rachaelbhi joshuahoover :)01:03
CardinalFangrachaelb, others are listening too.01:08
rachaelbhi cardinalfang01:09
rachaelbsorry - was writing an email01:09
rachaelbi have an observation/bug for you01:09
rachaelbive been subscribing to ubuntuone on principle01:10
rachaelbbut last month my credit card wasnt debited when the account was up for renewal01:10
CardinalFangEr, okay.  We like bug reports.  We like you reporting them on launchpad.net more, but we'll take them here.01:10
rachaelbwhich is problem (a)01:10
rachaelbproblem (b) i didnt get an email telling me this01:11
rachaelbproblem (c) my account was therefore downgraded to the freebie 2g account01:11
rachaelbproblem (d) (maybe) if id have had more than 2g of data would I have lost it?01:11
CardinalFangEr, don't invent problems with "d".  :)(01:11
rachaelbthought id better bring this to someones attention01:12
CardinalFangYes indeed.01:12
rachaelboh go one... let me invent problems... i love hypotheticals!01:12
CardinalFangI happen to have someone across from me right now.01:13
rachaelblucky you!01:13
rachaelbis he good looking? single?? straight???01:13
CardinalFang...  Sadly, we're both straight.01:14
rachaelbwhy sadly? works for me :)01:14
rachaelbanyway back to the subject in hand lol01:14
CardinalFangOkay, he says you should go to the one.u.c web page and find "account assistance" and tell us about the problem there, and the right people will see it.01:15
rachaelbokey-dokes no problem... i didnt think this was a launchpad kinda thing which is why i thought id raise the issue here01:15
CardinalFang(Several of us are on a development sprint, in the same city, so I would never get to yell at him directly.  It's your lucky day, rachaelb.)01:16
CardinalFang^so^and normally01:16
rachaelbdoes "development sprint" involve the consumption of vast amounts of alcohol?01:17
CardinalFangIndeed it does.01:17
rachaelbdammmm.... im gonna become a full time geekette then!01:17
CardinalFangWe're in Portland OR, too, which has excellent variation of beers.01:17
rachaelbPortland... you mean the place where people live when the cant afford california?01:18
CardinalFangI suppose.  I'm just visiting.01:18
rachaelbvery diplomatic01:18
CardinalFangI've only been in north-y california, so far.01:19
rachaelbah-ha... youre a euro?01:20
CardinalFangBetween San Francisco and Portland, I don't know I would pick SF over P anyway, independent of cost.01:20
CardinalFangNo, Floridian.01:20
rachaelbok well i'll report things on the accounting page as requested... but ive gotta get to bed now cos its 1:20am here... thanks for the caht... see ya again soon :) and good look with the coding marathon01:21
CardinalFangThanks.  From here, you'll benefit from arbitrary folder sync, soon.01:22
rachaelbnight x01:22
duanedesignjblount: your mention of preview ideas for one.ubuntu.com/files made me think og the preview implementation in gnome-activity-journal. I think they are headed in a good direction with their preview01:26
tritiumI've had to add the same computer to my account 9 times since 10/31/09, including a few times in the past few days.  What's going on with ubuntu one?05:10
duanedesigntritium: there was an error that was found  serverside06:00
duanedesignit has been fixed (yesterday) and measures put in place to detect this kind of thing much faster in the future06:01
duanedesignalso make sure you are running the newer client. ubuntuone-client 1.0.3 or better06:01
duanedesigntritium: you can check that by running in a Terminal: dpkg -l ubuntuone-client06:02
duanedesigntritium: if you need to update your client see: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/93006:03
duanedesignif you have any further issues please file a bug report in launchpad. Right0click the Ubuntu One applet and select 'Report a Problem'06:04
duanedesignhello rtgz13:22
rtgzduanedesign, hi!13:22
duanedesignrtgz: what was the statur of the Internal Error13:24
rtgzduanedesign, missing in action. Cannot reproduce anymore :(13:24
duanedesignif anyone is going to look at any bugs this morning a couple i was not able to move forward. bug 51507113:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515071 in ubuntuone-client "Loses connection after copying a huge number of files into the UbuntuOne directory" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51507113:54
