you can use sudo -i to get a root shell" at you09:36
homeindus, now how do I run gnome out of the shell?09:36
pweezy Slart root is set to bash in /etc/passwd09:36
pweezyno i just want to use su.09:36
pweezyas is the standard.09:36
Slartpweezy: can't help you any further then.. sorry09:37
mefiXis there any setting on how windows get the focus? if i start an application it _always_ gets the front focus, although i am typing in another app, how can i modify this behaviour?09:37
pweezySlart: ok thanks anyway the i switch helps alot though09:37
homeindus, and I don't have a glxinfo09:37
pweezyi just do not, not, not, not like that my users can use -their- password to execute commands as -root-.09:38
Slartpweezy: you're welcome09:38
theadminmefiX: Metacity is not highly configurable, sorry. I'm WAY annoyed by this too. Maybe you should get another window manager... Not sure which though09:38
Slartpweezy: then disable it in the sudoers file09:38
nagarjuna_Could not set mode 0700 on private per-user gnome configuration directory `/root/.gnome2_private/': Read-only file system09:39
Slartpweezy: you can even disable certain commands while letting them use sudo to run other commands.. so sudo cp works.. but not gksudo gpartedf09:39
nagarjuna_getting error please help09:40
gabriel_Hello Everyone09:40
nagarjuna_Could not set mode 0700 on private per-user gnome configuration directory `/root/.gnome2_private/': Read-only file system09:40
theadminHi, gabriel_.09:40
theadminnagarjuna_: Do not repeat often please, try to keep the channel clean. If nobody answers, nobody knows.09:41
=== Mowee is now known as mowetteKEKETTE
Roxyhart0Hola amigo09:42
Pixar2Hey, any idea how to backup the Ktorrent seeding torrents before a clean Ubuntu reinstall? I really don't want to reseed manually over 100 torrents.09:43
theadminPixar2: I believe it should be in it's config directory.09:43
homeindus, do you know how to compile the quake 3 source?09:43
theadminPixar2: ~/.ktorrent maybe... or ~/.kde/ktorrent or something similar09:43
nagarjuna_how to install latex in ubuntu09:44
Pixar2I checked it's main folder and it's nothing related to my seeding torrents over there09:44
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
gabriel_is there any way I can check which ports are open via terminal?09:45
gh0stHello, is it possible to install/run/maintain Vuze in a CLI Environment? im looking to have my ubuntu server to have a torrent client that is capable of remote management and possibly a built in tracker. any ideas?09:46
nagarjuna_how to configure static network in ubuntu09:46
theadmingh0st: AFAIR, Transmission has a CLI interface AND is capable of remotely controlling09:46
theadminnagarjuna_: As for LaTeX, try the texmaker package. A good frontend.09:48
gh0st:theadmin i found transmission to be quite slow and doesnt offer much in the way of a webui, also no embedded tracker(embedded tracker isnt make or break, just a nice bonus) but main detterent, it downloads WAY to slow, one of the worst clients ive ever experimented with09:49
nagarjuna_theadmin: thanks09:49
homeCan you run a bash script from a url?09:49
Myrttiin general, no09:49
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
milktashi cant get ubuntu to recognise my built in webcam or mic or get the speakers to work on skype09:50
milktashany help?09:50
jadwhat skype version do you have  ?09:50
jadskype -v09:50
milktashit was the latest one from the package managaer but i have removed it now09:51
=== root_ is now known as Guest26754
jadi had a lot of problems with the old skype, i had to reconfigure it somehow09:52
jaddon't get it from the repos09:52
jadjust download it from the site09:52
milktashi tried that too09:52
milktashi have an advent 4211 same as msi wind09:52
milktashwith built in cam n mic09:52
milktashbut ubuntu wont recognise it09:53
ociugiwhy is the network shared printer has authentication but the there is not password set on the server?09:53
milktasheven on the cheese app09:53
ociugiit keeps asking me the user name and password but there is no password set on the printer09:54
milktashhave you any ideas?09:54
chilli0Is there anything like active directory for ubuntu ?09:54
collabramilktash: is this a laptop?09:54
jadthe problem is then with ur cam, since cheese is also not runnin it09:54
collabramildtash:  alot of laptops,...at least for the cam,... has a button that enables it,.... my laptop cam didn't work until i pressed a button09:55
jadshould be an easy one: how do I get the last n characters from a stream (as in a command)09:56
ociugiwhy is the network shared printer has authentication but the there is no password set on the server?09:56
reemahow to include a new package in openwrt?09:57
=== z is now known as Guest18728
hyperstreamociugi, define server09:57
milktashtrue this worked09:57
milktashil try skype09:57
milktashbut i dont think there is a mic button!09:57
collabramilktash: im glad to have helped09:57
hyperstreammilktash, should turn on with the cam09:57
milktashoh ok#09:58
milktashthanks mate09:58
collabrayeah,... no prob09:58
ociugi<hyperstream> what do you mean09:58
milktashi hate those 'i feel stupid' moments09:58
collabraso do i09:58
collabrait took me a week of frustration before i figured it out09:58
jadmilktash, to check if the mic is running:  system>sound>input09:59
ubuntuCEOhi all09:59
bazhangubuntuCEO, hi10:00
chilli0Is there anything like active directory for ubuntu ?10:01
jadwhat do u mean active directory ?10:03
collabraisn't active directory a windows thing10:05
chilli0jad,  Like windows10:05
ikoniachilli0: ldap10:05
ikoniachilli0: ldap is what active directory is based on10:05
arandjad: I think you could use "tail"10:05
jadtail -c10:05
collabraah,... yeah,.. there is,...i'm just not sure where,.... have you searched for it in synaptic?10:05
chilli0Thanks ikonia10:05
chilli0ikonia,  And how would i setup the client's10:07
ikoniachilli0: do you want clients to bond to AD, or do you want a linux AD server ?10:08
chilli0ikonia,  Clients will be linux, so a linux main server.10:09
chilli0ikonia, ubuntu clients and probley debian serever.10:09
=== eghm_ is now known as eghm
ikoniachilli0: so you need an ldap server, you need the correct schema, then you need to play with the ldap clients and pam to bind to it10:10
kelvinellai have other one, If y^x = x^y then find y'10:10
chilli0kelvinella,  Not really ubuntu related ?10:10
kelvinellachilli0, sorry wrong tab haha10:11
Kartagisshould I install icecast to broadcast radio?10:11
ikoniaKartagis: if you want10:11
chilli0ikonia,  So a debian server with ldap10:11
Zarathustsome of my mouse buttons aren't picked up by xev10:11
collabrajust a guess10:11
chilli0then do all the other magical stuff10:12
Zarathustwhat should i do?10:12
ikoniachilli0: that would work fine, it's quite a big overhead unless ou have a large network though10:12
hyperstreamociugi, err, ubuntu? windows?10:12
Kartagisikonia, is there an alternative?10:12
chilli0collabra, No, kelvinella Wanted y'10:12
ociugi<hyperstream> ubuntu10:12
chilli0ikonia,  Im at TAFE doing networking and just want a headstart =P10:13
hyperstreamociugi, the ubuntu server has no password?10:13
kelvinelladont think the y' is 110:13
ociugi<hyperstream> the printer setting was fine but it keeps promting me the authentication10:13
collabrawhat's 1 to the power of 1?10:13
erUSUL!ot | collabra10:14
ubottucollabra: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:14
ociugi<hyperstream> i am using karmic then the printer server is in windows xp10:14
hyperstreamociugi, ok so the server is windows xp,10:14
ociugi<hyperstream> yes10:14
hyperstreamociugi, you need to add the windows xp account to samba i believe10:14
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:14
karexHI, help me... do you know how to get Java API documentation? I've installed opnjdk-6-doc, am I correct?10:15
ociugi<hyperstream> how?10:15
karexopenjdk-6-doc I mean10:15
ikoniachilli0: ldap is nothing to do with networking10:15
hyperstreamociugi, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Add+windows+users+to+samba10:15
bazhang!es | lolita10:15
ubottulolita: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:15
crow_How do I install googleearth on ubuntu? I couldn't find it in the ubuntu software center10:16
chilli0ikonia,  Setting up a network does. And using ldap to login with diffrent users on same computers is networking.10:16
erUSULkarex: if you use openjdk then yes... sun-java6-doc also exist if you use sun's java10:16
kelvinellacrow_, get the bin file from google10:16
erUSUL!es | lolita Rodrii10:16
ubottulolita Rodrii: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:16
ikoniachilli0: central authentication is not networking10:16
bazhangRodrii, lolita #ubuntu-es10:16
Rodriiqee raroo10:16
erUSUL!medibuntu | crow_10:16
ubottucrow_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:16
