jguzikowskii cant get themes to show up in windows manager even after moving to usr/shared/themes and /.themes00:30
jguzikowskiany idea why?00:31
`mOOse`k got one for you guys...had a hella time installing xubuntu on my usb flash just now - I can't get grub to install on my boot partition00:45
`mOOse`anyone feel like tackling this with me?00:45
jguzikowskiwhat was the problem with installing off a usb flash? i just finished doing the same without a problem00:52
`mOOse`jguzikowski, wow...well, I get the partitioning done and install all the OS, then at the end when it asks me where I want to put the bootloader I tell it not to install on the HD (have XP and win7 on there) but put it on /dev/sdb5 which is the first partition on the usb00:53
`mOOse`it pukes00:53
`mOOse`this was simple enough with suse....it just gave me the choice of mbr or /00:54
`mOOse`is it possible because I set sdb1 as an LVM I wonder?00:55
Deviouzneed help installing nvidia driver01:01
DeviouzI have a geforce 7900gs agp01:02
DeviouzI tryed the 185, and 173, but black:/01:03
Deviouzwich driver is best for this card?01:03
Deviouzsomeone around?01:04
charlie-tcaDeviouz: when you go to Applications -> System -> Hardware Drivers, what did it suggest?01:12
Deviouzit suggest the 185 driver01:14
Deviouzand there is also the 173 driver on the list01:14
DeviouzI tried both01:15
charlie-tcaYou should install the one it suggests only. did you remove the 173 before installing the 185?01:15
Deviouzrebooted after install but the screen is just black01:15
Deviouzyes sure, I had to reinstall xubuntu cus I couldnt see anything01:15
charlie-tcaIf you installed both drivers, you created a conflict. You will now need to go to a tty, using Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in, and remove the nvidia drivers01:16
Deviouzand then I tried that 173 driver, but same result again:/01:16
charlie-tcaThen restart01:16
Deviouzwell I didnt do that01:16
Deviouzfirst I installed the suggested one, the 18501:16
charlie-tcaThe 173 won't work01:16
Deviouzbut the screen was black01:16
Deviouzthen I reinstalled xubuntu01:17
charlie-tcaIt might be neither one will work for your system01:17
Deviouzand tried the 17301:17
Deviouzback again01:17
Deviouzyes but it say this driver is for my card?01:17
Deviouzthen why dont it work?01:17
Deviouzdid I do something wrong?01:18
Deviouzmaybe I need to do some more?01:18
charlie-tcaThe drivers are proprietary from nvidia. They don't always work01:19
charlie-tcaYou don't need it to use the computer. Just don't install it.01:19
Deviouzyes but these ones are in the repos01:19
Deviouzthey are tested too01:19
charlie-tcaYou asked, I explained.01:20
Deviouzyes thanks01:20
herb_hi everybody!02:22
herb_how can i restart x in xubuntu karmic koala? ctrl+alt+backspace isn't working02:23
herb_how can i disable anti-aliasing in chrome browser? my os is xubuntu. thanx!02:51
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bcgrownanyone know of a utility for fixing broken FLACs?  I've got about 100 CDs ripped that show the wrong length and won't let me seek within the files :(03:21
JulieJulieHmm i am wondering what torrent sites do you guys use?03:22
bcgrownJulieJulie: www.google.ca :)03:28
JulieJuliebcgrown,  lol i did that right after i realized what I was asking lol03:36
jguzikowskiare xfce themes supposed to skin the panels? because i cant get mine to..04:03
jguzikowskiis there anyway to skin the xfce panels? the themes i download don't affect them for some reason?04:23
bazhanghttp://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/ not sure if this is what you mean jguzikowski04:31
jguzikowskibazhang, its more like this..i downloaded this theme: http://www.xfce-look.org/content/show.php/LiNsta+Black+Plastic?content=43023 yet my panels dontl ook anything like that start menu04:32
jguzikowskimy menus also havent changed colors (where it says like Xchat   View    Server   Settings    Window    Help04:32
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu staff, developers, coders and casual observers.05:09
jguzikowskihi Balsaq05:12