rtgzduanedesign, I believe this has to do something with file state watcher (inotify) fails to detect file additions. I had this reproduced once but could not figure the exact sequence to reproduce yet13:57
rtgzduanedesign, in order to detect this I made a script for bug #488232 - it may be helpful somehow...13:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 488232 in ubuntuone-client "u1sdtool should be able to show sync status of local files" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48823213:58
duanedesignrtgz: thank you14:01
=== jamalta-afk is now known as jamalta
rtgzIn case I don't return till 5PM (10 minutes from now), here's my "report"14:51
rtgzDONE: Investigated tomboy sync problems in bug #501020. Some bug responses.14:51
rtgzTODO: Scan through recent bug reports and find ones that can be detected via log parsing, update diagnose script.14:51
rtgzBLOCK: none14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501020 in ubuntuone-servers "Tomboy note sync and web-ui for notes are broken" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50102014:51
jblountHi folks! To grab a slice of meeting pie please respond with "me". DONE / TODO / BLOCKED is the format.15:00
jblountNice, we'll let the others chime in when they can:15:03
jblountDONE: Got start pages functional, sent emails15:03
jblountTODO: Get start pages into translatable build system thing15:03
jblountBLOCKED: No sir15:03
jblountteknico: Go time!15:03
teknicoDONE: more bug triage; one more branch to fix the phone setup web interface, with vds15:04
teknicoTODO: finish fixing the phone setup web interface code; funambol project review; trip to Millbank15:04
teknicoBLOCK: none15:04
tekniconext: beuno15:04
beunoDONE: Nothing yet!15:04
beunoTODO: Finish verifying bug 375174 is fixed15:04
beunoBLOCKED: No15:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375174 in ubuntuone-servers "Sends out emails with an ugly From address and no name" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37517415:04
beunovds, go15:04
vdsDONE: branch to fix problems with phone numbers on ready to be proposed15:04
vdsso is the branch to update to the new json connector15:04
vdsTODO: review call and sprint15:04
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:04
vdsEOM maybe?15:04
jblountYeah, EOM. Anyone who wants to paste should feel free when they can :)15:05
rodrigo_oh, came late15:10
rodrigo_• DONE: oauthdesktop usage in music store widget. Bug triaging. Recently used contacts in contacts picker15:10
rodrigo_• TODO: Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Add jslint tests to check. Remove autosave code in notes web editor. U1 client adds back button to pages. U1 client interrogates library page to update download progress. geoip detection on server to forward to appro15:10
rodrigo_priate store15:10
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:10
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rtgzhuh? bug #515336 - we are bundling our own verision of glib?15:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515336 in nautilus "nautilus crashes when TRASH, COMPUTER, or NETWORK clicked" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51533615:43
rodrigo_rtgz, for jaunty, needed by libubuntuone, yeah16:05
rodrigo_rtgz, I'm waiting for a backtrace to see why it's happening, since it shouldn't, given glib is ABI compatible between karmic and jaunty16:05
rtgzrodrigo_, need to d/l jaunty ISO to try this...16:07
rodrigo_rtgz, please get a backtrace if possible, all the bug reporters haven't attached any16:08
rtgzrodrigo_, well... Erm... Guest gets kernel panic in KVM after 9.04 installation16:47
* rtgz is reinstalling 9.04 w/ regular IDE emulation, w/o virtio...17:05
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=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
rtgzwhat? upgraded my lucid install and it displayed the same progress bar in ascii below during boot as fedora... o_O19:57
CardinalFangrtgz, they're stirring that pot furiously.20:03
rtgzfinally... I got fully updated jaunty installl... it took 3 hours for VM to download and install all packages...20:04