aioobecan I install eclipse without installing gcj?? (It's not among the recommended, but among "The following extra packages will be installed"10:16
lolitadecidle a julia k se conecte10:16
karexerUSUL: are they different in using (sun and openjdk)?10:16
Rodriiyoo aqii me liooo10:16
chilli0ikonia,  With out it i couldn't setup the network.10:17
Rodriino entiendo naa10:17
bazhanglolita, Rodrii here is English only; /join #ubuntu-es10:17
Rodriilo q??10:17
bazhanglolita, Rodrii please stop10:17
lolitaa julia Q se conecte10:17
ikoniachilli0: yes you can, you can setup a network without central authentication10:17
erUSULkarex: they are not exactly the same. some API are still missing or suboptimal in openjdk (audio and 3d) but openjdk is opensource ;)10:17
ikoniachilli0: authenication is nothing to do with networking10:17
Rodriiya se lo e dixo pero tan axiendo el resumen10:17
lolitanosotras somos sanish!!!10:17
bazhangRodrii, yes. /join #ubuntu-es10:18
erUSULRodrii: tienes que ir a #ubuntu-es o te hecharán10:18
Rodriidnd es esoo10:18
chilli0ikonia,  We need to make a network that is like a school. for our class. And like a school means anyone can login to there files from any computer and get there files10:18
karexerUSUL: i've installed it, how to open the documentation?10:18
erUSULRodrii: escribe "/j #ubuntu-es" y dale a enter10:19
erUSULkarex: i gues it is in /usr/share/doc/openo....10:19
ikoniachilli0: ok - so central authentication is the requirement, nothing to do with networking, I understand10:19
karexerUSUL: why don't they create a shortcut in application menu... ;)10:20
erUSULkarex: dunno :)10:20
qtkumc umc umc umc10:21
collabrai was right the first time10:22
chilli0ikonia,  How could it be done with out centeral authorising.10:22
bazhang!pl | qtk10:22
ubottuqtk: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:22
collabrax hast to equal y10:22
karexaioobe: if "This following extra..." is written, i think it is a dependency..10:22
erUSULcollabra: stop the offtopic already10:22
GoilioAny one know why this doesn't work?10:23
Goiliowget http://somesite/post.php?out=`iptables -L TRAFFIC_OUT -n -v -x | awk '$1 ~ /^[0-9]+$/ { printf "%s|%d||", $7, $2}'`&in=`iptables -L TRAFFIC_IN -n -v -x | awk '$1 ~ /^[0-9]+$/ { printf "%s|%d||", $8,$2}'`10:23
ikoniachilli0: that would be tricky to do,10:23
GoilioAll the commands work its just when they are with the wget10:24
qtkWhich audioplayer is the best?:P10:24
aioobekarex: ok. just thought that if I had sun-java-jdk, that would do... thanks anyway10:24
erUSUL!best | qtk10:25
ubottuqtk: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:25
Goilioqtk: RhythemBox10:25
bazhangqtk, there is no best, try some different ones such as amarok, banshee and others10:25
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
qtkokey, thx10:26
DjAngo23Hey everyone, is it possible to create a ReadOnly user within phpmyadmin, without creating a readonly user in mysql ?10:27
hyperstream!phpmyadmin | DjAngo2310:27
hyperstreamhmm DjAngo23 /join #phpmyadmin10:27
DjAngo23Okay ;)10:27
albasheershow to convert pdf file to document , i tried Koffice and open office but it not working10:30
Slartalbasheers: in general, you can't.10:30
icerootDjAngo23: the phpmyadmin-user is always a DB-user10:31
=== mike is now known as Guest65905
obaidalbasheers, try pdf-shuffler10:31
Slartalbasheers: you can try to recover some of the structure and text most of the time.. but it depends on how the pdf was produced10:31
tparcinaIn /etc/iptables.rule I have http://pastebin.ca/1776847 and this is how my iptables looks like afther I restart my computer - http://pastebin.ca/177684810:34
tparcinaWhy are they different?10:34
knxvilletparcina: tried installing firestarter, gives a gui, and in my opinion better overview..10:35
tparcinaknxville: I don't have GUI.10:35
obaidguarddog more advanced10:35
tparcinaobaid: Is guarddog GUI for iptables?10:35
knxvilletparcina, Ahhh.. alright!.. Well, I do not know why your iptables is changing after restart..10:36
ChaosRhello, I have a problem with my boot sequence, several daemons are not started, plus rc.local is never executed. Any way to debug and/or fix this?10:36
mind-gii am having problems with my screen using ubuntu 9.10. could anyone bother to help me?10:36
obaidif u are working on command line, ufw is more simpler10:36
knxvillemind-gi: post your question, what is wrong?10:36
collabramuch simpler10:36
obaidsudo apt-cache info guarddog10:36
=== mike_ is now known as Guest38330
obaidsudo apt-cache show guarddog10:37
mind-gimy screen goes blank every 5 minutes when i watch a film on vlc player. i have no idea what might be wrong, though it's definitely not power manager.10:37
knxvillemind-gi, tried updating your graphic drivers?10:37
obaidexactly 5 minutes ?10:37
tparcinaobaid: iptables isn't complicated for me, just I don't understand why Ubuntu loads this configuration.10:37
mind-giyes, exactly 5 minutes.10:37
collabramind-gi: check your screensaver10:37
mind-gii haven't updated my graphic drivers. how can i do that?10:38
obaidmind-gi, not graphics card10:38
obaidcheck your screensaver settings, check power settings10:38
mind-githanks, it works. it was screensaver! ;-)10:38
collabraur welcome10:38
tparcinaknxville: Me either. I have check /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/iptaload and it says iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.rules10:38
knxvillemind-gi, if its every 5 minutes, it's because your screensaver is dimming every 5 minutes.. as obaid said, its screensaver or powersaver10:38
ChaosRanyone able to jump in on my problem now :P10:39
DjAngo23iceroot: thanks10:39
obaidtparcina, unfortunately, i lack experiance with iptables10:40
obaidit is on my todo list to learn about it10:40
Guest38330hi looking for info how to set up a router linksys WRT54GL10:40
obaidGuest38330, can u get a nickname10:40
tparcinaobaid: Thank you for trying to help!10:41
turtle^s0updoes anyone know how i can get GIMP (version 2.7.) to remember the Single Window settings? everytime i restart the application it forgets the setting.10:41
obaidGuest38330,does your WRT54GL having the linksys firmware ?10:41
Guest38330I will try.timed out.10:42
obaidturtle^s0up, if that is possible, it would be stored in gconf, walk through gimp in gconf-tools10:42
ChaosRanyone, really :P10:43
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.10:43
collabraChaosR: keep tryin',.... i don't know enough for that one,.... try #debian channel or maybey ##linux10:43
obaidGuest38330, this is out of the channel's scope, but it doesn't matter, does your WRT54GL release IP on either WLAN or LAN interfacec ?10:43
obaidChaosR, ?10:44
ChaosRI have a problem with my boot sequence, several daemons are not started, plus rc.local is never executed. Any way to debug and/or fix this?10:44
turtle^s0upobaid: i'm on KDE, is there a way i can access the configuration files from cli or without installing gconf-editor?10:44
Kartagishow do I get xmms2 gui?10:44
obaidi dont know about KDE, never used it turtle^s0up10:44
obaidChaosR, daemons would log errors, can you check them10:45
turtle^s0upobaid: thanks for the hint10:45
ChaosRobaid: checking every log from every started program is a bit extensive10:45
ChaosRobaid: the scripts are simply never run10:45
ChaosRobaid: somewhere the boot process goes like meh and stops running, and trows in my kde-login10:46
obaidChaosR, if you have added some services to start on boot, you should use update-rc.d10:46
ChaosRobaid: rc.local seems pretty default to me, plus stuff was working a week ago10:47
obaidChaosR, checking your logs are the only way to see what is the problem10:47
ChaosRobaid: where are the boot logs, I can't seem to remember where they are10:48
ChaosRwhich file10:48
jokeheadwhat does the "spin down hard disks" in power management do? what are the advantages and disadvantages?10:48
obaidChaosR, there might be lots of log files, check dmesg, daemon.log10:49
ChaosRobaid: checked those, nothing special there10:49
ChaosRanyways, found the bootlog settings, going to reboot now10:50
Guest38330<obaid>   but i want to use tomato Im using a draytek 100 which is working.But as you said I think I will try absolute beginners forum as i am new to this its too fast for me.thanks anyway.10:50
meowbuntuhi i am wondering how to search applications in ubuntu repos from terminal.10:50
arandmeowbuntu: "aptitude search name"10:51
jussi01meowbuntu: or apt-cache search name10:51
meowbuntuarand, would apt-get search name work too10:51
jokeheadwhat does the "spin down hard disks" option mean in power management? what are the advantages and disadvantages?10:51
collabrameowbuntu: or just aptitude10:51
meowbuntucollabra, no10:51
octavioHowdy, this is my first time using IRC, I'm sorry if I come off as a total nubby, but I'm looking for a certain channel and I was wondering if someone could help me get there?10:52