dbdii407My mouse froze again. Ha. I can move it, can't click anything05:29
dbdii407And now it's back05:31
dbdii407Weird. Never had this issue with older distos05:31
jguzikowskiis there anyway to skin the xfce panels? the themes i download don't affect them for some reason?05:32
jguzikowskidbdii407, is it wireless? my mini wireless mouse for my netbook stops responding for a second or two if a text/phone call is incoming or outgoing05:32
Balsaqhowdy jguzikowski05:37
* Balsaq sits down08:00
becker_11Hi I've just arrived home and fired up my xubuntu desktop box which when I last used it was working perfectly Now my screen res is 960*600 when previously it was 1280*1024 .... the problem is the 960*600 res is the largest one I have available09:11
becker_11what can I do to rectify this??09:11
_Techie_paste output of xrandr please09:13
becker_11_Techie_,  http://pastebin.com/d1578f5be09:16
_Techie_do you have a xorg.conf?09:17
becker_11_Techie_,  not sure as I've never used it09:18
_Techie_then you prolly dont have one09:18
_Techie_!xrandr | becker_1109:19
ubottubecker_11: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1209:19
becker_11I'm running a ubuntu install with all the gnome stuff removed and xubuntu desktop installed so I guess I've got what ever comes with that09:19
_Techie_!xorg | becker_1109:19
ubottubecker_11: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:19
_Techie_i suggest you read those09:19
_Techie_you should be able to find the answer in those without much help09:19
_Techie_welcome back becker_1109:21
becker_11that restart x line work like magic09:22
becker_11thanks _Techie_09:22
_Techie_no problem09:22
_Techie_anybody around with ATI experience?09:23
becker_11so is this a bug in xfce or xubuntu or just some random crap that decided I needed some excitement in my day??09:23
_Techie_prolly some random crap09:23
Balsaqman i just attacked by a trojan on my new w709:31
Balsaqavast says it blocked it09:31
_Techie_howd you manage to get a trojan?09:31
Balsaqwell i dont believe i actually got it, scanning now...i was clicking on links that were related to my laptop, reading about it...clicked on one of em and the avast thing says it blocked atrojan and then i wasnt online anymore...never actually opened the page...scanning now to be sure09:33
Balsaqscanned w/ defender and it say i am clean09:33
Balsaqdont even like the word...09:34
_Techie_thats why i use AVG09:34
_Techie_it monitors your runtime09:34
Balsaqwell if i am correct the avast worked09:34
_Techie_so you can browse the internet freely and it will stop any viruses from executing09:34
Balsaqin other words...it didnt even let me get to the page i clicked on09:35
_Techie_in other words, its already hijacking your computer09:35
Balsaqare you serious09:35
Balsaqsi you think i got in my computer now09:35
_Techie_avast i mean, not the trojan09:35
Balsaqavast is hijacking me09:36
_Techie_pretty much09:36
Balsaqwell it lets the computer run fast09:36
Balsaqcant tell its even on09:36
_Techie_its why i say that some virus checkers are viruses in themselves09:36
_Techie_you get checkers like AVG that sit in the background and stop them running09:36
Balsaqso you are saying the avg would of let me open the link but would have jailed it and let me continue09:37
_Techie_and then you get things like norton that stop you from using your computer how you want to09:37
Balsaqi dumped the norton09:37
_Techie_avg would not interfere with your web browsing09:37
Balsaqhmmm. i had it on another computer09:37
_Techie_but if a virus tried to execute it would stop it09:37
Balsaqshould i disable autorun09:38
_Techie_i suggest you install AVG before you disable it09:38
Balsaqautorun is a feature that won tlet anything run automatically'09:38
Balsaqits a windows feasture09:39
_Techie_which autorun are we talking about?09:39
Balsaqthernon in windows09:39
Balsaqthe one in windows09:39
_Techie_thats fine09:39
_Techie_that for autoruns from cd's09:39
Balsaqoh so it wont help09:39
Balsaqso avg lets the stuffin ...and jails it.......avast stops it before it ges in and stops me in the process?09:40