rtgzrodrigo_, reproduced20:41
rtgzrodrigo_, what info will be useful? there is a stack trace in the original bug report #515336, but looks that is w/o debug symbols20:52
rtgzrodrigo_, this does not happen with stock 2.20 glib but it does w/ the ppa one.20:54
rtgzrodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/368458/21:05
rtgzOkay, while I still have jaunty vm running, does anybody need to test anything?21:13
rodrigo_rtgz, hmm, I wonder if the karmic package has any patch that is missing21:36
* rodrigo_ looks21:37
rtgzrodrigo_, hm and it is strange that the only failure it seems to be causing is nautilus.21:38
rodrigo_rtgz, yes, I guess some gvfs-related thing21:38
rodrigo_rtgz, hmm, I remember a bug in jaunty, iirc, about missing gvfs-backends package in default install21:39
* rodrigo_ wonders if that's the cause21:39
rodrigo_well, no missing patches for sure, the jaunty package comes from karmic21:40
rodrigo_bug #51533621:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515336 in nautilus "nautilus crashes when TRASH, COMPUTER, or NETWORK clicked" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51533621:41
rodrigo_rtgz, do you have gvfs-backends installed in the jaunty vm?21:42
rtgzrodrigo_, gvfs-ls computer:/// does not crash and lists CD-ROM Drive.drive and root.link21:43
rtgzrodrigo_, backends are installed21:44
rodrigo_hmm, I guess it needs a newer gvfs??21:47
rodrigo_rtgz, building a jaunty package of gvfs, can you try it as soon as it's built on my PPA?21:50
rtgzrodrigo_, sure21:50
rodrigo_rtgz, or even better, can you build it yourself on the jaunty vm?21:50
rodrigo_it's going to be quicker than waiting for the ppa21:51
rtgzrodrigo_, sure, tell me how and I will test :)21:51
rtgzrodrigo_, I mean tell me where to get the files :)21:51
rodrigo_when it accepts it, which should be in a few mins21:54
=== rtg|jaunty is now known as rtgz|jaunty
rodrigo_I guess I can copy them somewhere else21:56
rodrigo_rtgz, http://www.gnome.org/~rodrigo/ <- get the 4 gvfs* files21:58
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: libgudev-1.0-dev libgdu-dev (>= 0.4)22:12
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, i believe there is no libgudev and libgdu in jaunty22:12
rodrigo_I can backport them, but would that add new dependencies??22:13
* rodrigo_ tries22:13
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, Can't I simply remove the dependency to these libs?22:14
rodrigo_yes, I'm thinking that's going to be easier, but I need to remove the dependency on libubuntuone for u1-client22:14
rodrigo_jaunty is too old it seems :)22:14
rtgz|jauntybuilding w/o these libs; don't know what will be broken though :)22:17
dobeyi'm going to delete the package in the jaunty ppa22:28
dobeybeta ppa22:28
rodrigo_dobey, already deleted22:31
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, don't worry, I'm patching u1-client to not use libu1 if not available, so we'll build the jaunty packages without that22:32
dobeyhow do we fix broken users?22:34
rodrigo_they have to dowbgrade the glib version22:35
rodrigo_unless you know a better way22:36
dobeyno, i don't know how at all?22:37
dobeyit doesn't have a "downgrade" command22:38
rodrigo_dpkg --force-downgrade file.deb iirc22:39
dobeyso we just tell people "find the older version, and run this command" ?22:41
rodrigo_no, we'll find it for them :)22:41
rodrigo_do you know of a better solution?22:42
dobeynot at the moment, but i want this to never happen again :)22:43
rodrigo_me too :)22:43
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, aptitude install package=version seems to be a better alternative to dpkg for regular users22:45
rodrigo_dobey, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/conditional-libu1/+merge/1857222:45
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, ah, cool, indeed it's better22:45
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, so can you please get the versions of the glib, libsoup and webkit packages in jaunty, so that we send a mail with the exact commands?22:46
rtgz|jauntyok, i give up building it, it requires more changes to the *.install files and it looks like a lot of functionality becomes missing22:47