arandmeowbuntu: nope ↑ as pointed out you need apt-cache.10:52
=== b is now known as Guest5021
V1k1n9Hey, what's wrong with "num1[$i]=$(${num1$i]}+$num2)" plz :)10:52
V1k1n9Hey, what's wrong with "num1[$i]=$(${num1[$i]}+$num2)" plz :)10:52
Buxnamanim really new to linux need a quick help..10:52
Myrtti!ask | Buxnaman10:53
ubottuBuxnaman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:53
obaidjokehead, spindown turns off hdd disc rotation to save power, advantage, save power, disadvantage, none10:53
nobbyhi anasha10:53
Buxnamandownloaded a game and when i try running it it does nothing than i read log and found it requires java so im wandering if thats java from http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp or sth else10:53
djdarkmanhello, I upgraded alsa by hand, I compiled it and all that, but now pulse audio doesn't detect any soundcards, what should I do?10:53
obaidV1k1n9, num1 is added with num210:54
jokeheadobaid, do you sure it doesnt take extra time to spin the hard drives up again?10:54
collabrameowbuntu, no10:54
djdarkmanI had to upgrade alsa, cause the newest version has a bugfix that I need badly10:54
obaidjokehead, it takes time, in milliseconds, that wouldn't matter10:55
V1k1n9obaid: Yeah thx, but that doesn't work :)10:55
ChaosRobaid: enabled bootlogd, still, no logs of any event10:55
Buxnamandownloaded a game and when i try running it it does nothing than i read log and found it requires java so im wandering if thats java from http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp or sth else           SO? anyone confirming?10:56
ChaosRalso, dmesg isn't any help either, not are any of the other log files10:56
nobbyhello everyone10:56
petsounds!java > Buxnaman10:56
ubottuBuxnaman, please see my private message10:56
barfI am about to make an upgrade from 6.10 LTS10:56
Sano_Are general computer questions allowed here?  Such as networking related?10:56
barfWhich version to go for?10:56
obaidV1k1n9, you are incrementing the array number, num[i] would be pointing to 2 if + 1, initial value 110:56
barfLucid Lynx?10:56
llutzbarf: wait a while, upgrade to 10.0410:57
barfAny ETA?10:57
obaidV1k1n9, at least it is like that in cpp10:57
llutzbarf: 10.0410:57
llutz2010 april10:57
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:57
Myrttibarf: the version number tells the release time10:58
freakynlhi, is it possible to get ubuntu server on stick w/o burning iso? Now I normally put the installer with unetbootin on stick and use that to install to another stick, not very efficient :)10:58
barf6.10 LTS has been solid as a rock10:58
barfHowever now some of the stuff is too dated10:58
Myrttibarf: there is no such version...10:58
barfIs there an adviced maintenance plan?10:58
barf6.04 then?10:58
freakynlgo to 8.04 lts?10:59
barf$ cat /etc/issue10:59
barfUbuntu 6.06.2 LTS \n \l10:59
llutzbarf: since when did 6.10 get no security updates anymore? not recommended to run that outdated stuff10:59
freakynlor wait for 10.4... not sure if it's going to be lts, but since 8.04 is lts i would presume so10:59
barfI am waiting for 10.4 then10:59
arand10.04 will be LTS10:59
barfThen I will switch HW at the same time :-)11:00
barfAre there maintenance plans?11:00
petsounds!dapper > barf11:00
ubottubarf, please see my private message11:00
barfAs to when and how to distupgrades?11:00
freakynlanyone on the install q?11:00
barfI use use 6.06.2 alternate as server11:01
freakynlwoei g-lined11:01
switchgirlK-LINED at the veryleast11:01
riponi am having problem with irc11:01
ripontoday i can not find user list11:02
barfpetsounds: I use alternate for server purposes11:02
barfWhere does that leave me?11:02
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading11:03
barfNice maintenance plan :-)11:04
riponplease help how to show the user name list11:04
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ChaosRso, can anyone help me with my weird boot problem?11:04
barfTell us about your weird boot problem11:05
barfAnd somebody might answer, if they know or feel like it11:05
ChaosRseveral scripts in rc*.d aren't executed, at all (including, but probably not limited to rc.local, lighttpd and cherokee)11:06
Ferreiraanybody here use backtrack 411:06
ChaosRno logs whatsoever on what happens11:06
bazhangFerreira, that is not supported here11:06
bazhang!derivatives | Ferreira11:07
ubottuFerreira: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:07
bazhangFerreira, /join #backtrack-linux11:07
Ferreiraok thanks11:07
djdarkmanhow do I fetch a source package?11:07
ChaosRalthough kdm starts normally11:07
ChaosRbut that isn't a rc*.d script11:07
barfChaosR: Try a different kernel?11:07
ChaosRbarf: do you really think a kernel could cause such a problem?11:08
barfif there are no logs, yes11:08
ChaosRseems, odd, but worth trying11:08
barfBTW boot problems from my perspective is in BIOS or EFI... but then again rc is run at system launch11:09
linkiduuHi..is there any .chm reader for ubuntu ?11:10
bazhanglinkiduu, there are several chmsee and others11:10
freakynlxchm gnu-chm or g-chm, kchm... apt-cache search chm11:10
bazhanglinkiduu, gnochm as well11:11
freakynland one seems to come with wine... but it sucks here (i'm on gentoo tho'). searching crashes it11:11
barfWill mondrian be part of Lucid Lynx?11:11
linkiduuthanks..I am installing gnochm11:11
barfAnyone know if there is a window manager that uses SVG as standard graphics?11:12
jussi01djdarkman: not sure if someone answered you, but apt-get source <packagename>11:12
barfLike waimea used to do11:12
bazhangbarf, #ubuntu+1 for lynx discussion11:12
Explore3can anyone help? gst-launch v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink http://codepad.org/CHJbVci711:13
Explore3Failed getting controls attributes on device '/dev/video1'.11:13
indusExplore3, maybe device is busy11:14
Explore3anyone here?11:17
tom_Sorry for spamming. Having IRC troubles on another channel11:17
freakynlsome times11:17
DantonicI'm having issues ripping CDs to flac.  The file size of the flac rips is way too big, bigger than the wav counterpart.  I've tried using both sound juicer and Rubyripper.  Any idea what's going on?11:17
tom_Dantonic: Bigger FLACs than WAVs makes no sense11:18
freakynlDantonic: no... but i would guess something is upsampling it (ie from 16kHz to 24 or from 44.1 to 48 etc)11:18
DantonicI though it just had to do with sound juicer at first, but I just tried with rubyripper and I have the same problem :(11:19
ChaosRok, this is amazing, the boot process doesn't even get to the login screen, only kdm works (not tty1-6), and only the current kernel is willing to boot, no other11:19
Dantonicfreakynl, what's the regular sample rate of a CD?11:21
freakynl44.1 / 1611:22
Dantonicfreakynl, do you use any particular software?11:23
Dantonicdo you rip to flac?11:23
freakynlDantonic: no i rip to ogg or acc. usually use grip11:25
freakynlpersonally, after 192k ogg (with aotuv extentions) any higher doesn't do anything for me. perhaps with classical music but i don't listen to it11:25
ChaosRok, can anybody help me with this odd boot problem: No /etc/rc*.d/ script gets executed, tty1-6 don't get to the login screen, kdm does get started, only the current kernel works11:25
Dantonicfreakynl, here's a "settings" line from sound juicer:  "audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! flacenc name=enc"  is it supposed to have 2 channels?11:26
freakynlDantonic: yea left and right would be nice :)11:26
Dantonicok :P11:26
ChaosRoh, and the last line on the onscreen bootlog is ureadahead-other terminated with status 411:26
indusChaosR, what version of ubuntu is this11:27
indusChaosR, happened since when11:27
ChaosRabout 1 week ago, I noticed cherokee didn't get started11:27
freakynlChaosR: hmm might be that the init script crashes/stops because of that error11:27
indus!info cherokee11:27
ubottucherokee (source: cherokee): Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.19-1build1 (karmic), package size 176 kB, installed size 640 kB11:27
crow_I installed googleearth using synaptic, but it's not in the menu. What do I do?11:28
ChaosRso what I did is switch to lighttpd, same problem11:28
indusChaosR, only the current kernel ? what do you mean11:28
ChaosRwhen I pick any other kernel11:28
ChaosRit boots11:28
indusChaosR, looks like an update screwed up your thing11:29
ChaosRbut gets stuck on a black screen with 1 _11:29
indusChaosR, a display update probably11:29
ChaosReven when I remove splash and quiet11:29
ChaosRindus: possible, but how does that explain the rc*.d scripts not starting11:30
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
indusChaosR,or maybe an initramfs update11:30
indusChaosR, try running sudo update initramfs11:30
UjjainHow do I see if I'm running Debian or Ubuntu?11:30
indusChaosR, update-initramfs11:30
indusChaosR, maybe that helps i dont know about startup scripts11:31