Balsaqdont really know if i wanna let stuff in though09:41
_Techie_well its either let stuff in and have it jailed or be told how to use your computer09:41
Balsaqso the follow up scan i am doing now is worthless09:41
Balsaqcause it never got in09:41
_Techie_pretty much09:42
_Techie_its anti virus programs like that that make people all scared09:42
Balsaqno these trojans..are they just a normal part of computing or a man made problem doen to mess me up09:42
_Techie_they make everything out to be a big deal09:42
_Techie_you know the story of the trojan horse?09:42
Balsaqof course09:42
_Techie_same thing09:43
Balsaqbut its made by a hacker  correct09:43
_Techie_same as any malicious code09:43
Balsaqwhat for09:43
_Techie_depends on the virus and the hacker09:43
Balsaqlike to get ahold of him09:44
_Techie_could be anything from a botnet to make your computer beep everytime you turn it on09:44
Balsaqwhat does thenhacker get out of it09:44
_Techie_anything they want09:44
_Techie_first example (botnet)  = access to your computer09:45
_Techie_second example (beep) = shits 'n giggles09:45
Balsaqhas never happened on this one...just happened on the new lapper09:46
Balsaqi can find the site again, i know where i was09:46
Balsaqcan i retaliate09:47
_Techie_unless you know what your doing and can decompile the code, no09:47
Balsaqi had typed in the search bar...gateway nv59....and had clicked on some links that stemmed from that09:47
Balsaqabout the 2nd or 3rd page it hit09:48
Balsaqi want totrace it back to the perpetrator09:48
_Techie_most you could do is note down the domain09:48
Balsaqi will go back to it once i check this all out...will go there with my xubuntu and i will recognize it09:49
Balsaqthis full scan is taking 45 minutes wit hmy new quad i509:49
Balsaqby the way the manufacturer made a mistake...i paid for an i3 and got an i509:50
_Techie_adn the scan will most likely turn up zilch09:50
Balsaqyup cause it got blocked09:50
_Techie_got the URL that was blocked?09:50
Balsaqgot zilch yet damn scan is still goin 92%09:51
Balsaqand i deleted all my history immediately09:51
_Techie_by reporting a site and blocking it, it makes the user want to scan their computer09:51
_Techie_scan then turns up nothing.. making them think the software is great09:52
Balsaqbut i am clean09:52
_Techie_and 90% of the time you wont get a virus from the blocked site09:52
_Techie_that otehr 10% is when you go and download stupid things09:52
Balsaqis a trojan a virus09:52
_Techie_trojan is short for troan horse09:53
_Techie_virus in a timelock container09:53
Balsaqno threat found09:54
Balsaqwoop di do09:55
_Techie_install avg instead09:56
Balsaqvirus chest empty now i cant see what the heck happened09:56
Balsaqfrick me09:56
Balsaqso ya really dont know for sure where it is09:56
Balsaqunless ya believe that it really did get blocked which since the page never opened im prolly ok09:57
_Techie_it did get blocked09:57
_Techie_and unless you downloaded something from that site you wouldnt have got it anyway09:57
Balsaqid almosst rather have it caged so i can poke it09:57
_Techie_you should make a honeypot09:58
Balsaqhmmm lets go back there09:58
Balsaqyeah i should i read a lil about it the other day09:59
Balsaqlike a trap isnt it09:59
_Techie_you create an isolated area10:00
_Techie_be it a seperate machine or just a virtual machien10:00
_Techie_browse recklessly for awhile10:00
_Techie_and set it going10:00
Balsaqi will definitely do that for sure...will begin studying it right away10:01
_Techie_be carful with it though10:01
_Techie_its a dangerous hobby10:01
_Techie_well... you know how people collect stamps?10:02
_Techie_this is like collecting live grenades10:02
_Techie_a honeypot is a place where you build up a collection of viruses10:02
_Techie_if you dont take the correct precautions viruses may get loose10:03
[BT]BrendanDo it with an OS that they don't run on? or do it in a virtual machine?10:03
Balsaqwhat do i do after i capture them10:04
_Techie_after you capture them you just let them run around in the honeypot10:04
Balsaqoh so it screws up the author because now they cant spread10:05