aquariusother possible but maybe horrible way of doing it: duplicate the old jaunty package, bump its version number and nothing else, and stick it in our ppa?22:47
rodrigo_aquarius, hmm, maybe, but that would lie about the version numbers, I'm ok with it though :-)22:48
aquariusah, it can be ordinary-version-number_ubuntu5 or something? or an epoch?22:48
rodrigo_aquarius, I upgraded from 2.20 to 2.2422:49
aquariusadd a 1: epoch/22:49
aquariusI don't know much about what's recommended in these situations. Who knows lots about packaging?22:49
aquariuscolin watson was just in here, too, damn22:49
rodrigo_kenvandine! :-)22:49
aquariusi'll chase colin22:50
rodrigo_kenvandine, any suggestion on what to do to make users downgrade packages?22:50
kenvandinemake them downgrade?22:50
rodrigo_kenvandine, I submitted karmic versions of 3 packages to a jaunty ppa, and now we're back to the jaunty versions, so we want users that got the broken packages downgrade22:50
rodrigo_kenvandine, we were thinking about telling them to run aptitute install package=version22:51
rtgz|jauntylibwebkit-1.0-2 is not in jaunty, libwebkit-1.0-1=1.0.1-4ubuntu0.122:51
kenvandinerodrigo_, if it was just a ppa, that might be the best22:51
rodrigo_but aquarius suggests just bumping the version in the jaunty packager to be newer22:51
rodrigo_kenvandine, running aptitude?22:51
kenvandineor apt-get22:52
kenvandinei think the syntax is the same for that22:52
rtgz|jauntybtw, there is also libsoup-gnome2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu322:52
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, so: aptitude install libglib2.0-0=2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1 libsoup2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu3 libwebkit-1.0-1=1.0.1-4ubuntu0.1 libsoup-gnome2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu3 ?22:52
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, let me try this :)22:52
jcastroapt-get install blah/jaunty?22:53
kenvandineright... what jcastro said22:53
rodrigo_oh, that's better I guess22:53
jcastrothat's the right way to downgrade22:53
rodrigo_so, apt-get install  libglib2.0-0/jaunty libsoup2.4-1/jaunty libwebkit-1.0-1/jaunty libsoup-gnome2.4-1/jaunty ?22:54
cjwatsonrodrigo_: aquarius asks if you could give me the exact details of this versioning question22:54
rodrigo_cjwatson, ok, pasting:22:54
rodrigo_<rodrigo_> kenvandine, I submitted karmic versions of 3 packages to a jaunty ppa, and now we're back22:54
rodrigo_<rodrigo_> kenvandine, we were thinking about telling them to run aptitute install package=version22:54
rodrigo_<rodrigo_> kenvandine, I submitted karmic versions of 3 packages to a jaunty ppa, and now we're back to the jaunty versions, so we want users that got the broken packages downgrade22:55
rodrigo_<rodrigo_> but aquarius suggests just bumping the version in the jaunty packager to be newer22:55
rodrigo_ kenvandine, running aptitude?22:55
cjwatsonright, can I have the exact versions?22:55
rodrigo_jcastro, suggests using apt-get install blah/jaunty22:55
cjwatsonjcastro is wrong. :-)22:55
cjwatson(I mean, yes, that works for one user, but I assume you want this to work for everyone)22:55
rodrigo_cjwatson, the jaunty versions or the karmic backported to jaunty versions?22:55
cjwatsonrodrigo_: both22:55
rodrigo_cjwatson, yes, for everyone that upgraded22:55
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, this action has removed python-pam, python-openssl...22:55
rodrigo_cjwatson, ok22:55
rodrigo_cjwatson, jauinty -> libglib2.0-0=2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1 libsoup2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu3 libwebkit-1.0-1=1.0.1-4ubuntu0.1 libsoup-gnome2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu322:56
cjwatsonI agree with aquarius that just bumping the version is sane22:56
cjwatsonyou just have to be careful about the exact version you choose22:56
cjwatsonrodrigo_: ok, and karmic?22:57
rodrigo_karmic backports -> libglib2.0-0=glib2.0_2.22.3-0ubuntu2-ppa1~jaunty libsoup2.4-1=libsoup2.4_2.28.1-2ubuntu1-ppa1~jaunty libwebkit-1.0-1= webkit_1.1.15.2-1ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty libsoup-gnome2.4-1=libsoup2.4_2.28.1-2ubuntu1-ppa1~jaunty22:57