UjjainWhat does this mean? hdparm -tT /dev/md0: read(2097152) returned 24576 bytes, Timing buffered disk reads: , read() failed: Input/output error11:32
ChaosRUjjain: lsb_release -i11:32
UjjainI think one of my disk drives or the raid controller is broken.11:32
ChaosRindus: how would I go about fixing this, if this doesn't work, reinstall?11:32
Ujjainwow, even 'ls' says: ls: reading directory .: Input/output error :|11:33
indusChaosR, did you try the command i said11:33
ChaosRindus: yes, and I will reboot in a sec11:33
indusChaosR, i suggest running an update from the console if you get to one11:33
arandUjjain: It may just be a specific folder being corrupt?11:33
ChaosRindus: getting to a console is easy, kdm still boots on my topmost kernel (seen from grub)11:33
ChaosRfrom kdm I can login, and open konsole11:34
indusChaosR, yu probably did a partial uprade? and gort messed up11:34
ChaosRanyways, I'm going to see if this works, and if not, reinstally time11:34
indusChaosR, yeah i guess11:35
ChaosRI guess I should stop hacking my ubuntu as much as I do, it tends to break (though usually in a fixable fashion)11:35
Ujjainmd0, is software raid, right?11:35
indusChaosR, good luck11:35
indusChaosR, what hacking did you do really11:35
ChaosRindus: custom kernel, load of backport repositories11:36
indusChaosR,ok then my advice is null and void11:36
drekiwhats the best way to mount an iso?11:36
ChaosRthough, still shouldn't break as badly as it has11:36
indusChaosR, whya custom kernel? whats special11:37
ChaosRindus: brain fuck scheduler, preempt, 1000hz ticks, no dynamic ticks11:37
ChaosRbesides that stock ubuntu kernel11:37
indusChaosR, brain what?is that the name of smething?11:37
indusChaosR, nvm that, what is 1000 ticks11:38
ChaosRindus: hehe, read on kernel material, basically all I did was make the desktop more responsive, nothing special11:38
nowonmaidreki: mount xxxx.iso /mnt -o loop -t iso966011:39
ChaosRits more tweaking than hacking what I did11:39
crowxhow do I install googleearth?11:39
ChaosRindus: I was planning on opening a special desktop-kernel repository11:39
ChaosRanyways, rebooty time now, brb11:40
bazhang!googleearth | crowx11:40
ubottucrowx: Google Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository11:40
crowxbazhang: I downloaded the bin11:40
crowxbut what else should i do?11:40
ociugihow to add user to samba11:42
airtonixcrowx, have you read the page you obtained the file from ? (it would be a start to investigating what to do next)11:42
Gangrelanyone knows if azureus can handle rapidshare downloads?11:42
airtonixociugi, read this through asn see if its what you want : http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/create-a-samba-user-on-ubuntu/11:42
bazhangGangrel, how would that relate to Ubuntu? check the azureus faq11:42
Gangrelbazhang soz11:43
bazhanghttp://wiki.vuze.com/w/Azureus_FAQ Gangrel11:44
petsoundscrowx, http://is.gd/7BU4k11:45
ankit_Is 'qt' 4.6.1 have  .deb file for ubuntu 8.10 ?11:45
bazhangGangrel, just guessing I would say no, but you should check the faq ^^11:45
collabraociugi: smbpasswd -a <username>11:45
hyperstreamociugi, you couldnt find it on google?!11:46
BeGuy1what is the command to quit  after runing "top"11:46
hyperstreamociugi, man smbpasswd11:46
hyperstreamBeGuy1, CTRL + C i think does the trick11:46
BeGuy1hyperstream is there other way11:46
ociugi<hyperstream> i found it but i can't add the user11:47
hyperstreamBeGuy1, is it in the man pages at all ?11:47
hyperstreamBeGuy1, one sec11:47
hyperstreamBeGuy1, its in the man file, says hit q11:47
ociugibut this time i've tried smbpasswd -a -m compname11:47
ociugiit works11:48
hyperstreamociugi, its not the computer name- its the account on the windows box11:48
ociugi<hyperstream> ok11:48
hyperstreamociugi, you may have to add the username to the user accounts in xp, im not too sure11:49
collabraociugi: it's not the account on the windows box,... it's the usershare on the linux box11:49
collabraociugi: don't forget to edit the config file in /etc/samba11:51
ociugi<collabra> yes, my problem is i can't print my document. i assume that the samba did not recognised the user11:51
terminhellello ello11:52
collabraociugi: you're probably right,..  but don't forget to edit the config file in /etc/samba to allow for your printer to be shared,... it's not shared by default11:52
ociugi<collabra> actually i am the one connecting to winXP printer server11:53
collabraociugi: i see,.. then it should work11:54
ociugi<collabra> once i print my document the printer keeps asking me the username and password11:54
collabraociugi: does it allow you to print?11:55
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=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
ociugi<collabra> no11:55
ociugi<collabra> because of the authentication11:55
Shogoot hi people. wondering what is going for the best VM software nowadays. Im wanting to test several linux distros having a win7 OS at the moment11:55
bazhangShogoot, try vmware and virtualbox then decide11:56
rwwShogoot: VirtualBox is free and works on Windows11:56
Shogootwmware is paid? didnt know that i thoough all of themhad a free version11:56
plitterhey, was wondering if rhythmbox had a file where it stored all its radio stations, have a laptop and want to get all the radiostations from that to my home computer, but i dont know where to start looking for it.... someone help?:)11:57
Akosplustax: I believe it's in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox it should be a .xml file11:58
Akosplustax: unfortunately I can't check that now, I'm not in front of an ubuntu machine11:59
collabraociugi: under xp,...there is a way to turn off or on encryption for authentication,...i think it's turned off by default,... your linux client is probably using encryption,... or the other way around,... check your xp system for the type of authentication11:59
terminhelli might be able too11:59
ociugi<collabra> ok tnx11:59
Akosterminhell: if you ment that, as in checking the file, would you please be kind enough to do so? (:12:00
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terminhellAkos: yea im not seeing a file or even a dir in .gnome212:01
terminhelli was thinking under /usr/share but le me check12:01
Akosterminhell: then please see in ~/.config12:01
shreymechhow to control the audio of different applications in ubuntu just like vista.. plzzz help me12:03
Akosshreymech: what version of Ubuntu are you running?12:03
docmaxhello, what is the difference btw. manual and non-manual installations in synaptic?12:03
shreymechAkos: i m using 8.1012:04
terminhellAkos: sorry, in the middle of recompiling kernel :p slowing me down12:04
rwwdocmax: automatically-installed (non-manual) packages are marked for automatic removal when nothing depends on them.12:04
Akosterminhell: it's fine, just don't forget to tell plustax12:05
Buxnamani cant install .run file error = Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: No such file or directory12:05
shreymechAkos: but i don't think that this thing is available in newer versions.. my friends r using 9.1012:05
Akosshreymech: I believe ubuntu 8.10 doesn't have that feature, you'd be requiered to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.1012:05
rwwdocmax: the idea is that if you install a package that depends on a bunch of other packages, the one you actually want is marked as manually installed, the depends are marked automatic, and then they all go away tidily if you decide to remove the package you originally installed.12:06
shreymechAkos: but i don't think that this thing is available in newer versions.. my friends r using 9.1012:06
Akosshreymech: no need to re-post, I can see your lines (: In the latest version of ubuntu, Ubuntu 9.10, this feature is available under the Sounds options12:06
rwwshreymech: in 9.10, right-click the volume control applet, click Sound Preferences, click the Applications tab. Akos and shreymech are correct, it's a new feature.12:06
rwwshreymech: wait, I fail at reading. Akos is correct **12:07
terminhellbrb rebooting, new kernel =D12:08
collabraociugi: make sure your in the same workgroup too12:08
rwwterminhell: good luck :)12:08
shreymechrww: hey so its not possible to get this feature in 8.10 ...???12:08
Akoshi BENHUR12:08
actionparsnipYo yo yo12:09
Buxnamanshreymech: why don't you just update?12:09
shreymechrww: bcz i m currently on 8.10 and now to go on 9.10 i have to upgrade 9.04 and than to 9.10 :( thats too long procedure12:09
rwwshreymech: Nope. 9.10 uses a newer version of Pulseaudio that supports it; 8.10 doesn't have that version, since major package updates don't happen after release.12:09
rwwshreymech: well, you'll have to upgrade at some point. 8.10 is only supported until April...12:10
joakimkoskinenolette homoja12:10
actionparsnipShreymech: clean install is an option12:10