_Techie_it doesnt screw up the creators10:05
Balsaqbecasue the virus is trapped10:05
_Techie_because theres a dozen other poepl that would probably be infected anyway10:05
_Techie_its just a fun thing to do10:05
_Techie_like a hobby10:06
_Techie_i dont currently have a honeypot but im thinking about setting one up in a month or two10:07
Balsaqthink i found the link...do i dare click it again?10:07
_Techie_whats the URL?10:07
Balsaqi think its the on10:08
Balsaqnot positive unless i click on it10:09
_Techie_well im there now10:10
_Techie_it looks clean10:10
Balsaqok ill move on10:10
_Techie_but there is a "bid for free" icon that sounds like its fradulent10:10
Balsaqhmmm never got in there10:10
Balsaqmay be that one10:18
_Techie_that redirects to http://laptopcellworld.com/bangladesh-on-alert-to-prevent-swine-flu-after-citizen-dies-in-mexico/10:19
Balsaqmaybe that flipped out my avast10:19
_Techie_it probably doesnt like redirects10:20
Balsaqnope  i think it was this one10:20
_Techie_hehe, with that redirect one laptopcellworld.com/*anything in here*/-Bangladesh   will redirect to that site10:22
Balsaqmy screen just riolled up real fast seemingly by itself10:23
_Techie_that site seems fine10:23
Balsaqgot to get used to this touch pad10:23
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
Balsaqcant find it who knows what t hatwas all about prolly a bunch of HS10:28
Balsaqi got to sleep....ski patrol in 3 hours....10:28
_Techie_anyway im gonna watch some Full Metal Alchemist10:28
dbdii407My mouse is wireless. And It just crapped out again11:37
Myrttidoes anyone know if it's possible to change the order in which applications start if they're set to autorun on login?11:50
ablomenMyrtti, you want them to wait for the other one to start?11:54
Myrttiwell, if I could make my email program to wait until network-manager is done...11:54
Myrttibecause now the email program starts first, throws an error of cannot connect on all three accounts that it has, and prevents the rest of the autorun apps to start before I press "ok, ignore"11:55
Myrttiincluding, of course, network-manager11:55
ablomenwell i guess your best bet is to write a script that waits until it has a network connection and then launches the email client11:56
ablomenand autostart that script11:56
* HandOf0mega waves.16:56
TheSheep!welcome | HandOf0mega17:04
ubottuHandOf0mega: Hello and welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions or help others. If you'd like to chit-chat, please visit #xubuntu-offtopic and for developer discussion, see #xubuntu-devel :)17:04
balvonashey guys17:25
balvonasmaybe is there a fast way to get sopcast work on xubuntu?17:25
HandOf0megaWhat is sopcast?17:26
balvonasstreaming protocol17:26
HandOf0megaAh right...not sure??! :-S Is it not in the repos?17:26
HandOf0megaHmmm....looks like a Windows P2P program right?17:27
HandOf0megaMight run under WINE...no idea though. I use Vuze or Frostwire for P2P.17:28
CAPcapim considering installing xfce along with my standard ubuntu install. if i decide i want to get rid of it, how would i do so?17:32
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels17:32
HandOf0megaI think you'd got sudo apt-get install xfce417:33
charlie-tcaremove what you install17:33
HandOf0megaand then apt-get remove xfce4 maybe :-S17:33
`mOOse`anybody know how to get apps to stop re-opening after you reboot? This is driving me crazy17:33
CAPcapwell to install i would sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop17:33
CAPcapbut removal with kde isnt as simple as using autoremove. so i thought it would be harder with this as well17:34
charlie-tcaTo remove all of xubuntu, you will have to search through synaptic package manager and remove all the xfce stuff17:36
CAPcapi'll just leave it on there. doesnt take up that much space anyways17:36
HandOf0mega [sirc]  HandOf0mega (+i) on #vegetarian (+ntc)17:37
HandOf0megaNo, wouldn't worry about it taking up space....seeing as computer storage is mammoth these days lol17:37
CAPcapHandOf0mega, i have a small hard drive17:38
HandOf0megaAwww :-(17:38
HandOf0megaHow much GB?17:38