jcastrocjwatson: I'm glad you're around. :)22:57
* jcastro whistles22:57
cjwatsonso it'll be a bit of a pain due to the different upstream tarballs22:58
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, oh, really?22:58
cjwatsonbut basically you need it to be less than any future version in karmic (e.g. a security fix)22:58
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, it looks like it was not required by any other package, though. let me double check why that happens22:58
rodrigo_cjwatson, 2.22.3-0ubuntu2-ppa2~jaunty ? to be newer than the broken package but older than any karmic upgrade?22:59
cjwatsonso I would be inclined to suggest (deep breath) the formula glib2.0 2.22.3-0ubuntu2-ppa1~jaunty+really2.20.1-0ubuntu2.122:59
rodrigo_ah ok23:00
cjwatsonthis is technically wrong because the upstream version will be considered as "2.22.3-0ubuntu2-ppa1~jaunty+really2.20.1"23:00
cjwatsonbut your version numbers are already broken in this regard23:00
cjwatsonlet this be a lesson to you. :-)23:00
rtgz|jaunty+ libglib2.0-data=2.20.1-0ubuntu2.123:01
cjwatsonconsider each source package as a unit, normally23:01
rtgz|jauntybut it will be picked up by atptitude automatically23:01
cjwatsonyes, use dpkg --compare-versions to confirm23:01
rodrigo_cjwatson, isn't it easier to get users to downgrade, just in case there are upgrades in jaunty that are not taken into account because of the newer version in the ppa?23:02
dobeyusers are going to have to downgrade23:02
cjwatsonif you can get ALL your users to downgrade, absolutely reliably, then you can do that23:02
rodrigo_cjwatson, well, not sure how many upgraded, but there are just 3 bug reports, so I guess not that many23:02
cjwatsonif you cannot state this with 100% certainty then you're going to have to suck up the version bump23:02
cjwatsonand merge future changes from jaunty23:03
cjwatsonthere's nothing else for it23:03
dobeywe can't do a version bump23:03
rodrigo_cjwatson, in that case, would "aptitude install libglib2.0-0=2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1 libsoup2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu3 libwebkit-1.0-1=1.0.1-4ubuntu0.1 libsoup-gnome2.4-1=2.26.0-0ubuntu3 libglib2.0-data=2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1" work?23:03
cjwatsonshould do23:03
rodrigo_I guess we'll go for the downgrade way, and if there are many users, we'll do the version bump23:03
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, it does, at least for me. But all gvfs-related processes will need to be restarted as well23:03
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, yeah, right23:04
cjwatsonhas anyone ever built packages against this PPA?23:04
cjwatsonI hope not :-)23:04
dobeyonly rodrigo23:04
cjwatsonthen you'll need to check everything built against that for incremented shlibdeps23:05
rodrigo_cjwatson, only the broken packages were built, and they are removed from the ppa now23:05
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, see my last comment in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/515336, is it ok?23:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 515336 in nautilus "nautilus crashes when TRASH, COMPUTER, or NETWORK clicked" [Low,Invalid]23:06
cjwatsonif you decide to do the version bump, and you choose anything other than the formula above, please check with somebody on the foundations team :-)23:06
dobeybut i also fixed this exact same bug > 12 months ago23:06
cjwatsonit is very easy to paint yourself into a corner23:06
rodrigo_cjwatson, I'll ask you again if we have to do it :)23:06
cjwatsonor in extreme cases to paint other teams into a corner too23:07
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, there is only one duplicate of that bug, wasn't there a 3rd bug?23:07
rodrigo_cjwatson, yeah, the version bump seems dangerous, for jaunty upgrades of those packages23:07
cjwatsonthe initial version bump was the dangerous bit23:07
cjwatsonyou're now in mitigation23:07
rodrigo_cjwatson, yeah, but then we'll have to keep an eye on updates, to update the package in the ppa, which we might miss23:08
dobeydon't worry about the version bump23:08
dobeywe can't do it23:08