Myrttijoakimkoskinen: eh. a) englanniksi, kiitos b) käyttäydy kunnolla12:10
shreymechactionparsnip: but i will loose all my important softwares and applets12:10
csabaI've uninstalled python and it removed 1,5 GB of software, including my desktop. How to install the desktop again?12:10
actionparsnipShreymech: restore from backups12:11
rwwcsaba: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop12:11
actionparsnipShreymech: software can be reinstalled12:11
shreymechactionparsnip: can i make backup on a dvd12:11
rwwExplore2: hello!12:11
Explore2Hey sorry i was not seeing any msgs so wanted to check if the channel is proper12:11
shreymechrww: i m waiting for ubuntu LTS 10.4 .. than i think i can make a clean install12:11
actionparsnipShreymech: sure, just burn what you need to keep12:11
rwwshreymech: ah, okay. Makes sense :)12:12
Explore2any gstreamer or ffmpeg users here?12:12
shreymechactionparsnip: but how to burn the installed softs...12:12
arandExplore2: probably all, ask the real question instead...12:12
shreymechactionparsnip: i have installed those from repositeries... and other places...12:12
actionparsnipShreymech: you'll find a lot of the stuff you need to keep is in $HOME12:12
duncan-nzNew Question: what is the name of the package responsible for setting the correct keymap. I'm trying to update bug #513018 by adding the correct package.12:13
jingfenglooking for help12:13
actionparsnipShreymech: they will need installing from karmic repos12:13
duncan-nzjingfeng, just ask your question.12:13
csabaok i don't have internet either... how to start the internet from console?12:13
actionparsnip!ask | jingfeng12:13
ubottujingfeng: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:13
shreymechactionparsnip:  yaa i knw than can i directly burn those stuffs from HOME to DVD... will they work after that12:13
docmaxwhick irc client are YOU using?12:14
shreymechrww: hey r u sure that ubuntu will release LTS in april 10 ..???12:14
Myrttishreymech: yes.12:14
csabaifup eth0 tells me that eth0 is not recognized12:14
actionparsnipShreymech: sure just make sure they are for karmic (or lucid if you install it)12:14
nimrod10is there a way to redirect input from pts1 for example to the output of pts2 ?12:14
actionparsnipCsaba: run: sudo lshw -C network12:14
rwwshreymech: yes12:14
shreymechactionparsnip: ok12:14
jingfenghow can i add friends?12:14
actionparsnipCsaba: it will identify the hardware and you can use the product line in websearches12:15
shreymechrww: Myrtti: ohh i eagerly waiting for LTS .. i think that will be a huge success for ubuntu12:15
collabrajingfeng: add friends to what program?12:15
terminhelland back12:15
actionparsnipJingfeng: irc dosnt support the natively. Some clients will implement it but it depends on the client12:15
duncan-nzNew Question (again): what is the name of the package responsible for setting the correct keymap? I'm trying to update bug #513018 by adding the correct package.12:16
terminhellsad that my gui apps give me a harder time than the cli ones tend too12:16
Explore2Hi does anyone know about this error? bin gstbin.c:2312:gst_bin_do_latency_func:<pipeline0> failed to query latency12:16
csabaactionparsnip: my network used to work, but I uninstalled python and it removed 1,5 gb of stuff, so now the network doesn't work either12:16
jingfengi used tencent QQ ,12:16
csabaactionparsnip: I get that wireless is detected12:16
csabaactionparsnip: how to start that?12:16
actionparsnipTerminhell: sometimes cli is just easier but new users think its old fashioned when a single command can do so much12:16
duncan-nzterminhell, if you can use cli why use anything else? ;-)12:16
actionparsnipCsaba: its a terminal command12:17
csabawhich one?12:17
csabaifup says "ignoring ..."12:17
jingfengi just can not find the source  of QQ for linux.12:17
actionparsnip!terminal | csaba12:17
ubottucsaba: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:17
Myrttijingfeng: I might be wrong, but I think pidgin does QQ12:17
duncan-nzHelp! what's the package that maintains the correct keymap?12:17
terminhellduncan-nz: actionparsnip: exactly.12:18
rwwubottu: repeat | duncan-nz12:18
ubottuduncan-nz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.12:18
rwwjingfeng, Myrtti: Pidgin does do QQ.12:18
flyffI am plan to install linux to my 4 year old laptop. the current os is XP. will I expect less Hard drive taken by linux and fater performance ??12:18
terminhellplustax: and yes, most of rhythmbox's stuff is in /usr/share/rhythmbox12:18
actionparsnipTerminhell: "why am I typing commands! This is 2010 whinge moan"12:18
collabrajingfeng: i was about to suggest that one too12:18
duncan-nzrww, fair enough. Can you suggest how I could find this out myself?12:18
actionparsnipFlyff: sure, use Xubuntu and you will use less resources so more can be allocated to productivity12:19
terminhellarchlinux just had a pretty hefty upgrade, or atleast it was for me :p12:19
llutzflyff: that depends on your usage12:19
quietoneplitter:  ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml might be what you are looking for12:19
oguncakhellooooo.. how can i run my avermedia a706 dvb-s card under ubuntu? i ve been searching for 1 month and found nothinggg :((((12:19
actionparsnipOguncak: run: lsusb12:20
RUBEZH\xa0shello pplz12:21
actionparsnipOguncak: you will get an identifier, seach for that it will be an 8 character hex id. The make and model is moot12:21
rwwduncan-nz: I'm not sure, to be honest. I use an en_US keyboard, so this isn't something I've had to deal with. #ubuntu-bugs might know, maybe.12:21
oguncakmy card is pci card12:21
oguncakshould i run lsusb anyway*12:21
rwwduncan-nz: or at least know which package they prefer that sort of thing to be filed against12:21
plitterquietone: oooh will check it out12:21
actionparsnipOguncak: not if its pci12:21
actionparsnipOguncak: try: sudo lshw | less12:22
oguncakit is a pci card.. digital pci tv tuner card12:22
=== eaglewatch is now known as EagleWatch
oguncakok.. i will run it12:22
apandaHi. I've installed the fglrx drivers for the ati 9600pro via envyng under 8.04 and it seems like the driver has problems loading. it uses the mesa drivers and i've tried several things i found on the ubuntu faq/forums and the cchtml wiki without success. this is my Xorg log http://pastebin.com/m57add8d512:22
actionparsnipOguncak: read through til you get to the card and copy the product line and use it in websearches12:22
actionparsnipOguncak: does the manufacturer site provide linux drivers?12:23
plitterquietone: this looks like it:D12:23
actionparsnip!envy | apanda12:23
ubottuapanda: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver12:23
BuxnamanI installed Heroes of might and magic III and managed to run it but i cannot go fullscreen(don't know how) and there is no sound, when i run it from terminal it gives me this " Couldn't open audio: Couldn't open audio device or ESD connection". There is a .run patch which i can't install with error "Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: No such file or directory Error in check sums 650803480 1999548749" ANYONE?12:23
quietoneplitter: cheers. I just did a 'find' on my home to locate it.12:24
apandathe standard method failed actionparsnip. i dont really remember what happened tho, i think it also didnt use the driver12:24
actionparsnipBuxnaman: have you checked the appdb?12:24
csabamy eth0 device is detected, but I don't have any network connections... also, route command returns an empty list12:24
csabahow to start up my internet?12:24
Wolfcastleanyone using jboss? i installed jbossas4 from repositories but it's just a very small file12:24
plitterquietone: but how did u know what to search for??12:24
Wolfcastlewhat's up with that12:24
actionparsnipApanda: we can only tell users how to install envy. Envy itself is not supported here12:25
Buxnamanactionparsnip: i don't know what's appdb , i'm on ubuntu since yesterday...12:25
actionparsnip!appdb | buxnaman12:25
ubottubuxnaman: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:25
duncan-nzrww, of course - I'll ask there. bye for now.12:25
actionparsnipBuxnaman: not all apps play nice in wine12:25
oguncakyes it does.. but not for thisa product12:25
Buxnamanactionparsnip: it's not in wine it's made for linux12:25
oguncaki run sudo lshw12:25
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:25
oguncakand many info came out12:26
actionparsnipBuxnaman: awesome then :)12:26
apandaactionparsnip so if i install the driver "manually" i should get a different result and maybe help?12:26
actionparsnipOguncak: you can read to find ythe product line relating to the device and websearch it12:26
Buxnamanactionparsnip: i taught so too but that still doesn't solve my problem12:27
csabadhcpclient returns a lot of DHCPDISCOVER messages, but still no network...12:27