* charlie-tca thought I was alone running small drives. this machine has a 10gb and 40gb drives17:38
CAPcap40 GB but only like 35 usable and only lik 23 left17:39
HandOf0megaI've got 160 now.17:39
HandOf0megaOnly 470 RAM thou.17:39
HandOf0megaHence why I run Xubuntu17:39
CAPcapive got a gig of ram17:39
HandOf0megaGnome & KDE are too bloated for me17:39
CAPcapand reg ubuntu flies. im just experimenting.17:39
HandOf0megaI use XFCE, Window Maker, Black Box, etc.17:39
CAPcapkde is slow as &^%$ and ugly so i removed it17:40
CAPcapive got gnome and lxde and now im trying xfce17:40
`mOOse`it sure is ugly - I'll give you that17:40
`mOOse`gnome ain't no day at the beach either17:40
HandOf0megaI'm loving Xfce though, it looks like Gnome but runs like it's on meth! LOL17:40
CAPcapi quite like gnome17:40
charlie-tcaCAPcap: keep in mind, adding them together will also slow things down a little17:41
CAPcaplxde is wicked fast but is missing so many features17:41
HandOf0megaI used to use Gnome, I jus don't think my machine can handle it...17:41
HandOf0megaHaven't tried LXDE yet, any good?17:41
CAPcapquite fast17:41
HandOf0megaHas anyone tried E17 yet? Was thinking of giving it a go...17:41
CAPcapbut not at all full featured17:41
CAPcapwhich is why im still primarily gnome :)17:42
`mOOse`just that gnome is uggin fugly on my machine17:42
HandOf0megaIt's a window manager17:42
CAPcapoh i dont use WMs17:43
CAPcapi need full environments17:43
HandOf0megaYeah, that's why I've settled on XFCE, it's got the features of a desktop with the lightness of a WM17:43
CAPcapim not a geek. im someone who was forced to switch from windows because a virus totalled my machine. i must have my user firendly GUI17:43
CAPcapi dont know anything about window managers or how to use my computer while running them so i havent tried17:45
HandOf0megaFair play, a lot of ppl iv introduced to Ubuntu say it's easier to use than Windows17:45
HandOf0megaWMs are just as easy 2 use, just they have a more simple design17:45
HandOf0megasome ppl might find them easier17:45
CAPcapwell xfce just finished its install so im gonna switch over. i'll come back and tell you what i think17:45
HandOf0megabut many ppl's screenshots look cluttered up with lots of terminals and code flying everywhere! lol17:46
HandOf0megaokie dokies, gd luck!17:46
`mOOse`anybody know how to get apps to stop re-opening after you reboot? This is driving me crazy17:46
HandOf0megaApplications > Settings > Settings manager > Autostarted apps17:47
HandOf0megaDid it help? :-)17:49
`mOOse`I don't have a settings manager so I'm looking in settings editor?17:49
HandOf0megaYeah, should be...17:49
HandOf0megaI'm using Xubuntu 8.10 so it might be different...17:49
charlie-tcaalso uncheck "save session... " when shutting down / quitting17:50
`mOOse`not in there17:50
`mOOse`yea I did/do that17:50
CAPcapIm back17:50
HandOf0megaHmmmmm, what version are u using??17:50
`mOOse`it's in Session And Starup17:50
charlie-tcaApplications -> Settings -> Session and Startup17:50
HandOf0megaKewl :-)17:51
CAPcapWell it basically looks like the generic Gnome interface. though a little simplified17:51
* HandOf0mega nods.17:51
CAPcapSpeed wise its a hair faster on my system17:51
charlie-tcaCAPcap: did you get a blue background?17:52
HandOf0megaIt SHOULD run a lot faster than Gnome though...17:52
HandOf0megaYeah, I did in 8.1017:52
CAPcapwith a tree and some biirds17:52
HandOf0megathe version I'm using17:52
HandOf0megaif i remember rightly17:52
charlie-tcaThat is the right desktop, then17:52
HandOf0megawhat version u got?17:52
CAPcapidk how do i check?17:52
charlie-tca8.10 had a swirl-like background17:52
CAPcapwhy does it matter?17:53
HandOf0megayeah, might've iv forgot17:53
HandOf0megado a 'printenv' & should tell u17:53
charlie-tcaCAPcap: just open a terminal and type lsb_release -r17:53
HandOf0megathat's the one ;-) sorry17:54
charlie-tcaIt will say Ubuntu ????, but it is really Xubuntu17:54
CAPcaphow would i go about changing my cursor?17:54
HandOf0megajus realised printenv doesn't give u a version17:54
charlie-tcaApplications -> Settings -> mouse17:54