rodrigo_so, let's see if we can solve the problem for now by having users downgrade23:08
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, yes, i have just performed the "upgrade", verified that bug is present, performed the downgrade, pkilled gvfs-* processes and started nautilus with computer:/// uri. It works23:08
dobey2.20+43534343543543 is still < 2.2223:08
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, cool23:09
dobeythe ONLY way to solve it with a version bump is to add an epoch, which we also can't do :)23:09
cjwatsonNO NO NO23:09
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, i guess the bit about killing gvfs processes should be mentioned as well23:09
cjwatsondo not even contemplate epochs23:09
dobeycjwatson: i'm not. i'm saying we can't and won't23:09
cjwatsonand epochs are no better than the version bump form I suggested, anyway23:09
dobeycjwatson: if anyone does that ever, i will berate them :)23:09
cjwatsonrodrigo_: right, my point is that by bumping the version in that PPA to start with, *that* was the thing that imposed this responsibility23:10
rodrigo_rtgz|jaunty, well, log out and back in should do it, right?23:10
cjwatsonif you see what I mean23:10
rodrigo_cjwatson, yes23:11
dobeythere are two problems with the glib version that got uploaded23:11
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, well, yes...23:11
rtgz|jauntyrodrigo_, checking...23:11
dobeythe appended string was wrong, and it was a major version update23:11
dobeyso the only thing we can do is tell users to downgrade, really23:12
rodrigo_well, if we had backported gvfs, it would get fixed, but gvfs dependen on 2 new packages, so rtgz suggested to just not do more backporting23:12
rodrigo_which we owe him a beer for, if not I might have continued backporting like crazy :)23:13
dobeyyeah, backporting glib level stuff is generally a bad idea23:13
cjwatsonif you do, better to do so by means of a Debian-revision patch23:13
cjwatsonit's easier to back things out then23:14
rodrigo_cjwatson, yeah, I thought it was ok, given glib has few deps, but didn't think about gvfs23:14
cjwatsonfew deps but a million reverse deps :-)23:14
rodrigo_well, it's api/abi compatible, that wasn't the problem23:15
rtgzrodrigo_, yes, gvfs processes die on logout, as it should be :)23:15
dobeyyes it was the problem23:15
rodrigo_rtgz, cool, now let's just pray all users read the bug/mailing list23:15
dobeyglib is not api/abi compatible23:15
rodrigo_dobey, it is23:15
dobeythey say it is23:15
rodrigo_cjwatson, anyway, thanks for your help, I hope we can do the downgrade without hassle and not ask you again about the version bump :)23:17
rtgzrodrigo_, the bakporting might lead to bringing karmic to jaunty, which is,... well, not the original intended purpose23:17
cjwatsonrodrigo_: *nod* no problem23:17
rodrigo_rtgz, yeah :)23:18
rodrigo_dobey, for the ppa packages, we need to do a release of u1-client, right?23:19
dobeyfor what?23:20
rodrigo_for building a u1-client without libu123:21
rtgzrodrigo_, what was the original backport for?23:21
rtgzrodrigo_, i mean what should break when I downgrade the packages?23:21
dobeyrodrigo_: we'll see23:22
rodrigo_rtgz, for webkit, needed by libu1, needed by libu123:22
rodrigo_rtgz, I've submitted a branch for u1client to not use libu1 if not available, so for jaunty it should be ok23:22
dobeyrodrigo_: i think i would rather just have a --disable-music-store in libu123:22
rodrigo_dobey, I would rather have the contacts picker in u1-client source tree :)23:23
rtgzrodrigo_, erm... is music store already "there" ? I mean is there anything that uses libubuntuone in jaunty PPA ?23:24
rodrigo_rtgz, no, it's disabled23:24
dobeyrodrigo_: i don't want a new library for every new feature we write that other people should be using too23:24
rtgzrodrigo_, ok, so it is seamless downgrade then23:24
rodrigo_rtgz, yes23:24
dobeyrodrigo_: why didn't we put it in e-d-s?23:24
rodrigo_dobey, because it's specific to u1, at least for now23:25
rodrigo_I plan to propose it for e-d-s, once it's ready23:25
rodrigo_ok, enough for today, be back tomorrow23:26
rtgzokay, it is night here, so I am logging off. Thank you all, I am glad that this vm helped :)23:28

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