actionparsnipApanda: the driver is part of a standard install, you may need a newer xorg from the edgers ppa or to formulate an xorg.conf file12:27
csabano DHCPOFERS received12:27
csabanow what?12:27
oguncakit says philips semiconductors saa7133/7135 etc.. but i already installed this driver over mercurial.. nothing changed :((12:28
actionparsnipBuxnaman: is there a command line option for the launcher like: heroes --fullscreen12:28
actionparsnipCsaba: did you websearch for you nic's id in the lshw output?12:29
apandaactionparsnip for the older ati cards i need exactly an old xorg version, which is why i'm running 8.04 :) well i think i'll try the manual install now or the package manager again12:29
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
Buxnamanactionparsnip: tried it and nothing12:29
kali1 i installed kubuntu  desktop but when i change my session i did not get it as i expected12:29
csabaactionparsnip: my network card worked fine 5 minutes ago, then I uninstalled something and it doesn't work anymore... it's not a hw problem12:29
quietoneplitter: the name of the application, from /home/mydir i did <find . -name rhythmbox -print>.  have a look at ~/.config as well.12:29
actionparsnipBuxnaman: does it have a readme or man page?12:30
oguncak> it says philips semiconductors saa7133/7135 etc.. but i already installed this driver over mercurial.. nothing changed :((12:30
kali1there was only terminal window when i change my session from gdm to kde12:30
actionparsnipCsaba: what did you uninstall?12:30
Dr_WillisBuxnaman:  try heros --help12:30
kali1there was only terminal window when i change my session from gdm to kde12:30
actionparsnipOguncak: then websearch a different way to install the driver as what you have used hasn't worked12:30
kali1there was only terminal window when i change my session from gdm to kde12:30
actionparsnipKali1: i'd ask in #kubuntu12:31
actionparsnip!repeat | kali112:31
ubottukali1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.12:31
oguncakthank you. but i've been making a websearch for 1 month as now i need some further guidance!!!!!12:32
Buxnamanactionparsnip: it says -f or --fullscreen but it just runs it windowed12:32
actionparsnipCsaba: might have to reinstall python. A tonne of stuff uses it12:32
csabaactionparsnip: I can't because I don't have internet12:32
csabaanyways, going to use a livecd to fix this...12:33
actionparsnip!offline | csaba12:33
ubottucsaba: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD12:33
actionparsnipBuxnaman: then its an issue with the game afaics12:33
actionparsnipBuxnaman: is it a known issue12:33
plitterquietone: i dont have the ~/.config12:34
actionparsnipBuxnaman: set the res higher in the game when you start it with the -f option12:34
kali1my laptop can show resolution up to 1280x.. but in ubuntu it is showing only upto 800x60012:35
SuperPhonewhats ubuntoo?12:35
Buxnamanactionparsnip: never mind that i will solve that later i have more important problem when i try to run .bin file it says it cannot execute it is this maybe .iso like file and how am i suppost to mount it? hope i was clear enough ... HEROES i know but i have patch which i cannnot install with error: "Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: No such file or directory Error in check sums 650803480 1999548749"12:36
kali1my laptop can show resolution up to 1280x.. but in ubuntu it is showing only upto 800x60012:36
Dr_Williskali1:  for many of my laptops i have to insrtall the proper restircted drivers to get the proper res settings12:36
SuperPhone800x600? do not want12:37
Buxnamankalil: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/common-problems-and-solutions-for-nvidia-restricted-drivers-after-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex-upgrade.html check there12:37
kali1Dr_Willis: how do i do that12:37
Dr_Williskali1:  use the hardware-drivers tool in the menus12:37
quietoneplitter: the . directories are hidden. In nautilus, look under View and check show hidden files. In a terminal use 'ls -la'12:37
Dr_Willis!nvidia | kali112:37
ubottukali1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:37
Buxnamankalil: read after step 3 there is guide for manual setting resolution12:37
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buckfastHi. I installed linux after win7 partition, with a boot loader, however the boot loader doesnt start. It just directly boots win712:38
kali1ubottu: i have sis graphic card12:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:38
csabahow to add cdrom to the list of sources in /etc/apt/sources.list ?12:39
csabaI've tried deb cdrom12:39
and1kcsaba. Look in software sources.12:40
Buxnamanhow to mount ,bin file?12:40
Buxnamanhow to mount ,bin file? i mean like virtual cd or sth i know for .iso but i need to mount .bin12:40
rwwcsaba: apt-cdrom12:40
Dr_WillisBuxnaman:  if its a cd image file. Theres the fuseiso and fuseiso9660 tools that can mount them. or you can convert a cue/bin to iso with the bchunk tool I think then mount the isu12:41
Dr_Willis!info fuseiso12:41
ubottufuseiso (source: fuseiso): FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images. In component universe, is optional. Version 20070708-1 (karmic), package size 21 kB, installed size 92 kB12:41
BuxnamanDr_Willis: tnx12:42
RiverthiefSup people12:46
mrphow do i install svn?12:46
RiverthiefAnyone play freecol?12:46
themwHi guys. I've a question towards WLAN connection12:46
RiverthiefI can't connect to the meta server to get the list12:46
archboxmanapt-get install svn12:46
BuxnamanDr_Willis: i have downloaded it (iso.... ) via apt-get and it's installed but i'm not sure how to mount bin i cannot even find program (tried search in home folder)12:46
themwWlan connects at bootup, but sometimes I only unknown hosts. A manual run of dhclient with sudo solves this. Has somebody this problem, too?12:47
themwor can I run it automatically12:49
jotaHI, I'M FROM BRASIL12:49
themwnow a script does a "ping" and "seds" it12:49
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zirodayHi, I'm looking for a backup solution where I can make an image of my current computer onto my thumbdrive, and then later simply re-insert the thumbdrive, boot up and copy it all back. Is something like that possible?12:50
zirodaythemw: yeah, but then how do I restore the image?12:51
xoverwhat is 'deb-pkg'?12:51
zirodaythemw: how does the restore process work? Does it require me to still reinstall ubuntu or does it have a liveusb version?12:52
themwziroday: you can use a live distri like ubuntu or knoppix12:52
MegaHerz|wrkHi all. Evolution problem - new messages are not shown in Inbox anymore starting from yesterday. I contacted to system administrator and he checked that messages are really downloaded from server. What could be the problem?12:53
zirodaythemw: right, but then I'd have to burn another cd. I'd prefer if my backup image and the live system were all on one hard drive. Is that possible?12:53
buckfastWhy isnt my boot loader showing up12:53
themwthere you need a linux that is bootable from thumb-drive12:53
Quan-Timexover: its a package specifically designed for debian, or its variants (such as ubuntu)12:54
mrpapt-get install svn doesn't wprk12:54
zirodaythemw: right...but Ubuntu does not ship with partimage by default does it?12:54
archboxmanmrp what is svn???12:54
themwi don't know12:54
zirodaymrp: sudo apt-get install subversion :)12:54
xoverQuan-Time: is it a term for a debian package?12:54
themwa use the image of knoppix12:54
mrpziroday: ta :D12:54
zirodaymrp: (also apt-cache search foo is really helpful)12:54
archboxmanmrp: yes you have to spell...12:55
zirodaythemw: hmm and will that overwrite the image file in any way?12:55
mrparchboxman: svn is the command12:55
xoverQuan-Time: does 'rpm-pkg' a term for an RPM package or is this the name of a tool/12:56
mrpi didn't think about it too much...12:56
themwziroday: this will overwrite an old imagefile, that has the same name you give the new one12:56
Quan-Timexover: rpm -12:56
Quan-Timexover: rpm - redhat / fedora12:56
zirodaythemw: right...12:56
Quan-Timeits their style package12:56
themwziroday: but you can script this by youself, since partimage is an GUI for DD12:56
archboxmanmrp apt-cache search by file name not everything is that clear12:56
xoverQuan-Time: I know the difference, I just need to know what 'deb-pkg' and 'rpm-pkg' mean semantically!?12:57
apandai've now installed the drivers for my ati 9600 on 8.04 from the hardware drivers menu and if I log in my screen blanks, i also cant login into gnome failsafe and i'm only on the console now. from the Xorg log I think the driver has loaded properly12:57
themwziroday: if you need a really small bootable system script partimage youself, using dd, tar and gzip12:57
xoverQuan-Time: Are they just terms, I havent heard it before12:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:58