* HandOf0mega nods.17:55
CAPcapim so used to the one i loaded up with ubuntu that it bothers me when i get the generic one17:55
CAPcapthe ubuntu/xubuntu default mouse theme is ugly17:56
CAPcapso what main differences should i be looking for here? (aside from my wine programs not working T_T)17:56
charlie-tcaspeed and simplicity17:57
HandOf0megayeap, it's designed for older machines to give them a new breath of life really17:58
CAPcapwell everything runs pretty well on my system. Gnome runs fine LXDE is quick as a flash but is seriously lacking in some areas, this appears to be the middle ground for speed but so far looking like it works better overall than lxde. we wont even discuss kde because its horrible17:58
HandOf0megaYeah, I gave up on KDE long ago17:59
HandOf0megatoo bloated for my liking17:59
CAPcapif I wanted to try a WM what would u suggest?17:59
HandOf0megaFluxbox probably...seems to be the most popular.18:00
HandOf0megado a google search for some screenshots18:00
CAPcapwhat do you use?18:00
HandOf0megaXfce at the moment, but I've got Fluxbox, E16, Window Maker installed18:00
CAPcaphow about you charlie-tca do you use any window managers?18:01
charlie-tcaI use the one installed with xubuntu - xfwm418:01
charlie-tcaIt works well for me18:01
HandOf0megaIs that the same as Xfce4??18:02
CAPcap:) I love the whole ubuntu community. ive been really impressed18:02
HandOf0megame too :-)18:03
charlie-tcaIt is the window manager for xfce18:03
charlie-tcaIt installed with Xubuntu-desktop package18:03
HandOf0megaIs it the default one?18:04
CAPcapxfce doesnt ask for my password for everything18:05
CAPcapstraight up ubuntu needs a password for everything i do. is xubuntu supposed to be like that?18:06
charlie-tcadepends on what it is you are doing18:06
CAPcapinstalling stuff through synaptic and installing updates.18:07
charlie-tcaIt should have asked once for the password to enter synaptic18:07
CAPcapmaybe it asked the first time i did updates and i didnt notice18:07
charlie-tcaBut depending on how you update, that password may have still been valid. It expires in 10 minutes, I think18:07
CAPcapoh cool18:08
HandOf0megayeah, i only have to type my password once18:08
CAPcapon gnome ubuntu if u close a program (synaptic/update/software center) doesnt matter how fast u switch to another or go back, it asks again18:09
CAPcapand they all have a 15? minute time out18:09
CAPcapcould be ten...18:09
HandOf0megathat sound tedious18:09
CAPcapyou get used to it. i do it without thinking about it18:10
TheSheepthat's not really good18:10
`mOOse`or you use a really stupid passwd like yoyoyo18:11
`mOOse`or 123418:11
TheSheepthe point of warnings, confirmation dialogs and password prompts is to only display them when you really should think18:11
CAPcapwell TheSheep I know what im opening up and i know what im installing and i know to expect the password18:11
`mOOse`I think on a desktop they're stilly18:11
TheSheepCAPcap: good for you18:11
CAPcapi notice it when it prompts me in other places18:11
CAPcapobviously i notice it there too i guess because it threw me off that it didnt prompt me here18:12
TheSheep`mOOse`: it rings some alarms when you click some link in the browser and a password prompt comes up18:12
* charlie-tca is thinking too many prompts is like "crying wolf"18:12
CAPcaplol yes TheSheep18:12
CAPcapcharlie-tca i agree. how do you do that think where it shows the * and makes a comment about what you are thinking?18:13
BesogonHello. Does someone know how to use "fusermount" command?18:14
charlie-tcause "/me" to start the line18:14
charlie-tcaBesogon: yes18:14
BesogonHow do you do it?18:15
charlie-tca/usr/bin/sshfs -o idmap=user -p 22 charlie@ /mnt/wc-home-charlie18:15
HandOf0megayou type '/me your action'.18:15
charlie-tcaall on one line18:15
* HandOf0mega nods.18:15
TheSheep/me can't do it18:15
charlie-tcaBesogon: it is always source here18:16
charlie-tcasource destination18:16
* CAPcap likes cheese18:16
charlie-tca-p 22 is my port for ssh18:16
CAPcapwell im out for now :)18:17
HandOf0megaokie dokies, laterz cap!18:17