Quan-Timexover: oh.. sorry.. they are "pre compiled" packages.. if you get source, you compile it for your distro.. so it builds all the packages it needs.. a distro specific package, has everythnig you want done already.12:58
zirodaythemw: okay, I have a (fair) understanding of how to do that, however I was looking for something more shrink-wrapped. No worries, thanks!12:58
Buxnamani tried to install program and while ./configure it give me error No package 'glib-2.0' found . I have newer version of glib what should i do?12:58
xoverQuan-Time: I just realised they are 'targets for the make utility for creating packages'12:58
themwziroday: no problem, good luck!12:58
Quan-Timexover: im not sure, but i THINK deb will work on fedora, but rpm WONT work on ubuntu.. but im not certain of that.. so someone else should really comment12:58
xoverQuan-Time: its the other way around, i have installed rpms on ubunut12:59
Pici!alien | Quan-Time12:59
ubottuQuan-Time: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)12:59
Quan-Timexover: gotcha...13:00
Quan-TimePici: oh cool, didnt know that13:00
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)13:01
erikvoldhello, I'm green to ubuntu, and I've got a weird issue13:02
erikvoldI am the administrator, but I don't have permission to commands like chown, and mkdir13:02
archboxmanxover: there has to be a fedora channel here... you might want to ask them???13:02
erikvoldI have to sudo every command13:02
Picierikvold: Thats normal.13:03
erikvoldhow can I fix this?13:03
=== EagleWatch is now known as eaglewatch
erikvoldI'm tryng to install gitolite and it's crashing because of this13:03
erikvoldit needs access to mkdir13:03
Picierikvold: If you need to use sudo for long periods of time, use sudo -i, and you'll get a root prompt.13:03
erikvoldand git clone13:03
Picierikvold: So, run its installer (or whatever) with sudo.13:04
Johnny1Whenever I plug in one of my usb devices, It doesn't show up. Please help me!13:04
erikvoldwhen I sudo tho I think that the root's rsa key is being used which is missing it up13:04
xoverQuan-Time: cheers13:04
erikvoldbecause the root's home directory is used instead of my user's13:04
Picierikvold: sudo -i will use root's environment13:05
Picierikvold: sudo -s will use your user's environment13:05
archboxmanerikvold: you could add your self to the root group...13:05
archboxmanerikvold: or us su instead of sudo13:06
AylaI'm having random freeze under karmic 9.1013:06
exalthello any macusers inhere>?13:07
Quan-Timeget a heater :)13:07
Aylaon my /var/log/syslog file : "Feb  3 13:53:20 cerebro kernel: [   90.820058] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -182244879 ns)"13:07
MyrttiQuan-Time: helpful answers build up your personal karma :-(13:07
Aylado somebody know how to fix this ?13:07
Quan-TimeMyrtti: im over flowing with karma :)13:07
Quan-TimeAyla: overclocked cpu ?13:08
archboxmanAyla: what kind of video card do you have??13:08
summer10na schön wieso nimm synaptic nicht wieder alles wenn ich was wieder entfernen will vorhin zum test xubuntu-desktop installiert des hat sich ziemlich verbacken alles will ich es wieder entfernen nimmt er des gedöns aber nicht wieder alles weg13:08
Pici!de | summer1013:08
ubottusummer10: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:08
archboxmanAyla: better yet do a htop and see what process is eating up cpu13:09
indusQuan-Time, hello13:10
AylaQuan-Time: not overclocked13:10
exaltis this possible when ubuntu on a mac : The transport of small particles under the influence of an electric charge; The separation of ions of isotopes by this method13:10
peppersprayShit this13:10
Aylaarchboxman: nvidia 8400GS, and no process eating the CPU13:10
osfameronI have a AzureWave wifi dongle that isn't listed in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported (AW-GU210) -- what's the best way to check if it works before opening it and not being able to take back to shop... ?13:10
osfameron(works with ubuntu I mean :-)13:10
Aylaarchboxman: the mouse stops to work, and I'm unable to plug it again, the kernel does not detect it13:11
xfactWhat is the relation of Ubuntu with workswithu.com?13:11
archboxmanAyla: that card overheating in the nvidia server or set for to low of a tempeture???13:11
Quan-TimeAyla: umm... is it a desktop ? weird as it sounds, blocked coolers can cause overheat issues, and cause lockups / freeze / reboots.13:11
indusxfact, nothing13:11
Aylasame with every USB thing I plug13:11
apandai've now installed the drivers for my ati 9600 on 8.04 from the hardware drivers menu and if I log in my screen blanks, i also cant login into gnome failsafe and i'm only on the console now so i would have a hard time reading webpages. from the Xorg log I think the driver has loaded properly and i guess its somehow trying to set a wrong monitor mode or something13:11
llutzxfact: http://www.workswithu.com/our-mission/13:12
xfactindus, that means it has relation!13:12
AylaQuan-Time, archboxman : there's no overheat13:13
indusits independent and this is advertising13:13
archboxmanayla specs on computer terminal uname -a13:13
Aylaarchboxman: "Linux cerebro 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 17:01:44 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux"13:14
indusQuan-Time, YOU remember me? i helped ruin your system one day or maybe 2 days13:14
valvojais #ltsp channel messed up somehow? I can't write anything there?13:15
archboxmanneed ram, cpu, hard drive info13:15
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:15
Myrttivalvoja: chances are you need to be registered to talk there13:15
archboxmanAyla: need ram, cpu, hard drive info13:15
Myrtti!register > valvoja13:16
ubottuvalvoja, please see my private message13:16
Buxnamanvalvoja: perhaps you should register your nick and than you can talk13:16
damjanzgI got some questions about wireless in ubuntu. What does it mean a Link Quality of 42/70 ?13:16
Quan-Timeindus: umm. sure. why not !13:17
indusprobably you dont remember13:17
Quan-Timeruin my system ? nope.. i tried to help someone fix theirs... cmp ?13:18
indusQuan-Time, was jokin, but i did help13:18
Quan-Timeindus: awesome.. cheers :)13:18
Aylaarchboxman: 1Gb RAM, 1,8GHz Sempron 3200+ single-core, HDD 80Gb SATA, HDD 120Gb PATA13:19
archboxmanAyla: gnome or kde???13:19
archboxmanAyla: dual boot with windows??? yes no13:20
apandahow can i set my monitor to use for example 1024*768 @ 100hz in the xorg.conf? i think a wrong resolution might be the reason i get a blank screen after logging in to gnome13:20
indusapanda, need to manually eidt then13:20
indusapanda, sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:20
Aylaarchboxman: gnome, dual-boot with XP13:21
archboxmanAyla: how much free space on ubuntu drive???13:21
rev087hi...has anybody ever faced an issue where both Ctrl keys in the keyboard simply won't work?13:22
rev087I'm running Ubuntu Karmic, by the way13:22
indusapanda, you could try running the ati config tool and setting monitors there13:22
indusapanda, run the catalyst control center admin and change it13:22
apandaindus: thanks for trying to help but i cant get into gnome, only console13:23
indusapanda, aah ok ,then manualy need to edit sudo nano /etc/////////////13:23
isaino inglis13:23
indus!hi | isai13:23
ubottuisai: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:23
apandaindus ah wait aticonfig has resolution parameters, i'll try that :)13:23
indusapanda, yes it does13:23
archboxmanapanda: type gdm after login ;)13:24
indusapanda, dont add too much Hz to monitor13:24
indusapanda, the aticonfig - i you have run?13:24
indusapanda, wait i get a link13:24
indusapanda, its aticonfig --initial i think13:24
Aylaarchboxman: enough13:25
exaltany apple  users?13:25
Ayla~1Gb left on /13:25
apandaindus: yes i did that, the initial says it had nothing to do13:25
indusapanda, do this aticonfig --initial --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf13:25
schworakTryint to install ubuntu 9 32bit and it locks up on the pretty color screen with no user prompts or anything. Mouse still moves though13:26
schworakAny ideas?13:26
apandaarchboxman: gdm says its already running. indus thanks already done ;)13:26
indusapanda, that should add some intitial entries, then trythe manual edit13:26
archboxmanAyla: not good 1 gig of free space on drive is what your telling me...13:26
indusapanda, so it works now?13:26
Aylaarchboxman: okay, the mouse stopped to work right now13:27
archboxmanapanda: you need to find the model of graphics card and apt-get install ati??? not sure if that will work13:27
indusarchboxman, thats the open source driver, he is using fglrx13:27
erikvoldso sudo -s, sudo -i, and sudo -s -u erikvold all did not help13:27
xoverwhen i connect to a server using SSH which profile file is read?13:27
erikvoldwith sudo -s I still get permission denied for mkdir13:27
archboxmanAyla: don't care about mouse when was the last time you updated cmos chip??? have this problem in windows????13:28
rev087I've found some forum threads about issues with the Ctrl key, but none of them provided solutions13:28
researcher1H laser jet 12 plus is not able to print any document. What can I do13:28
apandaarchboxman i guess it wont, only installable ati* is atitvout :) indus: i'll retry the login now, i hope it wont hang again ;)13:28
Myrtti!es | jak13:28
ubottujak: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.13:28
AylaCMOS chip never updated. And no problem with windows13:28
indusapanda, good lucks13:28
Aylaarchboxman: btw on dmesg I got the "TSC clock unstable" message13:28
indusjak, adios amigos13:28
indusAyla, thats normal ,13:29
jakpor kiien13:29
Myrttiindus: thanks for encouraging him.13:29
Aylaindus, normal ?13:29
indusAyla, yes its the power save feature changing cpu freq13:29
indusAyla, a small bug but not important13:29
nOStahlhey guys, i accedentaly deleted the  wifi and power notifications off my top bar, how do i get those back13:29
Aylaindus: it is important, because that's this small bug that crashes my computer13:30
indusAyla, how can you say ?13:30
nOStahlim on karmic koala13:30
erikvoldPici: sudo -s didn't work, the ssh pubkey access is using the root's ~ directory13:30
=== 94SAABSFC is now known as mattimus
Aylaindus: because it appeard on dmesg at the same time my mouse stopped,13:30
Aylaindus: and because I'm not the first to get that problem x_x13:31
indusMyrtti, how do i know that person is just wasting time here, i just greeted him13:31
indusnvm move on13:31
indusAyla, that message happens for a lot of people has nothing to do with mouse13:31
indusAyla, dmesg says  a lot of things, those are not necessarily problems13:32
UjjainMy degraded raid array shows big problems. How can this be? One drive is already disconnected. Is the other drive broken too??13:32
indusAyla, ok nvm, what is the problem you face btw13:32
* indus scrolls up13:32
nOStahlhey guys, i accidentaly deleted the wifi and power notification applets in karmic koala i cant figure out how to get them back13:32
xoverUjjain: are you using usb devices?13:32
indusnOStahl, right click >add to panel and add it13:33
archboxmanindus: yes it can cause problems... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/19041413:33
xovernOStahl: right click and add to panel13:33
Aylaindus: my problem is that after a random time using my comp, the mouse stops to work, and new USB devices are not recognized13:33
indusnOStahl, for wifi its different13:33
nOStahlthere isnt a power applet in the add to panel13:33
archboxmanAyla: READ THIS https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/19041413:33
indusAyla, system specs? ubuntu version ? graphics chip?13:33
Aylaarchboxman: I'd love to, but I can't use my mouse xD13:34
indusAyla, hehe13:34
researcher1Hp laser jet 12 plus is not able to print any document. What can I do13:34
indusAyla, possible with keyboard i think13:34
indusnvm i too dont know13:34
nachoxwhat could make ls stall when listing the directories in my home dir?13:34
indusAyla, ok in bios can you see if anything13:35
induseven though that bug report is fix released and not related to you13:35
nOStahli dont see a power applet in the add to panel area13:35
erikvoldis there anyway to give my user permission to mkdir?13:35
Aylaindus: I can't change the "clocksource" option, I have only one available13:36
archboxmanThis bug happens on a Dell inspiron 9300 laptop at boot with ubuntu Hardy Alpha 4, linux-image-2.6.24-7-generic (i386).13:36
archboxmanAt boot, I get a 10 seconds with usplash bar going left to right and right to left, freezing. When I start the computer without usplash, I saw that the boot process abnormally stops for 10 seconds on these two ata1 and ata2 outputs :13:36
archboxman[ 32.938344] scsi1 : ata_piix13:36
archboxman[ 32.939068] ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x1f0 ctl 0x3f6 bmdma 0xbfa0 irq 1413:36
archboxman[ 32.939119] ata2: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x170 ctl 0x376 bmdma 0xbfa8 irq 1513:36
archboxman[ 33.081820] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -26289008726 ns)13:36
indusAyla, trust me, its not that problem you have13:36
Aylaindus: okay, what's your guess ?13:36
indusAyla, i aksed you some question ,just read a little above :)13:37
indusspecs, version et13:37
petsoundsnOStahl, indicator applet session13:37
Aylaindus: ah, I through I answered, sorry13:37
nOStahlindiicator applet session is the logout/change user/ restart shutdown one13:37
Aylaindus: sempron 3200+ (single core) with 1Gb RAM, karmic x86_64, nvidia 8400GS with latest official drivers13:38
nOStahli need the battery monitor power one13:38
indusnOStahl, for the wifi thingy (nm-applet) ,just restart system and see13:38
nOStahli've restarted the system dosnt come back13:38
petsounds!resetpanels > nOStahl13:38
ubottunOStahl, please see my private message13:38
archboxmanAyla: you replace the mouse see what happens IRQ stands for interupt request... if the cpu gets an interupt or jumps the process then mouse doesn't work .. try a usb mouse???13:38
indusnOStahl, ok go to termina, and type nm-applet13:38
Aylaarchboxman: it's a USB mouse13:38
indusnOStahl, if it says already running, kill it from system monitor13:39
indusAyla, only mouse doesnt work or system freezes?13:39
Aylaarchboxman: and the mouse works perfectly13:39
indusAyla, always when you plug in something , do a dmesg | tail13:39
rev087Both my Ctrl keys are not working in Ubuntu Karmic, has anyone experienced that before?13:39
nOStahlthere we go ty guys13:39
indusAyla, also use the rear usb to double check13:39
nOStahldid this gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel13:40
archboxmanAyla: put your hand in the back of the computer is the power supply getting unusually hot???13:40
Aylaindus: both :) the mouse does not work, the keyboard does, but I can't plug anything, it won't be recognized13:40
nOStahlfixed it13:40
Aylaindus: it won't be recognized, ie. dmesg tells absolutely nothing when I plug something on USB13:40
indusAyla, what device u plug? can you do it now and check dmesg13:40
Aylaarchboxman: no13:40
indusAyla, the usb is gone nuts then , tried all usb ports? maybe the device is dead?13:41
jtholmesanyone have any good experiences with toshiba satellite w/linksys WPC54G wireless card in 9.1013:41
indusAyla, what mouse is this?13:41
Aylaindus: I plug the mouse, a USB key, my USB DVB thing, and nothing is recognized13:41
Aylaindus: on all USB ports13:42
indusAyla, ok , what motherboard is  this13:42
Aylaindus: and the device is not dead, as it will work good on reboot13:42
Aylaindus: about the mobo, I don't know :/13:42
indusAyla, work good on reboot????13:42
Aylaindus: yes, it works perfect if I reboot, but it will hang after a random time13:43
indusAyla, hmm without any dmesg its difficult to say now, only probability is , usb connectors13:43
archboxmanAyla: if that is the case do you have a usb memory stick and will it recongize you pulling it in???13:44
indusAyla, how many usb you have i mean connectors13:44
zl0please help me configure pptpd google and $ man ca not help me =(((13:44
zl0can help me ?13:44
indusAyla, is thi ubuntu 9.10?13:44
Aylaindus: 6 connectors, and yes karmic13:44
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Aylaarchboxman: no, it does not work13:45
zl0help me configure pptpd13:45
indusAyla, seems like a bug ,you file one maybe13:45
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Aylaindus: I have something strange on dmesg13:45
indusAyla, tell mew hat13:45
Aylaindus: but it's quite hard to copy it without a mouse…13:45
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GeekpiratHi everybuddy. I would like to let a bashscript configure my crontab jobs. But I can't figure out how to get the entry in there.13:46
indusAyla, aah you can pasbinit i think13:46
archboxmanAyla: your telling me if you plug in a usb stick it will not find it after removing the mouse???13:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:46
Aylaindus: INFO: task khubd:19 blocked for more than 120 seconds.13:46
Aylathen it displays the call trace13:46
indusAyla, wow13:46
SashaHi, I'm a totally hot girl and my keyboard's Ctrl keys are not working in Ubuntu Karmic, any hints? XD13:46
MyrttiSasha: fail13:46
Aylaarchboxman: no, it will find it ; it will fail only if the mouse is blocked13:46
zl0russian ?13:47
indusAyla, is a kernel bug i see13:47
Sashawell, I tried a female name after failed attempts before haha13:47
Aylaarchboxman: before the crash, I can plug and unplug the mouse, it will work flawlessly13:47
zl0русские есть ?13:47
Aylaindus: it's a known kernel bug ?13:47
Myrtti!ru | zl013:47
Sashano, i'm not russian, sorry zl013:47
ubottuzl0: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:47
indusAyla, is this a laptop ,? tell me more13:47