charlie-tcaBesogon: also, the directory in /mnt has the permissions changed to 77718:18
Besogoncharlie-tca, , I have USB-flash (label KINGSTON). I can see that label in /dev/disk/by-label when the usb-flash  is stuck. I'm trying to do fusermount KINGSTON and it usless18:18
charlie-tcaYou have to mount the directory, I think18:20
`mOOse`can't mount it normally?18:20
charlie-tcaI don't know that a label will work18:20
`mOOse`yea you have to make a dir in /mnt or /media18:20
charlie-tcaYou can make the directory anywhere, actually. Just make sure you have permission to mount it without sudo18:21
`mOOse`I know in the ubuntu gnome install it has to be in /media or it won't see it18:21
charlie-tcaI make them in /mnt, and in /home18:21
charlie-tcaI think in gnome that is something in nautilus causing that18:22
Besogoncharlie-tca, I've made /home/roma/123 (It's I)18:22
BesogonI don't undestand. fusermount should be more flexible than the mount...18:24
charlie-tcaso you should own it, then. then you should be able to mount it using sshfs -o idmap=user Your_user_name@host:/directory_to_mount /home/roma/12318:24
charlie-tcaIf it fails, then change the permissions on /home/roma/123 to 77718:25
charlie-tcaYou can ssh to the other system, right?18:25
ouyeshi  how to install envyng ??18:26
`mOOse`charlie-tca - got any experience with grub2?18:27
petsounds!envyng > ouyes18:27
ubottuouyes, please see my private message18:27
charlie-tcavery little,18:28
`mOOse`k..I need someone to help me restore my boot menu for XP/Win7 on my hd18:28
ouyespetsounds, but i am in xubuntu, i can not find the package in  the synaptic?18:28
`mOOse`grub killed it18:28
`mOOse`I tried the recovery deal on the win7 install - it doesn't "see" my xp partition18:29
`mOOse`says there's nothing wrong18:29
petsounds!info envyng-gtk18:29
ubottuenvyng-gtk (source: envyng-gtk): dummy package to envyng-core. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB18:29
Besogoncharlie-tca, SSH? I have USB-sticker. How can I mount it? Sorry may be I stupid, but befor this time I did it like  "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home/roma/123"18:29
charlie-tca`mOOse`: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2?action=show&redirect=GRUB218:30
charlie-tcaBesogon: that is not fusermount, it is a normal mount18:31
charlie-tcaYou mount it the same way for that drive18:31
charlie-tcaYou asked Besogon | llo. Does someone know how to use "fusermount" command?18:32
charlie-tcaThat requires fuse and ssh18:32
BesogonYes I can. I thought I could do it with fuse in command line like it do GNOME... it's very complicated. thanks I'll do it in old way18:33
rr72hey all, where do i set system sounds so when i backspace in xfce4-terminal i get an audible beep19:17
rr72*backspace at the begining of a line19:17
mr_pouitrr72: settings > appearance, last tab, checkbox at the bottom19:18
mr_pouitand I think you need to install libcanberragtk, and a freedesktop sound theme19:18
rr72i think i have libcanXXXX19:19
rr72no luck so far mr_pouit19:25
DiarrhealLet this be a warning to those who think that Freenode is all wholesome and innocent.  http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Firefox_XPS_IRC_Attack19:29
jarnosIs xfce4-utils and its recommended packages included in xubuntu cd?19:39
neodragonhello I just install xubuntu 9.04 on my wife's hp compaq Presario laptop and the function keys for the volume/www/lcd brightness, etc.. don't work, they work buy default in ubuntu 9.04. Is there a package I need to install to get those to work?19:55
TheSheepneodragon: no, you just need to select the keyboard layout of your laptop in the keyboard settings19:57
neodragonTheSheep: Oh ok, cool19:58
rr72mr_pouit~ i want my irssi to "ping" me when i get hilighed20:00
pdg1I can't seem to find the 1TB hard drive i had installed in this machine. any idea on how to fix that?20:00
rr72fdisk -l and you don't see it?20:00
rr72are you sure it is plugged in and set properly jumper wise?20:00
pdg1it's SATA20:01
pdg1and i'll check fdisk20:01
pdg1i guess i don't even have fdisk20:02
pdg1is that suspicious? because I know i'm pretty new to linux. but i think most distros come with things like fdisk20:04
charlie-tca!info fdisk20:05
ubottuPackage fdisk does not exist in karmic20:05
pdg1i see20:06
charlie-tcapdg1: It is a command you type in the terminal. It won't be in the menus20:06
pdg1yeah, i understand that20:07
charlie-tcaIt is still installed, even in lucid20:07
* HandOf0mega is back!20:07
pdg1simply typ "fdisk -l" in terminal, right?20:07
pdg1no command found is what is returned :P20:08
charlie-tcayes, without the quotes, and hit enter20:08
pdg1no command found :P20:08
charlie-tcawhat happens if you type fdisk and hit enter?20:09
pdg1i see what i did wrong :p20:10
pdg1it returns nothing20:11
pdg1if it try to use pastebinit it tells me I'm trying to send an empty document. is that normal?20:12
charlie-tcayou a user name and I think you need a subject20:12
pdg1fdisk -l | pastebinit20:13
pdg1You are trying to send an empty document, exiting20:14
charlie-tcabecause there is no output from that command.20:18
charlie-tcaIt is correct, fdisk -l gives nothing, so it is an empty document20:18
pdg1okay... what is the point of fdisk -l20:18
pdg1i thought it was supposed to list something :P20:18
charlie-tcatake a look at fdisk --help20:18
charlie-tcaor man fdisk20:19
charlie-tcait says you have to give it a disk to use; like fdisk -l /dev/sda20:19
pdg1hmm.. okay, let me try that20:20
charlie-tcahow many hard drives are in the system?20:21
pdg12 hard drives20:22
pdg11 ata and one 1TB sata20:23
charlie-tcaSo, the main drive is sda and the second drive is sdb20:23
rr72i get a listing of my drives when i use fdisk -l20:24
pdg1of course :P this makes sense to me no20:24
pdg1so sda1 is partition 1 on disk sda20:24
rr72mr_pouit~ i give up on sounds in xfce20:24
pdg1fdisk still returns nothing for me though20:24
rr72trye sudo fdisk -l20:25
charlie-tcayes, sda1 is partition 1 on disk sda, which is the first drive used in the system20:25
pdg1good show20:25
charlie-tcasdb1 is the first partition on drive sdb, otherwise known as D: in windows20:25
rr72i set my second drive to G: in winders :_P20:26
* charlie-tca thinks that is right for windows, was in 1996 when I last used it20:26
pdg1okay.. so it returns sda1,sda2 and sda520:26
charlie-tcanow try fdisk -l sdb20:26
charlie-tcawhich is the other hard drive.20:26
charlie-tcamake that fdisk -l /dev/sdb20:27
rr72does it show up in your bios?20:27
pdg1crap... i feel like such an idiot20:28
pdg1119G Volume20:28
pdg1oh... nevermind. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I thought this WAS my 1TB. but 100 GB doesn't equal a TB20:28
pdg1i don't think it does. I can reboot and find out20:29
rr721000GB is one TB20:29
rr72/dev/sdb1              1.1T   747G   254G  75%20:30
pdg1yeah... /dev/sdb1/ doesn't return anything either :P20:31
pdg1so... reboot and look for what in my BIOS?20:32
rr72my external filled with movies :-D20:32
rr72sudo fdisk -l only shows one harddrive?20:32
rr72just make sure there are two drives visible20:32
rr72charlie-tca~ afk20:33
balvonasanyone plays chess on fics?20:58
balvonasfree internet chess server20:59
HandOf0megaAh right, lol....I use GTKChess sometimes20:59
CAPcaphow do i edit what shows up in my applications menu?21:21
knomethere's no menu editing app in xfce 4.6, so you'd have to edit files manually.21:24
CAPcaphow do i do that?21:26
rr72i dont know but i would google21:28
knomeCAPcap, http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu21:34
rr72knome~ wazzup?21:34
rr72how the weather be over there in EU?21:34
knomelots of snow here in finland :P21:34
knomeparked cars look like big snowballs21:34
knomeand what comes for me, lots of studies and work to handle21:34
Sachse_SiechtumHow can I assign command combinations in Xubuntu (i.e. crtl+alt+f for the file manager)21:41
knomeSachse_Siechtum, what about applications/xfce menu -> settings -> keyboard -> (tab) application shortcuts21:42
Sachse_SiechtumThank you. :-)21:42
CAPcapwooow thats a lot of work just to cut some stuff from my menu. im not gonna bother. thanks though knome21:43
knomeCAPcap, np.21:44

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